Is Grey's in Denial? Is Downton Too Mean? A Criminal Plot Twist? Bawdy Belle? And More Qs!

Once_BustyBelleWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including NCIS, Pretty Little Liars, Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | How bittersweet was it for Fringe‘s Walter to wax paternal about his new levels of love for Peter just as he gleans that he won’t make it to the end of this story? That said, who else let out an audible squee! when they saw who’d be back in the finale promo?

2 | As fun as it was cleavage to see Once Upon a Time‘s cleavage Belle in flashback warrior cleavage mode, wasn’t her outfit a bit cleavage inappropriate? Cleavage? Also, could Rumplestiltskin and the Charmings been any less taken aback to learn that Hook and Cora had made it to Maine?

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3 | Hey Good Wife — where you hiding Cary?

revenge3254 | Did you notice that Revenge‘s Carrion project was the victim of some creative accounting? Or maybe the jettisoned NolCorp initiative was under such deep cover its projected cost was calculated in its own super secret currency? And does the show really need to play the sound of seagulls in the background every time there’s a scene at the Stowaway?

5 | Has there been an ickier sound effect all season than Adam “missing” the bedpan in the Season 2 premiere of Girls?

6 | Yes, yes, it was “a different time” and all that, but isn’t it flat-out hideous the way everyone on Downton Abbey conspired to break up Lady Edith and Sir Anthony? They let Lady Sybil marry the chauffeur, for Pete’s sake, and yet they’d rather condemn Lady Edith to spinsterhood than allow her to marry the older man she fancies?!

7 | Which unintentional almost TV reunion during the Golden Globes made you more excited: Alias (Victor Garber, Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper) or Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell, Amanda Seyfried, Max Greenfield)? And could a certain diet cola manufacturer have possibly run the same commercial any more frequently than they did during the telecast?

8 | What’s the closest possible, homegrown equivalent CBS might come up with for this fall’s Emmy hosts, to at all rival the Globes’ Fey/Poehler combo? Neil Patrick Harris and Kat Dennings?

himym9 | How many other How I Met Your Mother fans forgot that Kaylee DeFer (Gossip Girl‘s Ivy) played Rachel Bilson’s girlfriend in Season 6’s “Big Days,” and thus were surprised to see her in Monday’s episode?

10 | Does The Carrie Diaries realize that any Scandal fan will have a problem accepting Matt Letscher as kindly Mr. Bradshaw?

11 | How do we get Deception‘s Julian to “disrespect” us with a brand-new car?

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Ratings Bones Season High12 | We’re going to go there, quickly, then duck: Did Bones‘ dancing episode kinda sorta demonstrate that Castle could more often have more playful fun with its own lead couple?

13 | Did New Girl waste a perfectly good Dennis Farina appearance on a storyline that repeatedly used horse semen as a punchline?

14 | Is it really plausible that The Mindy Project‘s very private Danny would keep a spill-his-guts letter to his ex-wife in his desk drawer?

15 | Dear Hart of Dixie writers: If we beg and come up with all sorts of potential town events for future episodes, will you promise to never break up Wade and Zoe?

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16 | For those still doubting NeNe Leakes’ acting chops, did The New Normal this week officially put your skepticism to rest?

pll 27517 | Pretty Little Liars‘ Spencer is totally going to hook up with the Academic Decathlon guy, right? (You can’t disguise a hottie with glasses.) Also, how hilarious was this guy’s [see photo] blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shrug/eyeroll at Mona’s “away”?

18 | For those NCIS fans not versed in Hebrew, did your heart skip a beat thinking that Tony and Ziva had done the ol’ “I love you”/”I know” exchange a la Han/Leia?

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19 | Is it too much to hope that one day (maybe in Season 13?), American Idol will do away with its annual/horrible “Let’s make fun of Asian guys with thick accents” audition shtick?

20 | On General Hospital, wasn’t Diane’s laughing dismissal of True Blood (on which portrayer Carolyn Hennessy plays Rosalyn) a fun little aside during the Lucy-thinks-John-is-vampire-Caleb storyline?

21 | Nashville‘s stranded-at-the-altar plot point not withstanding, wouldn’t Juliette and Sean’s annulment have had more punch if we’d been able to see them try – and fail at – married life for an episode or two? What was up with the intimate way Lamar and daughter Tandy were standing at Teddy’s party? Speaking of which, Lamar totally fixed the election, right? And is it wrong that we’re rooting for Rayna to hook up with her cute producer/guitarist friend?CriminalMinds_Raeve

22 | Is Supernatural finally calling it a day on Amelia?

23 | Really, Criminal Minds

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24 | If you’re American Horror Story‘s bookstore clerk, at the moment that a sinister-looking customer professes to be Bloody Face’s son, don’t you just give him what he wants, pronto?

25 | How much more compelling would Oprah Winfrey’s Lance Armstrong interview have been if he was strapped to a lie detector with real-time results displayed in the corner of the screen?

26 | Why does Grey’s Anatomy insist on pretending like Alex and Jo aren’t going to hook up any second now? Come on! And Dr. Smash Williams’ John McEnroe-esque ping-pong tirades — cute or creepy?

27 | Now that Scandal has fully explained the backstory of the election rigging, are you “OK” with Fitz’s presidency being tainted? And for a guy so dense, how is Senator Davis in charge of any “intelligence” committee?

28 | Which was your favorite Florida 911 phone menu option on 30 Rock? We’re kinda partial to, “If you want to know why JAG wasn’t on this week, Press 3….”

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Cori says:

    About #10, while I watch Scandal, he’s always going to be Eli Stone’s brother so playing a nice guy works for me.

  2. Ella says:

    Yes to Zoe and Wade on Hart of Dixie!

    Diane’s True Blood mention was awesome – Diane and Todd scenes on GH are comic perfection!

    I’m liking Daniel on Revenge so much more now that he’s not with Ashley. Can’t wait for Nolan to one up him!

    Can’t believe Fringe is ending. So wonderful to see the Walter/Peter scenes last week. I have a bad feeling Walter’s life may not be the only one lost.

  3. Maria says:

    #12 yes, the writers/producers of Castle could INDEED have more fun with Castle and Beckett. A party/booksigning for one of his books, a real date for the two of them, heck one passionate, well-lit, uninterrupted kiss would be great.

    #18 the NCIS scene felt very Han Solo/Princess Leia, but I guess “I love you” wouldn’t have been appropriate in that situation (except as a friend, but we all know that’s not how Tony means it) “You are not alone” was sweet and very appropriate. Ziva is one lucky lady.

  4. Diana says:

    #26 – I’m loving Alex and Jo together. It’s so good to see Alex happy and spending time with someone who he can relate to. I really like that the writers haven’t rushed the relationship and have been slowly building it up. I don’t get the Jo and Izzie comparisons aside from both being beautiful women. Alex and Izzie were the “opposites attract” type of couple. Jo is much more like Alex in many ways and that’s where their bond and attraction is coming from. They are going to be more of a “similarities attract” couple.
    On the shallow side they are both so physically attractive that when they do get together they’ll be such a hot couple. Can’t wait!

  5. susela says:

    To be fair, everyone at Downton tried to keep Sybil from marrying the chauffer—it was only after the marriage that they decided to try and “get used to” Tom. And the same thing would have happened with Anthony and Edith. They planned a wedding, after all; it was he who walked out in a most shocking display of bad manners. (And it was not at all realistic for that place and time, that class of people, and that particular character to mortify Edith publicly; he would have rejected her quietly beforehand and not at the church in front of everyone. Poorly done, Fellowes.)

  6. arial2 says:

    Re 27: after seven years working in DC, I think that seems to be a prerequisite. Why don’t they treat him like a real politician. There are no “Mr. Smiths” in Washington, only professional politicians.

  7. arial2 says:

    Re 13: why has no one given Dennis Farina a series? He was the only “replacement” for Jerry Orbach in L&O who was believable. Of course, he WAS a police officer, IRL, before acting. I love his new Comcast commercials. He can do both drama and comedy.

    • Mary says:

      Actually Dennis Farina did have a tv series in the 80’s called Crime Story. It was created by Michael Mann who also created Miami Vice. Unfortunately, it never achieved Vice’s popularity, only lasting 2 seasons. As for doing a tv show now, he is still a sought after character actor in film, so my guess is that’s probably where he wants to stay. Regardless, he is a favorite of mine and I definitely agree he can do drama and comedy equally well, often at the same time :) I’ll have to try and find his Comcast commercial.

  8. Bobbi says:

    Re #10: Do you really think the two shows are trying to reach the same demographic?

  9. cjeffery7 says:

    7 – ALIAS. Coincidence Victor Garber was cast in Argo? Maybe. Probably. But in my head at least, Bristows stick together!!

  10. KevyB says:

    There’s no such thing as a perfectly good Dennis Farina appearance. Unless he plays a dead guy and has no flashback scenes to when he was alive or becomes a zombie after the fact. Naw, he probably couldn’t do a good job playing a corpse either.

  11. CMLover says:

    I cried like a 12 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert when Maeve died. She was so perfect!! I get why they did it and I’m really interested to see where they go with Reid now but come on she was just so perfect and what are the odds Reid meets another girl ever just as perfect for him??? Matthew Gray Gubler was OUTSTANDING!! He deserves some sort of award for that!

    • Chris says:

      What I couldn’t get over was that no-one went to her and tried to revive her? Wtf? I understand if she was already gone and there was nothing that could be done, but when it happened it looked like they all just dropped to their knees. And the fact that the bullet went through someone else’s skull first would have slowed it down considerably; there was a decent chance she would have survived.

  12. Stephanie says:

    12 – Duh. And Castle could do it way better, too. That last scene was cringe-worthy.

    18 – For a split second, yes. And then my limited Hebrew kicked in and I realized Tony had said something else. But then I also realized that with everything else he’d said and done in this episode, it pretty much was an “I love you” in disguise. And judging by the look on Ziva’s face (and her choice of response), she knew that too. :)

    23 – Tell me about it. I’m still in denial. And coming on the heels of that insanely emotional NCIS 2-parter, my poor little heart felt like it had been run over by a steamroller.

  13. Linda says:

    Criminal Minds should be ashamed — it was a cheap assed way to get attention. Not good drama – in any way. Just over the top nonsense.

  14. Sheila says:

    #16: No

    All she does is shout. All her character does on Glee is shout. Reality shows are bad enough; stop putting the “stars” on my scripted shows!

  15. tejas says:

    I *dreaded* that they might have gone there for NCIS. Fortunately, Glasberg is holding true and not screwing over the show, the fans or the characters by forcing Tony to be in love with Ziva…and it would be forcing. Tony deserves MUCH better than her.

    • partisan says:

      Tony( or anyone) would be lucky to have Ziva and IMHO he’s been head over heels for her since he first met her. It just took a while for him to admit it to himself. ( at least I think that’s how the powers that be are putting the character out there)

    • AmbidextrousAspie says:

      Agreed. Just because they are a male/female lead on a show doesn’t mean they have to be a romantic couple. That is lazy writing, the likes of which ruined Castle and Bones lead characters. Guess what, men and women can work together and not fall in love! There’s more to life than sex!

      • Yes, there’s more to life than sex and it’s called love……I know quite a few couples who fell in love at work and have been married for over a decade….myself included!!!! If you want to watch a show with a man and woman who are not and never will be a couple on a show, go watch Elementary….sounds like your kind of show. Have a nice day. :-)

  16. partisan says:

    #18 Actually what Tony said was “You are not alone” in hebrew. Sweet but not “I love you”….yet.

  17. Arie says:

    Mulan needs to go lez stat.

  18. Hannah says:

    #23 My reaction: :'( I live in England so I haven’t even seen it yet but I have already cried!! Can’t wait to see it though!

  19. Bree says:

    18 – I cried as soon as Shmeil told Ziva that someone had come to see her off and by the time that hug came ’round and he told her I had huge fat ugly tears rolling down my face. Those two. <3 didn't even care what he said, just the fact he learnt her language and memorized it and her smile …. Oh dear lord i am going to cry again

  20. rachel says:

    OUAT such a mess right now, that’s why they hired hook and Belle’s cleavage, so people still want to watch it
    They want us to focus on the face and body (oh also the “ship”) and ignore the plot

  21. Chris says:

    I don’t know if this Q has already been addressed, but, in Arrow, in Oliver’s island flashbacks, why is the collared, long-sleeve shirt that he’s wearing STILL buttoned up to the neck?? It’s clear from the flashbacks in this week’s episode that he’s been on the island for at least a few days. Even if it’s not a tropical island, which it appears to be, wearing a button-up shirt that’s buttoned up all the way to one’s neck is incredibly uncomfortable. We know that his hands have been unbound on more than one occasion. And if it is a tropical island, it would also be ridiculously hot. You’d think at this point he would unbutton and push up his sleeves as well.

    • guest says:

      it’s called “style” button up shirts are not uncomfortable if they are the right size.

      • guest says:

        yeah, I would be more interested why the shirt is still in one piece. but maybe it’ll one day be the difference between “old” and “new” Oliver.

  22. Rain says:

    #12 – Sorry but the lightness and fun of Castle and Beckett is perfect the way it is. They don’t need to do some overly campy stupid dance routine to have fun. That was one of the worst episodes of Bones ever and I hope Castle doesn’t ever follow suit! C&B are so much more believable as a couple to me, they have a normal couple chemistry that’s fun and sweet. B&B have ZERO chemistry now that they’re finally together.

    • Sean says:

      I so agree, Rain. Please don’t ever compare Castle to Bones. Castle is written much better and the leads have much better chemistry. I watch both shows and just prefer Castle. It just flows better week after week.

  23. Rach says:

    7) I was freaking out because of all of the Alias stars at the Golden Globes (especially Jennifer Garner, because she’s awesome!)
    18) For that beautiful NCIS Tiva scene, all I could think after he said “you are not alone” was that if he HAD said “I love you” and all Ziva had said back was “I know”, there would have been some serious problems with that. But, thankfully it all worked out!

  24. Vanessa says:

    Couldn’t agree more with #15! It’s more than obvious that the public LOVE Zoe & Wade. Breaking them up is sick, sick and wrong.

  25. guest says:

    #25 why are americans so obsessed with faulty technology? A lie detector does NOT detect lies but physiological (body) stress response. So no, I don’t care about having one in the first place.
    #26 I don’t want them to “hook up”, I want Alex to finally find the real deal. he deserves a break.

  26. NDBit says:

    If castle keeps ripping off Bones they could learn what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a lawsuit. Not worth the extra money, in my opinion.

  27. passinthru says:

    RE #27: It was painful to watch Senator Davis apologize to Olivia, because his guesses were absolutely right. He doesn’t know how on target he was. It was that “Thing” that Olivia’s got that made an otherwise intelligent man go completely dumb in her prescence.