Glee Recap: Hawkins-Like Vision [Updated]

sugar glee sadie hawkins“Sadie Hawkins is a metaphor for empowerment — and not just for women, but for everyone who is sick and tired of the status quo.” So declared Glee‘s fabulous (albeit underutilized) Coach Beiste, discussing McKinley High’s first-annual “girls-ask-boys” shindig on this week’s episode.

More accurately, though, the hour seemed more about lovelorn teens wading deep into the waters of longshot love (and other emotions).

VIDEO | Glee‘s Guys Talk About Getting ‘Naked’! Plus – Whose Pecs Were Photoshopped?

Tina pursued Blaine. Blaine dreamed of pursuing Sam. And Sam pursued the theory that the Warblers cheated at Sectionals by using performance-enhancing drugs. Kurt pursued a 22-year-old dude at NYADA. Puck pursued an under-age classmate of his younger brother. And Rachel pursued what’s sure to be a disastrous dive into a three-way…rent-sharing arrangement with Brody and Kurt.

It wasn’t the strongest episode of Season 4 — I’ll be needing Beiste to knock some heads together and restore sanity in 5, 4, 3, 2… — but in case you were raging at your local barista on the subject of sugar substitutes, here’s what you missed on Glee:

* Tina, in her role as student-council secretary, proposed a Sadie Hawkins dance — to give McKinley’s ladies (and members of the Too Young to Be Bitter Club, including Lauren Zizes) a chance to assume some power in their romances prior to prom. (Prom, she added, will feature the most awkward petting of their lives “till you wake up in a nursing home getting groped by an oderly.” Yikes!) In the midst of party planning, Tina got the idea in her head to ask her gay pal Blaine to be her date-date, and he responded with a “Thank you but no thank you” in front of the entire glee club. Turns out Blaine didn’t want to attend S.H. because he’d developed an unfortunate crush on his straight BFF Sam, who’s dating Brittany. “I’m not some predatory gay!” Blaine told Tina, but it’s not easy for him with Sam and his pouty trouty mouth borrowing his ChapStick. And it’s not easy for Tina watching Blaine’s derriere up there at the blackboard. (That shot did crack me up, I’ll admit.) In the end, Blaine and Tina attended the dance together, but Tina felt cheated when getting dipped didn’t result in a kiss. And Blaine wound up staring longingly at Sam across the dance floor. Let’s hope these bad-romance arcs turn out to be a one-week-only kind of party, two weeks tops, yes? I realize Tina and Blaine are on the rebound, but I’d rather see them bond as friend, maybe decide to take a three-month hiatus from dating and work on their inner selves, than watch them run down dead-end streets, so to speak.

* Sam, meanwhile, began studying photos of the Warblers members, and realized their faces and bodies were widening. Suspecting performance-enhancing drugs were to blame, he got Artie and Joe to capture footage of a roid-raging blazer-wearing competitor, before he and Blaine trotted out their most damning bit of evidence: Babyfaced Trent from the Warblers admitting Hunter and Sebastian were injecting the rival glee club’s members with steroids. Okay, yeah, this plot line is a daft, but all in the name of getting New Directions back in the choir room and on the competition circuit.

* Marley asked Jake to the dance, even though he’d been ignoring her since her Sectionals collapse. He said yes, but promptly had to deal with the Latest Temptation of Kitty, who promised to go a lot farther (off the dance floor) than virginal Marley. Puck stepped in to try to protect his little bro, and got Kitty to hiss: “I don’t like Jake. I’m a mean hot bitch who likes to get what she wants.” Say what now? Suddenly, Puck agreed to be Kitty’s arm candy, even though she’s not of legal age and he’s a high-school graduate who really ought to know better than to drop lines like, “If you wanna get all up in this, I expect to be fed.” (Then again, Puck has previously slept with his best friend’s girlfriend, and the adult adoptive mother of the child produced from said affair, so his judgment isn’t exactly infallible when it comes to women.) Marley, meanwhile, made Jake promise to be with only her and to take things slow — which seemed like a very clear signal that dude’s gonna stray, or come close to straying, in the near future. And who wants to bet that Ryder, who dreamily stared down Marley as he sang “I Only Have Eyes for You,” is gonna be waiting in the wings? (That Ryder is kinda dreamy, even if he’s become curiously silent.)

* Speaking of wordless characters, Neck-Brace Cheerio made another appearance. She’s got her eye on Ryder now, but whether or not we’ll ever hear them converse is as unpredictable as a Sue Sylvester sighting nowadays.

* Back in New York City, Kurt considered joining the glee club (Adam’s Apples) despite Rachel warning him that its members were “beneath stage managers and carpenters” on the NYADA heirarchy. Did he want to be “doomed to playing a life of a dancing teapot at Disney Land”? Actually, mmmmaybe, since group leader Adam told him he looked just like a young Paul Newman (!). By episode’s end, Kurt had mustered up the courage to ask the upperclassman on a date. Digits — as well as come-hither looks — were promptly exchanged.

* Rachel, for her part, kicked off the episode basking in afterglow of an overnight stay from Brody, but before the credits rolled, she’d become enraged by the fact that he’d shown up 45 minutes late for dinner. “I would wait my whole life for that train if it meant I got to spend my last day with you,” Brody cooed, as I reached for the urp bucket. (Come on dude, that’s laying it on a little thick.) But the line worked, and Rachel reheated dinner, but not before asking her new beaux if he wanted to move in with her. LeRoy and Hiram, you guys better have something to say about this!

* Oh, and at the dance, Sugar boogied down with Artie, while Zizes cuddled up to Joe.

Grades for this week’s musical numbers
“I Don’t Know How to Love Him,” Tina: B- (How come so many of girlfriend’s musical performances have to crash into a wall of awkwardness?)

“Baby Got Back,” Adam and the Adam’s Apples: C- (Ummm…no.)

“Tell Him,” Brittany and Marley and the ladies of New Directions: B+ (loved those blue tulle dresses and the retro choreography on steroids!)

Artie, Blaine, Joe, Sam and Ryder, “No Scrubs”: B+

Unique, Marley, Brittany, Tina and Sugar, “Locked Out of Heaven”: A- (maybe they shoulda performed this at Sectionals…and all gotten dresses to match Sugar’s fierce feathery frock, yes?)

Ryder, “I Only Have Eyes for You”: B+ (I really thought this was a sweet vocal, even if the staging got a little redundant)

Week’s Best Zingers
“As long as you’re happy and I have a white-noise machine.” –Blaine, giving his blessing to Rachel letting Brody stay overnight at their place

* “The music usually starts after I say something like ‘It’s Brittany, bitch’ or do one of my magical turns.” –Brittany, cueing up her cover of “Tell Him”

* “Honor it would be.” –Sam, accepting Brittany’s invite to the dance (in Yoda voice, of course)

* “I’m still gonna Gaslight her every chance I get.” –Kitty, explaining to Jake that her friendship with Marley doesn’t mean she won’t sabotage her

“It’s depressing that you still hang around high school, but you’re just hot enough to pull it off.” –Kitty, sizing up Puck during his return to McKinley

And with that, let me turn it over to you. What was your favorite musical number from “Sadie Hawkins”? Sound off in the comments! And for all my TV recaps and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Bethany says:

    That was the most awkward episode of Glee I have ever watched. And I’ve seen Funk and Night of Neglect.

    • k says:

      I completely agree , Baby Got Back actually made me mute my TV and this whole Blaine/Tina thing is really hard to watch .

    • Russ says:

      Yup. Am I the only one who was grossed out by Kitty and Puck?

      • Bea says:

        Not even remotely. They actually made a point about her being underaged. That wasn’t all all the sketchy in the episode either. Why does Adam look 35-40? He’s hot and has an adorable accent, but really uncomfortably too old for Kurt’s love interest. What does a guy that age want with an 18 year old freshman? And why do I think the answer to that is an after school special I don’t want to watch?

      • Ace says:

        Um, not at all. I literally actually stopped watching once they paired the two of them up at the dance. It may be one of the worst story lines involving Puck (as in right up there with the disaster story line that was him and Shelby’s weird affair). They did really well bringing his character out and showing him maturing toward the end of last season then ruin it with him being pathetic, like Kitty said, and having him scam on high school girls 3 years younger than him… Just wrong. Having him hook up with cougars is one thing, but having him go back to hanging out with high school girls is another…and so wrong. For a show that prides itself on sending positive messages to people, the Quinn story line where she got drunk, made a bad choice and wound up pregnant was a message about the negative affects of those kinds of decisions. Having a character that could be Quinn’s carbon copy leavind a dance to hook up with Quinn’s baby daddy somewhere out in the car or something just because she thinks he’s attractive is not a very good message to send out, guys. Fail on that level.
        I used to really like this show but at the rate they’re going, they’re going to keep losing viewers left and right. I wouldnt be shocked if this was their last year.

        • Pre says:

          Puck, just like Finn, this season has been regressed. For all the contentiousness of Finn letting Rachel go, it showed growth and maturity. Of course Murphy undid this to make him moronic by the break up . His biggest growth as a character now is that he drinks coffee. Now all he does is what everyone tells him. The writers have no clue how to write hetero men with believable flaws without making them infantile, or in pucks case rapists.

          • Sarah says:

            At least I don’t need to watch til Finn has decent storyline. Missed first few eps. Marvellous relief.

  2. Julie says:

    Rachel’s trying way to hard to convince herself that this thing with Brody is real. They’re obviously setting it up so hard to fail. I can’t wait. Dean and Lea have no chemistry. Their scenes are painful to watch.

  3. Tim says:

    Very funny episode. Fav performance was no scrubs. I really missed Kevin’s voice.

    • Leo says:

      As far as I know this episode is really great. I never take Glee’s plot seriously, but I love these tiny bits they’re offering:
      1. I’ve been wondering where was Trent, that chubby warbler at Sectionals, I’m really glad they keep him for this storyline. Continuity people!
      2. Jake and Marley are quickly turning into the it-couple. They’re the one I root for and mostly invested.
      3. I love Kitty with her hair down! She’s beautiful and she and Puck tamed each other. It’s not gross and it’s really fresh to see them together.
      4. Blaine having a crush on Sam, I think every gays have a phase when they crush over their best friends. I hope he got over it pretty quick.
      The bad parts are Tina’s storyline came out of nowhere, Unique doesn’t have a date and it’s not being touched. They put together a dance in a…week? The whole Adam’s Apples is awkward and please no more Zizes, Dottie, Brett, Neckbrace Cheerio or even Becky, focus on the glee club! Give Joe, Artie and Sugar actual storylines.
      And to those people who watch this and hate it, please don’t be a black hole. Some of us actually want to discuss, not just to jab and troll at Rachel Berry or Ryan Murphy.

      • Robin says:

        They replaced zizes who can’t sing or act with sugar who can’t either. Get rid of both of them and all these other people who just appeared. Becki’s lines are cringe worthy. What are they trying to prove? The apples’ song was gross too.

  4. Alice says:

    That was just an awful awful episode tbh.

  5. Theresa says:

    I liked Baby Got Back – when I first heard the arrangement several years ago from Jonathan Coulton.

  6. MF says:

    ok that episode was painful to watch it doesn’t look like glee anymore seriously!! there’s nothing gleefull about this show anymore…the only scenes that makes you believe that you a re in a comedy were the ones with Chord…The NY story just AWFULL, who is that girl and what as she done with Rachel berry?!?

  7. Mel31602 says:

    Someone needs to explain how New Directions would win Sectionals if the Warblers were disqualified. What about the third group that performed? And wasn’t New Directoons disqualified too? So why would they be reinstated just bc another team cheated?

    • Stephanie says:

      We don’t know that for sure, all we knew is that Sue said the Warblers won after they carried Marley offstage – the other placements weren’t announced either, the judges only base their scores on what they see and they didn’t see Marley faint at the end

    • A says:

      Maybe its because the third group would’ve got third place as is the usual with all the Glee competitions and since ND would’ve got 2nd if they weren’t disqualified then they would win Sectionals if the Warblers were disqualified. I don’t know, it doesn’t make sense but it’s the only explanation I can think of right now

    • P says:

      i´m with you WTF???!!! The other group should go to regionals, but in the land of glee there is no such thing as continuity or logic. Urgghhh

    • F. Dillinger says:

      Exactly this show is so dumb it hurts.

    • Leo says:

      Oh God, go watch The Mennonites TV Show if you want to see them advanced to Regionals.
      But this is Glee. This is New Directions. I don’t care how they get through but I just want them to. Don’t be such a dark hole.

      • KevyB says:

        No! Why do Nationals or Regionals need to exist every year? I thought it was cool that they didn’t make it and they could find other things to do with the kids until next year. Rachel and Kurt don’t have Regionals or Nationals, so why do the high school kids? Finding some back door to get them back into those fakey competitions is just lame.

  8. The Hey says:

    I see that still used @jonathancoulton Baby Got Back cover anyway despite the negative feedback. Shame on FOX.

  9. Bianca says:

    Every episode is worst!!!

  10. Sib says:

    The storyline with ND and warblers was dreadful, it is really the time for glee to move on from the Lima storyline tbh. It was nice seeing Tina get spotlight even tho her storyline with Blaine is really awkward. Maybe the ones who said NY storyline awful are the klaine fans because I think seeing Kurt with other people is kinda refreshing rather than seeing him with Blaine all the time, he is in new campus after all so it’s very realistic. I actually don’t mind Rachel with Brody but I just not really feeling anything yet about them that make me interested in the pairing

  11. Sam says:

    The bit players that are criminally underused were the best part. People like Sugar and Artie. The Blaine and Tina scenes were a black hole for any charisma. Bo-ring.

  12. A says:

    I’ve always enjoyed Glee even with its ridiculous storylines but this was definitely a subpar episode for me. Only thing I enjoyed was No Scrubs and Locked Out Of Heaven. The Tina/Blaine storyline was just ridiculous. Glad to see ZIzes back but would really like to know what happened? Why didn’t she graduate?
    Also, when are they gonna show Rachel having friends other than Brody and Kurt? Puck on Glee right now is just sad/pathetic and unbearable to watch. Hopefully next week with Quinn and Santana in NYC it will be a good episode.

  13. ana says:

    I love Adam. I hope they keep him on the show.

  14. Adria says:

    I thought it was enjoyable . . . but really, Tina? What do you expect when you have a massive crush on the gay guy? Wake up, girl. If you ever want to have a legitimate storyline on this show, you’d better start macking on someone you actually have a shot at.

  15. Randy says:

    Tonight on Glee Mercedes has a crush on Kurt, I mean Tina has a crush on Blaine. Seriously! Tina spends 2 years with Mike but all of the sudden Blaine is the love of her life. I have to waste another week with no Santana or Quinn to put up with the above rehashed storyline and the Warblers are a group of PED users. BTW, give Lea Michelle a new character name because she has not been Rachel Berry since the first couple episodes of the season.

    • ullo says:

      blah blah blah your ranting about lea/rachel is getting old. besides her clothes, rachel personalities hasn’t changes drastically, she’s just getting mature which i think what she did in the episode is typical girl in campus, especially she’s living in NY. actually, rachel’s personality has been evolved since season 1 ends

      • Randy says:

        I don’t know if you were addressing my comment with blah, blah, blah but I love Lea Michelle and the show. What I’m saying is for her to be the lead of the show they are not doing her any favors. Her storyline is not interesting and they have made her not likeable. I may be in the minority but this is not the show that made me a fan. The only episode that could stand up to the first 3 seasons is The Breakup episode and that episode pissed off fans.

    • Kim says:

      I used to think people were overstating the whole “Rachel has changed”/”This isn’t Rachel” thing, but the more episodes we see this season the more I’m starting to see that they might have a point. I’ll just have to watch how it plays out over the whole season although I guess since her storylines are so rushed at this point it’s hard to see any sort of real character development. And maybe that’s the problem in and of its self.

  16. At first I thought the Tina/Blaine pairing was awkward until it struck me that perhaps both TIna & Blaine had crushes on people they knew could never hurt them. I mean not in any real sense. Not the way they were hurt by Mike & Kurt. Their crush choices are safe because deep down they know they can’t go anywhere. But that’s just my take.

    • Lily says:

      interesting… never really thought about it.. Just like Finn was a safe crush for Kurt, Tina and Blaine are going through safe crushes before they move to the next real love interest.

    • Leo says:

      Finally a normal and decent comment on this page and a nice one! I always do this, crushing on the imposibble. But I’m afraid this is just one-episode only thingy. Like Rachel-Mr.Schue in Season 1. But I love your take.

    • Marco says:

      Um, Blaine wasn’t hurt by Kurt, it was him who hurt Kurt.

      • Lydia says:

        Oh look, someone who remembers what ACTUALLY happened on the show.

      • Ella says:

        Exactly! Blaine’s the one who betrayed Kurt.

        • Lavelle says:

          Blaine may have been in the wrong, but he’s still hurting, so I think the comment is valid in that sense.

          • Leslie says:

            I totally agree that he is still hurting and still remorseful and crushing on one of his best friends who he knows won’t amount to anything is just a way for him to cope with his internal turmoil. At least he seems to be happier now but he is definitely not ready to date seriously yet.

  17. Randy says:

    This show is turning into a bad Canadian soap. The new cast is subpar in every way. The singing, dancing, and especially the acting is unwatchable. Bring back the originals and follow the next part of their lives. When Tina, Artie, Brittany, Sam, and Blaine graduate leave Lima behind. The music selections are not CD worthy. Im not sure if its the selections or the singers.

    • Shaun says:

      We don’t have Soaps,unless you count LA complex,lol.

      • wordsmith says:

        Pretty sure Randy’s talking about Degrassi. I can’t say if the comparison is a fair one (personally, I don’t think Glee is in that bad a place, and Degrassi may not be all that terrible either, for all I know)

  18. Fergal Maguire says:

    Why is Lauren Zizes still in school? I am pretty sure she was a senior LAST YEAR.

    Also, why is she applying for a wrestling scholarship at Harvard? There are no athletic scholarships at Ivy League schools.

    How is it possible that Sugar Motta didn’t have a date? She’s really cute and doesn’t exactly come off as shy. She’s wealthy and used to getting what she wants. Girls like her always have dates.

    And most importantly, why doesn’t Heather Morris get more screen time when she looks so effin’ amazing? And did I hear Figgins say “SAD” score instead of “SAT” in the promo for next week? Hmmm.

    • Lily says:

      Some guys may feel turned off by a rich girl..If a girl already has everything materialwise, what else does he have to offer her ? Not just comfort and humor… that is not enough to build his own self esteem. Face it , men feel only more empowered if they can provide materialwise for the woman they love.

    • Emily says:

      Theoretically she could be admitted for wrestling, but not be awarded a scholarship for it. But yeah, it’s true.

    • Sheila says:

      Heather hasn’t been used for anything but back-up all season! Let the girl sing!

  19. Myrna says:

    Was this whole Warblers storyline written before the whole Lance Armstrong ordeal? Because that conversation at the end there could have applied to it perfectly.

    • Randy says:

      I was thinking the same thing. What’s the next storyline? The New Directions are in real danger of not making nationals until Finn finds a new internet love and leads them back. Right before the national performance he finds out he has been Catfished by Jesse who finally gets his revenge for losing Rachel.

      • wordsmith says:

        I could totally see Ryan Murphy writing that plotline. Not saying I hope he does, but I would not be surprised in the least.

      • RichieS says:

        Hilarious idea, Randy. Finn Catfished by St.James,LOL. The only difference between Finn Hudson and Mant’i Teo is Finn’s smarter….and Finn’s a total dumbass.

      • Lydia says:

        That would actually be kind of funny (if played for laughs), so it won’t happen. Glee remains a comedy in name only these days.

  20. jenn says:

    I find it hard to watch Glee these days. I see so many hateful comments to basically all characters and here I am, enjoying the show for what is , kids singing in a glee club. To be fair, I never was a dedicated fan, but is there anyone in this fandom that doesn’t complain each episode? I’m asking in all seriousness here.

    • cho says:

      seriously these days in every glee article you should just skip the comments section. it’s so frustrating reading those. yes the writing is not the best at all but reading the all the comments only bring more negativity to you

      • jenn says:

        Good to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t have a natural urge to vent after every episode. I get it, after a really big episode in a tv show, if someone dies or if a couple finally get together, but this much commotion for every episode is …exhausting.

        • Leo says:

          Yeah, I felt the same way too. If you know a place where we normal viewers can sanely and normally discuss an episode without making a jab at Rachel’s new personality, the uncontinuity, basically just a place where we can share what we love about the episode, please let me know.
          Reading hate comments every week here is tiring. Check out the other recaps in this site, they’re just sane, welcoming and seem educated.
          The black hole in Glee is in its fandom.

          • Leslie says:

            Oh, I feel the same way too. When I see the constant vicious attacks on the characters and especially on the actors themselves, I feel like it has taken away the pleasure of watching the show. When you are bombarded with all these negativity, eventually some people would end up believing the vile and malicious stuff being written by these haters. I know I initially did but I realized that it was so unhealthy and eventually I was able to filter what’s helpful and what’s bs. Sometimes, it is so disheartening to come to this site or the ontd site because I already expected the high volume of hateful comments but there are times when I see comments like yours that make me feel good.

            Jenn, you are right. This is so exhausting. But I love the show and I’m not ready to give up on it. Kudos to the actors for doing a great job on this show.

    • Lily says:

      I just read those hateful comments for my own amusement… but I know what I like and that is Glee… no matter howmuch hateful comments there are, no matter how ridiculous and inconsistent the storyline is ( ok except for the Puck-Shelby-Quinn debacle)… I still enjoy the TV series for their mindless fun… Still, I only had my heart broken once by Glee… Season 4, episode 4…. the “break up ” episode…Great episode but emotions were brought on a rollercoasterride.

      • Boiler says:

        Agree with you. I like the show and for whatever reason people who probably don’t even watch instantly have bad comments. I just enjoy it

    • Randy says:

      In all fairness some people complain no matter what. All I can say for myself is it is watching a great show slip farther away from what made it great. Glee was not my favorite show , but it was my favorite cast until this year. The only consistent theme this year is Randomness. Plenty of one liners and inside jokes with good music. Now I never see my favorite characters and when I do they are forced back into the high school, which is creepy.

  21. Mark says:

    Really disliked this episode. Did not like how Rachel was portrayed at all. Annoying without any of the redeeming qualities. Am really not liking her/Brody. I don’t see why Brody would put up with her. He has barely seen any of her good qualities that made Finn fall in love with her. Did not like the new guy in Kurt’s life. He looked like he was a hundred years old. That whole choir group was such a hodgepodge of misfits too. Kurt is hardly like that.

    Tina falling for Blaine? Come on now. That’s ridiculous. She knows he’s gay. She never had feelings for Kurt and they were just as close. That was so silly. Blaine falling for Sam? Completely understandable. He’s so hot lol.

    Puck/Kitty. Ummmm dumb but I like her better with him than Jake.

    The steroids thing was like okay whatever. Knew they’d get back in the game somehow.

    Next week Santana will be on so I’m hoping the episode will be better.

    • syringe_jkt says:

      … Tina for Blaine, understandable. Blaine is like, so hot for girls’ eyes, he’s gay but pretty different from Kurt’s gay.
      … Blaine for Sam, well I think the writers want him to walk down the path where Kurt was before Kurt met Blaine. (He was also crushing on Sam, remember?)
      I like Adam, too, and I like the song (ha ha).
      The group’s name is so hilarious… Adam’s Apples? seriously?? hahahahahahahahaha LOL LOL
      I do personally see that the episode is just plain funny and relaxing-entertaining without any serious plot for the ongoing romance. We should applause that! :)

  22. Dan says:

    I like Kurt’s new love interest, but that song was awful. Britney and Marley’s number was nice, and I enjoyed that Tina had a solo.

  23. Alex Michaels says:

    Haven’t watched the show in a while. I didn’t recognize any of the characters and no one has asked the real question . How does steroids make you sing better ?

    • Robert says:

      The steroids didn’t help them sing better, just allowed him to do better dance moves.

      On a side note: I was half expecting Blaine to have a fantasy where he was dancing with Sam during that last dance scene.

    • Mladen says:

      Not sing, dance! Warblers were never good dancers until now.

  24. Angel says:

    The episode overall was not great. I have to say the Baby Got Back number was a shocker, and made me laugh my butt off. Do it like Sir mix alot or not at all. No Scrubs was awesome…I love when they do the boy band stuff with Artie and the guys. The girls rocked Bruno Mars out too, and I adored I only have eyes for’s a classic…and it was done well. Is it me or is Rachel becoming too easy with the boys? Seriously, inviting Brody to move in. Kurt called her out on her behavior a little bit it early in the ep and for good reason.

  25. Emily says:

    I have only one question: Why hasn’t Sebastian’s neck gotten any wider? Important, yes, I know.

  26. Kalee says:

    You’re doing it wrong if you’re taking Glee seriously and that’s why I enjoyed the Tina/Blaine thing and Adam’s Apples. Less so with the Warblers fiasco. Eh. Even less with Kitty/Puck. That’s just inappropriate gross and makes Kitty even more so a heightened skanky mean girl.
    And I was bawling with Tina/Blaine! You can’t take that seriously or as awkward. It’s obvious that this is just a weird path they’ll take when they become Rachel and Kurt 2.0 (or Mercedes and Kurt) when it comes to friendship.
    And “Tell Him” gets such high praise yet only a B+? Best performance of the episode hands-down.

  27. cyclone says:

    Adam looked about 35…all the other stuff was crap in my opinion

    • Morgan says:

      So do Finn and Puck though. At least Adam is supposed to be older.

      • Leslie says:

        But Kurt said Adam is 22? He definitely does not look like 22 (more like 35). He actually looks more like a professor than a student. Maybe they need to apply more make-up around his eyes (the wrinkles around his eyes are what’s making him look older especially when he smiles).

  28. I need an outlet says:

    1. Was I the only one who found Kitty mildly likable while she danced with Puck?
    2. I was embarrassed for Tina throughout the whole episode, but I found Blaine’s crush on Sam to be cute.
    3. I feel the need to remind everyone that bringing Chord back was a very good idea. I will be very sad when Sam graduates.
    4. Brittany’s exchanged with Marley reminded me how the newbie New Directions rarely ever converse/interact with the oldies. They should fix this.

    • Leo says:

      Pairing Kitty with Puck is a smart move plus she looks gorgeous with her hair down. She’s fitting in, I think.
      And Brittany’s exchange with Marley is downright hilarious. (Though at Xmas episode, Brittany did talk with Marley and gave her a Rolex.) Heather Morris may not be a strong singer or actress but she sure can pull off naive, sweet and a little shallow character perfectly.

  29. Zoe sanchez says:

    I felt so bad for Tina; they portrayed her as such a pathetic loser, the show made it seem she actually thought she had a chance.

  30. syringe_jkt says:

    … Tina for Blaine, understandable. Blaine is like, so hot for girls’ eyes, he’s gay but pretty different from Kurt’s gay.
    … Blaine for Sam, well I think the writers want him to walk down the path where Kurt was before Kurt met Blaine. (He was also crushing on Sam, remember?)
    I like Adam, too, and I like the song (ha ha).
    The group’s name is so hilarious… Adam’s Apples? seriously?? hahahahahahahahaha LOL LOL
    However, I’m all for Kurt’s happiness allllll the waayyy ! and I think the guy’s really good looking and a good competitor for Blaine!
    Though I hope he will have more songs that are more meaningful such as the ones Blaine used to perform for Kurt, just to make the story more logical!
    I do personally see that the episode is just plain funny and relaxing-entertaining without any serious plot for the ongoing romance. We should applause that! :)

    • Fernanda says:

      I’m agree with you.. some people hate the writers, the plots, some new or old characters or the crushes between every single character on the show. If these season we would see Finchel, Klaine, Brittana or Wemma happy together we would watch another boring show. I’m never bored with Glee.
      Rachel’s path is great, what do you expect, the same crazy high school girl trying to dominate everybody? Rachel is not Blair Waldorf
      Blaine is a hot piece of ass who can’t wait to have some romance any time soon. He’s human too, He couldn’t wait a year for Kurt and had sex with other ugly dude. But poor Blaine and Tina, they feel so lonely without Mike and Kurt.
      My dream is to see a Blam kiss on screen. Sam is so stupid and who figures, he would discover that he is bi too like Britt, but even in the Ryan Murphy’s twisted mind I don’t think that would happen

      • Leslie says:

        I would like to see a Blam kiss as well (even just once), although I really like to maintain the Blam bromance as well. The bromance chemistry between those two are great.

  31. dude, the term is beau, beaux is plural in French, that would make it a whole more interesting and R-rated :P

  32. Billy says:

    Michael you might not see this through the squabbling shippers but it’s Kurt who said the white noise machine line…not Blaine

  33. Megan S says:

    Ok, not a good ep… But… Maybe this lays all the ground work for the super awesome stories about to crop up… Liking the look of glee after this ep…

    Still hoping for season 5 to be NYC focused.

  34. Pedant says:

    “As long as you’re happy and I have a white-noise machine.” –Blaine, giving his blessing to Rachel letting Brody stay overnight at their place

    I think you mean “Kurt”, not “Blaine” here.

  35. Nikki says:

    I’m sad that they did not get permission from Jonathan Coulton to use his arrangement of Baby Got Back.
    Also I cannot believe that Tina is trying to get with Blaine. At least Mercedes didn’t know officially that Kurt was gay when she had her crush on him. And to be upset that he doesn’t return your advances?
    Rachel kind of pissed me off this week going off on Adam’s Apples to Kurt. Acting kind of snobby if you ask me – she’s only been there 1 semester longer than him!

  36. JVC says:

    Okay I only saw the first ten minutes since I had homework to finish (life of a college student), but puck going to the dance, really? It would make more sense if it was mike Chang still dating Tina to make her happy during her senior year. And Tina after Blaine, Blaine after Sam? This reeks of desperation from two characters who really need to put the brakes on dating. I wish Kurt started college the same time as Rachel guess it is refreshing to see Kurt try to make new friends and fully embrace college life. And look I was in the minority to give Rachel and Brody a chance under the assumption something like this wouldn’t happen. Seriously, this is her first college boyfriend, you never move with first guy you date, especially when you haven’t been dating that long. Let’s hope at least Kurt does something to stop this. Still gonna watch the episode.

  37. karenb says:

    Why have The Glee Project if the winner hardly appears on glee? Blake Jenner is a huge talent that is going to waste.

    And Brody creeps me out every time he has a scene. Ewww

  38. gorram says:

    The Warblers thing is so stupid. New Directions should have just lost outright. Last night Glee came off my DVR list forever. F-U Ryan Murphy.

  39. caroline says:

    Puck and Kitty is just vile, seriously how low are you gonna go Glee ?

  40. DreamRose311 says:

    No Scrubs was awesome. That’s about it.

  41. Amy says:

    I’m surprised no one has a reaction to the “predatory gay” comment Blaine made about not going after a straight guy since that’s exactly what Kurt did when he went after Finn (before they became brothers).

    • Leslie says:

      I think it was Sebastian he was aiming at with that comment. Plus, Blaine doesn’t really know the details on how Kurt stalked Finn during his “crush” moments.

  42. I grade Baby Got Back with a T, as in Troll. Seriously, Baby Got Back?

  43. PeterW says:

    i did feel kinda cringie a few times when watching glee this week baby got back ? mother of god NOO kurt bounced back very fast ?? so did blaine ? taught that was odd and wtf is up with tina remember when tina and rachel done the intervention for mercades when she was falling for kurt and now ??? shes falling for a gay guy ? if they make blain bi ill stop watching

    • Leslie says:

      I actually would have like for Blaine to be bi ever since the BIOTA episode in season 2 when he was questioning his sexuality. I just thought that Blaine and Rachel had such a good chemistry and would have made a good couple. If Blaine is not bi then I’m hoping that Sam is.

  44. Sierra says:

    I prefer Ross and Rachel’s version of Baby Got Back in FRIENDS.
    And the Tina-Blaine thing was such a hit in your face suprise, but then I remembered how Rachel too fell for Blaine in S2 so it’ll just last a week or two.

  45. Toni says:

    It figures this show would take the one interesting thing they did all season- have New Directions lose sectionals- and then promptly reverse it.

  46. Eve says:

    This episode was amazing because of Joey Richter and Joey Richter alone.

  47. ana says:

    I hope you Tvline gets an interview with Oliver Kieran Jones. He was very charming in this episode.

  48. Ana says:

    No to Unique. Where in the world could a male student get away with dressing as a female and not get harassed for it? Nowadays schools are censoring anything that may be considered out of the ordinary out of fear of retaliation or protests rising up, and we are supposed to believe that this guy can get away with this for so long? As far as Brody, I always though he was hot, but last night he officially became unwatchable to me. That Rachel is falling for someone that is so unauthentic is beyond belief. Ever since Heather made those comments about Santana not being really good for Brittany, I just want to throw a shoe at the tv whenever she comes on. She’s still the best dancer in the show tho… Sam is not amusing. He just comes across as immature. Both he and Brittany act as if they have some kind of mental disability. Let’s see how far this disaster of a show will last..

    • CC says:

      I don’t know where kids you know go to school, but we live in a faily small city and there is a MtF transgender student at my daughter’s high school and as far as I’m aware she doesn’t have any major issues. Definitely no protests that I’ve heard of…

  49. Brenda says:

    Actually, I really liked this episode. It reminded me of 1st season Glee. It was funny and snarky and silly — a PARODY of an angst-filled teen drama. I laughed out loud at Baby Got Back! It was supposed to ridiculously dorky. It’s when Glee gets too “teen Lifetime movie” that it veers from its original purpose.

  50. Donna says:

    Does anyone else luv Sam? So funny!