Exclusive Days of Our Lives First Look: Nadia Bjorlin's Chloe Is Back -- With a Bombshell

Days of Our Lives‘ Chloe resurfaces in Salem this Friday, and she’s got more to unload than just luggage.

As seen in this exclusive clip of Nadia Bjorlin‘s return to the NBC sudser, Chloe’s first stop is to see Daniel — who obviously was expecting someone else (Jennifer, perhaps?) on his doorstep — so that she might share some news. Big news. Huge.

Bjorlin created the role of Days‘ Chloe in 1999, worked on and off contract in 2004 and ’05, and then rejoined the cast as a regular in late 2007. She last aired in October 2011, when Chloe left town for a job opportunity in Chicago. Since then, Bjorlin has guested on series including CSI.

Are you glad to see Chloe back in town? And how do you think Daniel (among others) will react to her bombshell? Vote in our poll below!

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  1. debraknatz says:

    I hope chloe does break daniel n jennifer up she doesn’t know who she wants


    • degrassidays says:

      Don’t worry, I don’t think Daniel will get with Chloe because she leaves after a few months. I agree, Broe was good together. There was a spark between them before she left.

  3. I am so glad…I knew that he was his all along!

  4. degrassidays says:

    Anything, ANYTHING to get me away from the silly RaJami love triangle! I’ll take this storyline over that overdone crap anyday! Sami has never loved EJ, so I think she’ll pick Rafe. In the end, I hope it is Eric as a priest, EJ with Nicole, Lucas with Sami, Daniel with Jennifer, Marlena with John, Chloe with Brady, Kate with Stefano, and everyone else who is together to just stay together. Kristen should leave town.

  5. Misty says:

    HEY WHOA!!!!! When did it show that Parker was definantly Daniel’s??? I must have missed that episode..

  6. ms lyn says:

    Daniel and Chloe belong together s the two most beautiful people on the show. Jennifer and Daniel don’t work…boring she is to old matronly and just snooze on the goody goody stuff

  7. ms lyn says:

    And stop the gay storyline already you don’t doany justice and make it boring.

  8. Evelyn says:

    I think Chloe needs to stay with Phillip, Daniel and Jennifer should get married, EJ should get back with Nicole, Sammie and Rafe Should be together, and Will and Gabby should get married and raise their baby together..Kristen should be locked up in a rubber room somewhere. Brady should move on and really get over Madison.. Kristen is NO good for him.

    • Alabama says:

      I disagree

    • degrassidays says:

      I don’t think Gabi and Will should get married. It would be a loveless marriage. Gabi and Nick can still marry, and Nick can be the child’s stepdaddy. Will and Sonny should be together. I agree with everything else you said, though. I’m just tired of seeing such homophobic comments on this board (I’m not referring to you, but to others)

    • Joyce Palms says:

      Kristen is old enough to be Brady’s mom, she has an agender anyway, kick her to the curb!

  9. Patty says:

    Daniel is having a dream. DAYS is notorious for this kind of tease.

  10. Paaige says:


  11. imane assi says:

    Daniel ruined Chloe’s life. He treated like crap sinfe the hysterical pregnancy, failed her when she needed him and when it backfired played victim. Can’t stand him and he doesn’t deserve a 2nd chance with Chloe or Parker.

  12. Loyal Watcher says:

    I’ve been watching this show for almost as long as it has been on the air. I would like to see EJ with Nicole, Sami with Rafe, Brady with Chloe, Daniel with Jennifer, and Chad with Abigail. With Daniel, Jennifer, Chad, and Abby, that would bring almost every major family on this show into family status…all related somehow. And since Daniel is most likely just another illegitimate son of Stephano, (remember that Mickey was also sterile) the DiMeara’s and Kiriakis and Hortons will be even more incestuous!!! Just think of it.

    I like to believe that Daniel and Jennifer are being groomed to be the modern day Tom and Alice, not that Alice was ever boring! But, Jennifer hasn’t always been such a bore either. She has been turned into a very meek woman, to put it mildly, and I am so disappointed with that. I would like to see her get some fire back so then maybe she would be more like Alice.

    I agree that the relationship of Will and Sonny is uncomfortable to watch…I leave the room, play on the computer, etc. anytime they have scenes together. I understand the show’s execs want to be more mainstream and open but I don’t think the majority of the soap watchers are inclined to watch this.

    But then again, we don’t write the dialog or dream up the idiotic plots on this show. We just watch the show and tell ourselves how amazingly stupid some of the characters and plots are. And then of course we ask ourselves how can we watch this year after year only to realize we are so drawn into the lives of these characters that a lot of people forget that it isn’t real. That’s why it can be so crazy and entertaining!

    • Truth Tea says:

      Daniel and Jen as Tom/Alice?! Have you seen the ratings? This sick pairing will end as soon as the current writers are fired and that will be soon. And then MR will be probably let go as well because she is just phoning it in and has negative impact on both the ratings and the shows publicity. Basically, every her public appearance have turned into a PR disaster. Daniel and SC still have his fans, I give you that, so they will just bring another patient for him and everything is good in Daniel-land again.

  13. of all these coments what if abe and kala get together i think that will be the next big couple . i also like chloe and brady together .

  14. Samii says:

    I would like to see Daniel and Nicole together she makes him more interesting, and he makes her want to be a better person. Will, Gabi and the baby should be a family. Stefano and Kate should be together, Sammi and Ej are made for each other and Rafe should be with Carrie. I would REALLY LOVE to see daniel and Nicole together =)

    • degrassidays says:

      I also really want Carrie to return for Rafe, but for now, I think Sami and Rafe should get together. In the end Cafe and Lumi should be with each other. EJ deserves better than Sami, she has never put him first. As for Dicole, I thought they were hot, but the writing for them got crappy, and Daniel chose Jennifer over Nicole anyways. Nicole needs someone to put her first. But man I miss Carrie and Rafe, they had SO much chemistry!

  15. Leigh says:

    Yet another character sacrificed to try to make Dannifer interesting. Face it writers, they are soap’s most boring couple EVER.

    • degrassidays says:

      I think Dannifer are cute, but I agree that it is pathetic that Chloe is wasted on him. They should do something more interesting with Dannifer, or have them marry and then backburnered.

  16. yolanda abrego says:

    get rid of the gay storyline before you lose a lot of funs. I hate seeing the two boys kissing and in bed. that is disgusting to see.

  17. Eva says:

    Chloe needs to leave Daniel alone, Jennifer needs to get a relationship going with him. They both deserve to be happy. Sami needs to decide who she wants to be with. Rafe was a good father to her kids. EJ is just a selfish jerk., who can’t stand to be alone. Kristen is just disgusting how can you have sex with someone that is young enough to be your son. Why are they making Brady’s character seem so pathetic and dum,like Will. Will needs to man up and take responsibility for his child and share the responsibility of raising it with Gabbi.Nick would probability make a good father but I just don’t like his character. I thought there was another person who played the role of Nick before, they should bring him back, he was a much better actor and much better looking. Can’t any of these couples stay together I’m tied of seeing all this flip flooping, and everyone sleeping with everbody. I agree with some of the other writers you can’t tell who is related to who.

    • imane assi says:

      Daniel doesn’t deserve to be happy as long as he’s not brought down from his pedestal,didn’t take his share of responsibilty and paid for the hell he put Chloe through.

      • degrassidays says:

        I disagree. It was natural for him to want to avoid Chloe. She cheated on him and lied to him about her affair. CHLOE BROKE HIS HEART!!! He divorced her and moved on with Jennifer, Daniel didn’t owe Chloe anything! Yes ,Chloe was drunk, and Vivian tricked her into thinking Daniel was with Carly behind her back. BUT Chloe should’ve confronted Daniel about this instead of getting in bed with her ex-boyfriend, who was also drunk. Even Nadia said that Chloe’s behavior was unacceptable.

        • imane assi says:

          Nadia never said that .And Daniel is the one who lied and cheated first. Unless emotional cheating don’t count….Daniel is the one who failed Chloe and broke her heart first, long before the ons,by putting Carly befor Chloe.Just because it backfired and broke his ego doesn’t make him a victim. Daniel didn’t deserve Chloe’s love.

          • degrassidays says:

            Nadia said this exactly: “She probably did not deal with her grief in the most appropriate way possible. Chloe does crazy things”.

            Daniel didn’t love Carly, or have feelings for her, she is the mother of his daughter, colleague and friend, so of course he was gonna be by her side. Even still, Daniel didn’t lie or cheat. Chloe didn’t do the right thing and there is no excuse for her behavior. She should have confronted Daniel first to see if Vivian was right. Instead, she got drunk with Daniel’s son-in-law and slept with him. Chloe is to blame for what happened. Daniel didn’t owe her anything.

          • imane assi says:

            Chloe dealt with it the best way she could given that she was going through a hysterical pregnancy and just got the news that she had only 2% of chances of ever getting pregnant. It was up to Daniel to be there for her and he failed to because he was too busy with his ex. And putting your ex needs and feelings before your fiance’s is cheating. Daniel owed her his love,support and loyalty.Instead he gave them to his ex while his fiance was dealing on her own with 2 horrible news.

            By the way,Chloe did confront him.He got angry,defended Carly ,walked out on Chloe and lied to her about what he was gonna do that night. That’s when Vivian used Daniel’s behavior to set Chloe up.Chloe went looking for him to talk .She showed a picture of him to the clerck and described Carly,and she was told that they were there,in that motel room.Chloe did more than her share.Daniel screwed up and when it backfired ,he played victim.

            Daniel was no victim

    • degrassidays says:

      The guy that plays Nick is the same actor as it was before! I agree, Will keeps changing his mind, he needs to make up his mind and stop letting Nick and Gabi control him. Nabi are a horrible couple, they need more storyline and better writing because they have the chemistry, but they are not very nice people, especially Nick. Sami does need to be with Rafe, EJ belongs with Nicole anyways. I really agree with what you said about everyone, especially Kristen, she used to be Brady’s stepmother, and is his half-cousin through adoption! Yuck!

    • soundscene says:

      Nick is the played by the same actor as always, but the writing ruined him. He used to be geeky and sweet. Then he was stalker scary and now he is just kind of a jerk. He was only ever good when he was with Chelsea.

  18. omg cant wait to see this. i thought phillip was parkers dad what the hell is going on here.

  19. nightmagic says:

    Jennifer will always belong with Jack .they went through so much to be together and the writers let us down .To put her with Brady would be nice except when Jennifer was pregnant Izzy had just given birth to Brady!

    • degrassidays says:

      I had heard rumors that Brady might be paired with Abigail!

    • soundscene says:

      Jenn and Jack were awesome back in their heyday. The writers never ever got it right with them after that. Time after time they made Jack either stupid or reckless or heartless–none of which he was when he first got together with Jennifer. I am sad to see Matthew Ashford go (and I think Days treats him terribly), but the last several iterations of Jack and Jennifer had none of the spark of their original outing.
      That said, Daniel is a complete snooze. Dullest main character on the show right now. I see no chemistry between him and Jennifer. I would normally say Brady is too young for Jennifer, but this is a soap opera. Age means almost nothing. If Jennifer somehow regains her spark she could give Brady some spark (because he really has none).

  20. I am soooooo soooooooo happy to see Chloe again! I welcome her back with open arms. We have all missed her too much. I can’t wait to see what craziness Chloe brings to the table next

  21. Aly Monschau says:

    I love this show so much

  22. Bree says:

    If Chloe breaks up Dannifer – great. But if she’s just there to give them “angst” forget it. Wasn’t wasting the fabulous Jack for this pathetic pairing bad enough?

  23. Robin says:

    I like Daniel, and I hope he ends up with Jenn.

  24. V Bruner says:

    Hook Chloe up with EJ. Their children would be gorgeous! Just saying…….

  25. dude says:

    I really liked Chloe with Daniel. Daniel and Jennifer are a chemistry-less snooze.

    • roxanne says:

      Agreed!! Love Daniel & Chloe together, hope they somehow renite in the end!!
      Dannifer is a bore and voted worst couple of 2012 by so many bloggers, writers.

      Bring on DANLOE!!!

  26. Montie says:

    I hate Daniel/Jennifer together. I FF through all of their scenes. They’ve ruined Jennifer as a character for me. Jack was barely cold before she was running after Dan again. We never saw a body so I hope they wise up and bring Jack back. Assuming Nicole’s baby is really dead, Jennifer was totally responsible for it. Nicole had a high risk pregnancy and Jennifer caused her a lot of unnecessary stress. The whole situation was none of Jennifer’s business. I don’t understand all of the Daniel hate. Yes, he’s a man-slut but it’s a soap opera. I actually liked him and Nicole together.

    I do not understand all the people who want EJ/Sami together. Yes, they have chemistry but he’s a horrible person. First, he raped her, he ran over her step-father (John, which every one seems to have forgotten about), he kidnapped and tried to kill Rafe and put an imposter in her bed which was basically having her raped again. I could go on and on. Sami is no saint but at least there is justification for her shooting EJ (lol).

    Last, I’m sick of everyone griping about having to watch Will/Sonny in bed together. The comments about how it makes people sick to watch them make me especially furious. Has it ever occurred to you that it might make gay people sick to have to watch so many hetero-sexual couples on their TV all the time? Learn some tolerance or FF.

    • soundscene says:

      I hate Daniel not because he’s a man-slut, but because he’s duller than bricks. Watching his scenes is like watching paint dry.
      I do agree with you about the homophobic comments on here, though. It’s disheartening. Just when you think the country is changing for the better, you get online and realize there’s a whole faction of people still refusing to accept the world as it is because it’s not how they want it to be. Days isn’t written so that they, specifically, can feel comfortable.

  27. Lisa says:


  28. Hey says:

    I hate the Daniel character so much. He is dull. Yet so many better characters keep getting ruined or sent off for his benefit. Awful.

  29. Eva says:

    I fast forward through any scenes with Will and Sonny.Yuck!

  30. JeanE says:

    I am so excited for Chloe to come back, I DETEST Jennifer and can’t stand her with Daniel the lion (that’s how I think of him), also poor Nicole needs her friend and I always thought Chloe and Daniel were hot hot hot together, yes!!!

  31. Sue G says:

    Daniel and Chloe were based on sex, that’s it. Daniel and Jennifer have an honest relationship. He wants to be with her for.more than her body. He loves her, and he cares about her. Yes, Chloe didn’t technically know that Philip was Parker’s father but she never told Daniel about the affair. Even if he tried to stop her, she should’ve just told him anyway. Yes, Vivian tried to trick her into thinking Daniel was with Carly, but he wasn’t, she should’ve trusted him instead of believing what Vivian of all people said. Instead while he’s having surgery to get his double vision fixed, she’s sleeping with not just her ex but his son-in-law! How would you feel if you found out your spouse slept with your child’s spouse? Would you just forgive them? I don’t blame him for kicking her out on her ass. And now 2 yrs later, she.comes back with this, and somehow Stephanie confirms it? Wth are these writers thinking. Everything I get happy about a couple it has to be ruined, Lumi, Dannifer, Danicole, the list goes on. I’m gonna stop rooting for couples from now on, so I don’t keep getting disappointed.

    • janet says:

      Daniel wants to be with Jennifer because the writers want him to be the next Tom Horton and Jennifer is a real honest-to-goodness Horton. End of story. Unfortunately for the writers intelligent viewers know that a man who gropes his patients during breast exams, sleeps with everyone in town (and especially gets turned on by his patients), assists in DNA switches and dumps pregnant women is not fit to lick Tom Horton’s shoes. As for Jennifer, she treated her PTSD husband like dirt and started chasing Dan wthin days of said husband’s tragic death, which occurred as a result of saving their daughter. Dan and Jen are both scum. “Honest” is way too noble a term to apply to either.

    • imane assi says:

      Trust is something you earn.Chloe trusted him and he destroyed that trust with his lies and behavior.
      How I would react? If everything was ok between us,I would probably be shocked and have a hard time forgiving.But when I spend all my time with my ex,when I am too busy to care about my fiance who has gotten two horrible news and knowing that my child is cheating on his/her wife/husband, my child and I wouldn’t really be in position to say much and act all judgremental;.Because it was our behavior that backfired.

      I can feel sorry for Rafe who never failed Sami,who was out looking for her kid when she was having sex with the man who kidnapped,tortured and tried to murder him.But Daniel? No.I can’t feel sorry for him.He brought it to hinself failing her over and iver again,

    • degrassidays says:

      I agree, it was stupid of Chloe to believe VIVIAN ALAMAIN! Jeesh! Yes, Daniel isn’t perfect, but I honestly believe that he deserves better than the hell Chloe put him through. Just leave him with Jennifer and put Chloe with someone else or keep her single, even.

      • imane assi says:

        Daniel is the one who put Chloe through hell. He was all over Carly instead of being there for Chloe.Chloe deserves better than that scumbag.What hell did she put him through? A few days after the reveral he was into Jennifer,completly over Chloe and Parker.Chloe is the one who went through hell because of him.If Chloe fell in Vivian’s set up,it’s because Daniel gave her every reason to think it’s true through his behavior with Carly.Daniel is no victim,his behavior backfired yet everyone feels sorry for him abd blames Chloe.Disgusting.

  32. Jennifer Hoey says:

    I don’t watch anymore, because I am tired of Tomlin’s pets Daniel and Rafe, hate dannifer, they are boring and nothing compared to Jack and Jennifer, and I don’t like silly triangles and contrived stories! If dannifer is soo great, and have soo much chemistry, why do they need to create angst for them? Why are they the most unpopular couple on days? The answer, the majority finds them boring and inane, and they have only ten fans! Tomlin couldn’t write his way out of a paper bag, and continuosly throws great characters like Chole, Nicole, and Jack under the bus for boring characters like Daniel and Rafe! No wonder this show is at the bottom of the ratings! Tomlin is going to get this show cancelled, and that is ashame because Days used to be great, and now it’s garbabge!

  33. Joy says:

    Off the track here but what ever happened to Marie Horton – Tom Horton Jr – and any of their offspring – and Laura – and ………….. I hope it picks up speed this year – too much drama on Jennifer -yak yak yak – and without Bo – ohohoh –

  34. Kelly says:

    LMAO – Dannifer…..CUTE?? OMG these are two individuals who are not 16 anymore. They are two over 40 year old adults? who are both acting like 16 year olds which make them look absolutely ridiculous. I have watched DOOL off and on for years and I have NEVER seen a “so called” couple as contrived and as boring as these two are together. Jennifer has been ruined as a character to try and make this disaster of a pairing try and work and it only gets worse day by day. Legacy characters have been thrown under the bus for this idiotic pairing and one of the best actors in the business (Matt Ashford/Jack) was killed off to facilitate this garbage. Just make it STOP!! The show has become a joke among the soap media and critics due to this pairing and other ridiculous storylines. If NBC/SONY does not wake up and make some changes ASAP this show is toast.

  35. kimberly says:

    No I love Chloe her and Sami r the best

  36. sallie says:

    I like Chole being back and I agree with some of the viewers that she should save Brady from Kristen. I think Daniel and Jen are good together. Nicole and Eric should be together and I’m still debating on Sami …Rafe and E.J. are soo hard to pick from look wise lol but Sami is a better person with Rafe but they get a little boring together but then she is a drama queen with E.J. decisions decisions

  37. degrassidays says:

    I’m not a fan of Chloe with Daniel. Yes, they have chemistry, but how they treated Lucas was terrible, and Chloe then cheated on Daniel with her stepdaughter’s husband. Horrible, horrible relationship.

  38. Cara says:

    Any sort of romantic scene makes me uncomfortable, especially when there’s moaning and groping and all this posturing. But the scenes between Will and Sonny are done in a more tasteful fashion but if some of you would forget the “gay aspect” of the couple, you’d see that. Instead viewers say its sick and disgusting but the writers have clearly kept it toned down so people wouldnt complain so much that its in your face sexy gay time. But still those who just enjoy heterosexual scenes cant watch them for “gross” factor? But Brady and Kristen can moan so loudly that Marlena and whoever can hear them in the hallway of a hotel and THAT isnt disgusting? People claim Sami/EJ are so sexy but they forget how they first came to be with each other (rape) and call THAT pairing sexy? I’m not sorry but I see Will and Sonny as two loving people, PEOPLE, not as a gay couple. And the fact their scenes are so toned down and actually romantic,with minimal sound effects, and petting compared to the other couples, their bedroom scenes are the ones I enjoy the most and can sit through without being red-faced. So what they kissed in bed a few times, but the camera panned away. Not so with heterosexual scenes where I’m seeing all types of material I wonder how they get away with it during daytime. If a few kisses from two men, just kisses bother you, but overtly sexual softcore porn scenes with a man and woman does not bother you then you need to rethink your tolerance/content levels.
    I watch through the sex scenes, despite only being interested in the drama and I dislike all the sexual nature but really,get over yourselves, Its a show and not everyone who watches is straight and viewers are diverse and the show should mirror that.
    Thank you, good night…..

    Oh and welcome back Chloe! XD

    • soundscene says:

      “in your face sexy gay time” literally made me laugh out loud.
      I agree with you.

      • degrassidays says:

        I agree, the WilSon romance is very cute. I think it’s unfair that they don’t get the same kind of “bed scenes” the straight couples do, but it IS more tasteful having bed scenes like that instead of the kind we get with other couples, like Brady and Kristen.

  39. Anna says:

    I have watched this show for about 40 years, except for 2 years in the mid ’90’s. What I want to know is how did Kristen get out of the harem that she set Susan up to go to, but she ended up there her self? Have the writers forgotten about this, or is Kristen really Susan who has come back for revenge? Has every one who has watched this show for so long forgotten about this story line?

    • Jennifer Hoey says:

      Tomlin’s never big on history!cares out what he wrote, and the characters he created. He either hopes we forget about it, like we were suppossed to believe Jack always left Jen, even when she was the one to do the leaving in the early 2000’s. He also wants us to forget who Daniel perved after, what happened to Susan and Edmund, how Stephano got EJ back and raised him, and that Rafe fell for Carrie. So I guess we will never find out, because it never happened in Tomlin’s world. The only other possibility is it will be explained later, but don’t count on it!

  40. Stacy says:

    I have watched Days for many years on and off. Dannifer is bbboooring, nuff said. There has only been two other characters that Jennifer ever had chemistry with and they were Jack and Frankie (in the good old Days), everyone else was like watching paint dry. Daniel is not a great stand alone character but she has dragged him down to the point where he is completely irrelevant and made him FF material. Nevertheless, he has not been that way with the other actresses Kate, Chloe, Nicole, etc. I’m all for buliding a couple with meaningful storylines but sorry, there has to be some form of sexual chemistry between any half way decent (not to mention great) daytime couple and there is absolutely none with Dannifer. Jennifer has no depth and range to her acting it is horrible. In all the years we have seen her it has been the same thing with no change, her character is stagnant. If we look at the other actresses that has been on the show for years like Hope and Marlene, they did something with those characters. At least they could turn Hope into Gena and Marlene into the devil (the travesty that it was but kind of watchable). Stefano made Marlene and so many others relevant even past their time (sorry, I digressed). Love that Chloe is back. Danloe is a far better couple than Dannifer because Chloe has range in her acting. The hooker thing was terrible choice for her character but at least they were able to go there with her. There has been some evolution in her character from Goole girl to now. Jennifer is a waste of airtime and subsequently so is Dannifer. Parker being Daniel son is the right thing for his character, he needs something else to focus on other than all these women.

  41. Mel says:

    I wish that they could leave “one” couple alone to be happy and have normal problems. I love Jenn and Daniel together. Chloe needs to rescue Brady from Kristen. She(kristen) drives “ME” crazy but has put a new spin in the story.

    • kiki says:

      Jen & Daniel have no chemistry other tahn friends, they are soooooo boring as BF & GF like high school kids.
      At least Dan & Kate, Dan & Nicole & Dan & Chloe have some sparks /excitement

  42. Sam says:

    If Chloe can end the ultra-boring dannifer fest then welcome back.

  43. Theresa Pugh says:

    I called it! I knew it! Chloe and Daniel have awesome chemistry. Jen needs to siimper on back to a lesser man! hahahah

  44. morgan says:

    I love that parker is a danloe baby. Always believed he was daniel’s Now I want my Danloe reunion. The actors have amazing chemsitry and daniel and chloe were always written as soulmates. jennifer and daniel are so forced. I hate daniel when he’s with her. he’s much more likeable with chloe. I only ever bought his relationship with her. The writers better have brought back chloe for a Danloe reunion and not as daniel and jennifer angst. Chloe is so much better than Jennifer in every way. better be Daniel and chloe in the end

  45. Jessica says:

    Bring on Daniel and chloe! so glad chloe’s back and Parker is their baby. Daniel and jennifer suck! the writers need to finally end this horrible pairing.

  46. hailee says:

    im happy chloe is back just a week ago I said I hope she returns!!! shes beautiful…I loved her when shewas younger on the show too…I love to hear her sing on the show!! but cmon dude with the parker announcement…get a grip

  47. chenee1988 says:

    i don’t know how i feel i just know that am glad that chloes baby isn’t in any way related to victor and KATE! gosh i hate the characters more than anything ever created in soap history. and i wanted chloe to come back for brady, why are these writers afraid to go there?

  48. as says:

    I think Chloe and daniel have great chemistry more so than anyone he has been with Jennifer just seems to old for him and to goody two shoes DANLOE brought hot back to the show Brady should get together with incomes sister Taylor

  49. Kat says:

    HATE Jennifer and Daniel together!! What a truly awful match!! No chemistry, it is extremely awkward just watching them together. Here’s an idea for the writers: Bring Jack back (we ALL know he’s not really dead anyways) and ship them off together into the sunset and then put Daniel and Chloe back together and just freakin leave them alone!! They have amazing chemistry! They are a beautiful couple and they share an adorable son. Let them be a happy family and kill Kate off the show, or make her lose her memory and become a better person. Then her and Roman can be together again, they were cute together before and Roman brought out the best in her! Sometimes I think fans should write this stuff!!

  50. Mark It Right says:

    I hope Daniel & Jennifer stay together. It is a lot easier to fast forwarded their scenes with they are together. I can’t stand either. Daniel is one of the worst characters ever on a soap. He disgusts me. Jennifer is a useless wanna be goody goody princess. Please let them stay together and one night go upstairs to bed and never come back down. Maybe they can invite Rafe to bed with them and we never see him again either. While we are at it perhaps John, Gabi, Nick, Kate, Billie, Lucas, Sami, EJ and Stefano can go up there too. I am really disappointed in the character of Nick this time. I liked him last time, but this time he is on my nerves. Oh yea, don’t forget to invite Chloe too to come upstairs. Maybe they could start their own soap that I won’t watch!