Once Upon a Time Recap: Death in a Small Town -- Plus: Burning Questions Answered!

RAPHAEL SBARGE, LANA PARRILLASo much for a peaceful return to normal Storybrooke life.

In the first Once Upon a Time of 2013, Snow and Charming’s reunion was interrupted post-coitus by their offspring – awkward, but hilarious! Meanwhile, Emma’s bonding time with son Henry was cut short by Pongo, who led the returned Sheriff and Ruby to Archie’s dead body. Ruby had a pretty good idea who was responsible for the death, having witnessed Archie and Regina arguing on the street and her entering the psychiatrist’s office later that night. Emma tapped into her inner magical powers to access the pup’s memories and witness what really happened between the shrink and the mayor.

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But for once, Regina, who’s trying to change for Henry’s sake, wasn’t responsible for the bad deeds. Unbeknownst to the residents of Storybrooke, Cora and Hook had arrived in town with a plan. Cora disguised herself as her daughter and kidnapped Archie – a random townsperson was made to look like the familiar murder victim – turning everyone against Regina and, hopefully, setting her back on the path to evil.

Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, Snow and Charming used a trap to capture the Evil Queen. But when it came time to kill her, Snow couldn’t go through with the deed and proposed that they rehabilitate her instead. Rumple presented Snow with a test that would reveal if Regina could really change or not. She failed. After being let free by Snow to start over, Regina stabbed her – but the wound did no permanent damage. Rumple had cast a spell that would prevent her from ever hurting Snow and Charming in this world. Hey, he didn’t forget his former protege completely.

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Read on as executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz tackle burning questions from this week’s episode.

WHY DID CORA KIDNAP, AND NOT KILL, ARCHIE? | “What does Cora need? Information,” Kitsis answers. ” If you come to this strange land … a psychiatrist is perfect, because he knows everyone’s secrets, he knows how they run…. Gold has gone to him. Henry’s gone to him. So he’s more valuable to her to have him alive right now. “

SHOULD WE BE WORRIED ABOUT WHO CORA REALLY KILLED? | “She literally took a random Storybrooke resident, killed him,” says Horowitz. Adds Kitsis:”If we had an alternate universe, we would be able to show that guy, his family, who’s probably worried about him. “

HOW LONG WILL IT BE BEFORE REGINA FIGURES OUT CORA’S RUSE? | “That storyline will progress rather quickly,” Horowitz promises.

WHAT IS REGINA’S NEXT MOVE? | “She is laying low and she has a next move,” says Kitsis. ” The real question is, how persuasive is Cora? We know she has a commitment to excellence, so the question is, for someone who has been off magic, will they return [to that way of life]?”

HOW ‘MAGICAL’ WILL EMMA BE NOW? AND WILL IT BOTHER HENRY? | “She just realized a little bit ago that was all real, and then she just got back from this crazy land, so it frightens her to realize this magic is inside her,” says Kitsis. “So you’ll see her using it when she needs to as opposed to going out and doing birthday parties. ” As for what the EP calls Henry’s “anti-bad magic” stance, the question becomes: “Now that there are people that use it in Henry’s life, how does he feel about it? That’s actually something that’s going to get explored towards the end of the season.”

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  1. Amber says:

    So basically… Cora is bad, Regina will forever be bad and Emma is the definite good. Huh.

  2. Sarah says:

    Pongo. Not Pogo. Sorry, I just can’t help it.

  3. Adam says:

    Why didn’t anyone use the dreamcatcher on Regina to find out her memories of the night and prove her innocence?

    • Nicole says:

      Well, Emma was the only one who believed her innocence in he first place. So after going through Pongo’s memories I don’t think anyone would think to doubt them.

    • Cloudy says:

      Because it would mean the folks at the sheriff’s department of Storybrooke would actually know how to do their job. Hasn’t been the case in the past, guess it’s not too surprising it hasn’t changed.

      • Jan says:

        I cringed when all three Charmings walked around a crime scene and touched potential pieces of evidence without gloves. They’re not even trying, aren’t they?

    • Riddle says:

      “Why didn’t anyone use the dreamcatcher on Regina to find out her memories of the night and prove her innocence?”

      Because that would be logic and this is the show where they pretend to kill off the character killed off, in order to frame the Evil Queen for being an…Evil Queen.

      • Because a show about fairy tales is supposed to be logical? I think the problem is too many people try to make this show logical. With the exception of maybe a handful of people, no one outside of Storybrooke know it’s there. They don’t have to follow our laws or even our ways of investigation. Who will come after them for that?

        This isn’t a crime show, you want that go watch CSI.

        • ej says:

          But Emma grew up in the real world and prided herself on being logical. She was a bail bonds person who understands law and order stuff. This episode really disappointed me. The taco scene was hilarious and then it was downhill to the end. Suddenly Emma is using magic after having no clue how, her deductive reasoning skills are back to being sure about her superpower and then oops, she was wrong. And if they used magic on the dog, why not use magic on the body? Did anyone else groan and roll their eyes when the dreamcatcher came out? And if Charming broke the necklace, why hadn’t Gold given Henry a dreamcatcher to help with his nightmares? So many plot holes here, you could pour Lake Nostros through it.

          Also, after the party all Regina does for the entire episode in Storybrooke other than throw Emma is mope. And that was actually the best acting in the episode! A HUGE waste of Regina’s screen-time and character development, like most of the season for Lana. The FTL scenes weren’t even very good. And the Charming parental bonding scene over how to tell Henry about Regina felt kind of out of place and forced to me. This was not the best written episode. Emma’s remark about the frame job said it all. Again. REALLY?? It’s so over-done!

          Also, Henry turned 11 without it ever being mentioned? Is Emma now 29? Way to continue the confusing mess of when their birthdays fall in relation to each other and when Emma actually arrived in Storybrooke, guys!

          • You have very valid points. Everything Emma thought she knew has been turned upside-down, plus it’s not like she went to law school or a police academy. She wasn’t qualified to be sheriff to begin with, now though I just don’t think it matters. No one is who they thought they were.

            Except Emma wasn’t wrong, Regina didn’t do it. Emma is/was wrong about being wrong. She was sure her superpower was working again and it was.

            Henry’s dreams weren’t actual dreams, they were real so the dream catcher wouldn’t have worked.

            I completely agree though about Henry’s birthday. That one bugs me too.

          • Stormy says:

            That looked to me like the same dream catcher that Emma and Neal found in the motel room. henry’s birthday may have occurred during the time MM & Emma were gone. Who wanted to celebrate then?

          • Mary says:

            You make it sound like Emma was casting spell after spell, when she only used her magic to look at Pongo’s memories in the dream catcher.

            Maybe Gold didn’t give Henry a dream catcher because after Henry had better control and could see who the other person was in the room he was less afraid and Emma is back now too.

            Yeah Regina was pretty mopey when talking to Jiminy/Archie.

        • Stranger says:

          “Because a show about fairy tales is supposed to be logical? ”

          It has if they ask me to have faith in the good guys: dreamcatcher and talking crickets I can only buy if the plot to kidnap them and/or find them makes sense, otherwise I may as well be reading an 8 year old fanfiction

    • Kris says:

      And pair the dreamcatcher idea with this…

      Wouldn’t the fake dead Dr. Hopper have smelled different? If Red’s wolfishness helped her communicate (sort of) with Pongo, wouldn’t she have been able to use her sense of smell to know something was off? Getting right down to it, she might have even been able to smell that it wasn’t Regina who had last been in the room with Hopper.

  4. Louise says:

    Lana Parrilla was incredible. I don’t understand how this woman hasn’t won any major awards yet. She owned this episode. Although Ginnifer Goodwin was amazing too. Those two need SO much more scenes together. And I’m glad the show finally acknowledged some of the history between them again today.
    Cora is an amazing villain. The kind you hate with a passion but sort of love to hate at the same time. I hope she sticks around for a long, long time.
    I’m glad Archie’s alive. I hope they won’t drag this fake murder story out as long as the fake Kathryn murder last season though.

  5. Mike says:

    I thought it was a pretty solid episode, but not excellent, and was bothered by another faux murder mystery, I want this to be a fantasy show not a lame murder mystery drama, like half of last season was. With that said I enjoyed the Cora-Hook part if this show the most, they are quite a formidable duo. Though I must admit I knew Archie wasn’t dead, and in happy because if it, though I sense one major plot hole, why was pongo in some strangers house, without Archie. Overall a good episode, but not great.

    • Cory Myers says:

      Pongo wasn’t in a strangers house lol! Cora (as Regina) went to his office, snatch him, transported him to the ship, went back to town, snatched someone off the street, kill them, disguised that person she murdered as Archie with a glamor and then planted him inside of Archie’s place.

  6. Roma Kong says:

    Only thing I have to say is Lana Parrilla blew me away with her performance. Can we get her an Emmy already?

  7. Rachel says:

    so will we ever see cruella?

  8. Mari says:

    I hope this means fandom can finally put the myth that Emma can really tell when someone’s lying to rest.
    Kudos to Lana P. Another heart- and gutwrenchingly emotional performance.

    • Nicole says:

      Well, she WAS right about Regina. But then all evidence pointed to her. Technically no one was actually lying, because they only talked about what they saw/did. No one knew the truth behind what happened and there was no way she could have, either.

      • Nat says:

        It still seems unlikely that it’s a real skill or gift. Otherwise the whole dreamcatcher thing would have been unnecessary. Emma could have just asked Regina if she killed Archie and then would have been able to tell if Regina was telling the truth in her reply or not.

    • ben says:

      It’s not a ‘myth’ – nor is it a supernatural ability. The whole ‘Emma can tell when someone is lying’ thing is, and has always been, simply that she is good at reading people.

  9. Zelde says:

    If the purpose of this episode was to turn me against most members of the Charming family, it was a big success. But somehow I don’t think that’s what they were going for.

    • Riddle says:

      “If the purpose of this episode was to turn me against most members of the Charming family, it was a big success.”

      What a bunch of self-righteous hyphocrites, and I don’t mean it in a good way.

      • ej says:

        Totally. And for f#@k sake, if the Charmings say “I will always find you” again, I will throw my remote at the TV. It is becoming a drinking game worthy joke.

        • Mike says:

          I know, I feel I become almost suicidal when they say that line, it is seriously making me hate this show. I know it is a petty reason, but I despise that line with a passion.

          • Aimee says:

            Why do any of you watch this show? Don’t like it…don’t watch it…its simple. This episode wasn’t the best but there have been some great episodes so there is good and take.

          • Mike says:

            Because I love a lot about this show, but I can only take so much cheese, I shouldn’t be cringing at any of the writing, the premise is great, but the writing and occasionally acting are subpar. All I ask is they stop the stupid ill find you crap. It was cute once, now it is awful.

          • Andrew says:

            They love each other, get over it lol.

        • Lucy says:

          “It is becoming a drinking game worthy joke” You made my day! ahahha

          But seriously, I never really like the Charming family ( starting with Henry, you can see he doesn’t really love Regina) but now I can’t stand them! I wanted to throw them things during the entire episode!

  10. Did anybody catch the fact that Gold/Rumple was “friendly with a few sheep dogs”. They never showed Prince Charming and his twin’s father only their mother. Wouldn’t that be a twist and a half? Hello Emma meet your Great grandfather THE DARK ONE?!

    • McJep says:

      Well Rumple was a shepherd before he became the Dark One but that would be a for sure twist!!!

      • Stormy says:

        Hardly. That was hundreds of years before Charming was born. Didn’t they say Rumpel was hundreds of years old going back to the years of the Ogre Wars?

    • Someone says:

      If that were so, then I would really hope that Neal isn’t Bae because then him and Emma would have committed some form of incest.

  11. “We know she a commitment to excellence” missing a “has” between “she” and “a”.

  12. Disastrous says:

    Not enough Hook!

  13. SAM says:

    I’m sure that this has been mentioned before but I had never caught the name of Archie’s dog until tonight and then had to laugh out loud since “Pongo” is the Dalmatian dog character in “The Hundred and One Dalmatians”. :-)

    • kavyn says:

      Looks like Cora might be Cruella, which is just amazing :D

      • Ian says:

        She is the Queen of Hearts so she can’t be Cruella. It would have been cool if she her though. But adding Pongo is just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Ian says:

          I must have missed the first season episode when Pongo was mentioned by name. I know we have seen Archie with him but I never heard his name mentioned. But I guess Pongo was talked about by name in the first season. Its still cool though. And I don’t think that naming him Pongo is just a coincidence. I hope that they flesh this story out more. Yes I get that 101 Dalmatians takes place in London but on this show anything can happen.

        • Ian says:

          if she had been her though*

  14. Jan says:

    Favorite line: “Go take yourself for a walk” (to Red/Ruby) I laughed so hard. Especially at the way she said it.
    I feel for Regina. What makes it worse is that even with Archie still alive I can’t see how it could end well for her. On this show the good guys are always right because they’re the good guys and they won’t be forced to eat crow once they find out Archie’s still alive and Cora tricked them. And by the time someone finally figures out the truth Cora or Rumple may have corrupted and manipulated Regina again.

  15. McJep says:

    So many one-liners I LOVED in this episode!! Emma and Henry walking in on Snowing was so hilarious! “Let’s go…make those tacos…” And Regina’s: Private conversation. Go take a walk. Absolutely priceless!!! And Hook’s snark I love! I for one loved the episode and GREATLY applaud Lana and Ginny for once again stunning performances together!

  16. Cory Myers says:

    Still wonder about Baelfire… Wonder if he’ll be long dead since he crossed over 300 years prior to the curse being cast… Then again, a theory I had is a paradox… that Baelfire will suddenly enter this world as if no time past… its confusing to think about, but if you can work it out it would be awesome. Baelfire go through the portal, Rumple put 300 years of work for the curse and placing all the pieces together, crosses over, stuck in Storybrooke for 28 more years, then suddenly Baelfire arrives as if it were only a few seconds since the last time he Rumple were together in the forest…

    • lindsey says:

      A lot of people think its Neil aka Henry baby daddy

    • ej says:

      If Neal is Bae, I suspect Rumple used one of his hairs or something to key the curse to around the time he would arrive like he keyed Emma to the curse with the potion on the contract. I’d hate it if this contrives Emma and Neal finding each other, but now they’ve thrown in the dreamcatcher like another wink (assuming Emma making him a fireman was the first), like the shin-splints thing with August. On the other hand, I find it hard to see how Bae would go from being such a morally righteous kid at 14 to a watch-stealing car thief with a possible stolen/made up identity at 19. I get that having Gold be Henry’s grandfather would create more drama, but poor Emma deserves some NOT MAGIC in her life. So does Henry, which is another clue it seems, since Bae was escaping his magic-weilding dad and now Henry will have to deal with both of his mommies being magic users. Poor kid. Maybe Bae will unite with Henry to give Emma, Regina, and Rumple an intervention. I still hope Neal is just… Neal, though. No idea if it means anything one way or the other than MRJ is now filming epsiode 15 and still hasn’t met Emilie.

    • Stormy says:

      I think you’re missing a key element. The beans transport you to another world, but can also take you to another time. Just as Jefferson’s hat allowed Regina to go back for the cursed apple so could Baelfire have popped up in our world at a time when Emma was in foster care. It’s a wrinkle in time and space.

  17. Veena says:

    How about Regina telling Archie “Dr? Dr? Need I remind you, you got your PhD from a curse?” That line had me rolling on the fall.

  18. lindsey says:

    I have been disappointed with Once Upon A Time lately. Sometimes it’s hard to make the other seasons better than the first season. The last few episodes have been boring. I hated the whole ”Emma/Mary” trapped in another land. It was a great for episode 1 but that plot twist went on for too long. My two favourite scenes of tonight were the one where Emma and Henry see Snow/James in bed lol and the fight between Emma/Regina in front of Regina’s house-great acting! Finally Once Upon A Time is back!

  19. Anna says:

    Thank god once upon a time is back and not just from hiatus but like back to its original form. I thought this episode was great and more like the season one episodes than this season. Lana Parrilla is just fantastic, she made me so sad in this episode. My only thing is that I sincerely hope that this conviction against Regina blows up in the charming’s face. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate them, I just hope when she’s proven innocent they recognize what they did to Regina and how they ruined her change and relationship with Henry.

    • Tim says:

      Man, why do I feel like I’m one of the only people who thought Season 2 has been a lot better than season 1, yes the third world was confusing but when they were good, they were great and better than the first season, which was full of cringe worthy moments and just bad episodes Dreamy, Hansel and Gretel, and Cinderella in particular, this season had some great stories in present FTL, and I’m sad that we may never return there.Personally i though this episode was solid, not great and not bad, but I was never on the edge of my seat like many of the season 2 episodes, though it did have some great moments when Regina, Cora, and Hook were involved. Though I did get strangely annoyed every time Snow and Charming try to be sentimental, and will the writers please stop the I’ll find you crap, they found each other end it!

  20. juan says:

    Lana Parrila was increadible, she truly was amazing and I love Regina. I thought this was a very good episode

  21. Patrick Maloney says:

    After an uneven first half of season two, I believe they really came back strong with this episode. I’m kind of disappointed that the death was just a ruse and the person who is killed is a red shirt. And the beginning was kind of stupid to me, why did Hook have to use a telescope? Okay we get it youre a pirate! Couldn’t you possibly get your hand (hah!) on a pair of binoculars.

  22. A says:

    It would be freakin’ awesome if they brought in Cruella. Maybe have her try to steal Pongo now that everyone thinks Archie’s dead. Even better would be if they brought in Glenn Close to play her.
    Also glad that they are not gonna drag out Regina figuring out what Cora did.

    • Ian says:

      I loved that they brought in Pongo. I grew up watching all the now classic Disney movies so 101 Dalmatians is one of my favorites. When I saw the opening title at the beginning I said to my self I bet its 101 Dalmatians and I was right.

  23. Okay so, I’m a bit confused after watching the episode. Did anyone notice that at about 49 minutes in, Emma tells Cora to, “do it,” and Cora throws magic at Regina? Weren’t Emma and Cora enemies in the last episode, since they were trying to prevent her and Hook from going through the portal? What is she doing standing there with them?

  24. Never mind! Just saw that it was the fairy. They were dressed strikingly similar.

  25. It’s amazing how you can hate and feel sorry for Regina in the same episode. You can add another mythology to the series with the 101 Dalmatians, now how long until we meet Cruella de Vil?

  26. Jessica M says:

    Is anyone else bugged by the fact that they flip flop between calling each other by their Storybrooke names and their Enchanted Forest names? The spell has been broken, and they have acknowledged who they all are (the “seven dwarves” have referred to Charming and Snow as “your majesty”). But even welcome home sign even said Mary Margaret on it. I mean, I can completely understand Emma calling them by their Storybrooke names, but for Charming to call Snow by Mary Margaret just seems wrong now.

    • ej says:

      It is a bit annoying. At least I’m assuming that David is really just “David”. It’s supposed to be obvious according to Josh and in “We Are Both” he has that line about FTL David and Storybrooke David that sounds like he has a major “oops” and is trying to cover up for it. Snow should just be “Snow” after her camping trip, although since she did pick the names “Mary” and “Margaret” as aliases in FTL, maybe she really does like them better than her given name? Hey, if Emma got to pick her own last name in the foster system, why not? It’s a chance to pick another name without having to admit they never liked the name their parents gave ’em. But it would be nice if they would all just pick a name, wear name-tags for a week so everyone’s clear, and be done with it!

    • Rebecca says:

      What annoyed me about the welcome home sign was how big Mary Margaret’s name was and then on a tiny piece of paper was “Emma” I get Mary Margaret is Snow White and all that but Emma is the one who broke the curse I think she deserved to have her name bigger than that.

      • Robyn says:

        I think that might be the same “Welcome back Mary Margaret” banner from last season, when MM came back from having been framed for Kathryn’s death.

      • Mikael says:

        I noticed that too! It was MARY MARGARET!!!! …and emma. But that makes sense that would be the banner from the “glad you didn’t kill Kathryn party”

  27. Aoife says:

    I’m genuinely curious as to why people don’t like the Charmings. What is it about them that people don’t like?

    • Nicole says:

      Apparently they’re “too good”. We obviously should be rooting for the murderers and rapists in the show.

    • Taddy says:

      I like them, but I think they’re a little pious sometimes, a litlte holier-than-thou. Many people don’t like this kind of attitude where you get the feeling that someone sits on a moral high horse. With the Charmings, I think it’s particularily Charming who does this sometimes. He gives off the impression like he thinks he’s better than some people, like he knows everything and can’t do anything wrong. It can come off as arrogant.

      • Aoife says:

        I definitely agree with you that Charming has a tendency to come across as quite arrogant.

        • Andrew says:

          I disagree. I don’t sense that at all. He’s “charming” he’s supposed to be overly “romantic” and have a sense of royalty. As for Snow she is just pure good, it’s her character. Just because this show is called once upon a time, doesn’t mean the characters aren’t who they are anymore. I’m not saying they can’t change, but charming is charming and snow is snow (despite the “we are both episode”). I like how snow spared Regina’s life, despite all the damage Regina has done. The whole point of the flash back was mostly to highlight how charming and snow have good reason to distrust Regina, which is why charming can’t help but to accuse her so easily. He might come off as in he’s pious, too good, or cocky; in reality he’s tired of the games and he knows that Regina wanted the love of his life dead at one point in time. We can not forget how charming came from a humble background of being a Shepard boy; He’s not arrogant. I could see how some people who may have not watched the entire show so far could think so, but if you really look at charming and snow’s history… They are just pure good people. And not for nothing, if I were them, and I’ve been through all of that had my parents murdered and all that tragedy and harm inflicted on me… I don’t know how I would be, I would not have spared Regina’s life even if she saved mine as a child. I know I’d be pretty quick to point the finger at Regina. As for me being a audience member, I’d love to see Regina be and stay good. I have a hard time seeing her revert to evil…. Cause I think that would get old fast, at least for me, personally..

          • Aoife says:

            I agree with you with everything you have said regarding them not trusting Regina; it was completely understandable why they were so quick to accuse her and not believe her. After everything they’ve gone through with her – especially with what we saw in this episode – they had every right to be skeptical. I think, personally, that Charming is not a character that we know all that well and I know that we will have a closer look at his backstory later this season and hopefully learn more about him, but I think that’s why I feel less inclined to be as interested in him than in Snow and maybe that’s why I feel he comes across a little pious.But then again, he is royalty and there is a certain amount of pride that comes with that so maybe that’s just what it is.
            But I love the Charmings and I was just so curious as to why there seems to be some kind of hostility toward them.

        • K15 says:

          Charming is the “Jack Shepherd” of OUAT. The clichéd hero you either love or hate precisely because he a one-note hero.

          • Nick says:

            I completely disagree…jack Shepard was te hero of Lost, but he was also shown to be fallable, a profoundly human character with a deeply flawed psyche ad backstory…charming is just the hero who can do no wrong, which makes him the exact opposite of human

          • Andrew says:

            “I completely disagree…jack Shepard was te hero of Lost, but he was also shown to be fallable, a profoundly human character with a deeply flawed psyche ad backstory…charming is just the hero who can do no wrong, which makes him the exact opposite of human”

            Nah, charming is just a hopeless romantic, and some people get all antsy about it.

  28. Aoife says:

    Yeah, clearly.
    I just don’t get the hostility toward them. I mean, I understand people liking one more than the other – I personally like Snow better and I find Charming a little boring but I think that’s because we know Snow better than him – but to not like the family as a whole just confuses me. It’s all just so baffling.

  29. Ian says:

    Anybody else read into Pongo barking at Regina(Cora) when she walked into the office. Meaning that Pongo knew that it wasn’t really Regina. I mean we haven’t seen a ton of Pongo and if we have we didn’t know his name but anybody else think that yes he is a dog but he would have known who Regina is and react to her better then he did. Dogs get to know people as they come around often. So I feel that Pongo wouldn’t have been barking as much at Regina as he was leading me to believe even before it was relieved to be Cora that it wasn’t really Regina. I think that Pongo barking at her was his clue to the audience that what your seeing is not really happening. I know that might sound silly but I just felt the barking was some kinda clue to us in some way.

    • Taddy says:

      It was definitely a clue. Archie was surprised at the barking and his line, “you know Regina”, suggested that Pongo was used to her presence and didn’t bark at her when she came by for a session before.

    • I’m more concerned that Pongo didn’t know it wasn’t Archie.

      • K15 says:

        From what I understand it was Archie. Cora did something to Archie that allowed her to kidnap him, then she made the corpse of a random person she killed look like him and left it in his office.

        • You see her strangle him, He falls down at least unconscious. Regina/Cora walks away. Either she goes and kills someone else and then comes back and switches them at some point (that the frozen Pongo doesn’t see, because he doesn’t get free until morning) or she’d already kidnapped Archie and replaced him with a double that she then kills. Or it is a ridiculous plot hole that the moronic writers simply didn’t care enough have make sense in their quest for a “reveal.”

      • ben says:

        Did I miss something, or did Pongo speak and say ‘thats Archie dead on the floor’ – wouldn’t a dog bark just because something happened?

  30. (Sorry if this is redundant, but I don’t have time to read through all this.) Why does Emma have magic, particularly? Charming and Snow aren’t wizards (or sorcerers or whatever) even though they come from Fairy Tale Land and do the True Love’s Kiss thing. And following that train of thought, wouldn’t Henry himself be magical as well?

    • Cory Myers says:

      Emma has magic because she is the product of “True Love” which as the show has stated repeatedly is the most powerful magic of all… meaning she the potential for great power.(If you ever watch Star Wars, Emma is basically the Anakin Skywalker of Fairytale world without the going all Darth Vader) The thing is, what I have noticed is that with the fairytale rules, you don’t have to actually be a witch or anything like that to practice magic… as an example with Cora and Regina, both gained access and learned how to use their magic from the same book…

      As for Henry… Henry has the potential to use magic, Regina herself in the second episode of the current season stated that she could teach him how to do all kinds of things. However, I do not think his potential is as great as his mother’s because of how he came to be… It has yet to be established if Neal (Henry’s father) is Emma’s true love or not…

    • veena says:

      Maybe being transported in the magical fairy tree?

      I’m thinking, though, it’s more likely Rumple did something to give her magic and make her the savior. Rumple has orchestrated everything anyway – He wanted to go to this new world and made it so Regina took them all there and he prob gave Regina Emma’s baby so that said baby would find Emma and bring her to Storybrooke to wake everyone up.

      Also, Snow has eaten a magic apple and Rumple put some magic mojo on her to be untouchable by Regina, so maybe that residual magic went to the baby Emma, like a drug addict can give birth to a baby who is addicted to drugs?

      • Cory Myers says:

        The deal Rumple made only protected Snow and Charming in the Fairytale world, and they made no mention of Emma… As far as Rumple giving her magic, again Rumple himself stated that he had nothing to do with her creation, just took advantage of what she is… If you also remember, in the season 1 final, Rumple said that he had bottled a true love potion from Snow and Charming (which they used to bring magic to our world) and put a single drop on the parchment with the curse to ensure that Emma would be able to break it… he only took advantage of the magics there… he did not create what is within Emma.

  31. Kay says:

    So over Emma and Regina’s “he’s my son!” – “no he’s mine!” spiel. Your both his mothers. Get over it. Emma looked almost possessed when she screamed “he’s mine” in this episode.

  32. Not our favourite episode (details in our review), but the coincidences and flip-flopping made it more than a little frustrating. Glad to have everyone back in one place, but not if we get episodes not like

  33. “If we had an alternate universe, we would be able to show that guy, his family, who’s probably worried about him.” Idiot. How many universes do you need to be able to develop a character. Past, present, FLT, Storybrooke…etc…no wonder you can’t tell a cohesive story.

  34. sladewilson says:

    Regina’s road to redemption is actually my fave storyline right now so when the truth does come out, I can’t wait to see all of them with egg on their faces and have to apologize (I know it won’t happen – but I can wish) plus I REALLY hope Regina saves the town from Cora and is the real hero. Oh, they’ll all still hate her except for Henry (who I have my own backstory in my head – it involves King Arthur and Merlin) and Emma but still…. And yeah, I agree – just give Lana her damn emmy already – she earned that bad boy…

    • Nat says:

      Regina’s story is great this season. I’m really enjoying it as well. I can’t wait to see how and when they’ll find out that Archie is still alive and Cora only made them believe that Regina killed him to seperate Regina and Henry.

    • Gail says:

      Can a murderer be redeemed ?Regina may not have killed Archie but she did kill Sheriff Graham .
      I wonder if the show will ever address this.

  35. Babybop says:

    Honestly, I find myself liking Regina better than I like the Charmings… I don’t know what it is exactly that bothers me about them. I think I just find Regina to be a more honest and real character.
    Also, it annoyed me that Emma is suddenly mother of the year, when Regina is the one that raised Henry. While Henry is Emma’s kid by blood, Regina is technically his mother because she raised him for 10 years.
    But whatever. At least this episode was in one realm. Ha ha.

    • Geraldine says:

      Well i wouldn`t say that Emma calls herself mother of the year. She showed in this episode and what i would say during the entire time that she has some serious doubts that she is mother material but she is trying to do the right thing, methinks.

      However, if we had transported the laws of our world into the magical world of storybrooke Regina would have lost custody for her son a very long time ago. Regina is nethertheless a murderer and/or terrorist.With our laws she would be in prison or even worse in a cell on death row by now. Emmas reactions and the words she said at their final scene she said come from a lot of anger, disappointed and inherit need to protect Henry but well she was right. Nobody in our realm or any court would allow Regina being even close to Henry under these circumstances.

      • jvassalo says:

        Isn’t the true purpose of heroic behaviour to fogive? The moral of the story? If one tries to improve shouldn’t he/she be given a chance? Good is too cocky for me in this show. I’m a good guy with compassion and I have a true true sympathy for the effort made by Regina. And if any of you is on “team good” 100% raise you hand. AND Lana Parrilla and Robert Carlysle really ARE the show. A Freakin Mazing

        • Sona says:

          This is my problem with the good characters on the show and why I can relate more to Regina, Rumple, etc. too. It is their right to not give Regina or Rumple any more chances, mistrust them, etc. But then the Charmings cannot act as if they’re God’s gift to humanity and the saintly personification of “good”. Because they’re not. And let me stress this again: It’s fine if they’re not like that. But it’s the way they still act is if they are the ideal of what it means to be “good” that I don’t like.
          The other characters, from Regina and Rumple to smaller roles like Archie, feel much more real and human to me. I’m glad Archie lives by the way. I hope we will finally see more of him again now. When he is free again he should continue his therapy sessions with Regina.

        • Templar says:

          Rabid dog, killer grizzly, evil Queen. Destroy them. No amount of attempted recompense exonerates someone who ripped out her loving father’s heart. Sorry.

          • Janie says:

            The same loving father who apparently stood by while his wife abused their daughter? We know that Regina has mixed feelings about her mad cow of a mother, so it wouldn’t surprise me if part of her felt justifiably betrayed by her useless, weak dad. No matter how much she loved him, there’s got to be at least some ambivalence, buried deep down.

        • Geraldine says:

          Sure Forgivness is a strength and both Snow and Emma have really tried to believe that she changed or better saved her life. How many second chances does Regina need? At the moment all evidences point to Regina. They would be stupid to ignore this after all the evil things Regina did in the past. Furthermore it is only human to react that way. Regina gets the taste of her own medicine. It is possible that she realizes now what pain she caused Snow last season which could be helpful on her path of redemption eventually.