Parenthood Finale: Sarah Makes Her Choice, Kristina Receives a New Diagnosis and More

PArenthood Season 4 SpoilersThis story contains spoilers from Tuesday’s Parenthood season finale. Proceed with caution…

If, for some inexplicable reason, Parenthood is not renewed for a fifth season — and that’s a very big if — no one can say the NBC drama went out without a fitting and emotional ending for each and every Braverman (extended family included).

Tuesday night’s Season 4 finale gifted a majority of its characters with fresh starts after a rough year (Kristina, Ryan, Drew and Victor, to name a few), while others were treated to heartbreak (Mark) and unexpected surprises (Crosby and Jasmine).

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Here’s everything you need to know about Parenthood‘s truly satisfying sendoff:

THE TRIANGLE BECOMES A SQUARE A COUPLE | The finale’s Most Gut-Wrenching Storyline Award goes to the resolution of the Hank/Sarah/Mark love triangle. Early on, Hank heads to Minnesota for a brief visit with his daughter, during which time Mark pays a visit to Sarah to officially throw his hat in the ring… for her heart. “I just needed to tell you that I still love you and I know that I’m always going to love you because you’re the one for me,” he confesses. “I should have fought for you and I didn’t — and now I am.” And here’s where things get painful: Sarah, who had a seemingly warm reaction to Mark’s previous sentiments, drops by his office — to tell him it’s over! “I’m going to try to make it work with Hank,” she says, sounding as if she’s trying to convince herself. “I have to get my life together. I could never explain to you how much I love you…. Goodbye, Mark.” Ouch. Things then take another twist when a back-in-town Hank tells Sarah he’s moving to Minnesota and closing up his camera biz. Being a mother herself, she actually understands his decision completely. Later, Hank visits Sarah with a goodbye, an “I think I might love you,” and a proposition: move to Minnesota with him. Sarah, now able to profess her own love, says she’ll think about it. (A friend and I were just discussing Sarah’s choice to stay with Hank, and if, like me, you’re sad for Cyr, this explanation might help make sense of it. Says the pal: “Sarah always chooses the wrong men. So, Parenthood basically said with her decision that Mark is too good for her.” Agree or disagree?)

CANCER-FREE AND LOVING IT | And just like that, Kristina comes away from the season with a clean bill of health. Having gotten great marks from her doctor early on in the episode, she’s informed that all she has left to do is have a PET scan — just to be safe. But after seeing a familiar face in her last chemo session — one that was recently in remission — all of her positive thinking goes out the door. Adam later surprises his wife with tickets to Hawaii to celebrate their good fortune, but she can’t accept the gift until she knows her fate for certain. Scan behind her, Kristina learns she that she is officially cancer-free — and off the two go on a much-deserved trip to a tropical paradise.

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ROMANCE REKINDLED | Ryan opts to spend the finale proving himself worthy of Amber and her affections. Flowers in hand, he begins the process by visiting her place with a powerful (and tearful) profession. “I love you so much,” he spills, noting that he’s in therapy again and things are great. “I think of you every minute of every day…. You’re my best friend in the whole world. I don’t even know what it was like before you. I don’t even think about it.” After much thought, Amber later explains that her intense reaction to Ryan’s outburst months ago was due in large part to the lessons she learned years back after her own drunk-driving accident. That said, she now realizes that she doesn’t “want to waste one more second” without Ryan. “I love you,” she cries, “more than I ever thought I could love anybody.”

Parenthood Season 4 SpoilersWE ARE FAMILY | After months of mind-switching and bat-throwing, everything finally falls into place with Victor’s adoption. Everything, that is, except for Sydney. Little V’s sibling-to-be makes it abundantly clear that she wants nothing to do with Victor’s impending ceremony because he’ll never be a “real” part of the family. Harsh, yes, but things get better so we forgive her. Kinda. Later, Victor accidentally breaks a vase in the house and instead of acting like any other rowdy boy, he seeks reassurance from Julia that this incident doesn’t mean she’s “going to change [her] mind about adopting [him] and not have the ceremony.” The answer is, of course, no, so the relieved child pays a visit to Syd to ask that she reconsider coming to his big day. Why? “Because you’re my sister.” Alas, she can’t refuse. And soon the entire Braverman clan — including Salsa, his new pet lizard from Max — is together to officially welcome Victor into the family.

AND A BABY MAKES… | While celebrating their first anniversary, Jasmine reveals to Crosby that they are going to have a baby. The happy news, of course, makes it much easier for the stubborn hubby to make peace with her mother, who had just moved out of their place in a passive aggressive huff.

BERKELEY BOUND | Drew gets into the University of California, Berkeley, his first choice college! Beaming, Sarah proudly tells her son: “You’re the first one in our family to get a college degree.” Drew later shares a bittersweet goodbye with Amy, herself having just learned that she’s on her way to Tufts in Boston. After a long hug goodbye, the two promise to “never forget” each other.

How do you feel about Sarah’s choice? Are you glad Amber and Ryan are happily reunited? Hit the comments!

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  1. Dick Whitman says:

    I hate Sarah.

    • Dick Whitman says:

      Ok, I don’t hate her, just her stupid decisions.

      • Androme says:

        She should’ve chose Mark. I would’ve chose Mark.

        • Lulu says:

          Mark is way too young for her, and it would never be a permanent relationship. She made the mature decision and chose the right guy. Later, Mark would want children. She would hit menopause and their relationship would fall apart. He looks like a baby.

          • CAM says:

            Um…Sarah and Mark have already discussed having children. And Sarah is far from menopause.

          • Chester says:

            Lauren Graham is 45, Jason Ritter 32. It doesn’t matter what they talk about now. It matters what happens in 10 or 20 years as they both go through life and find themselves at different places.

        • mwatts says:

          Yes, she SOOOO should have chosen Mark! Hank seems like such a drip. Plus, she was so harsh in the way she dumped Mark. I am so disappointed.

          • talismangirl says:

            Agree completely – just don’t get the people who are saying that he was too young and that Hank was the mature decision.

      • sugatcube4u says:

        Sarah needs to figure out her life… too many mistakes in 4 seasons! She need rehab ASAP.

        • Evan says:

          She doesn’t need rehab, she doesn’t have an addiction of any sort. Send Sarah to Steve Ward to be on Tough Love for a season I say!

        • ' says:

          I think that was the first time Sarah made a mature choice. Mark said himself, when they are alone in a room they work, but the thing is, they don’t live in a bubble, there are other people besides them, and that’s when they don’t work. She and Hank are very simmilar in a point, and Hank diesn’t need her, he needs her just enough, but not like other men in her life. She lives a drama-free relationship with him, he’s not jealous, he’s not insecure, they have an honest and open relationchip, they work very well together, and it’s not abou age, is about being on the same page in life. They are perfect together. And I’m happy that he said to her to think about it, like, don’t rush it. It was a nice touch that they didn’t rush anything.

      • BrianR says:

        Hi Don Draper !

    • Meghan says:

      Is it sad I was thrilled when Hank said he was moving away, and that Sarah got her just desserts. He character is always making the wrong choices, and she always will pick the man that needs to be fixed, just like Seth.

      • JJ says:

        you can’t say she always picks the man that needs to be fixed, if that was true she never would have been with Mark in the first place.

    • Michelle says:

      I don’t hate Sarah, but I hate that the character keeps making bad decisions and that the show continues to focus on her romantic life. I think I’m in the minority in that I never liked her relationship with Mark and although I preferred her with Hank, I think it’s for the best that he’s off to Minnesota. Sarah needs some alone time to figure out her life. Whatever happened with that play she wrote? Not that I expected her to become a famous writer, but it was odd how they introduced that, then dropped it entirely. I hope next season (get on that, NBC) focuses more on Sarah as an individual and that she grows and matures a bit, which hopefully open the door for a healthier relationship with someone in the future.

  2. Mike says:

    Good finale, so are we too assume that Drews actor will become a guest actor next season, and if she decides to go, Sarah too.

    • CR says:

      I took him getting into UC Berkley as a sign that he will remain in the same position since he could technically live at home while attending school. If I am wrong, I’m at least grateful they gave him some good story lines this season and some wonderful moments on screen with my other favorite Braverman, Amber. I truly hope NBC brings this show back for it’s passionate fanbase.

      • ABBY says:

        It would make sense for Drew to be staying at home because I can imagine money would be an issue for him, it came up with Haddie and her parents are in a lot better place financially than Sarah.

        • Ann says:

          I was about to ask the same thing. Sarah doesn’t have any money, so how in the world is Drew going to afford going to Berkley? He better be saying up lots of money over the summer and plan on commuting from his house!

          • lara says:

            I’m guessing that they would be able to get student grants and loans. I hate that TV shows always make it seem like if you are poor, you can’t go to a good school. I went to a top 20 school, and there were many poor people there (including me!), who got scholarships and loans.

  3. Courtney says:

    So weird that they didn’t even mention Haddie. I thought we should have atleast seen her in the montage. Also, Mark being the only one alone in all of that was really sad.

  4. Bobby says:

    This show! I know it’s kind of below the radar for most people, but Parenthood had the best season this year for me in terms of how invested I was in it and how much I generally looked forward to it every week. The season, as well as the finale, were great, and I personally loved the ending montage (although I would go insane if it’s not renewed, it really is a perfect series finale). Please let Monica Potter secure an Emmy nomination (and win) this year. Jason Ritter got one last go around so we at least see that Emmy voters know the show exists! Overall, just a great season as usual, but even more so as I feel like this is the year it could really get some attention due to some of the buzz regarding the Kristina storyline provided it doesn’t die down in the coming months since it won’t be on. While I know that in reality and not my own personal world, it’s pretty much impossible that it would take the Best Drama category or anything like that, I at least think Monica Potter has a fair shot as anyone else to win. Just love that there’s a show out there that doesn’t need to take a lot of twists and turns to produce a great quality drama.

    And great recap Meg! Completely see her choice with Hank in a new way after that explanation (and once I was able to recover from the fact she didn’t pick Mark)

    • Bobby says:

      Oh and if that humongous post wasn’t enough to capture my thoughts, I also have to add the Ryan/Amber scenes were unreal and amazing tonight. So good.

    • dlferriola says:

      I agree with you completely and I am glad that Sarah picked Hank. He is more her age and she is more comfortable with him about everyday things that are important. I also like Ray and hope he is back next year if the show is renewed which I think will happen. This year has been amazing and every week has been great. I am interested to see what life has in store for the Bravermans next season.

    • Christy says:

      I agree with all of that! This whole season quickly became my tv highlight of the week. I think the episode about Drew & Amy dealing with pregnancy deserves an award of some kind.

    • Kim R says:

      I feel so much the same way. This season, this show, is crazy good. The tears were flowing during the adoption scene, the Ryan/Amber scene and the scene that Khristina gets her results. I hope Parenthood is renewed but it did such a good job if this is the end of the series. I look so forward to this every week that I’m going to miss the Braverman clan if they are no longer with us come next season. Excellent, award worthy show. :)

    • schu says:

      Completely agree! I sincerely hope the show comes back, and even more hopefully, for a longer fifth season. It truly is the only network drama that had me invested in each character each and every week. When a tv show has you feeling the most raw emotions as Parenthood does I would hope other people discover it and awards shows acknowledge the incredibleness of this cast. Anyways, it was a perfect end to a remarkable season in general.

    • Trent says:

      Bobby, I agree with you! This was the best season of Parenthood yet (and I’ve watched since the beginning). Every storyline has hit home for me, and I’ve rarely made it through an episode without crying. The finale was perfect — every storyline had a satisfying resolution — and if the poor ratings force NBC to cancel the show, at least we got answers for every character’s arc this season.

      One last thought: the adoption scene — in which I both cried at everyone’s speeches to Victor and then cracked up at Max grabbing the judge’s gavel — exemplifies this show’s unique ability to find both the humor and the pathos in family life. What other show could make us care both about Kristina having cancer AND Max finally getting his vending machine? Emmy voters, please wake up!

  5. sugatcube4u says:

    What happen w Haddie? Her name wasn’t mentioned at all.

  6. Katie says:

    great season and episode I love ryan and amber and it was just phenomenal i can’t wait for next season because for me another season isn’t a question its a how could u not

  7. luli says:

    So is mark not coming back?

  8. Mary says:

    OK, does anyone remember the “a pregnancy and someone cheats” teaser we received months ago? Because Mark and Sarah were broken up when she hooked up with Hank, so I don’t necessarily think we can call that cheating…

    Otherwise, I haven’t seen the episode yet but I’m happy for Amber and Ryan, and Drew, but I’m not really liking how they keep shipping the “kids” out, because now all that leaves us with is the dull story lines with the bratty younger kids! (except Jabar, I still like him.)

    • TV Gord says:

      Mark and Sarah were engaged when she hooked up with Hank, weren’t they? They even talked about that when they met for coffee a couple of weeks ago.

    • Mike says:

      Yes, and I actually just started liking Drew, I still miss Haddie though. Amber is still great though, I’m glad they are keeping her around.

    • JJ says:

      Drew isn’t being shipped out. He’s attending Berkeley which is near by.

    • Ann says:

      No, I believe the “pregnancy and someone cheats” statement is referring to Drew and his girlfriend (whose name eludes me). Earlier, she was dating some other guy and she cheated on him with Drew, remember? Mark caught the two of them in bed together. She’s the “cheating” and the “pregnancy” that the statement is referring to. She got pregnant, too.

  9. Josh says:

    I miss man-child Crosby. It feels like they’ve over corrected and made him way too civilized.

    • Chester says:

      I thought they resolved the conflict between Jasmine’s mother and Crosby too easily. The mother really is overbearing.

      • Brigitte says:

        I was suprised that Crosby didn’t point out how childish, and what a horrible example his mother-in-law was setting for Jabar. Eating in her room, refusing to talk to Crosby and eventually moving out because someone stood up to her. Nice….

  10. Joann says:

    I love this crazy family! Cheers for Christina’s clean bill of health. It’s Not an episode of Parenthood until I cry, well up, or sob at least once. But please, January season finale?? What’s up with that?

  11. Witchy says:

    I think Sarah picked the right man. When she was with Mark and his friends she did not feel comfortable and you saw that there was a big age difference with them. Also you can feel the age difference with Mark. Like he wants to have kids and she already has gone trough that stage of her life and other little things. Hank understands her better what it is like to have a kid/s and have gone through divorce. There like yin and yang. He is moody and introvert and she is cheerfull extrovert. They need each other.

  12. lara says:

    I interpreted Sarah picking Hank because she no longer wants to be the girl that jumps from one guy to another. She wants to pick a guy, and stick it through with him, despite how tough it is.

  13. K.Aultman says:

    Hank is the right guy! Maybe Sarah realized that she will never be able to give Mark what he wants and what makes him happy – but that doesn’t make Hank a wrong choice. Hope Hank will be back in Season 5, because Romano pulled out all the stops this year acting-wise. great performance!

    • K.Aultman says:

      If Sarah really always picks the wrong guys, you could say the same thing about her accepting Mark’s proposal. This topic is so subjective, it will never unite the fans, whoever they bring in as a love-interest for Graham.

  14. Britney says:

    Not each and every Braverman! Haddie didn’t even get a mention! Which I’m really disappointed about. I’m disappointed when how they handled her storyline in general this season, one of the only complaints I have. They completely dropped the Adam/Kristina lying to her storyline, and now they didn’t even mention her in the finale? They could’ve had her come for the big scene at the adoption, or at least mentioned her there. And I can’t believe they’re keeping Drew around, who is the most useless character next to Sydney on this show, but Haddie got written out and barely heard from again.

    Oh Sarah. She’s annoyed me so much this season, I enjoyed seeing her end up alone a little too much. I’m not even a huge fan of Mark, but I’m happy for him, that he’s free of her. I wish they had left their ending the way it was, with him keeping his pride and breaking up with the woman who was basically having an emotional affair on him. Instead, he has to basically beg her to pick him, and she doesn’t even do that. Poor guy.

    I want to like Ryan/Amber, because I’ve loved Amber this season and I think Matt Lauria is the cutest, but I just felt their entire relationship was so rushed and just went way too fast. Their speeches this episode were totally out of nowhere. She loves him more than she’s loved anyone?? After like what? 7 episodes, if that? Kind of ridiculous.

    Victor was really cute, but I still wish Julia and Joel found out what Sydney said to him that day with the bat.

    Glad this episode was low on Max and his stupid vending machine

  15. William says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but what choice did Sarah make? Sarah seemingly chooses Hank, but then he moves to Minnesota, conveniently leaving her and Mark in Berkeley. And Drew conveniently gets into Berkeley giving Sarah even more reason to stay in Berkeley. So she still has to choose between Hank or Mark, Minnesota or Berkeley.

    Sarah says she’ll think about moving to Minnesota. But with her son and Mark staying in Berkeley, the story could go either way. She could move to Minnesota (her kids are grown up, don’t really need her) or she could stay in Berkeley (her kids, extended family, and Mark are all there).

    • David says:

      Hank decided to leave Sarah and get out of town without even discussing the possibility with her. So she follows him to Minnesota…..leaving her kids and family behind her? Yeah, like that’s going to work out……

  16. igor says:

    good finale. but i’m still shocked the abortion storyline was only one episode. no aftershocks, no ripples in the water, no real mentions. that could have been a great storyline, but ended up being quite weak.

    • Ann says:

      I know. I was disappointed with that storyline too. They handled the cancer storyline so well, I had wished they would do more with the aborted baby storyline as well and handle it with as much care. Perhaps we will see more of it next year, I don’t know. There are not many girls out there who kill their kid and feel no guilt afterwards. The same goes for the boys. Many couples live with this for the rest of their lives. I expected more from the writer’s of this show, so I guess we’ll have to see if the writers choose to be more realistic about that story or just ignore it after opening that can of worms.

  17. David says:

    It was a great finale…..but it felt too much like a series finale. I really hope the network is smart and renews it for another season,

    • TV Gord says:

      People thought the same thing about last season’s finale (which ended with Crosby and Jasmine’s wedding). I think they wrap up every season that way. I’m quite sure it will be renewed.

  18. Philipp says:

    It was so good! I was almost balling throughout all of it.

  19. ABBY says:

    I really wish the writers never had Mark throw his hat back in the ring just for her to pick Hank. I don’t even like Mark and I feel sorry for him, his relationship with Sarah is just one kick in the teeth after the next and he still goes back for me. I hope the writers realize they need to stop bringing him back for another round, they are now one of the least viable couples on TV for me.
    As always Sarah’s story was the only thing that let the episode for me and everything else was perfect.

  20. Claudi says:

    I Do believe that Sarah knows that Hank isn’t the guy for a HEA and because she is afraid of actually being in a serious relationship where she has to act like an adult to make the relationship work, she picked Hank. Mark told her, he loves her but he also told her that he can’t handle her screwing up when things get serious, so in order to not hurt him again, she picked Hank, the wrong guy but she will tell herself its the right choice. I would’ve liked it if Sarah would’ve picked herself, cause I don’t see her in a serious relationship at all, at this point.

    Whatever, Sarah made the wrong choice while everyone else I care about got the Happy Ending, so far, so no complaints.

  21. lori says:

    no one knows for sure that an abortion took place — could be a storyline for Drew next season….

    • len says:

      It wasn’t Drew’s anyway. The whole story arc was lame and meant to pull heart strings, while anyone with any basic timing sense could see Tht it had to have happened during the summer when she was with the other guy.

      • lara says:

        Considering you ovulate 14 days before your period, it would probably have been Drew’s, if she realized that she was pregnant because she was late. She probably hadn’t had sex with her ex-boyfriend for a few months at that time, so it would be a stretch to think that there was a who’s the daddy issue.

      • CJ says:

        Amy was with the other guy during the summer. Thr episode where she told Drew she was pregnant was after Christmas, too late in the pregnancy to have an abortion. So Drew most likely was the father.

  22. MT says:

    Disappointing recap! The point about Amber’s makeup with Ryan was about him being able to bear the responsibility of being trustworthy with her love for him–a great point, I thought.
    I don’t get why everyone (anyone??) likes Mark. He looks like a baby and is kinda wimpy and whiny. I loved Hank. Not sure it will work out but still loved him.

  23. Loni says:

    I’m just relieved that Kristina/Adam or Julie/Joel were not the couples that were breaking up per the ‘blind item’. Both of those couples worried me and I’m so glad they both ended up on a very happy note!

  24. ASC75B08 says:

    I hate this show and hope it isn’t renewed. Just happened upon this…saw it in the sidebar and was curious what had they had done with Kristina (saw an ad for it on tv). I was really hopeful when the show started and followed it for a while. But the show is full of complete overacting and craziness…everyone talking and chaos when the family gets together. It is fake and ridiculous. Stupid story lines. Unbelievable drama. Max is annoying in his role. Kristina is helicopter mom on steroids. Can’t believe they cancel good shows and keep crap like this!

    • Guest says:

      Troll. Go watch CSI and NCIS.

    • CAM says:

      Unbelievable storylines? Perhaps you should talk to some of us who have gone through a battle with cancer with family members. “Max is annoying in his role?” Perhaps you should talk to people who are parents or family members of children with Aspergers. Overacting and craziness? What are you watching?

    • JJ says:

      ‘every one talking and chaos when the family gets together’ You think that’s fake?! clearly you don’t have a big family. Do you really think when a large family like that gets together they all calmly talk one at a time?

      • TV Gord says:

        You took the words right out of my mouth. (And we were probably talking over each other, too.) ;-)

      • Kim R says:

        I know! My word…our family is not as large as the Braverman family but it is so realistic in the way they are portrayed including when they get together. I really don’t know what that person was watching. ??

    • Marilyn says:

      Here’s my thoughts on your post. Why would you possibly watch a show you don’t like and then come on this forum and post all the stuff you still don’t like about it? I don’t get the purpose of your post. Here’s another thing, most of us don’t give a twit what you think about the show because a. you don’t watch it and b. you don’t like any part of it.

  25. Terri R says:

    I’m REALLY hoping that wasn’t the end Ronnie Howard!!!! Excellent job with your new series. But last night every family in the Bravermans seemed to have a short ending…… I absolutely enjoyed every week of this series…. Also just an FYI, I never ever break down to tears with any movie, and the “cancer” stories and the acting behind them were so realistic!!!! BRAVO Ronnie!!! And please keep going……. it’s very well done!!

    • TV Gord says:

      Yes, the cancer story was emotional, but they even got me choked up when Max got his vending machines back!!! Now, THAT’S great storytelling!

  26. robinepowell says:

    Drew’s going to be the first one in their family to get a degree? I guess she’s means their immediately family, because what about Haddie?

    • CAM says:

      Several family members have degrees. (Julia’s a lawyer. Adam has a degree.) Sarah meant the immediate family – Sarah, Seth, Amber and Drew.

  27. Janie says:

    Ray Romano is sooo sexy and sweet and weird is his own sexy way. Him and Sarah belong together. Mark was toooo young for her. Hank is the best choice by farr. TEAM HANK ALL THE WAY!

  28. talismangirl says:

    Let down with Sara’s choice. I liked Hank, but felt that despite his age, Mark was the better, ironically, more mature decision for her. Another thing that has bothered me with the whole Sara plot line is that her effort to be a writer completely was dropped this season. I thought that was something that was propelling her in the right direction in her life – something that was her own. I love Lauren Graham, but Sara as a character is really a flake.

  29. Diane says:

    I loved the ending – the Bravermans are such a great family. Although I do have to say that I am really not a Kristina fan. I know she has a lot on her plate but her first reactions always seem to have a flavor of hysteria and self-centeredness. I also liked that Sarah’s karma met up with her so quickly but I do love Lauren Graham. I really hope the show is back next year.

  30. BrianR says:

    Does it bother anybody that Sarah can’t choose a career. The first season it was graphic artist and shoe designer. The next it was playwright, and now what photographer? Come on writers have her mak a choice.

    • Guest says:

      It’s realistic though. She was a bartender all that time she was in Fresno, i.e. 10+ years. Yeah she hasn’t decided on a career in four seasons, but she’s been an entry-level employee everywhere she’s started, so not too many incentives.

    • Curly Girly says:

      Sarah can’t choose anything…a man, a career, etc. because she is a complete and total FLAKE!!!!

  31. marlen38 says:

    hated the show last night, everything tied up so neatly in a bow, like that’s real life, overbearing bully mother in law, forgives, no cancer which was great, victor calls Jula mom out of nowhere, Sarah picks HANK PLEASE!! Drew gets into a university close to home Amber’s boyfriend is no longer a junkie, for the whole season that has been so real and so full of real life, good and bad, I felt let down last night. No family is that perfect, and I would take Mark in a heartbeat, that guy is incredible. Cannot stand Sarah ewwww can’t stand sydney, and victor please all of a sudden he’s a good kid, he almost killed his “sister” two episodes ago, wow, they must have all been on happy gas last night, very disappointing

  32. LOL says:

    I still maintain the stance that Kristina should be dead. That would make this fantasyland seem more like the real world. Thank goodness I didn’t watch last night.

  33. Radha says:

    I am so fed up with Sarah and her stupid choices. And I cannot stand the Hank character. The guy is a grumpy manipulative jerk and everyone loves him as a good choice for Sarah? I don’t get harping on the age difference. Mark is almost 30, if not so already. It’s not like he is a 20 year old kid. And many people have age differences and are genuinely happy together. All I get from the negative remarks about Mark is that he looks young and seems whiny. He’s not whiny. He’s an adult and is very mature about things.

    If Ray Romano is back next season, I’ll just have to fast forward Sarah’s scenes with him.

    As for the rest of the episode, it was good.

  34. KCC says:

    The adoption was so sweet. When Zeke interrupted to say that he will be a grandfather to Victor, and then every Braverman piped in to say how they accepted him, I teared up. What a loving family!!

    • Trent says:

      I was SOBBING during that adoption scene. Like, seriously ugly crying. There was something about the whole family coming together, and Joel and Victor wearing matching ties, and everyone pledging their love to Victor, that just brought home how wonderful big families can be. Yes, they’re messy and imperfect and they squabble all the time, but dammit, I want to be a Braverman!

  35. rissa says:

    Great finale to another wonderful season. Hope for renewal but if not I’m satisfied with this ending. Only complaint is that I hate that Sarah picked Hank. Didn’t like him at all. If she wasn’t going to pick Mark I was hoping that she would choose to be single. Loved Ryan & Amber. Thrilled that Kristina is healthy again. Happy for Victor.Just love this show & characters so much!

  36. Amy says:

    I love Phood!

  37. Kat says:

    Best news ever……Amber and Ryan are back together…I love these two. There HAS to be a season 5!!!

  38. Kat says:

    I think Sarah still thinks she doesn’t deserve Mark. Especially after he gave her that completely AMAZING, open speech revealing how much he truly loves her still even after everything with Hank. Because otherwise her actions literally make no sense, seeing as she tells him you have no idea how much I really love you and she and Hank honestly barely have a relationship at this point or even know each other that well, let alone have true, real, committed feelings of in it for the long haul love. My only hope is that next season there is still a way she can realize she DOES finally deserve greatness in her life, which includes true love and happiness, and that like Amber has already realized, life is short so you gotta act now, and finds a way to win back Mark. Honestly, otherwise why are we supposed to route for her at this point? I really, really hope Mark is the end game. Like Jason Ritter and Mae Whitman tweeted: #TeamCyrvive

  39. Blinged Up says:

    Yay, Hank! I so hope he’s on the show next season — this is my favorite storyline. Great season finale — wish it had gone through May. I’m betting next season will be longer.

  40. Luis says:

    This plays a lot like a series finale. I know no decision has been made yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we have seen the last of the Braverman clan

  41. Raelene says:

    Why is there only 15 episodes instead of the usual 22 or so??

  42. KathyNYC says:

    Sarah made a predictable but very wrong choice as always. Hank is disfunctional and selfish in his decision to move without even consulting Sarah. Not that moving near your child is a wrong decision in itself..but just announcing it to Sarah was so wrong. Sarah lost her job, her “choice’ moved away…and she is stuck being asked to join him in HIS life, without him having cared much about hers. Mark though younger is incredibly more mature than Hank and loved Sarah in spite of everything and yet Sarah pushed him away. That had to be the saddest moment ever… Sarah feels she does not deserve Mark. And so she is stuck alone..which is probably the best place for right now.

  43. Molly says:

    I miss Haddie. I wished she appeared in more episodes or even just in the montage at the end of this episode.

  44. emma says:

    The first person to get a college degree? haddie anyone? hello?

  45. Phil says:

    Love Lauren Grahm, but Sarah needs a break from romance! Kristina stole the season for me this year for me though

  46. LJ says:

    While there are many things I LOVED about the show this year I absolutely HATED that Sarah picked Hank. He’s dull, negative and boring. Why would she need to get that in her life? Meanwhile, anyone can complain about Mark’s age but he showed more maturity and respect than Hank & Sarah put together. As for the age difference baloney….my aunt is 20 years older than my uncle and they celebrated their 46 anniversary. When their’s love all is possible. So sad they just quit on that relationship.

  47. Allan says:

    I dont think Amy went through with the abortion.

  48. Jay K says:

    yeah, not sure if amy got the abortion. is it just me or was it not really addressed (i could have missed it)? the kristina storyline was excellent! i think there is a lot value in this show, but when the writers make a choice it is not always great (didn’t like the easy resolution for ryan/ amber and the victor storyline — definitely the drew/ amy stiuation). overall a really great show. i think in hindsight they tried to ‘wrap up’ a lot of things in case they got cancelled?

  49. Terri R says:

    They are both leaving to college…. she got an abortion

  50. Just another fan says:

    I think it’s silly that people “hate” Sarah because she didn’t choose Mark. If you explore her character and circumstances, that choice makes all the sense in the world. Mark has no children yet and wants children. Sarah says she does, but she’s about to be an empty-nester and perhaps is curious and excited about being able to live for herself a little more again. Part of the reason why Hank is so attractive to her is because he’s linked with a new career for her, a creative type of career, and we know that she is a creative person (writer). As for the abortion storyline, I do believe that Amy went through with it. And if there is another season (there better be!!), I hope the writers explore how Drew is dealing with it. Also, I have to give huge props to Dax Shepard as Crosby. I consistenly find him to be so realistic, believable, and subtly amazing in the role.