2013 Renewal Scorecard: What's Coming Back? What's Getting Cancelled? What's on the Bubble?

blog_combo_1.4.13_finalTV’s queasy season has arrived! From now until late May, ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW will determine which shows are good to return next fall… and which will join Mob Doctor, Partners and Emily Owens, M.D. over at the MIA Network.

To help you monitor what’s staying, what’s going and what’s anxiously riding the “bubble,” we present you with our annual easy-to-browse cheat sheet.

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We’ll be updating this list regularly with the latest industry intel, so we strongly suggest you bookmark this puppy and check back for updates. As a reminder, the eight levels in TVLine’s reliable renewal index are as follows:
♦ Officially renewed
♦ A sure thing
♦ A safe bet
♦ Could go either way
♦ A long-shot
♦ Essentially cancelled
♦ Officially cancelled
♦ Too early to tell

And now, the Scorecard (use these links to jump to CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW).

666 Park Avenue: Officially cancelled.
The BachelorA sure thing. Officially renewed.
The BacheloretteA sure thing. Officially renewed. 
Body of Proof: Too early to tell. Could go either way. A safe bet. Officially cancelled.
Castle: A safe bet. A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Dancing With the Stars: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Don’t Trust the B—– in Apartment 23: A long-shot. Unofficially canceled.
Family Tools: Too early to tell. Officially cancelled.
Grey’s AnatomyA sure thing. Officially renewed.
Happy Endings: Could go either way. Officially cancelled.
How To Live With Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life): Too early to tell. Officially cancelled.
Last Man Standing: Could go either way. Officially renewed.
Last Resort: Officially cancelled; series finale aired Jan. 24.
Malibu Country: Could go either way. Officially cancelled.
The MiddleA sure thing. Officially renewed.
Modern FamilyA sure thing. Officially renewed.
Nashville: Could go either way. A safe bet. Officially renewed.
The Neighbors: A long-shot. Could go either way. Officially renewed.
Once Upon a TimeA sure thing. Officially renewed.
Private Practice: Officially cancelled; series finale aired Jan. 22.
Red Widow: Too early to tell. A long-shot. Officially cancelled.
RevengeA sure thing. Officially renewed.
Scandal: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Shark Tank: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Suburgatory: A safe bet. Officially renewed.
Zero Hour: Too early to tell. A long-shot. Officially cancelled.


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  1. iman says:

    Nooooo! Not Nashville!

  2. The Carrie Diaries MUST get renewed!

  3. suzangrace says:

    i cannot believe zero hour has been cancelled! it was my very favorite show. i looked forward to the intrigue, the suspense and the chase. great scripts, and acting. i was so happy anthony edwards was back. why was this cancelled? there are plenty of crappy shows out there that needed to go before this one!

    • nick1372 says:

      Zero Hour was cancelled because not enough people watched it. Its average Nielsen rating was 1.2, which means 1.2% of Americans in the adults 18-49 demographic watched it. That’s utterly terrible. It was one of the least-watched shows in broadcast TV history. Not enough people watched it, so ABC could not get advertisers to pay, so it had to be pulled off the air. Simple as that.

  4. suzangrace says:

    i am very surprised they are thinking about cancelling nashville. i don’t even like country nmusic, but i love this show. as usual connie britton is great. the cast are all very good, and good story lines. music is also good. please don’t take it off the air.they’ve already cancelled my favorite show zero hour. what a mistake!

    • Matt says:

      Thank you someone I agree with. Perfect points!!!! Love both shows!

    • Frank O. says:

      I agree with your assessment, suzangrace that NASHVILLE does not deserve to be in the hot seat at all because it is a quality show that does feature solid acting, inspired country music, feisty storylines and sumptuous intrigue. I guess NASHVILLE is an acquired taste for folks that may not like anything country-oriented (particularly if you’re a Bostonian or New Yorker) but that’s just silly because if you can overlook the distaste for country tunes the show still features a blistering commentary on the skepticism of celebrity/stardom spoils in the age of social media. I actually think that NASHVILLE is very perceptive and cleverly conceived and should be revered like another southern nighttime serial that took the country by storm over three decades ago–CBS’s classic DALLAS. Here’s hoping that NASHVILLE starts building an audience soon if it wants to win a second season on a network like ABC that struggles with patience (fans of the gritty and under -appreciated DETROIT 187 for instance can testify to that feeling).

  5. Kiki says:

    You can cancel Golden Boy now. Its horrible!

    • JoAnn Biuso says:

      Yes kick Golden Boy out and put the Mentalist in its spot so we can follow the story line without waiting for the dumb football game to end..

      • Mark Bustraan says:

        You must be a little bit odd if this show is terrible.I’m thinking your terrible.

        • JoAnn Biuso says:

          Hi Mark. Actually I am lobbying to get the Mentalist put in a better time slot. If Golden Boy. Was in their time. slot. they would be lost too…

  6. amy says:

    I hate the way tv shows get the ax. Some shows are so good (Mr.Sunshine) But aren’t given the chance, and shows like Whitney stay on the air. I don’t understand it.
    And I agree with everyone else….Nashville should not be one of them getting canceled.

  7. Charlotte says:

    If they cancel The Mentalist before we find out who Red John is I’m going to explode.

  8. Stu says:

    Parenthood is a sure thing?! i really really hope so. i really don’t care about any of the shows as long as Parenthood is safe. and i hope we get a full season but even 15 episodes will make me happy.

  9. Sasha says:

    I watch Nashville, Scandal, Revenge, Grey’s Anatomy, Happy Endings, Suburgatory, 2 Broke Girls, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, Nikita, The Following, The Mindy Project, New Girl and Parks & Recreation so I hope they all get renewed! Does anyone know about cable shows I watch Awkward, The Walking Dead, True Blood, Bunheads and Girls

    • nick1372 says:

      Regarding those cable shows, Sasha, here’s the dish:
      Awkward – Renewed for season 3 airing this summer.
      The Walking Dead – Renewed for season 4 starting this fall.
      True Blood – Renewed for season (who knows?) starting this June.
      Bunheads – Certain to be cancelled, or “a long shot”.
      Girls – Renewed for season 3 starting next winter.

  10. jakesorenson says:

    im really liking cult and banshee

  11. Chris says:

    Geez, I liked “Emily Owens” on the CW, and it’s cancelled! Hmm, the Yahoo headline makes you think they cancelled “The Good Wife” when the list says otherwise. It’s a good show, but there are so many others! Please don’t cancel “Vegas.” I like Dennis Quaid, Jason O’Mara, and Michael Chiklis on that show. And it brings back lots of memories for the middle aged population, thank you!!! Love “Body of Proof”, “Rules of Engagement”, “Last Man Standing”, “Malibu Country.” Love, love, love USA network’s “White Collar” and “Suits”, A&E’s “The Glades” (don’t know what happened to it.  ), and TNT’s “Dallas”. I know I’m forgetting something.

  12. Matt says:

    I think some of these shows fail because people are scared to get into them for the fear of them being cancelled. I picked up like three shows and they are all cancelled. Why bother starting new shows only to see them cancelled. Some of the shows ive watched over the years end suddenly and it makes the whole point of watching them mute. I think if they want people to start getting into them esp the ones you need to watch from week to week, they have to put out some proof that they will be around long enough to make the point of the show valid. This is just my opinion.

  13. Di says:

    They would cancel CSI NY and keep Elementary? Whose dumb idea is this one

  14. Lisa P says:

    I love ABC’s Last Man Standing and Malibu Country. Please give them another season to prove themselves. I am not sure that Sara Rue is necessary. Certainly Lily Tomlin should be utilized more. She is great. Love Reba, Tim, Nancy, Hector. Come on folks.

  15. Paudeen says:

    On all the lists the only show I will truly miss is ” don’t trust the ” B” in 223. Is bright and light hearted, funny and childish. It was given a terrible time slot for a new show. Raising Hope has the same type viewing audience if they’d discovered ” B”. Too, too bad.

  16. Faye says:

    There are 3 shows I really like which might be cancelled. CSI: N.Y., Blue Bloods and Person of Interest. Mentalist could go either way. I’m upset.

    • JC says:

      I hear you on The Mentalist, but where did you get the idea that Person of Interest was in danger? It’s CBS’s second highest rated drama – it’s not going anywhere.

      • JoAnn Biuso says:

        I think CBS is to blame if the Mentalist goes down. The time slot on Sunday at 10pm ruined the following of the fans and made it almost impossible to follow the story line. If you need to rise early to go to work you cannot depend on the start time.

        • Blee says:

          No, you cannot rely on the start time, but I set it to record because in my market, 1st comes some show (I think it’s Amazing Race, or something like that — obviously I don’t watch that), then The Good Wife, and then The Mentalist. The race show nearly always runs over its time slot……so i set the DVR to record Good Wife, Mentalist, and the news that comes afterwards……….because each is then running into the other and to get all of the Mentalist I have to record the news.

    • Blee says:

      I thought I read on this site that Person of Interest was a shoo-in to return……is that wrong?
      For me, it’s one of the best shows around in that I seldom view comedy shows. So, I guess that’s why I keep losing shows. I see from reading here that most posters are true comedy fans……..not me………it’s drama all the way. So the comedies seem to be faring better. I like drama, and intrigue, but had only recently discovered Emily Owens, M.D. and now it’s gone. That was about as comedic as I will go.

      • JC says:

        No it’s not wrong. Person of Interest is in no danger, not according to this website or any other that I’ve seen.

  17. Rubina Arshakian says:

    They cancel all good shows. I want the Zero Hour back. It is a fantastic show.

  18. Blee says:

    Emily Owens, MD was better that Hart of Dixie, which is so much lide “Dumb Blonde” jokes.

  19. Blee says:

    Deception is so good……..but if this site is correct, probably won’t be back since they;ve rated it as A Long Shot. We were just sinking into the heart of the show. Also love Nashville, Vegas, The Good Wife, The Mentalist, Revenge, Person of Interest, Elementary, Castle, and still working on Scandal. Had to call it a day on The Following on this week’s episode……too, too, too, too much killing and torturing for me. Still trying to hang with Grey’s Anatomy, but getting harder and harder. Trying Golden Boy. Love, love, love Suits and White Collar, and trying to hang on to Major Crimes, but the seasons are so short. Also like the racy The Client List. One show I liked and read it would be renewed, but now cannot find info is “The Rookies”. Liked that one too.

  20. JC says:

    The show I’m most worried about is The Mentalist. If it gets cancelled without resolving the Red John arc I’ll be so frustrated.

    • Debra Brown says:

      If they have to cancel another drama, I think it should be the Good Wife. I like the Mentalist. I would like to see that show continue.

  21. AL says:

    Best three words ever: Supernatural: Officially Renewed

  22. Jen says:

    I am just curious whether any of the rating companies or TV conglomerates actually take into consideration what we the actual “VIEWERS”, REALLY LIKE? I got into Vegas later in game but wow! What a great set of acting it would be a crying shame to lose this show, as we have started having our own Vegas nights at our house!!!!

  23. Nancy says:

    So disappointed to see Zero Hour cancelled. How can they tell so quickly. So intriguing and refreshing! Lots of suspense and a thinker. So tired of cop/crime shows and stupid banter comedies! Give me some meat and potatoes please! Loved Emily Owens as well.

  24. Marlen says:

    Oh I hope Last Man Standing stays on, as well as my beloved NASHVILLE and Two Broke Girls!

    • TVmaven says:

      Two Broke Girls is absolutely in no danger of being cancelled.

      Nashville, on the hand, was still very iffy as of last weekend when I attended the Paley Television Festival Q&A with the cast & creator of Nashville. I spoke with Callie Khouri after and she said the show needed higher same-night ratings. So for those, like me, that DVR everything and rarely watch anything live, we still have to watch the show the same night it airs. Spread the word.

  25. Claudia says:

    I am so starting to hate ABC every time i like a show they cancel it or they might cancel it. For example last year GCB was a cool show they canceled it Now the Neighbors is stupid but truly funny i really hope they keep that show. But knowing ABC they might not. Good thing the got Once Upon A Time going for them.

  26. Mikael says:

    I will be devastated if Happy Endings doesn’t get renewed. I like The Normal Too and I’m surprised to see it as “could go either way” but maybe that’s because NBC keeps preempting episodes for weeks on end and airs episodes out of order. Last week’s was a Halloween episode! In March! Why don’t networks know how to air a show properly?

    • Court says:

      The Hallowe’en ep of The New Normal was pre-empted because of Sandy if I recall correctly. Not so much an intentional decision to air things out of order as an act of God and massive power outages, etc.Most networks, however, simply pushed things back a week, why NBC didn’t in this case I couldn’t guess.

  27. Until the ratings system is changed good shows will be canceled! DVR & downloaded shows are not counted in the most watched. America has too much stupid reality TV like honey boo boo & crap! It shows why our nation & kids are going downhill! Revolution was a good show as usual NBC screws it up!

    • nick1372 says:

      DVR and online streaming ARE counted in ratings!!!!!!! Why don’t people know that? If you watch a show within 3 days of the original airing online or on DVR, you get counted as long as you watch the commercials. Otherwise, what’s the point? If you download/watch for 100% free, no commercials, then it doesn’t get counted. But that’s up to you to choose that and not support your show. The ratings system changed 8 years ago to support this. Don’t complain about something that has already changed!

      • Mark says:

        It’s my understanding that online viewing doesn’t count towards ratings because the commercials played aren’t the same as the ones played during the live broadcast, nor are they played in the same quantity. Digital sales of TV episodes, such as through iTunes or Amazon, also don’t count because they lack commercials altogether, despite being legal and providing revenue to the content creators.

      • Janice says:

        GET INFORMTION BEFORE YOU POST. Only same day DVR viewing is counted in the Nielsen rating system. That’s why ratings are named L+SD (Live + same day); final ratings are available onlyne the night after the oriignal airing (fast afflate ratings even the morning after) how could they be if they counted 3 days viewing???!!!!!!!
        Now, there’s a really good chance that you DVR a show to wach it on another night, because you’re outside or you’re watching something else, you are probalby not going to watch it on the same night it’s on. Plus if you skip commercials you’re not counted even if you watched (if you skip half you’re only counted as half a viewer, etc). So the ratings system IS outdated and does not measure the popularity of a show anymore.

      • David Francis says:

        Only if you are a Nielsen family.

  28. anakl says:

    hi… what about The Lying Game (ABC Family)? Is it to early to know or was it canceled? I really wish they’ll keep TLG, it’s way better than PLL and less messier…

  29. Art Scott says:

    I’m darn near ready to tear the head off of the guys at The CW, not because they cancelled at least one new show I dedicated myself to watching every year (Secret Circle and Life Unexpected the year before last), but this time because they’re not giving a certain show, “CULT!” in this case, any time to gain viewers, yet it’s listed as a long shot to get renewed. Most of my friends, along with me, love a show which allows enough mystery and a touch of creepy, so shows like the Television Network Broadcasting changing “Lost” have found a nice foothold, but sadly, it seems nobody else is willing to give a show more than 3 or 4 episodes to decide whether they like the show or not. Lost was NOT a hit right out of the box. It took allowing fans to watch the back episodes online to make the show grow into the monster Hit it was, and deserved to be. Cult is getting me more and more interested and now has me looking for all the easter eggs in the show, including the pretty cool “Kill For Us” subliminally placed in the credits, along with putting the shows creator’s name up, but switching it for about 2 frames to Stephen Rae, then right back to Knute Robson or something like that. There are so many cool, neat, unexpected things I’m seeing in this show, and much like Zero Hour (also cancelled, also based on a kidnapping), maybe it’s just most people are too caught up twitting and twutting to watch the shows with the attention they deserve. ARGH! SAVE CULT!!! PLEASE!

  30. Elizabeth says:

    Seeing the words “A Sure Thing” behind Parks and Recreation feels like a miracle to me.

    I am just so happy that this quirky little show will see the light of a sixth season!

  31. Susan says:

    I know Hawaii Five-0 is a safe bet, but I won’t stop worrying until it’s officially renewed!

  32. hell yeah! for NASHVILLE being upgraded

  33. arial2 says:

    I don’t get why The Good Wife is a “sure thing” while The Mentalist is only a “safe bet;” TM’s ratings have been consistently higher lately (both demo and totals) than TGW’s – and in the worst Sunday time slot. If CBS couldn’t kill TM with the switch to Sunday at 10 PM, the message should be pretty clear: Renew!

    • JoAnn Biuso says:

      I like your thinking Arial 2. The Mentalist should already be renewed after surviving the CBS hit list of Sports and delayed airings…if not go to another network that will respect this terrific show

  34. JoAnn Biuso says:

    I totally agree The Mentalist should already be renewed, after surviving the CBS hit list of sports and delayed airings….

  35. Bella says:

    The lying game?

  36. They need to bring back the secret circle I loved that show. Watched it every moment it was on my tv. It was an amazing show and I was so sad/frustrated when CW cut it with the ending leaving you on the edge of your seat! Literally. Please bring back TSC!!! :( it was the only tv show I was actually into and I loved all the characters and the love between them!!!! Bring it back! It will make thousands even more fans including me ecstatic!!!

  37. Jj says:

    On tvline’s pilot preview page, James VanDerBeek is listed as being in a new pilot for CBS. Doesn’t look good for ‘Don’t trust the b’….

  38. Curtis says:

    Please! Two F’s in “unofficially”!

  39. cheryl says:

    Any word on Monday Mornings? Great Show!

    • Pati says:

      I like Monday Mornings as well. I hope it will be renewed! But, I’m the kiss of death to some shows. I hope they don’t turn Body of Proof into another Bones…don’t always have to have a romance.

  40. Billie Jones says:

    I have gotten to be a fan of Deception. I look forward to watching it every single week. Like everyone else , when you find a show that you like it’s not picked up for another season. It isn’t on long enough to build a fan base. I hope that Deception will be given a chance.

    • Mikael says:

      Deception was slow at first, but got really good. I hope NBC gives it one more chance. Maybe air it for 13 episodes during winter hiatus.

  41. Bekah says:

    What about SMASH? I want to see it renewed as well as Nashville, heart of Dixie, beauty and the beast

  42. Kat says:

    Beauty and the Beast!!!!

  43. Dave says:

    Thinking of cancelling Vegas? This is the best program that has come out in the last 20 years, sans NCIS, has a great cast and story lines that want you back week after week. CBS you will be making a mistake if you lose this show.

    • I completely agree about Vegas. I love the show, actors, writing, etc. It is the best new show! What’s really sad is that I am still in their “ideal” demographics. They must think all people in their 20s & 30s want to watch reality t.v. This is far from my viewing, if I wanted to see that stuff I could just go to the County or State Fair and people watch, lol. I’ve never even seen most of those shows!
      I prefer quality escapism television over trash any day :-)

  44. Eric says:

    After this week’s ratings, I think Go On can be downgraded to ‘Could go either way’ and uh… gulp… The New Normal is nearly a long shot… :(

  45. Sonia says:

    Pls don’t cancel Nikita and beauty and the beast I love these two shows.

  46. marie says:

    ABC network never gives shows a chance. i ve been going to the cable networks instead they seem to keep their shows on longer, as soon as you get into ABC show they cancel it, ZERO HOUR should be brought back, it was interesting, and very entertaining. it just seems like people dont want to use their brains anymore to get into the storyline, instead they want these STUPID REALITY SHOWS, which does not take any brain power

  47. Lori Cleary says:

    So sad about Deception. It’s really good. I just think no one’s heard of it. Hope the long shot happens!

  48. Doran says:

    What about the programs on FX???

  49. Ken says:

    I love Two Broke Girls, and I don’t care what anyone says about that show, because it’s one of my favorite tv shows on CBS, besides Mike & Molly, and I have every reason to believe that Two Broke Girls will be renewed for a 3rd season.

    • Brandy says:

      Don’t worry, 2 BrokeGirls will be renewed-it has a syndication deal already with tbs so it has to have at least four season 88 episodes.I love the show too.

  50. RC says:

    Am so glad to see that Revenge and Scandal are going to come back. They are the perfect “escapism” which has been missing from network TV for far too long.