Drop Dead Diva Cancelled After 4 Seasons

Drop Dead Diva CancelledDrop Dead Diva is officially, well, dead.

Lifetime on Tuesday decided not to renew the legal dramedy for a fifth season, our sister site Deadline reports.

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Diva — which stars Brooke Elliott as a vapid, dead model stuck in the body of a curvy, smart lawyer — wrapped its Season 4 run last September. The show’s producers Sony Pictures TV may attempt to shop the scrapped series elsewhere.

Are you sad to see Drop Dead Diva go? Do you think it’s all Kim Kardashian’s fault? Hit the comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Dean Elle says:

    So sad to hear DDD has gone. It deserves at least a farewell 2 hour special.

  2. Lora says:

    NOO I Loved drop dead diva it was my ultimate show came onlin to watch every episode damn that sucks. Doesnt even come on New Zealand T.V anymore i really want to know the ending.

  3. sue says:

    Why don’t they cancel the crap Housewives reality shows instead of adding more? They are totally worthless!!

  4. sue says:

    This was good clean entertainment which is probably why it got cancelled. I’d like to fire the people making these bad decisions for the public.They haven’t got a ounce of good sense.

  5. Bev Cowling says:

    I can’t believe they’ve canceled another really well written and entertaining show! Is it even possible to get the network to change this position? Let the show come back to tie up loose ends, at least.

  6. Joyceeeey says:

    This is a bad decision, I was so looking forward to season 5. Damnnn

  7. Annalisa says:

    Why would they cancel the show!? STEUPZ IM PISSSSEEDD OFF!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!! Is don’t think its Kim Kardashian fault or nething but the show was gooing sooooo good….damn u lifetime plus they cancelled this other show with the girl as the cop and all her brother are cops forgot the name but those were some good shows u morons…

  8. Christine says:

    This is not happening. How can you let this amazing show dead? And it is not fair that we haven’t seen the REAL end. No~ pls let this show back

  9. Sally says:

    So sad. That show was awesome.

  10. Cynthia says:

    I can’ t believe another clean great show has been dropped ! What is wrong with these networks, we have 4 great seasons and then they just cancel? Please bring it back, we loved this show and the great scripts, writers were wonderful! Why can’t we have 1 show about heavier people and how they are just as sexy as skinny models !

    • Jennifer says:

      I agree. The scripts like Drop Dead Diva and Eli Stone get dropped while immature and poor morality shows take their place. Ill pay to see the last season of DDD!!

  11. Melanie says:

    Diva was a moving, funny, weekly escape from reality and I will miss it. :( All of the best shows get the ax, it seems-it is so disappointing! ABC’s Last Resort was also canned-and that too was an amazing, well-written, well-acted action filled drama. While disappointing, at least they wrapped up the loose ends in the series finale. Networks should have a bit of respect for their patrons by doing so whenever reasonably feasible. We as fans should lobby/petition for either a shortened final season, a series finale or for another network to pick it up.Though rare, it happens when fans are truly vocal.

  12. Katie says:

    I can’t believe this, i mean, the way season 4 ended kept people on edge for season 5. DDD was THE ONLY show i watched on lifetime. I am a 19 year old girl into Vampires and the Supernatural, and i was IN LOVE with DDD. Ass holes….

  13. Jen G. says:

    I watched Army Wives for about three episodes and that was all I could handle. That show is a hot mess, and the acting is just…ridiculous. DDD may have been far-fetched at times, but it was entertaining and well written. I loved this show, and it kept me company during many late night study sessions after work. As far as the current lineup, let’s get this out there. Jennifer Love Hewitt is a horrible actress. Say what you will about me, I could care less, but that’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it. I’m so TIRED of seeing shows about sexy, and lies, and cheating spouses, and watching it all be glorified and made “pretty”, esp with actors and actresses who lack real talent. Again, DDD got a little farfetched there towards the end, but that was okay b/c the acting (other than Kim K.) was far superior to some of the other crap on the air. So disappointed in the choices Lifetime made; I think they all need a swift kick in the pants. Front or back, you decide.

  14. candy says:

    Nooooooooooo~It’s a good TV serial.I love it!.

  15. Nicole says:


  16. Leo says:

    No … its not ok! i Love this show , its so cute and funny and happy people… Is it posslibile its not END ???
    Big hi from Croatia

  17. Amy says:

    I hate to hear this….and you have to bing or google to find out if a show has been droped…..I am so tired of seeing reality shows added to the viewing lineup I very seldom watch lifetime anymore since I lost my Sunday night lineup….Drop Dead Diva was great show and I hope her weight had no part in the decision, but I have to draw that assumption, and what was this show replaced with and yes I know you Dance Mom’s which is a Reality Show from the commercials only shows a women who yells at children and belittles them in front of their piers and gets in their faces basic verbal child abuse allowed on TV which no one does anything about and reports her.

    • Val says:

      Amy, I agree TOTALLY with everything you said!!! I used to watch Lifetime a lot … not any more!! And now, I will specifically not watch anything on Lifetime ever again! My 2 favorite shows were DDD & Army Wives!! One was pure delightful entertainment, with wonderful actresses and actors (regular cast and guest appearances!) and the other was incredible acting which brought home to ‘the rest of us’ what families in the Armed Services go through TODAY!! Shame on Lifetime. And have you noticed the actors and actresses on these shows are NEVER seen on any red carpet award shows?? It’s definitely not because of inferior acting, I just wonder if Lifetime has something to do with it???!! It’s one of the few cable networks that is never represented on any of the award shows!

  18. Liz Smith says:

    Sorry it was cancelled…REALLY LIKED IT ! Bring it back !!

  19. Nina says:

    WTH???? I was waiting and waiting… I don’t have cable but I buy shows and that was one I was going to actually pay for each episode. SUCKS!!!

    • Jennifer says:

      Looks like we all agree we would like to see closure for DDD. Does anyone know how to proceed with a request to the network to make it happen? Even if it is only pay-as-we-view, I believe most of us would participate!
      If you know how to make this request happen….PLEASE POST IT HERE. If you WANT this to happen, please follow through!!!

  20. E. Williams says:

    This is what happens when new management takes over. They don’t care, they just want their own shows on the air. It is arrogant and egotistical. For Kim Kardasian, she sucks. She belongs in BET

  21. Barbara says:

    This sucks!!!!

  22. Sally Sauter says:

    I agree with a lot of these comments – Drop Dead Diva being cancelled has left the viewers hanging. I also miss Jane by Design – sure it was a little farfetched but it was basically a good clean show. I enjoy Army Wives, but, I don’t think they are any better than the two that have been cancelled. I think TNT “blew” this one!!

    • Sally Sauter says:

      OOPS!! I “blew” this one it was Lifetime that missed the boat on cancelling these two programs. Sorry TNT!

    • Val says:

      NOT ‘TNT’ – it’s LIFETIME … with their new ugly logo to boot!!!! Lifetime at least OWES US VIEWERS at least a closing ‘episode’ or made-for-Lifetime 2 hour movie ‘closing everything up’ after 4 years!!!

  23. C.Leonard says:

    Loved that show….was watching for season 7 to begin. Bummer!

  24. DropDeadDivaLover says:

    NOOOOOO please bring it back im DYING to see what happens between Grayson and Jane is she gonna tell him shes Deb is Fred going to come back for Stacy come on LMN please bring this back theres to many unanswered questions

  25. Michelle says:

    So bummed Drop Dead Diva is dropped. Hope another network picks it up! Loved DDD! My husband and I watched together:/

    • Val says:

      GOD, I LOVE THAT IDEA!!!!! C’mon TNT, USA, TBS … step up and bring DROP DEAD DIVA back!!! Talk about possibly gaining a LOT OF NEW VIEWERS!!!!! And … Lifetime LOSING A LOT OF VIEWERS!!!! Hahahahahaaaa!!! Serves them right! That sounds great to me!

  26. Victoria Lynn says:

    I have been watching Drop Dead Diva since it first aired and never missed any episodes. This ticks me off that Lifetime is NOT bringing it back. At least is was a descent show with no cussing, sexual,acts and killings in it. OMG don’t we see enough of that crap on tv. Well all I can say is I’m never watching another show on Lifetime. Even Army Wives is not like it use to be. Taking the good ones off and bringing other off the wall actors on there. They have lost m interest….

  27. Jeani says:

    I,too, am extremely upset about the cancellation. I have invested 4 years in this wonderfully funny and heartwarming program and now will have a void in my tv viewing. I enjoy Army Wives and the Client List and I believe they canceled DDD because of the Client List and if that is the case, Lifetime really blew it. I believe there is room for Drop Dead Diva on their schedule if they would Just get rid of all the other crap!!! Does any network really care what we as viewers really want to see on our screens? Not at all!!

  28. Holly Maka says:

    Bring drop dead diva back!!! someone has to take it and renew it!!! this is the best show ever i am so mad at lifetime for not renewing it why didnt they its the best show they ever had -.-

  29. Bette says:

    DDD must come back!!!! can do without Kim, it was a hit before her time and can continue to be a hit wither her! very sad and disappointed. Lifetime must reconsider!

  30. linda sagese says:

    I can’t beleive they cancelled it! Yes, it’s a silly, fun chick show, what’s wrong with that? I started watching visiting my daughter in LA. Back in FL we make it our night to watch together and compare notes afterwards. We thought it would get saved!

  31. traylor says:

    of course they would cancel the show. I’ve been waiting for it to return. I’m sure it was canceled because the main character was not a size two. we need more shows will full figured stars in lead roles. I hope it gets picked up else where

  32. regina carlisle says:

    this was a very good show.i know there are others just as disappointed as i am that it has been cancelled..Life time really messed up by doing this..

  33. Michael says:

    Just another example of those in charge having there heads up their a**s! Drop Dead Diva was a show that not only I looked foreword to watching weekly, but did so many others!

  34. GPV says:

    I am sad to see this show gone. My husband and daughter watched it every week with me. Please rethink. I am tired of all the reality shows I live in reality!!!!

  35. melissa says:


    • Val says:

      Lifetime can’t cancel Honey Boo Boo – it’s not on their Channel!!! However, I totally agree w/you – that show is rubbish!! What a poor representation of American people! The child doesn’t even speak English! I can’t understand a word she says! There – I’ve said it!!! Now I feel better! NOW, back to getting DDD back on TV – be it on another station, or Lifetime! And BTW, get ride of that God-awful logo, Lifetime!!

  36. melissa says:

    And yes I do think Kim K killed the show what were you thinking having one of them on the show. YUCK. Thay are all terrible and should not act.

  37. Lariza says:

    It wasn’t the show that was bad it was the writers! They messed it up bringing Jane back and killing Owen! Not to mention the KK

  38. Amanda Davis says:

    My heart just broke:/

  39. JD says:

    Agree with all the comments on missing the show. I watched on line because cable is not worth the cost – reality tv is mindless. DDD was entertainment!

  40. Amparo says:

    People are stupid!!! The good shows they cut it off but the stupid ones are still on tv! this is not the first time it happened! they did it with Kyle xy, and this other cool show i use to watch like y if they gonna cut it, y start it?!?!?!

  41. Kimberly Kelsey says:

    I really hate to hear about the cancellation of Drop Dead Diva. It was a given that on Sundays at 9pm, I would be in front of the TV watching Drop Dead Diva and if not the DVR was recording. I loved the show. There are so many other shows that truly need to be cancelled that are still in TV. Please bring DROP DEAD DIVA back ASAP.

  42. jessica says:

    SERIOUSLY!! I am so disappointed. Now we will not know what happens with Grayson and Jane! AHHHHH I hate when this sh$t happens!!

    • Val says:

      When I saw the actor who portrays Grayson in an ad for one of those tax prep companies I had a sinking feeling the show wasn’t coming back. He wouldn’t have done that ad if the show was a success and coming back.

  43. Julie says:

    From what I’m reading, Lifetime is losing a lot of viewers now because everyone loved this who. I loved this show and when I started seeing all the actors on other show, I got a little sad because I knew they had done this to us. I loved this show and I’m really upset to see it leave, I’ve been watching all four season on Netflix waiting for it to come back… well bye bye lifetime, no longer watching this network.

  44. Melanie Robinson says:


  45. Charlotte r says:

    its really pied me off they left it on such a dead end we want more and they refuse to give us

  46. Charlotte r says:

    it actually looks like theyve cut one of there hitting rated shows from the production big mistake i mean i wouldnt even mind if they did an hour long feature just for closure come on we need closure

  47. Mare says:

    Bring it back. Lifetime picks that disgusting honey boo boo over this. Ugh

  48. Rosemarie says:

    Why is it that the crappy shows stay on forever and the good shows get cancelled? How are these decisions made? Who makes them? Whoever they are, what a bunch of morons!!! I am so ticked off that Drop Dead Diva has been cancelled!!!

    • Val says:

      I couldn’t have stated it better myself!!!! Now, WHO exactly do we contact to get them to change their minds??? We all, obviously, have no power!!

  49. Laurie says:

    I loved DDD. So sorry it’s not returning. Please spare us from anymore reality shows. And please please please take Honey Boo Boo off the air. It’s insulting and demeaning.

    • Val says:

      WHY do you all seem to think the horrific honey boo boo show is on Lifetime??????? Check your TV Guide! Unless it’s moved to lifetime and I didn’t know it! I hate it as much as ya’ll do – but it’s not on lifetime!

  50. brandi lane says:

    one of the few non reality shows that I watched, so sorry to see It go. Please bring it back, I reallly enjoyed the show.