The Private Practice Series Finale: Who Wound Up With Whom? Who Got a Surprise?

Private Practice Series Finale RecapIf you thought ABC’s Private Practice would go off gently into the night with its Tuesday series finale, you underestimated Shonda Rhimes.

Because while all indicators suggested a light-and-fluffy final hour about Addison’s wedding to Jake and pretty much nothing else, the prolific storyteller had a last twist or two up her sleeve.

Here’s a spoiler-filled rundown of what final drama(s) awaited each character in the finale:

AMELIA and JAMES got the shortest shift during the finale, primarily just looking lovey-dovey into each other’s eyes at one wedding or another (at the second of which he hints that one day it will be their turn, heh).

COOPER labored to handle his Mr. Mom duties, per his agreement with CHARLOTTE, but in the end — after five days of no showers, no wardrobe changes and at least one sleep session in a closet — he insisted they needed to hire a nanny. The alternative, he warned: “Do you want me having sex with the moms in the park, just because we’re on the same feeding schedule?!”

When JAKE wasn’t getting married or wondering why the heck Sheldon and Sam just up and walked away from their conversation, he was dealing with daughter Angela’s ongoing romance with 50-year-old Eli. In the end, before she left for Europe where Eli had landed a teaching gig, he offered his blessing, saying he’d be proud to one day give her way to a good man. But she will always be his little girl.

VIOLET opened the hour commencing work on a new book, then spent other scenes meeting with a patient named Holly (Parenthood‘s Sarah Ramos) who, like Private Practice fans, was having trouble letting go and ending their time together. After Holly got accepted to the Cordon Bleu in Paris, Violet convinced her to make the leap — a whole ocean and a continent away from her shrink. “You saved me,” Holly shared. “Thank you.”

SHELDON brought Miranda as his wedding date, but after the time jump, her Stage IV cancer started getting the best of her, and she tried to push Sheldon away. “No matter what they do…. I’m going to be in so much pain, drooling… I’ll forget your name and 100 other horrible indignities. The bad leg is starting, and I don’t want you to see this, so walk away and don’t look back.” Sheldon, though, did look back soon enough, finding Miranda in the park. “You showed up on my road,” he argued. “I’m happy to be with you, and I’m honored to take care of you. You deserve to be loved until the very last moment, and I deserve the chance to love you.” Miranda came around, and they set out to planning the rest of her life together.

NAOMI didn’t just return to carry a bouquet at Addison’s wedding. Far from it. No, she also impetuously got busy at the reception with ex-husband Sam. Flash-forward 13 weeks later, and Nay is paying a visit to — and feeling dizzy in the halls of — Seaside Health & Wellness, where Addison confirms that her bestie is pregnant. Naomi divulges that she and Fife never tied the knot, that he was too wed to his work. Later, after spying an awkward run-in between Sam and Nay, Addison gleans that he’s the father. “Sam walked out on our marriage,” Naomi argues. “It can’t mean anything. And I can’t sit around hoping it does.”

SAM then got a visit in his office from Addison, who asks point-blank: “Do you love Stephanie?” As he hems and haws (and realizes that Addison knows about the exes’ hook-up), Ad reveals that Naomi and Fife never wed and that she still loves him. Armed with that information, Sam breaks things off with Stephanie, then flies to NYC to crash a meeting of Naomi’s and attest, “You’re the only woman I have ever loved.” When Nay accuses him of just feeling an “obligation” because she’s pregnant, he’s all, “What?!” He then affirms, “I’m here because I’m in love with you.”

ADDISON opened the episode with a “to the camera” piece where she reflected on her first, “very large, fairytale wedding” to Derek, whom everyone deemed “the perfect man…. He just wasn’t perfect for me.” She shared how she was “really angry with him for messing up my fairytale and taking my 30s… and making me feel like a failure…. But slowly, over time, you don’t believe in fairytales and ‘perfect’ isn’t in your vocabulary. And then suddenly, there’s this man….” Cut to Addison’s wedding day to Jake, which goes off with not a hitch. Ad spent much of her other scenes fostering the Sam/Naomi reunion. Then, in one of the very final moments, we discover that the video Addison was recording wasn’t for her own wedding day, but Sam and Naomi’s. And we get a second ceremony.

The finale ends with the Seaside group (one very pregnant Naomi included) gathered in the kitchen as Violet unveils her newly published book, which she titled Private Practice. “That title sucks,” Sam opines, to which Addison counters, “Hey, it’s a good title!” The others all chime in as the camera takes one last ride down the elevator, and a “sad heart” version of the Shondaland logo comes on screen.

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  1. f says:

    That was the worst thing I had ever seen. For an episode with THAT much build up, I expected SOMETHING. It was dumb, contrived and an ode to poo. I expected Addison not to have much screentime in her own show because that’s what we’ve been conditioned to but that was just pathetic. Even the characters I’ve never liked I was starting to feel bad for because the writing was that terrible. I couldn’t pay attention to anything because of how childish and stupid every single subplot was.
    The dumbest thing of all was that the show started with Addison trying to have a baby and it ended with ZERO Henry. I wish I could have graded it something lower than an F.

  2. A says:


  3. lauren says:

    That was more disappointing than the Desperate Housewives finale. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Grey’s series finale doesn’t even have Meredith in it. This was Addison’s show. And she was in, what, 3 scenes?

    • A says:


      • Shuayb says:

        ABC gave Shonda only 13 episodes. She had to tie all the stories together, which she did. When ABC decided to end Grey’s they will give it a full season order. Private Practice was handled badly after season 3. They didn’t promote it as much, sometimes it aired without a Grey’s lead in so ratings dropped. Its not Shonda’s fault.

        • K says:

          I’m sorry. You should not need 22 episodes to make a decent finale. Good writers can do it much less than that.

        • Lauren says:

          13 episodes is plenty of time to end a series. Please.

        • A says:

          Shonda knew last April that Private Practice was getting 13 episodes to wrap things up. She squandered most of those with this ridiculous character centric episode nonsense. If done properly 13 episodes is more than enough time to wrap things up nicely. It actually should trim the fat of the filler episodes that a 22 episode order would have. I was not implying that it was Shonda’s call to give Private Practice 13 episodes and nor will it be her call to give Grey’s Anatomy a 22 episode order final season and likely a 2 hour series finale event. I am well aware that is the network’s call. However it is Shonda’s call to actually write decent episodes. A lack of support and promotion on ABC’s side does not mean Private Practice should have bad writing. It is also Shonda’s call to treat Private Practice as the red headed step child of Shondaland. Which she did the entire run of the series. Deciding who gets screen time is also her call. Meredith will get plenty of screen time when Grey’s Anatomy ends. Addison did not get that on her show.

          • Svenja says:

            I second that. Those character centric episode did nothing for me. They weren’t what private practice was to me personally. I think the Sheldon centric ep was the best out of this series of eps but still…no. It was like it’s been a different show. 13 episodes can be enough to wrap things up in a great fashion if the sceen time is used properly.

      • Amiee says:

        Grey’s will get what ABC decides and what they have on the schedule at the time. PP wasn’t going to get a two hour slot with their demo and when Grey’s ends, they might not either. Time will tell. And I’m not holding my breath! When Grey’s goes down Rhimes will have probably run Meredith and Derek off a cliff or have given her Alheimers! Be glad you got a happy ending at least.

        • jan says:

          I just loved this show why is always when you like a show they take it off this was one
          of my favorite show of all time great cast ABC is going down what wrong with then I dont blame
          Rhimes she great writer very sad about show I will remmeber this show when you have a cast in your 30s 40s what more can you as for so I just would to say to Rhimes Thank for show it was so nice for while it last hope next you go to NBC show your the best I hope one day PP comes back next year Thanks again

    • Milah says:

      Greys will have a proper 2 hour series finale, and the focus will be on Merideth for sure, she is the heart of the show at least in my eyes.

      • CS says:

        You mean she is the heart of Shonda Rhimes. God forbid her Barbie (and Ken, while we’re at it) isn’t at the front and centre of everything.

  4. K says:

    It’s apparently too much to ask that the character who launched the show in the first place actually have decent screen time in the series finale. Instead, we have Sam & Naomi cheating AGAIN, and some random patient we’ve never met. But we don’t get Henry at all (who was the sole reason Addie even WENT to L.A. in the backdoor pilot), the wedding was like 30 seconds long and the rest of the episode we got to see Addie play matchmaker for “good guy” Sam and Naomi. Honestly? I am just so deeply disappointed. I don’t even have the words to express how disappointed I am. Addison deserved better (and so did the fans).

    • Greysfan says:

      I thought this was a good ending for PP. It felt like it fit with everything else the show has done. Addison got married and has her baby, which last episode focused on. Shonda had said there wouldn’t be a normal happy ending for Addison, but I thought this was a great ending to her story.

      The random patient was Shonda’s way of saying goodbye to her fans. Amy gave an interview where she talked about how she didn’t get the purpose of this final patient before speaking with Shonda who informed her that everything Violet was saying to the patient was her (Shonda) speaking to the fans.

      There were so many characters to touch on and close out in 42 minutes I think they did a nice job. Everyone was happy and in a good place and nothing felt like it was left unknown or unfinished.

      • Casey says:

        When the showrunner has to explain to an actor and then the actor has to explain to the fans about the random patient, that speaks for itself.

  5. Kristen says:

    Wow! I loved it! I agree, where was henry… But other than that i thought it was perfect!

    • Annie says:

      Never been a real fan but I agree, it was heartwarming and kind of awesome that it ended with Naomi and Sam married again. As a not-really-fan I guess I have no standing on this but I watched the first season religiously, and it always struck me as more of an ensemble show than the “Addison” show. So, I was cool with all the wrapped-up story lines.

      • Lyn says:

        Totally agree, Annie. I wasn’t distraught if I missed an episode of PP, but there were times when I was actually more into it than “Grey’s.” I thought Addison was a pretty endearing character (for the most part) and was glad she got to be happy at the end. Also glad for Sam and Naomi’s reunion, and Sheldon’s story line added some bittersweetness. Overall, a pretty satisfying ending.

  6. engbunny says:

    I thought it was fantastic and loved it. I was really hoping Addie would end up pregnant by some miracle but other than that, I thought it was great.

  7. Milah says:

    I still feel that someone from Seattle should have been at the wedding. It felt sloppy to me, like there wasn’t enough time to show everything, after I stopped watching the show of this is what most episodes I missed were like I’m not going to say I regret leaving. Not enough Addison, bulbar least she got her happy ending.

  8. Rob says:

    I challenge anyone to name a series finale that achieved the impossible task of closing out a 5 1/2 year story that didn’t upset someone. Did I love this finale? No. But it served the purpose of closing the door without killing everyone, killing anyone, and losing the point of the show. Let’s face it, this show was never a huge success plot wise or ratings wise. But it achieved something that most shows don’t achieve which is being a long running successful spinoff of a monster of a series. It was always Greys’ ugly step sister. I thought Shonda did a really great job with Sam and Naomi. I thought everything else was a little weak. I loved Violet. But it’s hard to close an ensemble like this without leaving a few things out. A nod to Pete and Dell would have been nice but everyone freaking out over Henry not being there is ridiculous. Take it for what it is. A series finale is a difficult thing to write and Shonda did it with grace and never wavered from the show’s tone. Get over it.

    • A says:

      Since this show started with Addison going to LA to have a baby I think it would make sense that the son she FINALLY got would be in the finale. So I hardly think that people wanting him in the finale is ridiculous. FULL CIRCLE. I’m not sure what less then great ratings have to do with our expectations of the finale. This show has never hit Grey’s ratings but its had some really great episodes and this finale could have been one of them but it was not.

      • Rob says:

        What I was trying to say is that this show was never stellar and the finale was up to par with the series. I liked it. And I love Greys and I’m a big fan of shondaland. I guess I’m just saying my expectations weren’t that high and I guess I’m surprised other people’s expectations were high. I also half expect Addison and jake to show up on Greys in a year so I’m not sure the door is fully closed with that. And I’m almost positive Amelia and her Pete-lite are showing up within the next season.

    • CS says:

      Closing the door? I think you have “closure” and “cheesy recycled lazy writing” mixed up.

    • Allison says:

      Rob, very well said. Another point to make is that Shonda and the other writers didn’t have the luxury of an entire final season to wrap things up. The cancellation decision was made once the season had begun airing. Given that she did an excellent job.

      • K says:

        While that might be true, it should have been pretty obvious since the first episode aired and the ratings were horrible that this was going to happen. Especially with Kate leaving. Was there really anyone who was surprised when it got cancelled?

      • kjess says:

        Deadline reported last April that there was gong to be a 13-episode final season. They had plenty of time to get it right. I didn’t think it was an awful finale, but too much time was devoted to Naomi, who already had her closure. They could have found a better ending for Sam, rather than one that has him cheating on his girlfriend and going back to Naomi again.

        • ajo says:

          I agree that they could have found a better ending for Sam. The whole cheating on the nurse was no a good way for Sam and Naomi to get back together. Once again this show is about doctors with doctors with doctors. Shonda would never a nurse and a doctor end up together, only if she was willing to go to med school like in Greys. Sorry for the rant, just I lost respect for the Namoi and Sam connection/relationship.

    • S says:

      Stargate SG-1 had a finale after 10 seasons that was mildly unsatisfying due to unexpected cancellation, but still fulfilled the role of a series finale; characters got a story wrap-up, they had one last mission, it was nostalgic. Battlestar Galactica certainly had its confusing and frustrating moments, but for the most part didn’t wholly suck; it *felt* like a finale, you knew they were building up to something and you got that something. Babylon 5 is the master class in five years of payoff and build-up. If you want me to stay in genre, ER and Chicago Hope managed to do a decent finale job, both of them, ER after being on the air for decades. No one’s arguing that series finales are easy. But this series finale felt like 41 minutes of a third-season episode, and then 1 minute of a series finale tacked on at the end; and that one minute wasn’t even satisfying, it was a meta joke about the name of the show wrapped up in yet another patented Shonda Rhimes metaphor 2×4 to whack viewers over the head.

      It didn’t *feel* like a finale, and I think that’s what people wanted. It’s not a matter of “getting over” that Henry wasn’t in the finale, or that everything wasn’t wrapped up in a neat bow. It’s that this episode was a badly-written assignment for a high school remedial English class on metaphor. A patient that was supposed to be “meaningful” for Violet had never been seen before. This girlfriend of Sheldon’s hadn’t been around that long. And both of those women were used to showcase the Power Of Love and Taking Chances/Letting Go. How are we supposed to get any meaning out of them if we’ve barely met them?

      As for Sam/Naomi, that came out of nowhere. Sam spends half his relationship with Addison saying he doesn’t want kids, and then is 100% fine with it when Naomi is spontaneously pregnant. Naomi’s been gone for a while and though I do buy sex at the wedding, I don’t buy that all their relationship problems are magically fixed after years of being divorced. Sam never once mentioned nostalgia over Naomi once she was gone, and we never really got much of an indication that Naomi still wanted Sam after a while – just that she was a little weirded out that her best friend was sleeping with her ex-husband.

      You are right, that it never wavered from the show’s tone. Because the show’s tone in general was overdramatic, with all kinds of metaphor punches flying at the audience’s face, and a slow burn detour away from quality story-telling. And the finale stuck with that.

    • Mike says:

      Fringe did a pretty good job, was it prefect no, but you can tell what is a good finale, and from what I’ve read this was not a good finale.

  9. madhatter360 says:

    I kind of liked how after Sheldon and Sam ditched Jake he just sort of extended his arms to their spots at the table. I f pictured him going “This all belongs to me now. It’s all mine.”

  10. since i’m from australia the tennis had my attention more i must admit, but i did have 1 eye on the computer screen as well for the finale, totally picked the sam and naomi hook up but the pregnancy threw me, agree with others addison should of had more scene’s and yes where was henry? The shower scene could of become so much more with Jake and Addie and who know’s she could of possibly got knocked up finally.
    Would of liked more Amelia and James instead of lovey dovey glances at each other for a couple of scenes and well honestly would of preferred alot less of violet her character bores to death.
    Was so happy for Sheldon standing up for the women he loved and telling her as it was he was not walking away from her.
    As for the Freedman/King household that was all beautiful and well done.
    Overall i give the finale and 8.5 the best episode of the season was the Amelia centric episode and i’m gonna hold out hope she show’s up on Grey’s every so often to banter with her brother.
    Also the rollercoaster collapsing at the end was hilarious probably the best bit of the episode.

  11. HRG says:

    Good finale! Thank you Shonda! Those
    who didn’t like it……too bad!

  12. Thanks for writing this! Well done as always. I will miss this show the most because it changed my life. KaDee made the show come alive with her talent. She is also such a great person in real life so i look forward to seeing her on the next thing she works on. she deserves it. SO does everyone on the production. #FarewellPrivatePractice

  13. big cheddar says:

    I thought the finale was okay. Honestly, what could they do? Most of the episodes this season covered an entire season’s worth of storytelling in one hour, and most of them got their “happy ending” at the end of their character-centered episode. What was left for them to cover in the final episode? And since the show was cancelled, there was no need to write off Addison off the show, so once Henry’s adoption was finalized (last week’s episode) and she married her man (the first ten minutes of this episode), she was done.

    On a side note, if you want to see a series finale done right, watch the finale of Flashpoint. It was fantastic.

    • twilight123 says:

      ^ THIS. I feel like the whole season was clearly one long season finale, with each character getting their own episode that covered whatever drama they had and resolved it into a satisfying happy ending. The final episode shouldn’t be read on it own, but as a part of this last 13 episode arch where everyone was included. I’m surprised more people didn’t get that. Personally, I appreciated this different type of storytelling and loved the ending.

      • Betsy says:

        Yes – I loved how everyone got their own episode and thought the finale was a nice wrap up of all those stories. Loved this show.

  14. Jmhave says:

    I thought it was average. It had a positive life goes on message. I wish it would have been two hours to include more scenes of Addison and jake as well as more cooper and charlotte.

  15. N says:

    For me the finale was last week! CharCoop forever!

  16. Shuayb says:

    I thought it was a great finale. Haters are gonna hate. But how in the heck was Shonda supposed to have everyone have decent screen time with only 42 minutes? She has had to balance the impossible. This isn’t Grey’s where the mains are Derek, Mer, Christina, Alex, Bailey and the Chief. On Private Practice there is Addison Jake, Naomi, Sam, Charlotte, Cooper, Amelia, Sheldon and Violet. Nine main characters. How in the heck must someone fit 9 people in 42 minutes?
    Seriously not possible!
    It was a great finale. It closed the show very nicely. Addison and Jake had their happy ending. Addie has been through a lot, I don’t think it was necessary to give her another crisis to solve in the finale. Jake’s unfinished business was his daughter and when Sheldon told him that you can’t really tell someone who to love, he realized it and patched it up with his daughter.
    Cooper and Charlotte have also been through the mill. Their relationship is sound and cannot be broken, it was fun for Cooper to have to deal with looking after his kids and that scene with him, Charlotte, Mason and the babies was amazing.

    I felt that Naomi and Sam came right out of left field. I feel that Shonda had this story in mind for the series finale but because Audra was working in New York she couldn’t get her to come before the finale so she had contrive things a bit. I always knew that Naomi and Sam belonged together and I am overjoyed that they are together. It is amazing.

    Again with Amelia, she has been through so much, she finally found happiness so why would Shonda create drama in the finale for her. She should have gotten some screen time but it was amazing none the less. Amelia was Amelia we grew to love. No filter and funny.

    • K says:

      First of all, you’re missing a few people in your Grey’s list. Callie & Arizona, for starters. But more than that, no, it’s actually not impossible to balance 8 people in 42 minutes (I’m sorry. Naomi WAS a main character. She left two years ago. Saying she still is, is like saying Addison’s still a main character on Grey’s if she happens to come back for the finale.) My favorite parts of this show have been the group scenes and the friendship scenes. How about more of those? Or a 15-second scene of Jake & Addison playing with their son? We really didn’t need to see Sam and Naomi cheat, get pregnant, get back together AND get married again all in an hour. We also didn’t need so much time with a patient of Violet’s who we have never even seen before. There is a huge difference between adding a new “crisis” and just letting characters spend time together. I think that is all anyone was asking for.

  17. Ana says:

    In my opinion, as far as plot is concerned, Sheldon’s story, even though he was my least favorite character, was handled the best. There had been a build up to that point and if felt more organic than the ‘out of nowhere’ Sam and Noemi hookup that ended in a pregnancy and them declaring their love for each other all within 42 minutes. Sam’s issues with babies that effectively kept him from being with Addison were suddenly resolved in one show. Noemi had been MIA for 2 years and she lands the meatiest plot of the night while Addison, the protagonist gets treated like A supporting character. It all makes me feel like there was trouble in Shondaland. PPP was shoved to the curb when Scandal came along and PPP never recovered. It was time for the show to end. I won’t miss it.

  18. Grif says:

    I’m going to miss Charlotte and Cooper. That’s all. The rest…meh.

  19. Amanda says:

    HOw come Mya and Betsy were not at Naomi and Sam’s wedding?

  20. Sarah says:

    I liked the finale, but I’m really suprised/saddened that we didn’t see Henry, Betsy, Maya, etc. I’m definitely sad to see this show end!

  21. GS says:

    I loved it! I have wanted Sam with Naomi since all that crap started and I was so glad to see them get married again! Could have done without the baby since they are grandparents but that’s Shonda. Everyone got their story wrapped up nicely. The only thing I would have liked was to see Violet with someone. I cried like a baby when Sheldon gave Miranda that speech. I thought it was a perfect ending to have them making fun of the name. Some people will never be satisfied. I hate to see it end:(

  22. Heather says:

    I liked the Sam/Naomi twist but agree with the others that I was hoping Addie would end up pregnant. Where were Maya, her baby, Betsy and Henry? That was the biggest question of the night.

    The ultimate irony would be Addison delivering Meredith and Derek’s baby in May. I also would like to see Amelia and Charlotte/Coop on Grey’s.

    • Q says:

      You can toss the Addison delivering MD baby idea to the trashcan now. Shonda tweeted that “I think the last thing you wanna see is the vajayjay of the women who took your husband”.

      Well, wasn’t I surprised to see that tweet. Letting go of the perfect opportunity to screw Addison over one more time, even after her show (insert snorts here) ends? How very un-Shondalike.

  23. Eliza says:

    Nice job, Shonda and Private Practice cast and crew. I liked that it closed with them all in the kitchen together. This last episode was a great cap to the whole season farewell/love letter to the show, the characters and the fans. Thanks for all your hard work and bringing great stories to our TV.

    • Mari says:

      Totally agree! I thought it was a really good ending. Loved that Sam and Naomi got back together, and that it was a surprise. Everyone ended up with a happy ending, except for Violet. Shonda please bring her to Grey’s. They need a new shrink, and maybe she could be a new love interest for Richard!!

  24. LaLa says:

    I loved it! The Sam and Naomi twist might have gone a little too far, but otherwise, I thought all of the characters ended in great places. I have no complaints. And the unexpected Shondaland coaster at the end . . . priceless.

  25. cam3150 says:

    This finale was so disappointing. I was kind of happy when Addison and Jake’s wedding happened early because I didn’t want the wedding to be the focus of the whole episode. I wanted the characters to be. Well, I suppose some characters were but, unfortunately, it wasn’t the ones we actually cared about. Naomi showing up for Addison’s wedding was great and they should have just left it at that. I’ve barely given her a thought since she left the show and I liked the idea of her and Fife anyway. I was frankly glad that the drag of her and Sam was gone from the show. Sam has always been my least favorite character. For him (and Naomi) to be the focus of the finale made no sense. Naomi’s been gone for years, no one cares about her anymore. Why on earth would they devote the majority of the series finale to her???

    Don’t even get me started on the fact that Sam was so against another child that it broke him and Addison up. Yet, when he finds out Naomi is pregnant, he is overjoyed. What??!?!?

    I really like Amelia and I really like her and James. I hate that we got nothing more of them than a few lovey dovey looks at each other. Maybe they will show up on Grey’s.

    Violet’s patient that we don’t know or care about got more screen time than Amelia, Addison, Cooper, and Charlotte combined. That is just wrong. Not to mention Henry — where on earth was Henry????

    I also could not have cared less about Jake and his daughter. They could have wrapped that storyline up weeks ago and left it completely out of the finale. Or they could have never had it all. Either way would have been better than eating up a large chunk of the series last episode with it.

    I fully expected one of the final scenes to be Addison finding out she was pregnant and was disappointed that it didn’t happen. It would have been fitting end to her story I thought.

    Ugh. Just…what an awful way to end the show.

  26. I started to watch this show in 2007. Addie was my favourite on GA, so of course, I watched PP ! But I was only 12, I understood nothing about how really watch online, subtitle was boring, the show was not on french TVs, so I stopped it after the first season. And one day of summer 2011, PP was on our TVs ! I watched it, and I fell in love with Violet Turner. Seriously ! I loved her ! I laughed and cried with Vi, she made me smile most of the time. In this summer I watched the 4 firsts seasons in two weeks ! I was addicted ! And I growed up so I watched online easily, sometimes in live, yeah to 4 a.m from 5 a.m. but Amy deserved it ! She gave me passion, the desire to understand and speak english ! I watched every single episodes of this serie, many times for some of them, I watch all the Amy’s movies and series. This show made me discover an amazing actress, an AMYzing, beautiful and talented actress ! This episode was the end of a good adventure ! A story which started in my childhood, when I was 12, and which end when I am an “young adult”, at 18. And I hope it was not the last time of Amy on our screens. I love her, and I still love her ! That’s it. Sorry for my english, I didn’t used Translator…

    I think that this end was not an end in fact. But a beginning of an other life for all the characters. A happy Violet, single mom with a cute little boy, in peace with herself. Good in her job and good as a bookwriter. I wanna read this book, “Private Practice”. Shonda, write it ! (or Amy could too, I love her essays !)

  27. Jess says:

    Naomi should have only been there to hold the flowes. She should not have had a big part in the finale. She left two years ago. It was unfair to the fans to delete the scenes of the characters we wanted to see and give us Naomi instead. Should have left Maomi happy with Fife and not have Sam dump Strphanie for Naomi. It felt all wrong. It was the worst finale.

  28. martina says:

    i will miss charlotte and cooper so much, i loved that couple, the actors have so much chemistry together that i hope i will see both on tv-shows together. i think the end is always disappointing, it is not easy to accept the end of something we loved/liked and i think this show was more “real” then GA, feelings, situations, bad decisions,.. i think Shonda has made a terrific work with PP, thank you Shonda!

  29. april-ann says:

    Count me among the disappointed, and my expectations weren’t even that high. Sam’s abrupt and shabby breakup from adorable Stephanie made my stomach turn. I loved Sam and Stephanie’s storyline and it was probably the reason I kept watching this season. I never really liked Naomi and didn’t miss her when she left, and clearly neither did Sam. It made no sense. Also not making sense was the amount of screentime in a finale given to Violet’s patient. I was looking forward to nothing really spectacular, just a nice focus on the current characters and a wrapping up of everyone’s stories that made some sense.

  30. Ashley says:

    My biggest question about the episode… whose idea was it to put No Diggity by Blackstreet as the song playing over Addison’s wedding sequence? Really? “Baby got ’em open all over town,” while she’s walking down the aisle isn’t exactly fairytale wedding material.

    I did like the rendition though, but still.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Ha — OK, so it wasn’t just me.

    • Malika Bishop says:

      LOL someone else noticed!!!! I watched on hulu, and definitely had to hit the rewind button to make sure I wasn’t hearing things :-) At least they used the classiest possible version of the song,.. I guess…

  31. cookie says:

    Was really disappointed,there should have been more drama and the show should have run,2 hours. The scene w/Stephanie was so unbelievable. OMG she just figured that Sam wad breaking up with her,just cause he didn’t want to watch a movie,duh. The characters where lost. Shondra could have done better. What a let down. Just saying.

  32. Iakovos says:

    PRIVATE PRACTICE never worked for me despite the pedigree and talent. I think it has something to do with 40-somethings acting so adolescent. And the outlandish plots. That said, others I know loved it. PP reminded me of BROTHERS & SISTERS, another ABC drama that seemed to run long but never happily or up to its potential. Dramas we will eventually forget as time passes.

    • Tom says:

      Well said. I really agree with this. I watched every episode of PP and I didn’t love or hate the finale but I respect Shonda Rhimes et al enough to let it go. It bothers me that people are nitpicking because nobody was going to be one hundred percent happy. The same thing will happen when Greys ends. Everyone on here should please read Shonda Rhimes’ tweet about the finale. It was insightful and might help you all grieve instead of whining on here.

      • A says:

        I did read that actually and the scenes she cut sound a lot better then what she left in. Those would have made for a good finale. Of course it is impossible to please everyone but I am still floored that anyone would consider this a good finale. Perhaps we just have very different opinions on Shonda’s writing. I know she is capable of much better then we got last night.

  33. Jerm says:

    I found this finale much like Smallville’s…there were things we saw that we always wanted to, but the hype was much greater than the actual thing. At least ppp wasnt canceled on a cliffhanger or something. They closed the story as best as they could. Shonda obviously wanted to end it this way, so….

  34. Petra says:

    I’ll miss CharCoop an I really liked Naomi and Fife together back in the day. Naomi and Sam together again I don’t care about, but whatever…

  35. Not impressed says:

    And what about Lucas? I found it surreal that Jack and Joey Bobo(Lucas Wilder) who have been in the show longer than Jack and Amelia didn’t even get a second in the series finale.(they took the role of Lucas in season 3 when they were 8 months old and they are now turning 4) Granted Lucas was not necessarily a major character but seriously, Lucas wasn’t even mentioned?

    And what about Henry? Wasn’t Addison’s sole purpose to get a kid when she came to L.A.

    And we’re supposed to believe that Sam suddenly got over the “I don’t want kids” thing and was super duper happy with a new one? He’s not mentioned Naomi in two year, has been in two major relationships since, but yeah, he’s still desperately in love with Naomi. And where was Betsy? Naomi barely mentioned her. And seriously? She never married Fife?

    This was so unbelievable and unrealistic.Just like last week, when we were supposed to believe that the judge signed the adoption papers off the record, not in a court room, without the adoptive parent present, at night and just gave the papers to the adoptive mother’s boyfriend.Yeah…Whatever

    I agree it’s possible Shonda gave Addison little screen time because the show ended when Kate Walsh chose to leave but I also think she just wasn’t that interested.Ever since that stupid show Scandal was launched, PP writing became worse than ever. PP was pushed in the back and Scandal was constantly shoved down our throats.

  36. Liz says:

    As a long time fan of the series I was truly disappointed with the finale. I could have done without Naomi. I always liked the character but she hasn’t been a part of PP since season 4 and even back then she was only recurring for most of that season. So, why spend so much of our precious screentime in the last episode on her? It makes no sense.

    Other things I did not like-

    Sam breaking up with Stephanie. This season was Sam’s storyline was about moving on after his break up with Addison. We were led to believe he was happy and loved Stephanie. It feels like Audra decided to come back for the finale so Shonda rewrote the storyline to put Sam and Naomi together. She just tossed Stephanie to the curb. It made Sam look bad. It certainly didn’t make him look good. And that scene of him interrupting Naomi’s professional meeting in NY was fake. Who does that? Nobody. They’re professionals! He could have waited until the meeting was over or take her outside. It was so unrealistic and plain stupid.

    Lack of Amelia and Jack. Did they even have any lines together? They didn’t have much screentime.

    Lack of Lucas and Henry. Weren’t these kids major players in the story? Weird that it was Addison’s journey to have a baby and they don’t even include the baby in the final episode. And what about Lucas? It would have been nice to see him with Violet one more time. We haven’t seen him since the beginning of this season.

    Oh, and that super secret reshoot- Shonda tweeted it was of CharCoop and the triplets in bed. That scene flashed by so fast. If you blinked you missed it. So why take time to reshoot it for a one second flash on the screen.

    CharCoop didn’t even get a meaningful scene together. In their scene Cooper was complaining about being tired of taking care of the babies he wanted for so long. He told Violet he hated them. I know he wasn’t serious but this was not what I wanted to see in the finale as a long time CharCoop fan and a fan of the show in general. I was expecting greatness and walked away with disappointment.

  37. Julia says:

    It’s obvious not much thought or planning went into this finale. Why leave off with Sam as a cheater, louse? Does anyone buy this so called love he ‘s had for Naomi? He cheated on her with her BEST FRIEND and hurt her as bad as any man could. Now all of a sudden they try to say he’s always loved her. What was his affair with Addison supposed to be all about then? That’s not love and if it is I feel sorry for Naomi. Super bad storytelling folks. You can’t just go and change things on a dime and expect the viewers to buy it.

  38. Alex says:

    there were plenty ways to end this season. Shonda just pick one of them. And I think this was a good one. Not a GREAT one. Just GOOD. every story comes to an end. I actually like the way this season was handled. The “focus-on-each-character”‘s way. But I’d expected more Addison. More of her story come to an end. I do like the speeches, tough. The Violet and her patient’s one, and also the one that Addison did to Naomi. The only story that it really moved me was Sheldon. His speech was TOO good.
    and for Grey’s Anatomy, I hope that Shonda brings all her good stuff in that, and I also hope that the 10th season will be the last one. I’ve been with the series for 10 years, always excited.I don’t want to be disappointed.
    ps: sorry if I make some mistake, I’m not american :)

  39. Amy says:

    I didn’t like it. It was mostly about Naomi. I was hoping for something special but feel let down. :(

  40. RichieS says:

    Ending should’ve been Tim Daly closing a book and saying to Violet ” that’s some novel!”

  41. Ari says:

    I’m hoping the lack of Amelia means she will be heading to Grey’s Anatomy to wrap up her story.

  42. Fernanda says:

    Producers from other shows, please, hire Kadee Strickland and give her a star role.
    I wanted an entire Addison farewell episode, and I agree about her little time on screen was because Kate Walsh departure. I’m gonna miss Charlotte, Cooper, Sheldon and Violet. Why Emmys or Golden Globes judges didn’t nominate at least one of these actors. I also think we’ll see one of these amazing actors in Scandal.
    I enjoyed the sad heart at the end. Maybe when GA will end we’ll see that heart again.

  43. sarah says:

    I wanted more Matt Long…. Seriously. Totally loved his character. Such a shame for just one season. Really sad that Amelia and James were so glossed over. I would have loved a time jump showing how things turned out for them. Oh well, good fries are hard to come by, right?

  44. em g says:

    Brian Benben had the best moment of the season in this episode and his last half season was superb.

  45. I am sorry to see the show go off the air. Addison was my LEAST favorite character; my favs were Sheldon and charlotte. I wish they had kept the show on; because i think it would
    have done well without Kate Walsh. In some ways i found this show more enjoyable than Grey’s Anatomy, which is getting really boring now

  46. Danielle H. says:

    I didn’t love it or hate it. There was no perfect ending to this because the season was done so weirdly.. entire season developments in one shot episodes. Everyone got their ending. It was sad that the kids of the PP people weren’t shown.. and I don’t love that all of a sudden Sam and Naomi were back together. Kind of weird thrown in at the end, but I guess it was Shonda’s end game.
    I am surprised, but I didn’t cry. There was no real sobfest moment to cry in. I was surprised we didn’t end of w/ an Addison pregnancy, but I guess that was so predictable that Shonda shied away from it.
    Whatever everyone may say, I will VERY much so miss this show. I guess it was just the characters, but I just adored this show and will desperately miss it. I feel it had at least one more season left after this one, but who am I to say.

    • Janet says:

      I would have loved to see Charlotte raising triplets. Addison’s speech at the beginning, blaming Derek for the failed marriage, was so wrong. Addison is the one who cheated on Derek with McSteamy. She’s even made references over the years about being a “cheater”.

  47. Kim says:

    I kind of hoped this was going to be the Addison episode of the season but I guess I had that wrong.
    I liked the end, the chemistry of them standing there was pretty good. All in all it did have closure but it could have been better.

  48. Lucy says:

    At first I hated the Sam/Naomi story but at the end I was like “OMG I LOVE THEM!” ahahah I actually liked the entire episode :)

  49. Martha says:

    loved every bit of the last episode. dont realy give a dam what others say!

  50. Yolanda T Leach says:

    I really enjoyed the last episode. I am beside myself knowing that the show has been cancelled! Why!!! Shonda what’s going on??? Please reconsider and work it out with ABC!