American Horror Story: Asylum Finale Recap: Going Out With a (Bloody) Bang

AHSseason2finaleWest Coasters, you’d be crazy not to put off perusing this spoileriffic recap of the American Horror Story: Asylum finale until you’ve seen it. The rest of you, read on… if you dare!

In the finale of American Horror Story: Asylum, Johnny at last meets his maker — that is, his mother, Lana. And, as you’d imagine, it doesn’t go well. How bad is it? Read on for all the gory details:

GOOD TIMES | As Lana gives a Kennedy Center Honors interview in present day, we see in flashbacks how the Maniac author became the well-respected host of the news program America Unmasked. First, she broke into television via the sensationalistic documentary Briarcliff Exposed. (Though it got the nuthouse shut down, she admits that it wasn’t a hunger for justice that drove her, it was ambition.) Then, she cemented her reputation as a bulldog by exposing the Monsignor’s — sorry, the Cardinal’s — complicity in Dr. Arden’s experiments. (She insists that she “can’t take credit for what his guilty conscience made him do” — kill himself! — but it almost seems as if she’d like to!)

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WHATEVER HAPPENED TO… | During a detour in Lana’s story, she relates to her interviewer that she had wanted to free Sister Jude as the climax to Briarcliff Exposed. Trouble was, she couldn’t find her. That’s because Kit had already done so. After Alma passed away, he started visiting Jude at Ferncliff and, in 1970, took “Betty Drake” home to live with him and his children. She still had some demons to stare down, but by the time she died, she had known at least a few months of happiness. (The kids even called her Nana. Sniff.) As for Kit… um, the aliens took him away just before he could die of pancreatic cancer.

MOMMIE DEAREST | Before Lana’s interview concludes, she — very calculatedly — drops the bombshell that the son of Bloody Face did not, as Maniac reports, die in childbirth. In fact, she confesses that she once sought out her child, discovering him being bullied on the playground. Then, after everyone’s left, she tells Johnny — who had been posing as a crew member — to come out already. She half-lies that, of course, she recognized her own flesh and blood the moment she saw him. (Mind you, she only recognized him because the police had already warned her that he was on a rampage.) Johnny’s plan is to shoot her in the head the same way she did his father. But Lana lures him into an embrace, disarms him and puts the bullet in his head instead.

OK, your turn: What did you think of the finale — and the season? Were you surprised by how cold Lana became? Were you satisfied with Sister Jude’s (sorta) happy ending? Can anyone explain the aliens and their fixation on Kit? Sound off below!

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  1. English says:

    Absolutely perfect!!!!!

    • JayJ says:

      Can I just say that was awesome!! Btw for all those that don’t get the ending examine the line from the angel of death. “We’ve been doing this dance for a LONG time”! When this happened it was only 15years after her incarceration to briarcliff. Not a LONG time. Sister Jude is a reincarnation of sister Mary! That is why she looked at the statue after her phrase, “when u look at evil, it will look back at u!”

      • pt says:

        Can you explain further. Do you think this actually occured or is it saying it happened but lana was the crazy one?

      • admpnlp says:

        Sister Jude and the Angle of Death have been going back and forth for almost all of Jude’s life, before Briarcliffe and after. The Angel has appeared to her about 3 or 4 times before their final encounter in the finale; that is the true meaning of the line. Sister Jude is not a reincarnation of Sister Mary

        • dude says:

          That’s what I thought too. It has been hinted at several times over the course of the season that Sister Jude battled depression and often contemplated suicide. When they had that conversation in the diner it seemed as if she had tried to kill herself a few times, bringing forth the angel of Death.

      • I’m not sure of what you are trying to say here. The line in which the angel of death speaks of Sister Jude and herself dancing for a long time isn’t actually a reference to time, but to the many moments in which they’ve met (due to the many times in Jude’s life that she wanted to give up ie. suicide). Which is why the angel of death asked Jude if she was really ready to let go this time right after.

        As for the reincarnation of Sister Mary Eunice, I don’t quite understand how you derived that from the final scene. The final scene was actually a flashback to when Lana and Jude first met (before the possession of Sister Mary Eunice, her death, and everything we have seen throughout the entire series).
        However Jude’s final line “if you look into the face of evil, evil will look right back” is definitely one to think about. I believe that in this line, she addresses Lana’s obsession with madness, when Lana, herself, allowed her ambitions to yield the very madness that she was always searching for.

        • kevin says:

          I thought Jude’s final line was to sum up Lana and Johnny ‘s final scene where they look each other in the eye, and she says it’s not your fault, it’s mine. She acknowledges her evil/sin (ambition)

        • Stephanie Benhase says:

          I have been completely stumped by the finale of this season of AHS, but you make the most sense, by far. I actually feel like I understand it now. I think they could have done a better job, though. There should never be a lot of people who cannot totally understand the finale. Season one was tied up succinctly, season two, not so much.

        • Ryan says:

          I want to know the significance of the statue Sister Jude looks into when she says, “evil will look right back.” That statue gets the red lipstick on it and Doctor Arden pushes it over and it falls and crashes to the ground. Sister Mary Eunice becomes possessed and wears the lipstick. She is also thrown down to the floor. Is there symbolism in that statue being related to the devil storyline?

      • GR says:

        maybe I’m remembering earlier episodes incorrectly, but can anyone explain why lana says “I heard bloody face is being admitted today” and asking to meet him? if she uncovered Thredson was bloody face where did this line come from? did someone else take the blame at first?

        • Lori says:

          Kit was originally arrested and believed to be Bloodyface. That’s who Lana was referring to. It wasn’t until later that she uncovered that Bloodyface was actually Thredson.

    • Joe says:

      What a fantastic episode. I’m disappointed Lily Rabe and James Cromwell didnt get short little callbacks like the rest but I still thought it was a truly magnificent finale. Despite this season’s flaws, the cast really did shine week to week. Here’s hoping Dennis O’Hare, Lily Rabe, Frances Conroy and Alexandra Breckenridge return next year!

      • Mike says:

        …. and Eric Stonestreet, i like him on season 1, and apparently he was going to be in season 2, but i didn’t saw him in any episode!

      • Jimmy says:

        Can u refer to the roles’ names already instead of the actors? Your comment cannot be understood like this, and it is a bit weird to talk about the story while using their real names.

    • Tara says:

      I don’t understand is American horror story and American horror story asylum the same show? I’m so confused someone please hit me back with an explanation. Thanks

      • Jes says:

        Yes they’re the same series; but different story lines. The 3rd season will have a different story line as well. They are “horror stories”. It’s a great twist on an idea for a show. :-)

  2. Bobby says:

    Amazing finale. I was glued to every single scene for the entire hour.

  3. Incredibly perfect. Everything went as it should have.

  4. Adam says:

    That was an amazing episode right there!!

  5. Emma says:

    Once again, as they did last season, the series started out very cliched and got more interesting as it progressed. I thought there was more of a unifying thread last season than this – although I liked the divergence from the “asylum” I thought the year didn’t hold together as a “season.” I’d love to know if each season’s progression was intentional – they PLANNED to start us out with a well-worn plotline – or just luck.

  6. Keri says:

    I would have liked a better explanation of the whole alien thing. I don’t understand what the point of having that storyline was at all.

    • KatieDangerPierre says:

      Me too

      • Lena120 says:

        I wanted more of an explanation as well. Kit was such a good guy. In the end, he helped the main person who caused him so much pain. I’m kind of uneasy that he was taken away because we don’t know what they’re doing to him. And we don’t know WHY they were so obsessed with him. He could be getting poked in prodded for eternity! :( He looked so sad in the end. He didn’t deserve that.

        • Ryan says:

          I feel pretty good about my thoughts on it. Grace says, “they’re not like us” in explaining that the aliens are so far advanced and they aren’t violent like us on Earth. Kit was an endlessly loving and forgiving person. Lana stopped his escape on the night of the storm, yet he still trusted her the next time when the power outage during the exorcism that opened all the doors. Grace lied to him about her past, yet he found the beauty and good in her. Even in the end, even had compassion for Sister Jude. That type of compassion can change the world. It’s said multiple times about how Kits kids are going to be great or special. The aliens are protecting and trying to further us as a civilization.

      • Mandy says:

        Agreed! I did not understand what that alien thing was about… What took Grace, Alma, and finally took Kit? It was never explained… They just said they were mysteriously gone… And what happend to his second wife? Did she die as well? Strange….

        • SB22 says:

          Uh, yeah dude did you miss the second to last episode? Both Grace and Alma died in that episode onscreen.

    • Nicole says:

      Ryan said that during this period in our history, alien abduction stories were common. They were a mystery and unresolved, so that’s how he always wanted to portray them in the series, to mirror the uneasiness of our own history. To me, it symbolizes that Kit was the only one of pure heart and therefore he was redeemed, portrayed in the way of alien abduction.

      • True! He had also made a comment about one alien abduction in particular, which inspired the story of Kit and Alma. The interracial couple claimed to have been taken and chosen by aliens because (at that time) they were forward-thinking and beyond their time.

        I actually liked that the alien subplot remained a mystery. It stayed true to actual events in history. In my opinion, it was a very smart decision to leave that story unresolved.

        • Betty and Barney Hill. It’s a very famous case as it was pretty much the start of all alien abduction stories. James Earl Jones played Barney Hill in the TV movie made about them in the 70s and I’m pretty sure they were mentioned in an X Files episode or two.

      • Orrin says:

        To add to this I will remind you of an earlier part of the story… Remember when Dr. Arden theorizes that the aliens will protect Kit because they are interested in him (for whatever reason)? Dr. Arden even goes so far as to almost kill him (in order to prove this) and then all of a sudden the aliens show up and drop off Grace and the baby. So at the end, as Kit develops cancer and is on his deathbed, the aliens show up and take him away… It also tells us that the kids insisted there be no funeral and there was no point in mourning…

        I think that it is safe to assume these alien creatures were benevolent towards Kit, and in general. Alma and Grace have opposite reactions to them, which does leave it up to interpretation but they way I look at is that Grace fully embraced this new “vision” the beings had in store them, while Alma was scared to go forward, thus scared of them coming back.

        Alma said she was scared the entire time she was captive, but even though with in the story Alma is captive longer than Grace, Grace does tell us that time is different up there, as if it felt like it was 100 years. So in reality, Alma and Grace were up there for the same amount of time.

        Also note that Grace was dead, with Kit’s offspring in her. The aliens essentially abducted her and brought her back to life to conserve his offspring.

        What Kit essentially embodies is the static moral character of the show. His moral compass is honestly the only one that does not waver throughout the series. At the end he becomes involved in the sort of “hippie” scene. Kit could very well be seen as a breed of the human species that is more evolved than the rest. He could care less about his position in society, being rich, or even fighting some supposed war of good vs evil. He transcends the dualistic nature of the rest of the character’s worldview. I like to assume that Kit was taken up to be cured in the some spaceship so that he can live in unison with the creatures that ensured he would leave his mark on society (remember the marches he helped lead for justice) or perhaps so that he could continue to add to the sperm bank they were creating in order to help the human species evolve. Kit may have very well been only one tale of this transcendent evolutionary marvel and therefore was only one of many that these aliens have preserved for the purposes of human evolution (consider all the disappearance cases and reports of abductions).

        Finally, when we view this in conjunction with the main storyline of Lana and her offspring we see quite the bright line of comparison. The very conception of Lana’s child is rooted in an vile act from a morally depraved individual. To make matters worse, Lana’s motive behind the actions that got her there in the first place were pride-laiden. Her sin, and subsequently Thredson’s greater sin, get tossed aside and forgotten as Lana conceals her secrets, doesn’t get rid of the baby (for emotionally justifiable reasons, that’s be tough to go through that again for anyone), and givers her baby away to never be seen again, until the end. Kit’s children were conceived with the purpose of love and evolution, Lana’s child was conceived in a cloud of sinister overtones. In order for our species to evolve, we must carry those intentions, not only in our daily lives, but in the very spirit we choose to conceive our children in, along with how we intend to raise them.

        At first I didn’t think Lana’s storyline was satisfying, but after I considered it in parallel to Kit’s and remembered the horrific things she did indeed go through, I felt like she deserved that bit of a happy ending, and therefore I am overall satisfied with the ending. Her ambitions got her raped, if that isn’t paying penance for pride, I don’t know what is. So those of you who tend to hate on Lana should come at it from another perspective.

    • Saeid shayeqpour says:

      I always enjoy a little remaining unsoved mystery in the story! That parts on us to figure out!

  7. Eric says:

    was the ending supposed to make us think that this might have not happened?

    • tracy says:

      i thought the same thing..

    • Simon Jester says:

      @Eric – How so?

    • Jill says:

      I wondered the same…did Lana make it up? I didn’t quite understand the scene between her & Jude. I understood the “When you look into the face of evil”…but then was confused by Lana walking out of Briarcliff

      • TvjunkE says:

        No that scene was right before they were bringing Kit into Briarcliff .when everyone was standing on the steps waiting for him because they thought he was Bloody face. It basically showed us something extra that we didnt see on the first episode. Jude warning Lana what wuld happen if she pursued her journey to meet bloody face . To basically be careful what you wish for

        • sam says:

          dead on…wasnt a dream or made-up…it was simply a flashback and a great one in that

        • Kevin Gilliam says:

          That doesn’t jibe at all with their first meeting in the show, where Jude seemed to think the interview had nothing to do with “Bloody Face.” I think they were trying to tell us something different.

          • SylwekG says:

            I’ve just watched first episode. There is exactly the same scene in Jude’s office, where Lana asked about Bloody Face.

        • Kim says:

          I also thought Lana’s “you don’t know what I’m capable of” showed that some part of her was very cold right from the beginning. She didn’t really kill Johnny in self defence. The gun was lowered and she could have easily held him at bay with the gun while she called 911 or something. She wanted the confrontation to end with her killing him. Others have suggested she did it so it would become part of her story, I don’t disagree with that either. A very satisfying finale for me, even more so than season 1.

      • theresa says:

        I believe this also may refer to Lana seeing her son on the playground, looking into his face, he looked at her – for several awkard moments. That is how he knew she was his mother and why he came after her in the end.

    • PixTweak says:

      I took it more as a reminder that Lana hadn’t changed at all. She was the same person she always was, ambitious and ruthless.

    • ms says:

      i had the same feeling. when judy says they are not supposed to see each other again, it seems that lana made the whole thing up just to have a story, as we saw her doing with little details. i’m just not sure if they put that on the first episode, need to check it out! great ending.

    • robster says:

      those were exactly my thoughts. and that threw me for a loop. i wanted a bit more out of the ending or an actual ending. the openness of the ending kinda killed me with thoughts. hehe.

  8. tracy says:

    i can’t wait to read what ryan murphy has to say!

  9. Mike says:

    That was perfection. I couldn’t have asked for more.

  10. K says:

    @Eric…I thought the same thing. The last 2 minutes totally confused me

  11. JoeyR says:

    The scene where Lana goes back into Briarcliff was definitely inspired by the report Geraldo Rivera did on the Willowbrook State School. They actually directly quote him when Lana talks about the smell. Thought it was a perfect ending though.

    • admpnlp says:

      YES! I was thinking the exact same thing, from the grainy imagery used to Lana calling it a “snake pit”, the exact same words used by Geraldo Rivera, the inspiration behind that scene was very clear

  12. Katy says:

    Anyone know the name of the actor who plays the attendant at Briarcliff in episode 13? The guy who comes in and asks if they have permission to be filming.

  13. Airuin says:

    Can someone please explain the ending to me I don’t get!!!!!

  14. Jake says:

    That was really amazing. I still think season one was more well rounded but it was a great ending to the season. I’m already looking forward to season 3. Googling and researching, just like Lana

  15. Brendan says:

    It started off great, then got confusing, then people started dropping like flies, then they sped up time so that people could keep dying. I really don’t understand the need to flash forward and time jump to include everyone’s death. The series started at an Asylum and I wished that it had ended at one. Instead some of the biggest villains died without a whimper and the show ended with a bang that I really did not care about…

    • The Beach says:

      Thank you. After reading the other posts I thought I must be the only one who was disappointed. I loved the season up until the last two episodes which I thought were ridiculous and boring. You guys can fire up the flame throwers if you want but thought the season ended with a “thud” rather than a “bang”. JMOH

      • A says:

        I definitely agree. I could have completely done without episode 12, and probably episode 11 as well. I liked most of the season, but it seemed like they pulled all the characters out of the asylum too early and didn’t know what to do with them or how to end. I am happy with the resolution of Lana’s story, but everyone else’s was wrapped up too tightly in a bow and too neatly disposed of. I expected much more from this conclusion.

      • Jacqueline says:

        Finally someone I can agree with! Everyone is making such a big deal about the finale, I was beggining to think maybe I saw a different episode all together. The swing dance scenes with the kids and Jude were breathtaking, including the one where they walk into the woods together. I’ve been glued to this series the whole season, terrified at certain points but still kept coming back. Opening credits scared me in such a way that I always kept my eyes closed. But the last two episodes, “meh”. Same with AHS season 1 finale…nothing. Guess I’m more into the foreplay than the actual consummation, go figure.

    • Olive says:

      The viewers weren’t dropping like flies. I don’t know where you get your inaccurate information or are you just making assumptions based on your own opinions.

  16. Wes says:

    Someone who understands this ending please explain!!

  17. Ashlee says:

    I feel as though they tried to combine too many horrific plotlines in this season. The conclusions never leave you satisfied. I mean possession, Nazis, serial killers, and those mysterious aliens!? What’s left for next season?

    • Mike says:

      I guess the next season will be about witches. Ryan said there will be a hint about the next seasons storyline within the second season. In the episode “Name game” Lana wears red shoes … like Dorothy in “The wizard of Oz” – shoes, which belongs to a witch before.

    • audreyanne says:


  18. JoeyR says:

    I’m pretty sure the ending was meant to show how Lana never really found the inner peace Jude and kit found. She had carried around a dark secret, and it ate away at her.

  19. Chloe says:

    Okay, so the very end….was Sister Jude the devil then? Or just a predictor of evil? I’m unclear.

    • The final scene showed the very first time that Lana and Jude had met (no devil in the story yet). But I wouldn’t call her a predictor of evil either; because remember, Sister Jude, as we were first introduced to her, was a call-it-as-I-see-it kind of woman. I think that she saw that Lana had selfish ambitions and saw the evil in her from day one. We just didnt see that evil side of Lana until the very end of the season.

  20. Aaron Snow says:

    I don’t think there’s any need to read more into the last scene than what was on the surface. I believe the point was to show that Briarcliff didn’t turn Lana cold and ambitious; she always was. Sister Jude recognized that right from the start.

  21. Jon says:

    Absolutely loved it.

    The ending was really simple. It was back in ’64, when Jude told Lana that if she tried to look evil in the face, bad things would happen to her. Lana decided to ignore Jude, and bad things happened to her. It just showed that there was a way out, Lana just didn’t take it, and her life was defined by her choices.

    I thought the season as a whole was iffy, but the finale was amazing. Can’t wait for next season!

  22. Ulose says:

    No. Lana brought the evil that chased her throughout her (Bloody Face son) onto herself. Sister Jude said “I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into.” The staring evil in the face; she was starting her own son in the face right before she killed him.

  23. Aaron Snow says:

    I found the scene with Jude and the Angel of death very moving. Frances Conroy was excellent in that small but powerful role.

  24. Aaron Snow says:

    I am also very glad they had Lana kill johnny. It would have really undermined the thrust of her storyline (survive at all costs) had he killed her.

  25. Katy says:

    Thank you!

  26. KatieDangerPierre says:

    I was entertained by this seasons ending. I agree that there was a lot going on it the middle and it behemoth to be too much, but I’m glad I kept watching. I would have liked a little more clarification on the nazi’s and aliens but all in all I enjoyed watching.
    It’s true about Jude warning Lana about evil and Lana being cold and ambitious from te beginning.

    I heard kits wide was going to w a surprise, but I didn’t recognize her…? Who was she besides a girl from the co-op??

  27. KatieDangerPierre says:

    I was entertained by this seasons ending. I agree that there was a lot going on it the middle and it behemoth to be too much, but I’m glad I kept watching. I would have liked a little more clarification on the nazi’s and aliens but all in all I enjoyed watching.
    It’s true about Jude warning Lana about evil and Lana being cold and ambitious from te beginning.

    I heard kits wife was going to be a surprise, but I didn’t recognize her…? Who was she besides a girl from the co-op??

  28. AJ says:

    Awesome season finale! Best episode of both seasons! Couldn’t have asked for more(except maybe a little better explanation of the aliens.). But that’s a very small gripe, for an amazingly well done finale! Sarah Paulson especially blew me away this episode.

  29. The ending meant this: Lana knew what she was getting into and STILL DID IT. That is why she’s the evil one, because she’s knew people/herself would go through hell on her behalf and she didn’t care.

  30. Rachel says:

    have mixed feelings about this season. still want to know what the hell the aliens were all about.

  31. Aaron Snow says:

    Alien story didn’t bug me. It was fairly traditional sci fi from that era; Kit, Alma and Grace were all abducted and experimented on for reasons that were never made clear to them. This uncertainty ultimately destroyed Alma, but Kit and Grace learned to see it as a salvation of sorts because it brought the children into their lives. And as we saw, those children ultimately were Jude’s salvation as well. That worked for me.

  32. Jake says:

    I don’t think there needs to be an explanation about the aliens. Although the story is a finctious story, they try to keep it as real as they can without ruining the uniqueness of the story. We don’t know anything about aliens and neither did they back then (people in the 50s) people just claimed to have been abducted, nobody really knows anymore then that. Again keeping it interesting yet real.

  33. Danielle says:

    The thread of unexplored evil and lingering mystery has continued from the first season into the second season – I’m not sure why anyone is expecting the writers to “wrap” them up. The aliens, the nazis, even the box that contains the truth of truths from the first season – these are not just red herrings or underdeveloped plots, but devices used to create a sense of insecurity in the audience. No one is supposed to have all the pieces of the puzzle, and just because the season has ended does not mean everything should suddenly fit together in one big, clear picture. Life is messy. At every turn, new and strange things happen – some for the better and some for the worse.

    I honestly think it makes for a better story to keep some threads loose; in life, not every story is resolved. You don’t always find the full explanation, a resolution, even absolution. I really do believe that these hints and glimpses add a sense of realism to the supernatural and sometimes implausible aspects of the show. Even characters dying “off camera” or in the background is a part of life, as people pass without warning and sometimes without explanation. Some characters met their end too soon, some went peacefully, but all in all I did not feel anyone was simply written off or disposed of out of convenience. They had their moments of triumph and despair, as is true to real life.

    As for the finale, I thought it was touching, satisfying, and truly came full circle. Overall, I felt the characters and storytelling was much stronger this season, and it finished with that consistent strength. I will take this improvement as a sign of good things to come for season three and eagerly anticipate the next chapter in American Horror Story.

  34. A few things…..

    1.) As are many others, I’m still perplexed by the final scene. Not “confused” so much as wanting to understand why it was chosen as the send off (to audience) scene…Technically, it could have ended with the rear view of Lana’s son dead on the floor. “If you look evil in the face … it looks back at you.” Some might say it was Lana reflecting on the seedling of conversation that later became the big picture that was her life. Others may wonder if the flashback indicated that everything that followed was a projection straight out of Lana’s mind, rather than a sequence of events over time. Any thoughts?

    2,) While I am not minimizing Kit’s kids importance as lawyers and surgeons, it seems a stretch that Kit was chosen by aliens and further, that the kids were purportedly so special or destined for great things, only to have them end up in professions. In other words, it seems like some sort of futuristic, “magical” event would be more logical than them simply getting advanced, professional degrees.

    3.) Did I miss something or did Kit’s new wife just disappear from the scene when he became ill. Lana notes that Kit’s kids wanted to care for him and he would hear nothing of it. We see him alone in a hospital. Why show us the wonderful wedding and bonding going on and then leave things without explanation as to the wife’s disappearance?

    • Delia says:

      I’m with you on the kids’ eventual roles. A surgeon? A lawyer? Aliens kidnap and impregnate two women and that’s the best they could generate?

    • Erica Bee says:

      Personally, as far as the aliens and the kids: in the scene with the two women, one being Kits wife and the other girl. the axe murderer mentioned Kit was chosen because of his compassion. It is obvious that the aliens were performing some type of experiment with him and his children. More than likely installing “special powers” in the children where they are overly compassionate and caring like their father. Example: when they cared for the nun when Kit brought her home, placing flowers on her head, taking her hand when she was going crazy, helping her heal! I think that was their purpose( the aliens) testing the follow through of love and compassion in Earthlings who are filled with so much greed, anger and self entitlement! That’s just my take on it! Now where that fits in the season… I have no idea! MAYBE only as a stark contrast to the rest of the storyline. The last scene left me feeling like Lana and Sister Jude had her coming to the Asylum all planned out! Just listen to the dialogue. It made me think that Lana asked Sister Jude could she become a patient.. That’s why Sister Jude was saying that it is dangerous and mentioned that she didn’t feel her and Lana would ever cross paths again (Because she told her it was a bad idea or told her no) however, when Lana snuck in, Sister Jude gave her what she asked for! Don’t jump all over me, that’s just what I felt the FIRST time I watched the scene!!

  35. and PS – Lange deserves every award she can garner.

  36. Dee says:

    Like others stated, aliens and nazis (crap, for all we know they could’ve been nazi aliens) could’ve been explained better. But what I’m most confused about is the ending. I know I’ve slept since it first started … But didn’t lana go into briarcliff and never got out? Or did she leave and then come back and get trapped? Cuz the way I took it is that it never happened (with her leaving after that exchange with jude).

    Also … Didn’t the beginning show johnny whacking off adams arm … And then it said, ” six months earlier”? How could’ve he killed adam, if lana killed him first?

    Perhaps I shouldn’t drink wine while I’m watching AHS … May make more sense to me if I didn’t. ;-)

  37. Jessica says:

    I think that when Sister Jude said ” you already have Briarcliffe in your review mirror” it was indicating that the entire season was a made up story by Lana, during the interview she was already thinking of how she could use this to become famous. Also when Johnny tells Lana that he “killed all those people” and she says “its not your fault, its mine” I believe that was her way of admitting that the entire thing was a lie and he killed those people because he truly believed he was the son of a killer. Then it cuts to the scene with Sister Jude that shows that Lana was calculating and evil from the beginning. The only thing I don’t get is the tape that Johnny heard of Lana and Threadson.

    • cj says:

      i thought the same thing but i missed the tape to watch it again to explain that one but who could have been the real father and her talking..there had to be a real dad somewhere..and she just spun it to look like it was her talking to bloodyface….don’t u know most lies have roots in the truth LOL

      • Cade says:

        No, the events that happened were not Lana’s own imagination. A lot of people were confused by the ending because it shows Lana leaving Briarcliff but if you watch the first episode, that is exactly what happens. The ending scene was a flashback of when Lana and Jude first met. Jude declined Lana’s desire to meet Bloodyface (who they thought was Kit at the time) and Lana left. She was put in the asylum LATER when she returned through the tunnel with Mary Eunice.

    • pt says:

      He could have possibly been a bf or ex husband bu i dunno i doubt it.

    • Peter says:

      Besides the tape, there’s the fact that she knew Johnny’s face because the police had warned her about him, and that was because she really did work with the police to catch Thredson.

  38. cj says:

    what i took from this was that lana didn’t actually stay at briarcliff but was shown to the door by sister jude…she made it all up..rape, aliens, exploratory surgery…everything and thats why she told johnny it was her fault because she made him believe in a killer father that never existed and she is indeed the evil one for making everyone believe her lies

    • Jessica says:

      Thats exactly how I took it.

    • pt says:

      Exactly. But does this mean the son is fake as well because if she made it all up and didnt stay at briarcliff then how would she have met the father?

      • cj says:

        i’m thinking some of it is sister jude, a man that got her pregnant, hell she may have even been raped and that where all this hatred came from…but most liar spin their lies starting with some truth…keeps them grounded i guess or maybe helps them keep the lie straight.

    • Peter says:

      No. Thredson/Bloody Face was real. The police got to him because of Lana and the tape. Those are things that would be known outside her books. As would Kit’s whole story.

  39. pt says:

    I honestly just think Lana made it all up because the end made it seem like she was crazy. Also when she shot the son she said you got it from me then pulled the trigger. I belive this whole story was in her point of view, in saying that it was a good season but season one was better.

  40. Jennifer says:

    Being a huge fan of both seasons, I thought this season’s finale was much better than last. The whole alien thing was bizarre but I believe they were trying to make it just that. Everything else was pure genious. As for Lana killing Johnny? Trying to rid herself of guilt, or end the evil cycle, I guess we’ll never know. Can’t wait for next season!!

    • cj says:

      Guilt? end the evil cycle? how about the bitch is just crazy..u have to be crazy to make up a story like that…it just will make for a great ending to her career! if she truly wanted to end the cycle she would have killed herself..she was cold, calulating and evil..’she is tough but she ain’t no cookie’ LOL LOVE HER

      • Eric says:

        Just throwing this out there… She shot him in the head, because she knew how many people he killed, and he was IN HER HOUSE to kill her… Not a bad reason to kill someone…

  41. I liked the finale more after thinking about it…I definitely think that everything happened and would have liked a little more explanation on the aliens. Were they entirely necessary otherwise? No. At least an explanation on why Kit was so important would have made me slightly more content with the alien sub-plot, which by the end of the season I rolled my eyes every time it was brought up. I believe the end was an ode to choice; as Sister Jude was looking straight at Lana she said, “if you’re looking for evil, you’ll find it looking right back at you.” Jude was absolutely evil a lot of the times earlier in the season and Lana was someone to root for earlier in the season, but you saw her become more and more cold throughout the season; ending with her killing her son. I think the main point is supposed to be fairly spiritual, we all have good and bad in us; its the choices we make as people that define who we are.

  42. Drew Herring says:

    Wow!!! What a phenomenal hour of television!!! I had my doubts in the beginning of this season, but DAMN! Did this episode payoff or what?!?! Crazy good episode! Great performances, amazing climax, and superb writing. I actually teared up during Sister Jude’s dying days, it was so well done and heartbreaking. Reminded me of my grandmother passing away :( But I’m still in shock of all that happened! I’m a little confused though..the end immediately put me under the impression that none of this actually happened. But after the whole “when you look into evil, it’s looking back” spiel, I figured that it was implying Lana was actually the truly, evil one. Either way, terrific hour of TV!!! Cannot wait until Season 3!!!

  43. Aaron Snow says:

    Lana making up the story doesn’t hold water. She wasn’t privy to the alien plot for the most part and the expose on briarcliff and monsignor timothy wouldn’t have been valid or possible had she not been inside the asylum. Also the bloodyface murders were historical fact in the canon of the show, as was Kit walker being the original suspect. Also, what would be the point of us seeing plot points like Wendy if they weren’t part of Lana’s fiction? It would have been impossible for everything to have been fiction. I really think the ending was simple, not a suggestion that the entire story was fake. I get why people might interpret it that way, but it doesnt make sense when you think about the bigger picture.

  44. Allison says:

    I agree, Aaron.

  45. Me says:

    I can’t believe so many people thought this was a good ending. Granted it was a well acted series that had some very interesting moments that kept me hooked but truth be told they wrote themselves into a corner. The end was full of plots and characters that became mostly cliche after they couldn’t find a better ending for it. I liked it up until the ending. I honestly knew it would turn out this way also. Had the to many cooks feeling throughout.

  46. anil says:

    BEST SEASON. I officially prefer it over season 1. Love the ending and i like the open ended alien story it wasn’t confusing. Cant wait for season 3!!! Kit, Lana, Jude cant wait to see their new characters.

  47. Me says:

    Really?? Come on. They just threw a bunch of random crap together from different k

  48. Me says:

    Kinds of “horror stories.” Put it down on paper and actually had some great ideas that they couldn’t get to fully work in the end. Way to much going on. They needed to pick one element and fully invest in it rather then using so many different plot devices. I think that just ruined in it the end. No way this was better then season 1. Season 1 was a fully developed story and I don’t feel this was.

    • Girl says:

      I totally agree. I can’t say I didn’t like it, but it was all over the place. In the penultimate episode I was like: “So now what happens? What’s left?”, and the last two episodes were really slow paced for me.

      • Rain says:

        Ditto. I didn’t dislike it, I just didn’t love it like I did the first season. And the end just kind of went out with a whimper.

    • Diego says:

      I completely agree, id say the first season was a lot more completely as a story

  49. Dulleya W. says:

    Just like the first season it leaves the viewers confused and wondering. I thought the ending went out with a bang. I enjoyed this season alot more than season 1. I cant wait until we the viewers get to see season 3!

  50. JP says:

    I agree with those who believe Lana’s book was fiction because of the last scene of the show.

    The final scene showed the real 1st meeting between Lana and Jude……not the reporter seeking a story on Briarcliff’s bakery as depicted in the book.