Exclusive NCIS Video: A Blast from the Past Knocks Abby Off Her 'A' Game

Next Tuesday on CBS’ NCIS, a case in the present will evoke troubling memories of Abby’s past — and TVLine has a first look for the sure-to-be-emotional hour.

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Setting the stage for the flashbacks is a car accident involving a Marine, a death that reminds the lab wizard (played by Pauley Perrette) of the first “case” she ever worked, as a preteen (Brighton Sharbino).

But as seen in this promo, the resurfaced memories will rock Abby to her core, to the point that Gibbs must take notice that she is no longer bringing her “A game.”

Show boss Gary Glasberg told TVLine the episode will answer such questions as “When did Abby first start develop an interest in forensics? And in people? In bodies, and in clues, things like that?” All told, he promised “lots of great little prizes” for longtime viewers.

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Are you eagerly anticipating this peek into Abby’s backstory?

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  1. Svenja says:

    Abby calling in sick? This is serious. I can see NCIS breaking my heart again shortly after the Shabbat-Shalom-Shiva thing. Wonderful preview and I bet a heartbreakingly beautiful story. I am excited.

  2. Katie says:

    Why after such an awesome two weeks are we now getting into this Abby trauma episode. To be honest I think I will skip this ep and hope that the producers will continue with that wonderful Shabatt Shiva arc. This would have been interesting around the start of the year. I love Abby but the actress is really one dimensional and should be kept in the comedic stuff. Love Pauley but the range is small.

    • Angel says:


      • Tinman says:

        Who is “Tiva”?

      • Lindsey says:

        Agreed. I am a TIVA shipper but I’m excited for this episode and will not “skip” it.

      • elizabeth says:

        It is ZIVA folks, not TIVA

      • I think you mean Zivia not Tiva

      • Katie says:

        I hate tiva. The reason I loved the last two episodes were that they were not only well written, well directed and well acted but the character Ziva finally had a storyline that was not Tony driven. I love when the actors are able to show their talent. I loved the fact that Tony was able to show his acting and backstory in the terrific Baltimore. It was Ziva’s time too. Trust me I really love the Abby character but I’m not sure that her storylines can hold an entire 60 minute show. I love her 3 three minute segments on each show and to me they are the best part of NCIS. A 47 minute show I just get bored.

        • Kay says:

          …Have we already forgotten about the case where she fought to save a German Shepard from being euthanized for being falsely accused of murder (and wound up being Tim’s roommate, even though the dog bit Tim)?

          • MarkAnthony says:

            I love the show and abby has always been my favorite character glad someone mentioned the episode with the dog it was a great episode for abby

      • Gaara says:

        Duh. Tell me, what does Tiva have to do with that comment.. Maybe YOU Anti-Tivas should stop being so obsessed by it, it seems you’re the ones who see Tiva everywhere..

        Really excited about this episode, btw, and the Ducky-Palmer one too *-* S10 is a season full of win!

      • Janice Bary says:

        I watch NCIS and have from the beginning, I can almost quote the scripts with all the reruns. The main reason I watch it is because of the fact that there are no romantic connections with anyone on the show. If indeed it turns into a TIVA show I will probably quit watching it. The friendship connection is good enough. Don’t ruin a good show. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

      • Donald says:

        Her name is ZIVA get it right!!!

    • steve says:

      I guess you just watch it because you want ziva/tony together its not the tiva show its NCIS and I’m very much looking forward to getting some backstory to abby.

    • Lily says:

      According to other press releases I have read, the fall out from the Shabatt-Shiva episodes is far from over. Apparently, one of the next few episodes will involve Vance dealing with Jackie’s death, etc. (Meaning we get to see the deputy director again.) Any chance you can give us some info on a continuation/expansion of the Shabatt-Shiva arc Matt? ;)

  3. Bob Haiskey says:

    Agree that I don’t think that this show will pull in the same numbers. I love quirky Abby but not sure she will ever win an Emmy. I guess I would like a Diane Neal or Joe Spano ep right now and not an Abby depressing episode. i did love Shabbat Shalom and then the classic Shiva though.

    • Clari says:

      What does winning an emmy have to do with anything tho. Are you really expecting any of the cast members to pull an emmy win of some kind? Cote De Pablo was great at reacting to Ziva’s father’s death, but the scene before that where she talked to her father in the car had me cringing. The best actors out of the bunch IMO are the director and maybe Jimmy Palmer. Don’t think they’ll be getting emmys for any NCIS performance either. They have to go to cable for that.

      I too doubt it will pull the same numbers as the last two, but mostly because of viewers who only tuned in for the tiva stuff the last two weeks. NCIS should be more than tiva though.

  4. Clari says:

    Looking forward to this one! Especially for the promised “very sweet” Abby/Gibbs scene at the end of the episode. Those two are easily my favorite on screen duo of the last couple of years.

  5. Feli says:

    It’s not playing! Any more links?

  6. Aaron Spalding says:

    Seeing Abby in pain is like watching your little sister go through Hell and there is nothing anyone can do about it. So sad. :(

  7. Carrie says:

    Looking forward to seeing this episode. It will be nice to see some Abby back story finally. She’s cool, quirky and fun, but what’s lurking?

  8. JeannieC says:

    Ok, I am not the biggest Abby fan, but I am looking forward to this episode. The show is called NCIS and it is character driven. It is not driven by one or two actors/characters but the entire cast.

  9. Kira says:

    I LOVE the whole cast!!! So glad we get an Abby episode!!!!!! So far this season has been pretty fantastic. Hope they can keep it up.

  10. Paila Prette dose an awsome job playing Abby. To see where het character come from is no differnt than Gibbs, Ziva, and Toni.
    Also Tiva is mixed for Toni and Ziva.
    My dvr is already set. Been with ncis from beginning.

  11. Jaz says:

    Cant wait for this episode!! And to you NCIS fans. Im a TIVA shipper, A McAbby shiper and an all round NCIS lover!!! I dont get why there is so much hate!! I cant wait for this new ep. And of course they passed on the Shiva story arc, its NCIS for crying out loud they never continue with the same story for more than two eps in the middle of a season. There will probably be hints to Ziva israeli adventure but they wove on and hopefully it will have something to do with the Season finale??? Yes please!!

    Oh and for the people who dont think NCIS should win an Emmy, I am of the opinion that the Emmys suck. All the stupid awards shows suck because NCIS should win all the awards!! It is the best bloody show, the actor/ress’s are absolutely amazing and the crew are extraordinary!!
    NCIS lover all the way!! #NoH8

  12. Cinwood says:

    I guess that the last two weeks were the best in the history of NCIS. I could use a Devil Trifecta ep right about now. I like Abby but in small doses.

  13. Vonda says:

    I like all of the characters, and my husband and I have loved this show from the beginning. The only problem that we have with it is there are too many skipped weeks with no episode. It is almost like starting a book you love, and having it get misplaced for a few weeks. That wouldn’t happen repeatedly (Okay, for most people…I have been known to do it:) )The story loses its momentum.

  14. Katie says:

    Unfortunatly the fact that the shows aren’t on every week are jsut a fact of the way tv is run now. Sturdio’s can’t afford to put on 35 shows a year. If they had a show on every week without a break we would start in September and be done by the end of January. At least we can get some great shows spread out to May.

  15. Ana says:

    Oh My Gosh!! Poor Abby!! What’s going to happen? I’m a Tiva shipper, but you guys have to uderstand that the show is called NCIS for a reason…
    I’m not gonna lie: I love Tiva scenes but, the show isn’t only about them.
    I think very interesting to show this side of Abby, and I have to say: I L-O-V-E Flashbacks!!!

  16. Sue says:

    If I want to see reruns of episodes, I can turn on USA for their major marathons! I would like to think that the ‘new season’ means continual newepisodes each week…
    This show is phenomenal, I love all the characters,
    but I hate the new practice of peppering reruns to elongate the season…

  17. Bob Haiskey says:

    Maybe the show will end up having a lot of humor in it. I can’t believe that they are going to make this depressing after the last two great shows. I think this will give Abby, McGee and Gibbs a bit of a storyline. Michael Weatherly and Cote and Rocky Carroll deserve a week off. I guess I would like to see more of that great arc they just had on though. Cote de Pablo was excellent. I will never forget those shows. Ever. I think the producers just realized what awesome and popular actors they have. I think the Abby storyline is a bit of a filler.

  18. Shirley says:

    I adore NCIS but this season has been especially dark. How about some more lighthearted humor & a little less drama?
    Luv to all my fellow NCIS lovers,
    Shirley from Maine

  19. Lori says:

    Love the shows! The change ups keep us hanging in anticipation! Finally some history on Abby. “TIVA” is not the show… it IS all of the cast and they all have their time and place as the family unit and team. LOVE IT!!!

  20. Andrea says:

    Can’t wait! Although, I admit to wanting to see when Abby and Gibbs first met.

  21. I think this is going to be interesting its all about knowing what motivates a charater

  22. Annie says:

    I want to see her apartment, specifically the casket bed! I wonder if her parents and siblings will be in the flashback.

  23. karen smith says:

    I love Pauly! I just wish they would give her more action time!! :-)

  24. Bethany says:

    I lost total respect for the Abby character when she chose a dog over her friend and colleague. The way she treats many people is disrespectful. She acts like a child. Anything that comes up – people are dieing and she is worried about Christmas. The NCIS building blows up and she is worried about who’s going to be there for the wedding…. I think that she had a tragic past or something and needs some therapy. For once I will be skipping an episode or two just so I don’t have to watch more Abby.

  25. Lylabean says:

    It’s the team that makes it work .. Not tony- Tim – abbs- Ziva – duckie- Palmer … The team… But I have had no problem watching mark Harmon in anything since he first started… Just an hour of a mark grin is great!!! And ducky as ilia kuriakin( bad spelling- too lazy to lo

  26. Lylabean says:

    Finish- was and is still a cutie!!! But it is the mark Harmon show w/ family… As they have gelled over the years as one!! We watch new old and in- between episodes on CBS & USA … Thanks for a great show!!you are really an awesome ensemble !!!! Congrats on a long happy marriage with Pam …

  27. rich says:

    Just being curious but exactly how old is the character Abbey meant to be? Was she a child protoge like McGee? Are we gonna have a ‘McAbbey’ scenario?!! (And what’s in the mysterious ‘Caf Pow’ smoothies?)

  28. Steve says:

    If NCIS doesn’t lighten up, they will lose first place to NCIS Los Angeles.

  29. danw says:

    I can’t stand abby and know she would be fired from any other job. I really find her so very irritating.

  30. Stephanie says:

    This is going to be good! Can’t wait!

  31. Larissa says:

    The little Abby is sooooo perfect. She even gestures like mature Abby. Can’t wait for this episode.

  32. caressa says:

    Well. it’s good to change it up. That’s what makes the show great, they don’t focus on the same thing or person all of the time. I guess it gives more of a feeling that they are “human”. I am a fan always….not just when the show does what I want. As for the characters being irritating, there are other channels…….God Bless all of you NCIS , and fans

  33. tp says:

    What is going on with McGhee’s voice? Ever since he lost weight he voice is raspy.

  34. Henry says:

    About time we get an Abby back story. We’ve all seen how McGhee and Ziva joined the team, and the one episode where it showed Tony’s back story. I would love to see how Abby and Gibbs got so close with their contrasting personalities, not to mention how Abby can get away with her unprofessional methods like the music and wardrobe. Let’s not forget Ducky, I want to hear his back story too.

    Ohh!!! Maybe we can finally find out where Abby got her farting hippo Bert!!! =D

  35. linda says:


  36. DJKNIGHT2013 says:

    Abby Look ‘consoles abby’ id need you to bring ur A-Game Abbs i love you and so does the team even Vance loves you we’d all need u Abby so let’s figure out what’s the problem to this mystery

  37. Uncle_Bob says:

    I like all the cast members, but my gripe is really with the writers. It is apparent that Abby and McGee had a fling several seasons ago and that it ended. What annoys me is that whenever either of the two happens to show even the slightest interest in dating, or seeing someone else, the other starts acting childishly jealous. Note to writers: have them show some emotion beside jealousy. They are supposed to be adults.

  38. Dave Coffey says:

    I think it will be interesting to see a bit behind the Goth, and what makes her who she is. I really enjoyed the last couple episodes that not only showcased Ziva and her own story, but showed a side of Tony that we don’t really see very often.

  39. So many shows on TV suffer from bad casting. NCIS is not one of these shows. The casting is brilliant. I love every character. Sometimes the script are a little lame but as usual, the excellant acting from the NCIS cast more than makes up for any blemish.

  40. Abby is one of best on the show and I think that Gibbs graet I like all of rest too the show is grate wish I could have all the videos for my use at home

  41. I love the whole “Tiva” thing, Ziva is my favorite along with Abby. The Shabbat Shalom-Shiva shows were so sad, but I will definitely watch this show with Abby. Abby is so cool! I watch reruns all the time and I have bought a lot of the shows from Amazon.com. I sure hope Ziva or Abby are not planning on leaving the show, if they wrote them off the show I don’t know if I could watch new shows anymore/

  42. heather daly says:


  43. Ashley says:

    I think this episode is going to be good, I just hope there will be a couple of tiva scenes in the episode. I was hoping they could continue the story from shiva like ziva returning from Israel and tony picking her up from the airport or something but I think they are continuing the shiva story in later episodes, I think it is good they are doing an Abby episode because we are beginning to learn a lot more from the ncis characters this season.

  44. Templar says:

    This was one of the most poorly directed, choppy episodes ever. Nothing rang true and no one turned in a believable performance except Harmon and McCallum. Every scene, it was obvious they were acting. Very disappointing.

  45. debbie says:

    I was sick in bed couldn’t see the episode were addy didn’t go to work what happened or do I have to wait for it on dvd

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