TV Stars Eyeing Oscar: Who Made the Cut? Who Got Snubbed?

oscar nominations 2013 blogWill Tippin, you done good.

When the Oscar nominations were announced Thursday morning, several actors who got their starts on the small screen found themselves in the running for film’s highest honor.

Perhaps the buzziest was Bradley Cooper, best known on TV as Alias‘ journalist-turned-spy Will, who is up for Best Actor for his part in Silver Linings Playbook.

Mad About You‘s Helen Hunt also nabbed a big nom, entering the Supporting Actress race for her portrayal of a professional sex surrogate in The Sessions. (Hunt won Best Actress in 1998 for As Good as It Gets.)

In addition, the Supporting Actress category found Brothers & Sisters matriarch Sally Field — who’s twice before taken home Oscar gold — listed for her portrayal of the First Lady in Lincoln. The presidential biopic also warranted a nomination for director (and Smash executive producer) Steven Spielberg.

Meanwhile, Hunt’s Sessions co-star John Hawkes was snubbed for a Best Actor nod. In the film, the former Deadwood actor plays a man in an iron lung looking to lose his virginity.

For a complete list of nominations for the 85th annual Academy Awards, visit our sister site The ceremony airs Sunday, Feb. 24 on ABC.

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  1. NC Viewer says:

    Supporting Actress for Field and Hunt – not Actress.

  2. april-ann says:

    His film was nominated, but no best director nod for Tarantino? Not a huge fan of Ben Affleck but I think he was seriously snubbed too. Leonardo DiCaprio deserved a nomination this year too (come on people, he absolutely ATE up everyone else on Growing Pains!). I think Sally Field is in the Best Supporting category, not Best Actress but I could be wrong.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      If only one supporting actor could get nominated for Django, then I’m quite pleased it was Christoph Waltz. DiCaprio was helpless in stealing the show from him. Waltz owned every single scene he was in. That’s not to say DiCaprio wasn’t good, Waltz was just better. I think Christoph Waltz is a dreamboat, lol. He’s one of my old guy crushes.

      • april-ann says:

        I would never begrudge Christoph Waltz his much deserved nomination. One doesn’t preclude the other however; it’s happened many times that two actors from the same film are nominated in the same category. I do get what you are saying though, that IF only one could be nominated you are pleased it was Waltz, but I just don’t see it that way because I think both were deserving. And I agree Britta, Christoph Waltz IS a dreamboat!

  3. Rachel says:

    If I wasn’t sure before, (which I was) then I now have an infinite percentage of sureness that the Academy despises Leonardo DiCaprio.

    • song4ten says:

      That’s because they don’t pass out honors for melodrama. The dude is a one-note actor. Maybe if he breaks out of his mold and tries something revolutionary – like, say, comedy – he might prove to the Academy that he has acting chops…or at least versatility.

      • Sam says:

        Did you not see Django Unchained?

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        Disagree. I think Leonardo DiCaprio is quite versatile and there are many things he’s done in his career that deserve accolades. You should watch Shutter Island. He’s incredible in that. There’s also Revolutionary Road, The Departed, The Aviator, Catch Me if You Can, Gangs of New York, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape…He’s not a one-note actor. The Academy does hate him. What he needs to do is spend the next several years filming a series of really stupid rom-coms, and then at an older age suddenly grab some to-die-for role that will make the Academy think he’s grown as an actor or whatever and they end up handing him an Oscar. The Academy hates actors that are consistently amazing who always pick worthwhile projects. They want to see comebacks.

        • “What he needs to do is spend the next several years filming a series of really stupid rom-coms, and then at an older age suddenly grab some to-die-for role that will make the Academy think he’s grown as an actor or whatever and they end up handing him an Oscar.”
          Amen. THIS is everything that is wrong with the Academy!

        • A says:

          yup. robbed every year.

      • Alex says:

        He’s tried different things already. But I agree that his “acting” reeks.

  4. Nina says:

    Once again, Leo gets snubbed. He really deserved a nom for his work. He did an amazing job. But, alas, I repeat this every year.

  5. Luminosity says:

    Ben Affleck was robbed!

  6. KB says:

    You forgot Anne Hathaway was on the Fox show Get Real. Jesse Eisenberg got his start there as well.

  7. Shari says:

    Also, Sally and Helen have won before.

  8. lara says:

    Jennifer Lawrence also got her start on TV.

  9. song4ten says:

    Everyone seems to be talking about Affleck and Bigelow’s snubs, but what about Tom Hooper for Les Miserables?

    • KB says:

      100% agreed. Hooper not getting nominated is the biggest shocker IMO.

    • Sam says:

      I loved Les Mis but I understand his not being nominated.

    • Sarah says:

      Actually this is one I understand. I thought some of his choices, like shooting a large amount of the movie in close-up, were very questionable. There were some great performances in the movie but this was one where I came out thinking – wow the director really compromised the movie.

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        Yeah, I completely expected the Tom Hooper snub, and actually agreed with them doing it. I think a lot of people in the Academy are still angry Hooper beat out Fincher when The King’s Speech came out, and I could see them spite voting against him for that alone. But overall, Les Mis is not getting very good reviews. It’s the lowest rated movie on rotten tomatoes to get nominated for an Oscar this year and its spot should probably have gone to a better reviewed movie. As a side note, the BAFTAs snubbed Hooper too, and they also snubbed Spielberg which made me think Lincoln would not be a juggernaut as people expected, but with Bigelow and Affleck out now, I’m not sure. I expect this year we’re going to have some real surprise wins in a lot of the categories.

  10. ed says:

    Rachel weisz should be nominated #Period

  11. Sarah says:

    And again, Leo gets snubbed. Ridiculous. These shows are so contrived and biased. It’s a wonder we bother with them at all.

  12. TV Gord says:

    I’m disappointed for Ben Affleck and I think Argo deserved more nominations. I’m glad to see the recognition that Lincoln has received. I also wish The Hobbit could have gotten more. It deserved more than Visual Effects.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      I feel for ya and I 100% agree on Argo. I don’t get how Affleck can get a DGA and BAFTA and CCA nod, and then the Academy just laughs and tells him to go eff himself. Maybe he’ll win at the Critics’ Choice Awards tonight? We can only hope. He is a frontrunner. The Hobbit did get a couple of other nominations. In addition to Visual Effects, it also got Makeup and Production Design. That’s probably cold comfort though.

  13. Britta Unfiltered says:

    John Hawkes, yes, absolutely snubbed.
    Okay, I’m gonna say something blasphemous here. I didn’t really care for Lincoln. (You can lynch me now). Daniel Day-Lewis was great, and overall the movie was okay, but I think it’s really overrated. (Life of Pi, also overrated). I was sort of hoping Lincoln would pull a Mad Men where it got a ton of nominations and then didn’t win anything. (But they did really get snubbed on makeup. I had that picked to win the makeup category). I had also picked Zero Dark Thirty to take it all this year with picture, director, and actress, but that’s not happening now with Bigelow out. (A real crime!) Affleck also should have been nominated, it was a shock those two were voted out. Quentin Tarantino should have gotten a directing nod too, but I expected he wouldn’t.
    DiCaprio did sort of get snubbed, but I’m not surprised. Partly because the Academy hates him, partly because Waltz outshone him in Django. No way two actors from that movie were grabbing supporting actor spots. They only wanted to pick one, and they went with the right choice of Christoph Waltz. That’s my happiest nomination today.
    Okay, here is my angriest snub: Moonrise Kingdom. What the freak happened there? I think the Academy just forgot about it since it came out over the summer. If it doesn’t win its only nomination in the screenwriting category, I’m going to rip my skin off. There was no better movie that came out this year than Moonrise Kingdom. I will stomp my feet and pout about that snub until the end of time.
    I still think Zero Dark Thirty is going to do quite well tonight at the Critics’ Choice Awards. Which I just realized I forgot to set to record and am now cursing myself in my head. Can’t run home to set it either as Gandolf the white blizzard has just hit the area. Driving in the snow is no fun and traffic will be a beast.