Exclusive Scandal Video: Liv Gets a Wake-Up Call

Scandal_0110_OliviaAs you watch this exclusive sneak peek from Scandal‘s winter premiere, ‘POPUS’ fans, I urge you: Breathe. Just breathe.

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Most honestly, I cannot think of much more to say to set the stage for this video clip, without dropping profound spoilers, so just kick back, press PLAY and ride the ride along with Ms. Pope. (Beneath, you’ll find the new episode of TVLine’s Spoiler Alert!, in which I tease even more about the new episode.)

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Scandal returns this Thursday at 10/9c, on ABC.

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  1. Derek says:

    I don’t know what’s going on, but it looked amazing!

  2. tvaddict says:

    I literally just swallowed my gum after watching that!!!!!

  3. Shari says:


    Liv was so happy. Her hair was bouncing. I need my Olitz fix and fast. Wake up Fitz, wake up!

  4. @DCCowgirl4Eva says:

    Here comes more Scandal hangovers for me. Wake up Mr. POTUS, Liv bout to beat Mellie down.

  5. Di says:

    o.m.g. those gloves!!!

  6. KD says:

    I can’t wait!!! You have to give Mellie credit for letting Olivia come in at all. Liv is the other woman after all.

    • sladewilson says:

      I’ve keep reminding people of that little fact… She lucky Mellie don’t jump up and pimp slap her especially being pregnant and those hormones on full blast…

      • Stace34 says:

        Please. Mellie wanted to pimp slap Liv last season for leaving Fitz (and letting Amanda “happen”). She cares about Fitz as President , she cares about Mellie as first lady, she does not care about her marriage.

        • mrenee says:

          Yes, but Mellie is not crazy, Olivia doesn’t look like she wants to be slapped today. They both can give as good as they get, although, we have yet to see Olivia really stand up to Mellie. Notice how she came into the room–didn’t flinch because Mellie was there. Usually, Olivia takes a very passive role in her presence. Not today. No, if Mellie wants to stay in the White House, she had better leave Liv alone.

          • Liv likes to still people’s husbands and american’s elections! Liv did a great stuff to make it possible for fitz and mellie to be in the white, she went as far as stealing an election after all but come on it’s not like someone didn’t sacrifice their own career to help fitz become a viable candidate to the presidency and knowing how american politics work it might have taken a few years to reach that level… the lovey thing between fitz is great but let’s be realistic here give mellie some credits…

      • Gail says:

        Why Mellie knew from day one how her husband felt about Olivia and she did not care as long as it kept her in the White House. So why feel sorry for her now. I feel for Fritz and Olivia. They love each her and it not going to happen for them.

  7. Ana says:

    I hate how much I love this show. It is absolutely brilliant, the best thing on tv right now. And I watch The Good Wife which is also excellent. Scandal, however, it is in a completely different plane. I’ve never seen anything this compelling and exceptionally done since The West Wing. Kudos to Shonda. I hate how she’s mangled Grey’s Anatomy but she did hit it out of the park with Scandal.

  8. CJ says:

    I know this comment is pretty shallow, but for the President of the United States that is a shi**y room they have him set up in. I think he deserves something a little nicer. They did clear out a whole wing for him.

    And poor Liv :( I don’t think Cyrus & Mellie fully thought out their plan.

    • me says:

      It’s probably a budget issue. Set decoration and location shoots cost money. With the show’s success, no doubt the advertisers will be tripping over themselves for future ad buys. Those ad buys are what pay for the show.

    • Sarah says:

      LOL I was thinking the same thing!!! He should be in a state of the art suite, not that tiny little room. was that an alphabet & numbers poster I saw on the walls??? My goodness. what a disgrace.

    • mrenee says:

      What happens if the Prez codes? Not one doctor, or nurse in the vicinity? Worse looking room ever. It looks like he’s the President of the Rotary Club–not the “Leader of the Free World” as they like to call him

  9. Anna says:

    Oh my gosh, my emotions!! Oh my gosh, those gloves! :-O

  10. Oh, wow can’t wait to see this episode play out! Why did they lie?

  11. Sprag81 says:

    lol lawd I thought Fitz was gonna have amnesia or something…What are those two up to?

  12. Poor LIv she was so happy. She needs to bitch slap Cyrus…she can expect anything from Mellie but Cyrus is supposed to be her friend. What an asshole

  13. Mellie played the, “I hate Sally Langston and I will drive her out of the White House by any means necessary,” card. Wow, what a mean trick to play on Olivia.

    • IB says:

      Actually, Olivia found out through “what’s his name” so they were probably trying to keep her in the dark before whatever they hatched up is too late. Just saying.

  14. Belinda says:

    That was absolutely horrible!!. Olivia should expect just about anything from Cyrus and Mellie now. She needs to get back on her game and focus, in order to stay two steps ahead of Cyrus and Mellie.

  15. Taylor says:

    It won’t let me watch the video can some one help me to get it working,what do you do? Thanks😃

  16. Me says:

    People get your facts straight. Go watch season 1 and then talk. Olivia did not steal Fitz’s from Mellie. That marriage was nothing before Olivia came along. Fitz pursued the hell out of Olivia. Mellie was okay with the affair and she was complicit.
    Cyrus & Mellie are dead wrong. They are some sneaky people. Olivia should not be surprised by anything those two would do.
    Mellie needs to stop and realize she needs Olivia more then Olivia needs her. There is an election every 4 yrs.
    That is why I wish Edison was cast as Olivia’s older brother who is going to run for President against for President.

    • mrenee says:

      Yeah, the marriage was dead, but it was a marriage—and Olivia, as the campaign fixer, knew all of that and she made a point of telling them so. She befriended Mellie on the trail and afterwards, knowing full well that she was sleeping with her husband. She’s in the wrong here and she knows it–check out the Rose Garden scene. .

      Men are never stolen. Fitz pursued Olivia and found a love that he could not let go of Same goes for Olivia and sometimes people get hurt. No one can deny that they are soulmates who find themselves in a horrible situation. Might as well just own it, a la Verna, and deal with it. Looks like she’s ready now and that’s cool with me. All in, or all out. By the way she walked in, moved Cyrus to the side and called him Fitz–in front of Mellie–tells me she’s ready to fight for this man.

  17. Me says:

    I meant Run against Fitz for the Presidency.

  18. Akeele says:

    Lol i know this isn’t nice but I can’t help but laugh about how Olivia was when she thought Fitz wrote that letter than she finds out it was fake. Mellie is not smart for doing that.


    Well, following in the footsteps of others, I too am hooked on Scandal!!! Other than, Homeland, this is the best series on TV. They are both excellent and do not compete as they have different themes. I am wondering why all the review on Jan. 24th. I was very
    disappointed as I was looking forward the see what happened with Fitz and Mellie and
    Olivia re. his request for a divorce. I do hope Olivia is not going to marry Edison….no
    way, that would totally be a big mistake….they are boring together….they have no
    soul connection….I also feel in connecting them it would be a real downer or the show.
    The really make the show!!
    How many more episodes in this season……..?