Nashville Recap: Tonight, the Heartache's on Me

CONNIE BRITTON, HAYDEN PANETTIERERayna does a whole lot of leaving in this week’s Nashville. At one point or another, Liam, Deacon, Teddy and the kids must deal with the First Lady of Country Music turning tail and taking off – meanwhile, Juliette proves herself the mature voice of reason. (Is it opposite day?)

Anyway, cut your Red Lips White Lies tour tee shirt into a halter and wear it proudly, because we’re about to review the major developments of “You Win Again.”

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THREE’S A CROWD | Don’t get me wrong, Juliette does a lot of her usual griping and bemoaning throughout the hour. As the episode opens, we see her, Rayna, Liam and the band closing a tour date with “Wrong Song.” As Juliette works the crowd (and a hot little fringey gold minidress), Rayna focuses her attention on Liam’s sweet riffs. They hustle off stage and make for Ju’s plane, the younger singer complaining all the while that the duo have shut her out like that for the past three shows. I usually don’t agree with Juliette, but here, she has a point: Liam didn’t fill that stadium and buy thousands of your albums, Ray Ray, the people in the seats did. Show them a little more love. While Juliette’s kvetching to Glen, a record company exec named Calista (played by ER‘s Ming-Na) introduces herself to Rayna and makes no secret of wanting to steal her away from Edgehill.

On the plane – I’m sorry, Juliette‘s plane, as she keeps reminding us – we learn that the assemblage is returning to Nashville for the party Edgehill’s throwing to celebrate “Wrong Song” going to No. 1. “I thought we were going back for Juliette’s mom’s court hearing,” blurts Ju’s assistant Emily, earning her a killer glare from her boss. Based on that – and her asking what Juliette’s missing bean dip looks like — I’m thinking someone didn’t graduate at the top of her class at entourage school. A few seats away, Rayna’s shocked when she reads a magazine article that suggests Deacon’s dismissal from the Revel Kings tour was because he had fallen off the wagon.

SEE YA, LIAM | The article’s not right, but that doesn’t mean Deke’s doing well. He shows up at Jolene’s hearing but is afraid to speak on her behalf based on his recent bad press. At his urging, Juliette gives testimony instead, but it’s incredibly short and filled with the faintest praise she can muster. The judge rules that they’ll revisit the charges in three weeks, when Jolene’s treatment is done. Deacon notes that Juliette’s mom doesn’t have to be back at rehab for a while; why doesn’t she accompany him to the “Wrong Song” party that night? Juliette is against it – there’ll be a lot of booze there, after all, and her mom’s little more than a month sober – but Deacon assures her he’ll babysit.

Meanwhile, at Chez Jaymes and What’s His Name, Teddy demands to know whether his visiting wife is serious about repairing their marriage. Unfortunately, he happens to ask just as a fancy gift from Calista shows up. He’s all, “Are we fixing us or not?” And she’s all, “Ooh, shiny! Wait, are the pancakes burning?” When Calista makes a housecall later to aggressively plead her case, she likens Rayna’s professional situation to her own when she quit Capitol Records. “I know how hard leaving is… but it doesn’t make staying right,” she says, and just in case you were distracted by your own glittery bauble (or maybe just the sheer lusciousness of Connie Britton’s hair, I mean how does she get it simultaneously bouncy and glossy?), the camera cuts to Teddy helping younger daughter Daphne with her homework. Oy. Liam later uses Rayna and Teddy’s union to prove how terrible her deal with her current label is: “Think of Edgehill like your marriage: The only way to get through it is to fantasize about someone else.” You may be right, hipster dude, but it doesn’t mean I have to like you.

At the Edgehill party, though, things change. CEO Marshall lets Rayna in on a little secret: Her beloved Liam has worked a secret deal that gives him his own imprint if he lures the redhead over the Calista’s label. Liam can’t deny it, so Rayna dissolves their partnership and fires him from her tour. (Later, she tells Bucky she wants her own label – and if Edgehill will cough it up, she’ll stay.) Elsewhere at the bash, Juliette’s fuming that Rayna’s getting all the attention for their co-written hit. But her attentions soon turn to Jolene, who’s roaming the party without Deacon. Where is he?

DARK DAYS | Let’s rewind a bit to earlier that afternoon, just after Jolene’s hearing. Deacon and Juliette have the first of their two rather sweet (and well acted) interactions when he reasserts that he’s there for her. “Yes, I know you’re here,” she says, Hayden Panettiere packing a lot of meaning into a very little line. She reminds him that he’s “way too good of a musician to hole up and hide behind patchy facial hair,” (ha!) but that’s what he’s planning to do, regardless. An interaction with Rayna later that day doesn’t help matters. She comes to see if the article was right, and he nastily tells her to buzz off. “The good news is, it’s not 12 years ago, so I’m not your responsibility anymore.” Oof. We learn that Deke went to rehab five times before it stuck, and he’s still quite angry that his lady love didn’t wait for him. She chokes up as she recalls all the other times she tried to help him get sober; in her defense and based on her description of dragging him unconscious from hotel rooms, I might’ve given up on him, too. “I can’t do this with you,” she says – making this their three zillionth break-up since the show began – and good god, these two are an open wound, aren’t they?

So that’s why, after the party, Juliette finds the guitarist in a colossal funk at his place. He’s trashed his guitar (“It was outta tune,” heh). He’s thrown things around the room. But he hasn’t had a drink, and she seizes on that as hope that he can turn things around – maybe by coming on tour with her? “I got sober for Rayna,” he says with tears in his eyes. “I was hopin’ for somethin’ that ain’t never gonna happen.” Juliette is super supportive and very understanding, qualities he notes that she does not bestow upon her mother, even though he and Jolene are fighting the same fight.

Later that night, back at her place, Juliette apologizes for not saying more at Jolene’s hearing. Her mom tells her she’s so proud of her, which brings the young country star to tears. “You think I’m Rayna’s equal?” she asks in disbelief. “And then some,” Jolene says. Very nice scene.

In fact, it’s a good episode overall for Panettiere, particularly the stuff with Charles Esten. And there’ll be lots more where that came from, because Deacon’s joining the tour! (Teddy’s face when he realizes what’s happening, moments after his wife kissed their kids and him good-bye and vowed to work on their marriage? Priceless.)

PUT IN HIS PLACE | For Avery, the episode goes a little like this: Ego trip, mean to Marilyn, floppy hair, The Avery Barkley Band, outdoor concert, brushed off by Juliette, joy at hearing his song on the radio dashed by seeing Scarlett and Gunnar happily jamming with his former band. And…. scene!

Now it’s your turn. Are you with me that the way Gunnar is mean to Scarlett when he’s having trouble is not OK? Are you hopeful that Jolene’s rehab will stick? And are you also kinda loving the Juliette-Deacon thing lately? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Hey says:

    If you look closely I am in the Belmont scene with Avery! YAY BELMONT!!!! Sorry had to share!

    • E.Bunny says:

      Jonathan Jacskon aka Avery Barkley(aka Mud from Camp Nowhere ; ) has gone solo, he’s not going back, and he’s feeling himself lol…Is it just me or should he go Blonde!? The dark hair works with the Band look, but he Rocks Blonde!

  2. Lindz says:

    Loved Juliette and Deacon from the beginning so I am hoping this will head on that direction again. Hoping previews for next week with Deacon and Rayna are misleading.

  3. Lana says:

    The Deacon-Juliette connection is sweet. I don’t buy them as lovers. They should have been cast as father-daughter.

  4. Juan says:

    I’m kinda sad to see Liam leave, I kinda love him, he was good comic relieve, anyway loved te scene between Juliette and her mom, best scene of the show. Also the whole ending when deacon gets on the plane was priceless. Finally I think deacon was a total ass to rayna, I would have quit after the 2nd rehab max

  5. phredd! says:

    I have to say that after sort of meandering along in the first few weeks, Nashville has really kicked it up several notches in these last few episodes. I am so glad I stuck with it! It’s getting better and better as the season progresses.

  6. Mick says:

    We now know why Rayna didn’t wait for him. She was pregnant? and couldn’t risk exposing her child to Deacon’s instability and as much as I don’t like Teddy she made the right choice because Deacon is walking on a very fine sobriety line. Going on Juliette’s tour partially as a big f you to Rayna was immature. Also Juliette really wants Rayna to respect her and if she has to do it by force so be it.

    • Sara says:

      Also thinking that even though Teddy knows that Deacon fathered “his” oldest daughter, Rayna probably has not shared that fact with Deacon.

  7. Danielle says:

    I think Deacon could be a really good friend and mentor for Juliette. I can’t really see them working as a long-term romantic relationship, but he definitely gives her a certain stability which she’s clearly lacking. I’d rather see Juliette work on herself for awhile than see her hook up with yet another guy to try and fill the void. She’s got a lot of growing up to do before she can be successful in an adult relationship.

    • Anna says:

      ^this. 100%. I’ve really liked these last two episodes where Juliette is on her own. I think she needs time just to her self to mature. Also her and deacon make good friends, soulmates/couple, not so much. I like rayna and deacon together and as much as I love a good Connie Britton breakup scene they need to get together or move on

  8. Luli101 says:

    Crap, I loved this episode!! There were so many well acted scenes. LOVED the scene with Deacon and Rayna. There were lightning bolts striking all around it was so electric! I even loved the Juliette/Deacon scenes..although I don’t like them as a couple. Never watched Friday Night Lights or AHS, but I am a believer in Connie Britton, now! Hayden was in top for tonight,too. Love Nashville!

  9. Sarah says:

    Ugh I’m so tired of Deacon’s bullcrap. I get that he is hurt because Rayna moved on when he was in rehab but goodness 5 times what did he expect, and to cut so deep and say she didnt believe in him when she was paying for the rehab. The fact that he is still in her life as a “friend” is more than I could do. I feel bad for Rayna having to deal with the ups and down if Deacon was going to join the tour he couldve given her a courtesy call I dont understand why he has to be such an d*ck when all Rayna is trying to do is make the best of the situation. I also hope he doesnt ruin the vibe of the tour because I feel like there was an ok balance between Rayna and Juliette at this point.

  10. I’m really sad that Liam left as a jerk. I really liked him and thought that more than just providing some comedic relief, he was a voice of reason, albeit sarcastic, to Rayna when she just couldn’t make up her mind. I hope he’ll come back and redeem himself later in the series.

    • Ella says:

      I totally agree! Loved Liam & am sorry to see him go the way he did. I actually liked his chemistry with Rayna more than Decon’s.

    • Anna says:

      ^THIS, so much. I loved him!

    • Patty says:

      I completely agree! He always walked that fine line of being a total jerk and I was sad to see him cross it. I wish the writers had chosen to end his partnership with Rayna another way. Or really, why end the partnership at all? Those two were great together. Is it just me or does Connie Britton seem to have amazing chemistry with everyone? Anyway, I hope that wasn’t the last of him because I was seriously starting to be a huge fan of the character, even though he could come across a little to smug and self-righteous. “I clicked my heels three times and didn’t turn into Deacon.” Come on! Who else could get away with that? Someone needs to give it to Rayna (and Juliette) straight. But like I said, he did cross a line, although Rayna seemed okay with him saying what he did to her about her marriage, which I didn’t get. There are some things you just don’t say. Even though I do hope we see him again, I’m not sure how I’ll receive him because that really left a bad taste in my mouth. And I don’t see any chemistry whatsoever between him and Juliette.

  11. Maggi says:

    I loved it!

    I think friendship between Deacon and Juliette is one of the best thing in the show.

    And the preview looks awesome

  12. anakl says:

    Deacon and Juliette only work as friends, he’s a way for her to grow a little… but lovers?? nah… Deacon and Rayna have a long-long story, a daughter in common (although he doesn’t know it & I’m guessing will mean another “break-up scene” further way) & they are still in love with one another… that kind of feeling doesn’t go away… and if it hasn’t go away in 12 years, you’re expecting it to go in a few months???

    These few episodes of Juliette without sex with Deacon made me like her more, but going down that road again will make her seem as jealous of Rayna’s life as before… she knows they’ve got feelings for each other… and having Deacon in her tour doesn’t make Rayna respect her more as a singer, quite the opposite, she will feel it like a sting.

    I had hopes that Liam would have something with Juliette but he ended up as a real jerk…

  13. Ashly says:

    This was the first episode where I realized that Hayden P is a good actress. That scene with her mom, “It means something,” absolutely broke my heart. Can’t wait to see where her character goes. I feel a little bad because I initially watched this show expecting to like Connie Britton’s character (loved her on FNL) the best but I find that Juliette is my favorite character.

  14. SarahJ says:

    I think Hayden P is a good actress…I just have a great deal of trouble watching her have romantic scenes opposite these older man actors. I still see her as a teenager and it feels creepy–no matter how much I like the other characters.

  15. sa says:

    I like the friendship between Deacon and Juliette but have no desire to see them romantically involved again. Too much of an age difference plus he has more chemistry with Reyna. Juliette has been a lot more likeable the last two episodes. She doesn’t need a romantic attachment right now.
    Have to admit, as the background between Deacon and Rayna unfolds I am finding it harder to blame her for marrying Teddy. Sounds like her life with Deacon was hell and with her being pregnant, she had to make an adult decision for her child. Now I wish she would drop Teddy, the lying creep.

    • Whateva says:

      YAY to this post. Deacon looks like a child molester when he’s “involved” with Juliette

    • Katherine215 says:

      I get making the decision to be with Teddy, but I hate that she kept her daughter’s paternity a secret. Deacon has a right to know he’s a father. Who knows, it might have given him a better reason to get and stay sober than even Rayna. And yes, much as I love Eric Close, Teddy is a lying (stealing) creep.

  16. onlyakb says:

    really enjoyed the episode, it was really good dramatically speaking, some really good scenes that I’ve been waiting to see since the beginning of the series between Deacon and Rayna, some classy revenge by Gunnar and Scar on super ego Avery and some really sweet scenes with Juliette!! please let the ratings be better on the 2half of the season!!

  17. S says:

    I am really surprised you didn’t mention that Juliette’s mother said “the woman YOU looked up to all your life…and now you are her equal” Juliette put this love of Rayna on her mother but in truth she always admired Rayna and she is trying to be noticed by her in anyway she can be.
    That being said, I like the Juliette character much better than the Rayna character overall. I think that Rayna is spoiled and thrives on the drama of wanting to be wanted by two men. She has always had these two men around her that loved her and now she is in a mid-life crisis where neither are sure they love her. She doesn’t know how to handle it.
    Juliette on the other hand, came from nothing. Sure she is a diva, but she had to fight to get there and it is really not that hard to find people in the entertainment industry that came from nothing that assume you have to act a certain way in order to command power. I am kind of mad that they keep wanting her to make peace with her mother. Truthfully, can anyone blame her for hating the woman who abused her as a child and chose drugs over feeding her own child? Yeah, I can’t. Not everyone can come from parents who worked for Merrill Lynch and owned summer homes in one of the most expensive areas in the country like Taylor Swift.

  18. dlferriola says:

    I like Deacon & Rayna & want them back together because they really love each other. She does not love Teddy & I do not think he loves her either. He loves that other girl that he had an affair with. They need just to end their unhappiness & move on with their lives. I can see Juliette & Liam together and Scar & Gunner

  19. RichieS says:

    What happened to Juliette’s father? If he’s still alive I would love to see that family dynamic play out and perfect casting would be Wil Patton from Falling Skies, her cinema daddy in “Titans”. Agree with differola Jukiette & Liam and (especially) Scar & Gunnar.

  20. the girl says:

    I really don’t think Liam did anything that was so bad that Rayna is right to refuse working with him altogether. As a producer he should be looking out for his own interests, and if Rayna wanted a label she should have said so rather than adding it to her list of demands AFTER hearing Liam wants one. I think she kind of punished him for Teddy’s crap which is unfair. I am sad Liam is leaving the tour because I was hoping for a Liam and Juliette hook-up, that would’ve been hot. In other news I feel like Deacon is coming on the tour to spite Rayna, not because he’s over her, and I can’t wait for Scarlett and Gunnar to get it together and fall in love.

  21. margaretames says:

    Oh yea…Deacon and Rayna…love those two together!

  22. Tina B. says:

    I want Deacon and Rayna back together! He loves her so much and she needs to realize that he got sober for her, can’t wait for that bombshell episode! Juliette is a little less of a spoiled brat but a long way to go, and for crying out loud stop sleeping with everything that walks! Maybe then people will respect you., but you can’t demand it, you have to earn it!

  23. I really loved this episode, everything was great.

    Deacon back with the girls is really great, I loved his scenes with both Rayna and Juliette, we know a little more about his past relationship with Rayna, but I’d love see some flashbacks because it’s just talk talk talk all over again but I want to see some FLASHBACKS please writer. All his scenes with Juliette was also really great I’m glad they’re friends and JUST friends (no more hookup please, just so gross), she cares about him and she want his happiness even if she doesn’t seems to understand that his happiness is Rayna.

    And like I said before, I’m maybe the only one but Liam and Juliette have really these sparks between them, he LOVES teasing her (the “bean dip” part was the best). And when he’ll be back, I really hope the writers will explore their relationship because these two together are hilarious and Liam is probably the PERFECT fit for her, they’re two sassy bitc*** and he’s the only one who can put Juliette at her place.

    I’m more and more annoyed with the whole Scarlett/Gunnar/Avery thing.

    And Teddy still gets on my nerves for some reasons…

  24. CountryGirl says:

    No. Deacon belongs to Rayna. The only other girl he’s aloud within 5 feet of is Scarlett, cause that uncle-niece relationship is sweet. I loved the episode though. The best scene was when Deacon and Ray were talking by her house. Amazing. I was mad that he’s in juliette’s band but glad he’ll be on tour with Rayna at all. And although I like Scarlett, the Gunnar Scarlett Avery thing is getting old. Especially Avery.

  25. Amy says:

    LOVED this episode. The scene between Rayna and Deacon, and Juliette and Deacon at his house were the best yet. You can sympathize with both sides of the Rayna/Deacon relationship.