Fringe Series Finale Trailer AKA The One Where John Noble Makes You Sob Like a Baby

Fringe Series Finale SpoilersThe Fringe series finale airs this Friday, as the second episode of a two-hour event, and Walter Bishop knows what he must do to, you know, save the world.

But in addition to that, there are other thrilling steps to be taken to defeat the Observers, many of them glimpsed at in this full-on, take-no-prisoners trailer for the Fox drama’s denouement.

PHOTO | Exclusive Fringe First Look: Series Finale Poster May Leave You Speechless

You’ll spy the team preparing to infiltrate the Statue of Liberty (or what’s left of it), Broyles working a machine gun like a boss, Olivia doing whatever is necessary to Go To There, “Michael” turning the bloody tables on Windmark (ha!) and — most resonantly — a father’s impassioned speech to his son, overlaying it all as narration.

Here, watch:

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  1. Lorena says:

    What can i say? Get the tissues ready

    • Joanna says:

      Finale was so BAddddd a limp bisquit. The producers are liars…. Who wrote this script should be
      given cortexiphan …… uh duh… the main part of the story and does not give anyone any spooky powers. LAME

  2. majamababe says:

    I will absolutely hate to see this show end. I have been and will always be … a fan.

  3. Grace says:

    Nothing new. Every single episode this season has made me cry already. And most of them because of something Walter says or does. So for me, honestly.. 100% expected at this point.

  4. Mary says:

    It just won’t be the same with no Fringe to look forward to each week! I feel sad already and will greatly miss everyone on the show. Just wish they had gotten their due recognition. Many loyal fans will never forget them and I am proud to be one of them.

  5. Sarah says:

    I literally can’t believe how talented John Noble is. It’s mind-blowing. I will really miss “Fringe”, and I am so nervous to see Walter’s fate. And personally, this was my dad’s and my show-no one else in our family watched it. I’ll miss having that with him as silly as it sounds. I’m hoping “The Following” is good so that can be our next obsession. Also even though my mom doesn’t watch “Fringe”, she’s “absolutely positive that Pacey will land on a new show because he’s so good and cute.” Awesome.

    • Bruce says:

      My friends & I thought Mr. Noble chewed alot of scenery early on (overacted), but since he toned it down a bit he’s been great. Too bad the show never found a big enough audience. I know alot of people watched season 1, or just part of it, and never came back for more. Oh well, no crying over spilt milk eh?

  6. Ella says:

    Fringe is an amazing show. John Noble and Joshua Jackson are talented actors and their father/son relationship has grown into such an emotionally fulfilling story. I will miss this show and these actors so much. Their is something magical about this cast and their chemistry together.

  7. M3rc Nate says:

    I would kill for a final Fringe Paley Center panel or a recorded sit down round-table of the actors and showrunner(s) discussing what the show is to them and their favorite episodes and their theories etc.

    The idea of Fringe ending…it sucks so hard but im not dying over it because they got to end it fully on their own terms, and iv been prepared/scared for it to end out of the blue, cancelled, and not given a final true ending. So i am happy. But the idea of not hearing from these actors again…sucks! These are the best roles they will ever play, the best show they will ever be a part i want to hear about it. I want to watch video of them together talking about the show. What i love most are the pictures and video of Joshua and John Noble hugging and loving each other, and video of the cast together talking about themselves and the show. I hope they keep the show alive the same way the cast of Firefly has kept Firefly alive. By having Panels, talking about it, always bringing it up, and staying friends. :)

  8. D'Arcy says:

    At least a nomination for John Noble, come on now.

  9. chantal says:

    Joshua Jackson about the finale, where he alluded to it being anti-climactic but then quickly took that back and said it goes out with a bang (like Lost – Season 5).
    This comment seems to allude to the fact that the series will end a little open ended to allow the audience to decide on events following the outcome of the plan.

  10. tvdiva says:

    Great. Now I gotta go buy a bigger box of tissues. Sigh. Sob.

  11. coil says:

    I just can not believe it is almost over. I am hoping for a great finale and i am going to miss these actors so much. I can not count the times Anna Torv and John Noble brought tears to my eyes. To this talented ensemble cast and to the writers and crew, thank you so much for this amazing ride.

  12. Lena says:

    I cried just watching the trailor. Both cuz the show is ending and cuz it’s just been such an emotional season. I’m so bummed that fringe is ending but I am thankful they ge to end on their own terms and have a proper ending.

  13. Kelly says:

    I love this show. So excited and sad for the finale. John Noble and Joshua Jackson have created such an amazing father/son dynamic. It is by far my favorite aspect on the show. I am going to miss the Bishop boys.

  14. Rachel says:

    John Noble for an EMMY! Good thing I have the weekend to follow the Fringe finale on Friday because God knows I will be worthless the next day. This episode will be an exhausting emotional rollercoaster!

  15. Mikael says:

    I love that Walter remembered the blue timeline! Fringe ending is definitely bittersweet, because while I’m sad it’s ending, I’m glad it actually got a chance to end right. As far as HOW it ends, I really hope it’s not like the ending of Lost!!! I don’t want an ending that basically ruins the entire series. But I think Fringe is better than Lost. It’s just too bad it didn’t have as big ratings.

  16. Tanderix says:

    Classic american audience, keeping Grey’s Anatomy for 10 season and not watching an awesome, forward looking and incredible show like Fringe which struggled getting a Season 5. Love from Italy.

  17. davey says:

    “You are trapped in this room with me. They are trapped in this era with me”.
    Yikes! I can’t wait :)

  18. JAO says:

    Fringe, I hardly knew ye. Will really miss this incredible show.

  19. Jake says:

    This seriously felt like a movie trailer…I’m gonna miss this show. It’s been a fun, and somewhat frustrating (I was thinking of giving up halfway through season 3) run, but I’m glad I decided to stick with it.

  20. ChocolatFrog says:

    Will miss the show, dearly.

    Hope John Noble get a nomination/win for his acting, he is incredible.

    Am I the only one very much liking the September actor (Michael Cerveris)? Wish to see him regularly in another serie!

  21. Julyet says:

    I will miss the show dearly is was the only show that was real interesting, especially Walter thru the years he made me laugh with his crazy science projects, and Astrid who was always on Walter side thru good times and bad times, love the girl. As for Olivia and Peter the love they have was wonderful, love it. Just wanted to said thank you for a wonderful show it will be miss on Friday, but i have the DVDs,(just waiting for season 5). Thank you.

  22. JM2211 says:

    Actually, I got tired of the show jumping from universe to universe and tired of everyone being depressed all the time, so I am ready for the show to end. It’s like the characters deserve a resolution after all these years of suffering. This finale is going to be two of the best hours of TV ever and I can’t wait.

    John Noble is one of the finest TV actors I’ve ever seen – really amazing. By the way, I loved the ending scene last week when Observer Captain says hello to Michael and then you see his expression change to subdued horror when he attempts to “read” Michael. Priceless.

  23. latefuthark says:

    They are such a fine cast. All of them have grown immensely over the 5 seasons. In the hiatus I sat down and re-watched s1-3: It’s such an inspired and emotionally gifted playground, that transforms to being almost spiritual in season 4. John Noble and Anna Torv add so much to their lines through their facial and body language, that I suspect the rest of the cast were being held back, but still I can only recall one episode out of all 5 seasons, where I thought the acting or the lines were off. SO consistent, Fringe is.