Jennifer Esposito Not Returning to Blue Bloods

Jennifer Esposito Leaving Blue BloodsWhat was initially billed as a medical leave now appears to be a permanent one.

Sources confirm to TVLine that Blue Bloods actress Jennifer Esposito — who departed from the CBS drama in October amid controversy — is not expected to reprise her role as Det. Jackie Curatola this season. Or next season.

Or ever.

As reported back in October, CBS says the actress requested “a very limited part-time schedule” that the demands of the role could not accommodate, so they put her (and her character) on a leave of absence.

Esposito, however, claimed the network knew her request was the result of her battle with Celiac Disease and at the advice of her doctor, and claimed she was being kept from working elsewhere during her “unpaid leave.”

Blue Bloods meanwhile is rotating in new characters played by Megan Ketch and Megan Goode to sub for her Detective Jackie Curatola.

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  1. Dianne says:

    For those of you following these comments, Jennifer tells her own story about her struggle with celiac disease on a show called FOX FILES on the Fox News Channel at 9 p.m. EST and midnight EST (check local listings). It is a repeat, and a good deal of time is given to Jennifer to talk about her life and what happened with CBS.

  2. Dave says:

    At least cancel her contract so she can work at all!! CBS cares. Yea, right!

  3. Mary Ann says:

    I’m sorry to hear that Jennifer Esposito will not be returning to Blue Bloods. I thought she and Donnie Wahlberg made you believe they were partners. I loved her part and her acting.

    As someone who lives with a serious auto-immune disease I wish the writers had taken the opportunity to write this subject in and deal with the life of a cop who has to work, is dealing with an illness, and struggles from time to time. That is a reality that many in the workplace face every day with one out of two in this country battling some type of chronic illness.

  4. lindalee says:

    When you find out you are Celiac your world falls apart. You feel rotten, have to learn how and what to eat, etc, etc. Many people do not realize how serious this disease is. CBS was totally wrong and unsupportive of a human being and a terrific actress!!

  5. Jojo says:

    Will have to start renting movies for Friday nites. No more Blue Bloods even if it was my favorite show. Bring Jackie back and we will have a great reason to start watching again. She was great we miss her the replacements are just that replacements and not Jackie.

  6. Ernest gilbert says:

    Take care of yourself of jennifer will miss you. Get your next series get things in writing and hold them to it. Love Ernest Gilbert

    • Ted Wyche says:

      If Jennifer is not returning maybe the producers can get Kristy Swanson to join the team as
      she is a great actor and once played in Early Edition in the 90s. and also played a killer in
      a movie many years ago.. a very good actor.. but love Jennifer..

  7. Diane says:

    Never cared for Jennifer Esposito in this show or anything else for that matter so it doesn’t bother me that she is not on the show. Sorry to hear she is ill and hope she gets well soon.

    • Ted Wyche says:

      Someone says that they don’t like her… this person does not even know this Lady.. it is not a personal like.. it is how interesting the two actors work off each other.. it is just good
      acting and no one should have to give up their income because of an illness. and there is not very nice of the producers to NOT pay this lady when she has a contract. she said on a one on one interview that she cannot afford to challange them on the contract. too bad when money is more important than a person.. this show is making tons of money. we all
      need help once in a while.. I hope the producers give her a break… season is ending soon and hopefully Jennifer will be returning in the new season.. the woman they had on the last
      show , please ..

      • Barbara Siemers says:

        Have you ever said you didn’t particularly care for a certain actor or actress? I bet you have.

        • Ted Wyche says:

          The only time I have ever said I did not like anyone is when it has been reported that this person is a bad person and it has to be verified. I would never say I do not like someone
          I do not know.. I can comment on acting skills .. of it is only my opinion.. and only my own
          opinion.. I would not want Jennifer to have to suffer a set back for something I had said
          that would cause her harm… thanks , Ted

  8. Suz says:

    I just can’t get over how Danny gets matched up with the only “Model” cops on the force. How realistic is that. The odds of getting a woman partner EVERY time is unbelievable let alone that he gets only drop dead gorgeous women partners.

  9. Luis Frias says:

    Well looks like I can cross off this show off my list. Very bad move cbs I was already upset that Sgt. Anthony Renzulli got replaced by that new tool partner of jamie reagan now this no thank you. Offf to watch better shows.

  10. Baby Blues says:

    Isn’t CBS’s slogan CBS Cares. Well if this story is true…. Then they really don’t do they? And Danny should told be fighting for her but I guess the writers aren’t going to be writing that since CBS doesn’t care.

  11. Debbie says:

    Not happy at all, Jennifer Esposito is a very talented and the show is not good without her. I think CBS should work with her and get her back on the show.

  12. rose C says:

    I totally agree. I didn’t realize how much she added until she was gone. So far Danny R. has been to anger management, which he sorely needed. He has had two partners at one time and his Lieutenant has been his partner also. Would they have let him go if he gets a disease? I doubt it. CBS does not care.

  13. Roses C says:

    I totally agree. Jennifer E added so much to that show. I didn’t even notice until she was gone. So far Danny R. has been to anger management, which he really needed. He has had two partners on one case, he has also had his lieutenant as he partner. Apparently Jennifer has really big shoes to follow. She plays a tough cop and looks really good doing it.

    • Ted Wyche says:

      This Actress adds so much to this show. all of the regular actors are great.. each do an
      amazing job.. and with this Jennifer missing really does make a didference in how people
      view the show. a great show. I know each actor has their own contract to deal with. and
      cannot get involved in the so called dismissal of this very capable actor. please CBS if
      ;you read some of these favorable comments from the public that do watch the show, it
      would be a good thing to bring her back . the season is almost over. so there is still
      hope for her,,.CBS made a big mistake with removing Unforgettable.. and found it to be
      a much watched show and has ordered 13 episodes to be played this summer.. another
      great show . I mean., CBS does pick most good shows.. but in my opinion they really
      made a bad decision on taking Jennifer off and cancelling Unforgetragle.

    • Ted Wyche says:

      This is my second reply today.. wow.. yes CBS I hope you have made a good decision
      to bring Jennifer back to Blue Bloods…. we all know what happened to Unforgettable
      when you said good bye to that series and had to order 13 more episodes for the summer
      time.. don’t know why you don’t show the repeats from last year.. a great show.. but just
      please bring Jennifer back , you have to pay someone.,,. so why not one that the folks
      like and have enjoyed… thanks

  14. athawt says:

    I miss Miss Esposito, but was turned off by her reaction to what happened. I wonder if she would have been welcomed back if she hadn’t demonized her employer. Makes one wonder how she is to work with and if the tenor on the set isn’t more comfortable without her. I’d love to see her back since her replacements so far just have not been very good. They seem like someone who is stuck there because someone needs to be there, but they don’t fit. I hope they are able to find someone suitable for the role.

    • Ted Wyche says:

      I think anyone in her position would be upset if the network decided to not let her go on sick
      leave and no pay.. who wouldn’t be upset.. it is her income that she is not getting. just a shame that CBS cannot look forward and just bring her back for the show and for her.. it
      is all good for them .. the other stars are not a part of this as they have their own contracts
      to deal with.. heaven help us if Tom Selick gets sick, wow.. and they would not pay him.
      guess that wouldn’t happen.. it is who has the power to bring you down.. too bad..

  15. Jane says:

    I did not know it was permanent, so enjoyed a good show on Friday night, but I am huge fans of Tom Selleck and Donnie Walberg and Jennifer was the other piece of glue that made this show great, Wont be watching any longer drastic change that leaves it FLAT

    • Dianne says:

      I agree, Jane. I love Tom Selleck and he was the draw for me. However, my son is a celiac and I have watched him miss out and be discriminated against because of his condition and the affects it has on every aspect of his life. I watched last week, felt queasy about it, and that will be the last time.

      • Ted Wyche says:

        It is sad that CBS had decided to lay off this very good actress Jennifer,, using her health
        to decide the lay off.. she cannot help getting sick.. these people really need to stop this
        stuff and give Jennifer her slot back on the show so we can all really enjoy this show. I
        know they must be reading the different comments that are on here.. it is coming to a close
        for the season. CBS needs in my view to let folks know that when they return with this show
        that she will be brought back so we can see that they have a heart and feelings for other
        people. I know that the show is making money or it would not be on.. please CBS /Sony
        bring jennifer back for her.. , Thanks

  16. PK says:

    I am starting to skip the show because Jackie is not in the show. CBS must not care what the viewers think. It would be a shame if everyone quit watching – a good show down the drain so some producer could make a bad point.

    • Ted Wyche says:

      The last couple of shows were not much of a show.. and Danny is on his own now it
      seems.. I guess the writers and producers are trying to figure out where to go with this
      show.. I’m sure that they know that they screwed up.. it is big money involved.. people
      like us will never understand this world. but. , we can hope that they will treat their actors
      with respect and kindness.. Jennifer was on one of those talk shows a little way back and
      actually was very nice and did not down the show.. I’m not sure if I will continue to watch
      the show or not.. the other actors strill need to live and eat too.. just a shame that real
      people are not in charge of real people..

    • Linda B. says:

      I liked Jennifer and would if she returned.

      The newest person Mac holds alot of promise.

      My husband and I both really liked the last episode where Tom Selleck learns he had a
      brother who died before he was born.

      So many good things left.

      I cannot understand why so many have stopped watching.

      Maybe Jennifer ought to contact a Labor Attorney to get whatever she is entitled to.

  17. Susan says:

    I love the show but feel it has lost an integral part of why it took off when it first aired.
    I still watch it every week but feel disappointed that Jackie isn’t in it anymore.
    She was terrific and I would hope that those involved with casting decisions
    could respond to the fan base and work out something with Jackie that could also
    work for the show. I miss her character!! No one will meet the bar she set.

  18. rmcepp says:

    I, too, liked Jennifer E. and she is a big loss. But the only person who would get me to stop watching would be Tom Selleck if he were to leave. Actually everyone could leave and I would still watch it if Tom S were still on it.

  19. george says:

    Longtime fan…she was good on the show..hope she’s ok…she is missed …show is not the same

  20. shauny_p says:

    The cast @ blue bloods won’t say a word cause they don’t have any pull in the series , if they do say anything they will be axed.I can see now they are just puppets

    • Ted Wyche says:

      The people running Blue Bloods do not care what we think as viewers.. pay attention to the sponsers and don’t buy their products.. they are the ones that pay for the show. these people need to be really pay arrention to the viewing people. CBS by far has the best shows
      on the TV. it is just this one mistake that they are really making by not helping Jennifer… the
      other actors have to be concerned about their own lives.. it is nothing personal with them, it
      is just a fact.. they all have their jobs on the line should the show bottom.. and if they don’t
      start acting like they care it will not continue.. I have read most of these comments on this
      posting site and the number that are fighting for Jennifer out weigh all of the other ones.. so
      pay attention CBS.. the season is coming to an end soon.. like I said in the past. and one
      of the first ones to make a comment about Undoegettable series was proven wrong.. and
      at least they did order 13 episodes for this summer. the show should be a part of the normal
      season ….. what a bunch of wimps.. just get discusted when they do bad things to nice people… thanks for reading this all. keep up the good comments..

  21. Valerie says:

    Jackie had guts and showed what a ballsy character she played not like the namby pamby replacements.The show is missing her. come on Tom Selleck and co grow some (please)

  22. Miss Lynne says:

    You want to know why she can’t be replaced? ? Because she’s a real New Yorker. From Brooklyn. As a NewYorker I can say she’s authentic!! Wahlberg is from the same type of streets. That’s why they have chemistry. Get it now?

  23. Slhatch says:

    It is too bad CBS doesn’t realize how irreplaceable some characters are on their shows. It will never be the same without Esposito. Our loss, CBS ‘s mistake.

  24. Julie says:

    I miss her character as there is no other actor who was as balanced with Danny as she was. I understand the disease and it seems CBS could be more flexible for the sake of the #1show

  25. Ron Lingle says:

    I love this actress and I think she is beautiful. She is talented and an integral part of the blue blood which I watch every week. It will not be the same without her. She is hot.

  26. Tbone85 says:

    The were very foolish to let Esposito go. The replacements were flat. I stopped watching the show last month. It just wasn’t the same, and I thought that it was the least I could do. Most of us have had jerky bosses at some point. I don’t feel the need to support them.

  27. Lee eaton says:

    Bring Jackie back blue bloods is not the same without her I don’t like it , please bring her back

  28. Dee Ayres says:

    I agree with everybody; the show is not the same without Jennifer. WE WANT HER BACK!!!

    • Ted Wyche says:

      I just read some of the reply comments and regardless I feel like the show has turned out
      to be a bad show.. the CBS producers have ignored us the folks that watch the show. so I
      am not going to watch it anymore.. and I have several of my friends that will not watch this
      show Blue Bloods.. sorry for the other actors . but the show is terrible now. ;last night they
      had a really terrible partner for Danny. they are really reaching for the bottom of the pile
      it seems now.. so , all of my friends on here , do not watch this show anymore..

      • Linda B. says:

        I feel compelled to repeat myself.

        Tho I thought Jennifer was wonderful and would like her back, I certainly think the show in
        general is excellent and has so many facets.

        The new partner for Danny is not bothering me at all — as were the 2 previous ones.

        To stop watching such a good show over one character to me is penny wise and pound

        I am beginning to question alot of people’s judgement on the matter.

        • Dianne says:

          Linda, it is very simple for me. It was the way CBS treated Jennifer. They discriminated against her due to her diagnosis of celiac disease. I raised a celiac and have had to watch him suffer discrimination throughout his life. Anyone who has this disease or is associated with someone who suffers from celiac, knows that this affects every aspect of your life and especially during the diagnosis and treatment planning stages. I can’t in good conscience watch the show anymore.

          • Linda B. says:

            Celiac is worse than I realized. And I am sorry for your experience of it,

            The American Disability Act ( I assume is still in effect) basically said reasonable accommodations can be made but the person has to be able to do their job with those

            If not, I believe disability is an option. Can be temporary,

            It seems to me that Jennifer should see a labor attorney to help her get what is due her.
            Maybe she has.

            I agree that she should be able to get out of her contract — which sounds strange. Unless
            it is different from what described.

            Were someone to suffer brain damage as a result of an accident or such and not be able
            to work then would anyone expect the TV show to keep that unfortunate person on? They are running a business.

            If there is a way to be humane with reasonable accommodations so Jennifer can be on the
            show, then that would be good. Does celiac go into remission? If yes, maybe they could
            let her be on the show while she is doing well. They have rotated different partners in
            and could feasibly do that.

          • Ted Wyche says:

            I too think Jennifer should have an attorney.. she said on a talk show that she could not
            afford to hire an attorner.. remember that they stropped paying her and at the same time
            hold her to her contractr where she cannot work… so sad .. that powerful people can just
            throw someone away like this..

          • Linda B. says:

            I once went to a labor attorney. About 20 years ago that cost $250 for 1 visit. Tho I did not
            pursue my complaint farther it was still very worthwhile. My employers got scared.

            There must be legal aid venues.

            How is such a contract legal that won’t pay her and won’t let her work? Do you know this for
            a fact?

          • Ted Wyche says:

            Jennifer said on this talk show during the day time hours that she was dismissed and that
            she lost health insurance and she lost any kind of salary.. she said that she could not afford
            an attorney… these shows do not pay the kind of money that Leno and the View people
            get. remember back and you will see that they pay Barbara Walters $12 million dollars a
            year. Jay Leno $25 million a year after they cut his pay by $5 million. Letterman gets over
            $30 million a year.. some sick people that run these networks.. it is like the people that sell
            gasoline.. they are making Billions of dollars , the American people seem to have to pay it
            or walk.. something has to change.. Jennifer if just caught up in this money hungry CBS
            and she cannot do anything about it now.. if she makes waves they can black ball her and
            no one will hire her.. she is just an actor that wants to do what she is proud to do.. and I
            for one have her back with my words.. I cannot afford to hire an attorney for her or I would
            for sure.,, I just hope she can move rorward and hopefully get better with her sickness

          • Ted Wyche says:

            No matter what we write here there are many people that do not agree with us.. some people justr do not have a heart.. so sad… I know Jennifer is only one person. but she
            is the person. and should be treated with respect.. I agree with you ..

        • Peg says:

          For Greg There are very few of you who seem to like the changes without Jennifer………

        • Ted Wyche says:

          Your point is well taken,, but put yourself in her position that she fainted on the set and the
          producers did not help her… this happens all of the time in big business. one person falls
          and they just throw her away. sorry .. no show is worth being over and above being human
          and doing the right thing..

          • Linda B. says:

            What do you mean that she fainted on the set and they didn’t help her?? Did they not give her medical attention?

          • Ted Wyche says:

            It ;has been said that Jennifer got sick on the set while filimg the Blue Bloods,, of course
            they called the Emergency medical people. but everyone knows that they refuse to pay her
            and she has no medical insurance.. she cannot afford an attrorney.. from what I hear they
            are in violarion of her contract.. but without an attorney she cannot fight it.. no one is as
            powerful as the Network…. has to be someone that is not afraid to get down and dirty with
            them and take up for this nice lady.. so sad as I always say…

  29. Kevin says:

    Once in a while lightening strikes, as in the case with blue bloods. But since Jennifer’s absence the writing has been weak and all over the place. Haven’t watched much since she left. Who ever is responds me for firing her should be fired themselves for such a dense move.

  30. Paul M. says:

    UK based – Jennifer and Danni are “Blue Bloods’, without her, the show is just average and doesn’t deserve another series run – if fit to do so, CBS should go the extra mile to correct this, and publically apologise to JE on how they treated her.

    • Dianne says:

      Maybe Donnie Wahlberg senses this. He has gone on to produce “Boston’s Finest” on TNT. The show glorifies his crime ridden family (older brothers) and how a cop from Boston helped one of them. It is currently showing, but won’t watch that one either. While I love Tom Selleck, I haven’t watched in weeks. My kid is a celiac and my anger at how they have treated Jennifer gets my loyalty everytime. CBS really screwed this one up!

  31. Paul M. says:

    Ooops, delete Danni, insert Donnie.

  32. Gerry says:

    I love Jennifer Esposito and her character but I think that CBS had to give her walking papers to not conflct with their schedule of shooting the show. Time is money. I think that Marisa Ramirez, the newest actress to take on the role of Danny’s partner has the goods to come on as a full time partner! I loved her on GH! I wish Jennifer all the best and will continue to follow her career as she will definitely get something else in the future!

  33. Kathy says:

    “CBS Cares” is their mantra? Wow.

  34. Pam says:

    The old saying applies here: “If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it!”. I miss the chemistry between Jennifer and Donnie. Seems like another old saying fits the bill here: “Don’t cutoff your nose dispite your face!”. Good ole Les must look pretty funny running around noseless! Get a clue from these posts.

  35. dvd says:

    the network needs to bring her back at all cost. She was part of the family and the show is not the same. Danny is better off having no partner than all the ones used.

  36. Paul Millard says:

    You know the CBS ads that say “CBS Cares” ? Not so much it appears !

  37. Linda B. says:

    Tonite my husband and I watched Blue Bloods and thought that the latest partner
    (dark bangs and curls) is quite good. I also wish Jennifer were back but I would not stop watching what I think is a very good program because her health made it impossible for her to do her job. CBS should treat her well. But I still can’t believe all the people who said they stopped watching.

  38. rpajgiles says:

    Loved Jackie character… she is missed!!! Wish she would come back!!!

  39. Sue says:

    Totally stupid decision by CBS to fire Jennifer. I agree the chemistry isn’t the same. Danny has no one to share insults with. His character is losing his edge. Stupid decisions by “the suits” yet again. Heaven forbid they should listen to the lowly actor thatmakes them profits or the fans that watch!

  40. eploe says:

    Same sentiments in this household. We miss “Jackie”
    Jennifer. The chemistry is not the same with “Danny’s”new partners
    Still hoping that it is temporary!

    • Ted Wyche says:

      Today is April 7th 2013,,, ;Sunday. Jennifer will be on the FOX news channel tonight
      at 9 pm to speak on her removal on Blue Bloods. so it will be interesting to see what
      her feelings are on the subject… I do remember her on a talk show during the day not
      too long ago when she stated she could not afford an attorney to fight for her job.. so
      all watch the FOX network show tonight and we can go from there. , hopefully it will be
      a positive interview.. we all do miss her a lot.. I’m sure her past co-workers miss her
      too. you can tell she is a people person. all the best to Jennifer from me..

      • Dianne says:

        If you are referring to Fox Files, this is a repeat of a program shown months ago. It gives a good amount of time for Jennifer’s plight, including her medical findings from a Dr. at UM Medical School. I encourage those who care to watch.

        • Ted Wyche says:

          Thanks Dianne,,, I will watch it.. it will be good to see her.. I heard she had opened
          Bakery in New York.. will have to check on that too.. have a nice day..

  41. sara says:

    The chemistry is broken w/o Jennifer. Much as I love the show, and even with Tom Selleck, my husband and I are losing interest. Bring back “Jackie”!

  42. SRN says:

    If it were any other cast member asking for the same kind of help they would not think twice, especially her partner Danny, or “Donnie”! They will never find another that will share the same chemistry as others have said. They fed off each other so well because they had that “it” factor. That may sound corny, but that’s why I watch the shows and not write them! Lol! However, I am a devoted fan and will stand by whatever actress they finally stick with. You never know, it may turn out for the best, but we will never forget Jennifer!

  43. suzangrace says:

    i loe jennifer esposito. i have watched her on many tv shows and always thought she was excellent. the show did not address her leaving, making you wonder wtf. her eplacements have been a bore. danny needs a stronger, more intelligent, and exciting about melina karekenades (sp) from csi:ny? i think she’d be good. miss you jen!

  44. Sandra says:

    I have never felt that a person was not replaceable but Blood Blues has not been the same without Jennifer. No one yet has filled the bill as far as I am concerned. I would love to see her back.

  45. Rick says:

    To: Jennifer – only you know if you are capable of doing the job or not. Only we know if you are any good at it. You are. We miss you. Wish you well.

    • Ted Wyche says:

      I don’t know why I continue to say what I feel on this site.. I do get several email about
      Jackie… but I think it is not much good for us the viewer to make any comments.. the
      CBS / SONY are going to do whatever makes them money.. no matter who it hurts. so
      why should I continue to answer these dumb comment on TVLine.. I just feel like it was
      just so sad that these people would dismiss this young lady like they did. and do not even
      pay her. treated her like dirt and have maybe violated her contract.. and they continue to
      make new shows on Blue Bloods… so all I can say is , lets hope that they will ask her to
      come back and put this behind us all. now they have the attention of a lot of views , their
      rating would hit the ceiling.. They found the Unforgettable was a mistake too.. and they’
      ordered new shows for the summer coming soon.. so they do not know everything. me
      living in Ocala Florida wish Jackie all the best … and good health…

  46. Jane says:

    Have stopped watching it until Jennifer returns. CBS have lost another viewer. Shame as it was such a good show.

  47. mike says:

    Bring Jennifer back!!!! It is not the same without her.

    • Ted Wyche says:

      I don’t know why I continue to answer these comment things that people send me,, Jennifer
      has opened a bakery in NY>. gosh knows what’s up for here.. of course she is the choice
      for Danny’s partner on Blue Bloods.. no doubt on that. it is just a fact that money is the most
      important thing in the producers minds.. no matter whom they hurt ..they make millions on
      these shows and if they had any self respect they would make sure Jennifer was taken care of .. but we all know this is not happening.. it is a wonderful show, she was a real good part
      of this series.. only 3 shows or so left for the season.. so no chance for this season.. time
      will tell if they have any back bone and will bring her back.. we all know that the actors only have to be on set when it is their time to say their words. , and the editors place it all
      together for a complete show. so it is not something that they can’t handle.. just too bad
      that the person in charge is such a bad decision maker.. we can all wish her the best that
      life has to offer her.. someone will pick her up and she will show these people that she has
      and is a human after all.. just a shame that she has no pay or insurance.. say a prayer for this young lady…. god knows she needs it…
      You know that they made a mistake with Unforgettable……. it is going to be shown this
      summer as they ordered 13 shows… Poppy Montgomery has had a new baby now.. she
      says that she just has to accept what happens and moves on. a smart and bright young
      lady.. and a very good actor.. love her too.. wish her everything good too.. she was on
      the show without a trace.. I think was the name.. so she can handle most acting positions
      that come up.. say a prayer for her too.. she is a good girl.. happy and married..

  48. Jc says:

    I miss her so much! The show is not the same without her. It sure would be nice to see her back next season!

  49. stacey mazza says:

    I am watching a rerun now w jackie, i miss her on the show. :(

    • Linda B. says:

      I also miss her — have watched her in reruns lately.

      But contrary to many others I would not stop watching Blue Bloods. There is so much in it.

    • Ted Wyche says:

      Thank you CBS for showing Jennifer Esposito repeats back to back tonight July 5 2013
      what a surprise ,.,, me and my friends cannot thank you enough for this surprise… I hope
      you can make every effort to bring Jennifer back to Blue Bloods.. seeing the reaction of
      Danny and Jackie is just wonderful… thanks again

  50. sonny brown says:

    I just found out about why she’s not on the show anymore and I think CBS is better than the way they’re acting…bring her back!!