2013 Renewal Scorecard: What's Coming Back? What's Getting Cancelled? What's on the Bubble?

blog_combo_1.4.13_finalTV’s queasy season has arrived! From now until late May, ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW will determine which shows are good to return next fall… and which will join Mob Doctor, Partners and Emily Owens, M.D. over at the MIA Network.

To help you monitor what’s staying, what’s going and what’s anxiously riding the “bubble,” we present you with our annual easy-to-browse cheat sheet.

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We’ll be updating this list regularly with the latest industry intel, so we strongly suggest you bookmark this puppy and check back for updates. As a reminder, the eight levels in TVLine’s reliable renewal index are as follows:
♦ Officially renewed
♦ A sure thing
♦ A safe bet
♦ Could go either way
♦ A long-shot
♦ Essentially cancelled
♦ Officially cancelled
♦ Too early to tell

And now, the Scorecard (use these links to jump to CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW).

666 Park Avenue: Officially cancelled.
The BachelorA sure thing. Officially renewed.
The BacheloretteA sure thing. Officially renewed. 
Body of Proof: Too early to tell. Could go either way. A safe bet. Officially cancelled.
Castle: A safe bet. A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Dancing With the Stars: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Don’t Trust the B—– in Apartment 23: A long-shot. Unofficially canceled.
Family Tools: Too early to tell. Officially cancelled.
Grey’s AnatomyA sure thing. Officially renewed.
Happy Endings: Could go either way. Officially cancelled.
How To Live With Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life): Too early to tell. Officially cancelled.
Last Man Standing: Could go either way. Officially renewed.
Last Resort: Officially cancelled; series finale aired Jan. 24.
Malibu Country: Could go either way. Officially cancelled.
The MiddleA sure thing. Officially renewed.
Modern FamilyA sure thing. Officially renewed.
Nashville: Could go either way. A safe bet. Officially renewed.
The Neighbors: A long-shot. Could go either way. Officially renewed.
Once Upon a TimeA sure thing. Officially renewed.
Private Practice: Officially cancelled; series finale aired Jan. 22.
Red Widow: Too early to tell. A long-shot. Officially cancelled.
RevengeA sure thing. Officially renewed.
Scandal: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Shark Tank: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Suburgatory: A safe bet. Officially renewed.
Zero Hour: Too early to tell. A long-shot. Officially cancelled.


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  1. Elissa says:

    REALLY hoping hart of dixie comes back!! What a cute little show. I feel like it’s different than other stuff out there. It has heart and it’s funny. Also, who doesn’t freaken love Rachel Bilson? please bring it back. Only other show I watch that might not return is Nashville…but honestly, I wouldn’t be too torn up if it got cancelled….

  2. Wilson says:

    ABC is at fault for the cancellation for “Don’t Trust the B in apt 23”. First of all last season when it aired it was shown towards the end of the mid season having been able to only air 6 0r 7 episodes (I forget). Finally when the new season started they were showing episodes from both last season and the new season which ended up mixing the storylines and making it confusing for the viewer.

  3. dork says:

    I need The New Normal canceled. It’s horrible. They need to tone down the this-week-in-what-gay-men-go-through formula and give me some actual stories.

    • CountryQueen says:

      Stop watching then. Or is someone forcing you. If so, please type 9-1-1 and we will get you help! I never have understood people hating on shows. If you don’t like it fine, move along, there’s plenty to watch. I’m sure fans of the New Normal could find a show or two of yours that they think should be cancelled.

    • Eric says:

      Hi Dork. Im Eric from tech support. Please press the upward or downward arrow button on your tv remote to change channels. I hope this helps!

  4. CountryQueen says:

    I swooned at “a sure thing” next to Parenthood. Please make it so! Please make it a full season!

  5. KMG says:

    On your last page, next to ALL the CW shows, it should just say “who cares?”

  6. Firoz says:

    Screw All these Tv Shows. Watch Legit . FUNNY AS hell

  7. Traci says:

    I love – love – love the new show DECEPTION!! I hope it does not get cancelled! Come on folks, tune in – check it out.

  8. Steve says:

    Hopefully CSI:NY and Law and Order:SVU return. They are still quality programs. CSI:NY did some interesting things this season and SVU has been anything but sedentary.

  9. PJGU says:

    Love that I can find this list here. Now…how about the same info on FX, AMC, HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax original shows. Even shows on the History and Travel channels, the original ones that return seasonally. Let’s have the dirt on those too please.

  10. jj says:

    I hope Nashville gets cancelled.

  11. jj says:

    Looking forward to finally finding out who the mother is in HIMYM.

  12. Andrew says:

    How is Parks and Rec only a “safe bet”?

  13. Rosary M says:

    Common CBS – you’re going to keep Two and 1/2 Men yet there’s a possibility that Vegas may not be renewed – are you out of your minds – besides Person of Interest – Vegas is one of the better shows on – whereas Two and 1/2 Men, Mike and Molly and 2 Broke Girls are three of the worse

  14. Billy says:

    all the competition and reality shows are sure things bleh

  15. Silvia says:

    Just one comment… NCIS was just renewed, not CSI. Apperently someone is dyslexic.

  16. R.M. says:

    How is it that the New Normal is a safe bet? It’s been sliding in the ratings. It started out with around 6 mill but for the last months it’s been around 3 mill. I hope Vegas, Law and Order , and Hawaii 5.0 stay!

  17. Leann Clark says:

    I think I’m the only one on the planet who was watching Emily Owens MD, but it was getting better every week! I’m really going to miss the chemistry between Emily and Micah. Maybe Mamie Gummer will get to appear on The Good Wife again.

    • Therese says:

      I love Emily Owens it really is getting better each week. So sad it got cancelled. Maybe Micah and Emily can get transferred to Seattle Grace Mercy West!

      • Britt says:

        ^Great idea but I doubt that will happen EOMD was really corky and Grey’s is so drama filled I don’t know if it could handle Emily. :( I think EOMD would have lasted if it wasn’t a doctor show, ’cause let’s face it their are just too many of them. And if it was in a different time slot of course, it never stood a chance.
        I’m really sad to see it go though, I looked forward to it every week :/

  18. RichieS says:

    Leann you are NOT the only one and your comment is right on. My wife and I watch every week and are so sorry the show is cancelled! Would’ve loved to see the future triangle between Michael Rady, Justin Hartley and Mamie, the continuing relationship between Tyra and her father, and the inevitable showdown between Emily and her nemesis. Best med show on tv!

  19. Scandalicious says:


  20. Kyle says:

    Can you guys do a cheat-sheet for cable shows too?

  21. Mazie says:

    I have just discovered “Numb3rs” and have watched every season on netflex…and I am so sorry that it got cancelled..also very dissapointed about Flashpoint cancelling. Two awesome shows..and then I read that Psych is being renewed? Who decides these things? I hate Psych, think it is the dumbest show I have seen in a long time…

  22. JoyAnne says:

    As long as The Mentalist, NCIS ands Castle are on I’ll be happy. Other shows I check as they come on. The Sunday time slot for The Mentalist is a real pain. Did CBS put it there as I believe I read they do not own it. Put it back in its former time slot please.

    • Emily Hansen says:

      I have to agree because I used to watch the Mentalist every Thursday but now with it being on Sunday and it being delayed often because of football games I haven’t gotten to see it very often

  23. Jo Detchon says:

    Favorite shows, Parenthood, Good Wife, Revenge. I really liked Emily Owens sorry it will be going thought everyone in the cast was excellent. Jo.

  24. Joan says:

    What do you mean that SVU could go either way? I love this show even though it lost Stabler and Mariska Hargitay makes this a hit all by herself. Give her a love interest with a new or different partner.

  25. Brandon says:

    I agree that Happy Endings would probably be better-served on TBS, paired up with Cougar Town. They’d be a perfect fit! Here’s hoping that TBS picks it up if ABC cancels it.

  26. Laura says:

    PLEASE DO NOT cancel Happy Endings!! It’s sooo funny! It reminds me of the same humor as Cougar Town and Scrubs. I’m frankly shocked it’s not doing so well. Maybe it’s a smart mans comedy. It’s fast and subtle, so therefore you have to think a little bit more or be more quick with sarcasm. But it’s sooo much better than much of these other comedies on TV that are so obvious with their humor. I agree with other people that it should be picked up by TBS. Bad move if it’s not.

  27. Vanessa says:

    Castle is only a safe bet… What?! The only thing keeping me sane is that Hawaii five-0 is only a safe bet too.

    • Emily Hansen says:

      They are both on at the same time on Monday’s so I was wondering which one you like better or which one you watch when it airs??

  28. Can someone please make this into one page like it used to be? Dividing a small amount of material into several pages is seriously the most annoying trend in website design in recent years and I really don’t understand the purpose of it.

  29. diana says:

    I still cant believe they canceled Emily Owen :( just when a show begins to get good someone goes off and cancels it……

  30. Leo says:

    FRINGE … i love that show so much! Not fair .

  31. Dawn says:

    The new TV Show “Cult” which I am so excited about starts on February 19th not the 14th as stated above.

    • JimC says:

      I thought “Cult” looked interesting as well….UNTIL, I saw the circus guy from the last pathetic season of “Heroes” was one of the stars. I think I’ll pass…….

  32. Broadwayfan says:

    I don’t see how ‘original’ CSI can be such a ‘sure thing’. i’m less and less interested in the stories and the program each week. It’s so old it’s pretty ragged. I’m so sick of the entire “Sara and Grissom” soap opera.
    CSI:NY has many more stories to tell, and is-by far-the best of the two. I think it’s one of the best programs on television.
    Losing it would be a real crime.

    • I totally agree. I haven’t watched CSI Vegas since Grissom left. Can’t stand Sara and the Hodgens character. The Crossover episode was only good when Mac/Gary Sinise was on it. Hope they keep CSI NY! Especially now that Mac can be happy!

  33. Lady L says:

    I don’t understand the decision making of, canceling shows. Do no harm is only on it’s second episode how is it already canceled? It’s like some shows aren’t given a chance sheesh! I’m still disappointed about missing, that show was good it ended with a cliffhanger that I really wanted to see the outcome of. 666 park avenue was getting good! Wth

  34. Lady L says:

    At least scandal is safe. That show is scandalously delicious! Also my other faves Poi, vampire diaries, and criminal minds.

  35. Nick says:

    I honestly thrilled that Do No Harm got axed.

  36. kali says:

    I started Beauty and the Beast out if curiosity, now I really love it! The plot is getting more intricate and intriguing each week, and the chemistry between the protagonists is very palpable. I truly hope it gets picked up for a season two!

  37. Eric says:

    I think both Up All Night and 1600 Penn can be downgraded to long shots. Although I initially hated 1600 Penn, I feel it’s gotten a lot better. UAN has done the exact opposite.

  38. Broadway all the way! says:

    Smash needs to follow after The Voice. It had a crap lead-in anyway.

  39. Matt says:

    Since CBS cancelld CSI: Miami last year, maybe this year CSI: NY will go. It was on the bubble 3 times and survive them all. This season it will burst for Sinise’s team.

  40. I hope Deception makes it. It really seems to be one of those shows that needs more than a few episodes to find it’s footing. NBC should give it a bit more time to gel and find an audience.

  41. Supernatural has officially been renewed!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!! <3 <3

  42. Jeff Muetz says:

    How about doing the Cable Channels shows? for the most part the quality is a lot higher on them.

  43. Wil says:

    Yes, USA, FX, SyFy, HBO, Showtime, AMC, etc…I know there are too many shows out there to track them all, but at least track the ones we see in Ask Ausiello

  44. CSI NY has had really good ratings on Friday nights and this season has been really good. Hope CBS keeps it around…such an awesome cast and it’s my favorite show on t.v.

  45. Eric says:

    Idk why Supernatural was a “safe bet” before.

  46. Mekisha Hale says:

    By reading this article the shows last time were under the bubble or to early to tell. Now it’s a long shot then a sure thing. Those shows that were the few I saw that were to early to tell now are possible now a long shot. For instance Deception on NBC which last time was to early to tell now is a long shot. That show has some building and character development for it to have a chance,as for the new show on NBC “Do No Harm” was just simply not advertised correctly and maybe should have been given to a cable network instead of an network television. The story line was just too much of an risk,and the night it was on didn’t help it being seen instead it was cancelled immediately that wasn’t an shock at all. But hopefully they could save Deception it seems it had more of a chance then the other shows chances.
    As for the others shows like ABC’s Scandal is definitely the surprise hit that everyone is talking about,the show just simply is the best work on television. And it’s definitely a sure bet. Others like CBS’s Persons of Interest is my other favorite drama on air and got a sure bet.

  47. Jen says:

    Beyond thrilled that the Winchester Boys will be hunting in Season 9!

  48. Patrick says:

    C’mon VEGAS! One of the few new shows that’s actually gotten better and become more engrossing as the season has progressed.

  49. Evelyn says:

    I have been watching The little since day 1 and suddenly it is no longer on TLC. I went on face book for an answer but my qwestion was ignored like the rest of the people who wanted to know.

  50. Jennifer says:

    Don’t Trust the B– has been cancelled…..needs to be updated!