Exclusive Bones Video: Pelant's Latest Attack Hits Close to Home – Will Booth Pull a Dexter?

Bones Season 8 Spoilers Pelant ReturnsBones puts a fresh spin on a ménage à trois this Monday (8/7c, Fox) when Hodgins and Angela awake to discover a stranger in their bed.

The twist?

The dude’s dead — and the serial menace to society known as Pelant engineered the whole thing!

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Press PLAY below for a sneak peek at the grisly morning after, during which Hodgins, Angela, Booth and Brennan debate whether to take a page from Dexter’s playbook.

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  1. soundscene says:

    Yeah, but how much Sweets will be in this episode? MORE SWEETS!

    • donie says:

      LMAO. Stop being a fralkking troll. Sweets needs to die. I am hoping he gets killed off by Pelant

      • soundscene says:

        Hey, I actually like Sweets. ;)
        I just find it hilarious that so many people vehemently hate him. One of my friends found out about the Sweets hate on here and declared, “but he’s my favorite character!” Pearls were clutched.

        • CJ says:

          I don’t mind Sweets, though I found that girlfriend and their storyline boring. I mostly enjoy the scenes in the office with all the characters interacting, plus TJ is adorable.

        • Babybop says:

          I love Sweets too! I don’t understand why people hate him so much.

          • greg says:

            he gets hated on because he gets too much airtime doing Booth’s job and living with them. It’s too much. It’s like there are three people in the Brennan and Booth relationship now.

          • Jessica says:

            Sweets is ok sometimes.The first season 8 episode just aired in NZ so then did Sweets become an Agent? I’m a big Booth fan so when theres a Booth scene with out Booth as in sweets is there i hate it and him :(

          • Annoyed. Very says:

            That is exactly my problem…….. Everytime I see Sweets’ annoying face doing Booth’s goddamn job and there is NO Booth I want to punch Sweets in the face and then punch Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan in the face too for sidelining Booth’s FBI job role on the show. It’s ridic. Booth is the lead character on the show and I want to see him do his OWN frakking job!!!!!!

        • Jennifer says:

          I always liked him, back when I was still watching the show. Stupid name, but I liked him. Daisy was always the one I wanted dead or at least gone, I remember hoping she would be murder victim during that storyline several seasons back. I never understood what Sweets saw in her.

        • Rain says:

          That sounds like my reaction when I first read all the Sweets hate on this board! He’s my favorite one on the show, anything happens to him and I probably won’t watch anymore.

        • Jenni says:

          I like Sweets. I wasn’t sure if I would when they first brought him. Sweets is cool.

      • junebug says:

        hey Pelant will stick around to season 9, so you may get your wish”The Shrink in the Grave” lmao.

        • I Approve!! says:

          OMG!!!! Please the Shrink in the Grave!!!! I love this so much!!!! Just Do It Pelant. Kill off Sweets make me happpppppy!!!!!!!!!!

      • Prettycool says:

        Hey I wish pelant would do the same to you! Moron

      • Fiona says:

        Lol, don’t say that about our baby duck. Pelant can just cut out his and Daisy’s vocal cords. I’ll be okay with that 😝

      • Jerri says:

        I dont really get the Sweets hate. Why? Because he’s smart and young?

        So you’re a troll if you post a hateful message towards a character and you’re a troll if you post one about liking a character? Aren’t we all trolls then, especially to those who disagree with our opinions ?

      • Raven Katz says:

        Thats messed up. Sweets is awesome, I hope they kill off Daisy. They committed a huge injustice when they killed Mr. Nigel Murrey

      • sasha says:

        You are creepy!

      • Pam says:

        NO! I LOVE SWEETS! He doesn’t need to be killed off by Pelant. How rude!

    • sighs says:

      @soundscene seriously you aren’t funny way to annoy many Bones fans. Troll go find a bridge.

      • soundscene says:

        I wouldn’t count that as trolling. I actually, literally, like Sweets. He’s one of my favorite characters. I’m a little surprised the hate for him extends so far as a declaration of like for Sweets is considered “annoying.” This isn’t serious stuff, here. It’s just a character on a TV show. Was I making a bit of a joke because I know about the Sweets hate? Yes. It was just a joke, though, not a trolling (especially if I actually would like Sweets scenes). I thought there was a sense of humor about it but I guess there isn’t.

        • Rain says:

          You weren’t being a troll at all, some Bones “fans” just don’t know that other people are allowed to express an opinion contrary to their own!

          • ZZZZZZzzzzzz says:

            Shiz stirring is the same as trolling in my book and that was what she did. It had nothing to do with the article, it was said to get a reaction. Like it says on comments: stick to the topic.

      • Angela says:

        The only trolls are the ones attacking this person cause they like Sweets. YOU go find a bridge

        Anywho this eppy looks great

  2. bored now says:

    SERIOUSLY can we just talk about the bloody video. I am sick to death of this Sweets crap. FFS

    • soundscene says:

      I apologize. I didn’t think it would get that much reaction.

    • bored now says:

      @soumdscene well it’s a bit late now, you hijacked the thread with a topic that had nothing to do with the article posted. And now that is all fans are going to be bickering about. People hating Sweets and people defending him. Seriously.It’s going to be beyond boring and childish now.

    • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

      You think the Sweets stuff is bad…. try reading a Glee article. The Brittana fans are friggin’ crazy angry and evil and always whining. X)

      I even liked Brittana and think these people are crazy nuts!!!

      But to stay on topic, yes, I am looking forward to this episode. Sweets or not. :)

  3. madbengalsfan85 says:

    S*** just got real…want this episode now

    • Booth ROCKS says:

      WOW Somebody who wans to talk about the video.:D. Shocker. Its seems pretty cool, you think Booth will kill Pellant eventually?

      • madbengalsfan85 says:

        Think Brennan kills him…just a hunch

        • Booth ROCKS says:

          I think it will be Booth, he can kill off Pelant within the confines of the law.

        • cookie says:

          I hope that Bones kills Pelant, I am growing tired of him. I hate that this is a weekly show and that the fans have to sit through many episodes of him,kill him!! I want a show that is weekly solved. Just like the gravedigger,woman I was so glad when she got a bullet to the head. I grow tired of serial killers always having the upper hand. If I wanted this I would just watch Criminal Minds. I miss the flow of show,after watching Monday’s episode I was exhausted. Get Hodges money back and kill Pelant. Also they never said how much alot of money was, I’m sure it was hundreds of millions,but I just wanted to know.

  4. Gabrielle says:

    I do not understand Sweets hate at all! I love him!

  5. Julie says:

    I knew it, the only sane one of the whole team is Booth, the one wanting to do the right thing, not what is just convenient for the Hodgins. What’s with Brennan, she apparently ok with condoning Booth taking out a life,what ever happened to due process? The only good thing about the whole clip was NO Sweets.

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      Brennan didn’t condone it, she just said it’s Booth’s decision to make. Hodgela just woke up to a body over their heads and their son surrounded in rose petals, if I was them I’d be out for blood too

      • caprigirl60 says:

        I think it may come down to Booth pulling the trigger when they finally end the Pelant arc, but that he’ll do it within the confines of the system. Booth is not going to messup his own life because of Pelant-Pelant would like that.

        • Booth ROCKS says:

          That is my feeling too. Booth wants to catch or kill Pelant within the law. And that is the way it should be. They can’t cherry pick what murderer gets killed or not just because Pellant is personal to them..

  6. kees says:

    Love Sweets. Hate Daisy. Think she’d be a great Pellant victim, if nothing else, to throw Sweets for a huge loop.

  7. Pia says:

    And I watched this while eating. Only a true Bones fan can do that. lol

  8. Maria says:

    Angela and Hodgins are a**holes. Where do they get off demanding that from Booth? Pelant costs Booth 3 months from his family. It is not all about them. Angela and Hodgins are selfish.

    • gretch says:

      I am so frakking pissed at Hodgins and Angela. They just asked Booth to murder someone like it was a walk in the park. WTF. Selfish pricks. Booth lost his family for 3mths and Brennan her way of life. But it’s all about them.SMH

      • Hannah says:

        While yes, they did somewhat ask of that, think about it as Hodgins:
        You wake up to a mutilated body over your head, blood probably dripping down(as what I saw in the original promo). A sick and twisted murderer having been in your house, being near you, your wife, your child, strapping up the remains of a human being, who also had a family, over you as you sleep. He probably watched them too because he’s creepy af like that.
        Plus this isn’t the first serial killer Hodgins has been a victim of, in a sense. Remember the grave digger?
        Yeah, I think after all of that, you’re not really thinking rationally. All you know is that you want the man who was near your wife and child to be dead.
        Doesn’t really matter how.
        In the back of their minds, they probably knew he wouldn’t do it anyways.
        But Booth wants everyone protected just as much as Hodgins.
        So I don’t really see the room for these opinions hee.

      • Hannah says:

        And I’m sure Booth wants him dead, too so he doesn’t HAVE to worry about loosing his family again.
        So it’s not a humongous terrible deal that they suggested it.
        Everyone wants Pelant dead anyways.
        It’s just a matter of how.

    • vie says:

      Hodgins tried to strangle Pelant, he brought this revenge attack on himself and the murdered body in the canpopy that is on him too. Did he think Pelant would forget that? Idiot

  9. Corax says:

    No way Booth is going to trust Hodgins, his hot headed behavior has compromised two cases already, you think he would play by the rules when his family is involved? Neva, more hot headed, spoiled billionaire trying to control everything around him.

  10. sunny says:

    Hodgins has always been a selfish jerk when it comes to what he wants to do he doesn’t care about the consequences. All he cares about is himself and family, remember the S2 ep he tampered with evidence and the gravedigger ep he nearly got Booth killed. He can be a first class asshole.

    • Maria says:

      It was season. 4, but I agree. Hodgins is a total selfish jerk. Like its so easy for Booth. What does Hodgins think, Booth his his personal mercenary. God, I really hate Hodgins and Angela right now.

      • sunny says:

        Exactly. Its not easy for Booth to take a life and they want him too like it’s not a hard thing to do. Oh, I meant the Man in the Mansion ep in S2 and then the gravedigger ep in S4, I prolly didn’t explain myself clearly but we are cool :D

    • Hannah says:

      Hodgins in not selfish.
      He’s not thinking about himself, he’s thinking about the love of his life and the child he had with her.
      And the grave digger thing, he took the evidence so something could actually be done to catch the bitch that tried to murder him, and Brennen.
      You have no idea what it’d be like to go through something like (I know, he’s just a character) but still. I’m pretty sure that’s enough to push someone to do the things he does.

      • joey says:

        Sorry but Hodgins and Angela are being douchebags. Just because Pelant has targeted them now and affected their family Booth has to kill him like a hired hitman? Oh please. So why don’t they insist that Booth goes and kills every murderer on the cases they work on? Why not? those murderers have killed and destroyed families too but they don’t as it doesn’t affect them. But now because its Hodgins & Angela and it affects them personally then Booth has to turn into a cold blooded murderer? oh pleeeeasee!!!!

        • Hannah says:

          I wasn’t saying Booth has to kill him.
          I’m saying with being targeted they way they were, they’re not going to be thinking it through rationally.
          Hence why I just said that in my original comment.

        • cookie says:

          Joey, why doesn’t Angela call her zizi top father. I’m sure he has biker buddies that can fly under the rainbow and help with the case. He is like a sensei master, now you see him now u don’t. I’m sure they have mercenaries in the biker world.

  11. Dannie says:

    Hodgin’s has the money to make pelant disapper, now that Angela and baby Micheal are at risk

  12. Elibu says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this is a ridiculous story? Are we really supposed to believe that Angela and Jack only became aware of a corpse in the canopy of their bed when they woke up? It’s completely beyond any level of believability that Pelant could move a corpse into their home and deposit it above their bed (and apparently wander around the baby’s room) without disturbing them. Clearly the writers have run out of believable stories to tell. It’s sad because I once loved the show.

  13. Suanx says:

    Asshat Hodgins, Booth is more than a hired gun. Apparently the only one with any sense at all. gad.

  14. rdart66@gmail.com says:

    WOW! Powerful stuff!

  15. maryann says:

    I love all of them , the show lost two great acter’s , all of them work so good togather it’s one of the best . i love the part were sweets is part of there family , they all make the show what it is , they make us laugh, cry , and l hope this well be on the air for as long as the can be .

  16. maryann says:

    this is one of the bessed shoes they have put on air , it would not be the same with out one with another, they pull you right in while your watching, and love the way bones and booth makes sweet part of a family, this show makes you cry and laugh , l hope it’s in for a long hall, my husbad and l we both watch its something we do togather

  17. sistersteely says:

    wow, such emotions. It’s all good.Sweets, Booth, Bones, there all a team and it will be a team effort to “Get rid of Palant”.

  18. Looks amazing! I love BONES!

  19. Darlene says:

    I think it will be some one out of character to kill pelant, like maybe Angela…. Hmmm

    • Rach says:

      I would like for it to be Angela. If she’s rotting in jail we don’t have to hear whine anymore about how horrible it is for an artiste like her to work at the Jeffersonian, with her husband and her best friend and her boss that doesn’t seem to care that she brazenly leaves work in the middle of a murder investigation so she can stare at a painting. She’s an a@@hat.

  20. Lioness2528 says:

    I LOVE BONES!!!! I think that this show was cast perfectly, that every person on this show plays their character excellent! I don’t think hodgela are acting badly, they are upset, with every right to be, and when they discussed taking Pelant “out” Brennen was in agreement and she said it all rested with Booth, and she put the ball in his court. I love the Pelant story line and can’t wait to see how far it goes.

  21. Penny says:

    We all watch for different reasons, like one character(s) better than others, but the center is still Booth & Brennan, some of these storylines are beyond ridiculous this season. Booth should be questioning whether the Hodgins are good influences on Christine since they feel it’s within their right to take the law into their own hands.

  22. Babybop says:

    I just remembered… They never said anything about what Pelant did with the clock in Booth and Brennan’s room. I bet whatever Pelant did in their house will be the final straw that causes Booth to pull a Dexter…

  23. Fiona says:

    Enough with the Hodgela hate. Had it been Christine, Booth would have gone postal on Pelant!!!!

  24. SusieQ says:

    I was just going to say the same thing, Babybop. We still don’t know exactly what Pelant did in Booth and Brennan’s house, and I think that will bring about the end. One of them will likely kill Pelant.

  25. Sammy says:

    Hodgins is the worst. Wow. And Angela too. Selfish and self centered.

  26. Kate says:

    I don’t know that they’re being self-centered necessarily. Pelant touched their child. I don’t blame them for reacting strongly in the heat of the moment, or for placing Micheal’s life before consideration for Booth.

  27. Dixie says:

    Of course, Booth would have been upset if Christine was threatened, but Hodgins was out of line, asking an FBI agent to kill a suspect. At this point we have no conclusive evidence it is Pelant. It’s just more of Hodgins feeling he is above the law when it suits him.

    • Rach says:

      I guess no one else remembers that Howard Epps was with Parker in S2. Bought him an ice cream cone and everything. And Booth’s response wasn’t to go out and kill Epps for doing that.

      • Catherine says:

        Superb point, Epps threatened Parker and Booth didn’t go all crazy. Also Pelant already threatened Christine & Brennan & that’s why Brennan took off for 3 months. Booth was humiliated at work and miserable in the MH, but he still stayed within the confines of the law. Let’s think who was having communication with Brennan, oh yeah, Angela, but she couldnt share that info with Booth. Boy, Hodgela are great friends with Booth/Brennan when it suits them.

  28. Jeannette says:

    Wow. What is with all the hate here for Angela and especially Hodgins for asking that Pelant be taken out? Seriously. How many of you facing someone like Pelant in your life, with your own family threatened, wouldn’t want a “sure thing” when it came to getting rid of him? Pelant managed to get a whole new life/identity even though it was known that he was a KILLER! So really, you are depending on the “justice” system here? Where’s the justice?

    No, when you have someone around like a Pelant, you KILL them if you can. PERIOD.

    It’s not like the whole team has not worked hard, IN the system, to get Pelant to trial and convicted. Look how far that got them! And look how easy it is for him to put their lives in jeopardy and have them live in fear.

    Even if you bout it’s Pelant, and seriously, how can you at this juncture, Pelant deserves to DIE. PERIOD.

    This is a man who takes pleasure plotting to kill and killing people. Enough with slamming Hodgins for his reaction!

    And Booth, going all FBI? Yea, wait till his child is endangered or his wife is facing death at Pelant’s hands…we’ll see who he’ll rely on to deal with Pelant.

    Don’t judge unless you KNOW what you’d do in a similar situation (and yea, I know, it’s a TV show! But we love our characters).

    • joey says:

      People get murdered every episode of Bones. Why doesn’t Hodgins and Angela insist that Booth kill them instead of arresting them or why didn’t they insist that Booth kill Broadski when he was going around and killing innocent victims? They didn’t cos it doesn’t affect them. That’s what makes them selfish. Booth is a G-man and works within the law and so do Hodgins and Angela when it suits them. Booth isn’t a cold blooded killer. And that’s what they are asking him to be..Booth will probaby end up killing Pelant but it will be within the law.

      • Anne says:

        You know it’s there home right? there son?But it’s true if a psycho killer got into my house put a body over my bed touch my baby i would be calm cool and collected about that………..NOT

  29. John says:

    As a couple I’ve long found Angela and Hodgens far more believable than Booth and “Bones” (as he called her derisively in the beginning and STILL calls her) and that’s not changed much since Booth and “Bones” moved in together. I get they’re not PDA people but their scenes of true emotional intimacy are almost always so stiff, as rare as they are IIRC. Granted the rather quirky, fun, albeit somewhat detached from the current world person that was the Brennan in the pilot (a pilot I loved when I saw it again recently, loved when called out her ex on the booty cal!) and early years has morphed over the years to a rather emotionally crippled individual so the writers are digging themselves out of a rather deep hole of their own creation…

    • cookie says:

      I thought that a recent episode, Where Temperance kisses Booth while they were on murder scene was cute. He was kinda embarrassed and she explained that she was just wanting to show her love for her man
      I think the chill between them comes from Booth, not Bennan.

  30. reanna says:

    I think they should get rid pelant and keep the whole bones family from all the interns sweets to bones and booth. Noone in the bones family should have to die

  31. Catherine says:

    WTF? When did our crime fighters turn into vigilantes? I realize they are stressed, even panicked but they are using their friendship with Booth to do their dirty work and turn him into a criminal. Hod wont listen and will f**K it up again. Seems not only Ang but Hod needs a career change if they cant respect the law. (Sound familiar, conversation between Booth/Brennan season 1.)

  32. Can someone get a message to TJ GET A HAIRCUT!!!!!! sorry but in that video it looked hideous.

  33. Cathy Toms says:

    When you work with people and spend more hours at The Jeffersonian than at home, you tend to have a certain bond with people. They’re an odd “family”–Cam & Booth…big sis and bro, Temperance and Hodgins…bookworm twins, Angela & Sweets…younger siblings. Caroline is the aunt, concerned, but stays out of the mix. You tend to look to the oldest to fix whatever is bothering or threatening you. Why shouldn’t this be any different? Zack was the only family member they couldn’t help, but he is safe, though.

  34. So not going to be booth says:

    I don’t think it will be booth or bones I think it will be max. I can see him taking care of it and booth looking the other way. And I like sweets better now that daisy is not with him.

  35. The Squatch says:

    Hodgins is supposed to be extremely wealthy, right? He should just hire someone to take Pelant out. Some professional assassin that can do the job and then disappear so there is never a way to prove Hodgins paid for it.

    As far as the clock in Booth’s house, I always just figured it had a camera in it… maybe some sort of explosives. But now I’m wondering if maybe there is some sort of sleeping gas canister that Pelant can activate remotely.

  36. vbejarano3 says:

    I have a feeling Hodgens is going to be the one to kill Pelant…you can see it in his face at the end that he mind go out on his own and find him so he can kill him for reals this time because Booth wanted to stay in the system but Hodgens doesn’t so I think he might do something on his own..

  37. sasha says:

    I really like Sweets…but not living with B&B. He needs to get a life – elsewhere.
    He’s good in the show otherwise.

  38. Bobo Stripo says:

    Stupidest episode ever! The FBI didn’t cover that huge drive out area? Yeah right. Palsnt is such a mastermind! How dumb. At least the writers should be somewhat real when writing this crap.

  39. David Carlyle says:

    Am I the only one who totally hates the “omnipotent, uber-brilliant” villain? I mean, come on, he is not only warped and brilliant, he is unbelievable lucky, also. If they don’t deal with him in the next ep he appears in, I am done with one of my favorite shows.

    As for Booth killing him, he should have. He had the shot and yelled at him instead. This guy is too dangerous for “due process;” they can’t hold him and they won’t ever convict him.

    Remember, too, that Hodgins now is broke. Pelant took all his money.

  40. Ammie Lske says:

    No let sweets live kill cam she’s always I’m The Boss shes been on my nerves since her first episode. omg she’s a selfish person like when Christine was born she looked mad that Bones said Angela is her middle name she looked like why didnt you name her after me? Then she threw it into Hoggins face about him loosing all of his money? What a bitch!! Kill cam off

  41. Shawn says:

    I am soooooooo sick of Pelant. Seriously, I knew he was returning for the season finale and I waited several days (watch 2-3 episodes a night) to watch it just because that angle is so played out. I decided to watch in the hopes that they would put that subplot to a merciful end, but, no, they decided to drag it out into next season. He decides to escalate the situation and pick off FBI agents and somehow they don’t involve every government agency to capture this guy. We can find suspects overseas in far less time. I don’t care if they move on to another subplot or just go about solving a new case each week, but for the love of all that is good, please stop with the Pelant nonsense.