2013 Renewal Scorecard: What's Coming Back? What's Getting Cancelled? What's on the Bubble?

blog_combo_1.4.13_finalTV’s queasy season has arrived! From now until late May, ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW will determine which shows are good to return next fall… and which will join Mob Doctor, Partners and Emily Owens, M.D. over at the MIA Network.

To help you monitor what’s staying, what’s going and what’s anxiously riding the “bubble,” we present you with our annual easy-to-browse cheat sheet.

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We’ll be updating this list regularly with the latest industry intel, so we strongly suggest you bookmark this puppy and check back for updates. As a reminder, the eight levels in TVLine’s reliable renewal index are as follows:
♦ Officially renewed
♦ A sure thing
♦ A safe bet
♦ Could go either way
♦ A long-shot
♦ Essentially cancelled
♦ Officially cancelled
♦ Too early to tell

And now, the Scorecard (use these links to jump to CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW).

666 Park Avenue: Officially cancelled.
The BachelorA sure thing. Officially renewed.
The BacheloretteA sure thing. Officially renewed. 
Body of Proof: Too early to tell. Could go either way. A safe bet. Officially cancelled.
Castle: A safe bet. A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Dancing With the Stars: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Don’t Trust the B—– in Apartment 23: A long-shot. Unofficially canceled.
Family Tools: Too early to tell. Officially cancelled.
Grey’s AnatomyA sure thing. Officially renewed.
Happy Endings: Could go either way. Officially cancelled.
How To Live With Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life): Too early to tell. Officially cancelled.
Last Man Standing: Could go either way. Officially renewed.
Last Resort: Officially cancelled; series finale aired Jan. 24.
Malibu Country: Could go either way. Officially cancelled.
The MiddleA sure thing. Officially renewed.
Modern FamilyA sure thing. Officially renewed.
Nashville: Could go either way. A safe bet. Officially renewed.
The Neighbors: A long-shot. Could go either way. Officially renewed.
Once Upon a TimeA sure thing. Officially renewed.
Private Practice: Officially cancelled; series finale aired Jan. 22.
Red Widow: Too early to tell. A long-shot. Officially cancelled.
RevengeA sure thing. Officially renewed.
Scandal: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Shark Tank: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Suburgatory: A safe bet. Officially renewed.
Zero Hour: Too early to tell. A long-shot. Officially cancelled.


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  1. JoyAnne says:

    When do we get an update on renewals? I can’t believe there is no further news on The Mentalist yet

  2. sam1slim1 says:

    I really like 666 Park Avenue. I had finally found a show that my husband and I both liked to watch. A rare event indeed.
    Besides that mostly everything I watch is okay so far. I will be on pins and needles though waiting on the outcome for Hart of Dixie because I love that show so much.

  3. Janice says:

    how is Go on still a sure thing? with its 2013 ratings I believe it’s a safe bet at best (regretfully, as I abslutely love the show). And Smash as well… it’s a long shot for sure!
    And don’t know if you have any intel about The Neighbors cause as much as I’d like it to be axed (worst new comedy in 2013) Tvbythenumbers gives it the same likelyhood of being renewed as revenge which is “A sure thing” (BTW in the last 2 weeks the neighbors has been actually pulling better ratings than revenge)

  4. christen says:

    please renew csi:ny that is my fave show!

  5. Christa says:

    What about Rookie Blue on ABC?

  6. Natalie says:

    CSI NY: Could go either way, what the hell! They can’t cancel it, I know the views haven’t been amazing, but still…it’s been on the air ten years now, and it’s such a good show…I hope it gets renewed

  7. Sherry says:

    NIKITA does deserve to be renewed, with and doubt!!! Cause it has gained a good overseas reputation for both itself and CW. It’s neccessary for us to see the next seasons!

  8. Lets us all vote to renew the show Beauty and the Beast! Tell them we love that show and we want it back for a second season! Because, I love Jay Ryan & Kristen Kreuk & Austin Basis!

  9. Cana says:

    I hope parks and recreation gets at least one for season and NBC does not cancel it this year.

  10. Sharonchou says:

    Please give Nikita a safe bet!!,

  11. Petra says:

    CW’s Beauty and the Beast is a great show! Action,Love,Betrayal and Fun!! I really want it to be renewed for a 2 season.

  12. siska says:

    The news that i want so bad now is: Castle renewed for sixth season..
    I hope i’ll have it very soon.

    • MJO says:

      Me too!!! Monday night’s wouldn’t be the same without Caskett and team. It’s one of the things that makes Mondays bearable

      • Emily Hansen says:

        Agreed!!! Monday would never be the same without Caskett and Castle is currently the only show I continue to watch week after week so it better get a season 6 and beyond

        • MJO says:

          ABC would be stupid to cancel it.

          I agree with what Castle said at the end of the 100th.. “Here’s to a 100 more”

  13. So glad all of my favorite shows are either a “sure thing” or “officially renewed”–even if some of the next seasons are sure to be their last.

  14. Joey says:

    How can we find out if a cable network show will be renewed and when it would start. I love Longmire and would like to know when it will start?

  15. Kate says:

    How about we move Castle to a sure thing?

  16. Debra says:

    Vegas, NCIS: Los Angeles, Castle Law & Order:SVU should be renewed. Without those shows, I wouldn’t be watching what I call regular tv. Plus, they are good. I want to continue to see what Vincent will do. Castle’s romance with Beckett is going good. Law & Order is high on my list as well. NCIS:LA should have already been renewed. Great programming needs to be continued.

  17. K says:

    They HAVE to renew NASHVILLE!!! It’s amazing!!! Please, ABC, please!!!!!!

    • Frank O. says:

      I agree with your plea K that NASHVILLE deserves to be renewed. It is quite amazing in its artistry of well-rounded conflicted characterizations, the moving and lyrical musical landscape it provides and the wry commentary on the absurd obsession with celebrity/the shady demands of the music industry. NASHVILLE needs to tap into an audience that appreciates its impish appeal and colorful dramatization. The solid acting from the likes of Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere and Charles Esten all warrant Emmy nomination consideration. Here’s hoping that NASHVILLE is able to make its sophomore year on ABC and draw the broadcast recognition it deserves so passionately.

  18. D says:

    it’s a shame that glee is a sure thing.

  19. wacknonymous says:

    Deception a “long shot”? The dumb show is flat lining and one of the main cast members just signed on to another pilot.

  20. I really hope Go On and The New Normal stick around. I don’t like seeing them drop to lower statuses. I love those shows. I also can’t imagine a world where Law and Order SVU is not on the air.

  21. HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

    They better not cancel Nikita!!!!!!!!! They should pair it up with Arrow.

  22. James says:

    Hart of Dixie a safe bet in a 2nd season on a tuesday with only 0.5 and Nikita a FRIDAY show in its 3rd season CLOSE to syndication with about the same ratings is could go either way. Is something wrong with this picture. Because i just don’t get this upgrade for Hart of Dixie and not one for Nikita.

  23. Hurrah, Dixie has been changed to a safe bet!!! Awesome news!!!! love this show. So happy. :)

  24. liz says:

    I hope Nashville stays around a long time….great show! One of the best in a long while. I will be pi**ed off if ABC cans this show.

  25. Angela says:

    Can’t believe some of these shows that got renewed. Getting to the point hardly watch anything. keep my CBS Friday night I’ll be happy CSI NY Blue Bloods never miss an episode

  26. Eden says:

    Nathan Fillion might just have secured an extra 2 seasons for Castle after his performance the other night :p… Ratings/Popularity is one argument, which Castle is not short of but creditability and quality would have to be serious factors. If you got that level of talent on your payroll, represnting your brand, you’d be trying to hold onto that I’d say :)

    • Debra Brown says:

      That kind of talent is what makes us watch tv. Renew Castle.

    • cmaglaughlin says:

      Exactly! Castle’s serious side, due to the kidnapping of his daughter, was simply sensational! This guy IS talented! Loved the writing, when he was asked by Beckett, “What did you do to that guy in there,” replied, “I appealed to his HUMANITY”! (ouch!) That and the time they did a close up of Castle’s face, ever so slightly, doing an Elvis(twitch) impression… my all-time favorite “Castle” moments. And the show keeps getting better and better!

  27. Eden says:

    Fillion is an out of this world talent. The episode was just heart wrenching.

    Castle would have just about been a sure thing before but after that… take me home mate

  28. Sabrina says:

    Based on these predictions it looks like Nbc is having some trouble.
    As long as they renew Community I’m okay with thej.

  29. Roxanne says:

    I really hope cbs renews The Mentalist. I’ve never been so worried about a show that was marked as “a safe bet” before.

  30. liz says:

    CBS please renew CSI:N.Y. It has been a great season. The writing was better and I love Gary and Sela…..well the entire cast actually. I have been watching for years and it would break my heart if this show gets cancelled. :(

  31. Jessica Valure says:

    So far 3 of my shows have been renewed, Supernatural, NCIS and the Big bang theory, still waiting on Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, Castle, Heart of Dixie and Law and Order SVU hopefully these shows will also be renewed

  32. Mark says:

    The Neighbors on ABC is a funny show! It took an episode or two for me to want to watch it but I’m glad I did. I’ve said it before, The Neighbors paired with Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing is a perfect anchor for the return of ABC’s TGIF. Just get one or two more light-hearted, funny, with a “moral to the story” type feel and ABC has Friday nailed!

  33. guestt says:


  34. Klyde says:

    Please let The Mindy Project be cancelled. It is awful.

  35. Brett Heitkam says:

    Why is The Neighbors listed as a long shot? It is listed as almost certain for renewal on other sites. Its ratings certainly are on par with The Middle and Suburgatory.

  36. gordon says:

    they shouldn’t took off CSI MIAMI that was the #1 show on compare to csi ny when is csi LA coming on they should make a CSI DETROIT…!!!

  37. Krithika says:

    Whoo..! Castle’s a sure thing!! Now all i need is an “Officially Renewed” and I’m partying in La-la Land! And I desperately wish Castle has ATLEAST 7 seasons. 6 is waaaaaay too soon imho…

  38. JoyAnne says:

    Well at least we have a great update on Castle. Now how about some news on The Mentalist. Ridiculous that they are hanging it out so long. Should have been a sure thing from the start. Those two shows and NCIS are my 3 not to be missed. So news please.


    • Elizabeth says:

      We LOVE Vegas! It’s such a GREAT show. I can’t believe it got switched to Friday nights. That’s a hard night. That’s where most shows go to die! Please renew it! Put it on another night & time. It’s a excellent show!

  40. I’m sad that Smash is a long shot. It’s such a great and different show and the cast is amazing. I hope it’s saved.

  41. I hope BOTH Beauty and the Beast and Hart of Dixie get renew :) Favourite shows ever!!

  42. Matt Webb Mitovich says:

    VEGAS is back in a couple weeks, FYI. Same time slot and everything.

  43. Babybop says:

    I want to cry seeing that Go On got demoted… I can’t see another good new show get axed. Keep it, NBC! Move it to Thursdays and pair it with Parks and Rec!

  44. Eric says:

    All I know is that if The Neighbors survives and Happy Endings doesn’t, I’m gonna be devastated. Same goes for Guys With Kids/Whitney and Community/The New Normal/Parks & Rec.

  45. Vice says:

    Modern Family is a joke.

  46. Singing gal says:

    Any updates on the Carrie Diaries? I think I’ve fallen in love with it! More heart than a lot of shows aimed at teens etc. it’s cute and sassy! Please let it go on! The acting, music and the fashions are great (although I did see one of my cardigans from last year on Carrie :P )

  47. Pati says:

    What about Body of Proof????? I like it.

  48. Rose says:

    WeI enjoy Vegas…it is set in the 60’s. It is a entertaining flash back, cars, clothes,music. and morals. I enjoy the actors too! Hoping it gets renewed it is something different to watch!

  49. Debra Brown says:

    None of my shows have changed their status. Castle was great last nite. THat was great writing.

  50. BATB Fan says:

    I really hope Beauty and the Beast is renewed! Great series, it has something for everyone.