What to Watch: 5 Web Series Worth Checking Out

lizzie bennettNew web series My Last Days shines the light on wisdom that comes from a life-changing diagnosis, Shannon Coffey‘s brand of weirdness perfectly aligns with our brand of humor, and it turns out there’s poop on the moon. Plus… Wait. For. It. We review The Lizzie Bennet Diaries!

My Last Days | It’s rare that a web series has us feeling all warm and fuzzy, but SoulPancake’s heartbreakingly beautiful My Last Days achieves this in spades. Each episode focuses on one person (and his or her family) who has been diagnosed with a terminal disease, and the experience of hearing these stories is enough to make you reevaluate whether or not you’re living your own life to the fullest. Grab some tissues and prepare to be wowed.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries | Alright, already! We heard your pleas and while we may have been late to the party, we’re certainly glad we arrived. And we may never leave. TLBD (pictured) is an modernized adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Lizzie (Ashley Clements) is the twentysomething middle sister who’s in grad school studying communication. In the latest episode, Lizzie worries about her youngest sister Lydia going out into the world, then comes up with a winning New Year’s resolution. The addictive series is surprisingly engrossing, given most of the action is shot via a stationary web cam.

Coffey Chat | Just in time for winter, Shannon Coffey teaches us how to embrace those gray days by gloomer-izing your face. “Helpful” tips include how to apply mascara to your upper lip hairs and why there is absolutely no place for blush in the winter.

Smarter Every Day | This webisode of our new favorite educational series offers interesting scientific facts through cool visual experiments. Learn about a still-working experiment on the moon that involves corner reflectors, then head on over to MinutePhysics to find out what types of things astronauts left on Earth’s natural satellite many moons ago.

MinutePhysics | What’s not to like about easy-to-understand, mind-blowing science videos? In this crossover episode with Smarter Every Day, learn how astronauts went to the bathroom in space and why they left poop, among other things, on the moon.

What are your faves from the Web these days? Comment away below, and feel free to offer your own recommendations!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jim says:

    Very Mary Kate. So funny!

  2. Ann says:

    The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is about the best webseries I’ve seen. It is one of the most effective modern adaptions of “Pride and Prejudice.” It never disappoints Jane Austen fans, and more often surprises and delights us. Welcome to the fold!

  3. Zach says:

    Eastsiders is two episodes in and I’m already addicted and emotionally invested. A must watch.

  4. Alexandru C says:

    The Outs.

  5. yellowbug says:

    YAY!! So glad TLBD is getting some attention! It’s great to watch and figure out how they’re going to incorporate the book elements in a modern twist. And with the ~4 min increments, its easy to get caught up and eagerly wait for a new one

  6. jules says:

    Submissions Only is a fantastic little series.

  7. LC says:

    Classholes is worth checking out too! Very funny.

  8. Jamie says:

    MyMusic! How is that on this list? It’s like the sitcom of the future!

    • JC says:

      MyMusic is the answer to the question: What would a Nickelodeon version of Portlandia look like?

    • Boycot the spammers says:

      I fell for it and watched the first episode of mymusic- I wouldn’t call it close to as good as anything they’ve put on these lists- the acting was terrible and it was really neither funny nor clever. Stay square fight the robots- squaresville is the greatest!

  9. Mike says:

    Why’d you leave out MyMusicShow by the finebros?

  10. Tina LePage says:

    watch MyMusic!!! from MyMusicShow on youtube its awsomely funny love the series!

  11. Jas says:


  12. Alejandro Rodriguez says:

    Whats wrong with you people??.. HOW CAN YOU LEAVE OUT MYMUSIC?!

  13. Spiky says:

    You left out Mymusic!

  14. Ingeborg says:

    You forgot MyMusic, funniest web show ever!

  15. Phillip says:

    MyMusic is a pretty good show and definitely belongs on this list

  16. Alex says:

    My Music should be here.

  17. Jason Dooling says:


  18. my music is a great example of how the classic tv show can be adapted and, dare I say improved, by being online

  19. youngerpersec says:

    MYMUSIC and the whole REACT-series are missing !! :O

  20. Ryan says:

    Mymusic is no where to be found…WHATSUP WITH THAT?? THEFINEBROS ALL DAY

  21. Julia says:

    What about MyMusic? That show is the bomb.com

  22. Joe says:

    MyMusic ain’t on this list but Coffey Chat is? Y’all need to quit sleepin’ on MyMusic, it’s definitely worth checking out if you like music and comedy!

  23. Jill says:

    MyMusic is the show to watch!

  24. kaili says:

    WHAT ABOUT MyMusicShow by the Finebros?!

  25. Zebock says:

    MYMUSIC! You left out MyMusic!!

  26. Chloe says:

    Why isn’t MyMusicShow there :(

  27. David says:


  28. Marcos says:

    What about MyMusic?!

  29. Perla says:

    My Music by the finebrothers

  30. Marjorie says:

    How could you leave the fabulous Fine Bros. Show. MyMusic? It is wonderful!

  31. Amber Waves says:

    Technically, you only listed four, since the last two crossover. Are they friends of yours? In any case, you’ve left out other great series and creators, including MyMusic, which is probably the hardest working web series around! They produce content almost every day of the week!

  32. Eric says:

    MyMusic is a great webshow. It is not only a web show, but a whole new way of experiencing television, making good use of this unique, new media. It is a webshow, a music newscast, a platform to present new or lesser artists, and also has a place to interract with the “staff” of MyMusic, called the “Mosh”. All of these things should clearly put MyMusic up there, because while it may be called a webshow, in reality, it is so much more.

  33. TheTeenTalks says:

    Err, where is YouTube.com/mymusicshow !! MyMusic is epic!

  34. Irving says:

    Where is MyMusic? It’s one of the best webseries!

  35. nico akkart says:

    MyMusic is THE BEST web series. LIST IT HERE … please.

  36. Can’t believe you guys forgot MyMusic! It’s an hilarious web series!

  37. Isaac says:

    Where is MyMusicShow? The best internet sitcom of all time?

  38. tori says:


  39. Layla Taylor says:

    MyMusic should be on this list

  40. Jessi says:

    Erm, WHERE is MyMusic?????

  41. Dr. D says:

    WHAT ABOUT MYMUSIC!? :O I love MyMusic!

  42. CB says:

    Hey, did you guys know that you left out MyMusic?

  43. Heaventh says:

    MyMusic deserves to be on this list.

  44. Danyelle says:

    Wow that was an obnoxious and obviously organized campaign by the My Music people. I almost hope TVline ignores them. 2 or 3 suggestions would have been way more effective than spamming.

  45. MIA says:

    You totally missed out MyMusic! It’s the best web series ever!

  46. caitlyn says:

    WHERES MYMUSIC?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

  47. Lauren says:

    Burning Love on Yahoo! is such a hidden gem! It’s a spoof on The Bachelor and it’s freaking hilarious. Michael Ian Black, Adam Scott, Kristen Bell, Ken Jeung, and Malin Akerman are all on it. Ben Still and Jen Aniston also make cameos too. Michael Cera and Adam Brody are gonna be on Season 2, I can’t wait!

  48. Dinosaur says:

    HELLO!!!! WHERE IS MYMUSIC! They are clearly one of those who should be in the BEST!