Once Upon a Time Recap: Crossing the Line

Once Upon a Time SpoilersThis week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Captain Hook aimed to sink Rumplestiltskin’s dreams, while in fairytale land a beauty learned to handle her first beast.

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IN THE FAIRYTALE LAND THAT WAS…. | A restless Belle decides to apply her book-smart learning to the cause of wrangling a beast called the Yaoguai. But no sooner had she fed her not-so-gentlemanly companions a (false) tip about the creature’s location did they pitch her to the side of the road. Belle then made tracks for the Yaoguai’s true hiding a place, a cave atop a mountain. When the oversized fiery canine-type thing (a “hot dog”?) came out a-roaring, Belle’s bacon was saved by an arrow from the warrior Mulan. Ultimately, the ladies agreed to work together, but when Mulan fell ill from a battle wound, it was up to Belle — in, um, “interesting” battle attire — to take on the Yaoguai. After dousing the beast’s trademark flames, Belle found a whimpering pooch who begged for help. By sprinkling it with fairy dust (gifted to her earlier by Dreamy), Belle lifted the curse/beastly entrapment that had been placed on… Prince Phillip! After introducing the prince to her friend Mulan, Belle said, “I have another beast to find” as she went off to reunite with Rumplestiltskin. Alas, she was immediately captured by the Evil Queen, who sought to (among other things) spare the beauty “a lifetime of misery” with Rumple. Belle, though, insisted, “I will never stop fighting for him!”

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IN STORYBROOKE…. | Using Smee as a test subject, Mr. Gold confirmed a way to cross the town line without losing one’s memory — by “enchanting” a keepsake belonging to the person. Alas, since he only has enough potion for one more application, Belle cannot come with him to seek out his son Bae. Meanwhile, as Mary Margaret, Henry and others mourn Archie at his funeral, Hook visits the shrink in his ship’s hold and picks his brain about Mr. Gold’s weakness. Later at the library, Belle runs into Hook, whom she recognizes from Regina’s fairytale land cell. “You want to kill Rumplestiltskin!” she realizes. He responds, “Right now, I’ll settle for you,” but Belle escapes into the elevator chamber. Gold retrieves her, then explains his vendetta with Hook — save for a tiiiiiny detail or two about how Milah came to meet her maker. The duo then discover that Gold’s ship has been ransacked, his enchanted shawl stolen. (As Hook sneers elsewhere, “Now he’s trapped!”)

Gold begs Belle not to get involved in his vendetta, but after gleaning that Hook arrived by ship, she tracks down the pirate’s cloaked vessel and boards it, finding and freeing Archie. But then she is cornered by Hook, who divulges the more sordid details of Milah’s death and Rumple’s role in it: “He ripped out her heart and crushed it in front of me! He’ll do anything to hold onto power.” Belle is distraught by the reveal yet defends her man and his “true” heart. She gets the drop on Hook and makes a run for it, just as Gold boards the ship and begins to whale on his enemy. Rumple is tempted and taunted to rip out Hook’s heart, but Belle pleads, “No, there’s still good in you! Show me I’m not wrong!” Gold lets his prey free, urging him to go and sail his ship “off the edge of the world.”

(We now break for a Charming update: Henry’s in a serious funk after Archie’s “death,” which Emma remedies in part by assigning the lad custody of Pongo. When Mary Margaret muses that things will get crowded in the apartment, a discussion ensues about the family’s future. David puts forth the idea of going back to fairytale land, but Mary Margaret explains that it is not the place it once was, with the ogres and Cora now roaming about. “What if we don’t belong here?” he asks. “What if we fight for what we really want?” To which Mary Margaret frets, “Unless we don’t want the same thing…?” Also: When Archie resurfaces alive and to not a single gasp, Emma and Henry realize they need to go apologize to Regina. Enjoy the crow, kids!)

The hour ends with Gold and Belle at the town line, both excited by the prospect of him leaving to seek out Bae. “You’ll find him — and I’ll be here waiting for you,” Belle smiles as they kiss goodbye. But just as Gold successfully takes a step out of Storybrooke, Hook shows up and shoots Belle, who then tumbles across the town line, alive but sapped of her memory. “Now you know how it feels,” the pirate growls. Just as Gold is poised to open a fiery can of magical whoop-ass on the buccaneer, a car comes careening down the road, mowing down Hook and then skidding off into a tree. Gold makes note of the out-of-town plates: An outsider has broached Storybrooke!

What did you think of “The Outsider”? Do we believe that Belle can never truly get her memories back? Or might there be a loophole since, unlike most everyone else, she never assumed a new identity upon being transported to Storybrooke?

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  1. Jerry says:

    My [main] problem with this episode is that no one seems surprised at all to learn that Cora and Hook are in Storybrooke. Both Rumple and Emma/Snow took the news as if it was expected and they already knew. Did I miss an episode or something?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich, Editor-at-Large TVLine.com says:

      Right? I replayed Archie’s “resurrection” scene to be clear that he mentioned Cora by name. And it was met with no, “Who?! What?! How?!”

    • rmpr says:

      I don’t think that they weren’t surprised I think it was more of lack of time to show them react to the news. Archie came to alert everybody I guess we’ll see more of a reaction on next week’s episode.

    • Sami says:

      Honestly my main concern. It’s a moment we’ve been waiting for for ages and no shocking reactions whatsoever.

  2. Templar says:

    I guess the guy in the car is Ethan Embry. The last couple of weeks I’ve been arguing with someone on here [Mike?] about Jefferson’s merits versus Hook’s as a partner for Emma. His [her] main reason for being against Jefferson was that he held a gun to Emma’s head. After last night’s episode, Jefferson seems to be winning the contest.

    • Tanya says:

      I wouldn’t kill it “winning” if you’re comparing two dudes who kidnap and assault women, to be honest. I’d go with neither instead of picking one of them as a potential love interest for any woman on the show. But maybe that’s just me.

      • Ruth says:

        no It ot just you! LOL! Hook is really hook and have chemistry with every woman in the cast LOL! But more with Emma but it´s like Belle said he has no heart!

    • Patti says:

      I don’t get Hook’s appeal. He seems more suited for Cora or Regina. I just like when they treat him like a villian and not a Sawyer wanna be.

      • Mari says:

        I could get behind Cora/Hook. I can’t see him with Regina at all. But so far ALL women in Storybrooke appear to be smarter and classier than he is and I can’t see them bothering with him for more than sex. But a “toy boy” thing with Cora could work for me.

    • Mike says:

      Just to be fair during that discussion(debate?), I was neither “Team Hook or Team Jefferson” I was team I think Emma should be with someone who when they first met didn’t kidnap he and hold a gun to her head. Jefferson is not winning anything, I guess you could say he is a better romantic option than Hook but that has always been true, Hook is meant to be a villain, and I was thrilled to see acting villainous this week. Personally I’m against either of them being with Emma, if I had to choose someone I guess it would be Neal, but that is mostly because I’m a fan of Michael Raymond James.

      • Templar says:

        Fair enough, I meant no disrespect. But after last night’s episode, I hope the Hook/Emma shippers don’t start talking about redemption for Hook IMO he’s beyond that.

        • Mike says:

          Hey If Rumple and Regina are still able to be redeemed after all they’ve done, it wouldn’t be too much of stretch to think Hook could be too. Though I hope he stays a villain, he was best villain during last nights episode than he has been all season.

          • Dagnan says:

            Amen, amen, and amen…to the redemption. The show needs something positive to give some fans a good shot in the arm. Why not redeem him? Why not a happy ending, that’s not the end? If fans want their villans, I’m sure Rumple will regress again in no time flat.

        • Kelly says:

          I don’t get the hook/emma thing. they’re scenes do nothing for me and would lose respect for her. I get the redemption for Regina and Rumple but I do want some true villians and Hook could be cool if they want all badass villian true evil with him.

      • John says:

        I like Neal and I thought he had the best chemistry with Emma. He has the potential complex hero potential that is interesting to me.

  3. Jonathan R Choy says:

    no but i think they were shocked that archie was alive

  4. jonbua says:

    Its not the first time I’m let down when it comes to “realization” on this show. I totally disliked last season when Regina and Rumple (Mostly Regina) started talking about the “savior” like it had been discovered in 3 episode arc or something. I actually thought the ending of the first season would be Regina discovering Emma is the savior and putting a big :O face.

  5. Leslie says:

    From looking at promos, I think Rumple will make a deal with Cora for Belle to get her memories back. He has to agree to leave and take Emma with him so Cora can wreak havoc in Storybrooke.

  6. Brenna says:

    my rumbelle heart broke last night, but i trust the writers wont screw it up. This should be very interesting. true love’s kiss will break any curse, so rumpel has got to help belle remember their love (cheesy sentence i know).

    • Patti says:

      I wondered about true love’s kiss but with Belle having no memory he would have to get her to fall in love with him again for it to work. While Belle’s done alot of heavy lifting and she never gave up on him, now it’s Rumple’s turn to do the same and fight for her.

    • Leah says:

      But true loves kiss didn’t break the forgetting curse in season one, when David and MM kissed for the first time… (not to be a downer or anything, I want it to work too! It did work for Emma and Henry though… so I don’t know! But I do like someone else’s theory that Cora brings back Belle’s memory for Rumple to leave makes sense to me!!)

  7. kat says:

    I was honestly slightly irritated by Belle last night. The thing that bugged me most was her condemning Hook completely. Not that I don’t think Hook deserves to be called out, I just felt Belle was really hypocritical about it (it’s really more her attitude about Rumple that grates). I don’t think anything Hook has done is worse than things we’ve seen Regina and Rumple do and we’re clearly meant to feel sympathy for them, but even if we limit it to only things Belle would know about each man, I still feel she’s just being ridiculously single minded about Rumple. She knows a very long list of terrible things he’s done, all in the name of getting and holding on to power. And she feels he’s totally redeemable. OK, fine. Then you have Hook, who has just given her the exact reason he wants revenge on this one person, and it’s all “your heart is black”. I’m just like…huh? You know this how? Yes, wanting revenge and being willing to hurt innocent people to get it is bad, and Hook should be held accountable for that. But to me it’s at least as understandable as Rumple doing terrible things to get power because he always felt weak when he was human. I actually liked the Belle/Rumple dynamic in the beginning, but it’s getting to a point where I feel like Rumple could go around and kill all the children in Storybrook and Belle would still forgive him and say he still has good in him. She never stays mad at him for more than a second, and when it comes to Belle Rumple never has to face any real consequences for his actions. She always takes him back, way faster than he deserves and without any demonstrable proof that he’s changed, just her ridiculous faith. I know Once Upon is a fairytale at heart and fairytales aren’t known for deep exploration of complex morality and reality, but Belle’s yelling that she’ll always fight for him just made me roll my eyes. I didn’t find it romantic, I found it naive and stupid. Maybe if Rumple wasn’t still going behind her back and doing things like using Smee as an unwilling test subject or turning him into a rat…but he is. To me, he hasn’t changed at all, he’s just working harder to hide the ugly parts of his methods from Belle. So her constant unwavering defense of him is just starting to bug the hell out of me.

    • Josh says:

      Yeah Fairy Tale world Belle is much more badass then “In Love with Rumple” Storybrooke Belle but now we’re going to have helpless Belle who will fall in love with Rumple…Not a fan of where they are taking her at all.

    • Mike says:

      Agree 100%, Belle continues to be delusional in Storybrooke, but I thought she was badass in FTL.

    • Mary says:

      Yeah I agree. She didn’t seem to have a problem with Rumple even after Hook told her that he killed Milah, when Rumple had made it as Hook said, seem like it was an accident or something.

      I felt this episode was too sloppy. They have some of the grieving over Jiminy/Archie, talking about going back to the enchanted forest going on while having Hook make his move against Rumple, as Rumple is figuring out how to leave Storybrooke with his memories intact and also Belle’s flashback to her meeting Mulan and Phillip was just too much going on for the episode and that didn’t really mesh.

      There’s also the question of did Snow really mean that she and Charming were just going to move out on Emma or does she still mean for all of them to live together. She made the suggestion that sound like that’s what she wanted and then when Charming and Emma protested she also made it sound like no, they’re all still going to be living together in a new house.

    • Kelly says:

      I like that Belle is not judging by the past, but by what he does now. It’s the same as Regina having a shot at redemption. I thought she was excellent in ftl and in storybrooke.

      • DRush76 says:

        [“I like that Belle is not judging by the past, but by what he does now.”]

        Rumpel had LIED TO HER about Milah’s death. That wasn’t something he did in the past. And Belle didn’t call him on the carpet for lying to her . . . which I found ridiculous. She also witnessed him trying to beat Hook to death. And yet, she screams “I know there’s good in him!”

        There probably is good in Rumpel. But he has yet to really show that potential. And until he does, I’m not rooting for a Rumpel/Belle romance.

    • John says:

      I really liked Belle in last night’s episode. In both worlds, she showed why Belle has always been a favorite of mine and emilie’s version my favorite to date.

      • Kay says:

        I completely agree- Emilie does a wonderful job with this character, and I’m always interested to see where they’re taking Belle.

      • Patti says:

        I agreed. Belle is my fav female on the show and last night she impressed me in both worlds. I found her rational,kick butt, smart and like all versions of belle used her compassion and love of books

    • surockshya says:

      I totally agree with you. Rumple has done way way waaaaay more bad things to people than Hook. Just because he didn’t kill Hook when Belle asked him no to doesn’t mean he has changed or whatever. I thought Belle would at least be a bit affected by hearing how he killed his own wife but no, all she can say is ‘he’s good at heart’ *rolls eyes*. Beauty and the Beast story needed to be better than this!!

    • Janie says:

      Preach! I was actually happy when Belle got shot last night. For all the time people spend trying to tell me that wench has brains… I don’t see it. She’s a walking talking Stockholm Syndrome. If Rumple decapitated a barnful of kittens in front of her she’d just whine “but he’s good underneeeeeeeeath!” I mean, maybe she’d give him a time out but it’d be over before the blood dried.

      Deserves all she gets. Maybe amnesia will reboot some common sense and an instinct for self-preservation. I doubt it, though.

  8. Patti says:

    Emilie de Ravin gave an amazing performance. Belle is one of my favorites on the show. Strong,smart,brave and loving. She proves booksmart is badass. Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin have the best chemistry on the show. Such a well acted and written love story with depth. Here’s hoping Rumple will fight to get Belle back. And since they didn’t drag out Archie’s kidnapping/Regina is a killer plot for more than one episode, I hope we get Belle’s memory back asap.

    Oh and I’m not fond of too many new characters but car guy will be an instant favorite if he killed Hook.

    • Kelly says:

      I will build car guy a shrine if he got rid of Hook.

      • Templar says:

        Ditto. Where was Cora while all of this was going down? Did I space out something?

      • Patti says:

        The karma car was awesome

      • Becky N says:

        If only we were so lucky. Ooh and don’t even get me started on the how “sexy” he is train. Bull—-. I do not find misogyny and unwanted sexual advances sexy in any context. Say what you will about Rumple, but at least he isn’t a misogynist pig in addition to being a murderer.

        • Adam says:

          Strange, I didn’t realize that being a mysoginist was somehow worse than being a murdering manipulative life destroying abusive sociopath. That’s… interesting. Give it up. Rumplestiltskin is just as rotten as Hook. Hook just did what Rumple did to him: Took his love away. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but, this is kind of situation you ask for when you terrorize, ruin the lives of, and murder people. Sorry Rump. What comes around, goes around, magic always comes with a price, and all that. Oh, and by the way Rumpy, good show with-after promising the woman you supposedly love you wouldn’t-trying to kill Hook, instead of honoring her wishes and being a better man with that wittle “twu” heart of his. But she doesn’t remember that, right? So I guess it doesn’t count.

          • k says:

            Yeah, but Hook’s both a misogynist AND a murdering manipulative life-destroying sociopath. That’s the point. And as much as Rumpel deserves to suffer (I love him but it’s true), Belle does not. Rumpel was 100% wrong to kill Milha–she was a deadbeat mom, an adulteress, and a mean drunk but none of those are anything like capital offenses. But–what Rumpel did to her was about HER, (too extreme) revenge to what *she* did to *him* (and more important, to Bae). He wasn’t making an innocent person suffer just to get back at his enemy, the way Hook does.

          • brisbydog says:

            The difference (to me) is that Rumple killed while under the Dark Curse. The original recipe Rumple was not a killer, but once he got that power he was killing left and right. We have never seen him kill as Gold (came close with Belle’s dad and Hook) so I do give him some allowance for being infested with something evil that made him act outside of his original character, and I think Belle knows this too which is why she gives allowances for crimes commited while he was the Dark One. As for Hook, I was cool with him going after Rumple, but wiping the memories of a girl who had just saved his life was pretty irredeemable. Glad that car hit him and hope he is out of commision for a while.

    • 4theloveoffilm says:

      Agreed! I LOVE the Rumple-Belle relationship.

    • BelleRumpleFan says:

      Agreed! Love Rumbelle. It looks like we are going to get more focus on their relationship in the back half :)

    • astrid says:

      yes! car-guy is my hero. He should have driven back and forth a bit more often!

  9. Sanford says:

    I’d be shocked if Belle doesn’t get her memory back as Rumbelle is such a major story line. As to the many story threads, frankly, I’m amazed that the writers manage as well as they do to keep so many balls in the air. Are they always successful? No, but it’s still a consistantly entertaining show. Though as a musical theater queen, I must say that it bears a striking resemblance to Stephen Sondheim’s great show, Into The Woods.

  10. Kelly says:

    Opening with Archie’s funeral and Gepato talking to his friend was a beautiful moment. Emilie de Ravin did such a phenomenal job. She is a wonderful actress and perfect as Belle. I love Belle. Belle is awesome. She was rocking this episode. It’s my favorite next to Skin Deep and Tallahassee. Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin have beautiful chemistry. I really loved Rumple and Belle in this episode and that ending was pure tormenting angst. It was heartbreaking. I hope she gets her memory back quickly. That is just too sad.

  11. Tanya says:

    It was okay, but one of the weaker episodes of the season.
    I agree with everyone who already said they were disappointed with how they handled the reveal that Cora and Hook are in town. The reactions from Belle/Rumple (especially’s reaction when she met Hook in the library), and Emma/Henry were anti-climatic. The Archie reveal felt rushed too and I don’t understand why Cora wasn’t in this episode at all. Regina has gone into hiding alright, but where was Cora during the entire episode? If she’s spying on Regina or gathering information they should have given us at least one shot to explain it.
    I’m not sure how I feel about Belle after this episode. They were trying too hard to endear her to the audience, forcing her into the heroine role in both stories. It felt especially out of character in the fairytale flashback even though they added the “booksmart” element. I also don’t understand why they even have Mulan on the show if she never gets to be the badass warrior we know. The reveal that the beast was actually Prince Philipp was cool though.
    It also bothered me that Belle was completely unfazed by Hook’s reveal that Rumple killed Milah. Could be the acting and not the writing, but her blank face reaction made me go “what the hell”. I don’t know if it was the intention to give of this impression, probably not, but I walked away from this episode thinking that Rumple/Belle is still very far away from being a healthy relationship and it’s affecting especially Belle in a way that make me uneasy.
    Another weird moment: Henry goes from “we have to fight against Regina” to “I knew my mom’s innocent” in 10 ten seconds. Uh… what?

  12. Sarah says:

    I don’t find humor, pleasure, or satisfaction in seeing someone in the real world, or on my favorite tv show get hurt. I already liked Once Upon A Time, but didn’t love it until Hook came along. I want to see much more of him. He broke my heart last night. Yes, he did some horrible things, but we saw something we haven’t seen before. We saw how deep his love for Milah is. We saw how hopeless he feels. We saw how the events around Milah “broke” him. There may, or may not be more back story, but this, and that have everything to do with why he is both murderous and suicidal. It’s all he has left. He has nothing to live for. I’d like for the writers to shine some sun in his life and give him something to live for.

    As for Rumplestiltskin: I didn’t find pleasure in seeing Rumple hurt (emotionally) either. I don’t hate any of the characters. Life is too short to be that petty. There’s not an innocent party here. Two wrongs don’t make a right. They’re both at fault. Rumple started it, when he got revenge the first time. That happened the first time when he sold his soul, and the second time when he killed Milah. He’s lied to Belle. He told her he would change, but she doesn’t know what he did to Smee (on both occasions). When will he learn that every evil thing he does will only bring him more evil, and thus more heartbreak?

    When will Hook finally have someone who instead of a hand of hatred, will show him compassion and understanding? It’s amazing what can grow when the right seeds are sown. Negativity begets negativity. Right now, the show is really, really negative. I don’t see any hope on the horizon here anywhere, for anybody. I’m not okay with the show leaving it that way for Hook, or for Rumple and Belle.

    Fans of both Hook and Rumplestiltskin are feeling taken for granted. All that’s happened, is that the show has decided to take, take, take and give nothing back to those whose emotions are invested into what that wizard behind the curtain is doing. It is emotionally draining for no good purpose or benefit to anybody, other than the one in charge,. I’m feeling really drained, and low right now.

    • Mike says:

      While I agree with a lot of what you said I was happy to see Hook kind of be that villain we were promised at the beginning of the season.

      • Penney says:

        Nah, he’s not a villan. Once he gets his head screwed on right, he won’t be one anymore. He doesn’t have the right stuff to be a real villan. He’s got too many good qualities in him.

        • k says:

          What good qualities are those? I’m not being sarcastic; I really want to know. He’s good-looking and he’s brave, and as far as I can tell, that covers it. Those two things alone don’t make a good person, or even an anti-hero (unless you’re living in a Harry Potter book).

      • John says:

        I too have been waiting for Hook to be interesting and a villian. They need someone who is just evil and ruthless and last night he started to deliver.

    • Templar says:

      Hook beat Belle in the cell, he shoved a gun in her face on his ship, he shot her at the town line. I’d say I hope he’s permanently incapacitated. But why is no one here discussing the Pa. license plate 2KFL 138? To Kill for love? 2 kings in Fairyland? Is 138 a date, a time. what?

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        I rewatched the license plate scene multiple times; my takeaway is they simply wanted to make crystal clear it was from out of town (i.e. Pennsylvania) aka an “outsider.”

      • Tnstrouds says:

        Oh if Hook’s dead, I am so done! After Graham, August, and now Hook? I’ll be soooooo done!!!
        Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I will have let it happen 3 times. I must be an idiot to let myself get beat up this way!

        • Templar says:

          Another loopy idea of mine: What if Hook at the town line, wasn’t Hook. What if that was Cora? Like she shape shifted into Lancelot [whom I don’t believe is dead].

      • Jake says:

        2KFL138 = Took Flight

        It’s Peter Pan. The driver is a grown up Peter Pan. He took down Captain Hook with his car. He’s a character who traveled between Neverland and the real world. He could be useful in restoring the memory of Belle and anyone else who crosses the border of Storybrooke.

  13. John says:

    I liked the episode alot and I really loved Belle in both FTL and in Storybrooke. She is freaking awesome.

  14. X says:

    Why can’t they just make Colin O’Donoghue a main cast member? Whether good or bad Captain Hook made a huge impression. They love him on social networks, so why not keep him? Why take gas out of the car?

    • Mike says:

      Colin is a regular, but probably not until like episode 13 or 14. When someone is promoted during the middle if the season like Colin, it usually doesn’t go into affect until February sweeps.

    • Mari says:

      He was promoted to series regular for the second half of the season. There are a number of articles about it on the internet and the social networks you guys keep raving about. So can we please skip the talk about how Hook supposedly raised the ratings of the show with his mere presence and OUAT would be nothing without him this time?

      • Missie says:

        Why is talking about that such a big deal? If ratings are dying right now, it’s because everybody’s sick of the same old crap with Rumplestiltskin and Belle. If Hook doesn’t stay on the show, we’ll probably get even more of the same old crap with Rumplestiltskin and Belle. It’s time for them to do what they’ve done with the charmings and leave them alone for a while. It’s gotten old. Really old.

        • Kelly says:

          i am actually liking what they are doing with rumbelle and up until last night they haven’t been overly focused on this season and the charmings well I definitely want them to explore the family relationship with emma and her parents. I think it’s Hook and Cora overly used.

          • John says:

            I was going to say they haven’t had too much Rumbelle focus until this episode. I think this was the most depth since Skin Deep and I agree no drama for Snowing but seeing Emma get to know her parents should be getting more focus.

          • Dagnan says:

            Done with Rumbo, Rumba, Rumbrandt, Rumbelle, whatever. More Hook, please.

  15. A says:

    Hook has been such a blessing to this show in my opinion. I enjoy ever scene he’s been in and I love him as the villian because to be honest, Rumpelstiltskin is getting boring. Even though he’s “trying” to change, he acts all high and mighty and thinks he’s the best. I mean I don’t get how so many people can hate Hook for what he’s doing and not be mad at Rumple for what he did. Oh you’re wife left you for another guy so you cut off his hand and literally break her heart and you expect him to just do nothing about it.
    Also Belle seriously pissed me off this episode, how can you find out that Rumple was the one who cut his hand and killed his own wife and then turn around and judge Hook for wanting revenge, So hypocritical

  16. David says:

    Personally, I’m tired of the “Don’t talk good about Hook” posts I see here and elsewhere. If some of you are threatened by the audience liking Hook, I am sure it’s for all the wrong reasons. Your hostility is a very bright red flag.

    • Uther says:

      People are not tired of talk about Hook, they’re tired of fangirls pretending they know more than everyone else does.
      Unless you know everyone with a Nielsen box you don’t know why the ratings are the way they are.

      • TNSTROUDS says:

        The people at ABC can’t let Nielsen ratings alone, do their jobs for them. Nielsen has never taken ratings from the houses of anybody who I know, where I live. How do I really know how fair those findings really are?

        I don’t trust Nielsen ratings. trust what I see actual people talking about far more because it’s right from the horse’s mouth. It’s solid, hard core proof.

        If ratings they produce are so trustworthy, supporters of their findings should have no problem producing numbers to support their arguments. Again, not relying on somebody else to do their work.

      • Dagnan says:

        What do ratings have to do with people whining because they talk too much about a character other than who is being paraded around at the moment (while some of us look at our watches and wonder when it’ll be over)?

        • Kendrick says:

          Jeez. They’re over the same three people always spamming every OUAT news bit with the same posts about how the writers must do this or that with Hook because 1) they think he is the make it or break it factor in OUAT’s ratings, 2) the whole internet loves him, 3) the show is nothing without him and will commit suicide if the writers don’t make him the center of the show. It’s not that hard to understand if you read some of the others posts and read the comments on OUAT news on this site fairly regularly. It’s also not that hard to understand why these pseudo arguments and “I only watch for this character” posts will eventually get on your nerves if you like the show as a whole or if you have to read time every single time TV Line published a piece of OUAT news.

    • Ruth says:

      Hook wasn’t even in the promo for the next episode. All they ever focus on is RS and Belle, and so they’re stuck in a rut and it’s hurting them. The math adds up.

      • Kelly says:

        I felt this season has had too much on Mulan,Aurora,Hook and Cora. Up until last night there wasn’t much Rumple/Belle since the croc episode that introduced hook.

        • Charlie says:

          Too much Hook? You’re kidding right?

        • John says:

          I agree there was too much with Hook and present day FTL. Not enough Red,Belle,Archie, August, dwarfs,etc.

          • Kristi says:

            I would have liked to see more of Red, Archie, and August. I don’t mind seeing so much of Hook. He’s new, and needs screen time so the audience can get used to knowing him. As for Belle, there’s been way too much of her lately. I’m tired of seeiing what horrible persecution will take place to hurt poor Belle next. She’s really starting to get on my nerves. I mean don’t kill her off or anything, but quit pushing her into our faces for a little while, eh?

          • Patti says:

            Agree. Hook’s gotten alot of attention. Too much. I would like more Gepato and Archie. I don’t get the tired of Belle thing. This is her first character centric episode and her and Ruby have mostly been background this season so far. So I definitely want more Belle and Red.

          • Kelly says:

            I get tired of the poor Regina bit and there is too much Hook for my liking but not enough August, Neal,Archie,Grumpy,Red and Belle.

          • Tanya says:

            I’d like to see more of August too. I can’t believe they’ve completely ignored his fate since the season premiere. More Archie and Red would be nice too.

      • Kenneth says:

        I have a wild and crazy idea: Why don’t they just rotate episodes for the characters, and let them all take turns. That way, nobody’s whining about whose getting all the attention, and everybody’s happy. There! Settled! How rediculous!

  17. Shannon says:

    I am always amazed by the reviews of the OUaT episodes and enjoy seeing the vastly varying views of the episodes. So I’m going to add my thoughts.
    This is the first episode I’ve really enjoyed this season. I hated having the main cast split up and I really dislike the ever growing core cast members. I’m usually a person who prefers a small steady cast because I love character development and that can get lost in a large cast.
    I’ve been a Rumple fan from the beginning and Belle/Beauty and the Beast is my favorite, so I love the pairing. Rumple is a bizarre swirling shade of grey and I have a soft spot in my heart for the bad boy/underdog, Almost all of Rumple’s actions lead back to either Bae or Belle and I find it oddly sweet.
    I also am of the ‘get rid of Hook’ camp, but then, I really like August and feel robbed by his lack of appearances this season. I personally don’t feel like he adds a single thing to show.
    As to the reaction to hearing that Cora and Hook are in Storybrooke. I don’t think anyone is particularly surprised. I was pretty clear they were trying to get there, so I saw it as inevitable. I was more surprised by the reaction to seeing Archie alive and the fact that they didn’t seem curious as to who they had just buried.
    To those who were confused by Henry’s reaction, nothing about it seemed out of place. His biological family were all hating on Regina, it only makes sense that he would climb on board the hate wagon and not stand out, but that wouldn’t stop him from actually caring about her. She did raise him and was the only mother he knew for a very long time. As far as we have seen (at least that I can remember) she has been a ‘good’ mother, despite the fact that she isn’t a good person.
    I can’t wait for August’s return and more on the Baelfire mystery.

    • SAM says:

      Actually, Regina wasn’t a good mother. She took him to a therapist because she tried to make him think that he was crazy in believing that the town’s citizens were from the Enchanted Forest. Also, they never truly bonded as mother and son or else he would not have gone looking for his birth mother.

      • Tanya says:

        Actually the writers said at the beginning of the show (LA Times interview, I think) that the Regina and Henry relationship ran into trouble when Henry got the book and it got worse from then on since it made him ask more and more questions about Storybrooke. It makes sense too if you think about it. Only after he got the book and shortly before the timeline of the Pilot did he start looking for his birthmother and started fighting the curse. Also: In the Candian promo for next week’s episode we see Cora holding a framed picture of Regina and Henry. Regina’s hugging Henry from behind and they’re both smiling. Supports the idea that they used to be happy too.

        • Cindy says:

          It doesn`t matter what writers said in some intws, they are so in love with Regina/EQ they will allways excuse her murdering, terrorizing action. The audience saw that she let grow up Henry in a world where nobody ages except he. With or without the book he may have allways reasked it or would have done it at some point. The fact that she let him believe that he is crazy made him unhappy enough to search for his real mother. If he were completely happy with his life he would have thrown away the book and laugh about the stories. The book simply accelerated the process and explained his doubts.

          • Kayle says:

            I believe the point was that “they never truly bonded as mother and son” is obviously not true. Not that the Regina didn’t lie to them and the relationship didn’t turn sour when he realized what was going on in Storybrooke.

    • Kelly says:

      Well said

  18. Amy says:

    I never like Henry but when he said “I knew it!” ( about Regina’s innocence) I was like ‘ Are you kidding me?!?!’ two second ago he was talking about protecting themselves from her!
    And the final scene part was so predictable! (Belle losing her memories)

  19. Debra mobley says:

    What I don’t get is when Cora and hook came to story brook none of them was Freak. Out by morden technology. As if they all ready knew what a car was. And. Forth and how on earth did hook leran to pull some one’s heart out if he doesn’t have magic powers. And why didn’t he do it when he confronted bell. He could have took her heart out sent to rumple saying you took the heart of the woman I love. Now I do the same. And can you please tell me when did bell try to be a bad Girl. I thought she was jump. When she left rumple. If you want to make this show interesting I would love to see a battle between Cora and rumble. Get this Cora lied when she said herny the frist one was her biological father instead it was none other than rumble.he finds out because she wants to distroy him and become the most powerful. And she do it threw Regina. Because so far the stroy is getting a little lame. And if any of them start singing I m done with the show

    • Mike says:

      Didn’t understand all if your questions, but I can answer one Hook does nt have magic powers, but during the first half of season 2 there was flashback showing Regina putting a spell on Hook to be able to steal one heart, Regina was hoping to use it on Cora, but Cira convinced Hook to work for her mainly because Cora keeps her heart hidden. So eventually Hook used the spell to steal Aurora’s heart. That’s why Hook could steal Belles heart.

  20. BelleRumpleFan says:

    Belle was awesome! I loved how she used books as her weapon.

    • John says:

      The writers and Emilie de Ravin did such a good job with Belle last night. Belle was a totally badass with her smarts and compassion. I want more of this from Belle but they had to do the memory wipe thing.

    • Patti says:

      I loved that the writers showed being brave and badass and a hero is not all fighting and wielding swords. Also love how they showed (as the writers said in podcast) that Belle’s superpower is seeing the truth/beneath the skin of people. And I’m glad they invested in Belle as more than just a part of Rumbelle with the flashback.

  21. Joan says:

    i liked this episode, Emma did look pretty shocked when she realised Cora was in town, but they didn’t have time to stay with that story. This was the first episode where I really liked Belle and the ending was very surprising – I can’t wait to see how Belle gets her memories back – and just how far will Rumple go to achieve that. Can’t wait for next weeks episode.

  22. GingerSnap says:

    For the first time this season, I felt the show was returning to its origins. Rump seeking out Bae continues the story arc of his redemption. At his roots in FTL, he was a man who felt love, but he was weak. Magic brought evil to his soul. Belle is his only connection to goodness. My bet, she regains her memory & it will require a heroic choice by Rump. He either makes the self-less choice & saves her or he returns to his bitter roots.
    My favorite scenes always involve Regina as the evil queen. Glad to see her return.

    • CC says:

      I kinda think he’ll need to use true love’s kiss, but can’t since I think he must be blocking it somehow so he won’t lose his powers when he and Belle kiss. He would have to choose one to keep the other.

  23. Alex says:

    Useful recap, since I missed part of the show and had to guess what happened in those bits as I watched. Now I know! But, pssst, in your recap, you should have written “whale” on, not “wail” on, since Mr. Gold was beating Hook and not crying on him.

  24. Kelly says:

    Belle is the best!

    I loved that Emma wanted her family under one roof, I was surprised Snow was thinking of a bigger house for all of them instead of her and Charming moving out.

  25. Singingal says:

    Matt, I agree. It was “interesting” battle attire. While Belle is a beautiful woman, that was entirely too much cleave. Who’s she supposed to be, Xena?

  26. Cindy says:

    Isn’t Hook the prettiest pirate in the world? Well, besides that, I’d never say he isn’t a villain because he does evil things quite easily but I was totally WTF when Bella accused him of having a rotten heart while defending Rumpel. There’s no “good side” anymore in a fight between Hook and Rumpel.
    I find the episode interesting, but without logic. Where was Cora? When she didn’t help Hook at the ship I thought she had made a copy of Rumpel’s shawl, that the plan was tricking Rumpel into losing his memory. But that didn’t happen, so I just don’t understand what was Hook’s plan. Shouldn’t he have destroyed the shawl?

    • Dagnan says:

      Love your post. You are so right. Captain Hook is what makes the whole show for me. If they don’t keep him, I’ll be totally crushed! Once was fun before, when we were home to catch it. Now, it’s the only show my household knows there is a very specific time slot set aside for, and not subject to negotiation. That’s what Hook did in this house, and Colin O’Donoghue doesn’t even know it.

  27. What about Emma’s love interest (aka Henry’s dad) as being the one from PA who ran over Hook? Didn’t August make a deal to find him and reunite him with Emma once she broke the curse? This would explain why we haven’t seen August since the curse was lifted.

  28. Renee says:

    Errr… didn’t previous spoiler/hints mention Hook’s introduction to the townsfolk being ‘violent’ and he wouldn’t have much contact with everyone for a bit? I would imagine getting hit by a car and being in the hospital(maybe?) is pretty violent and a good cause for seclusion especially since the promos showed Ethan Embry in the hospital next week. ( Wouldn’t it be something if he was in a coma and Emma woke him with a kiss-hah! Not that I think that’s actually in the cards but still lol!)

  29. ej says:

    Not a great episode IMO. I did like Hook, and I NEVER like him, so it was a disappointment that the rest of the episode was a bit of a let-down. I like Rumbelle over-all, and there was some nice interaction there, but what killed the episode for me was the editting and plot-holes. As jumbled as the early epis this season felt with the three universes, this one was just as bad, switching between FTL and Rumbelle and then throwing in these ill-fitted bits with the Charmings. Plot-wise, I can’t really believe that Emma and Snow never mentioned Hook in Rumple’s presence, that no one would see Archie walking from the marina to Main St and not call Emma, and that Emma would not call Gold between the time Archie showed up at her apartment and it’s nighttime at the town line. And if Henry flip-flops one more time with his “I knew it” crap, he will lose all credibility… which Emma isn’t far behind in doing with her so-called superpower. Maybe the writers figured since this was going to air opposite the Golden Globes it wasn’t worth giving it their all? At least we found out why Mulan is indebted to Philip and Belle has distinguished herself as a kick-ass librarian (until she lost her memories) and David and Mary Margaret cut the lovey-dovey crap. But still. Meh.

  30. Frankieboy says:

    I loved Emilie even since Lost, so i was really happy when she first starred as a guest star on the show. I loved the first few episodes she was in and then I started to lose interest in Belle. But after this episode I started loving Belle and Emilie’s work once again.

    Emilie is so charismatic and I loved that the writers gave Belle some more layers. Great episode with one of the best cliffhangers from this show till date.

  31. DRush76 says:

    [“The difference (to me) is that Rumple killed while under the Dark Curse.”]

    Give me a break! Talk about splitting hairs. Using a “curse” to make excuses for Rumpel’s evils. How pathetic. The “Dark Curse” is nothing more than magical power. Once he acquired the magic, he realized he finally had the means to make others hurt for his pain. And he did not hesitate to use it. Even Rumpel’s behavior toward the Blind Seer before he was “cursed” wasn’t exactly an example of his benevolent personality.

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