Drop Dead Diva Cancelled After 4 Seasons

Drop Dead Diva CancelledDrop Dead Diva is officially, well, dead.

Lifetime on Tuesday decided not to renew the legal dramedy for a fifth season, our sister site Deadline reports.

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Diva — which stars Brooke Elliott as a vapid, dead model stuck in the body of a curvy, smart lawyer — wrapped its Season 4 run last September. The show’s producers Sony Pictures TV may attempt to shop the scrapped series elsewhere.

Are you sad to see Drop Dead Diva go? Do you think it’s all Kim Kardashian’s fault? Hit the comments.

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  1. melissa dennis says:

    I am very sad!! My sister and I would watch it every Sunday night and would text each other during commercials on what we thought would happen next. I hope another network picks it up so we can have some closure! Absolutely love DDD!

  2. Shuayb. says:

    Yeah I just hated the last few episodes it was so dumb. I knew it was going to end because they probably need the place for Devious Maids and Neve Campbell’s show. Season 1 and 2 were great and then it got bad.

  3. Annabelle says:

    And they’re keeping dance moms??!!?! Lame.

  4. Mel says:

    I am sorry to see this show go because I love the characters. I liked that it addressed issues with our values of beauty and intelligence in a playful and compassionate way. But honestly, the turn it took was disturbing to me. The season finale left us with Owen…well…you know (for those who saw it – no spoilers). I wasn’t prepared. I don’t think I could have gone on like that. I will miss Jane/Deb, Parker and Stacey. It’s as if favorite neighbors are moving away and I know I’ll never see them again.

  5. onepissedviewer says:

    I’m not happy with this news either. I liked DDD, I watched it and enjoyed it since it’s season premiere. And finally, now that Greyson and Jane shared that kiss, it’s over? They can’t even give them one final season to tie everything up? This is what I hate the most about tv, that channels like Lifetime don’t care about their viewers. Oh well, Lifetime, DDD was the only show I ever watched on your pathetic channel, and now that you made this mistake, you’re dead to me.

    Why does quality tv keep getting screwed over by trash like “Jersey Shore” “Honey Boo Boo” “Dance Moms” and all other reality crap. I WANT OLD TV BACK! I DON’T GIVE A DAMN WHAT GOES ON IN A CELEBRITY’S LIFE! I JUST CARE ABOUT GOOD, QUALITY TV! DAMN IT ALL!

    • Dawn says:

      I agree!! I am also tired of the trashy stupid reality shows which I will not watch, and enjoyed watching a quality, funny, well acted show like DDD. Lifetime, bring back DDD!!

  6. Heather says:


  7. albtrex says:

    WHAT????????? Ok, last season was awful, but still… we needed an end for this show!!!!! :(((( I’m so sad now….

  8. Rhythm Nation says:

    Mother fudgesickles!!! They do this every gosh darn time! At this point I’m only going to start watching “old” TV shows that have since gone off the air with a proper series finale. Because this is some bullshnitzel.

  9. xwiseguyx says:

    Agree with all the other opinions above.. Bad last season they needed to tie up loose ends though for the viewers.

  10. SL says:

    At least give us a closure on the characters. Especially with Jane and Grayson!!!

  11. GS says:

    This totally sucks! DDD was my summer guilty pleasure and it’s gone. Can’t believe the loose ends won’t be tied up. Still have The Client List but can’t believe that obnoxious dance show is staying on. People need to stop watching crap or they will never stop making it!!!

  12. Dawn says:

    Please tell me this isn’t true – this was my favorite show!! A funny comedy, legal intrigue, well acted, great stories, and NO murder. I did not like when Kim K was on the show-she is horrible and fake. I cannot understand how Lifetime can promote a no talent train wreck like Lindsay Lohan in the movie “Liz and Dick” which received horrible reviews, but are cancelling a quality entertainment show like DDD. Lifetime – please bring DDD back!!

  13. Jared says:

    I’m sure the cancellation was a surprise to everyone involved. I thought this series was doing pretty well for Lifetime. As a scripted series that helped put the network on the map..as far as scripted series..im surprised they didn’t wrap up the storyline. Kinda sucks it ended on such a cliffhanger with no resolution.

  14. Jill says:

    They need the air time for more Dance Moms and Abby Lee spinoffs.

  15. Natalie says:

    I am very disappointed to hear this news… I have been waiting to watch it again, my co-worker is the one whom shared this news with me. There is so much reality crap television, and this was an entertaining show with a plot and actors, and didn’t revolve around sex. I really hope that another network picks the show up. There needs to be some sort of wrap up, that much is owned to the fans, even if it’s a made for TV movie that lifetime can air.

  16. Sara says:

    SOOOOOOO Sad about this! And with such a cliffhanger season finale too!

  17. Lifetime Is The Worst says:

    I won’t be watching any more Lifetime shows if they won’t even give fans a proper ending…

  18. Nevermore1975 says:

    This was my favorite show…seriously sad to see it go …and without any closure? Come on let them finish what they started! Grayson and Jane should stay together and
    deb should be rejected from Owens body as he dies from his heart attack…easy!

  19. Meg McGregor says:

    Oh sure. A show that focused on people and had great writing and always made me think. It is bad enough it was cancelled but not to have a finale is ridiculous! And I think Jane and Owen made a much better fit than Grayson and Jane. I know he is the handsome leading man but inside he is quite shallow. Owen loved Jane and love her unconditionally. Isn’t that what most people want – to be loved for themselves? I will really miss this show!

  20. Eliza says:

    I really enjoyed the show but didn’t like some of the stunt casting (KK) in the last season. It’s a shame that the network didn’t give it a final season. I was rooting for Owen.

    Brooke Elliott is a good actress and a lot of fun to watch. I hope to see her on TV again soon.

  21. S says:

    The thing that got me about this show is that though Jane/ Deb changed her attitude, she never changed physically. I found that interesting. The other thing that really annoys me about shows like this is that it made the Jane character’s only choices for people to date, other than Grayson, large. She was very rarely given the opportunity to date a man who was like Grayson who found her beautiful not just based on her personality but for her looks too.
    Grayson over looked her time and time again. He put her in the friend catagory. It proved he was shallow, yet they kept making him out to be the hero. That being said, why should Jane have to settle for the chubby, funny, unhealthy but good looking for a larger guy Owen? Are there no men in the U.S. who would find her attractive that aren’t “fitting her stature”?
    It reminds me of the TLC show “Say yes to the Dress Big Bliss” Why can’t the big women be on the same show as the women on Say yes to the Dress? Why do they need to have a totally different show only because they wear a 14-22 instead of a 0-4?

  22. Dee says:

    DDD is one of my favorite shows and what I look forward too every summer. How can they not renew this terrific show? I hope another station picks them up. They keep garbage on the tube and they let funny, decent shows go. Makes no sense at all

  23. holdyoear says:

    You can just bet that if a a show has high rating, and the pubic likes and watches it, it will get cancelled. Just look at Leverage; I will NOT be watching Falling Skies since they gave Leverage the cut.
    I left the three networks and just watch cable channels, but after all of the shows I watch get canned I will not need a TV. I stopped watching NBC after they cancelled Another World for no good reason. I caught my Law and Order shows on another channel or internet. I am f n fed up. Who makes these decisions on what to keep and what to cut.

  24. Alexis G Johnston says:

    I love Drop Dead Diva, and hope it does come back.

  25. Brock says:

    Unimpressed. I loved the show. They made the stunt casting work and it was always a delight. *sigh*

  26. LynnH says:

    Just terrible that Lifetime is not allowing the story to come to a satisfying conclusion. We’ve been left hanging! “To be continued” is how Season 4 ended. Thanks a lot, Lifetime. And very sorry the show’s wonderful cast has had the rug pulled out from under them. They deserve better and I will really miss this fun show. :(

  27. Angie says:

    I agree that season 4 was all over the place but the cliffhanger definitely left some room for some fun stuff. They should have ordered a half season just to wrap things up

  28. CJ says:

    So sad. Didn’t watch the show intially and then marathon watched the first three seasons. Loved it!! They all did such a great job and I especially loved the musical scenes. Hopefully SOMEONE will pick it up!

  29. Kimm says:

    There was really no cliffhanger. Owen had a heart attack and died. Stacy’s business thrived. Kim and Jay hooked back up. Terri became the firms investigator. Jane and Grayson admitted their feelings for one another. They kissed…and they all live happily ever after. The End.

  30. seriously? says:

    NOOOOO!!! This is terrible! I agree that keeping DDD would have been a way better choice than keeping Army Wives. I liked Army Wives a great deal, and I still enjoy it, but it’s a much more different show now than it was when it started. Half the original cast will be gone when the show picks up again. DDD was still original and had stories left to tell, with a super talented cast led by Brooke Elliott. I absolutely hope its picked up elsewhere. Lifetime’s dumbass move could definitley be someone elses gain.

  31. Jan says:

    What a shame! Loved this show and am sorry to see it go. Lifetime is usually pretty good about not letting a show go too long, but in a couple of instances — including this one — the cancellation is premature! Hope the showrunners can find a new home for the show elsewhere!

  32. Carolynn Balazsi says:

    OMG!!! I am NOT happy about this at all! I barely watch tv as it is and all year I wait for the return of this show. I guess I can cancel my cable now since the only other show I watch is on ABC-which I can stream online. Sorry Lifetime-guess you lost another viewer.

  33. I’m really sad to see this show go, even if it’s true I thought last season’s finale was kind of “shark-jump-y”, it crushes me we won’t get a proper finale.

  34. Donna says:

    Darn you TV execs! There is only a few shows that I will watch and Drop Dead Diva was one of my 2 shows I could hardly wait for it to come out. That’s it….I’m done…totally done with TV. I’m going to have to surf the internet 100% of the time now…cause there is crap on TV. Drop Dead Diva was the best! You suck.

  35. Lisa says:

    I’M COMPLETELY DISGUSTED WITH YOU LIFETIME!!! What about the fans of the show that have watched since day 1 and you just cancel it with no ending after 4 seasons. Yet you have NO problem airing that crap show Dance Mom. What’s up with that??? We have enough reality Tv. BRING BACK DROP DEAD DIVA!!!!

  36. Sharon says:

    This is the only reason why I clamored for the Lifetime channel on my tv, to watch the Drop Dead Diva. Well, now that it’s cancelled, there’s no reason to tune in to that channel anymore. I might as well switch to a cheaper cable network too which Lifetime is unheard of.

  37. alyssa says:

    My heart practically stopped when I saw this. DDD is such a fabulous show. Hilarious and heartwarming all at once. PLEASE please please please please find a new home for this show! !!!

  38. Tina says:

    Okay, I am lost. I loved this show and was looking forward to seeing what happens next. did it not end with Jane kissing Grayson and Owen walking in on their wedding day? So are they ending it like that? No new season to see what happens>

  39. Bill says:

    I’m one of those people that turned TV off last year. I knew that it was damaging my life and that the violence stupidity and the quickly degrading quality of television was going to suck me down into the rabbit hole of ignorance and waste so much time that I would ordinarily put into people around me. Well, the TV has been off for over a year now and I still miss drop dead diva. And I missed desperate housewives, and yeah, I’m a guy. Television has a way of hypnotizing us and making us think that things are important but have no value whatsoever. It’s all about people designing entertainment for the lowest common denominator and sometimes it turns into sh*t like boo-boo which sounds like garbage for retarded people. So what am I saying? TV is like any drug any subtle drug. It’s like that ice cream you love that keeps you fat or that guy you should not be dating but you still do. It’s just another drug. It is sad that it doesn’t not have to be that way, but it is. There’s nothing we can do about the Hollywood puppet masters and their disrespect for our humanity and all that is wrapped up with that. So go now and respect yourselves, enjoy your fun shows but put your money where your family is and your time to friends work and things that matter. Peace.

  40. Raeleigh says:

    So bummed about this!!! DDD was something different, that wasn’t disgustingly trashy or corny. And to leave the last season on such a cliffhanger with NO resolution is freaking disgraceful. But hey with shows like Dance Moms portraying emotional child abuse who needs an overweight lawyer right?

  41. Lola says:

    Don’t talk about honey booboo like that! I like drop dead diva, but no need to insult Alana!:/

  42. Phillip says:

    How dare dey! Triple D (or drop dead diva) was amazing!! I loved it so much i have seen almost every freaking episode since the beginning! Like when grayson got hit by a car! And when owen and jane went to italy! Now old jane is in owens body! How can dey freakin cancel it! Tht show was my groove!! I watched it with my grandma who is 94, and my my mom who is 64, and im a 34 year old man! I love this show so much so did my grandma! Im scared to tell her the news idk how to break it for her! Idk if her old wittle heart will take it! Lifetime is cruel! Even doe i watch dance moms (which is also my groove)!! Im literaly crying yo! All my friends make fun do me but i love it! Screw lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Tamara says:

    I cannot believe that Sony & Lifetime cannot get it together to keep a great Show like Drop Dead Diva on the air over production costs! We Americians are expected to live on a budget and economize, but they can’t?! Grayson & Jane need to be together! Shame on them for not providing the fans closure!

  44. s says:

    How could you cancel Drop dead diva, but you keep the stupid shows. You people SUCK. I now have no reason to watch your network,

  45. Crash says:

    this is tragic – one of the better shows around – you always wanted Jane and Grayson to finally get together – please reconsider! and Jane by Design was also good – i’ve been waiting for both to return ;-(

  46. Disappointed says:

    This is not fair!!!! It’s my favorite show! I hate Lifetime now. It can’t end like that!!!!

    • Carolynn says:

      I just realized that they are trying to sell ddd dvds on lifetime’s site-I LOVE the show-but the lack of an ending is very disappointing. Why would I buy the dvds and still have no ending? Way to go marketing people at lifetime!

  47. Bonita says:

    How upsetting! Honey Boo Boo gets renewed & DDD gets canceled? OMG Its hard to find quality now on Lifetime. Furious they left us with a cliffhanger, then canceled. We waited for months for the new season and resolution on the recent storylines…just to be told its canceled after 4 yrs of devotion? I agree. Lifetime is no longer one of my main channels now either. If Dance Moms and Honey Boo Boo can air, but Drop Dead Diva gets canceled then they need to roll some heads over ther ata that station!!! They didn’t do a good job of ending Brothers and Sisters either and that was a really great show. Afraid if I watch another of their shows they will do the same thing yet again!

  48. Swampfox says:

    I agree with everyone on Honey Boo Boo. Can’t say I’ll miss DDD because I never really got into it.

  49. Jennifer says:

    DDD was the ONLY show co tinuously on DVD and still is. This has been a favorite girls night show for 3 years after my friends caught on. I’m actually praying another channel picks it up. QUESTION. Has the follow-on season been filmed??

  50. donna says:

    How could lifetime do this.I loved drop dead diva it was my favorite show how could lifetime just leave us hanging without an ending.