Jennifer Esposito Not Returning to Blue Bloods

Jennifer Esposito Leaving Blue BloodsWhat was initially billed as a medical leave now appears to be a permanent one.

Sources confirm to TVLine that Blue Bloods actress Jennifer Esposito — who departed from the CBS drama in October amid controversy — is not expected to reprise her role as Det. Jackie Curatola this season. Or next season.

Or ever.

As reported back in October, CBS says the actress requested “a very limited part-time schedule” that the demands of the role could not accommodate, so they put her (and her character) on a leave of absence.

Esposito, however, claimed the network knew her request was the result of her battle with Celiac Disease and at the advice of her doctor, and claimed she was being kept from working elsewhere during her “unpaid leave.”

Blue Bloods meanwhile is rotating in new characters played by Megan Ketch and Megan Goode to sub for her Detective Jackie Curatola.

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  1. Matthew says:

    The show will never be the same without her. It wasn’t as good before her and it wasn’t as good after, all the other actors are great (meaning the normal cast) but the show is still lacking without her. If she came back that would be cool.

  2. Matthew says:

    It would be great if she came back, but only if she’s physically able – and if she can’t come back to the illness at least allow her to be in an episode for like 5 minutes to either retire from the NYPD or have to go into hiding in some other city cause of some crazy case Dany Suggested they take.

  3. Anna says:

    Big mistake. Jennifer brought a lot to the show. Her character had great chemistry Danny Reagan & she was one of the reasons i watched the show. Its a shame that as a network CBS doesn’t have the wits to see a good thing when they have it. The replacements lack the depth and & honesty that Jennifer gave to her character. Im gonna miss watching Blue Bloods, but it just isnt as good w/out her

    • rmcepp says:

      I totally agree with you, but I will watch anything Tom Selleck is in. He offsets Donny’s awfulness, as did Jennifer Esposito.

  4. Mark II says:

    the show is all about doing the RIGHT THING

  5. The show isn’t as good without Jennifer Esposito; it’s weak. BRING HER BACK.

    • Ted Wyche says:

      If anyone reads this comment you will note that I have made several comments on this
      actress all positive for her to return to the show in the new season.. I know that 99 percent
      have all been positive for Jennifer…the CBS network needs to make a profit of course, but
      they had wonderful HIGH ratings when Jennifer was on the show . got sick and they treated
      her terrible from what I have read , I have looked at different show ratings and if you pay
      attention you all will see that Unforgettable ratings were way higher than the other shows
      and for whatever reason most were renewed and the show Unforgettable was just cancelled
      and we all know it was because Jennifer was sick…….so sad for a multi million dollar network has so much power over a poor struggling actor… please CBS give Jennifer her
      freedom to return to Blue Bloods. for sure you will make a good profit .. thanks CBS , you
      have the best dramas on the television evening shows……

  6. Joyce Clarke says:

    I was very disappointed with Jennifer’s replacement. I just did not care for her character and looks at all. Casting is a very important part of a television show. I watched the entire show, but did not enjoy it at all. She and Danny had just the right chemistry, that is hard to find again. Bring her back please.

  7. Ted Wyche says:

    I watched this past weeks episode.. was great to see Jackie on with her co-star.. a good
    hug at the end made it so nice ….it was her last staring role on the show.. so sad , I hope
    CBS can overlook any bias that may be in the past and move forward and bring her back
    to the show next season.. CBS will be the winner in this if they play it right. and of course
    the actors on the show that need to work and do work very hard to keep this show on top
    of the ratings.. you can see that all of the regular folks on the show work hard to keep it
    going and all of them are just very good.. it is all in the heart CBS… do the right thing.

    • Linda B. says:

      Do you know for a fact that Jennifer is well enough to be a regular? She had talked about
      Celiac as being overwhelming and erratic. If she can, then that would be terrific. If not,
      I still maintain that the show is wonderful even if she cannot take part. Better if she could.
      But certainly still excellent if she could not.

  8. Daisy Schaer says:

    I miss Jennifer Esposito on the show. She is so much better than the rest of her replacements. No one will replace her. It’s such a shame that she has that disease. I wish her the very best. Bring her back to the show!!!

  9. Terry says:

    Didn’t know CBS Was so ignorant as they are about Jennifer Esposito !!! Shame on you and I will stay away from CBS until you bring her back. And to keep her where she can’t work anywhere else is unconscionable!! She has the right to work somewhere else if you are not going to bring her back which would be a mistake!!

  10. Emliy P says:

    Glad to see so many supporters of Jennifer Esposito. Having seen the re-runs with her for
    the past few weeks, it’s really clear how much she is needed in the show. I even thought they aired these repeats because they are planning to bring her back. They should! They
    could even write in the disease and why she couldn’t work full-time and work around that.
    If it were Tom Selleck were sick they would do it. It could be a great platform for her,
    make CBS/Blue Bloods production look responsible and courageous and heal some wounds. The support for Ms. Esposito is really there. She was perfect in the role and deserves her job back. People get sick, they shouldn’t be punished for it. Maybe CBS is using the re-runs to test the ratings when she is on. They should be reading the blogs that have comments that show people overwhelming want Jennifer Esposito back. The execs could be big about it, admit they were wrong and offer her the job back. It’s the right thing to do.

  11. Kraftky says:

    Watches rerun Jackies role is a key player Bring Her Back. Tom Selleck can make it happen

  12. Liz says:

    I started watching Blue Bloods a few weeks ago and finally finished the other day. I felt a dramatic difference after Jackie left. The show is just not the same without her, and this is even coming from someone whose main interest in the show is the family interactions. Jackie was a great character who had perfect chemistry with Danny, and Jennifer Esposito really brought something to Blue Bloods. They should be doing everything they can to get her back and accommodate her needs.

    • Ted Wyche says:

      As a supporter of Jennifer Esposito I thank all of the positive remarks sent in to CBS trying
      to get her back on the show next season. bless you all

  13. Kay Austin says:

    I just want to add my two cents worth to the discussion. I would love to see Jackie back as Danny’s partner. I know many are commenting that she is sick but sometimes we must be compassionate and not let the almighty dollar make our decisions for us. It seems to me that many people feel as I do, that we want her to come back. I’m sure if anyone would care to count the pros and cons, there are more pros for ‘Danny and Jackie’ than cons. CBS, please hear us!! Thanks

    • Linda B. says:

      The way Jennifer’s illness was described it sounded severe. Could she work?

      I keep saying that I still love the show. I wish Jennifer could be in it. But if not, I wouldn’t
      even think of not watching it.

      Why don’t people set up a fund for Jennifer to see a labor attorney?

      Do people write to CBS?

  14. Kevin says:

    Prayers for Jennifers health. I watched the first two seasons and then had to catch up with the 3rd season. When Jennifer’s character was gone I thought she would come back but…she helps to make the show realistic and add a nice grittiness to the show. She is talented and she will bounce back. These type of shows replace characters all the time.

  15. IAmbat says:

    Jennifer and Wahlberg has that chemistry that is rare because its intellectual and emotional chemistry and nothing sexual or like it. It’s refreshing and I really do not think that Wahlberg has the same chemistry with Jennifer’s replacement…. CBS bring back Jennifer! If not for anything but the good it brings the show! And for us, the loyal followers!

    • Linda B. says:

      I wish Jennifer were back.

      But I just watched a rerun with her replacement. And I think she does a good job.

      Wouldn’t they bring back Jennifer if she could do it?

  16. Donna says:

    I have watched Blue Bloods since it began and unfortunately no one has even come close to the chemistry that Jennifer and Donnie had which made their characters and their interactions believable. I have found over the course of the show’s 3 seasons so far that as much as I enjoy Donnie/Danny, the show is now more about him and Tom/Francis then as an ensemble cast which I had hoped it was going to be. Also Will Estes has being under utilized still. If the title is Blue Bloods referring to police officers then let’s see more of Jamie/Will even more about Ned’s character asa a former PC would be appreciated. The kids are show pieces for the family dinner scene only which lately have been the best scenes of the whole show. Bridget/Erin has lost her somewhat place in the mix of the show too. Come CBS/Blue Blood producers get back to being a complete show and Jennifer back. It would give you a great story line to include her health issue.

  17. Ted Wyche says:

    I do not like the replacement detective that took Jennifer’s place…I really think that the entire show has now lost a lot of views. this woman was part of the show.. she was just a natural
    and getting rid of her for a sickness is really a sick thing on CBS.. the producers need to make money on this show I know that.. and if they would just pay attention to the viewers it would be a longer lasting show.. please bring Jennifer back…. cannot say it any better than that..

  18. Paul says:

    Bring back Jennifer please

  19. Theodore Wtyce says:

    I know it has been a while a long while since Jennifer was taken off the hit show Blue Bloods ,, she has this Celiac Disease.. it can be controlled now with diet and medication so there is really no good reason why this very nice and talented woman should not be returned to the hit show.. I see not too many people are replying to it anymore, but
    I will continue to say I wish she was back Thanks a lot CBS..

  20. Pat says:

    Love blue bloods but just not the same without Jennifer Eposito. Her and Danny were brilliant together.

    • Linda Boginsky says:

      I wish she were returning. But my husband and I still love to watch. The newest partner
      does a really good job.

      • Ted Wyche says:

        I tried to watch ABC Agents of Shield a few times and couldn’t figure out how to connect to
        it on my PC.. so screw it…

  21. Pat says:

    I still love to watch it but, some of the zing has gone, the best part of the show was watching how her and Danny bounced off each other. Please bring her back !! X

    • Ted Wyche says:

      I know that Jennifer will not return to Blue Bloods… It’s a shame.. she was really a very
      good partner for Danny.. and a good person as anyone can see.. lets hope CBS will
      be kind and put her on another CBS show.. anyone can see she is a good actress
      and can hold her own.. good luck to her for sure..

  22. walt says:

    Jennifer ‘s absence on bluebloods has significantly weakened the quality
    of the show. I am amazed at CBS’ failure to address this mistake in spite of viewer feedback. This is an example of big business. saying, “Damn the people who have caught us in our foolish decision.” Does anyone have the rating numbers — have people turned off the show?

    • Linda Boginsky says:

      My husband and I watched Blue Bloods Fri nite. We were totally absorbed.

      Would be nice if Jennifer could be part. But no way would we stop watching because of that.

      All of you who have stopped because of Jennifer we think are missing something — cutting your nose to spite your face.

      • Dianne says:

        It isn’t even a matter of Jennifer being gone anymore. The show has poor writing with predictable endings. The show has become a vehicle to exalt Mark Wahlberg’s older brother, Donnie. leaving other cast in the wind, including Tom Selleck some nights. How obvious that was in last night’s episode. Really, the week after the Lone Survivor’s release, we find out that Danny was the only one to come back from his unit? Even his partner had a minimal part.

        • Ted Wyche says:

          I really feel that them taking away Jennifer Esposito was the biggest loss to the show of
          Blue Bloods… I don’t see this show making it through next season ,… when you take away one of the main stars and then we know that they treated her so badly it just makes for a bad ending for me.. I have many friends that really hate Blue Bloods since she left.

      • Ted Wyche says:

        Once you find out why she left it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.. she was just taken off because she was sick, she was covered by a contract and they just didn’t care.. she said in an interview that she would fight it , but could not afford it.. so she lost the fight. but each has to make up their own minds.

        • Dianne says:

          Yes, Ted I agree and when the cast of BB’s does the “CBS CARES” spots, it is very hypocritical. I only watch when my friend is here with me. Otherwise, No. My son has celiac disease and what CBS did to Jennifer is unspeakable.

          • Ted Wyche says:

            What you said is true… CBS did her wrong.. there is nothing we as viewers can do about it as we are only the viewer… but we can support Jennifer in our own way and only can wish she finds work in TV or movies that she likes.. once this disease is detected you will be ok and can live a normal life.. I also know someone that has this disease.. and nothing has changed except for his diet.. Jennifer is going to have a bit part in a 2014 TV show about a Taxi or something. she is not listed as the star. but has a part either way. we can only wish her all the best..

          • Ted Wyche says:

            Jennifer will be in a new Pilot TV show called Taxi Brooklyn in 2014 . her staring name will be Monica Pena… she only has a bit part. but at least she gets to so what she loves to
            do. Good luck to Jennifer

  23. greg says:

    i am so happy this bitch is gone from blue bloods, poor little bitchy trashy drama ploy to get more money for no work had backfired!!!

    • Ted Wyche says:

      I hope you never get this Celiac Disease.. I have a friend that has it and he was very sick
      until they finally got It under control.. It is a diet thing that will help plus medication.. so I hope you the nasty one that seems to be pissed off over this girl being sick gets over himself and who cares what he thinks.. Jennifer Esposito will continue to work in the
      TV network.. she is already in one of the TV shows. so stick it …

  24. Karol White says:

    Show just isn’t the same w/o “Jackie”…all the other partners “Danny” has seem very blah compared to her. That part needs someone with some spunk and sass.

  25. Linda Boginsky says:

    I’ve said this many times. I wish Jennifer could do it.

    But my husband and myself and 2 friends really like the one. She has spunk. And we really love the show. The new one had lots of spunk many programs.

    Suggest trying again.

  26. Melissa D says:

    I miss her character so much. There really was chemistry between her and Danny. They were perfect together. I am not enjoying the new girl. I feel the show is missing something that made it special now. At the very least, they should have an actress that resembled Jackie. It was just too different.

  27. Stacey says:

    I really miss Jennifer Esposito’s character, Jackie, she and Donny Walberg’s character Danny, really were good together. Is there ANY chance they’ll ever bring her back?

  28. James E. Smith says:

    It wasn’t right ! plain and simple..i always liked her acting ability and on Blue Bloods,they did her wrong..i kept wondering where she was and i don’t like the other lady actor as much!!!!!

  29. Linda Garcia says:

    As a follower of Blue Bloods, I am disgusted that this has happened to her. My son suffers from Celiac disease and has been let go from his job because of this. It’s a shame that people are so ignorant to this disease when it seems to be so precedent now. Unfortunately if this had been a white male actor they probably would have made an exception for him. It’s Hollywood! This can be a debilitating disease and doctors have no idea of how to control it. You can change your diet all you want but will still have episodes like she did and no one understands. God bless her & I for one will boycott Blue Bloods for this mistreatment of her. They know darn well that they could have let her work part time. She doesn’t appear for the whole hour show! Come on! As it is already we don’t have enough Latinas in TV shows. I’m so taken back that her fellow actors didn’t support her! Shame on all of you! What a story the producers have made of this situation, she is sick, she has a disease, this was not her disputing her contract! She was willing to work part time! But once again she is a Latina, a woman & a strong one at that in a mans world. So there are rules for them & then rules for us! I support you Ms Esposito!!!

    • Dianne says:

      Well, luckily Jennifer seems to have recovered and has written a book and played a detective on a show this season..comedy I think..although I never saw it. My son, too, has celiac disease (and diabetes) and had a rough time in school and sports because of it. All kinds of discrimination by his teachers and coaches. It is a serious condition and precursor to stomach cancers, etc. I haven’t watched the show since they dismissed her due to her condition. Sure, “CBS Cares” like a hole in the head.

  30. Linda Boginsky says:

    Business is business. If Jennifer was unable to perform her duties what was
    CBS to do? I liked her and wished she could have still been on the program.

    I am sure celiac must be hard to deal with.

    But my husband and I love the program and wouldn’t think of not watching it.

    Jennifer’s first replacements left alot to desire. We like the current one.

    We even enjoy the reruns, when we watch those.

    Linda B

  31. i thought jennifer esposito was excellent in her role. Better duet than Benson and Stabler.

  32. Stinky says:

    I wish she would come back. I don’t care for any of the other partners. She and Danny really had a good chemistry. Too, bad.

  33. Lucy Fair says:

    I’m extremely disappointed to learn that Jennifer Esposito is not returning to Blue Bloods TV show. The show won’t be the same without. It’s too bad that she was eliminated because of her illness.

  34. Sonya hood smartt says:

    I’m not happy with the replacement of Jackie either. I’m very sorry to hear of her condition because I really like her and think she’s a great actress. Show isn’t the same without her. We miss u and may God bless you.

  35. Maria says:

    I am so glad to watch Jennifer Esposito on Brooklyn Taxi – she’s a great actress and has been a favorite of mine for quite some time.

  36. Judith Ellis says:

    You need to bring her back. Danny doesn’t seem to be the same since she left. None of your replacements can touch her.

    • Linda Boginsky says:

      This is like beating a dead horse — IMO. I liked her too, But it is over. I do like Danny’s current partner. Jennifer even more but done is done. I really love the show.

  37. mike sheppard says:

    WOW!! really not much different than throwing Christians to the lions. CBS what were you thinking?

    • Linda Boginsky says:

      Friday nite my husband and I watched Blue Bloods as we always do. And it was so wonderful.
      Tho jennifer would have been perfect, it was still perfect.

      All you who refuse to watch the show because of Jennifer’s unfortunate illness are cutting off your noses to spite your faces — IMHO.

  38. John Mankowske says:

    I wish you would reconsider, bringing her back. She helps make the show. She was absent, from a disease, something she can’t control.

  39. Lana Bauman says:

    Jackie and her character partner Danny have such great chemistry. They make the show Blue Bloods so real together. New partners are so blah. Without Jackie played by Jennifer Esposito i dont enjoy watching as much. Suprised other actors, especially Tom Selleck, did not step in and back her up. If she has a medical condition and she was let go wo pay she can own that studio with the right lawyer. The word out that jennifer not returning and the ratings r going to drop. If she can perform the same job, with lesser days that should not be an issue. We need to fight for her

  40. Linda Boginsky says:

    We love Blue Bloods still.

  41. lynn cowley says:

    I cant watch these new actresses . I liked the programme with jennifer esposito in it.

  42. Joyce Amato says:

    I’m sad Jennifer will not return. I really like her as an actress and haven’t liked any other partners of Danny since her.

  43. Effie Gertson says:

    Bring Jennifer back. She is the best with Danny and believable. The new boss (Sargent) doesn’t fit either. Try again.

  44. regina says:

    Show is not the same we it out Jennifer. Her and Donnie were great together as partners. Hopefully they will lose viewers and realize how important she was.

  45. Linda says:

    This is was one of the best shows on TV, now I don’t care to watch anymore, not the same with Jennifer. Every character in show played a significant role, but now without her, show feels empty.

  46. Josephine Dimaria says:

    She the best l oved her and pray she be well

  47. linda jojanson says:

    I really wish CBS WOULD BRING HER BACK. THE SHOW IS NOT THE SAME WITHOUT HER. I think what CBS dis is despicable.Hollywood is very fickle and really doesn’t give a damn about people it could make one stop watching anything on CBS.

    but I don’t really think you care what we think. It’s all about money. Could have had a little more class about how you let her go. And I do think she is deserving of monies.

  48. linda jojanson says:

    Bring Jackie back the other actresses just don’t cut it.

  49. Douglas Duncklee says:

    Jennifer and Danny were a great team together ,she was the best partner he had. I miss not seeing her on the show

    • Dianne says:

      I agree, Douglas. The Comments Section here is busy again because WGN is doing daily reruns of the early Blue Bloods, and we have the opportunity to once again see how good Jennifer was in her part..that new one can’t hold a candle.

  50. poetnscribe says:

    Seems like we’re all in agreement. The show lost a lot of its appeal without Jennifer.