Once Upon a Time Photo Preview: Rumple Terrifies Belle, [Spoiler]'s Brother Shows Up

This Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Captain Hook’s “hand”-iwork becomes evident as Rumplestiltskin’s relationship with Belle is forever changed, while a flashback to a very different land digs up Dr. Frankenstein’s family tree.

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In the first photos here, we see the immediate aftermath of Belle getting gunned down by Hook and collapsing across the Storybrooke town line, effectively zapping her memory. And given that the very first thing the amnesiac saw was Mr. Gold wielding an evil grin and a fireball, we can forgive her for being freaked-the-eff-out!

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Meanwhile, in the land that was, we meet Victor Frankenstein’s brother Gerhardt (played by Chad Michael Collins). The episode/flashback storyline also guest-stars Gregory Itzin (24) as the fellas’ father Alphonse.

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  1. Erin says:

    What happened to the dwarf that went over the town line in the beginning of the season? Didn’t they say that they needed fairy dust to return his memories? And then didn’t they find fairy dust? I don’t remember ever seeing (or hearing) that dwarf since then so I don’t know if they actually managed to restore his memories or not. Does anyone else?

    • Mary says:

      Well they needed to refine the fairy dust, but then Rumple used the depleted fairy wand to steal the magic for his and Regina’s spell to block Cora from coming to Storybrooke. We do know now that some was refined, but apparently the Blue Fairy hasn’t tried it on him or else it didn’t work because Rumple said at the end of The Outsider, “What’s been done, can’t be undone.”

      • OUATFan465 says:

        Actually, they used fairy dust to (attempt) to capture Regina.

        • Mary says:

          Doesn’t mean they haven’t tried it on him. But we just don’t know as he hasn’t been seen in Storybrooke since the rest of the dwarfs went to mine for the diamonds to make fairy dust.

  2. peter says:

    she should know Mr Gold because in the last episode of the season 1 she meet him after jefferson realesed her from the ”hospital ” !
    she does not know rumple !!
    but i think they will find a way to restore her memory

    • Leigh says:

      Perhaps it’s a total “reboot” to the original curse and thus she has no memory of having met Mr. Gold.

      • peter says:

        remember when they said
        ”your curse self became your only self!!” they remember the two lifes
        but after they cross that line they only remember the life in storybrook

        and in storybrook she meet mr gold ”she didin’t know who he was but she meet him
        she should look at him and said

        ”you are that guy that i meet and said that would help me right?!!

        • ej says:

          The curse self thing basically means that all memories of FTL are erased, so Belle SHOULD become a total amnesiac like David. So the fire would certainly be freaky! Belle’s situation, I would think, will complicate the moral dilemma of what to do with the Outsider if fairy dust doesn’t actually work to restore memories. It would be wrong to show favoritism, after all, if Belle can’t remember magic and if Mr. Clark/Sneezy was kept in the loop.

          • soundscene says:

            I don’t think she should be a total amnesiac. When Sneezy lost his memories of FTL, he still remembered everything about his life as Mr. Clark. He remembered what happened before the curse was broken. Belle should be the same way and so should remember Mr. Gold. Now, she may be scared of Mr. Gold flinging a fire ball, but she should remember him nonetheless.

  3. Brandy says:

    Ugh not more of Frankestien.

  4. Cat says:

    Oh yes, more Frankenstein! Dr. Whale is cute. :) Can’t wait for Sunday. I felt sorry for Mr.Gold when Belle lost her memory, so I hope that it comes back soon (well they will probably drag it out until the end of the season, but it will come back).

  5. sara says:

    Too bad this thing with Belle won’t be permanent. It would be pretty ironic if Rumple’s plans finally backfired on him.

    • Andy says:

      One of his plans did backfire on him over 300 years ago when, while trying to become as powerful as he could, he lost his son.

    • . says:

      I’m getting my fill of Rumple and Belle for a little while. The sticky sweetness is starting to sour, and I never disliked that pairing, so what does that say?

      • Louise says:

        I’m a bit tired of them too this season. Maybe because I feel they never confront any of their real issues. They gloss over them with Belle skipping along singing to herself “I don’t caaaaare, I know him better than all of you do and he will change for me” or with another problem from the outside, like with Belle losing her memory now. Their relationship is not healthy and instead of addressing it, working on it the show keeps pushing it aside. I’m losing interest because originally the complicated and darker, really not sugary true love sweetness nature of the relationship made it compelling to me. But this season we’ve seen very little of that and it’s just another one of the other, flat love stories on OUAT.

        • soundscene says:

          I also dislike Belle’s obvious blindness to any of Rumple’s faults. If we’re going back to the story of Beauty and the Beast, Beauty (whatever name she is given) isn’t blind to the Beast’s faults, but she doesn’t love him as an evil creature. She loves him as the kind creature he becomes because of her. Rumple is no longer the monster he was before, and I can see her loving him despite his past crimes. But Rumple still does bad stuff. She has to know this. Everybody else does. So why she still supports him is beyond me. Just because he’s sweet to her doesn’t negate every other bad thing he still does.
          I’m also not so much a fan of Belle, anyway. I never find her subplots all that exciting.

  6. Rodrigo says:

    “True love’s kiss will break any curse”. Rumple has a way to get Belle back. Too bad it’d very likely cost him his powers (as we know from Season 1). So, could Rumple finally let go of his dark powers for the sake of someone he loves?

  7. Mike says:

    I may be a terrible person, but i wouldn’t mind if as Rumple works to get Belle to love him again that she finally wakes up and realizes that he is not a good guy and how dysfunctional there relationship has always been.

    • Marie says:

      It would be nice, but TV has taught that if a guy loves you that should be the only thing that matters and everything else he has done should just be ignored. (including murder)

      • Janie says:

        But he loooooves her, so the fact that he ripped the heart out of the last woman he loved means nothing. (She made him do it, don’t you understand?) Ugh. Gag me with a spoon.

        • ej says:

          I know. I am growing tired of the “magic made do it/I can’t help it” excuse. Rumple made the choice to kill for power and made the curse, Regina made the choice to kill her father to cast the curse, August made the choice to abandon Emma twice, Jefferson chose to use his hat to go to Wonderland and decided reclaiming it justified drugging and kidnapping, etc. All of these characters (and their friends) blame their problems on magic and then go around trying to find magic solutions while their “loved ones” just forgive them. They’re like any addict who thinks they don’t REALLY have a drug or drinking problem because if they just want really badly to stop they can do it and everyone else is the enabling friend who seems to think if they love them and hug them and squeeze them enough, they’ll be cured. Gimme a break. I want to see these characters redeem themselves, but the blind faith of others and failure to address the terrible things they have done is becoming an unfortunate shortcoming on this show.

  8. loki says:

    They finally let JMo wear a real coat!

  9. Sarah says:

    Not one spoiler for the next episode has anything with Hook. Enough attention to Belle, already! She’s hurt, but sitting up and talking. What about the guy who is flat on his back after getting hit by a car?! Seriously!!!!

    • Bee says:

      You only like him because he’s hot. Hook is a complete jerk. So is Rumple.

      • Sarah says:

        I like him because there is substance…and it leaves in in anticipation for possibilities I hope don’t go unrealized. Both he, and Rumple have that quality. There is every bit much as they can do with Hook, as has been done with Rumplestiltskin.

        It’d be pretty shallow to just care about Hook because of his looks, although I’ll admit they definitely don’t hurt.

        • Sarah says:

          You’re right about one thing though, they’re both jerks. Interesting, if they carry this out the way they could, if Hook and Rumple end up being allies. I see a window there for building up to that being a possibility later in the series (if they don’t take it and throw it in the trash).

          If they don’t take advantage of what they have with Hook, I’ll honestly wonder what these people at ABC are smoking.

          • oncewatcher says:

            I’m hanging on to this show by my fingernails right now. Barbara Hershey couldn’t save V. I don’t see her saving Once, either. Paul Lee gave Once Upon A Time a lot of praise last week. When you know how the corporate world ticks, you learn how to read between the lines. K&H seem to have a very selfish, insensitive, and hostile sentiment for the show’s fans. At Once Podcast, you’ll pick up on the “It’s our show, and we’ll do what we want whether our fans like it or not” way of thinking. I don’t know if that’s on purpose or not, because it’s being felt by others who watch the show. Once didn’t win 1, no not 1 award at People’s Choice. That’s a manifest trickle-down effect of their attitudes. The day after the “snub”, Paul Lee (ABC boss) was praising K&H left and right on stage at a public event. Ladies and Gentlemen, that was lip service for ABC stock holders and investors. It said “We’re failing the test, but we’re still the smartest kids in the class”. Yeah, right. The reality is that Once is not loved by the network right now. Her days are numbered. If they are trying to kill the show, they’re displaying a foolproof way to do it. Being introverted, and staying in “inner-circles” where they can’t see the value of their fans was a great way to start.

          • Louise says:

            Oncewatcher, I think you’re looking at this from a very limited perspective.

            1. Barbara Hershey (and no other actor for that matter) doesn’t have to “save” OUAT because they show is doing more than well ratings wise. It’s ABC’s number 1 drama. It’s also the network’s biggest cash cow, reality shows aside.
            The networks exes praise the show and the people affiliated with it because it brings in a whole damn lot of money, media attention and praise from critics for them. I’m not sure what you’re basing all this talk of OUAT not doing well enough and not being loved on? Could you elaborate?

            2.The People’s Choice Awards, really? In 2012 alone ONCE was nominated for 24 (twenty-four) awards and 70% of them have more value than the PCAs or the TCAs. For a fantasy show halfway into its second season that’s pretty impressive. Again: Why are you insisting on interpreting everything in the worst possible way?

          • oncewatcher says:

            Honestly, because I’m angry. I’ve communicated with people at the unofficial podcast. The perspective speaks for itself. I dont have to look at anything the worst possible way, if a show is being handled by narcissistic traits found in the worst kinds of people.

  10. Sarah says:

    Way too little attention on Hook here lately. I know fans of Hook and Rumplestiltskin want their favorites to have their due screen time, but it looks like somebody at ABC doesn’t like to share.

    • Sarah says:

      I mean don’t parade him to the degree that he was in his debut, but at least replay the car accident in the promos, and release a photo of him in the spoilers. “Rumbelle” will be no worse for wear, I promise!

    • A.Rae says:

      I know… I need to know what happened other than assuming he got away. And the beat down on the ship was WAY too simple for me, I think Cora told him to hold back. But I also just became obsessed with Hook’s chest hair this week. Seriously, when did you last see a young man on TV with chest hair?

    • soundscene says:

      I’m not much of a Hook fan. He’s good-looking, yes, but his redeemable qualities have shrunken to almost nothing. I used to think they planned to redeem him and make him some sort of love interest for Emma, but now… yech. I get he wants revenge because he’s overcome with grief over a lost love. Fine. But he’s shown so very little compassion for any person. If somebody is of no use to him, he would just as soon kill them as push them aside. He’s become just a villian and nothing more.
      I’m not saying they couldn’t still redeem him, but they need to write him better before that can happen. He’s turned from a possibly complex character into a charicature used simply as a plot device for Rumple and Belle’s relationship.

      • Ryan says:

        Hook and Rumple’s revenge plot bores me because it’s like a badly rewritten version of the Regina and Snow feud, right down to lost love as the motivating factor. The repetition is boring in itself, but I also think the Regina and Snow story is/was better in terms of writing and acting.

  11. margi fisher says:

    Hook can die in a fire after what he did ~_~ seriously the people fawning over him just because he’s pretty….

    • charlie says:

      And Rumple is any better? Please. These are just tv characters, but it’s rediculous and hypocritical (not to mention petty) to be that way. Grow up.

      • Mike says:

        This I don’t particularly like Hook, but I wish people would stop acting like he is such a horrible person, and act like Rumple can brutally assault Hook, who really was only telling Belle the truth about Rumple, and is still good person.

        • soundscene says:

          Rumple is just as horrible, but he’s written better. Now, to be fair, he’s had a lot longer time to develop on the show than Hook has, but even from the start Rumple was built as a far more complex character. Hook started out potentially complex, with the potential to have both good and evil within him, and then they kind of ruined him by reverting him to a one-dimensional villian. I’m not talking about his interactions with Rumple, I’m talking about his interactions with everybody else–he’s shown not an ounce of compassion for anybody starting from about halfway through his run on the show.

          • Kristi Walker says:

            Let’s keep it real, people. Robert Carlyle is simply a much better actor than Colin what’s his name. He just is… Frankly, Robert C. has the enviable ability to make almost any unlikeable character quiet likeable. He deserves credit for that and, IMHO, an Emmy.

    • ej says:

      True. But Hook was better in “The Outsider” than in past episodes. Love that he got hit by that car. He totally had it coming! Rumple gave him a chance, and he still chose revenge. Hopefully, this will cement Hook as a villian and he will get more bad-ass, because he’s mostly just been a hot piece of ass who’s been a pain in other characters’ asses. I would rather see more Regina and Cora than Hook if he doesn’t pick the Dark Side and stick with it (maybe he will try to seduce amnesiac Belle?) long enough to have some audience-meaningful epiphany that will redeem him… or he gets killed. Either way. (I suspect they will kill off at least one character every season like they did on LOST, no?)

      • February says:

        Sorry, I disagree. I want to see Hook’s journey from “Hook” back to “Killian”. I want him redeemed. He’s totally redeemable. Otherwise, there’s nothing to take from his story at all whether he’s good or evil.

        • k says:

          “Killian” was a guy who would make fun of a husband/father who had to come looking for his wife in a bar because she’d left their six-year-old at home unattended, challenge a cripple to swordfight he knew he couldn’t lose, bully a helpless beggar, and backhand a woman who was a foot shorter than he, a hundred pounds or so lighter, and chained to a bed. Oh, and let’s not forget: a pirate. In other words, he was a more or less heartless bully who showed zero mercy to anyone that we saw BEFORE Rumpel killed Mila. And then instead of merely focusing his anger on getting revenge on the person who hurt him (which he had every right to do), he proceeded to spend a few centuries in Neverland tormenting orphan children. Unlike Rumpel and Regina, who were shown to be good people before their starts of darkness, Hook/Killian is a creep who has always been a creep. If he’s going to be redeemed, it’s not going to be by going back to what he was but by learning something he hasn’t in the last few centuries: compassion. Shooting a woman who just saved his life isn’t the best way to start.

          • M says:

            K – I have been trying to say that and I am just not as eloquent as you, or maybe I identify too much with Rumpelstiltskin the mortal man who was bullied by many and verbally abused and cheated on by his spouse. I am a woman BTW and a huge fan of Rumpel and Belle. I see Hook as nothing but a bully who makes innapropriate sexual remarks to women and seriously creeps me out. He’s not cursed. He’s just evil. Yes, I know that Rumpel did horrible things. I also know that Rumpel became the Dark One in an attempt to save his son and the other children in his village and was ultimately corrupted by using his great power for revenge. Who is Hook? A pirate, as you said. A criminal. I have gotten so much trolling for making the same assessment of Hook that you did…because it doesn’t matter what he did, he’s “hot.” There is no other reason beyond that. Someone posted that she would still “do” Hook after he shot Belle, THEN kill him. That’s just very wrong. I don’t know what creates that attitude.

  12. Disastrous says:

    Hook isn’t a great person.. Obviously. But he can love, As he did with Mila and that can change any man Just like Belle did for Rumple. Hook isn’t a bad guy. He’s just spent so much time being one way that it’s hard to be any other way. I understand wanting revenge for killing Mila. Eventually Cora will screw Hook over and Emma will be there to help him in some way..Here’s hoping it’s shirtless and sweaty. As for Belle.. I’m just sad that the gunshot won’t kill her.

  13. Shaun says:

    There’s an actual police car in Storybrooke?Why hasn’t Emma been driving it?lol

  14. February says:

    If Hook died in this episode, I think I might write an editorial to our local newspaper so I can ask a question about the whole Hook thing. It’ll be “What was that all about”?

  15. Louise says:

    I don’t understand why ABC only ever covers one or two scenes in their promotional pictures. They release a whole bunch of pictures, but they’re all stills from the same two scenes – one Storybrooke, one flashback. We know there’s more going on in the episodes, why not promote it?

    • Sarah says:

      I’m getting an impression of a growing disconnect between K&H and this show. They just don’t seem to take advantage of anything. It’s like they just throw their hands up, and let the dust settle where it lands. I bet next season is the last one for Once Upon A Time. They just don’t seem to put “the love” in it, like they did in season 1.

      • Sarah says:

        I don’t mean romantic love, I mean their love for the show. It just ain’t there.

      • Melissa. says:

        Well you are talking about people whose imaginations are so limited they can’t get beyond amnesia and death to pivot story plots. When you have people writing at a talented 8th grade level you’re going to get talented 8th grade results.

    • soundscene says:

      Because they have to pay a photographer to take the pictures and it’s just not that feasible to have him show up for every single day of filming. This isn’t the photographer’s only job–he may work for the studio covering many shows, or he may be freelance contracting with the studio. He most likely does not work for the actual show.

  16. BelleRumpleFan says:

    This is going to break my heart. But I’m glad to see Belle interacting with Snowing and Emma :)

  17. Kay says:

    The story I’m most excited about is the reunion of Cora and Regina!