Once Upon a Time: Colin O'Donoghue Previews Hook's Agenda, the 'Challenge' in Wooing Emma

Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Colin O'DonoghueWhen last we tuned into ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Captain Hook — with evil Cora at his side — had sailed through a portal from The Fairytale Land That Is to Storybrooke, Maine, where they planned to drop anchor and dust up some trouble. Colin O’Donoghue, who was promoted from recurring to series regular before he even made his Once debut, shared with TVLine a look at his pirate’s plan for revenge, the wrinkle that will delay Hook’s wrath against Rumple and whether such a bad boy can win over a good-ish girl like Emma Swan, as Season 2 resumes Sunday at 8/7c.

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TVLINE | The fall finale left off with Hook and Cora approaching Storybrooke by ship. Will there be any stealth involved in actually entering town? Might you stop into a J. Crew, grab some normal clothes…?
No, he doesn’t stop into a J. Crew. [Laughs] He’s in his regular clothes but he is a little bit stealthy. He stalks Rumple a bit, and it’s about him figuring out a way to get back at Rumple and not go straight in all guns blazing, because at the end of the day Rumplestiltskin is still powerful.

TVLINE | OK, because I was wondering: Is Hook going to be surprised to learn there is magic in Storybrooke? Because the bill of goods Cora sold him was, “There’s no magic in this place, so you’re going to be able to show up and kick ass.”
It is a surprise, so he has to figure out what’s the best way to get to Rumple,ONCE_finale_goldbelle the best way to get his revenge, because obviously Hook is not really a magical character.

TVLINE | I was thinking maybe there’s a way to take Rumple’s advantage away from him. Because if there’s one person that doesn’t like the fact that he uses magic, it’s Belle. Is that something Hook’s going to play with?
Belle is such a huge part of Rumple, you know what I mean? So, you know, she might figure into the equation….

TVLINE | And Hook does fancy himself a pretty lady.
[Laughs] I think Hook fancies himself whatever is going to benefit him the most, because he’s definitely that type of character. Who knows? He might use Belle, he might not.

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TVLINE | What kind of welcome does he get from the other people in town? Josh [Dallas] said there was something violent about how you get introduced BARBARA HERSHEY, COLIN O'DONOGHUEto Storybrooke society.
Yeah, how I get introduced is a little bit of a “Whoa! Wait a second!” moment. So he hasn’t had much interaction with many of the townsfolk.

TVLINE | What about the ship itself? Do you use, like, fairy dust to make it look like a shrimping boat? Pass yourself off as a tourist attraction? Because if I’m the Coast Guard in Maine, I’m making phone calls.
The ship is…. People don’t see the ship. He is with a very powerful person, after all.

TVLINE | Speaking of that person: How is it working with Barbara Hershey?
Barbara is fantastic, really fantastic. I’ve had a lot of scenes with her, obviously, and I’ve had such a great time working with her. She’s just a wonderful person.

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TVLINE | One of the most polarizing topics on TVLine is the possibility of a Hook-Emma romance. Given how they left things on the other end of the portal, COLIN O'DONOGHUE, JENNIFER MORRISONhas that ship sailed, so to speak?
I don’t know if it’s sailed. Hook and Emma, they have a kind of… a funny sort of relationship. I think they, in some kind of weird way, respect each other because they can see elements of themselves in the other person. You know what I mean? Like, Emma is no saint….

TVLINE | Jennifer Morrison said to me the same thing, that they were similar in that respect.
Yeah, so they are very similar. And it’s like you say, “Hook likes himself a pretty lady” and he’s also not afraid to stand up to Emma, which I guess not many people do, really.

TVLINE | Plus, now that she has freshly bested Hook, that’s probably kind of a charge for him.
Yeah, yeah. And so I’m interested to see what way it’s going to go.

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TVLINE | Do you believe Hook was sincere about the deal that he tendered over in fairytale land? “I’ll help you get the enchanted wardrobe ashes if you bring me to Storybrooke”?
You saw in the midseason finale a little glimmer of him, in a way, honoring his offer — when he gives back Aurora’s heart and stuff like that. It’s like, ‘Look, I may be a nasty piece of work, but I do have my code.” Now, whether that code is slightly askew from most people… [Laughs] I think their relationship is a funny one. I think they both enjoy the banter that they have with each other. Even though she pretends not to, he definitely does. I think there are very few women in Hook’s life who’ve ever gone, “Nope, not interested.” For him, that’s like, “Whoa.” The challenge has sort of been set.

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  1. ej says:

    The Hook/Emma ship is so annoying. Even Adam H. has basically said that’s unlikely to happen as more than some crazy one night stand. I believe he said “maybe in Vegas”. But the actors keep getting asked about it. There are so many more interesting questions to ask when given the opportunity, and half of the questions in interviews of late are about who will get into Emma’s pants. Why not devote more to asking about character motivations and development or even plot bunnies and less to Hook’s sexual euphemisms?

    I find the cliche TV staple of shipping every female lead with every hunky male actor annoying. Maybe, b/c American network TV is so sexually repressed compared to other countries, people won’t watch without the prospect of some nookie. How sad, people!

    If the writers throw in some Vegas magic just to “hook” Emma and the Captain up for the sake of ratings, it will prove that they have really gone off track this season. The last thing Emma needs in her messed up life is a Homeland-style tryst with a guy who’s spent 300 years in Neverland plotting revenge. And, what, no love for Neal? I actually feel bad for MRJ that Colin seems to get the majority of shipping with Emma. At least be equal-opportunity about it.

    Better yet, leave all ships dry-docked until Season 2 has slimmed down the new character count, spent less time on the multiple universes, and devoted more time to the character development and interpersonal drama that made Season 1 so great. Besides, if Emma found perfect romance with anyone in Season 2, what would be left if the show is in large part about her journey to get her happy ending? “She who loves last, loves best.”

    • Lorena says:

      Why love for Neal when he’s a guest star, he’s only slated to return for 3 episodes and Michael Raymond James has 2 pilots filming. One for ABC and the other for NBC. Doesn’t seem like Once wants to pick him up the way they did Emille and Colin. Sorry, Neal really isn’t that big of a character.

      First of all he’s not his own character he is what we call a shared character. He doesn’t have any connections on the show on his own. He has connections through people. He doesn’t have any stories on his own it’s all connected to somebody.

      Unlike Hook whom not only has had an origin episode but also has now started to develop a relationship with the protagonist not to mention ABC giving Hook a sole promo.

      This guy is being groomed by Once, Hook is here to stay and if you don’t like CS I suggest you get used to it.

      I will also like to say again that Adam never said such a thing I have the direct quote in the other page. He also said there are people that are wrong for you, people that are right for you, and people you JUST choose. Hook chose Emma as stated by Cora.

      Now instead of dissecting a small portion of an interview how about you focus on the whole interview. ;)

      • Cloudy says:

        If you’re talking about NBC’s “Midnight Sun” pilot – that was early last year. He’s not filming any pilots for NBC right now. Haven’t heard anything about an ABC pilot either. And if Neal turns out to be Baelfire, which seems very likely especially if you’re up to date on spoilers, there’s no way they’ll let him move on to any other show.

    • Ruth says:

      If the writers can’t see the potential for a Hook/Emma pairing, they are codfish who can’t see past the end of their own noses.

    • Ashley says:

      No. You are misquoting Adam’s words, as another poster already explained here to someone else. He said he “doesn’t know” if Emma will see Hook as a potential father figure, she might see him at a good time in Vegas. That’s obviously not him slamming the pairing or him saying it won’t happen. He’s saying that that will be the challenege with those two…the way Emma won’t trust him or see him that way at first.

      And btw, stop assuming everyone is an idiot for shipping them. The writing is so clear it’s not even subtle that they will happen…it’s not something crazy shippers are making up in their heads, it’s based of the WRITING and what the writers WANT people to root for. You need to think about that, instead of assuming this is coming out of nowhere. The writers want people to be interested in these two. You don’t have to like it, but it’s true.

  2. Amy says:

    Emma must be a good character and Jennifer Morrison a good actress because she has chemistry with everyone. I thought there could be a sweet love story between Emma and Graham, but sadly he died. I see lots of potential in Emma and Hook so I hope he doesn’t die. Normally I’m not into the good girl/bad buy cliche, but Emma’s too complex to be just the good girl and like I said I see lots of potential with the parallels I’ve seen in their stories so far.

    • Ashley says:

      Thank you! Yes, I do not understand people labeling Emma as a “good girl”…so far from t he case. She is so much more complex and edgier than that. And there’s a lot of similarities and parallels between them, you’re right.

  3. And who’s to say that Hook will even be in season three he is a regular now but that doesn’t mean he will stay that way and JM said it would take a lot of logic for Emma to be with Hook

    • Abby says:

      Oh I have no doubt Hook is here to stay for the shows run.

      1st of all he was in the Timeless Love promo connected to Emma. Yeah they could have put Neal/Emma, Graham/Emma, or Hook/Milah but they didn’t and that’s huge.

      2nd of all he’s the ONLY character in the cast to have a sole promo dedicated to him in the network and aired during Football the highest paid viewing time.

      3rd of all the shows ratings are at an all time high because of Hook’s character and the buzz surrounding him and Emma grows each and every day.

      They’re clearly being groomed to become a powercouple on the show. Hook’s here to stay, he has a complex backstory. Character development up the wazoo and the writers and network KNOW he’s an asset to the show.

      Captain Hook is here to stay,

      • Shawn says:

        You clearly don’t understand the difference between marketing and the actual show. Here’s a hint for you – promos are created by people with little to no connection to a show. They mean nothing whatsoever and trying to drive meaning from them will just leave you frustrated.

        This show isn’t about Emma’s love for a man, it’s about her love – and others – for their family. I’m sorry that you confused this for whatever childish tripe you usually watch.

        • Abby says:

          Oh yes I do sweetie I’m in the business of network marketing and I actually work for an affiliated network I know all there is to know about marketing and I can tell you that what the network does is definitely a connection to the writers. If you also want to get technical look on social media networks not to mention the writers praising of Hook and his relationship with Ms. Emma Swan. I got a headache from the amount of stupidity you tried to write. I would tear your post even more but I think my last one did it for you. :)

          This show is in and itself about the many powers of love, including romantic love and since Emma found her family romantic love is next on the list. Also you may believe that the writers don’t approve of the people promoting the show but for things like the Timeless Promo that aired this past week they had to get permission from the writers. Not to mention the writers promoted and praised the promo and it’s content. They approved of the networks aim with the promo one of which was the relationship between Emma and Hook.

          Have a good day. :)

          • Sarah says:

            Good schooling, Abby!

          • Anka says:

            You go girl:) I always have a big question mark whenever people say stuff like ‘what the network does means nothing and the writers have nothing to do with it’ like really? I am not familiar with the industry myself but surely there is a back-and-forth between them and approval needs to be given for promos and such. Anyways, thanks for the info!

          • meg says:

            Amen, girl

        • Ashley says:

          The Timeless Love promo was clearly meant to promote the couples and the families of the show…it was very clear that Hook/Emma were paired together, as well as Rumbelle and Snowing obviously. It was not ambiguous at all…and to sit here and insult the previous poster for seeing what was obvious is childish. And for you to sit here and say that this show is only about family…sorry but this is a show about all kinds of love, and that is clear with the other pairings on the show and it’s clear that’s the direction they are headed in with Hook/Emma.

      • Sarah Stroud says:

        Oh, man I hope Hook is around to stay. I have a whole new reason to watch Once Upon A Time. If they kill him off, they’ll rip my heart out (and my reason to keep watching the show). That’d be like baking me a nice cake. Then, putting icing on it. Then, peeing on it.

    • meg says:

      That’s what makes them interesting… the fact that they are not, on the surface, bright and shiny people ready for love immediately. Honestly, hon, you dig your own grave with the comments you post :)

  4. Also Hook has chem with Regina as well but that doesn’t mean that the writers have to pair them up just the writers don’t have to pair up Hook and Emma just because some people think they have chem.

  5. ANA says:


  6. I honestly love just about everything on this show. I love that none of the characters are completely evil and none are completely good (Look at Rumpelstiltskin and look at Snow White). The only thing I don’t like is how they have to blend Rumpelstiltskin in to every storyline, it’s starting to get ridiculous. I love the characters, the stories, and all the actors that bring the characters to life. I am looking forward to seeing what they do with Hook and his revenge, Cora in Storybrooke, and exploring the connection Hook has with Emma. I am loving their interaction so far and there are a lot of similarities and things to the other love stories on this show. I think they could be great. Everyone is hyping them and that doesn’t get done for no reason unless it’s Vampire Diaries. This much media/writer praise is done on purpose, if not it will just cause an uproar which is not good publicity for a show.

    I don’t understand how (some) people complain about most of the characters getting love interests, or the villains being redeemed when this is a FAIRYTALE SHOW about romance/true love, family and adventure. If you have a problem with characters getting redeemed or falling in love then um… well I know I don’t like it when someone tells me to stop watching a show so… try focusing on something else? However, that takes up about 90% of this show so good luck.

    • Mike says:

      Yeah I’m still mad Rumple was the beast.

    • Ashley says:

      Thank you! Exactly what i was saying. This is a show about freakin’ fairy tales and ppl are complaing about pairings and romance?! I mean, it’s the most ridiculous thing. That’s like the foundation of this show along with family like you said. Villains will get redeemed a lot of the time just like they are in the fairy tales. I don’t see how poeople keep up with these complaints and completely ignore the show’s premise.

  7. Celia says:

    Hook has been an amazing addition to the show. He’s fun but with a lot of layers. Emma/Hook banter is so much fun so I’m hoping for more. I won’t complain if they explore Emma/Hook. Emma needs some fun in her life and Hook will challenge her which is good.

  8. I just realize something if Neal is Bae and Emma sleeps with Hook who also was with Bae’s mom that Emma would be sleeping with her son’s step-grandfather yuck talk about keeping it in the family .That would make once just as bad as young and the restless who had a character sleep with the grandfather of her kids and also their uncle.

    • Wow…confusing, lol.

    • Rita Coelho says:

      Imagine what will become Henry’s mind, if…if Neal is Bae and Emma also sleeping with Hook.
      Besides being disgusting Neal grew up without a mother because of Hook, and he risks losing Emma for Hook also…If so. This show will become a cheap soap opera

      • Jeanie says:

        Henry won’t give a damn either way at this point. He already has to deal with the fact that his adopted mom killed his great grandfather, tried to kill his grandfather and grandmother multiple times, tried to kill his biological mom, almost killed him and oh yeah cursed an entire world. He has to deal with the fact that his dad is the reason his teenage pregnant mom was in jail. And if Neal is Bae then he has to deal with the fact that his other grandfather manipulated and used his adopted mom until she turned evil, helped cursed an entire world which separated his biological mom from her parents and has been manipulating his bio mom from the start. But Hook is the straw that breaks the camels back?? Lol, let’s not kid ourselves here, this show is a soap opera and has never pretended to be otherwise. It is cheesy, corny, unapologetic soap at its best. For crissakes you have fairy tale characters running around with no nothing to motivate them but love and hate. Name me one character whose every action isn’t somehow motivated by those 2 things. Game of Thrones you are not, Once.

        • Tara says:

          The Blue Fairy.

        • Cloudy says:

          Nitpicky, but Regina never tried to kill Emma. If only because, as we learned last season, Emma’s death would have meant that the curse would break immediately.

        • ecrc says:

          Henry won’t give a damn either way at this point? what? WHAT? Emma will choose lovers instead of her son? What mother would be perfect!
          If Neal is Bae, Henry certainly will not ignore the fact, possibly HIS mother and grandmother had slept with Hook.
          Smart as he is, it will bother him.
          And I say more. For me, Henry is the savior, not Emma.
          If fairy tales characters remember now who they are. It was because the boy kept his perseverance. Henry is the real hero

          • Jeanie says:

            Well I think you’re missing the point which is if Henry can get past all that stuff that was listed like mass murder and whatnot I hardly think who got into whose pants hardly rates more than a raised eyebrow. If Neal is Bae the bigger question should be can Neal and Henry get over the fact that their dad/granddad killed their mom/grandmom by crushing her heart? Seriously sex isn’t that big a deal. It’s not incest.

            I agree on the Henry is the real savior part. He broke the curse, he is Regina’s salvation, he’s already Emma’s salvation and probably be 1/3 of Rumpel’s salvation. He’s saving the evil people instead of killing them! That’s huge. But also since Emma is obviously not the hero, then there’s no problem putting her with some shady people. Personally I vote for Jefferson. Or Jamie D. in a new role, like an evil stripper. And since Henry is the savior he can save the evil stripper too! Bam, HEA.

        • It would be close to incest if Hook and Emma sleep together unless Neal isn’t Bae like I said it would be just as bad as young and the restless that had Sharon sleep with her kids grandfather and uncle Hook would be Henry’s step-grandfather since he was with Henry’s grandmother sorry but that is sick.

          • WTF? No, seriously, WTF. Do you even know the meaning of the word incest? You are saying that one person sleeping with two different people is incest. Um, no. Hook is not related to Emma, therefore it is not incest. Sheesh. Get a dictionary before making ridiculous comments like this.

            What does it matter who Hook slept with like 300 years ago? Seriously, the excuses against Emma and Hook being together are just piling up with ridiculous. My 3 year old could make a better argument.

            I seriously doubt that this will ever be brought up, so I don’t see the point in dwelling on it. I mean really, when is this stuff ever brought up in tv shows? Especially ones about fairy tales? It is fairy tales, you know, made up stories. People take them entirely too seriously. This is not the real world, this is television, where 17 year old girls are sometimes with 200 year old vampires, bad boys, villains, etc. Seriously, stop wasting time on negative stuff that doesn’t even matter in television. The point of it is to escape reality. It’s supposed to be fun and if you get stuck on things like this, it will suck out all the fun and you are left bitter.

          • Sam Haincat says:

            OMG what is truly sick is your post. Incest is sleeping with a blood relative. Look up your words before post such ridiculous garbage.

          • meg says:

            wtf? seriously, look incest up first.

      • Kathy says:

        I guess it’s a good thing Henry already goes to Dr. Hopper because he would need it .

        • Kathy says:

          Dee I said close to incest you really don’t see a problem with Emma sleeping with someone who also slept with her son’s grandmother if in fact Neal is Bae you don’t see the gross factor there that grandma and mom shared a guy sorry but to me that would almost be like watching sister wives where they keep it in the family I find that gross.

          • No, I do not see a gross factor in this at all considering I watched a show about a girl in a love triangle with two brothers for 3 years. As I stated, it’s a fairytale show and it is television. Milah is long gone so focusing on her being Henry’s grandmother (if she even is) and being with Hook is rather pointless. I doubt there will ever be a “you were with my grandmother?” moment on this show. When does stuff like that happen in fantasy shows? Not to mention the time differences. I don’t get the sister wives connection at all and I think that’s reaching. That was forever ago that Milah was even alive. The more important questions that will be asked are of Rumpel killing Bae’s mother and Rumpel being Henry’s grandfather (again, if this is even the case). They will focus on the stories that are in front of them, not who was shagged by who so many years ago. That is not how this show operates. They will probably bring up Milah and her cause of death since that is Hooks story at the moment, to avenge her. But don’t you think “why did you take her heart?” is a better question than “why did you sleep with my grandmother?”. Hook sleeping with two women (which hasn’t even happened since Emma/Hook are not together) is hardly something to focus on here.

          • ecrc says:

            Agree Kathy,
            Because if Neal is Bae…IF NEAL IS BAE…. And Emma is dating Hook. Henry will surely, need psychological support…His mother and grandmother having slept with the same man, is too sick

    • A says:

      if Hook lands with Regina, he’ll be Henry’s step-father. Not to mention, that Regina is Henry’s step-grandmother. Hook would be Henry’s step-grandfather, and step-father. Hook would be Snow’s step-father. This whole show is all about “all in the family”. It’s kinda fun!

      • Templar says:

        You think this is complicated? Read up on the royal families of Europe. It’s a wonder they don’t all have hemophilia.

      • ecrc says:

        IF …IF NEAL is BAE … Hook be stepfather and Regina stepmother , will not affect Henry, like discovering that his grandmother Milah and his mother Emma slept with Hook.
        And the fact that his father Bae, would lose the two women he loved because of Hook. I dont speak of kinship, but of pain, betrayal and devastation….

      • Sarah says:

        Chill out, man. It’s a tv show.

    • meg says:

      Um, that was 300 years ago…and have you seen Capt Hook?

  9. Templar says:

    I’m totally stoked that ABC is running “Broken”, “The Crocodile “, and Tallahassee during prime time tomorrow night.

  10. Liz says:

    I think Emma/Jefferson had the most hot chemistry on this show but maybe that’s cause the actors are dating in real life. I’m not opposed to Emma/Hook in theory, need to see more of them first to decide. They’ve barely had any substantial meaty scenes together, how are people so passionate about them either way already?? Also not sure why the he’s a bad guy is a problem. This show loves its “villains” to the detriment of the good guys. If Emma only interacted with people who haven’t screwed her over and is a good guy, she’d be alone in the corner curled up in a ball. Neal is not a good guy either. The wimp abandoned a pregnant teen and left her in jail. He screwed her over more than Jefferson, Regina, Rumple ever did. Is he evil and awesome like those 3? Nope but let’s not pretend he’s an upstanding honorable guy. Emma’s no Mother Teresa either so this whole she’s too good for so and so and needs to be with a good guy is for the birds. She will lie, cheat, steal, bully etc. with the best of them.

    • Tara says:

      That’s a bit unfair. You don’t know yet if Neal is Baelfire. If he is, and August told him about the curse, then he did the right thing. And IMO neither he nor August [or Emma herself] knew she was pg when she got arrested.

      • Anna says:

        Neal being Bae changes nothing. He did not do the right thing no matter who he is. The curse was broken by true love/Henry, not because Neal abandoned a teen to rot in jail, pregnancy aside. All Neal and August did was turn Emma into an extremely bitter person who didn’t believe in love. Neal didn’t even bother to put up a fight or find another way first. Compare that to Regina who would fight the world and go to hell and back for Henry and Daniel, right or wrong doesn’t matter. Or Rumpel who would do anything to get his son back. It’s been centuries and he’s still fighting. Or Snow and Charming fighting to be together. Belle enduring all sorts of crap just to stay with and fight for Rumpel. All these people fought to be together or find one another, no matter what. Neal/Bae called the cops on Emma and gave her a crappy car lol. Now his butt is still sitting on some lame postcard twiddling his thumbs. I just can’t imagine Regina, Jefferson, Red etc. doing what Neal did. I can’t wait for Regina to beat him down when he comes sniffing after Henry. She had one of the best lines ever to Charming when she said something like, “I’m not taking parenting advice from the guy that sent his newborn in a box to Maine.”

        • Tara says:

          BS! Neal knew she was a minor and after a short time her record would be expunged. And he didn’t know about the child. He had nothing to offer her and August most likely explained about the curse being broken in her 28th year. If he’s Baelfire, he’d believe.

          • Anna says:

            How is any of this relevant to the points made? Who gives a crap that her record would be expunged, which it wasn’t by the way. They’re sealed not expunged. Regina/Sidney found out and had it published back in season 1. She still went to jail, record or no. And again who cares if Neal/Bae believed in the curse. I’m actually sure he did and August told him hence the broken postcard. Still doesn’t mean he did the right thing or excuse the fact that he didn’t bother fighting for her. Unless the curse specifically said Emma has to experience 11 months in jail and has to go through life alone and miserable for 28 years for the curse to be broken, Neal was a total loser. And we all know the curse specified no such thing. Except for Rumpel/Regina no one knew how to break the curse anyway, certainly not August. He had nothing to offer her. Ok why did he sex up said minor in the first place? Pretty useless to realize he had nothing to offer her AFTER the fact. Or hey at least tell it to her face. Not just call the cops on her and walk away.

          • Sandler says:

            We don’t know if he was supposed to be a minor as well. He certainly didn’t look that young, but to be fair neither did Emma. Young street kids don’t make the wisest decisions, errors in judgement abound. And running when things get sticky is a common response. I’m exceedingly disappointed with the actor cast as Neal, I’d have much preferred Warren Christie who bears a striking resemblance to Henry. But, I don’t think Neal is a loser and he’s not responsible for Emma’s life once she got out of jail. If she was alone and miserable it was due to choices she made. She managed to get straightened out and make a career for herself, so she wasn’t crippled by her past.

    • ecrc says:

      Neal didnt know that Emma was pregnant!!!!!
      Emma already robbed, before she met Neal. And if you saw the same episode 2×06 I, Neal wanted Emma to be a better woman, stop being a thief,,,,When Snow met Charming, she was also a thief,
      But neither Neal nor Emma nor Snow, killed someone. They stole to survive.

  11. JT says:

    Guess it’s a good thing this show isn’t on cable otherwise we’d be seeing 50 shades of Hook. I like Hook and Emma so far, great chemistry. They’re different from the other stuff on the show. But they should totally be frenemies with benefits only. None of that sappy stupid I’ll always find you crap. And the minute they start yapping about chipped compass I’m going to wish for their death.

  12. Ariel says:

    I personally ship Captain Swan and I’m super excited for the new episodes! Honestly, I don’t think Captain Swan is going to happen, but hey I can ship it anyways. lols, after reading some of these comments, people need to chill and see what happens! If Hook/Emma happens, I’ll be excited, if it doesn’t, I won’t really mind. Honestly, what I enjoy the most is all their flirty banter and the sexual tension in their scenes. It’s all about the entertainment.

  13. Jamie says:

    I love Hook and Emma, can’t wait to see what the show has in store for them. :)

  14. mia says:

    I love Hook/Emma! Such fantastic chemistry, I hope they go there. I’d also be good with a Hook/Ruby pairing

  15. Joba says:

    Of course Once has the classic fairytale pairings like Snow White and Prince Charming, but it’s this new potential couple with Emma and Hook that has me excited for it’s return. I haven’t been so excited for a potential pairing in years.

  16. rachel says:

    Oh hook, stop flirting and start KILLING PEOPLE!! ARE YOU A VILLAIN OR NOT?!!!

    • rachel says:

      Seriously, if because if this emma/hook nonsense they change hook into a “father figure” I’m done with this show, Captain Hook is a villain known for hunting young boys and you pairing him with a mother of eleven years old boy, what is wrong with you?

    • rachel says:

      Seriously, if because of this emma/hook nonsense they change hook into a “father figure” I’m done with this show, Captain Hook is a villain known for hunting young boys and you pairing him with a mother of eleven years old boy, what is wrong with you?

    • A says:

      Blood-thristy, are we?

  17. Chatt says:

    The fact that Hook’s not in modern clothes worries me. Makes me wonder how long he’ll be around.

    • Linda says:

      I wouldn’t fret at all, Hook’s a regular and with the way the show is treating him and the reaction he’s gaining from the fandom he’s definitely here to stay.

  18. Cassandra says:

    Really looking forward to Emma/Hook, I feel like Colin’s addition helped reinvigorate the show (which I already loved). I also think a potential bond between the two would offer a lot more than your average bad boy relationship because Emma is not some doe-eyed little ingenue, she is a grown woman who has grown up tough in a neglectful environment, already experienced one negative romance (Neal), been compelled through circumstance to put up her child for adoption, and lost someone she had just begun to love (Graham, who I still miss). She’s not a saint herself, and Hook isn’t pure evil either, so I think they complement each other well.

    • Suzie says:

      Hook lost me completely when he hit Belle. Once an A-hole, always one. I can excuse theft, lies, deception, cheating, even a double-cross, but not a woman beater.

  19. soleneCaptainSwan says:

    You are right, kathy!

    • Angelina says:

      Its me again. I wrote a comment earlier. I have read everyone’s comments and everybody has an opinion. Some I agree with and some I do not. Once Upon a Time is a well written story and an entertaining series.
      I enjoy Sunday nights at 8pm / more now that Hook/Colin was added to the show.Hook/Emma have great chemistry. Colin is a real good actor and so is Jennifer they do well with all the characters on the show. A big thumbs up to the guys that chose these two actors for the show. Hook is awesome… would be nice if the creators had some kind of contest for all of us fans out there to win a spot on the show…I would love that. Yeah like I wrote before I have a huge crush on Colin/Hook. : )

  20. tvdiva says:

    I want Emma/Jefferson together. Their sexual chemistry was hot!

  21. Deb_V says:

    If I don’t get to see Captain Hook and Emma Swan get together romantically, I hope I’ll get to see them at least be good friends like she is with Red.

  22. Nancy says:

    This is only my personal preference, but I would prefer hook and emma over snow and charming (please don’t kill me for saying that! it’s only a personal preference >..< sorry! It's just too weird…I can't think of anyone else for Emma besides that, but just from these choices I like Hook and Emma the best :D. Emma needs someone who can make her heart flutter to fall in love again, and Hook needs a badass girl like Emma to knock some sense into him. ^.^

    • Nancy says:

      Oh no my comment got squashed up!! :( I don’t want misunderstandings so let me break it up:

      This is only my personal preference, but I would prefer hook and emma over snow and charming (please don’t kill me for saying that! it’s only a personal preference >.<). That is because there is so much room for hook and emma's romance to grow. I hate lovey-dovey kinds of romance; I like the drama, the excitement, the enemy-turned-into-lovers thing.

      • Nancy says:

        There is so much room for misunderstandings and turmoil etc for the hook and emma’s romance that it would make an exciting, interesting show for me to watch. I just can’t see august and emma because, to me, august is just doing what he’s supposed to do, and once done with it, there’s nothing more between them. I think Graham is gone, for good :(, and his character isn’t as flavorful/strong like Hook’s is where it leave a huge impressionable impact, and as for Neal, I don’t know much about him thus far.

        • Chattanooga, TN says:

          Too, Neal just lands dull for me. I hate to say it, but I’ll admit it. His looks, versus O’Donoghue might have a lot to do with that. O’Donoghue is knock-out gorgeous. The guy who plays Neal….nice guy….I guess. Not what I want, though. For me, it’s Hook/Emma or nothing. Endgame. I feel like they’re trying to force Neal on the fans. I hated castor oil as a kid, and guess what. There’s still no way to make it better.

  23. Nancy says:

    However, he and emma seemed more like children than a romantic couple. They fell in love too quickly for my taste. Their relationship will be, for me, the most boring one to watch. Jefferson and Emma is just a little to out there for me >.< sorry! It's just too weird…I can't think of anyone else for Emma besides that, but just from these choices I like Hook and Emma the best :D. Emma needs someone who can make her heart flutter to fall in love again, and Hook needs a badass girl like Emma to knock some sense into him. ^.^

  24. KuraiMina says:

    Believe me… Fans are disrespectful in every fandoms unfortunately… (ohh how many examples I have with the Supernatural fandom…) There are doouchebags everywhere. So the insults against the actors on tweeter aren’t only coming from Captain Swan lovers. It’s seems to be common for fandoms… What a shame though.

    Honestly I love Emma/Hook pairing!! So you can just bring it!!! Could be an interesting dynamic!! I love Hook. He’s an interesting character. Not completely bad, but not good either. There is no reason to hate him so much.

  25. AreYouSittingComfortably says:

    I’ve loved this show from the start, and I have to confess I particularly love the characters of Hook and Emma. Should they settle down and get married? Probably not! However, tthe sparring between them has been refreshing. The other romantic relationships in the show, particularly in season one, were a little safe and bland (although I’ve warmed to Snow and Charming as the series has progressed and we’ve seen more of their backstory). Belle’s willingness to forgive Rumple no matter what (and frankly, his evils far outweigh any other character’s, particularly given his role in ‘creating’ both Cora and Regina) I find a little hard to swallow – I hope we get to see her character developed beyond the sugary sweetness we’ve seen so far. Because THAT’s what makes Emma and Regina and Hook and Rumple so interesting. The struggle between good and evil, and the fact that almost every character clearly has both within them, is what this show is all about. We have heros who are thieves (Emma) and killers (Red) and villains who are driven by both love and rage (Hook, Regina and Rumple – Cora might be a great villain but we’ve yet to see this struggle played out in her – looking forward to that). Exploring where the lines are, and why people cross them, is what makes this show so fun to watch! After all, this is a fairy-tale, fantasy show, not The Bachelor/ette!

    For me, Emma’s journey is at the heart of the show, and she’s a complex, edgy, character, certainly no innocent, thank goodness! Regina and Hook have brought that out in her well. If she was a friend in real life, there’s not a character on the show I’d want her dating, but as she isn’t, I want the writers to give her a good challenge, and right now, Hook is the only (male) character that challenges her in that way (and vice versa), so I hope the writers can keep the tension going without it going stale! Ultimately, we’re told, good always wins and love is strength not weakness, so of course there will be redemption for some along the way. But there’s at least a season and a half to go, so why not just sit back and enjoy the ride without trying to resolve everything too soon?! Let’s cheer the good guys, jeer the villains, and take the show with a healthy pinch of salt!

    • Sam Haincat says:

      Love your post! Although I have to admit I at times cheer the villians and jeer the good guys. I always find the villians (the grey ones that is -not the truly evil ones) the most fun to watch. I look forward to emma and hook, I think they will bring out the best in each other and certainly test each others limits and out of it all both will experience growth in their characters.

  26. Jennifer says:

    captain swan forever!<3