American Horror Story: Asylum Finale Recap: Going Out With a (Bloody) Bang

AHSseason2finaleWest Coasters, you’d be crazy not to put off perusing this spoileriffic recap of the American Horror Story: Asylum finale until you’ve seen it. The rest of you, read on… if you dare!

In the finale of American Horror Story: Asylum, Johnny at last meets his maker — that is, his mother, Lana. And, as you’d imagine, it doesn’t go well. How bad is it? Read on for all the gory details:

GOOD TIMES | As Lana gives a Kennedy Center Honors interview in present day, we see in flashbacks how the Maniac author became the well-respected host of the news program America Unmasked. First, she broke into television via the sensationalistic documentary Briarcliff Exposed. (Though it got the nuthouse shut down, she admits that it wasn’t a hunger for justice that drove her, it was ambition.) Then, she cemented her reputation as a bulldog by exposing the Monsignor’s — sorry, the Cardinal’s — complicity in Dr. Arden’s experiments. (She insists that she “can’t take credit for what his guilty conscience made him do” — kill himself! — but it almost seems as if she’d like to!)

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WHATEVER HAPPENED TO… | During a detour in Lana’s story, she relates to her interviewer that she had wanted to free Sister Jude as the climax to Briarcliff Exposed. Trouble was, she couldn’t find her. That’s because Kit had already done so. After Alma passed away, he started visiting Jude at Ferncliff and, in 1970, took “Betty Drake” home to live with him and his children. She still had some demons to stare down, but by the time she died, she had known at least a few months of happiness. (The kids even called her Nana. Sniff.) As for Kit… um, the aliens took him away just before he could die of pancreatic cancer.

MOMMIE DEAREST | Before Lana’s interview concludes, she — very calculatedly — drops the bombshell that the son of Bloody Face did not, as Maniac reports, die in childbirth. In fact, she confesses that she once sought out her child, discovering him being bullied on the playground. Then, after everyone’s left, she tells Johnny — who had been posing as a crew member — to come out already. She half-lies that, of course, she recognized her own flesh and blood the moment she saw him. (Mind you, she only recognized him because the police had already warned her that he was on a rampage.) Johnny’s plan is to shoot her in the head the same way she did his father. But Lana lures him into an embrace, disarms him and puts the bullet in his head instead.

OK, your turn: What did you think of the finale — and the season? Were you surprised by how cold Lana became? Were you satisfied with Sister Jude’s (sorta) happy ending? Can anyone explain the aliens and their fixation on Kit? Sound off below!

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  1. Me says:

    In no way did season 1 leave you guessing at the end you need to re-watch it. You fully understand at the end. Sorry the season 2 ending just left a bad taste in my mouth. Don’t think I’ll invest time in season 3.

  2. Aleksa says:

    I’m of the “it was all made up” mind. And if that’s the case, it was f**^ing brilliant. Now I want to re-watch the whole season.

  3. anil says:

    Im sorry but if you were confused with this finale in any way, CLEARLY you are a very closed minded person and you shouldn’t even bother watching tv shows like this. Rant on…

  4. Mellie says:

    This season was amazing… At least until they killed off Mary Eunice and Doctor Arden way too soon. After that episode, the season sort of stagnated a bit. Still good, but not “blow me away” level as first half of the season. Better than season one, though, so I retain high hopes for season three.

  5. halfricanamber says:

    The finale: Lana’s son is crying and says, “I’ve hurt a lot of people, Mom.”
    Lana replies, “It isn’t your fault, it’s mine.” Bang.

    Flash back to 1964…Sister Jude warning Lana that if she let her ambition get the better of her, it wouldn’t turn out well. Lana walked out the door of Briarcliffe then, free and no worries. It was her ambition to be successful that brought her back and ultimately resulted in her unwanted pregnancy (among other things) and allowed Johnny to ever exist.

  6. DRB says:

    At the beginning of the season Lana went to Briarcliff and said she was doing a story about the bakery. Because she was a woman her editor gave her a crap assignment about a bakery.She was there in reality to expose Briarcliff. This was explained in the season premiere.

  7. snarka says:

    After Alma passed away, he started visiting Jude at Ferncliff and, in 1970, took “Betty Drake” home to live with him and his children.


  8. JP says:

    Let me ask it a different way:

    Which scene was “real” first meeting between Lana and Jude; the season premiere, or the season finale????

    • Jon says:

      IT’S THE EXACT SAME SCENE. They took the scene from the premier and inserted it into the finale. Lana didn’t make anything up; that was Jude warming her that if she kept looking for trouble, trouble would find her. And she did it anyway.

  9. A.T. says:

    both scenes were real. When Lana first visited Briarcliff, Jude warned her and she left. But she came back again and was really persistent to write the story, except this time, she was caught and was held there without her consent. The last scene was the scene we never saw in the season premiere.

    • JP says:

      I respectfully disagree. In the beginning of the season, Jude called Lana out on the fact she wasn’t really there for the bakery story…….there was no indication they had ever met before.

      • Leo says:

        On the day Bloody Face aka Kit is admitted to Briarcliff, Lana snoops in, pretending to cover the bakery story. She talked to Jude in her office. Then she started asking questions about BF. Jude caught her and sent her away. Then on the way out, Jude warns her not to pursue this (the flashback in the finale) then Lana exits the asylum. In the porch, she met Kit. Later that night, she snuck back in and Jude admitted her.
        I’m pretty sure this is what happened.
        The pilot scene just cut away the warning part.

  10. TVenthusiast says:

    Great finale, great season. The ending was quite simple to understand.

    First of all, the very final scene happened during the timeline at the very beginning of the season. It should be looked at as a reminder. The very final scene just portrays what would ultimately happen if Lana went down that road– the road of an ambitious, do whatever it takes reporter. Her ambitins got her in Briar cliff, put her on a path towards the real bloody face, and ultimately had her birth bloody face’s son. Sister Jude tells her evil stares evil in the face– if she pursues these ambitous desires, all might not end well. And all didn’t end well.

    The scene prior to that when Lana kills Johnny ties in with the final scene. Lana says to Johnny that it isn’t his fault, it’s her own fault. Then she shoots him. What’s her fault? Going down that road by pursuing those desires that not only were we reminded of in the final scene, but everything that occurred in the beginning of the season.

    Lana had to live with a lie for a long time. The lie that she told of in her book about her son being aborted. She was damaged because she pursued Briar cliff. She suffered in the asylum, almost died at the hands of bloody face, lost the woman she loved, and birthed bloody face’s son among some more damaging moment. The ending just reminds us when Sister Jude warned her.

  11. JP says:

    We all know what happened…….it’s quite simple to understand that when Lana couldn’t get the story, she fabricated one, wrote a book and became famous.

    You really think that Jude would warn Lana about “ambitins” (sic) and then Lana would come back and say “Oh, forget the Bloodyface story, now I just want a story on the bakery.”

    • TVenthusiast says:

      So you think Lana made up the entire story herself? Lol. Makes absolutely no sense at all. She couldn’t get the story but she did get herself committed to the asylum. She fabricated nothing except small lies such as her son.

      • JP says:

        She wrote a book that was 100% fiction……..

        The last scene of the season finale confirms this.

        Jude showed no indication she had met Lana previously in the first couple of episodes.

        She did not make two separate trips to Briarcliff.

        • TVenthusiast says:

          Yes to make money and fame further feeding her own desires. And yes, Lana met Jude once already, how do I know this? Because I watched the season from the first episode on. She kept denying her, but Lana kept pursuing.

          If she made everything up, you can’t explain her kid. Did she make him up too? That’s one major plot hole.

        • A says:

          She could not have made the entire thing up. I don’t understand where everyone is getting this. Nice idea, but it doesn’t work. How do you explain her son? The fact that Kit was actually suspected of the Bloody Face murders? As far as I understood it, Lana was not privy to the information about Kit and the aliens, the true extent of Dr. Arden’s experiments and the “things” in the woods, and the devil possessing Sister Mary Eunice. And how do you explain the Monsignor’s suicide, then? And, again, her son? The final scene was the missing portion from the first episode between their first meet and her initial exit. She came back to Briarcliff for the story, and her horror there began.

  12. TVenthusiast says:

    Lana felt burdened by her actions. She pursued the ambitious desires and it lead her down an evil road– one that she regrets. Her interview in the end is very telling. She reveals some stuff and seems sincere. She speaks with Johnny and he admits he’s done some terrible things. It was her “fault” that he even exists to begin with as she admits to him before she kills him. If she would have never pursued Briarcliff, she wouldn’t have had to suffer her entire life as a result. The flashback scene at the end with Sister Jude just reminds us of what would ultimately happen if Lana would pursue her selfish ambitions.

    • JP says:

      It just doesn’t make sense.

      1) Lana comes to Briarcliff and gets warned about her ambitious desires and leaves……(the flashback scene)

      2) You then want us to believe she CAME BACK under less ambitious desires and Jude welcomes her in with open arms?????

      • TVenthusiast says:

        Did you watch any part of the season or just the final 2 minutes? Why do people get easily confused when shows use flashbacks. We’re not discussing LOST here, it’s American Horror Story. Let me build the timeline for you.

        The final scene is proably one of the first things that took place. It’s when Lana walked into Briarcliff with expectations of getting a story with the bloddy face. Sister Jude thought she was there for the bakery, and rightfully so tried to shoot down Lana’s ambitions. Fast forward….

        Lana, as ambitious as she is, doesn’t give up. She goes back and ultimately pisses off Jude to the point where she committs her to the asylum out of spite. Fast forward….

        Lana suffers for her ambitions. She meets the real bloddy face, ends up being pregnant with his kid, and a bunch of other horrific stuff that I’ve mentioned. Fast forward….

        She kills bloddy face. Gets out of briarcliff. Keeps the kid but lies about it in her book. Fast forward….

        She meets the kid the same night of her interview with that news station. She confessed the lie to the station to relieve a burden. She also tells her kid it’s her fault, not his, in response to him admitting he’s done bad things. Then kills him. Series over. And yes, had she not been ambitious to write that story, she would have never birthed bloody face’s kid. As she admits to him, it’s her fault he’s a killer.

        What you think happened is this (or at least, for some odd reason I think people think this happened)…….

        Lana goes to briarcliff to get a story with bloody face. Jude denies it so Lana walks out the doors and makes up the entire rest of the season for her book. There are a milion plot holes. It’s impossible to even explain this scenario.

        • Agree completely…people are trying to make it a lot more insane than it is. The finale was in essence perfect; Jude warned Lana during their first meeting to be careful what she wishes for.

        • Leo says:

          Jeez, thank you for showing that humanity can still prevail.
          I don’t freaking get it why people think Lana went back and forth to Briarcliff.
          That scene is just a flashback, to what you can say a “deleted scene” from the pilot. It says if you look in the face of evil (if you go down this road to learn about Bloody Face), evil will look right back at you (you’ll become a part of it).

      • A says:

        Jude never welcomed her back with open arms. She had her forcibly committed. I would hardly characterize that as “welcoming her back with open arms.”

  13. Stan says:

    I’m with you, Me. I felt like there was too much distraction going on with all of the sub-plots, most of which turned out to be nothing and only confused who the main characters were and what the main storyline truely was. For instance, we end the story from Lana’s POV (btw, when did she become THE main character/storyline?), which is suddenly book ended by her first visit to Briarcliff. However, Sister Mary Eunice and Dr. Arden had nothing to do with Lana, yet we spent a greater part of the season focused on them as main characters and their conflict with Sister Jude. Even Kit had much more tie-in to the slowly building Bloodyface plot line, yet his character took a backseat as soon as he was released. I just found the season to be too much noise, when I could have essentially watched just the first and last episodes. Ugh..that just brought back memories of Lost and all that time I’ll never get back. Here’s to hoping Ryan Murphy doesn’t “Murphy” season 3. Meaning, his shows typical start to suck by the 3rd year (ale Nip/Tuck, Glee, etc).

  14. Stan says:

    On 2nd thought, if they had made it so we eventually discovered that Kit and Lana were brother and sister, I think I would have absolutely loved how everything played out. It would have fit in nicely to the “ambition and evil beat out good” theme introduced in S1, and allowed these two characters to essentially be a “Cain and Able” type reference. Also an excellent way to tie it back to the religious theme emphasized in this season.

  15. A.T. says:

    The flashback scene (when Jude warns Lana) was part of the beginning scene when Jude confronts her about not writing a story about the bakery. And that was the first time they met: Lana visited Briarcliff, lied and said that she wants a story on the Bakery, Jude prob didn’t believe her and warned her to not get deeply involved with Bloodyface or Briarcliff. Lana pretended like she gave.up and walked out of Briarcliff and saw Kit (accused Bloodyface) getting out of the police car and being brought into Briarcliff. That night, she returned to Briarcliff and used the back door to enter. Then she was captured.

    • TVenthusiast says:

      OMG how did you come up with that?!?!

      On serious note….


      And it’s obvious. All you had to do was watch the first episode.

    • JP says:

      You really need to watch it again.

      Ciff note:

      The Bakery was NEVER mentioned in the flashback scene.

      Lana specifically said she wanted to meet Bloodyface.

      When Jude told Lana she was “out of her depth”, Lana told Jude she’d “love to hear her story one day.”

      Jude replied, “You and I are not destined to meet again.”

      To suggest that Lana came back later under the pretense of doing a story on the bakery is goofy.

      • TVenthusiast says:

        But I don’t have to suggest it because that’s what happened. They didn’t flashback the entire scene, it was like 40 seconds. Jude caught on and knew Lana wasn’t there for the bakery, but instead for bloody face story. Lana kept insisting it but Jude said it wasn’t gonna happen. And did it ever happen? No. They wouldn’t have ever met again, that is 100% true… IF Lana wasn’t foolish enough to sneak in later that night. However, she did and they did meet again. I don’t think you watched the first episode.

        The point of the flash back scene was to foreshadow events.

        You’re extremely confused. I’m sitting here discussing alternatives as if there are any lol. I can’t imagine how you’d react after watching LOST. Rewatch the season.

        • ThomasWalker says:

          Yes! TVenthusiast knows what they’re talking about. Most of these people act as if they never watched the first episode, or they are clearly overthinking it all. People should readvyour previous post. Great season!

      • to JP says:

        JP, this is the internet and you don’t know the people responding to you so you don’t have to be embarrassed too admit that you are wrong. It is ok to be wrong, because it means that we learn things.

    • Marsbar says:

      This is the absolute truth here. This sequence of events is exactly what happened. I urge everyone to really watch and pay attention to that first episode with this theory in mind and all will become clear. As if it wasn’t before.

  16. JP says:

    It’s obvious the first episode (and all that followed) were chapters in Lana’s best selling book……which was fiction. (even though she portrayed it as actual events)

    The ending was almost Bob Newhart like in that it was all fantasy.

    • TVenthusiast says:

      If it makes you feel better, interpret it that way. I’m just stating the obvious here to others. Yea, I kinda do that for people who don’t understand obvious endings.

    • Ashley says:

      I’m confused as to how you don’t see that the last scene was like an undisclosed excerpt from the first episode? Do you remember when Lana when to Jude’s office claiming to be there to write about the bakery, however Jude could tell she was more interested in the fact that Bloody Face would me admitted to the asylum that day? Then Jude basically told her to leave, and as they headed down the stairs… (INSERT LAST SCENE FROM FINALE EPISODE: Jude warns her about her about getting involved, being so ambitious, staring evil in the face etc.) They step outside where the car holding the accused Bloody Face killer (Kit) has just pulled up.

      Last night’s scene fits perfectly into the first episode, it’s basically a flashback Lana had that we didn’t get to see in the beginning of the series. That if she had heeded Jude’s warning to stay away and for them to never meet again, then all the horrors she experienced would not have happened. They met again BECAUSE Lana was so desperate to get the Bloody Face scoop that she snuck into Briarcliffe (via the hidden tunnel) that night. PLEASE, watch the first episode again.

      While the theory of it all being made up sounds more interesting, as others stated, it has far too many plot holes as opposed to the “obvious” theory which has…close to none (not counting the alien bit).

    • D says:

      With all due respect, I completely disagree with your interpretation of the ending. I agree with TVenthusiast. I don’t even understand why people are finding it so confusing. Everything really happened. The only new wrinkle, which was the final scene b/w Sister Jude and Lana, was Sister Jude’s recognition of ambition in Lana coupled with a warning.

    • to JP says:

      According to you, everything we saw was part of her fully fictional book. We saw what happened to Wendy yet Wendy’s portrayal in the book was not the same as in real life since Wendy wasn’t acknowledged as Lana’s gf. If your claims are correct, we as viewers would have seen things through the fictional portrayal of Wendy, which didn’t involve her being Lana’s gf.

    • Marsbar says:

      Hey everyone let’s just stop trying to convince JP of the truth of the matter. Let him have it his own way, it’s exhausting already lol.

  17. A.T. says:

    Whatever happened to Kit’s third wife? Lol. When he was suffering from cancer, he was alone… Where was his wife?

  18. doug liner says:

    No… the ending is to us the viewer not really Lana independent of the collective audience. First…the ending does agree with the beginning because Lana was accused of using the bread story as a cover by Jude. It was just a peice of the conversation intentionally undisclosed to us… here is why.

    As the viewer every horror this season is conditionally part of our American history. Conditionally in that some events may not actually exist as they are interpreted by us… aliens and possesion… but like harboring Nazis and human experiments on thd weak and serial killers and rape and abortion and self serving journalism…they all existed… no ghosts this time just human on human carnage. We the viewer get a close up of Jude looking right at all of us condemning us for being the participants an often encouragers of what we have observed. She dared Lana and the viewer to consider that point before looking this season boldly in the face. Poetic IMO.

  19. Mila says:

    This season was entertaining; but, it pales in comparison with season 1.

  20. Rob says:

    I too got the brief impression that the whole thing was made up by Lana and that Johnny was a kid that was manipulated to think he was her son. Her plan then backfired when he became the new Bloody Face. The flashback scene just gave me the impression that this was the only meeting between her and Jude. The more I thought about it though, the more it seemed like it couldn’t be true. Too many other things did not add up.

  21. Deion says:

    The reason why I have to believe that the final scene was really just a flashback to the beginning and Jude issuing a warning to Lana that she ignored is the fact that it has to be verifiable that Kit Walker was wrongly accused of being Bloody Face and that Lana Winters shot Threadson in the head just before the police arrived to arrest him. While it is true that everyone who could attest to her story had died or disappeared, those two things have to be a matter of public record.

  22. henninggirl says:

    Lana shooting Johnny at the end was rather sad, and not just for the obvious implications. I think as much as she could not raise or love that child because of her trauma, I do think she was being truthful in saying that giving him up was the only way he might have a shot at life. He would always have been publicly known as the child of Bloody Face. Unfortunately her visiting him that day, was probably the beginning of the end, no matter how small a step. As a viewer, you do understand why he latched onto Thredson after hearing that tape and his breakdown at the end felt real. He was still clearly a great danger to people around him and shared his father’s psychosis, but it made you wonder how he may have turned out had he been adopted by a loving family, got some therapy maybe, and never perused Lana or Bloody Face. I think Lana was so terribly sad that this is how he ended up and saw him as one last person whom Oliver Thredson poisoned.

  23. dude says:

    It was a perfect ending. Flawless episode. I loved everything about it. I actually enjoyed this season a lot more than season one. For me, season one really piqued at the Halloween episode, it was never as good after that while this season just kept getting better. The past two episodes were a bit of a letdown after Sister Mary Eunice’s death (where the season piqued for me) but this finale was leaps and bounds better than last year’s which I found disappointing.

  24. Walkie says:

    What a disaster of a season. NONE of it made any sense or tied together. It was a mishmash of characters and ideas that went nowhere. I was actually embarrassed for the talented cast. I can’t imagine what they were thinking acting out this crap.

  25. Aaron Snow says:

    Once again, there’s absolutely no way Lana’s story was fiction. NONE. She couldn’t possibly insert herself so prominently into historical fact (like being Bloodyface’s victim, being the person who killed him, knowing the scoop on Arthur Arden, etc) WITHOUT having actually been part of the story. So she publishes a book and says “Yeah, I’m the one who shot Bloodyface” and the cops are going “Oooooh, that explains it.” No.

    Aside from that, we saw many narratives that didn’t directly include Lana’s perspective, such as the alien abductions, the Anne Frank bits and a lot of the devil possession story. None of that was in Lana’s book, nor was Wendy. What would be the point in seeing all of this play out on screen if, at the end, we learn it was all a work of fiction, much of which was not actually INCLUDED in said fiction? That doesn’t make a bit of sense.

    It was already stated that much of Lana’s book was over-dramatized and exaggerated, but she herself acknowledges that it was her job to find the “essence of truth”… not to “create fiction.”

    All that aside, no television writer worth anything is going to work that hard to build a cohesive mythology and piece it all together only to say “PSYCHE! It was all a big lie.” That’s amateur hour. That’s fan fiction.

    The theme of this season was stated summarily in Sister Jude’s warning to Lana, and it applied to virtually every character: “be careful what you wish for.”

    • Ashley says:

      EXACTLY. I don’t think there’s anything left to say.

    • Rain says:

      I wish this comment would have been copied and pasted into the recap up above. It would have saved me the annoyance of reading so many comments of people that didn’t understand anything that actually happened in the finale!!

  26. JoJo says:

    Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters were flawless. In the beginning of the season I was a little worried about the lack of screentime Evan Peters got but as the series progressed I found myself really rooting for both characters. I also loved how stylized the finale was. The ONLY negative thing I can say is that the whole UFO/Alien plot was unnecessary.

  27. KatieDangerPierre says:

    After help from you gracious folks I think I’ve finally got it!!

    The aliens represented god and took kit because he was the only true innocent. The nazis, zombies, Santa Claus, and Demon possession all represented human carnage and fears. Lana was warned and became the evil she sought.

    This theory leaves me thinking this season was brilliant! At first i prefered season one because of its tidy ending. but i never did this much research after it.I enjoy a show that makes me think. I’m glad I stuck through it even when things got crazy!

  28. S says:

    Oh my goodness…after reading some of the ideas thrown out here it got me thinking. Why would there be so many different plot lines?
    Because they were all plot lines and characters thread together about Briarcliff by Lana in her books.
    They make no sense to us in whole as a TV show, but the only person who is part of all of these stories is Lana. Sister Jude conveniently died. Threadson died. Kit Died. Mary Eunice and the Doctor died…but Lana the heroine of all the books she wrote…the one who was getting an award who lived through it all, she survived.
    Kit was never put on TV according to the last interview. Neither was Sister Jude to corroborate her stories. The only one who was was the Cardinal, who she made commit suicide by casting him as an evil villain in his book and making him believe that all of the atrocities were occurring under his watch at Briarcliff.
    It wasn’t until the State was running the place that she did the TV expose. Then it was a prison and not a private facility. So it WOULD have been a totally different place.
    She killed the “son” because he had become a fanatic and would show the world who she really was, a fraud.
    But like any author she used Briarcliff simply as a location where all of these coming led plots were interwoven. It would be like Steven King saying that there were really a Derry Maine and all the things he has written about it actually happened there (including IT). It they were all played side by side at the same time it would be crazy to follow. But an asylum, with just the right tweeks and leaving out certain details…people may believe it.

    • Ashley says:

      I like your theory; as I stated before, the idea of her making it up is more interesting than the “obvious” route.

      But where in the show does it indicate that she was a part of every plot that happened at Briarcliffe? I didn’t see her being a part of the alien/ufo plot, or the devil possession plot, the nazi plot, etc. We as an audience were aware of those moments, but when did it indicate she was aware of those things? Her first book ‘Maniac’ was about her terrifying experience in captivity of Bloody Face; the Briarcliffe Exposed expose was about the horrific conditions it was currently in. In the last interview in the finale, she didn’t discuss anything pertaining to the ufo, etc. with Kit; just that he was the one who released Jude and that he had kids that were ‘special’. She didn’t mention aliens at all, and there’s no indication that it was mentioned in her book. Nor is there any indication that the demon possession was mentioned in her book, the expose, etc.

      I think I’m just repeating myself, but get what I’m sayin’? I like your idea but it still doesn’t make sense OVERALL. At lease less sense than the obvious story, overall.

      • Ashley says:

        Also wanted to add that Maniac (which was SOLELY about her Bloody Face encounters, nothing else) was her only book; in the finale, she stated that she knew television was the place to truly make a name for herself, hence the expose on the asylum to shut it down. Her expose never featured any of the crazy plot lines (aliens, demons, nazi’s) we as an audience saw, nor did her Maniac book (because it was JUST about Bloody Face)… so how could those other plot lines be apart of her “book”?

        I know that I’m implying the Maniac book is just about Bloodyface but…if it was called: MANIAC: A woman’s story of survival w/ Bloodyface, etc. (I don’t remember the exact title) I think it’s safe to assume it was just about that. The reporter in the last interview didn’t seem to even KNOW who Kit was when she asked if he was still “with us” (living).

        • S says:

          well like I actually put below I admitted I was wrong. But it was just an idea. nothing more. I must have missed where she said it was her ONLY book. I saw where she said TV was where she wanted to make her impact but I remembered her saying she planned to write others in previous episodes. I guess Barbara Walters has only written two books in her career and one with a ghost writer. So, like I said below…it was a mistake and an idea.

      • S says:

        Well in the finale she talks about the Dr. being a Nazi. Lana was present in most of the episodes and in contact with the other two main protagonist of the stories that the other major events would have happened to. She became aware of the possession (or would have easily been convinced I am sure) when Sister M.E. told her that her self abortion had failed, that he would end up evil and that it would be a male child. She was also the person who let Threadson go and did not alert police like she would have previously when she was not possessed.
        With regards to the Aliens…She had heard all of Kit’s stories. She was the person who convinced him most often that he was not insane. She was the one for confirmed for him that he was not the killer and so the other story must have been true. She would have also seen Grace leave and come back from the dead pregnant in a matter of days with a similar story. (Though it is a nut house she would likely have heard stuff about aliens) It is more of a stretch but because we didn’t see it didn’t mean it didn’t occur.
        She was also around when Anne Frank first came to Briarcliff and started to spout off about being a Nazi. She only left after that. She also had been treated by him. As an investigative reporter, I am sure she may have been able to piece the things in the woods with the incoherent ramblings of the woman who thought she was Anne Frank together. That meaning, something wasn’t right and he was probably experimenting on people…I wonder who he really was?
        Keep in mind that in “true life” books she could have said “meanwhile while I was here…this was happening there” She even mentioned in the coffee shop with Kit “for my next book I think I will write it about…” and she was talking about the Santa guy that killed the nuns.
        So we don’t know if she wrote more books. They only talked about that one because it was the most famous one. She could have written about other people she met at Briarcliff and taken the story over the top the same way the author of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer made him a vampire slayer. The wrong person reading it and it may as well be true. (Amnityville Horrors would be a good example too)

    • S says:

      So yeah…Ryan Murphy just did an interview that said this was supposed to be a “Happy Ending” sort of send off to Jude, Kit and Lana. Lana with her Barbara Walters type moment, Kit with his Close Encounters moment and Jude with her finding peace. So I guess in the end it all “happened” the aliens thing was always supposed to be left open like the crazy people who said they got abducted, the Nazi experiments that were talked about at the time (and still are) the church being involved in both etc…So I am wrong…but hey it could have worked. It isn’t the first time a show has ended up being a dream.

  29. PERFECTION! It ended just as it should have and THANK YOU to the writers for giving us a beginning, middle, middle, beginning, and finally the greatest ending!

  30. grr-arrgh says:

    Wow!! Gomez-Rejon, and Goi deserve such credit for direction and cinematography on this episode!! The camera twist under the table to reveal Johnny’s rap sheet, and the absolutely stunning moment when the Angel of Death comes for Jude, just had me glued to the screen!! This director is doing things that just aren’t being done in television right now! Glad he’s signed on for Season 3.

    Sarah Paulson for the win!!! She was just amazing in this anthology piece/episode. Jessice Lange’s ability to portray utter madness, yet with a subtle spark in her eye, and that coy smile in the scene playing checkers with Kit, she shows glimpses that she’s coming back to life. Ugh, the woman just amazes me!!

    I thought the final shot of the spiral staircase in Briarcliff circa ’64 to book-end season premier and finale was awesome. I really feel like that set, and era was the star of the 2nd season!

    Love this show, and looking forward to Season 3!!

    • Leo says:

      And don’t forget about that Dominique song that’s playing at the end. It puts a big smile on my face and reminds me of how awesome that song, set, and everything is this season.

  31. tkmets says:

    Not sure it could be Lana having never stayed there or making everything up. She was a famous journalist that had video coverage (that would have been shown on the news) of Briarcliff. Knowing the back way in and how to navigate around inside would never have been possible if she never came back after that first day and ultimately staying there. I think some are reading into the ending too much. Bottom line is Sister Jude’s comment about evil was prophetic and Lana ultimately remembered those words and realized they were true.

  32. PixTweak says:

    The flashback was to show how Lana had always been cold and ambitious. I believe everything she said to her son was truthful but also manipulative and true to her character. She’s a survivor. Her reasons for killing him are conflicted: her own survival, a mother’s love for her son, putting a stop to a murderer. She always knew she was ruthless and ambitious but what she didn’t count on is her humanity. That’s the reason she didn’t go thru with the abortion and the reason she searched him out when he was a kid. That scene she was so nurturing and motherly towards him and that’s why he knew she was his mother.

  33. JP says:

    As one of the proponents for the series being all in Lana’s head, with an open mind I re-watched the opening scene with the ending scene(via online and DVR)…….due to a few scene inconsistencies, I’m still not convinced. (mostly actor placement during the dialogue)

    As far as an earlier comment about writers going to all that trouble just to say “psyche” at the end…….I can think of a few times off the top of my head where that’s exactly what happened: The Bob Newhart shows; Johnny Depp in Windows; and of course, who shot JR.

    A total shot in the dark, but I can’t find who played Lana’s girlfriend, Marion, in the final episode. If it was Clea Duval (Wendy) I’d say that would be a great indicator.

    At this point it doesn’t matter, just the fact we’re discussing this indicates the writers did a great job at entertaining us…….I enjoyed the season completely!!!

  34. Philipp says:

    I knew that she wasn’t gonna die but that she was gonna kill him.

    • Leo says:

      I’m on my edge of the seat trying to predict which one will end up being shot in the face.
      I’m 70% sure it’s Lana that will bite the dust but I’m secretly relieved that Lana is such a HBIC.
      Long live Lana Banana.

  35. Ann says:

    wonderful I am buying the movie to see it again when it comes out.
    I loved it

  36. Nicole H says:

    Here is my take to the meaning of the ending: (and it may be way off and abstract)

    The scene when Lana is about to shoot Johnny she tells him that he could never be like his father. His father was a maniac (or whatever word she uses) and his father isn’t the only one who is inside him. I’m thinking at this point that she’s saving her ass by telling him that he has her good in him. In a way I think she was saying that he also possessed evil inside him that came from her…(and this is so hard to explain in writing, so it probably makes no sense) And right before she shoots him she say’s that its not his fault, that it is her fault. (I’m guessing because he inherited the evil that was inside her. And what was interesting was the way the camera focused on both faces right before she shot him (which is will “appear” in the last scene.)

    In the final scene they flashed back to the first episode with Sister Jude where she warned Lana that ambition can be dangerous, and what caught my attention is when Jude said to her “just remember, if you look in the face of evil, evil is going to look right back at you.” They also did the same kind of camera focus on both Lana and Jude. And the way I took it was after all of her ambition, Lana had evil look right back at her by way of her son in the previous scene.

    I don’t know if you saw the first season, but in the first episode of that season Dylan McDermott says that all he wants is for them to be a family again with the baby (who she miscarried I think first episode) and be in a home. The very last episode they also ended up going back to that by showing the family all together with the baby and the xmas tree and they finally were a family…too bad they were dead.

    But I feel that each season there is a message in the beginning that comes back at the end.

    Again, I could be wayyyyy off…. I’m just trying to figure out what they were trying to say at the end. Hopefully this makes some sense. There is something about that last five minutes of the finale that has meaning to it….

  37. Ben says:

    I really liked the finale, I liked not knowing exactly what the aliens fascination was with Kit, but the one thing I was really incredibly curious about was what happened to Ian Mcshane’s character after he escaped. I know in the previous ep Lana said that he went on a crime spree, but I really, really hoped we’d get to learn a bit more and perhaps have a cameo because I enjoyed his performance so much.

  38. someone says:

    Am I the only person that found this finale boring?
    Don’t get me wrong, I liked this show a lot, both seasons. Watched them as part of my list including Breaking Bad and other great shows. But I thought, after the past few good episodes leading up to the finale, that it’d end with something much better. I found it rather bland. I seem to be alone on this? Sounds like most people enjoyed the ‘happy ending yet not really much of a conclusion’ direction they took the finale — but I don’t agree.
    It’s not that it was a bad ending, but you teed up such a dramatic season full of different angles and twists and wind up ending it with Lana in bad old age makeup talking for most of the….zzzzzzz– sorry — most of the episode.
    Good job Dermot Mulroney though.

    • A says:

      No, you’re not alone. Im pretty unhappy about it because the entire season had so much build up and I thought the last two or three episodes were very boring. I thought more people would be upset about it, but I guess not

  39. AnnieM says:

    Maybe it,s just me, but when Lana said Johnny was “her fault” , I took it to mean either:
    A.). Because she changed her mind about aborting him. OR
    B.). If she had raised him and been a mother to him, he probably would not have gone nuts; or at least not to the point of killing people.

  40. Asz says:

    As far as Lana’s story, I believe it is the perfect example of the sayings “the road to hell is paved with good intentions,” and “if you look for evil, you will find it.”

    Her determination to expose Briarcliff, as well as Bloodyface, ultimately led her to experience her own hell on earth. Unfortunately, it also led to the continuation of evil through the procreation of an evil man.

    Had she never sought out her son, albeit with good intention, he may never have known the horrific details of his conception. When he realized who his mother was, he eventually went looking for evil and found it in himself…and so the cycle continues.

    All of this due to Lana’s good intentions.

  41. DHE says:

    Amazing 2nd season overall, but felt the last two episodes really dragged it down. Season 1 was full of surprises with every episode (including the finale), but season 2 just sort of fizzled out.

  42. Lana did not make all story up. Remember the tape Johnny bought on eBay, she really met Bloody Face and had that child. Besides, it’s not just the book she wrote, but the videos she filmed. When Sister Jude told her the evil thing, she was meaning this: All magic comes with a price.

  43. Asia says:

    I really enjoyed this season . The main theme that was expressed in this season was purity and intentions. A scene that warmed my heart was when Kit took care of Jude even though she had brought him through hell and back. Also a scene that showed true cruel intention was Lana being selfish in her conversations with kit at the coffee shop. That woman just after Power for the wrong reasons.

  44. Patricia S. says:

    I think the whole point of the aliens taking away Kit, Grace and Alma was to make those two kids. When the kids grew up, they turned out to be a doctor and a lawyer ( I believe) I think the aliens wanted to further help humankind with the creation of those two children who would grow up to help people…just my guess.

  45. Rose says:

    I dont understand why the Monsignor was suddenly evil after sister mary died. Did the devil just jump from her to him?

  46. Dan says:

    I can’t believe no ones put the whole ‘enhancing the human race’ connection together. Aliens and Dr Arden? Both trying to create new breeds of humans? Any thoughts?

  47. Anonymous says:

    When someone writes an post he/she maintains the idea of a user in his/her brain that how a user can understand it. Thus that’s why this post is perfect. Thanks!|

  48. CY says:

    I don’t think Lana had become too cold. It reminds me of one of the things said by the medium in season 1 AHS (played by Sarah Paulson) – you either get with the programme or become insane.

  49. KG says:

    in the last scene, sister jude talks to lana about how she has to be prepared to be lonely in such a place like briarcliff, as if they were planning something together? like they knew lana was going to be admitted? and when she talks about looking into the face of evil and find its looking back at you and the camera shows judes face then lana looking back, maybe she (lana) was the evil one all along planning everything all along just for the story. Theres so many interpretations. but i think it could all be fiction all along ( as jp is saying) due to the last scene being the first time lana and jude met.

  50. Jack says:

    I dont understand what happens in the very last 2 minutes of the episode when Lana has a flashback to talking to sister jude. It explains something important but it was not clear to me. Thanks!