Castle Recap: Sex, Lies and Videotape/SD Cards

STANA KATIC, NATHAN FILLIONThis week on ABC’s Castle, as Kate and Rick investigated the murder of a naughty video tycoon, Esposito found himself quite interested in one person of interest. And Alex started a vlog!

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THE CASE | When Beau Randolph, the producer of a Girls Gone Wild-esque video franchise, is strangled with an expensive 36D bra, all eyes are on his stalker-y actress ex-girlfriend. But then Beau’s recently hired bodyguard, Scarlet, draws suspicion when the deceased’s office security cam catches her pinching an SD card from his safe post mortem. Once Scarlet is cleared of that mystery — she claims she was retreiving a mortified gal pal’s sex tape — Espo determined the tough gal ripe for asking out.  And out they went, but just as things heated up, Beckett threw cold water on their date by brandishing evidence that Scarlet had lied. The bodyguard explained away that rap, too, and after a brief detour that suggested the daughter of a Parents Television Council-type watchdog group had offed Beau to conceal their sex tape, the killer wound up being — as I predicted the instant we first met him, and for exactly the reason I thought — Beau’s cameraman, who wasn’t about to let the boss cash out just to be an upstanding dad. Yes, an obvious outcome, but I liked the case nonetheless. Interesting variety of suspects, and the Espo subplot was entertaining if fleeting.

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THE CASKETT | For a second straight week, not much to work with here. There was again zero pick-up of the Meredith/”Rick doesn’t open up” thread, though there was some playful banter dealing with Beau’s busty babes-filled work climate (and Beckett’s own distraction by a rival’s scantily clad male talent). Also, there was a hint of a warm moment at the very end, when Kate visibly appreciated Rick’s observation, “A father would do anything for his daughter” — which also related to his concerns about grown-up Alexis’ new vlog.

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THE QUIPS | Beckett to Rick: “It’s OK to look”…. Rick to Esposito: “Eject!”…. Rick to the College Guys Gone Nuts producer, with a nod to distracted Kate: “We’re not here about your dancers. Are we?”…. “She broke a guy’s nose; you know shes gotta be freaky!”…. Rick’s slight, knowing nod when Tiffany explained that during club sex, “Things go missing”…. Kate crashing Espo’s date: “Or better yet, how about we continue this at my place?”… And the winner: “Sorry to cop-block you, bro.”

What were your favorite parts of “Death Gone Crazy”?

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  1. Emily says:

    I didn’t have a favorite part. I was glad when the end credits rolled.

    I thought the episode was boring. I hated Epsosito in it and Alexis is a cliche brat. Castle and Beckett didn’t even look like they’ve been in a relationship for months. The case of the week bored me to tears.

    Awful episode. Deleted straight off my DVR.

    • Maria says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth.

    • Alan says:

      alexis is a cliche brat, really? she is pretty much a saint in the tv child world, her storyline in this was nothing compared to some of the stupid crap other kids get up to on tv. i found it to be a fun little counter point to the story of the father and daughter in the case

    • As a new Castle fan I was distressed to learn What’s his name, Brolin, was going to be his Dad. No thanks. Will not be watching.

    • Phoebe says:

      I agree. I watch the show for Castle and Beckett’s relationship, and they’ve been giving us too little of that.

    • Cynthia V. says:

      The connection between Castle/Beckett seems very disjointed from the passion they shared in the ending moments of season 4. The body language that was always so clear via glances, smirks, & grins – should actually be amped up now. In relationship reality, especially for two people who waited so long to share in body, something is “missing,” in what ought to be the honeymoon season. Instead, they are already being written as a “comfortably married,” crimefighting duo.

  2. Terry says:

    Well another Castle episode that bored me to tears; this season has been a total bore in my opinion. I wish we could go back to the earlier seasons. I really love this show but I just don’t have the excitement anymore. I remember looking forward to Monday nights but now it’s becoming a chore because I have nothing to be excited about. (Just my opinions of course)

  3. Luca says:

    Marlowe and co are so scared of the Moonlighting curse they are bringing it on themselves by making Caskett the most chaste couple on TV. It’s almost funny. Or it would be if that wasn’t the drive of the entire show.

    • Alana says:

      Could not agree more.

    • Hammy says:

      This. So much this. A few more eps of this and they’ll be believable as siblings, but not as a couple. Don’t even blame the actors, they can only work with the material they’re given.

      • Phoebe says:

        Yes it’s pretty ridiculous. I don’t want to see smut, but a little more romance or just personal time between them (even if it’s just sitting on a couch!) wouldn’t hurt!

  4. Alana says:

    Boring episode for the second straight week.
    I watch this show for Castle/Beckett, the COTW no longer holds my attention ala s1-s2. I waited 4 years for Castle/Beckett to finally get together and the lack of said relationship is really a pain in the butt.
    Its like a minor miracle to get these two to even kiss. Where’s the passion, the love, the lust, the sex?!? Tonight’s episode could have easily been a season 3 episode for Castle/Beckett.
    Yet Marlowe calls this the honeymoon phase? Hate to see what the stagnant face looks like.

    Signed, a frustrated and bored fan.

  5. Ashley says:

    I rather enjoyed Ryan’s ‘and that’s why you’re still single’ quip

    • Matt Webb Mitovich, Editor-at-Large says:

      Yeah… except remarks like that run the risk of making Espo seem lascivious.

      • Jo says:

        I really disliked Esposito in this episode. Alexis too, actually. Add that to my total frustration with chaste caskett -I thank another commenter for that phrase-and I’m a really unhappy fan right now. Sort it out, Mr Marlowe, before it’s too late.

      • Rainne says:

        Yeah but that’s really how he came across in this ep. It was less Javier Esposito and more season 1/2 Tony DiNozzo (NCIS). I was not impressed.

      • Pearl says:

        I’m really worried about Esposito’s life, the last episodes have being highlightning too much. The Christma’s episode, the little theft episode, he partnering up with Beckett on the beggining of the season. We have being see more of him this seasonm than in the entirely series. I think the writers and producers are trowing us on a loop, making us care for him, and really know him better, just to cut him off on the season finalle. I love esposito, I hope they don’t go that way, can’t live without my Javi!

    • LittletonOne says:

      I like his “who ARE you ” thing, too

  6. Kate says:

    I liked the case, and I’m trying really hard not to be bummed about the lack of Caskett…

  7. Mel says:

    Personally I don’t think the leads are suited to be in a relationship, I just don’t feel the chemistry between them since they got together. I don’t think any hot scenes or anything like that will do them any good when the leads just don’t seem to be in it. For me, I feel like Nathan would rather be on Firefly than Castle. Also, I think the lack of skin is because of Nathan, did you see how they covered him in pillows and sheets (such a turn off). Honestly, they were better off just being work partners, I hate that they’re in a relationship, it’s ruined the show and all the characters.

  8. Alex says:

    If I didn’t already know they were together then I would have thought for sure this was a season 3 or 4 episode. I love this show, but this season is boring me. There was no way I’d miss an episode last season, this one? I’ve missed three already and halfway payed attention to this one. I don’t want sex every episode but can they act like they’re a couple? I want a reason to keep watching, not a reason to think that this show is not worth my time anymore.

  9. Teri says:

    I want to stay positive. Some cute and funny moments. Right now I am at a loss as to why Caskett is on the back burner. If they would only know how little romantic moments would go a long way to sooth us fans.

    • Alan says:

      they spent the first half of the season as the main focus, other characters need some love too. i actually found it annoying how little the rest of the cast had to do up till the last few weeks, i think its a much more rounded show

  10. Alana says:

    If Castle/Beckett would have a third of the passion, intimacy, love, want, desire that Olitz have (Scandal) then I would shut my mouth but they don’t have any of that right now. As it stands now we’re lucky to get them have a handshake.

    Also … Esposito is a good supporting character but this is the 2nd week with him at the forefront and I found myself saying, “Enough with Espo again”.

    Alexis is a character that i feel like Marlowe & Co don’t know what the hell to do w anymore. PS: Is there a rule now that Alexis and Beckett cannot talk? … even when their in the same scene?

  11. hannah says:

    I cant believe how little Caskett Spice we are getting. The only way the relationship is going to work is if you show their passion, their love. We had numerous great sexy scenes until this season – Castle/Meredith, Castle/Elle, hell, Epso/Lanie -but the year when we need to see the spice, we get prudish chastity and this episode exposed that lack badly. I am beginning to believe the rumors that Mr. Fillion and Ms Katic don’t like each other.

    I watched the show for Caskett, as do a great many others, the majority of fans I would hazard to guess, but this is awful and if it doesn’t change frustration will turn into not caring and then the show is over. Unique way to fulfill the moonlighting curse.

    • ccr says:

      I agree about the appalling lack of Caskett, it’s a crime really with such chemistry! But I don’t agree that the problem lies with the actors. Whether they like each other or not, we got plenty of sexy or just plain intimate scenes in previous seasons, remember the last year finale! And this year, they’re not given the material to work their magic on, to me it’s clear that the problem lies with the writers. They seem scared out of their mind to do something about the romance, or anything intimate for that matter. We not only have no sexy scenes, we don’t even get any sweet, intimate, domestic or banter moments that we used to get on a weekly basis. There is just no opportunity for spark!
      Listen to the lines they get, look what scenes they’re in and you’ll realize that actors work with what they’re given.

    • SW says:

      Rumors from whom? The crazy people? So lame and contrived, really. If things don’t go your way obviously the two leads don’t like each other *rolls eyes*. Stana and Nathan are very different people, but both very cool, and there’s no more merit to rumors of discord any more than there is to them being a couple off-camera. But whatever, even if they didn’t get along, it wouldn’t in any way affect their on-screen chemistry, since they are, you know, ACTORS, and Beckett and Castle are, you know, *written* characters, written by writers, not the actors.

    • taliesin says:

      The problem with the show is not with the actors. Everything starts with the words and stories created for the actors. From there the actors just try to bring some life to the characters; but when the words are lifeless there’s not much the actors can do. The writers, old and all the new ones Andrew has hired for Season 5 are failing.
      I know people might like to believe that all those looks of longing, secret smiles, brushes and whatnot in the first 4 seasons were the actors’ doing, but they were all written into the script. They weren’t the actors liking each other more – because all those glances, smiles and whatnot need to be filmed and augmented with proper lighting and camera angles for the editors to put into the final work.
      Castle is suffering because Andrew and the writing team really just don’t know how to do a couple in a relationship. They’re solely focused on trying to make the episodes funny and all the relationships are suffering for that: Castle home life, his work like, and his relationship are all suffering due to the writing.

  12. James says:

    I thought is was on ok episode. enough funny moments to keep me interested. I don’t know I have such mixed feelings about this season, in some regards i think its the best yet. but the Caskett thing is written very strangly IMO. its like thier supposed to keep it a secret but instead of the writers pushing the boundries a bit with work place shannanigans they seem to be ignoring it all together. I’m not sure what Marlowe is thinking and/or setting up here. BTW Matt maybe you can awnser this but what the heck has happened to Captain Gates. Penny Johnson has been a total no show this season.

  13. Melanie says:

    My basic problem with this episode, or even this entire season is that Caskett has been lacking in my expectations. As for Alexis Castle, I wish they would stop forcing her into every episode. I could do without her. Plus, she’s becoming a giant brat.

  14. Jo says:

    At this rate I think we will be lucky to see a handshake in the Valentine’s episode. What the heck are they doing to Castle and Beckett? It’s like watching them in years gone by and this lack of connection, let alone sizzle, is destroying the show I have loved since the pilot.

    I never thought I would think them finally getting together would be a mistake, but unless the writers find the big boy pants to actually commit to writing them as a sizzling couple and stop dousing the natural chemistry the two leads have, I foresee it bringing about a swift and untimely end to the show I adore.

  15. Morgan says:

    I know. I’m tired of them acting like they’re not a couple. I agree with the guy that said that we don’t want sex every episode, but a little intimacy would be nice. The chemistry is still there, but they are not acting on it. It’s annoying. Go back and watch seasons 1 and 2, there were some smoking hot moments and they weren’t even a couple then. Bring back those moments. We want some steam, or at least a little cuddle action. I find it hard to believe that they get called to these crime scenes often in the middle of the night, and we can’t get one scene of them laying in bed together before the phone rings. Come on! Something needs to change.

    • DarkDefender says:

      They could do an entire episode with Caskett held up in a van doing boring/lead to nothing surveillance… Just so we can have a long intimate conversation between the two of them.. lets find out more about him.. and why Castle is how he is (daddy issue?)

  16. Jo says:

    I really hope you pass these comments to the writers, matt. It seems a very similar reaction and frustration level throughout fandom right now. It needs to change fast. Really fast.

  17. Alana says:

    The first 5 episodes of this season were *the best* as it pertains to Castle/Beckett … After Hours and Swan Song were alright too.
    I just don’t believe that these two people who have had a slow burn and UST for 4 years wouldn’t have a hard time keeping their hands off each other. Sorry. Marlowe needs to understand that kisses and sex don’t negate love. You can have both … kisses and sex are another way people show/express love.
    What about intimacy? Caskett in waking up in bed before they get the body drop? Castle writing in bed, Beckett there talking his head off about what happens w Nikki/Rook next? Breakfast together before a body drop? Ya know couple stuff.
    I mean Beckett’s apartment set was built … along w a bedroom and bathroom … permanent sets … yet we never see them. (except twice) What a waste of money.

  18. Dani says:

    Did the entire writing staff suddenly forget they are meant to focus on the show leads, not Jon Huertas, and did they also forget that said show leads are meant to be in a relationship for over half a year? Because mass amnesia is the only reason I can think of for how ,my show being written lately. Fix it.

    • Alana says:

      I hear this! No offense to Jon Huertas but his character is supporting … support the leading characters. 2 episodes back to back with more focus on Espo and thus far have been the two most boring episodes of the season.
      Funny that we’ve been promised a Lanie centric episode since season 3 and nothing yet. *SMH*

      • Alan says:

        even supporting characters need development, if they didnt get it people would then be complaining that they are boring flat characters. seems like the writers cant win

        • Jen says:

          The problem is that in the past two eps (especially last night) Esposito didn’t seem to get fleshed out but made into an awful caricature, when in the past he’s been shown to actually be capable of deeper feelings and real emotion. In this episode he was like an immature guy who only talks in innuendo and bad pick-up lines. He was more interesting before; as if the writers apparently forgot all the development he went through when he was with Lanie, even arguing he’s still working through his break-up with Lanie his behaviour does not make me care or even like him.
          The past two weeks have been boring IMO, I haven’t cared about the cases and agree that if you didn’t know Castle and Beckett were together you wouldn’t be able to tell from how they act together. You can place me firmly in the “wants more intimacy but that doesn’t mean more sex scenes” fan group.

  19. Sarah says:

    It’s so ironic that the season where Caskett finally gets together has been the most disappointing. Marlowe needs to quit holding back and just let them act like a freakin couple. He said that he doesn’t believe in the Moonlighting Curse but he hardly lets them show any real affection for each other. Either their kisses are brief and kinda blah or they get interrupted every single time! Where is the physical intimacy of two people who are in love and have waited 4 years to be together. If I was a first-time viewer for some of these episodes, I would wonder if they even liked each other at all. Their chemistry is seriously diminishing because of their lack of intimacy. It seems like they’re already bored with each other and their relationship. This should be the season full of Caskett and it seems like we’ve gotten exactly the opposite in terms of what we were hoping for. What is Marlowe waiting for?

  20. lame says:

    This is an impending train wreck, like others have said, where’s the fun of being in a passionate love affair, when we haven’t seen the passion or anything resembling an affair in weeks. Take Caskett back to the Hamptons, that’s the last time we saw these two in any resemblance of love.

  21. Lucie says:

    Ok, I woke up at 4 am again (I’m french) on tuesday morning to see a bad episode 2 weeks in a row. Come on Mr Marlowe. We’e been waiting for this for so long. We want intimacy, passion, between Castle and Beckett, they are supposed to be in love (even she hadn’t said it yet), not just drink coffee together. I’d like to see them outside the 12th, once in a while. Having a good time (yes I mean sex, kiss, not just a quick smack on the lips), talk, fight and made up. I’m a huge fan and I’m starting to be disappointed, frustrated, and bored.
    Please do something, I’m begging and tired because I’ve got to go to work now.


  22. Steph says:

    Wow these comments were a fun read. It is interesting how everyone is saying the same thing, so I will hold off on that for now, because it has so obviously already been said. On a different note, I can’t help but wonder if the ending was foreshadowing the two-parter or possibly a future episode? ” A father would do anything for his daughter.” hmmmm.
    Oh and I can’t help it, I must vent, the lack of intimacy is really putting a damper on the two leads chemistry. Stop holding back. Yes, I enjoy the cases, but I know I am not the only one that has been watching for the Castle and Beckett love story. I waited four years for this, come on already. I really do love this season so far, we are only half way through, so bring on the Caskett.

  23. luli says:

    We need more Caskett, even when they weren’t together we got more of them… kind of dissapointing…

  24. Caskettfanforever says:

    The episode was ok, but, at the risk of sounding repetitive, I completely agree with everyone here that the lack of affection/intimacy scenes between Castle and Beckett – two people we know love each other – is becoming really frustrating. I don’t want them in bed every minute of the episode, but a romantic scene here and there would be nice. There’s something missing in these last few episodes, the balance is off. I like the COTW, the mystery, and I’m all for drama but I want to see some romance with Caskett also. Please Mr. Marlowe. I have no clue why he’s holding back with them. I still have hope for the Valentine’s Day episode, for all of February sweeps episodes in fact, as well as the rest of the season. I hope we’ll see a lot more of Caskett, of their relationship, character growth and development for both Kate and Rick with them being closer than ever as a result, and what about Kate and Alexis exchanging more than two words as she’s walking out the door? That scene put me off actually, it was bratty of Alexis. Kate has always been nothing but nice and helpful to Alexis. I don’t know why they’re making the Kate/Alexis relationship so weird, especially on Alexis’s end.
    Anyway, the reason I watch the show is for Caskett and their relationship. I don’t want them broken up, I want them to banter, have fun, fight all they want about their issues, but hash it all out and grow and move forward TOGETHER, not apart.

    • SW says:

      In total agreement in regards to Alexis. I went from loving her, to being annoyed yet still liking her, to just being downright annoyed, bothered, and irked by her very being. She sucks as a character. There’s just no point to her at all. Its so contrived. The lack of interaction between her and Kate is baffling, but even more shocking is that Alexis has not been welcoming of Beckett and has shown zero warmth toward her in quite some time. I don’t know if its solely on the writers, as even in previous seasons even when lines aren’t written Alexis has smiled Kate’s way and I’ve seen none of that lately.
      Alexis has become the girl that other girls would hate on in college. The vlog wasn’t a lame idea but the context was!
      And I don’t even know where to start on the relationship between Alexis and Rick…

      • Caskettfanforever says:

        I totally agree. I don’t know if the writers are responsible or not but the lack of warmth from Alexis toward Kate is really off-putting. Kate has always been on Alexis’s side when Castle talks to her about his daughter, she even saw Alexis’s side on Castle’s vlog dilemma in this episode. But Alexis does nothing but act cold and indifferent toward Kate. She’s 18 and an adult now, but she’s acting like a 12-year-old who wouldn’t want anybody taking her daddy away. I used to love Alexis too, so I really don’t want to be irked by her, but whoever is responsible for Alexis’s personality this season, whether it’s the writers or an acting choice on Molly’s part, it’s making it really easy to dislike Alexis. And because I don’t like her attitude, even her scenes with Rick aren’t that great for me anymore.

      • Morisot says:

        I kept thinking when Alexis was on, “Please, please, please GO AWAY TO COLLEGE already!–or go share an apartment with classmates. (And I’ve loved the father-daughter relationship on this show.)

  25. jj says:

    This was an OK episode, I am not particularly liking Alexis. Espo is fine. As far as Caskett, I have faith in AM. Castle is not a night time soap opera, there are plenty of those around. If I want night time soap opera I will go watch those shows. (And no I don’t.)

  26. Katy says:

    This was a good episode, with a nice twist at the end. We all knew that the blonde would figure in the story, because her character was introduced and then dismissed! I wonder if people don’t realise the way the writers create this type of show. The theme of this episode was father and daughters, with three different stories all blended together and then a little tiny twist at the end with Beckett’s smile. Was she smiling because of her father? Maybe she thinks Castle would make a good father… does this mean we are going to get some good news?
    I am enjoying this series, especially because we don’t see too much PDA from Caskett (there have been other episodes where they are very intimate, we don’t have to see that all of the time..real couples aren’t constantly necking..). I switched off of Bones because they really were hit by the Moonlighting curse, too much weeping from bones and bravado from Booth..and NO storylines, but I think Castle has done a great job.

    • CarlagUK says:

      Thank you Katy for your inciteful angle on this show. I agree with you wholeheartedly and get so irritated at times with ‘ lack of Caskett’ troll. I am really pleased that the two of them are together and watching that journey was both fun and compelling. We are barely halfway through the season and I for one do not need to see them cosying up in every episode. I am sure there is much more to come about the development of their relationship as the season progresses. Meanwhile they are also about solving murders. I beg fans to let them do that. Someone earlier posted that they hope Matt passes their ‘Caskett’ comments on to the writers etc. Do they not realise that by doing this it could do the show more harm than good. Please everyone be patient and let us see where we all are going to be taken with this season, which I am enjoying with or without ‘Caskett’ moments. Finally if by any remote chance you do pass on any of these comments Matt, as posted before, I would still like to congratulate AWM on where he is taking us.

      Keep the faith.

    • Alan says:

      finally someone who seems to understand that there is more going on in the show than just caskett. also its really great that you put out there that couples arent ridiculously all over each other like some people expect

    • Lauren says:

      Yes! Thank you! I have faith in the writers, and in AM. I actually thought this past week’s episode was quite nice — an hommage to earlier seasons, perhaps, when the case really was the “main focus,” if you will. I agree with others that last week’s episode was rather a snooze, but one or two “misses” in a season otherwise full of “hits” is nothing to complain about — and we’re only half-way through the season: There is plenty of time left for more Caskett development. If we look at the twelve episodes that have aired thus far, the vast majority of them have dealth with Caskett in a very up-front (and positive) kind of way. I think the frustration from the fandom is likely due to the fact that we’re getting two non-Caskett episodes in a row after a month-long hiatus (“Significant Others” excepted, of course), so we’re thirsty for more relationship-oriented plotlines. That being said, it is possible (even likely) that, once the season is complete, we will look back and realize that there was more Caskett than not. If the Frebruary episodes focus a great deal more on the relationship (and I don’t mean all sex, all the time; I mean heartfelt moments like the “handshake scene” from earlier this season), then perhaps the writers felt the need to insert a small break in January before diving in?

      Also, for all of you out there complaining about the chemistry/lack thereof, it looks like Caskett may be the Blind Item from December: Be careful what you wish for…

      • Caskettfanforever says:

        Nobody is wishing for Caskett to break up, quite the contrary. We want to see Caskett being a couple. I’m not even talking about sex scenes 24/7, but just the little romantic moments that make Caskett who they are. The looks, the touches, anything. And if Marlowe is planning on breaking them up by season’s end – per the blind item from December you mentioned – then what was the point of putting them together in the first place? If he does break them up after barely a year together then the show will lose me as viewer. I can’t speak for everyone else here but I’m not interested in watching Castle and Beckett apart again and with other people. I thought Marlowe would keep them together and have their relationship evolve as they go.

        • Lauren says:

          To clarify: I meant that, if the writers see that fans are “unhappy” with Caskett as written and find them boring, they (the writers) may be more inclined to break Caskett up — however temporarily — in order to create an opportunity to reunite them in some dramatic way (thus eliminating the boredom expressed by fans). Like you, I am not at all intersted in watching Castle if Caskett is no longer an item, and I would be disappointed with a break-up, even a brief one, as I waited four years to see them come together and be together as a couple. Again, like you, I would likely tune out if the writers elect to go that route. And I completely agree with your comments about the little romantic moments: I think everyone would appreciate more of those!

          • Caskettfanforever says:

            Oh, ok gotcha, thanks! I feel the same way you do, what I have a problem with is that we waited four long years for Caskett to finally be together so I would just feel really cheated if the writers break them up after barely a year. I’m not interested in watching Caskett in any way but together and working on their relationship, so I wouldn’t watch the show again until they got back together.

          • Rainne says:

            Knowing as I do that Castle & Beckett are based on Marlowe and his real-life wife, I don’t see that happening ever. Frankly, I think Marlowe wants C&B to get their forever – and that will happen. But I get what others are saying about wanting to see them show their love for each other more. Frankly, I watch for the ‘ship, and my ‘ship is a sad little ‘ship these days.

  27. goldfish says:

    this is really interesting. I mean, I don’t have a big problem with season 5 – not the best season, that’s for sure, but clearly something is wrong when so many loyal fans express their disappointment and frustration.


  28. Hilary says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with what most people have already said here. Caskett have definitely lost their spark. They hardly seem like a couple anymore, they just seem bored with each other, and the cases are not interesting enough to make up for the lack of excitement in their relationship. I hope we get something good from the Valentine’s Day episode or the two-parter or Castle as a show is not going to be around much longer. It is my favourite show but this season is the worst by far and I’m bitterly disappointed.

  29. Dare says:

    I agree with the comments here about this season and the way that the relationship between Castle and Beckett is being handled and I am dismayed about where the show is going to go with this. I don’t need to see them in bed every week, or even showing PDA, but what I miss is the intimacy and the warmth that the 2 characters have always had and that now appears to be gone, especially in recent episodes. Some of my favorite episodes- Nikki Heat, To Live and Die in LA, etc. focused on the relationship between Castle and Beckett with subtlety and charm. This season all that seems lost-does Castle even write anymore? Does he do book signings? Does he play poker anymore? I can only hope that when Andrew Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller write their episode that we get the magic back…I’d settle for anything at this point, just an “Always” or a “Tomorrow” would do.

  30. Maria says:

    I am also an NCIS fan, and lately I’ve seen more sweetness between Tony and Ziva (who are not an official couple) than between Castle and Beckett (who are). This season, Tony has set up the squadroom so he could bring the opera to Ziva when she couldn’t get tickets for the real one, and he flew her friend in from out of town when she needed a shoulder to cry on. Where are Castle and Beckett doing sweet things for each other? They’ve never been shown on a real date. They rarely kiss or touch, and when they do it’s poorly lit and it’s interrupted. He never tells her she’s beautiful. They don’t call each other baby/sweetheart/any other term of endearment. When a non-couple is more romantic than an established couple, something is wrong.

    • scooby says:

      Andrew and his wife Terri are the model for Caskett. He knows how to have a grown up, in love couple behave. Marlowe doesn’t exist to write Castle romance fan fiction for people. They’re not gonna have a makeout session or sex in every episode just so we can giggle and clap (and oh how I’d squee). That stuff IS happening, and occasionally it has to happen offscreen because it’s not relevant to the story. it’s just fun to see. While that may be something we’d like to peep in on, it’s bad storytelling if they let us just to let us. When he gives her coffee, it might as well be a kiss. Talking about his daughter with her IS relationship stuff and they were doing that before they even admitted they were in love which spoke volumes about their connection. They went on informal dates back then and have since gone to the Hamptons. Are we supposed to see him tentatively ask her to dinner, then see them make goo goo eyes over the table? Get to know each other? On Kate’s end there’s not much to get to know from questions on a date and they set up the ‘we don’t know Castle very well’ in the ep with the deep fried twinkie ex wife so that will clearly develop soon. Why would he take her to fancy restaurants all the time? That’s not her style and they’ve already skipped to a more serious stage of relationship. They probably go back to his place, cook something, and watch a movie. We have to have an obligatory bit of that for each show?.Doesn’t move the characters forward. Castle’s already told her she’s smart and beautiful…and hot. He finds how she cares about the victims and doing her job well to be attractive. How often does he have to repeat it? He’s used the word “love” more than once. If anything, we need to hear it from Kate. As far as showing affection, solving cases is foreplay for them. That’s already been established. They can’t show a bunch of affection at work (where they are most of the time) because they’d like to keep working together and they figure Gates would object.. Scully and Mulder were a beloved shipped couple of legend and they never called each other “baby” or “sweetheart”…When Mulder (or Castle in this case) uses her (Beckett or Scully’s) first name, that’s almost the same thing. He does it when he wants to be tender. I feel like people want to see gushing every episode. I’m a mega shipper but geez, can’t we have a week or two of (what seems lightweight at first) set up before the mega 2 parter? What seems like fluff isn’t always. Alexis is clearly going to have something big go down later. Ryan too. Supporting character arc set up must just bore some people. I enjoy it when it pays off so I say be patient.

      • Luca says:

        I see what you are saying and I do agree with most of it. But these two have been together 6 or so months after waiting for 4 years. On the basis of the last couple of episodes, last night especially, you wouldn’t have known they were even together. You don’t need sex scenes or make out sessions to show a relationship, but you do need intimacy and they haven’t had that for a while now. As many have said, this relationship is so chaste they could currently be siblings. When so many are saying the same thing, and not just out to cause trouble, but in genuine constructive criticism/concern you know there is a problem.

        I don’t need, or even want gratutious sex scenes, that’s not what this show is. I don’t need ridiculous pet names, that’s not what these characters are about. But I do want to see that the relationship we’ve all waited on for years is actually a relationship. They were more intimate and sexy in season 1, 2, 3, 4 when they weren’t actually intimate than they have been for the last several episodes.

      • Alan says:

        yay somebody with sense, why cant there be more well informed viewers like you on these comment boards, its really sad that its rare to see people who actually get how a story is told

  31. Caren says:

    I completely agree with most of the comments above. The lack of Caskett is running the show into the ground. Please stop it before its too late! Stop trying to focus on Esposito and Alexis! I like Espo but I like him as part of the TEAM and he and Ryan are where the magic is, not the Esposito show. Ugh, this bad ass cop thing is done! The show is suppose to be, according to Marlowe, and epic love story. When are we gonna see that again? THIS is what killed moonlighting IMO, keeping the leads apart after getting them together. I agree with the person above who said after 4 years of UST I cannot believe these two aren’t having a hard time keeping their hands off each other! Where are the stolen moments and the sneaky kisses. Where is the FUN? So much potential being wasted on trying to spotlight Esposito, trying to keep Alexis in the story, and keeping the Caskett OUT of the show. Ugh, I am so frustrated as are most of the people on twitter after last night. PLEASE pass these comments on to Andrew Marlowe! We love our show we just want to save it from this mediocrity!

  32. kevinsoy says:

    If you think Helen`s story is terrific,, five weaks-ago my brothers mother in-lw got paid $7246 working an eleven hour week at home and they’re best friend’s mother`s neighbour was doing this for 10-months and broght in over $7246 in their spare time from there labtop. the advice here…….. BIT40 ℂOℳ

  33. Monique Flanagan says:

    We defenitely need more Caskett, the last 2 episodes were pretty boring but I still watched them and taped them, we need more teasing from Castle and Becket. These 2 actors should come to Ottawa, On Canada for sure.

  34. Sela says:

    Very boring Episode. Esposito was disappointing. I really disliked him in the episode. He needs to go back with LAnie. I hate the fact he wants to sleep with so much girls now and doesn’t care anymore about Lanie. That’s kinda sad and I don’t like what he’s becoming.

    The case was boring. I didn’t like Scarlet Jones (even if I like Kelly Hu) The Alexis story was boring as well.

    I already forgot this episode.

  35. Alan says:

    you can tell they are a couple, i dont need it in my face every week. i prefer small moments during the story like kate being a little distracted by the guys and castle snapping her out of it than spending half an episode with the writers basically screaming “look they are a couple” like some shows have. i think its a lot like chuck and sarah from chuck (obviously) and nikita and michael from nikita (again, duh) both couples have been written as being close but not taking up the entire focus of the show and detracting from the story the writers are telling.
    the case was pretty good this week, nice amount of twists that kept me guessing (i did suspect the camera man but i thought it was the business partner who seemed to disappear after he was introduced). liked kelly hu’s character and i wouldnt mind seeing her again showing up to help the guys when they need to do something which might not be exactly within the law

  36. Castle_fan says:

    All of you are used to bloody, too dramatic, noisy and perturbing scenes, so you say Castle’s boring and slow. Comedy is disappearing from the screen because of those kind of viewers.
    I couldnt believe what i read last night on twitter, a man wrote that he loved “the following” becasue it had blood scenes. Is it necessary? Well, I understand why people is so agressive nowadays.
    Stop watching Castle and start watching TheFollowing, TWD, you will be happy, you will get what you want. Violence is addictive, for sure.

  37. SW says:

    It sucks to read so much negativity. I love this show so much and don’t want it going ANYWHERE! Have to agree about this episode. My problem with it was it was a repeat story – the playboy giving it all up and changing his ways because he’s about to be a baby daddy, only to end up murdered – season 2’s Food To Die For, anyone?
    This was also the first ep where we saw absolutely no hint of coupledom with Beckett and Castle. They’re amazing together and do the small, loving moments so well that to not be given anything, especially after being on the back burner on the last ep, is highly frustrating.

  38. KND says:

    I actually forgot they were a couple. Where’s the heat they use to have????

  39. Hammy says:

    Well, I think I found some soul mates. So glad I’m not the only one who’s fed up with this restricted non-version of Caskett. The spark really IS gone. And after 4 seasons of UST, how sad is that? It’s like they’re so afraid of handling Caskett wrong that they’re just… barely doing it at all.

  40. lmg says:

    Seems to me if you didn’t like this episode you missed all of the foreshadowing…

    • Maria says:

      Nope. I caught the foreshadowing, probably setting us up for the two-parter. Still didn’t like the episode.

    • Steph says:

      Definitely caught all of the foreshadowing which I am assuming is for the two-parter. It felt like that was the only purpose of the episode. It was average for me, though on the other hand I can’t wait for the next two episodes and the two-parter!

    • Luca says:

      Don’t assume. I caught all of the foreshadowing, I even caught the character development references (Castle’s searching for what he has always been missing until he found Beckett and changed etc) and some of those moments were hit-you-around-the-head obvious.

      The doesn’t negate the genuine critique that has been common about the episode.

      Esposito was unlikeable, shallow and cartoonish.
      Alexis has little respect for her father.
      Caskett was non-existent.

      Valid criticisms doesn’t mean not seeing the show or even not liking the show. Just the opposite in fact.

  41. rv says:

    AWM said, they will not write Caskett like old bickering couple like the leads in Moonlighting after getting them together. They certainly did not write Caskett as bickering couple after they got together. But they certainly wrote them as like OLD COUPLE who are not interested with each other, no spice, no spark , no romance at all for the last 5 episodes this season 5. There was no honeymoon period at all. If there was, I certainly missed it.

  42. HD says:

    This part of the recap is incorrect: “Beau’s recently hired bodyguard, Scarlet, draws suspicion when the deceased’s office security cam catches her pinching an SD card from his safe post mortem. Once Scarlet is cleared of that mystery — she was hired by a children’s programming company to dig up dirt on Beau, a wannabe investor — Espo determined the tough gal ripe for asking out. And out they went, but just as things heated up, Beckett threw cold water on their date by brandishing new evidence against Scarlet. The bodyguard shook that rap, too,”

    Initially, she said she was taking a sex tape of a friend of hers and that friend confirmed her alibi. That’s when Espo asked her out. The ‘new evidence’ Beckett brought was that the friend admitted she lied, and it’s only THEN that we found out about the children’s TV company.

  43. Becca says:

    I loved the first half of the season, not a huge fan of the second half so far, for all of the reasons you guys have said. But…I’m hoping that the last couple episodes are setting us up for a pretty excellent Feb. With the Senator coming back, the Valentine’s Day one, and then the 2-parter, it should be a pretty entertaining run of episodes.

  44. susan says:

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..what? huh? oh, i just woke up from watching another totally boring episode of castle…
    FYI to TPTB – nobody watches castle for “the cases” – if we wanted to watch a boring procedural, we would watch CSI – give us the “need a biohazard containment zone with all their sexual chemistry” – caskett we all love and watch for…and preferably do it with them in bed… good lord – they are a HOT couple who have not made it out of less than G rating since “always” – do any of the writers watch TV? let’s kick this up a notch – they are the best looking couple on TV – DO SOMETHING WITH THAT!!!!

  45. Anna says:

    I liked the episode. Certainly not the best Castle episode but I still enjoyed it. I thought the case was interesting.
    Yes 2 episodes with no Castle and Beckett scenes, but I think we’ve had some great moments between these two in S5. I’m willing to wait for more great moments between them. The next 4 episodes sound very promising so I’m optimistic on the Caskett front.
    Sad to see so many people disappointed, hopefully this will change.

  46. Am I watching episodes of Castle or Downton Abbey? Oh wait, I think the leads, Mary and Matthew, had more kisses and bedroom time then Castle and Beckett this season.

    Kate Beckett and Richard Castle finally get together on Castle and they act like an old married couple instead of two people who waited four years to be together. Where is the passion? Where is the sneaking off for a kiss or two? Where is waking up in the middle of the night in Castle’s bed when Beckett gets a call about a murder?

    I know it can’t be Castle and Beckett kissy face all the time but I would like to see some kisses. Maybe being called away to a case while on a date and the parallel of that – you know how Beckett’s previous boyfriends would be annoyed but Castle is excited.

    Oh, and who they hell cares about all this excessive screen time for Esposito. The show is called Castle, and though there have been numerous stories based on Beckett, it is expected. As Beckett is Castle’s muse and he is peeling away the Beckett onion just as the audience is.

    I want my Castle back. I want the cases to be kind of interesting but the bulk of the screen time layered with Castle and Beckett actually being a couple and having some nice hot, sexy moments. Instead of tuning in to see them act like a throw-back to some 50’s version of a dating couple.


  47. Okay. It’s not gonna be about Caskett, but what was the point of making Esposito flirting with another girl like Kay Cappuccio las season? It was POINTLESS. Without Lanie knowing it? It could have been great if she showed jealousy or something, but really, I think it was just…lame and useless because he’s still single, nothing happened (and thanks Go) I mean, I don’t get it. When I first read he was gonna have a new love interest I was hoping to see Lanie’s reaction but it’s like anyway, Esposito doesn’t care anymore about her. Though on the crime scene they argued again like a 20yo married couple about bra/snickers lol but really, making him flirting with Scarlett like that was useless, I’m sorry but it was. And Esposito’s my fav but I really disliked him in this episode. I was incredibly disappointed by his reaction and he was such a macho man.

    He barely knows the girl and want to sleep with her already? Makes me think Lanie deserves someone better in the end. And I ship Esplanie more than everything else and it hurts me to say so but it’s hard to believe in them anymore. Even Kate seemed to be happy to see him dating that girl…isn’t she Lanie’s friend? I was disappointed she didn’t said “what about Lanie” to him. And Espo’s behavior was just…disappointing. He kept saying “she’s hot, she’s perfect” I mean he looked like a teenage boy in love with a playmate lol. I’m seriously disappointed.Really, really, really.

    I miss the time he cared about Lanie.That Scarlet thing was so random and IMO, they didn’t even have chemistry. I hope she won’t come back.

    And now I’ve got big hopes for Valentine’s day episode…I HOPE for some good Esplanie in it because, I really lost my love for the show if they keep writing like that. Sorry, really hurts me, I love the show, I love Andrew but what can I do. I’m disappointed. I LOVED Esposito in 5×11 but in 5×12 he was just disappointing.

    Please Andrew. Bring Esplanie BACK!

  48. Morisot says:

    As others mentioned — where is Castle, THE WRITER?! Where is the boss?
    And I don’t want to see slobbering sex, but at least have Castle hand Beckett a coffee and thouch fingers and get a little electric thrill as they exchange the cup!

    (IMO: Best build up of love/lust/yearning in a show ever–PSYCH! When Shawn and Juliette finally get together.)

    • Alan says:

      i prefer chuck and sarah but shawn and juliet were written nearly perfectly as well; my only problem was they took so long getting together, 5 seasons is ridiculous, chuck and sarah got together after 2 and a half which was justright in my opinion

  49. Marilyn says:

    Just agreeing with most everyone else – two boring episodes in a row. If you didn’t watch before the last two episodes, you’d never know Caskett were a couple. We waited all these years for them to get together and this boring, passionless relationship is the payoff? And I like the supporting characters in supporting roles. Esposito/Ryan/Alexis/Martha can’t carry the hour. Please – more Nathan and Stana.

  50. DMC says:

    The writers NEED to get back to the original banter between Rick and Kate. Believe it or not, they can do this and still have the fantastic relationship fans want. Guess what, it is possible. Fillion and Katic have such teriffic on-screen chemistry, but the writers seem to have forgotten this. What it looks like they are doing, with the end of the Meredith episode and the very end of this episode, is building Kate’s “love” for Castle. Giving her the little moments as to why she fell in love with him. The problem is, the writers are taking too long to get to the point where Kate loves being in a relationship with Castle. When writers take this long, they start losing their VERY LOYAL fan base. So, get back to the creative writing that has these two characters love each other and solve crimes. AND FAST.