NBC Boss Addresses Days of Our Lives' Future: 'It's Not Going Anywhere'

Days of Our Lives Renewed CancelledIt appears the sands will continue to flow through the hourglass for the foreseeable future.

Addressing the fate of its only daytime soap, NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt expressed confidence that Days of Our Lives would remain on the air beyond its current contract cycle, which expires in September.

“I think Days is going to stick around,” Greenblatt told reporters Sunday at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour in Pasadena. “I don’t know that I’m at liberty to say that officially yet, but it’s not going anywhere.”

Days currently ranks last in the ratings among the four remaining soaps, averaging 2.3 million viewers. It recently tied an all-time in women 18-49 (0.7). (Reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Kate says:

    Wonderful news! Looking forward to more EJami, Jarlena, and Hope. I’m also excited to see what they do with the young crew. I’m hoping Gabi and Rafe leave because they bore me. They need to send Rafe away and bring back Bo.

  2. Donnie says:

    Ken Corday should just let Ejami be happy for a long time with nothing bothering them at all, right? I mean, is that what Ejami fans really want, for them to be happy? I’m trying to say that without any trouble for Ejami and all happiness, they will be boring.

    • jen says:

      like any other couple you know, they just need to write Sami and Ej as a couple with some other type of stories than an interloper between them for a while, with their ties to lot’s of characters, them coming from core families it is not hard !

  3. Paul says:

    James can’t do it all by himself he needs help Alison and him are the stars of the show but you need other characters that have appeal as well to many boring characters on days people like Rafe,Daniel,Lucas so on these are not soap characters who will bring in viewers. EJ and Sami when they been together as far as making love they bring up ratings grief sex proved that now NBC write for Ejami and put them together in the way the fan want them. Then if they fail in the ratings then you won’t have any arguments with me just give them a proper chance to be happy and in love and when i mean by that Sami not dreaming about Rafe while being with EJ because what turned off viewers in 2010 and even now we are not convinced we are getting them to much Safe in their story.

  4. Tiffany says:

    Yay for Days!! Hope they make it to their 50th. I’m looking forward to more EJ and Sami togetherness. As well as Hope, Kristen, Brady, and Abby who are another set of my faves. They also need to bring Bo back for Hope.

  5. Sharon says:

    I consider this good news as long as LSB means for the individual characters not the couple because KC didnt say ejami. Theres always a play on words to keep the dreadful triangles going, which is not working.

    • Karen says:

      KC doesn’t use fanbase names like EJami, Safe, Bope, Jarlena…etc. He uses character names, and it’s pretty clear from his article he was talking about EJ and Sami as together, not in individual stories. I understand people wanting their couples, but twisting KC words is just being a little desperate.

      • anna says:

        KC is full of poop,he never says what what he means,
        he also said when BD/Lucas came back,he would be in the gay SL with his son Will,but is he,not realy,Sami is….
        I am sick of EJ Sami Rafe Dan and Jenn,now here comes Chole @@

  6. Angela says:

    Good news for Days fans. I’m just sorry that “fans” feel the need to always be so nasty and rude to others over a fake TV couple. The fake outrage is probably the most offensive. If you don’t understand how soaps work, then go watch cartoons and leave the rest of us in peace.

  7. Carly says:

    To bad DOOL couldnt get Crystal Chappell back she ALWAYS gave DOOL great ratings. Kristian is done without Peter. But, OMG what Crystal and Peter are doing on the web!!! Fantastic stuff!! Glad Crystal gave DOOL the finger and is creating GREAT SOAP on the web!! Yes they did try to get her back!! The idiots at DOOL let Kristian Alfonso call some shots and she is nothing more than a daytime fake, spoiled BITCH!!

  8. Mom2Sweetpeaz says:

    Does anyone else remember when EJ was first introduced? He was funny, playful and very down to earth. That was hot ! There were moments that seemed to elude he had a dark or mysterious past, and he seemed like he’d rather be the opposite of Stephano rather than his partner in crime.

    A love triangle between Sami, Lucas, and EJ was possible then. But as a looooooong time viewer, I am a Sami/Lucas fan – Lucas truly loves her and knows just how Sami works yet loves her warts and all.

    I despise Rafe. He’s about as thrilling as watching paint dry. Good looking guy but his acting stinks and he has noooo chemistry with Sami. Give him the boot please!

    Is EJ totally hot? Yes. He’s an amazing actor who commands any scene he walks in to. Too bad the writers have wasted many opportunities with him. There was no need to go down the “rape ” road unless they were going to make him truly evil. Too bad they have wrecked Sami’s character as well. They could have used her past with EJ to break her down and have her rise against her tormentor to be a stronger woman who could have been used as a real role model for the thousands of every day women who are stuck in a cycle of abuse.

    I think EJ could really love Sami but the magic for me was broken long ago. It should be revealed the twins are Lucas’ and bring him back with Sami where he belongs.

    • jen says:

      Well Lucas tried to kill Sami and makes her crazy and after they had a full-on romance so really your argument is moot..everything can happen on soaps !

  9. Debra says:

    Congrats to Days!! And I hope they use this time wisely. The show has a terrific past and characters we love, hate, and love to hate, still on canvas. Use some imagination and Salem can sparkle again.

  10. Coly says:

    I love this show been watching it for 30 years, I love Rafe, Sammy and Ej drama. Jennifer and her daughter can go they are boring. Ithink Abe and Kayla need to have a romance. Looking forward to seeing what happen nexts.

  11. Perhaps Days should enter a new Era with the soap. Maybe it should become interactive and become a soap where the fans get to vote and choose the story lines. I am also not opposed to them turning it into a one time a week night soap opera like Dallas. I truly believe James Scott, Ariana Zucker (sp) Eric Martsolf and the actors that play Kate, Kristen, Daniel, Chad, Maggie, and Victor have the skills to attract and retain an audience in primetime. Furthermore, all of the sexy men on Days would work well in primetime.

  12. Lee says:

    Given that NBC has a lot of problem areas in primetime (especially starting now from January to August when “Sunday Night Football” is out of season) that need fixing more urgently, as well as a myriad of issues with the “Today” show, those are probably among the few factors keeping “Days” afloat for now. Because let’s be honest- “Days” is beyond boring, the writing quality has gone sharply downhill since just after the Olympics break, and the ratings clearly reflect that- they’re awful.

    IMO, it’s a major problem that the show films so far ahead (reportedly about 4 months). If/when storylines clearly aren’t working and even if changes are actually made in the writing stages, it will take at least as long as that for the changes to show up on camera. That’s much too long, causing tons of viewers to flee. The other remaining soaps (even the recently cancelled ones) only taped 5-6 weeks ahead. (“Days” filmed its 12,000th episode, airing this Friday 1/11, in late September!!)

    From the outside, it seems hard to believe that NBC is actually making $$$ or at least breaking even on an show where the production values seem to be quite low. If the ratings drop any further (esp among 18-49 females), the budget will surely have to be cut even more. Do they really want to get to a point where “Days” needs to use even more newbies and switch to cheap, outdoor shooting a la “Guiding Light” toward the end (2008-09)? That would be an embarrassment and it’s certainly where it could be headed if things don’t pick up. Didn’t NBC/Comcast recently reportedly fire/lay off a bunch of crew members in LA, many of whom worked behind the scenes at “Days”? I wonder what kind of effect that will have, if any.

    I’d like to believe Mr. Greenblatt, but I learned quite a while ago not to trust network executives when speaking out about a soap’s fate. They won’t state point blank that a show will be cancelled until they actually do it. (Remember ABC/Brian Frons stating two years ago that “AMC” and “OLTL” were both safe? I rest my case.) For “Days” fans, hopefully the show can get more time to pull out of this slump and pick up some steam, which it needs in the worst way.

  13. Gail says:

    Good to hear that Days won’t be going away, especially if it means that we will finally get EJami together as a loving couple for awhile. They could be one of the most exciting provocative couples in daytime, and isn’t that what soaps are all about? Congrats, Days!

  14. Donnie says:

    DAYS hasn’t been officially renewed yet, there is something going on backstage. Maybe new writers?

  15. Jimmy says:

    You know why Sami, Rafe and EJ are pictured instead of say Hope or Kate or Nicole? Because this show has become a recycled mess of “Ejami” and “Safe”. ENOUGH ALREADY! Most viewers (if not all) don’t care anymore! But, truth be told, DAYS really isnt as good as it used to be anymore. It seems like a shell of what it once was, I like the returns of Kristen and Eric, but the whole triangle mess, as well as the Nick/Gabi/Will crap they’ve got going on is awful. Killing off Jack was a HUGE mistake, and Bo leaving town was too.

  16. Ann says:

    I have watched since I was a kid, almost 30 years. The show lacks the super couple love stories of the 80’s. Remember when it was so excited to see a wedding that was planned out for months? It seems like in the last 10 years, new couples are formed by bumping into each other at the town square or coffee house and within a few episodes they are in bed. Not to sound like Im living in the dark ages but it was the romance, the real love stories of the 80’s that got me hooked. Then add in a few bad guys, some board rooms, a college age crowd along with a few vets that make appearances for holidays and special events and that is the show. I would like to see some reality as well like someone get an illiness that isnt cured in a day, struggles with finding a job, and when someone moves they actually show them packing and having to sell a house.
    As for the current show, they need to get rid of Roman, Abe, and Rafe. Have John, Marlena just come on for special events. I am a LUMI fan but I doubt that will happen, I actually think the 2 almost good love stories of the last 5 years have been Ari/Brady and Nicole/EJ. I just want to see the show continue. I can;t believe it does as bad in the ratings because I know so many people of multiple generations that watch. Most like myself let the episodes sit on the dvr for a few weeks until I get time to watch so I guess we don’t count in the ratings?

    • julia says:

      Totally disagree, Ej and Nicole were absolutely awful and Brady and Arianna totally boring, NEVER ever that PLEASE ! Even Sami and Rafe have had a better love story than these two pukeworthy ‘couples’

  17. pauline says:

    If finally Ej and Sami have a real love story i will watch, otherwise don’t care, i watch prime time above all, most of the time daytime soaps are too corny but Ej and Sami are interesting characters and their dynamic on-screen is exiting.

  18. pamamartin says:

    For the money they paid to have Nick, Kristen, Eric and Chloe and maybe Nancy her mother come back, why could they not have given Bo (Peter Reckell) the money he was asking for, to remain on the show seeing as how popular he is. How are they going to eventually take him out of the show? They can’t keep him mystery Bo forever. I do not believe I am the only viewer to really want him back. I can’t believe we will never see Bo Brady again. He and Hope have always brought a hopeful and forever love to the show. I too would love to see jack back though I know that is no longer possible, how sad on both characters. There always seems to be more bad guys than good ones but at least the good ones always seem to win in the end. The lesson is that lies always have a way of coming out, no matter how carefully planned, Gaby and Nick. Look at Nichole!!

  19. Stephanie Thorn says:

    Bring back Sister Mary Moira and Susan hahahaha! I love Kristen!

  20. Corrine says:

    PLEASE get rid of KRISTEN..I can handle just about anything else. I would love to see Bo come back if you can give him the creativity he wants.

    • Susan says:

      I agree. Nix Kristen and bring on Bo. I am weary of the bad guys. I know conflict drives drama, but it’s getting rather ridiculous when there is not one couple who isn’t in trouble, well maybe with the exception of Maggie and Victor. I don’t care that much about Sami and EJ, can’t stand Brady and Kristen, Chloe couldn’t be more transparent, Daniel’s dense. I have to say, however, and I may be in the minority, I do like this Kate and Rafe twist. It seemed to happen so naturally, too, which is not our typical Days plot line.

  21. Brittany says:

    I love it with Kristen. I am kinda glad Bo is gone. I like Bristen (Brady and Kristen). I kinda got bored of John and Marlena so i wanted them to take a break. Personally i think they will end up together again eventually. Oh and I think that the Kate and Rafe thing is gross. I dont like them together. That doesn’t mean i don’t like their characters but everyone knows that they won’t last forever. Ej and Sami will end up breaking up and then getting back together. It is the same thing with them two.

  22. Frank Eveans says:

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    • Rita says:

      Brady black you listen to me Theresa is the one gnat puts john in a coma and she not getting way with this she one that want to get you back and it not going to happen she the one that puts john in the coma and hit him in the head

      I’ believe Kristen was telling the truth about Theresa she the one that puts john in the coma and to puts in in the hospital

      Her sister knew and her co worker ann they knew about John being in the hospital Brady you listen to Kristen and yourself that Theresa is the one that puts john in the coma I hope she end up in jail for her crime hope end up behind bars. For good

      Brady listen please Theresa so desperate to have you back in her arms so she can get her own ways she is mentally want you bad lying she not getting way with it

  23. james says:

    Jeff Zucker said the same thing about Passions before it was axed. Truth is the show is too weak for the budget. Bad writing,acting and outdated shooting style will kill it.

  24. James says:

    Jeff Zucker said the same thing about Passions before it was axed. Execs never want to cause panick or speculation unless it’s to their advantage. Truth is Days is poorly written and produced with a budget that is high above reality and talk shows that command simular or better numbers. Daytime network soaps will die it’s a matter of how soon. Cable has the advantage of allowing more cursing,sex and violence. It’s also almost impossible to create a daily show with real production value or good cinematography. The main issue really ozzes from the top down from the horrible writing of Gary.

  25. Stardust6 says:

    So who will be the stars when EJ and Sammie leave they’re the only reason I watch anymore. The story lines DRAG on and on the story’s are as boring as the Young and the Restless without Adam.

  26. Autry says:

    I have watched Days since the 1st day. I was the Doctors at 11:30am, Days at 12 noon & Another World at 12:30pm. Days is automatically TVO even when I am home watching it the show. I will probably stop watching NBC or TV at 1:00 if the show is cancelled. I even get upset when “Breaking News” interrupt Days. I hope the show will continue. I also remember when Josh Taylor who now play Roman Brady was casted as Chris Kositcheck. I love this show and it’s the only soap I watch now. PLEASE Day’s fans lets build up the rating and keep the show on.

  27. Mo Phillips says:

    I have watched this show for years and it is heading downhill fast for various reasons – all the men are this show total lack common sense.

    Brady’s is a grown man dating all these little girls. Theresa now Melanie. ..really!!

    Eric’s new girl has giant bags under her eyes. Could they not find another one?

    The end for me is the gay love triangles. I cant watch this stuff any longer. No point if I am going to fast forward all of it.

    Allison was so smart to jump ship. Good move!!!

  28. Jane says:

    You will continue in last place as long as your sickening agenda to cram gay activity down our throats. Viewers are dropping like flies whether you want to believe it or not. NBC only cares about promoting an agenda that makes most of us sick. We accept gays, it’s just that it sickens everyone to see the acts.

    • Paul says:

      I am back and all the Ejami haters a few years back saying how they tanked the ratings well i think NBC will do anything to have the ratings they had two years back when Ejami was on.

      Have you seen the ratings since they have left?

      They are awful all time lows every week no offence you haters are a joke.

  29. Dolores says:

    I have been watching Days for the past 37.5 years. I would miss Days if it was not there anymore, even when I can’t watch, I can catch up over the internet.

  30. joni morlin says:

    I am very happy for days of our lives to stay on the air for good over the years past I have been watching them for 46 years ago and I would like some of the actors to come back to days of our lives and actress to like chelesia brady and Melanie jonas and cameron Davis and Philip karaikis and stephanie johnson back all so a long with Bo shawn d bell and Clair and Shane Donovan and Steve johnson and nathan horton and max horton and mike jeremy horton to return to days of our lives

  31. joni morlin says:

    I would like to see Theresa Donovan get a taste of her own medicine to stay away from brady and Melanie jonas so they can be together again a nd is Jennifer going to end up being pregnant with daniel s baby daddy and is Jenn going to end up with daniel and is jj going to stay with Paige needs to get a grip of her self her mother eve is a bad influence for her to understand want is going on with\the fact that eve raped jj in to bed with her Ben and clyde are bad they need to leave the show and don’t come back is hope going to be pregnant with aiden s baby is ej the baby daddy to Abigail s baby not chad not ben

  32. ramona says:

    yay i was ready to cry when i heard they was thinking about cancelling days please dont ever take days off the air its the best soap ever

  33. joni morlin says:

    My comment is keep days of our lives on the air we need them and support them I love the actors and actress to and all the kids get involved with this kind of show I love the kids to get involved in this case don’t cancel them we need them and they need us to show us their story lin es every day of the week

  34. Deborah says:

    I’ve been watching Days Of Our Lives for 39 years I would be devastated if they cancelled this soap please don’t take it off the air

  35. Why isn’t days on at 8 o’clock any more.??