Jennifer Esposito Not Returning to Blue Bloods

Jennifer Esposito Leaving Blue BloodsWhat was initially billed as a medical leave now appears to be a permanent one.

Sources confirm to TVLine that Blue Bloods actress Jennifer Esposito — who departed from the CBS drama in October amid controversy — is not expected to reprise her role as Det. Jackie Curatola this season. Or next season.

Or ever.

As reported back in October, CBS says the actress requested “a very limited part-time schedule” that the demands of the role could not accommodate, so they put her (and her character) on a leave of absence.

Esposito, however, claimed the network knew her request was the result of her battle with Celiac Disease and at the advice of her doctor, and claimed she was being kept from working elsewhere during her “unpaid leave.”

Blue Bloods meanwhile is rotating in new characters played by Megan Ketch and Megan Goode to sub for her Detective Jackie Curatola.

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  1. Lupster says:

    It’s sad to see Jackie go but don’t think about ourselves but her Her health is more important than her being on the show She will be missed but in the real world of police sometimes u get a new partner. She s doing good give her a chance ;)

  2. bc says:

    Bring Jackie back. Show is missing a very important element without her. Shame on CBS.

  3. Connie Williams says:

    Please bring back her back the show is not the same..

  4. Cindy says:

    Bad move on cbs’s part. Unbelievable that they would let her go for having some medical problems. I know about celiac. You can get it under control and lead a normal life. She is an excellent actress and doesnt deserve to be treated like this. The show isnt the same without her. She was as very big part of the show.
    I am truly dissapointed in cbs!

    • Irene says:

      CBS didn’t do anything. Jennifer could not fulfill her contract which SHE signed when she knew she had a medical problem.

  5. Dan N. says:

    I wish there were a way to get the story straight. Did Jennifer Esposito deliberately “leave” the show, or did CBS force her out? Reading some of the messages here and elsewhere, it seems no one has the correct answer. Or is willing to divulge it. On tonight’s show, Kate Lansing (Megan Ketch) told Danny (Donny) she was being transferred and could no longer work as his partner. Okay, those things happen. But WHO will be her replacement? No one has posted anything about this.

  6. Not the same without Esposito. Their rapid fire reparte and the strength of her character to pull him down off the ceiling when necessary. They were so perfect together. No sparkes with the replacements so far. Danny is a strong character and he needs an equally strong partner to reign him in at times without putting him down. She was totally supportive without being a suck up. Please get her back.

  7. Bev says:

    Jennifer E.& DonnieW.had wonderful chemistry together.The current actresses just don”t
    cut it.Jennifer is a terrific actress and deserved to be treated better.CBS execs,please
    admit that you made a mistake and bring her back. You can’t force or buy chemistry.They
    had it. It’s just that simple!

  8. Phyllis Bowden says:

    Bring Jackie back. The show is NOT the same. Last night they exited the latest blond so who will be next. This just takes so much out of the show. Jackie and Danny had such great chemistry. CBS you messed this one up big time!

  9. Dianne says:

    Jennifer got a raw deal. I raised a celiac and this condition permeates every aspect of a person’s life. The ajdustment period after the diagnosis is awful. Although I know that all things boil down to the almighty dollar, compassions should have been shown to her, as it is docutmented that docs found (UMD) that she had the worse case of celiac he had ever seen. You don’t take care of this, you are predisposed to stomach and intestinal cancer and a host of other things.

    I watched BB for the first time last night since this flap began and it was a good show. However the partner’s interaction with Danny was as cold as a rock. Nothing there. Although I love Tom Selleck, I just don’t feel the same about the show after what happened to Jennifer.

  10. Cathy says:

    Please get her back. She is pretty. funny. tough and a key part of the shows success. I felt she should have been in the opening credits as one of the stars rather than “also starring”!

  11. Rick Liebhart says:

    She is a good actress,great chemistry with danny.the other actresses have not clicked well.

  12. Charlie miller says:

    Things happen, at the start the show was new and not popular yet. She’s not the show, the cast is. She’s one of the many spokes in the wheel that makes it go around. The show got better, popular and busy and too much for her health. The show can’t risk her health when they know it. As a xcop I’ve had partners com and go. None were the same and all worked different from each other. We got along just needed to adjust. The show will adjust and go on. Tom and Dannie right now r the big dogs in the show, but as it go’s on they all will command control in some way. This is a good show with value to the viewing public. They are getting close to current and maybe see let’s get back to God and good family values.

  13. Linda B. says:

    My husband and I have felt that the first detective we saw was WONDERFUL — full of
    feeling and depth and enough toughness.

    Neither of us realized that there were 2 blondes. What a let down. Too blah.

    We were hoping the first would come back.

    But we didn’t know about her severe celiac,

    I always look forward to the program. I think Tom Selek’s part is wonderful. Also his sister.
    All of them (except the temporary detective partner).

    [I am upset tho that Tom Seleck is on the Board of the NRA. Tho supposedly doesn’t follow
    the Board in lockstep.)

    I really do look forward to the show.

  14. gina espinal says:

    terrible move, i hate the show without her. Wow can’t watch this show anymore it is not the same.

  15. Pat Wanback says:

    Love Blue Bloods….love everyone on it! Do wish Jennifer E. would be brought back! Can’t CBS and Her kiss and make up? Still a great show, love the Family concept. Makes me wish we had been able to know Joe Reagan!

  16. P. Prowse says:

    Let’s not forget folks, “CBS cares!(??????)” – Though their actions regarding Esposito seem to indicate otherwise. She brought a little Bohemian earthiness to the role that was the ying to Wahlberg’s conserative yang, making them a dynamic duo. The replacements just don’t have that chemistry with Danny. Storylines featuring him since her departure seem a little flat. Frankly, his character can be a bit anal and needs a partner that can counteract that. We miss you, Jennifer!

  17. Joanna says:

    Bring Jennifer back…she’s the perfect actress for the role she plays as Danny’s partner. The chemistry between the two is unbeatable & the replacements thus far are totally boring.

    Blue Bloods is one of the best dramatic shows on TV today & Jennifer is one of the reasons we continue to watch & never miss an episode. She completes the cast.

  18. Dale says:

    99% of us seem to be in agreement. Ths show is not as good with Jennifer’s absence. Their chemistry was perfect but now lacking. The network made a big mistake here. BRING HER BACK!

  19. Lorraine says:

    I LOVE the show and ALL the cast. I miss Jackie but the show will go on hopefully.

  20. Andre says:

    I”ve been watching good police dramas since the appearance of Hill Street Blues. Good dramas have several story lines happening at the same time. But when one of them goes off quilter because a good character is missing, then it unbalances the rest of the drama. It’s unfortunate that the Blue Blood producers could not incorporate Jackie’s illness into the drama. It would have made very interesting story lines. Good dramas are supposed to imitate real life. The producers of this drama could have shown that they care about Jackie and help her achieve dignity in the show. Look at Michael J. Fox. He’s able to perform with Parkinson and will start a comedy series in 2013 at NBC. The people of CBS should be ashamed for treating Jackie Esposito with disrespect. At least CBS treats people with disabilities with more dignity.


  21. CJ says:

    Please bring Jennifer back; perhaps even incorporate her illness into her role. She and Danny had a wonderful synergy that just can’t be replaced! This is a terrific show and helps one think about the difficulties the police face and the tough choices; it has totally humanized the police force. Similarly, it would totally fit for a detective to have a medical condition to deal with at the same time. CBS, please reconsider this change!

  22. CBS is CRAZY to let Jennifer Esposito go!! She is by far the best actress in the business and I miss her so much!! No one will EVER be able to take her place! She’s the main reason I watch this show! PLEASE bring her back!!!

  23. MD says:

    I have Celiac Diseaae and its affects can be very draining. As I write this I am nauseous and running a fever, not because of the flu but because of the disease. And symptoms like this hit at any given time.
    Jennifer is fantastic in the show and her medical condition should not determine her ability to work. I love the show but the chemistry between her and Donnie (Wahlberg) make their characters real and believable. There is something definitely missing without her.

  24. Caren G says:

    Really? Some of these comments surprise me. A show comes together as a result of the chemistry between the characters. The characters become a family that you look forward to watching every Friday night. I for one really miss her character on the show. It’s a missing link. If there is no possibility of “Jackie” returning to the show, then the writers/creators should seriously keep looking for a viable partner for Danny because the characters they have now just aren’t cutting it for me.

  25. s durkee says:

    Bring Jennifer back. Ditto the chemistry with Danny. Pay her what she wants. Please!

  26. Shani says:

    It’s not the same show without her. It looks to me like both CBS and the actress could come to some sort of amicable agreement. She doesn’t have to be in EVERY episode, bu t she needs to definitely NEEDS be in the show.

  27. Ken says:

    Sounds as if Espo may have an ADA case for reasonable accommodation.

  28. Damcb says:

    Love the show, but it is not the same without Jennifer. You have not found the right replacement yet. Maybe need to think about the part time schedule.

  29. carolae says:

    We love Blue Bloods and Jennifer partnering with Danny is unbeatable. I think the network should be sued for not allowing her to return when she is able to full time. There are a lot of characters that you don’t get to see every week; however, she and Danny are a team and it would be difficult seeing him without her. However, CBS should have been more compassionate and allowed her to work whatever hours she could and tape the segments. We still watch the show but the girls that are replacing her, just don’t quite make it. They need to re-think their decision as the one they made is going to cost Jennifer any upcoming job(s).

  30. Sandy says:

    Jennifer Esposito’s role fit her like the clothes she wore on Blue Bloods. I love the show, but the former writers are correct: the show has lost some of it’s appeal. Please get “Jackie” back.

  31. Colleen says:

    I don’t like Blue Bloods as much without Jennifer. She & Danny had a chemistry that has not existed with any of these new partners. I’d rather see Danny with her once in awhile & alone, otherwise.

  32. Why does his partner or replacement have to be female? Or a young attractive female. Why not add some realism to show that is already a far stretch from the NYPD

  33. Barbara says:

    I love Jennifer. I don’t like the without her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. VickyRich says:

    I didn’t realize how much Jennifer Esposito added to Blue Bloods until she was not there !!! CBS please work with her part time request and get her back!!!! Please!!!!’

  35. Roses C says:

    I was just starting to realize what an asset JE was to Blue when she disappeared. The replacements are as boring as Jamie and his sister. Danny is good playing rage but that is just about it. I won’ stop watching, because of Tom Selleck, I have a major crush on him. But that is the only reason.

  36. Rita says:

    Would love to see Jennifer come back, if at all possible … even on a limited basis. The cast of this show has emerged as a unique and special family from its inception. Her role was definitely a vital part of the chemistry that contributed to its initial success and can never be “replaced”. In life it is all about CHEMISTRY, and this one was working just perfectly.

  37. Kim R. says:


  38. Pam Karaus says:

    Best show on TV!!! I miss Jennifer but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens….All the characters are the best in my book and my husbands….Pam K.

  39. Terry says:

    work it out with Jenn … it’s obvious most fans thought Jenn & Danny had a great partnership and friendship … does the cast have any say? What would the say OF they could?

  40. Maria says:

    Was saddened to see Jennifer’s departure from the show. She and Danny had the right chemistry. Her illness should be incorporated into the episodes. These two make the show. My interest has dropped considerably. There just isn’t any more reason to continue watching BB. That spark is just gone. Please bring her back and watch your ratings go up again. Too many times shows do go off the air because of the what networks do and failing to comply with viewer demand. Their roles were incredibly believable. They watched for each others back. They communicated like partners should. We need Jackie back with Donnie. Let’s get 2013 off to a better start by bringing her role back suitable to her medical condition and reprising the show’s initial success. Am sure many viewers would agree.

  41. Linda says:

    I never miss Blue Bloods but my loyalty is wavering. Jennifer Esposito was the perfect partner to Danny. None of her replacements have even come close to hitting the mark. I was further disappointed the the Sarge’s part has been cut to next to nothing. He is so good in the part he plays that when he isn’t there he is sorely missed. Please correct the wrongs you have done so I won’t have to channel surf to find another “special”show !

  42. Elaine says:

    Please bring Jackie back to Blue Bloods. The show is not the same without her. I miss her character very much. Come on CBS and “Do the right thing”.

    • Joan Gillespie says:

      I agree! She was wonderful and CBS is foolish for not working around her illness.
      The new replacements just are not up to par!! All these posts prove my point.

  43. Caren says:

    Do you think anyone with any authority will actually read and take these comments to heart and do something to bring Jennifer back or are we expressing our opinions on the wrong forum? Maybe we should contact the source of this very poor decision?

  44. Joseph M Renna says:

    Please listen CBS the viewers miss Jackie. They are right the show limps without her. Make amends and get her back. The DVD sales wil suffer too. Miss you Jenifer! Good luck

  45. dan buecher says:

    With this extremely poor handling of a real life human issue, the major premise for this mostly family drama is exoposed as completely artificial. Go ahead and write in fictional injuries to fictional children. The actors are exposed acting. I was growing fond of this show even with its other, stretched plotlines precisely because of the human interactions which I was forgetting were being dramatized. CBS even uses the same mayor for new York and Hawaii 5 0. But this real life lack of understanding exhibited by not allowing a lesser role to an actor who was succeeding in creating an important flavor in this shows the actual limited ability of the senior production staff. CBS may care, but for what?

  46. Marilynn Bauer says:

    This is such sad news – regarding Jennifer Esposito not coming back…….bad, bad decision –
    The show is not the same without her…..Sorry to say I will not be watching Bluebloods any
    longer…It just isn’t the same without her…..Please, please change your minds and bring her
    back…I tried to watch the show tonight – Feb. 1st – couldn’t do it… longer a fan……
    Marilynn Bauer

  47. Jackie Rickert says:

    Just watched tonight’s episode with the new partner “Mac”. Bring back Jackie!

    • Linda B. says:

      I am willing to give Danny’s new partner a chance.

      If Jackie could return, that would be good.

      But if not I think “Mac” has promise.

      I think there is enough good in the show and it really puzzles me why so many are
      stopping watching.

  48. Trabe says:

    Dang!! I love this show but I liked her as Danny’s partner! Bummer!

  49. I did like jackie, I would not insult the new women on the show, i was hoping jackie would return. What i have noticed is that all the Italian Americans on the show are usually mobsters, and the Irish are always the perfect law biding citizens, my dad was a Marine and a factory worker, my grandfather built his own barber shop in conn. My fathers mother was a gold star mother, my uncle was in the Air Force where he was killed in action leaving behind a wife and daughter. We are not all in the mob . So whether you bring back jackie or not i will watch the show, but i have noticed that most Italians are not shown in the best of lights. The show is one of my favorites, so how about showing all races and backgrounds in a good light. So my best to Jennifer Esposito, Hope she returns and if not i will at least give the new woman who takes her place a chance. thanks you. A proud Italian American. carol.

    • Ted Wyche says:

      I have watched this show since it came on.. I have seen Russians , Blacks , Whites, Irish
      chinese. etc on this show also spanish speaking folks.. the writers don’t seem to stay on
      a constant race.. the Blue folks or stars are Irish.. the Mayor is a black man. and when the
      commissioner has meetings all races are at his confrence table.. I hope this young lady gets to come back to the show.. she just made me pay attention to how she and Danny would
      bounce off each other.. CBS has some really good shows. , of course I only like the drama
      action kind.., but if you watch the ratings you can see that the CBS folks have a good line
      up over all NCIS is my favorite show on the television. and all of these stars really work very well together. hopefully CBS will wake up and bring Unforgettable back on a permanent basis. a really good show.. Thanks. Ted

  50. Faye Belcher says:

    I LOVED Donnie & Jennifer as partners. I miss her so much she completed him as a detective. They meshed so well. It was as you were watching them really working on the streets. Her replacements just so not fit. BRING HER BACK. We love Blue Bloods & the entire cast. They make you believe what you are watching. The two that have filled in for Jennifer just DOES NOT FIT. REALLY WANT HER BACK.