Scandal Exclusive: Scott Foley Lands Major Arc

Scandal Scott FoleyScott Foley has booked a return trip to Shondaland.

The former Grey’s Anatomy actor is joining the cast of Shonda Rhimes’ latest ABC hit Scandal, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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Details on Foley’s role are being kept under the tightest of wraps, but sources confirm that he’s on board for a major arc to air towards the end of the show’s current second season.

Shortly after Foley wrapped his two-season recurring stint on Grey’s in late 2011, Rhimes raved to TVLine, “We’re so in love with Scott Foley. And we would’ve kept him [on Grey’s] if we could.”

Foley’s Scandal gig comes two months after Fox prematurely halted production on his planned-midseason comedy Goodwin Games. Network president Kevin Reilly said last week that the show’s seven produced episodes could air this summer.

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  1. Jared says:

    FOX really screwed up this year. Not one new show hit and the scheduling department is doing nothing to attract viewers to the network. Why even bother airing Goodwin Games over the Summer?..just take the 7 episodes produced as a loss so Scott can recur on season 3 of Scandal.

  2. Oh sweet lord, he’s just gonna get killed off and break our hearts all over again :'(

  3. Stephen Lisenko says:

    this is awesome news! been a fan ever since the unit. Can’t wait to see what his role will be!

  4. Diana says:

    I love Scandal and love Scott so I am very happy!

  5. Deion says:

    A whole new opportunity for Scott Foley to NOT get the girl.

    • anon says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I bet he’s going to be a “love interest” for Olivia, and anyone who isn’t the president probably won’t be along too long.

      • maybe he’ll be a love interest for abby or quinn!

        • Christine says:

          Ugh.. I’m not really crazy about Abby or Quinn, so I’d rather not see him as a love interest for either of them, but I agree with Anon, if he’s a love interest for Olivia the writing is already in the wall.

          • Crabapple Ct says:

            I agree he will be the love interest of Olivia. Giving the potus a run for his money. He really going to have to decided what he really wants. Liv won’t stay available forever. Fitz, she can’t stay your mistress forever neither. Yes, he finally related her into that category.

          • what do you mean the writing is already in the wall? he shouldn’t be a love interest for any of them tbh, he should just be a new character in the show that just strictly serves the storyline. maybe an old friend of liv’s from college or something. nobody would ship liv/scott foley, even if it’s scott foley lol bc everyone ships olitz

          • what do you mean the writing is already in the wall? he shouldn’t be a love interest for any of them tbh, he should just be a new character in the show that just strictly serves the storyline. maybe an old friend of liv’s from college or something. nobody would ship liv/scott foley, even if it’s scott foley lol bc everyone ships olitz

    • Andrea says:

      Scott Foley’s Bob got a girl in The Unit, and Bob and Kim were together for the entire series. Love Scott Foley! Way to go,Scandal.

    • *for Scott Foley to die.

  6. Jane says:

    Dang it! Now I’m going to have to watch scandal…If shonda kills him off again as if its the “only option,” I’m gonna lose it!

  7. bryceradick says:


    • Lilly says:

      Word! Grey’s killed off two of my favorites: Kim Raver and Mark Sloane. And Kim’s story was far from done I feel. They should’ve both survived and Kim could’ve been such a help in helping Mark deal with losing Lexie. Which, was totally NOT been dealt with in the show. Annoyed,

      • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

        Umm, they didn’t kill off Teddy. She got fired and left. Not killed.

        Lexie was the hardest loss for me. Man, I loved that character! And at least neither Teddy nor Sloane got disrespected after the fact — Shonda wrote in that WILD ANIMALS WERE CHEWING ON LEXIE’S BODY.

        Screw that jank.

        And yet, I still watch. And it’s actually still okay this season. Just okay. But I love Arizona, Callie, Meredith, and Alex too much to quit watching. X)

        • i still miss george you evil woman!!! says:

          LOL! Shonda had my darling, adorable George (who’s now on Good Wife–woo-hoo!) dragged by his face –that’s right, I said D-R-A-G-G-E-D by his FACE by a bus! So, cry me a river; Lexie got a few nibbles on her. Boo-hoo! LOL!

          So gross. Do not get on S.R.’s bad side — dude… dude…

  8. Anita says:

    Awww poor Noel won’t get Felicity, Henry won’t live and what Scott Foley is gonna get shot by the Secret Service or something??

  9. Juan says:

    He was fantastic in grey’s, very excited about this

  10. KND says:


  11. Melissa says:

    LOVE Scott Foley. Ever since Felicity I have been such a fun. Scandal has become one of my favorite shows so this news makes me so happy!!! Maybe a love interest for Quinn??

  12. Laura says:

    I love Scott Foley.

  13. Anasazi says:

    Hope he plays a baddie! Scott the good guy is too predictable. Maybe Abby’s psycho ex?

  14. A says:

    Scott Foley!! Ugh she better not kill him off. Cannot go through that again. One of the saddest TV deaths ever. :(

  15. Crystal says:

    He could play Fitz’ brother, but if they’re keeping it a secret, it’s probably more important than that…doesn’t matter, i don’t care who he plays, love love love him!

  16. Maybe Quinn’s old boyfriend isn’t really dead….

    • MeK says:

      Only if he is Katie’s real life husband. ..that’s who will play Quinn’s boyfriend in flashbacks. Boyfriend is really dead tho.

  17. Keri B says:

    Adding Scott to the mix is AMAZING his chemistry with Kerry Washington is off the charts already! the POTUS can twist and turn in the wind for treating Liv that way! This past eposide 2/20 I have watch three times! I’m in love Scandal! the whole cast Poor HUCK! Can’t wait each week! I hope Scott sticks around!

    • JO says:

      Scott Foley’s Jake increased my love of Scandal by 1000% and this from someone who was already a Scandal addict. I loved all the Jake/Liv scenes and the Jake/Fitz scnes. I think the Jake and Olivia bring back old timey romantic sexy sizzle. Shonda, please don’t Scott Foley away from us. Show us some love.

  18. JO says:

    should read “Shonda, please don’t take Scott Foley away from us.”