Ratings: Mentalist Hits High, Once and Good Wife Flat, Revenge Dips, ABC Sitcoms Suffer

Days of Wine and RosesThe Mentalist saw big numbers with its winter premiere, rising some 30 percent to hit season highs of 10.73 million total viewers and a 2.1 demo rating.

Leading into that, The Good Wife (10 mil/1.8) was flat versus its last fresh outing.

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Over on ABC, Once Upon a Time (9 mil/3.1) was flat, Revenge (7 mil/2.3) dipped 9 percent and a tenth, and ABC’s new Sunday bonus serving of Happy Endings (2.6 mil/1.0) and Apartment 23 (2.23 mil/0.9) was down from the sitcoms’ previous Tuesday airings as well as down sharply from 666 Park Avenue‘s most recent tallies (4 mil/1.3).

Reminder that no one will read: Happy Endings and Apt. 23 will still air new episodes on Tuesdays.

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NBC’s The Biggest Loser returned to 7 million total viewers and a 3.0 rating (up 21 percent from its previous premiere). Buoyed by a strong football lead-in, Fox’s The Simpsons (9.7 mil/4.4), Bob’s Burgers (6.5 mil/3.1), Family Guy (7. mil/3.5) and American Dad (5.6 mil/2.8) all surged, with Bob’s Burgers hitting its best numbers since its series debut two years ago.

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The Mentalist drew Sunday’s largest primetime non-sports audience, The Simpsons the best demo number.

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  1. ToddM says:

    Well Revenge isn’t exactly a good lead-in for comedies, so I don’t know what ABC could have possibly been thinking. Sunday is a drama night.

  2. I’m happy for “Once Upon A Time,” but…sigh…it seems like the beginning of the end for “Happy Endings,” as well as “Don’t Trust The B—.” Sad, because both are really funny shows. “Happy Endings” is one of the few sitcoms out there that actually makes me laugh. I wish more people watched it.

  3. Brandon says:

    Bummed about Happy Endings. I had no idea the episode was on, but luckily my DVR caught it and recorded it. This show is killer, and it’s like nobody knows it. What a bummer.

  4. meem says:

    What I want to know is what kind of numbers “Downton Abbey” pulled in.

  5. Elf says:

    I had no idea Happy Endings was on either, and I never miss it. Poor marketing, ABC. Not a good sign for renewal.

  6. Larry says:

    Airing sitcoms in the 10 PM slot was a big mistake for ABC. So I’m not surprised at all. The network should had kept 666 Park Avenue for at least the full season or replace it with another drama. Because I think their decision to air comedies in that hour is going to hurt Revenge as well.

  7. wrstlgirl says:

    OUAT is flat period. This season is just blah. Taped it and Revenge.

    • Alienate says:

      Ya, OUAT was so bad this season I dropped out 8 or 10 weeks ago.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I’m still watching because I am interested in some of the story lines but the whole fighting over Henry is old and the “adventure” of Snow and Emma was awful. Maybe now that they are back in StoryBrooke it will get good again. We shall see.

  8. Joe says:

    The b in apt 23 and happy endings are suffering from cougar town syndrome , abc has giving it crappy support this year , Subergatory is next victim

    • yankeesrj12 says:

      Suburgatory will be fine.

    • schu says:

      I very much agree that Happy Endings is suffering the same plight as Cougartown, unfortunately I’m not sure how many sitcoms tbs is willing to rescue. IMO Happy Endings is the funniest show on tv right now. I love everything about it. But to disagree, also unfortunately, I think abc has given the show some hype and it was well advertised about the doubling up on new episodes using Sunday nights. I just think anyone starting to watch it now might think the humor is too fast and too much. I could see how it would be hard to pick up new viewers, but anyone that has stopped watching it by choice…for shame. Your life clearly isnt as much fun anymore.

      • Jo says:

        I stopped watching it by choice and my life is just fine so far :) I can’t stand those sort of dry comedies a la new girl, to each their own I guess. I much prefer Big Bang thoery, whitney, rules of engagement style sitcoms, so I can see how they have a hard time picking up new viewers. That being said, I do hope they continue with the show since I do like the actors in it.

        • Mike says:

          Oh God, that post was painful to read, you are the reason we cannot have nice things, I’m fine if you stopped watching HE, but to say or infer that BBT, Whitney(eww), and Rules of Engagement are superior is a crime against good television. HE is one of the greatest comedies on television, and is so much better than all the comedies you listed.

          • Eli says:

            The characters on Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B are exaggerated caricatures, I can see why people might stay away from them. The situations these characters are in are again mostly outlandish and surreal and again, I understand why some people don’t like this kind of thing.

            Don’t misunderstand me I like HE (and Apt23) but to say it is the greatest comedy on television is a bit to much

            And btw get out of the internet’s collective a$$ people and give Whitney the chance it deserves, this show has become quite funny

          • When people abbreviate Happy Endings into an acronym, for a moment I always think people are talking about God.

        • schu says:

          By “dry comedies” I would have to assume you mean single-camera by your list of likes that are all multi-camera shows. I like Big Bang as much as the next person, but no one should hold the way Happy Endings is shot against it’s comedic value of entertainment. It is outlandish and I could see sometimes a bit too ridiculous for some, but I think everyone could use an extra half hour of that in his/her life every week, oh excuse me, an hour of it now! I really hope it survives to see a fourth season!

  9. Ella says:

    Once Upon A Time & Revenge were awesome last night! Perhaps people DVR’d them and watched Downton Abbey?

  10. Saint Alicia says:

    TGW was so freaking amazing last night I can’t even believe it! I think a lot of people have become disinterested because of the Nick storyline, but the writers really redeemed themselves with 4×11. I’m actually excited about the show again and just hope they keep delivering :D
    And TM did so well because (let’s be honest) it’s the big Lisbon-centric storyline everyone’s been waiting for. I just hope tptb will actually *let* her shine without having Jane swoop in and fix/solve everything.

    • Vanpel says:

      The Mentalist did good because started at a normal time. If a character the audience decide then because ‘Where is Carmine O’Brian?’ had the worst rating to date if the center was Lisbon?

      I wonder why Lisbon fans are so so so arrogant.

      The Good Wife i hope wil be cancel

      • Tania says:

        You like the Psych ripoff The Mentalist, Vanpel, then good for you. I hope that you can continue to watch it. See? I don’t wish for its cancellation. I happen to like the well-written, well-acted and truly intelligent series The Good Wife. I would also like to see it continue. I guess this makes me unselfish as opposed to…say…you.

      • Saint Alicia says:

        Well f*ck you very much but TVLine has TGW listed as “a sure thing” to be renewed, so keep hoping.
        p.s. Van Pelt and Jane will never be a thing

  11. Cynthia says:

    I’m so happy for The Mentalist, next week’s episode looks awesome too!

  12. yankeesrj12 says:

    The comedies did just as bad on Tuesdays, and this time they had a lead in. Both duds will be cancelled in no time.

  13. VanM says:

    For The Mentalist to have before ‘The Good Wife’ is a major drag. The Mentalist has the worst time of the week. I suggest putting ‘The Mentalist’ on schedule ‘The Good Wife’ or better in time of ‘Elementary’.

  14. ScrubsGuy says:

    Sad about Happy Endings but very happy for Bob’s Burgers. It was an amazing episode and I’m really glad it’s finding an audience.

  15. Dave says:

    Last night’s Happy Endings was probably THE funniest half hour of TV this season … I don’t like the “burn-off” feeling this two-airings-per-week thing has to it.

  16. Chris says:

    Im glad for two eps of Happy Endings a week, but I think it could work better if they reversed the schedule a bit. Happy Endings and Don’t trust the B- at 8, then Once at 9 and Revenge at 10. Sitcoms airing after dramas just feels weird.

    • Diva says:

      It makes more sense if Once was @ 8, then the comedies, and finish with Revenge @ 10. Once has to be on earlier because kids watch the show as well.

  17. ONCE UPON A TIME was amazing last night. I think this season has really hit its stride.

  18. Gerald says:

    Is it possible that ABC is so confident in the sitcoms that they thought they would do well on Sunday night? If it is a fail then let them thrive on thier original night. They are still in the top of the sit coms on TV right now.

  19. KSM says:

    Were those new eps of Happy Endings and B in 23? I love those shows, but I had NO idea they had episodes on Sundays now.

  20. Savannah says:

    Thanks, Matt! Glad “The Mentalist” did well. It was a good one last night. Lisbon just rocked. She was beautiful, fierce, good and compassionate and strong – just the way I like her. The way they hid Amanda’s baby bump this episode had to be the most inventive yet. Cusick plays a good bad guy. And I liked that Jane showed he actually cared about Lisbon getting all caught up in this mess. So happy my favorite team is back. :)

  21. Eric says:

    I knew about the new episode of HE, but I completely forgot to watch. I’m sure this happened to quite a few people who aren’t used to this new schedule yet, which could have been part of the reason why there were so few viewers last night. Besides, non-animated comedies on Sunday? Crazy! I like my sitcoms to be where they belong: on a weekday.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      Oh ditto, I even saw on TVLine on Sunday morning that Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B would be on, and I STILL forgot they were on by the time primetime rolled around. Thankfully my trusty DVR didn’t fail me and I found the episodes on there later that night.

  22. Britta Unfiltered says:

    So Matt, does this mean Don’t Trust the B and Happy Endings will be reruns on Tuesdays?……Just kidding!! I couldn’t resist the setup. I loved both shows last night, and I’m terrified over how they’re burning them off two nights a week. It just can’t be a good sign for renewal at all. I was kind of meh on the Fox shows, and meh on OUAT, but I might have been distracted because my Seahawks party was still going on at my house while I was watching those shows. The Good Wife was all right. Didn’t see Revenge yet. I’m getting really stoked for Shameless to come back next week, and ooooooh, the Golden Globes are on next Sunday too! I’m calling Girls, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and Louis C.K. as our comedy winners right now. I’m doing it! Drama winners will be all about Homeland.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I spent yesterday and evening watching the Shameless marathon of last season, it was even better the second time around :-)

  23. forwarddad says:

    Where is TGW recap?

  24. Rebecca Hindle says:

    The numbers for Downton Abbey are not important it gets MASSIVE numbers in UK thus ITV will and have kept renewing it
    Its genius and us Brits adore it

    I love Revenge and Once Upon A Time there awesome Revenge just started today season 2 in UK :-)

  25. I hate that Revenge has been in the 7 million for three weeks in a row. Come on people last night the show went back to it’s roots, lets go back to 8 million viewers.

  26. LMAO @ “Reminder that no one will read”

  27. megs says:

    Bummed about Happy Endings poor ratings. I love the show, but it’s just not made to uphold the big networks expectations. However i WAS surprised by a season 3 pickup, so maybe a fourth season isn’t too far-fetched…? It kind of reminds me of Always Sunny- a unique type of comedy that doesn’t necessarily attract a wide audience, but the audience it does have is very loyal. Of course Sunny’s on FX which is why it just finished its 8th season…

  28. Mikael says:

    Happy Endings is my favorite comedy after Cougar Town. I hope it makes it to season 4.

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