How I Met Your Mother Recaplet: Ted Hooks Up With [Spoiler]! Were You Surprised?

Ring UpDid you see it coming, How I Met Your Mother fans?

Ted got back on the dating horse in Monday night’s episode with a much younger gal (played by Pretty Little Liars‘ Ashley Benson) who turned out to be Barney’s half-sister!

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Honestly, we had our suspicions once Robin mentioned that her future half-sister-in-law was not happy about Barney giving his future bride a family heirloom as her engagement ring. But as the episode progresses, the former bachelor is none the wiser about his pal’s mystery girl, so he begs his bro to hook up with her. See now that Barney’s engaged, he’s detoxing from one-night stands and has to get his thrills vicariously through Ted.

Of course, it blows up in his face when Ted and Carly do the deed, despite them not having anything  — aside from a sort of mutual appreciation of Star Wars — in common with her.

“Close enough,” he replies when she says she’s only seen the new films. (And how funny and spot-on were his “different species” description of his new lady?)

After the horrific realization that his best friend slept with his half-sister, Barney throws an impromptu wedding because he won’t have Carly treated like a one-time fling. Ted then points out that that means his buddy is done with his detox.

Meanwhile, Robin finds that her new engagement ring makes her invisible to the opposite sex (“You’re not precious!” it hisses, all Gollum-like). Now she has to pay for her bagels, coffee and rent (!). Worst of all, she can’t get a beer at the bar. But it’s OK, because there’s another method she can use.

“I know a way that’s going to last forever,” she says before asking Barney to get her a Scotch. Aww!

HIMYM fans, what did you think of the introduction of Barney’s mentioned-but-never-before-seen sibling? So much for the theory that she’s the mom… And can we please have a Pretty Little Liars reunion with Benson and Lucy Hale (as Robin’s sister from Season 2) at Barney and Robin’s wedding?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. hello says:

    We all knew who she was in December so it didn’t come as a surprise, but I must say i am disappointed that the Carly-theory is dead. Oh well, still want Chyler Leigh as the mother

  2. Deion says:

    *Throws chair* She had to be the mother!!!

  3. Joe says:

    once he said her name was carly I knew, great curveball by the writers

  4. Diane Raetz says:

    I wanted Barney’s sister to be the yellow loving, bass playing Columbia University grad student. I’m kind of bummed

    • Alan says:

      same here, makes me not care about barney’s story anymore. ever since the sister line was dropped i was convinced we were seeing so much barney because he plays heavily into how ted met his sister now i know it was just so cbs could put some stuff into the ads

  5. Mike says:

    I knew as soon as Robin conveniently mentioned his half sister at the beginning of the episode, and I for one am thrilled that my least favorite theory is finally dead. On another note I thought it was a good episode, the Marshall-Lilly story was once again a little weak, but it had its moments, and I loved The Hobbit references. Where is that renewal announcement, I for one wouldn’t mind having one more year, should I be concerned??

  6. usanhasbestshows says:

    She still is a bass player just isnt barneys half sister, maybe you missed last weeks with rachel bilson talking about her himym continues to be Awesome

  7. Sarah says:

    I was so disappointed. I’ve said Barney’s sister was the mother for so long… way to shatter that glass for me lol

    • Tiffany says:

      That was my favorite theory. Too bad they busted it tonight. Interested to see what comes next.

    • Ann says:

      I know. I was sad too! One theory down. My theory that the Mother is dead in the future and Ted is retelling the story about how he met her, with an extra focus on his love for Robin because he plans to remarry, with Robin as the bride…And this story is just a way to easy into telling them about his plans…this theory is still valid.

      • Alan says:

        oh god no, that craps all over the ted has to get over her stuff we’ve been getting repeatedly for 8 years. if that happens then the entire run of the show was just blatant stalling

      • Rachel says:

        This!!!!!! I don’t get why people hate on ted/robin so much…sure, the writers haven’t made a great job in most recent seasons, making their relationship a little strained for viewers….but go back to the pilot, they’re so perfectly adorable and meant for each other.

        • Alan says:

          people hate it because it would invalidate 8 seasons worth of storytelling. its the story of how he met the mother not how he met the mother, knocked her up and then stole one of his best friends women. although with how sleazy and out of character ted has been lately maybe they are setting us up for him ruining one of the friendships he holds so dear

        • scott mosby says:

          I’m so glad I’m not the only one that feels this way!!! Barney and robin is ridiculous its like brother and sister or cousins…. Ted made it rain for her people!!!!! Are you kidding me??? How could it not be her?…

  8. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I am bummed that they didn’t go with the theory of Barney’s sister being the mother. It was a great theory. And part of me suspects maybe they were planning to go that way with the story, but once people started figuring it out, they changed course.

    • Mike says:

      This, I think this may have been a plan, but once they realized everyone had figured it out, they decided against it, because try didnt want to be too predictable.

  9. steven says:

    A Pretty Little Liars reunion? They can’t call it that if the show is still on the air!

  10. Michelle says:

    If I know anything about writers on TV shows, it’s that you never know what to expect. The story could change in the last ten minutes of the last episode of the season. I don’t watch this all the time, but I have a feeling that something’s going to happen, and that Ted may still end up with Robin (sp?) I’ve watched less than 10 episodes, and even I think Ted should be with Robin…

    • Tom Charles says:

      except Robin can’t have kids, so……..

    • Chel says:

      then your ‘less than 10 eps’ clearly didn’t include any of the episodes where Future Ted refers to her as ‘Aunt Robin’
      Robin is not the mother. That ship sank in the pilot.

    • Ann says:

      Read my theory above. I believe that it’s possible the Mother is dead in the future. Ted is retelling the story of how he met their mother to his kids…with an additional focus on his love for Robin. Why? Because he plans to get remarried with her as the bride and this story is a way to ease into telling his kids…because in telling how he met their mother, he’s also telling about the strong love he has had for Robin all those years.

      We already know that Ted has told the story of how he met the mother, as mentioned in a previous episode. It was the short version. So, you have to ask…
      1) Why is he retelling this story now (in the future now?
      2) Why start the story with him meeting Robin. And why continue telling your kids how much you loved their Aunt Robin and how you had wanted for her to not marry Uncle Barney?
      3) Why devote so much time to the love between Robin and Ted? We know for a fact she is not their Mother, but that doesn’t mean that after Ted’s story is finished, he ends up with Robin.

      Fans have devoted more time and interest with Ted and Robin than with Ted and the Mother.

      • you know says:

        It’s over!Just let it go! Coz it’s not happening!OK? Chill Ann,just chill

      • Mike says:

        But Robin doesn’t love Ted, no matter how many times Tes says he loves her, Robin just doesn’t feel the same way anymore. She loves Barney.

      • Claudia says:

        It could be that he has to tell the story from when he met Robin BECAUSE he meets the mother at Robin and Barney’s wedding. They have to tell how the wedding is probably the hardest thing in the world for Ted (and we wouldn’t understand why without having seen all of the hardships that he, Robin, and Barney have gone through) and meeting the mother at the wedding was his silver lining. Meeting the mother wouldn’t have been such an epic tale unless we understood all of the background as to why Ted is at the wedding and what his feelings are at the time.

      • Rebecca says:

        The story starts with Marshall and Lily getting engaged and Ted realizing that he wants that too. Robin was just the first woman he dated after realizing he wanted to get married. People really need to get over Robin and Ted ever being together.

      • msmp14 says:

        it makes no sense ted telling his kids how he always loved robin more than their mother and that if the mother is now dead he can finally marry the one he ‘always loved’! way to traumatize your kids and making them think they are a product of some fake love and that ted was probably thinking of robin when he was having sex with the mother!
        the point of the show starting with robin is to show how sometimes you become obsessed with a person or a goal in your life, but then someone else comes along, and the feeling is even stronger than what you thought was possible. also, he already know the mother would play at barney and robin wedding, so it’s crucial to meet robin, hence her being the focus on the pilot

      • Cyndy says:

        Ann, I think tonights episode proved your theory right.

    • scott mosby says:

      Robin can’t have kids but through true love… anything is possible …

  11. Rachel Hartlebury says:

    There is no chance that ted will end up with robin

  12. Josh says:

    Scrubs did that wedding ring storyline…

  13. riley says:

    i see what the writers are doing..they are eliminating every girl we thought could be the mother..first it was the slutty pumpkin, then its barney’s half sister…i guess we can no longer speculate on the mother but just wait……

  14. Ash says:

    Ted can’t end up with Robyn because older Ted always refers to her as Aunt Robyn. How can she be their mom if he calls her that???

  15. I am glad that Aria and Hannah are siblings-in-law.
    I liked the twist. I’m glad they did a story about Barney’s one night stands.

  16. fiyero says:

    I’m personally glad that YM ended up NOT being Carly – there were too many people confident that it was her and it would have ruined the surprise and story of finding out who the mother was.

    Having said that, this was a pretty bad episode. It was just too obvious when Robin conveniently mentioned “Barney’s half-sister” and Ted referred to her as “the 20-y/o” and not Carly to his friends. Also, wouldn’t Barney know that his sister worked as a leather-bracelet salesperson?

    • Alan says:

      i didnt like the dancing around the name but i will stand up for him not knowing where she works. she is young and in college, people can go through a lot of jobs so its entirely possible that this is a new job for her. lets say she hasnt seen him since christmas there is a strong chance that he wouldnt have known about her latest job since they run in completely different crowds so wouldnt really talk much

  17. Sam says:

    Not sure if anyone else was wondering but that song the played towards the end was What Would I Do Without You by Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors.

  18. TV Gord says:

    I feel kind of bad for the creators of this show, even though they made their own bed. They are obviously terrified to reveal who the mother is because they no it will annoy a major part of their fanbase no matter what they do.

    Did I say I feel kind of bad for them? Now that I’ve written it out, it’s actually kind of funny.

  19. Gilda says:

    When did Marshall and Lily become the awkward screwball sidekicks who only get storylines where Marshall does weird impersonations of bad boys and southern women and Lily gets turned on in totally not amusing ways?

  20. Amelia says:

    This episode was underwhelming. It would have been nice if the mom was Barney’s sister seeing as its looking we will only have a year to get to see Ted and the Mother as a couple and for her to have another connection to the group would have been nice. Also it just hit me Barney will no longer be a lothario going to miss those story lines. Also did anyone else feel Jason was a little off tonight. The end is definitely near.

  21. Jessie says:

    Can we pretend this episode never happened?

  22. jimbo says:

    Ashley Benson is freaking hot.

  23. Ian says:

    I always had a feeling Barney’s sister was not the mother and I am fine with that. I want to be surprised when we meet the mom if they went with his sister that would have been a let down because everyone had a feeling it was her. I still think we will meet her at the end of Mays finale and then go from there next season.

  24. Bob says:

    Who says the Mother has already been on the show?

  25. Jack says:

    Remember that dating service Ted paid? After a year or so, the new owners called and said they had found him a perfect match, but he gave up on his blind date with her to go to rescue Lily (who was interviewing for the art internship in SF). Maybe she’s the mother…

  26. Newo says:

    So Robin doesn’t understand Marshals LOTR reference, but then 30 seconds later hallucinates the Gollum voice ?

  27. MorganBaby says:

    I have a lot of crazy theories about who the mother could be, but there is one thing I am certain of: Ted will meet the Mother by the end of this season.
    In Spring of 2015 Ted has a baby girl (we learned this in Season 7, episode 20 Trilogy Time) doing the math, the mother has to conceive no later than Spring/Summer 2014 (end of Season 9). After spending the past 8 years telling this story, I can’t believe that they would have him meet the mother and get her pregnant within the same season.
    ‘Well kids, I met a girl we went out out on one date and then 9 months later there you were” just doesn’t have the romantic edge we are looking for.

    • Mike says:

      It’s not entirely impossible to believe that Ted would marry a woman and within a few months she would be pregnant, especially if she wants all thee things Ted wants, I mean they’re not getting any younger.

    • A says:

      I hope you’re right. I just don’t think we can go another entire season without meeting her. The next season HAS to have us, the viewers, getting to know her. Especially with how close we’ve gotten to finding out who she is (or isn’t) in the last two episodes!

  28. paula says:

    Alexis Bledel for the mother!

  29. MLO says:

    OMG. I hope you people pay as much attention to your children as you do to coming up with your convoluted theories and plot explanations. It’s a television show, people. Things don’t have to make sense. Didn’t any of you see Lost?

  30. Azerty says:

    One of the best episode this season! But the producers really made fun of the fans, messing up with the (not so) crazy theory about the mother (Barney saying “you have to marry my sister now”, good one!)
    But i am kinda disappointed, the mother will probably be some random girl who plays in the wedding band and have no connection with the gang. It would have been good the have the mother already connected somehow, that’s why I loved the theory “Carly is the mother” mais anyway…

  31. Ben says:

    Didn’t we see this episode already? Did they just recycle an episode from the first season? Is it time to just bring the mother in already before Ted encounters another goat in the bathroom?

    • Alan says:

      also it was a recycled gag from scrubs before that and many, many other sitcoms before that. the writers are really starting to run out of ideas

  32. Alan says:

    that was painful to watch. what has happened to the sweet guy who was just looking for a wife? now he is almost like barney with how he acts around women. good god it was blindingly obvious who she was when they went out of the way to avoid ted telling barney her name, i would have rathered the episode be about how the two of them deal with having slept with someone close to their best friend/brother (delete where appropriate).
    barney was pretty awful here as well, he never went through any kind of “detox” when he was engaged to the other one who’s name i’ve already forgotten so why is he suddenly going through this now? it made me feel like he didn’t want to be married.
    robin’s dream sequence was a pointless filler as well which didn’t really make her look that good, she cam across as a bit of an egomaniac thinking everything should be handed to her no problems just because she is hot. i know the show did this before with barney sing “nothing suits me like a suit” but that fit with his character’s love affair with his suits (his one true love).
    the marshall and lily stuff was boring and didn’t really go anywhere or develop either character at all. the one redeeming moment for them had nothing to do with their story, marshall’s mini-monologue in the bar which was done only to advance robin’s story. also where the hell is their baby all the time? they are new parents they should be looking after the kid, at this stage i’m beginning to wonder if he knows who his parents are.

    • Grant says:

      You obviously don’t watch the show very often.

      Ted has always been a lot like barney, aside from the fact that he has been looking for a wife the entire time. We already knew that Carly was going to be in this episode, so dancing around the name served no point anyway.

      Barney didn’t “detox” when he was engaged to Quinn because he was still in love with Robin at the time, therefore not truly believing that he was going to be with Quinn for the rest of his life. However, he does believe this with Robin.

      Robin’s story in the episode was essential, as was Barney’s, because for both of them it meant leaving part of their old self behind for the other person, and being OK with that.

      You are correct when you say that the Marshall and Lily parts of the episode weren’t essential to the series plot or character development, but they weren’t boring. They had exactly the kind of comedy which fans of the show enjoy, and the bottom line is that the show is a sitcom. It is funny and not every single second of every episode needs to be meticulously planned to be important to the big picture. Also, Lily’s dad looks after their baby when they’re out, and if you watched the show as much as you are trying to prove you do, you would know that.

      • Alan says:

        i am a massive fan, ive seen every episode, i still watch reruns of the early seasons all the time.
        ted has never been a sleazy guy like he was portrayed in this weeks episode, in fact he was always the first to say something whenever barney mentioned anything about his antics throughout the years, it just completely went against how he has been portrayed for almost 8 years.
        barney still should have went through the same process last time because he wasn’t to know they would split so as far as he knew he would be committed to one woman for the rest of his life. its just inconsistent from the writers.
        i never had a problem with robin’s story, i had a problem with her portrayal which made her completely unlikeable; she has become this horrible ego maniac in the last few years who i just cant enjoy (she used to be my favourite character).
        if you think the marshall and lily stuff was the sort of stuff that made the show popular i urge you to go back and watch the first few seasons, i have been watching the show from the beginning for the past few weeks and i’ve nearly reached the end of season 2, i find myself questioning whether its the same show with how different the comedy is. it used to be clever comedy which made good use of the structure of the show by having funny narration and flashbacks/forwards to counterpoint something said by a character now its lily is a sex maniac, a one note joke which became boring 5 minutes after it was first introduced a few years ago.
        i know lily’s dad looks after marvin but that was established to be while both of them are at work not at any time of the day like it has been since then. my complaint it that we never see the baby with his parents when they are at home like you would expect.

        • A says:

          I don’t think Ted is being sleazy necessarily. He’s confused, down, and having fun. There is a difference. Especially when we the audience know that his meeting the mother is right around the corner, I don’t really think we can call Ted sleazy.

  33. HaKi says:

    it isn’t completely out of sight that it’s Carly. Due to the wink at the end.
    She could overthink her way of picking men after Barney and Robin gets married, Because when Ted sits on the bench on the trainstation he looks at the mother as if he already knows this person, dosen’t he ;)

    • Alan says:

      he knows her from the wedding thats all the spark of recognition is. believe me i wanted carly to be the mother but that is out the window now because its well known that he meets her for the first time that day

  34. james says:

    I think the mother is a former bandmate of Robin’s and that is why she is important. We have been told of Jessica the keyboard player but not Tori who Robin ‘Sparkles’ also sings about in her song ‘Lets go to the mall’. Surely if we have been told about Jessica they must tell us about Tori? If Robin is a singer and Jessica is a keyboard player then surely its likely Tori is also a musician (bass guitarist) just as the mother is? Would make perfect sense and show why Robin is important because without it being Robin’s wedding her friend and former bandmate would never have been there for Ted to meet. I also believe she performs at Barney and Robin’s wedding in the final performance of the show. We find the mother out in the FINAL Robin Sparkles video to close the series :) We have seen her before in the videos but Ted never has met her. Also, how do we know that she didn’t move to NYC the same time as Robin and they drifted apart? We know their music career didn’t pan out otherwise Robin would not been a weather presenter. Maybe they decided to, as a group just move to NYC for a new break and Robin went her way and Tori went to college to start a new career, hence why she ended up in Ted’s class..

  35. dan jones says:

    you have to remember the deal: if both ted and robin are single and 40, they ‘d call it quits together. Something happens to Barney and the mother, leaving them single.

  36. Rachel says:

    That deal between robin and ted ended in series seven and she DOESNT LOVE ted,she cant and doesnt want kids,we know that she does not become a pole vaulter which is code for mother,she is set to become.a business woman,i think at some point she starts working with barney who she WILL marry and stay married to.u t/r need to accept that and your theories are wrong