Fringe Series Finale Recap: 'My Very Favorite Thing' -- What Grade Do You Give It?

Fringe Series Finale RecapWarning: The following contains massive and dynamic spoilers from the Fringe series finale.

For a moment there, as the Fringe series finale barreled toward a close, you thought it might play out another way.

But it didn’t.

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With Michael back in the team’s custody, Walter, Peter, Olivia et al resumed their plan to assemble a contraption that would transport the “child” Observer to 2167, where he would convince a scientist in Oslo, Norway to reconsider his plan to create what would become the evil invaders. To that end, they needed an “ignition” device, but Windmark’s team beat them to that crucial part, grabbing it from September’s sympathetic (and doomed) cohort December. Cue Astrid’s “shining moment”: the suggestion that they hijack one of the Observers shipping lane, using one of those cool cubes to reverse its flow, allowing Michael to enter, and exit in the future.

But who would lead the boy?

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Walter knew it was his fate, in part because “nature abhors a paradox” — and the solution to this one was “deleting” him and Michael.

“You will never see me again,” he informed his son Peter, “to assure the future of humanity. Your future with Olivia. Your future with Etta.

“I cheated fate to be with you,” he continued, describing their time together as father and son as “stolen.” Even so, and given all they’ve been through, and in light of how it must end, “I wouldn’t change it for the world,” Walter professed. “I don’t want to say goodbye, but I will say, ‘I love you, son.'”

Peter, crestfallen, confirmed: So, a world without Observers means you and Michael have to finish your lives in the future? “I know in my soul this is what I’m supposed to do,” Walter insisted, and they pulled one another into a strong, warm hug, tears welling in all four eyes. “You are my favorite thing, Peter…. My very favorite thing.”

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But as noted above, we were teased with an alternate ending, when Walter discovered that September had used the last time travel-enabling inoculation on himself, so that he could lead Michael to his world-saving destiny. September spoke of the emotions he felt upon being reunited with the boy, and how observing Walter’s interaction with Peter gave clarity to his confusion. “When I saw what Peter meant to you, then I understood why [my feelings] were important,” he said. “When I take his hand and I lead him [to 2167], he’ll know that I love him.” Walter explained, “That’s being a father.”

Reiterating his resolve, September assured Walter, “It’s not about fate, yours or mine. It’s about changing fate. It’s about hope and protecting our children.”

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September’s highly noble gesture, however, was met with a change-of-fate of its own. As the Fringe team Fringe_PeterOliviaParklabored to hold off Windmark’s men as the shipping lane opened — and after the cruel Captain himself was blindsided and crushed (hurrah!) by a telekinetically shoved truck — September was felled by a bullet just shy of the leaping-off point. Michael briefly mourned his father figure with a playing of the “Greensleeves” music box, then was offered a new leading hand. Walter’s. Peter mouthed, “I love you, Dad” as his father escorted Michael to the future. And….

We’re back in the park, from the opening scene of Season 5. Only this time when Peter calls for young Etta, saying it’s time to go home, she makes it into his arms, running. And he twirls her, while mom Olivia beams. Back home, Peter finds in the mail the odd letter that VHS Walter said he’d one day receive — a white tulip card.

It is about hope and protecting our children. It is about changing fate.

UPDATE: Some additional thoughts on the final two hours….

* How awesome was it to see Michael beat Windmark bloody without so much as blinking an eye?

* Great quote, Hour 1: “You can stop checking out my young ass.”

* Great quote, Hour 2: “It’s a beautiful name.” “What?” “Astrid.”

* Many spotted the TV news crawl about Chelsea Clinton running for president in Alt 2036, but did you also see that Warner Bros. (aka the company that produces Fringe) had announced a Harry Potter remake? That Detroit had been ranked the safest U.S. city? And that the valuation of American currency had hit an all-time high?

* Who else winced on their sofa as Olivia howled with the final two Cortexiphan shots?

* Nice touch, intimating that Lincoln felt some guilt being Over There while our side was being run roughshod by the chrome domes.

* Anyone else get a Callum Keith Rennie vibe from Michael Cerveris aka Haired September?

* As for the paradox issue, I’ll seek clarity from Joel Wyman first chance I get. I was on board with the theory that Walter’s plan merely prevented the Evil Observer invasion, until December warned September that with the reset an unqualified “we would cease to exist.”

What did you think of Fringe‘s series finale. Was it, as Joshua Jackson assessed for us, “Correct”?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Cheo says:

    For years I loved these people almost as if I really knew them, and now I can’t look forward to seeing them anymore. I know we have quibbles with details of the season-ending story, but that seems trivial now.

  2. Gregory says:

    I can’t believe no one notice the return address of Walters white tulip. Look closely and pause it bc you can see he mails it from an observer address. Look at the writing. It’s an %#^# street in observer language. He made it to the future. He is the professor from Norway. We see he is n Boston but in the future. Did anyone catch this. Also missing the sssshhhh Michael told Olivia what am I missing.

  3. Cythor says:

    OK i’m shocked with all of the paradox talk that nobody’s noticed the biggest mistake of all. They say that in 2167 scientists find a way of replacing certain emotions with increased intelligence. So that was the normal timeline. There’s no way that could have ever happened though. Firstly the observers coming back to 2015 was its own paradox, so the original future wouldn’t have happened as the observers to avoid the paradox would always have to have gone back.
    Lets ignore that for now. Lets go back to the idea that taking Michael into the future would mean the invasion would never happen. Either the observers never existed or they were a new breed of observers, who could still have sent the 12 back.
    Scenario 1 – Observers never existed, blue peter dies, red peter gets cured, and stays in the red universe.
    Scenario 2 – New Observers. The new observers would never have created michael. He was discarded as a defect because he had qualities that the new observers would have been designed to have. September wouldn’t have needed to save him ‘the boy must be saved’ (remember the boy was explained to really be Michael, not Peter). So with walternate distracted, red peter gets kidnapped, but both he and Walter die in the river.
    Now in either of these scenarios the biggest issue is still David Robert Jones, and William Bell. Their plan, to destroy both worlds and create a new one. Without the original timeline from series 1 (both scenarios mean red peter never enters blue universe), David isn’t stopped. You see, even if red peter used the machine and created the new timeline, he still would never have the original memories from series 1, and as shown in series 4, they wouldn’t have had the knowledge to stop him.
    So either way David Jones, and William Bell get their new world – 2167 can’t happen as normal.

  4. Cythor says:

    Oh yeah, and why create this elaborate plan when September already knew about the box they used in the last episode. It’s not like it was difficult to steal as the resistance were able to. We could have saved all of the ‘lets find the parts’ episodes and just had them use a stolen box (and I don’t think it would have been too difficult for September to find out dates/times they’d be shipping parts back to 2015). They’d never have needed to be Ambered. I’m sorry to say S5 created more problems for me than it fixed/answered.

  5. alex says:

    i love this season… the only thing that i did not like was how Olivia was no longer the strong lead female character she stood on the side lines with no abilities or going much…however i love that at the series finale Olivia is finally doing something ( crossing universes and using her abilities) and being like in season one kicking a**

    • Katiebell says:

      What you are really trying to say is that NOBODY ELSE matters but Olivia and she should do all the work while Peter, Walter, Astrid do nothing.

      • ck888 says:

        Katiebell, I keep coming across your comments and I must say, you are a real downer. No one ever said Olivia is the only one that matters. Hop off it.

  6. really? says:

    wow. I stumbled on this site, trying to make sense of the white tulip, and all I find are a bunch of sad geeks mentally masturbating about the pros and cons of timetravel and paradoxs. I loved the show, but really? i think you need to get out more.

  7. Maria says:

    Whatever I choose to say about this series, it would just not be enough. Let’s summarize it in one word: Amazing. The finale was good, as promised, although I personally didn’t wait for the last episode to be the best of all. Because Fringe was not about ending well, it was the journey of these five years that made it so special to me.

    I have a question I would like to ask, though. What exactly was the meaning of Michael leaving the train and join the observers? So as Olivia to get her abilities back? And why was that even important? I mean, it wasn’t a necessary part of the plan to have her powers back. Is there anything else? Olivia said to Michael that he smiled when he saw her in the lab. So he must have known something. (??)

    It was just so painful to see her screaming when the took the cortexiphan.

  8. GingerSnap says:

     It was a satisfying finale. Good stories have a good story arc. Our heroes are meant to do heroic deeds . Iin the finale the characters we care about make sacrifices and completed heroic deeds. There are questions for future movies that could be answered. I’m curious to find out what happens to Michael and Walter in the future but as a conclusion to this series it was was a very satisfying episode.

  9. Jayne says:


  10. honeybooboo says:

    Boring dumbed down ending. Where’s the creativity? Season 5 sucked it.

  11. Ashley says:

    Don’t like it. And reading all these comments has me even more confused. I wanted a longer view of the happy ending where all the dead characters are back and all happy together. Guess that would be too much. Oh well.

  12. M says:

    I was wondering if it was Michael or Olivia killing Windmark, considering Michael gestured to Olivia to be silent. But maybe that was the reason for Michael let himself be captured by the Observers, for Olivia to have cortexophan again and be able to kill Windmark.
    Also, I thought it was a great ending, resetting time to the point of the original invasion. Like Walter said, nature abhors paradox, and like Peter had to be removed from existance for the universes to heal, Walter (and Michael) would vanish on the day the original invasion happened. As Walter explained in the video he left for Peter, one moment he was there, the next he was not.

  13. AngelMoon Girl says:

    Lovely review, Matt, and I very much agree with you on all points. I’m so happy Peter and Olivia had a happy ending, and got their daughter back! Walter’s sacrifice also seems very fitting, very full circle, but it still makes me sad that he will live the rest of his days out in the future, never to see his little family again. I give the finale a definite A!

    By the way, I think it should be noted that OLIVIA – not Michael – killed Windmark, using her cortexiphan powers and the energy she drew from New York (if you’ll notice, all the lights are drained behind her as she angrily sits up, no doubt thinking of Etta and what Windmark did to her). But I agree that it was a very epic moment!

    • Lewis says:

      Olivia never showed the ability to move objects before. Even with Cortexiphan. She used energy.

      The boy had to have been the one to do it. That is why he put his finger to his lips. Its was the one time he directly intervened. It brought the scene full circle with when he didn’t intervene when Olivia asked him earlier. I love the way they bring such scenes full circle. Just like in the end when Peter gets the letter. Watch the scene and rewind to the part where Peter finds the tape addressed to him only. This is what makes me think at that Peter’s reaction at the end expresses that at the moment…. he remembers the other timeline that was reset.

      • Katherine215 says:

        Sure she has. She moved Peter’s body from across the street in the season 4 finale (or ep before that, I forget). She blew out the light bulbs when she was being held by DRJ and Meana, so I’m assuming the buildings losing power behind her was her doing, too.

    • coil says:

      Olivia killed Windmark.

  14. They didn’t stop Observers from ever existing, they showed the scientist (via Michael) that they didn’t need to sacrifice emotion in the pursuit of intelligence. They would not invade.

    Plus, you must remember that in the timeline we were in, BOTH Peters died. The Peter that rejoined the team in season 4 was self-manifested back into existence after his original timeline was erased. He escaped erasure before and made his way back to Olivia. After the Observer reset in the finale it’s back to him, post-season 4, in the park. The original Peters still died, Observer involvement or not, but OUR Peter remains.

  15. Andy says:

    It just doesn’t make sense to rely on anything observer related, especially using Micheal, to eradicate the Observers in the future.
    If taking Micheal to the scientist in 2167, causes Observers to “cease to exist” then obviously nothing observer related would ever have existed either, including Micheal, so once the timeline was reset to 2015 (or whenever) and played out again, the 2167 scientist would make the same mistake again, and nothing would change.
    Even learning about the scientist from an observer nullifies the possibility of resetting the timeline based on that information.
    In order for this plot to make any sense, the information about the scientist, the time machine and the proof of the alternate future to show the scientist had to all come from non-observer related sources because once the timeline was reset, someone remaining would have to somehow remember, and the scientist would have to be stopped/informed again in the new timeline. If doing that all relied on observer “stuff” none of that would be possible, because it wouldn’t exist and events would play out exactly the same as the original timeline.
    Alternatively, in morbid theory, they could have just killed one or both of the scientists ancestors. Then once the timeline reset, do it again to make it stick. Still doesn’t solve how they would find out about the scientist without Observer info though, or at least how they would remember that info in the reset timeline as well without an observer there to re-tell them what to do.
    Some posts below suggest “Good Observers” could come back to replay the timeline changing event in the reset timeline, but they wouldn’t have Micheal so it wouldn’t ever play out the exact same way. It would be a constantly looping, ever-changing butterfly effect. Just doesn’t make sense.
    Big fan of Fringe, especially the early years, but this season was a bit too predictable and not very well resolved in the end. Kind of disappointed.

  16. Melody says:

    I found the first hour absolutely pointless. They lose him and then get him back, nothing else significant happened in that hour. It was just an excuse to visit the other universe which was a waste of a perfectly good hour of this final season.

    Now, the second hour was amazing and emotional and threw me for a loop. Everyone kicked it up a notch for the farewell and I even teared up. Great job guys!

  17. JustMe says:

    Ok, ok, okaaaay!!! I LOVED this ending, and yes, I feel they “left it open”, whether to do a film or another Fringe type series spin off. Definitely tied up “loose ends”, but left just the right amount of intrigue. As for comparing to Lost finale? Apples & oranges folks, but, I DID feel cheated by Lost’s conclusion… they were ALL really DEAD? In limbo/purgatory?! COME ON!!!! Cheap shot folks, didn’t like it :( Was too simple & easy, but I guess if you’re an Occam’s Razor kinda person that’ll sit nicely with you :)

    I’d like to posit this idea: IF Walter truly made it to the future, have they created time travel where he and Micheal are at yetin 2167? If not, surely Walter could recreate the tech to do so? If they already have the tech, great! I’m just kinda wondering…. what would stop Walter from traveling back & forth to visit Peter & Olivia?? Why couldn’t he do that & still maintain a persona in the future, since there’s only ONE Walter in this universe & timeline now???? I just think Walter LOVED Peter soooo much, that NOTHING could keep him from going back to see his alternate son :)

    Also, as far as we know, LOL, time travel doesn’t exist, not yet folks. So, we can postulate all we want on why/how their time scenarios do or don’t “work”, but when it’s all said and done, it’s NOT science peeps, it’s called entertainment television! Sure, even “fantasy” tv has to have at least *some* basis in reality, but how can we say what would work or not if its still basically an IMAGINARY concept, just theory?? And, as science lovers know, “truth” changes as new facts and evidence are introduced. So, we can’t positively say “yes or no” this can or can’t happen. We truly know nothing about it. Wish we did, there’s a few things I’d like to go back and “fix” myself. Re-watched Butterfly Effect the other night, really got me thinking on the whole thing again, you guys should re-watch it too, maybe spark more ideas. :-D

    • Lewis says:

      I imagine the reason Walter wouldn’t do it… because of the possible changes that could take place in the timeline. Its the same reason that the Observers wouldn’t time travel into the past anymore after they began their quest to take over the past. They didn’t want to affect the timeline past their ability to understand the possibilities they had already planned for….

      • JustMe says:

        But… Do we reeeeeeaaaallllly, reeeeeaaaaallllly think Walter learned his lesson? Remember the man he was supposed to “be” before…. He was full of hubris. I’m not sure people reeeeeeaaaallly ever change, unless they cut out parts of their brain, heh. Maybe Michael will keep Walter on the right path, but I just can’t imagine him not contacting or visiting Peter somehow, someway, OR, vice versa. Looked like Peter and Ollie both KNEW at the end, what’s to stop them from trying to go forward now and reunite with Walter? Oi vey! I think that’s the whole premise for a spin off series or feature film: reunion with all!!

  18. bcredwagon says:

    Can someone please explain to me how, at the beginning of Season 5, Peter and Olivia are married and have a child, where at the end of Season 4, this wasn’t the case. I’ve been confused this entire season and I’m sure it was just something I missed at the end of last season.

    • Lewis says:

      The beginning of season 5 explains it. During the time before the Observers invaded Peter and Olivia got married and had a child. This happened in-between season 4 and season 5.

    • Katherine215 says:

      The Observers invaded in 2015. Olivia was pregnant in the season 4 finale, May 2012. So I would assume a marriage took place at some point between May 2012 and the invasion, along with Etta’s birth in late 2012. The Fringe team ambered themselves in 2016, and were unambered in 2036.

  19. Lewis says:

    The paradox was perfect. The continued existence of the boy required the actions of the Observers to create him. The observers ceased to exist. The results of their actions did not entirely remove the result of their actions. Also, Walter continued existence required that he removed from the timeline at the point he was taken. Just enough to get the job done but not so much as to affect the entire result. Noticed that Walter said that nature would attempt to “heal”. Not that nature would not have a lasting “scar” or mark from their existence. There existence was still required to have the end result. This is why the time line reset at the time it did and not remove ALL of what the Observers did.

    Besides, Peter was also an anomaly from another reset of time. His existence required the same result. That he live out his life in the present time line with Olivia and Henrietta.

    The question left open is….we know that Peter and Olivia remember parts of other timelines even thought time had been reset as well. This tells me that the look Peter had at the end of the show is him realizing what happened. He remembers the talk with Walter from the future and other timeline that was reset. This leaves open the possibility for a continuation of the story somewhere in the future. Whether they do or not. This would “jive” with Wyman’s talk of leaving everyone with the ability to imagine where they might be in the future.

  20. Krystan says:

    Perfect episode. I loved the series and the finale. Everyone was at the top of their game. It was beautiful.

  21. Katiebell says:

    So people were (rightfully) upset about Anna/Olivia being sidelined and not given much to do but where was the concern when Joshua Jackson/Peter Bishop wasn’t doing much? Josh comes to work everyday watching his costars play doubles and interacting with “themselves” while josh didn’t do anything. Where was the concern when in the episode wallflower, josh was in it for a mere 5 minutes and all he did was give Lincoln glasses. What about all the episodes where josh wasn’t in it or in it for like 5 minutes tops? Did ANYONE care when josh wasn’t used in those episodes?

    In fact, forget josh, what about jasika? Lance? Blair?

    So dearest Anna fans, don’t whine about your poor Anna not doing much this year when josh, jasika, Blair, lance spent 5 years of not “doing much”. I mean John and Anna get all the credit while everyone else gets NO CREDIT at all.

    Just some perspective for you.

  22. MilesF says:

    “How awesome was it to see Michael beat Windmark bloody without so much as blinking an eye?”
    1) I don’t think Michael ever blinked.
    2) At first I thought Michael actively beat Windmark, but upon 2nd viewing I realized that Windmark was applying his usual brain-curdling interrogation tech, and Michael just made himself a mirror, reflecting Windmark’s own crap right back in his face. That’s why Windmark’s questions kept ecchoing. Michael didn’t give Windmark anything to work with.

    • JustMe says:

      Haaaaa! I loved seeing that old fart squirm!!!! And then SPLAT. Still trying to piece together WHY Michael let himself get caught tho! Not sure how that was relevant since they didn’t go in depth with it…. Maybe just to show how much stronger he was and let them “see” him and “know” what he was, like, maybe Michael was totally messing with them, lol, go Mikey.

      But, I wonder why the specific time period the Observers returned to was the only one in which they began generating human feelings???? What’s so special about that time period, as opposed to say, any other pre-Observer period???

  23. Katiebell says:

    Why was it acceptable for Olivia to use drugs to kill windmark but everyone crapped all over Peter for going to kill windmark with his observer powers. I find this fanbase very hypocritical. Fine for Olivia to kill her stepfather and windmark and every other guy on that show but it’s terrible for Peter to kill windmark and those shapeshifters.

    I don’t care if Olivia was a FBI agent, if she is allowed to kill people, so can Peter. Everyone is like don’t mess with Olivia when she killed windmark but windmark also messed with Peter when he killed his daughter, but nobody ever cared about Peter and how pissed off he was.

    I can’t stand Olivia. Don’t start with your feminist crap. This has nothing to do with Olivia being a “strong female lead”. People hate on peter but I don’t see anyone accusing those people of hating a “strong male lead who just happens to be the sidekick”.

    • Me says:

      The many comments I read initially no one complained. I believe the overall consensus of Adults on here is YIPPEE YAHOO for any one of our characters who got to kill Windmark. I for one didn’t care at all t which one of them it was! Now I understand people wishing Olivia was more like the Olivia we knew & loved but she had evolved and was in a different place due to becoming a mother and losing her daughter so I get it. I have always loved our Blueverse/Amberverse Olivia and myself being a Conservative I DESPISE feminist garbage so it had nothing to do with that-she was just a great character. As a matter of fact she is my ALL TIME favorite female character. Now Redverse ALTOlivia I NEVER liked-NEVER! She went from evil to just plain ANNOYING. I had no affection for Redverse other than I guess they were entertaining but my heart always was with our beloved Fringe team. I suppose over the course of the series each main character got to be front and center (Olivia, Peter & Walter) and I’m fine with that. They were an ensemble cast. Remove one of them and the show did not work, at least for me. In any episode where even 1 of OUR FRINGE TEAM Members was not present-it was one of my least faves.

  24. Kane says:

    Hey, the bishops could always travel in time while walter gets his ass in some amber!
    Film plot I THINK SO

  25. Yan says:

    QUESTION to the experts!
    I loved the finale, but there’s one major thing I don’t understand: If September took the last spare dose of inoculation to take Michael into the future instead of Walter, how come Walter can just go in the end? I thought he needed that dose himself to do that?
    I’d appreciate an answer, bc this question is really bugging me at the moment! ;)

    • anakl says:

      he had already taken the shot he needed to crossover back in 2015… he said it to Peter, that shot was there just in case something happened to him & someone else had to take Michael…

  26. Laura says:

    Wait. It was OLIVIA who killed Windmark with her powers, not Michael ^^

  27. LOST finale su...d, FRINGE finale was amazing!!! says:

    LOST Seasons 1-5 was one of the greatest things to happen to the history of TV. There has never been a series in which there was so much change in the narrative way of the story. Fist the introduction of Flashbacks for character development. Then TV hostory’s biggest mindf**k in the finale of Season 3, flashforwards introduced. Very surprising season 4: time-travel elements. Then the best thing ever in LOST: The awe-inspiring, breath-taking, absolutely amazing finale of season 5, leaving the audience puzzled, amazed, simply looking forward to season 6. Well, we all know that Season 6 was one of the biggest disappointments in TV history. Why? Because the writers did not actually have a plan. The finale did not deliver a “full-cirle”-ending. It just left the audience wondering. Just a few examples: Why was Aaron supposed to be important back in Season 1? Who was Faraday’s mother? Even more importantly: WHAT is the island? One of the biggest let-downs: Who was Christian Shepard? Were there two Christians? These are simply character-based questions that would have deserved to be answered! But instead they just let everybody move into the white light… Just one last minor question: If the producers knew the ending from season 1 onwards (as they claimed all these years): Why wasn’t there a shot of Jack hugging YOUNG Walter? They could have made that scene and then have used it 5 years later. That simply proves it all was a big con!

    Coming to Fringe now:

    Fringe exactly achieved what LOST was unable to do. It brought us closure. It showed us a proper ending. It managed to give closure to so many FRINGE-mythological-elements! That is what I call a great ending for a great TV-series. LOST had become more and more detached from what its intension originally was. The ending was the poor attempt of giving the audience a pseudo-religious-what-is-life-all-about-ending instead of ending the character-based-story with an ending that could have given closure to the complex story plot and to at least SOME of the core questions…

    LOST: Great series, Season 1-5. Season 6: Just imagine what it might end like and your theory is going to be better than the real finale.

    Fringe: I hope Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof watched this finale and at least saw ONCE what a great TV series should end like!!

  28. Robert says:

    Ok people did you not hear a word Walter said? He wanted peter and Olivia to have a happy life with there daugher! It was a very happy ending with the sacrifice of a very important character peters father.. I know it’s sad.. He gave up his life so peter can have one of his own..

  29. Joe says:

    If the timeline was reset to the moment of the invasion in 2015, how did Walter send the letter & leave the VHS, which he prepared AFTER the invasion & after he & September/Donald devised the plan to send Michael into the future? How did he travel to a point in time BEFORE the invasion to mail the letter & place the VHS?

  30. james says:

    This is just like when Pacey ends up with Joey… Jackson needs to avoid series finales with time shifts.

  31. A Japanese fan says:

    The expression of Olivia in the last park also worried me.
    However, is it a smile which remembers all for whether it is a smile to Peter?
    And where is Walter?
    Time may be reset, and it may be found whether Walter was also able to return or it may have carried out with future.
    Various interpretations can be performed.
    The cinematization in 2015 is expected.
    How are も and a movie realizable if it carries out?

    • A Japanese fan says:

      I’m sorry since it is creating with automatic translation software, when a text is strange.
      Since it may be a question partly, someone should let me know.
      1) Although I considered [ that it had answered that Bolivia killed in the – season 4 when Bolivia asked Olivia “what happened to the adoptive father”, but the birthday card had been sent surely every year, and ], when did it kill?
      2) Although the female FBI investigator who was appearing on the 1st talk of the – season 2 was writing the list, seeing the Bible, what happened after that?
      3) When was it understood although X persons of – anime scene had a comment with William Belle?

  32. Sam Weiss says:

    I don’t understand how going to the year 2167 would change anything because since the timeline going forward will still have Observers in 2167 or am I missing something here. Im using time travel concept from Back 2 The Future

  33. ret says:

    hated season 4 apart from 6 ep just finished series 5 loved it but a few question i hope people can answer for me ?shouldnt there be no fringe division now ?as the fringe events never happened how did peter and oliva meet ? i cant get this question out of my head 2015 paradox is all wrong should of gone back to the 80s when peter was young and was cured, cus the observer didnt distract walter so he made the cure. and if the observers can travel through time why didnt they just go back after they knew about september killed him along with the first 12 observers win? for all that brain power they are suppose to have they are mighty stupid, or did i miss something? how can you fail when you control time why didnt the observers just go back a week to what happened and wait there knowing what was gonna happen brainless power or f*@k stupid writing. now matter the paradox they still control time which they dont use to my knowledge they just use to like a person uses a bus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and they crossed over to the other universe but didnt invade it ? wtf ? wouldnt that have given them another chance even if walter made the future paradox ?

  34. marco says:

    if observers have never existed, september has never distracted walternative in the lab searching for a cure for peter, so peter has been cured, so our walter has never crossed over, so peter has grown up on the other side (his side), so he has never met our olivia….so the ending scene at the park with baby etta is impossible

  35. M says:

    It is called a paradox for a reason…

  36. Jim says:

    Betamax Walter. Not VHS Walter. Right?

  37. kendall says:

    Oh my god, I just cannot believe that no one has seen it yet. Ok so I just finished watching the newest season. You are all forgetting a crucial gift that Oliva has. In the timeline after Peter steps into the machine he is forgotten. (As he should have been at the end of season 5) However, Olivia (and for all intensive purposes Walter too) have the ability to root Peters being back to what ever timeline Olivia or Walter remember him to. (but remember Walter cannot remember peter in his timeline because nature will block his memories) As an example, when Olivia goes for the boy, as he expects, he knows that because she had to endure redoing the cortexiphan medication she will be rewarded with the memory of that timeline. With which she then takes back to her current timeline (at the end of season 5) i.e rooting peter there with her and etta.
    The end.

  38. The Old Wolf says:

    Just finished re-watching the entire show for the fourth time. Given the uncertainty of getting a fifth season, I think the show’s creators did a stellar job of wrapping things up in a very satisfactory, if wistful, way. Despite all the weird experiences, this show was always about the relationships and about family.

    The more I watch the closing scene, as Peter contemplates the white tulip, and watch his expression change from puzzlement to sudden awareness, the more convinced I am that he, having already remained alive outside of all timelines and universes, suddenly remembered all of it – everything – and this provides me with all the closure I might have hoped for. For five years, these good people were a part of _my_ family, and I’m grateful for everyone who had a part to play in the execution of this wondrous adventure.

  39. Jaimie Corbett says:

    I’m currently on season 3 episode 8 of Fringe and I want to know if the original Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop end up together?

    • James says:

      Well, it is a major spoiler, but here it is:
      Yes and no. Yes, because the series peter and olivia end up together, and no because the “original” peter died at a very young age

  40. James says:

    Does anyone notice that Peter never realizes that he’s in the right timeline and that he was just deleted from it ?

  41. Dominic Chan says:

    Folks its the end…Get it,,, Finition, Acabado, Finitura, Oberfläche, Chríochnú, نهاية, отделка, 完, 仕上げ, 끝, फिनिश, பூச்சு, Befejez, پایان,

  42. Kenny says:

    The fringe series seemed rushed in season 4. I wish they would have slowed down the episodes to include more of the story line to clarify more and keep the series going for 6 seasons instead of 5. To good of a series to be over wish they would make more so we can see what Walter is doing in the future!!!!