Vampire Diaries Boss on Stefan's Anger, Jeremy's Killer Urges and Caroline and Tyler's Future

My Brother’s KeeperDeath, break-ups and some killer urges plagued The Vampire Diaries winter finale earlier this month.

After the eventful episode, TVLine spoke with executive producer Julie Plec about the loss of Tyler’s mom, Damon and Elena’s struggles and the future of Caroline and Klaus.

And now we have even more scoop from that chat, so read on to find out how the Christmas outing will affect the Salvatore brothers’ relationship, whether Caroline and Tyler are going to make it through this rough patch and what’s in store for Jeremy, romantically and professionally (he’s a hunter now, you know).

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TVLINE | Damon did break the sire bond, sort of, but it was a little too late where Stefan’s concerned. What does that mean for their relationship?
That’s unfortunate. Damon was a little bit late in his realization that he was being selfish and needed to do the right thing by Stefan. The jig is up as far as Stefan’s awareness of what Elena and Damon have been up to. It’s not going to be pretty. Stefan is heartbroken. He feels incredibly betrayed and angry. We’re going to see a lot of his point of view as we move forward.

TVLINE | From the promos, it looks like Stefan also lashes out at Elena.
Yeah. He’s pissed. [Laughs] When the break-up is civil, it’s usually the beginning of some pretty dark stuff still to come. The calmer the break-up, the worse the fallout.

TVLINE | Tyler’s grown a lot this season. Will recent events help him mature further or set him back?
It’s a setback in that his confidence came from this feeling that he had a place and he had people that were looking to him. As his mom said, “You’re a leader of people like your father was.” He was really growing into that, and to feel like they all paid the price for that confidence will definitely set him back a bit. The question is, how will he rebound from that?

TVLINE | Are Caroline and Tyler OK?
Tyler’s going to struggle, and Caroline’s going to struggle in trying to help him. But if there’s one thing those two have proven again and again, it’s that when situations are at their most dire and their most extreme, they find a way to be there for each other. I think we can rest easy that that won’t have changed yet.

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My Brother’s KeeperTVLINE | Klaus is a great bad guy, and Joseph [Morgan] has said in the past that he doesn’t want to soften him up too much. But at some point, for the longevity of the character, does he have to soften up?
The beauty of Klaus, much like Damon, is that his horrible misdeeds are all born out of a place of a complete lack of  trust and faith as a result of being repeatedly betrayed and rejected in his life. I’m not saying I excuse his horrific behavior, but it’s born from a very human place. Once someone’s got a strong core of humanity, there’s hope for them – [they may] just not necessarily wake up tomorrow as Man of the Year. Klaus will continue to be a very complicated character. Much like Damon in the first couple seasons, when he feels backed up against the wall, he lashes out in very, very destructive ways. It makes it impossible to forgive. And yet, the redemption of Klaus as a character-long arc is something we always talk about.

TVLINE | What is Shane’s journey in the next chapter?
Shane is the captain of the crazy train in the next chapter, which is really all about revealing more about his agenda, learning more about this mythical character of Silas that he keeps mentioning, getting closer and closer to the location and the means to dig up both the cure and Silas — and then the fallout of that choice and what that all means.

TVLINE | When you introduced April, my first thought was, “Love interest for Jeremy.” Is that safely out of the question now that we see that she’s got a lot more to do with the mythology and Rebekah’s storyline?
Yeah, in April’s current situation, romance and roses are not necessarily instantly on her horizon.

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We All Go a Little Mad SometimesTVLINE | There was a Jeremy/Bonnie moment in the winter finale. Is that a romance that picks back up?
It’s in there to remind us that they had a history together that was really deep and important. For Bonnie to be Jeremy’s emotional touchstone and to find a closeness with each other that was abruptly shattered back in Season 3 definitely brings up memories of that relationship and makes us wonder if there’s any road for them to travel together.

TVLINE | How is Jeremy going to be dealing with controlling his hunter urges?
He’s going to be a hardcore, lean and mean vampire-fighting machine over the next couple episodes – but with an unlikely coach in the form of Damon Salvatore. So there’s some fun to be had there and a lot of danger for both of them. … They’re definitely going to have to figure out how to get that mark to grow. Damon’s not going to just unleash Jeremy into the vampire den until he feels like he’s properly trained and ready.

TVLINE | The next episode is kind of Breakfast Club-y. Who’s trapped together, and what emotions does it bring out?
It has a lot to do with what Rebekah’s up to. She’s been gone for quite some time. She’s missed a lot. So [in] her efforts to try to get information out of everybody…she gets caught up on the goings-on in Mystic Falls in her absence, including that Stefan and Elena are broken up, that Elena slept with Damon, that there’s a sire bond at play, that the cure hasn’t been found yet – all kinds of great things which she gets out of them in the form of a pretty malicious detention at school.

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  1. Elle says:

    Well, Stefan is the one that turned Damon (he wanted to fix him then), he’s responsible for Elena’s death….then he wants to fix her even after dumping her…then he’s angry because they didn’t take his permission to have sex…he is really getting too old..

  2. dcmckinlay says:

    Okay all stelena and delena fans need to take a chill pill. It’s back at forth with the insults and if you really looked at the show without a bias you would see:
    1.both brothers kill A LOT of people. The only reason everyone sees Damon as worse is because he kills characters but let’s not forget everyone murdered by both brothers had a life that was ended
    2.both brothers act selfishly
    3.both of them act selflessly
    4.both of them have screwed the other over
    5.both have reasons why they should be with Elena.
    Insulting the other brother just shows how petty you all are. Although I’m delena all the way i am not going to go on a rant about Stefan. Please wake up and see that every point you use to insult one of them can be used against the one you are trying to defend.

  3. Svenja says:

    They should hook up Elena with Elijah for a while XD. I am all Delena, but maybe a little break from the love triangle would be good for the show. Plus Elena being with someone who is not one of the brothers could create an interesting dynamic for a while. It would be cool *possible unpopular opinion*

  4. Sylvia says:

    TVD is getting so ridiculous, they don´t know what to do with their story and the characters. I am tired of Stefan being an angel and poor Stefan, is the same all over again. The show is not evolving at all, the same as for the characters. Tired of this SB thing, tired of the triangle. Bye bye TVD for me.

  5. Carol says:

    The problem with this show is that they want to keep the triangle until the show is over. THAT´S THE PROBLEM. And the result of that is that the characters don´t evolve neither the story. The Sire Bond was created to keep the triangle that´s the truth and all of this is tiring, nothing new and unfortunately the result of that is that neither couple is believable at all. Tired of SE, St Stefan (missed the opportunity to know more about Stefan and Katherine, THAT HAD POTENTIAL) now they want to reedem Klaus, Damon still the bad boy and have to reedem himself (just to keep SE together), oh yeah nothing new.

  6. Chris says:

    klaus is the best character on this show. so multi layered. joseph morgan plays it beautifully. i hope he stays for a long time to come. the writers have done a brilliant job with klaus and there’s just so much more of his story left to tell! can’t wait to see shane and his storyline get going… cos atm that part of the show is dragging… i mean it’s 10 in already. and yessss to rebekah causing some trouble. love my originals!!

  7. eyesonme says:

    stefan is heartbroken yes but he knows that the breakup is due to elena feelings to damon and so should predict that … but this crapy sire bond made everyone suspect elena will and feeling stefan damon and everyone and the most dangerous thing for the show us the audience every word every action elena say or make everyone will ask it is true or sire bond .. sire bond make no sense if affecting elena feelings as it will return everything to zero and make damon more and more heartbroken and no new ,,, and even if the sire bond will proved to be false or not affecting feelings , so why u create it from the beiginning ,, so the only reason for sire bond is not only to prove elena feelings to damon , but to take them to a higher level true love and trust besides i think sire bond is good for defan now after stefan will hear elena saying she loves damon wanting to be w him and explain that she slept w damon by her will and she wanted that and that happened before damon knew anything about the bond and she was the one who begged damon not to break the bond cos she cant stay away from him but damon care about stefan and set her free , stefan hould get over that his love to elena is great enough to look for her happiness even not with him like damon always did and do then stefan will forgive damon and make a team w him to find the cure and stop teaming w klaus that need elena human to use her as blood bag .. stefan should calm down and think he was not there the whole last season and he didnt see all the love care trust attraction happiness that was building step by step between damon and elena he should try to know what happened n denver he should accept to hear about elena feeling to damon and know that elena as a vampire can be happy after she already controlled the feeding issue and return back to normal w her brother and find happiness and love w damon … damon is never klaus it s clear that there is no vampire is completely good all of them stefan damon klaus elijah are murders by their nature
    damon in s 1 everyone he kills is from his feeling of anger betrayal rejection .. it is very normal in vampires when u becoma angrey from one situation u may be not self controlled and want to kill
    elena in e3 when she felt angry about rebeakh she decided and wanted to kill her as her anger was magnified thoushoud folds u can think it is damon like but no it is natural vamp action
    but from s1 till now damon learn by elena how to control that now damon has changed this is the most important beautiful great incredible adorble best “say what u want ” point that we can get from 3 seasons and 9 eps
    damon killed jeremy once yes but now he helped him after that many times compelled him to leave town and he is going to help him and protect him this just one example
    elena has changed s 1 she just attracted to stefan being mysterious vampire and being good for her and he became someone basic in her life as a teenage that is enough here come s 3 when stefan gone , elena learn how to be independent and days proved to her she can live without stefan and made her see the good in damon and to love him more and tp know when she was w him he made her life easy and happy and funny w no walls between them he consumes her something unique to delena stefan just appeared when elena needed someone any one and we saw the first me between delena and i can say elena fall in love w him once she saw him and if damon didnt compel her everything would be different and i want elena to try to remember this moment again and try to remember her feeling at this moment
    stefan w elena was good as simple love story but it depends on secrets he didnt tell her he is vampire he didnt tell her she look like katherine he took adavantage of being the one who saved her ” damon didnt tell her about first meeting even when she said “may be if i met u first ” he didnt tell her the fact he cant drink human blood is not pure heroic it is due to the fact he is a riper who cant stop drinking human blood if he started to drink , he didnt tell her about his dark side and still hide it “unlike damon who was always be himself ” and didnt tell her he killed his father and he forced damon to be a vampire and he killed about thousands and thouands people when he was a ripper he killed more than his brother did he let elena find that day by day and shocked everytime …
    elena knew almost everything about damon before she decided to choose him and slept w him and be true w herself about what she really need
    true stefan i saw in s 3 e 5 and e 11 till 18 and i want him to continue from this point to admit the fact that elena have changed cant be ignored and saying she must be fixed no the truth is that it is time for stefan to change to try to do what the witch said about sire bond stefan should stop loving elena for a while dont think about her live without her and let her live without him so if the writer decide in the future to put stelena again in picture it will be different with new dimensions not love and couple but as FRIENDS who were a couple so can help each other care about each other but they have different happy seperate life

    • Lisa London says:

      Dude, please learn to use capitals and punctuation! Whatever interesting comments you may have had were lost in the fact that your long post is completely unreadable. Apologies for becoming the occasional grammar police…

  8. eyesonme says:

    the originals coming back is a great move

  9. eyesonme says:

    i hope next episode end w true conversation between stefan and damon as brothers who are caring about each others

  10. lafox says:

    i am not a shipper, but what i can see, this two stefan and elena can’t ever come back as a couple. i watched them in season1, remaind me of bella and edward, then they got boring togheter, sorry, now i want to watch damon and elena, i pray that this couple will not turn into other boring couple. Hope that they are different.

  11. Ola says:

    Wow, fans are psychotic tho. It really is just a show, watch it for the enjoyment. I do have my moments with both brothers but I really want to see what it will be like with Damon, considering she brings out the best in him. However, he has the potential to destroy her. But I’d really enjoy the twosome unsired. The character of Stefan is getting a bit repetitory (if there’s a word like that). I enjoyed him as a ripper a bit more, he had charisma but he needs to find a solid ground for himself before doing it for someone else.

    How I miss Alaric tho. I really hope Jer won’t turn so crazy that he’ll be killed off the show cos he really is just a kid that has seen too much.

    All in all, I’m excited to see what the writers have in store and where they are driving with this whole cure business. Everything seems to be moving in some circle, it needs a bit of a shake :)

  12. I don’t see how people think Damon is selfish anymore. YES he was selfish in season one and by the end of season 2 he started to realize that he needs to think of people who care about him and have never wronged him instead of people that have wronged him like Katherine(hurt him pretty bad and left him bitter). He is a growing character. Everyone see him from what he was from season 1. Elena has changed too. For 1 she is a vampire now and she is GROWING. I wasnt the same when I was 18 and now im 26. People need to see that if a character and show stays the same then the viewers get bored because the characters get boring. Stefan is growing too. Im not sure in which course..better or worse but he is growing and he may find himself wanting someone who doesnt have feelings for his brother. Maybe someone like Katherine. I think that Katherine always loved Stefan more than Damon but Stefan hated her for reasons(being a vampire). Elena hated Damon because he had been selfish and YES has done bad things. Katherine has kindof improved herself along the way and Damon sure has. I think they will get the love they have always wanted by the end of the show. Damon gets someone he loves and Katherine gets someone she loves. Damon has become a much better choice for Elena even when I thought Stefan was the one for her at first. It is clear to me that they are making Katherine not be such a monster and show some of her humanity to Stefan from last season. I think Stefan will warm up to her and understand her a little better as the show goes on. Damon is certainly the final choice for Elena. From hate to love, from love to lust, from lust to TRUTH. Maybe thats just how I know they are meant to be

  13. Maybe its just me but I am already tired of Elena. Can we start to focus on some of the other characters a little more. I hope they both leave Elena sire bond or not she slept with the brother of her ex-boyfriend and that is just nasty. Weakness, desire, lust whatever you want to call it some lines do not get crossed. So as everyone picks a preference I say neither one. Elena is just a whiny sacrificial look at me character who is boring as hell. I would love to see Damon get with Bonnie (wonder how Elena would digest that) and that Stefan just gets closer to Caroline and learns to let go. He can do better, they both can. Bigger question is why would anyone want to sleep with the girlfriend (ex or otherwise) of his brother, and why would the other brother want said girl back when he now knows he has shared her with his brother (no one can tell me that this image doesn’t get burned into your brain housing). Let all 3 move on and not look back. I like both brothers Damon just gets the cooler lines. Oh well that is my spill on that because I just thought there was nothing sexy, dangerous or exciting about Elena and Damon I just thought it was capitol NASTY on all levels (vampire, human or pond pus sucking scum level).

  14. eyesonme says:


  15. King Kold says:

    LOL, Stephina,Demon and this Helena bitch suck big time, and I’m talking about TV characters not real life,ayt, I love ’em in real, ok. But damn, start showing more of the original fam’, kol, klaus, elijah,beautiful bby sis rebekah, lol damn it! Kol start snapping some necks, Bro! nxa

  16. Walter says:

    I should have known when they introduced the whole “sire” bit of mythology that Elena would be sired to Damon, because that is what happens in Book 3 of the series (After being crashing her car off Wickery Bridge, Elena drowns and becomes a vampire, then is sired to Damon, and as soon as the sire breaks she goes back to Stefan, and then she dies as a vampire). Everytime I think that they have left the books behind, they keep circling back to them. I fthey continue in the pattern they’ve been going, by the end of season 5, Elena and Katherine will kill one another by pushing each other into the sunlight and ripping off their vervaine necklace/rings.

  17. prox says:

    1. It’s a show.
    2. It’s about vampires, which are non-existent characters in real life, so we don’t have anything to relate to.
    3. They’re “predators”, not “puppies”, so talking about them being murderers is redundant.
    4. The relation between Elena and Damon started long before they had sex, and relation between her and Stefan was finished long before they broke up.
    5. As a vampire, Elena is more impulsive. Take a look of all the other examples in the show:)
    6. If she broke up with Stefan, what is the problem of her being with Damon? I don’t understand… She respected their relation for 3 seasons.
    7. Bottom line. The idea of vampirism is very different in every show (TB, Twilight), so… does any of us have any idea how they really “work” or how do increased feelings feel like?

  18. anthrogrl says:

    I’d really like to see Elena say screw both the salvatore’s and just be with some one else even if it’s only for a few episodes.

  19. infidelz says:

    WHERE IS ELIJAH???!!! grrrrrrrr

  20. Hallie says:

    To be honest not a fan of elaina, stephen or damon and to be i think that demon, stepen and klaus are equally as bad if we are taking about body counts. I have to agree that klaus is more like damon then stepen even though i love the scene between stephen and klaus. Both damon and klaus seem to kill because they feel betrayed or lied to for them it comes from a place of rejection take the body counts out where stephen it is more out of a need to cause pain or a dark place in himself. The other difference is he feels remorse (which we now learn so does klaus).
    This whole mess is on elaina she should have been honest with stephen and while i am not a huge fan of his i do get it how many guys would be ok with their brother being with their ex. I think alot of it is he trusted his brother to do what is right and he didn’t it is sad they have come so far since seaon 1 and now that is over. I see caroline pov damon used her and then almost killed her and i don’t think they ever really dealt with her feelings not ti mention she has to listen to stephen sing demon’s praises so i can see why she told him. Elaina should have told him long time ago. As for one brother better then the other i don’t think so both have their good and bad sides stephen is more controlled and for the most part tried to do the right thing and tried to see the consequences of his actions while demon is more reckless really doesn’t care who gets hurt as ling as he is protecting the person he cares about or himself. Stephen said in the new orleans eppi. Damon asked is it so hard for you to believe she cates about me stephen replied i know she does it is just she diesn’t relise how bad you are for her. The truth is it is a never ending cycle eventually she will go back to stephen and then to damon and so on and so on.

  21. angel says:

    I swear you Damon fans are so in love with his character and the delena relationship that you will make excuses for anything. Do you actually believe there is nothing wrong with a girl who sleeps with her ex boyfriends brother? It doesn’t matter if they have been friends for years, or that Stefan and her had already broken up. A girl who sleeps with 2 brothers is a straight up SLUT. If you still don’t get the picture, imagine your boyfriend was always flirting with your sister, until you decided enoughs enough, and you broke up with him. Now imagine the next day they started sleeping together… yea, case closed.

  22. Ivy says:

    The Vampire Diaries is the story of Elena falling in love with Damon at the same extent that she’s in love with Stefan. -L.J.Smith

  23. Deion says:

    You. Guys. Are. Funny! As soon as Elena slept with Damon, I knew the battle of the shippers would begin. This is the writer’s fault. When the prime opportunity to bring this triangle to a head was presented in season 3, (Stefan being glamored by Klaus) they didn’t take it, relying on fans understanding that Vampire Elena is supposed to be different from human Elena and want different things, such as Damon. Stelena shippers feel betrayed because Elena stuck by Stefan through all of that, and Dalena shippers feel like their time has finally come. Throwing in the sire was a sneaky trick. Damon and Elena’s romance has a caveat. Stelena shippers will NEVER LET that nugget go. How about we let it play out? We know well that if Elena is made human again that the sire bond will be broken. All the shippers have a shot at their ship being made real, or made whole again. But Julie Plec hates us all. Elena will probably become human, leave both brothers behind in the finale, go to college, and be stalked by the both of them while she dates some innocent, handsome guy who either Damon or Klaus will kill in a moment of their usual insanity.

    Buck up. There’s plenty to be mad about coming soon.

  24. Tegan says:

    I feel so bad for Stefan the reason he ended up leaving Elena was because he sacrificed his life and everything he had to heal Damon’s werewolf bite!! Then Damon moved in and Elena started acting like a slut. I think if she isn’t going to be with Stefan she should marry a human and the brothers should find their own perfect girls. Theres really not a good way to end this show.

    • Sorcha says:

      Ok, I don’t even know where to start with this one. Let’s start with your use of the word slut. Slut is defined as a sexually promiscuous woman, a woman who sleeps around with many men without regard to their feelings. Hmmm, I think that description fits Katherine. Elena has never acted as a slut. She didn’t sleep with Damon when Stefan left after the werewolf bite incident, she merely had the opportunity to see Damon in a new light, without interference from Stefan and she fell in love. As I’ve told numerous Stelena fans who insist on calling Elena a slut just because she fell in love with someone not Stefan, I think you need to examine why you actually even like Stefan/Elena as a couple if you don’t actually like the woman who is with your “perfect man”.

      Second, why would Elena marry a human when she’s a vampire? Especially some random human that hasn’t been through all this intense stuff with Elena?

      Third, if they put Elena with someone other than one of the Salvatores, then this show was a complete waste of everyone’s time and they would have been through everything they’d gone through for no reason whatsoever. So please, take some time to examine why you even like Stelena as a couple since you seem to hate Elena so much on her own or with Damon because there is just something completely wrong with you that you think one half of your “epic” couple is a slut if she’s not with your “perfect man”.

      • Ashley says:

        I agree with you 110% … I could not have said it better myself…*damon/elena fan foreva* ps..they know.shes not a slut they are calling her that because shes not with right Salvatore brother in their mind. Love your comment u said it perrrfect :-)

  25. Ashley says:

    Hey hey…its alright wit me if Elena wants to sleep wit damon shes not a slut she was sired ta damon which is by far the better man..hes always there for her! Stefans a riper when hes mad so buh b3e stefan..Damon and Elena are going to be together.. and I love Elena way better now just as she is a vampire not a human!!!!

  26. Melissa says:

    i am seriously dumb founded…..I cannot believe that people are bickering and bantering over a television series…..Don’t get me wrong I adore the Vampire Diaries….great ENTERTAINMENT…….Well people have a right to express their opinions…….it’s perplexing how ridiculous the lack of intelligence behind people’s commentary is, upon scrolling down this list on view points…Seriously, REALITY check!!!!

  27. rachelle says:

    After reading an endless amount of opinions some more harshly worded than others, I thought I’d give my two cents on the love triangle. For everyone calling Damon an unforgivable monster I think you’re ignorant to the character of Damon Salvatore and all of his motivations. The writers gave Damon a solid base of humanity and a deeply loving and caring nature, we see it time and time again especially when he’s with Elena. They also gave him a wall to cover all of that deeply seeded affectionate disposition. He murders and does horrible things to maintain a mask and to ensure that he constantly has the upper hand in situations. Katherine really hurt him and he really loved her. Once you’re hurt like that and feel like a second choice you’re not going to want to open up to everyone and show them the vulnerable side of you. Damon’s been hurt time and time again, but he loves deeper than most of the characters on the show. Underneath the bad boy persona is a huge softy who has Elena’s best interests at heart. And Elena actually laughs when she’s with him and he brings out the good in her. Also, the scene where Damon refuses to partake in the paper lantern ceremony and we later see him at Alaric’s grave just solidifies my point. As does him saving a seat beside him following Alaric’s death. Damon seeks love and friendships and although he may be a little misguided in pursuing them we still admire all the love he has. Which is why so many viewers adore him, his abs are just a bonus. Stefan isn’t terrible to look at either. It’s the character of Damon that makes girls melt and root for him and Elena. I’m not saying Stefan is a bad character, and I don’t think his reaction to Elena sleeping with Damon will be inappropriate. Love makes us entirely driven by emotion. Stefan would have been just as angry if Elena had waited to sleep with Damon. And Damon has loved the girl for the entire show, of course he’s going to jump on the opportunity to be with her, do you blame him? For once his love isn’t unrequited. I just find Stefan and Elena’s relationship stale and boring. Damon pushes her and challenges her. Stefan just lets her be. Elena and Stefan don’t grow, they remain stagnant which makes them a great high school relationship but a horrible pair in the long run. Damon and her constantly evolve, they keep eachother on their toes. It’s fun to watch and that’s why I’m rooting for them. Also, Stefan thrives when he’s not with Elena, he needs to come to terms with himself, he can’t rely on someone else like he always does. On a complete side note I love the direction the shows going, and it’s clearly doing a good job if it’s got everyone riled up. if everyone was passive after watching an episode it wouldn’t be a very interesting show.

  28. sarah williams says:

    This was even faster than I could dream of, dr olugbo) thank you for taking time to listen

    to me and answering all my emails. I feel emotional strong again. My confidence is back and I see my future

    clearly. I am forever grateful for your help in re-uniting me with my old lover.
    miss sarah williams USA

  29. Kimberlee says:

    Is nobody remembering that Damon encouraged Elena to be with Stefan after she was turned? He tried to be selfless and let his brother be happy with the girl he loves. That’s why Elena was with Stefan after the fact. But really if the girl you were in love with came to you and said that they finally chose you and wanted you in return, you would really choose to continue suffering because your brother loves her too? That never seemed to be a problem for Stefan when it was Damon who was suffering and had to watch the love of his life choose his brother again and again. Damon has been selfless when it comes to Stefan and Elena all along because he loves her and Stefan enough to let them be happy together. Stefan can’t say that he loves the two of them that unselfishly. Everyone knew that Elena was developing feelings for Damon long before now, it’s been a growing theme for a while and Stefan knew that. So all this shock and awe about Elena and Damon is a little silly.. They all saw this coming…

  30. Kelsey says:

    Elena’s words to Damon when she thought he was DYING.. “It will always be Stefan” Please remember that Elena is SIRED to Damon right now. She doesn’t know how she really feels for him because her only feeling is through the sire bond. Sure, you could argue that she had feelings for Damon without the sire bond, which is true. But she’s always loved Stefan more. Like she said herself.. it will always be Stefan. I personally don’t think it’s right to have people be together in a TV show just because they are together in reality, (Nina and Ian), that’s what’s really going on. TVD is going downhill.. I am not a fan of Damon and Elena together at all. That’s not how it’s supposed to be. You can’t have people have this undying love for each other (Stefan and Elena) throughout 4 seasons of the show and then just decide… “oh, I think we’ll have them fall out of love now.” It’s a total let down for all of the TRUE fans of TVD and love for that matter. Damon and Elena is just not right for the show. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on Damon. I just think that they’re not meant to be together… TEAM STEFAN!!!

  31. Emmanuel says:

    well all i have to say is that,stefan is a great guy and he loves his brother,and he is right to be upset about damon and elena,.but stefan always seems to not care about damon’s feelings which is a bit selfish,but damon has been seen through out the series to always care about stefans feelings…now looking at it from the shows perspective,stefan is a really gud,caring,supportive,hopeful guy,that has everyone’s support,while damon on the other hand is snarky,sarcarstic,manipulative guy that has some kind of good inside him,.now damon being a human before turning into a vampire was often seen as a disappointment by his father and everyone around him,do you guys know what it feels like to be seen as a disappointment?,it can make a person do irrational things as a human talk less of a vampire,.the reason damon killed jeremy was just because he was rejected by the only two persons that he cared about,.do you guys know what it feels like to be rejected continuously by the one you love,it can make a person to be suicidal,and you know a vampire wouldnt like to take his/her own life,and so he/she would like to take it out on another person,am not justifying the murder of jeremy by damon,but am just letting you know what rejection can cause in a man’s life.,..The relationship between damon and elena is helping damon realize that somebody at least in the world likes him,and so we constantly see that damon continues to see the reason to care more for people,on the other hand elena learns more about life from damon than from stefan,elena is charachter that likes to help people see the good in themselves,so as damon learns more about caring for people,it makes elena become happy,and it also makes her feel like a success,hence making her feelings for damon more intense,.and when she becomes a vampire everything just clicked.(damon gives elena purpose)

  32. Just an opinion says:

    Elena’s feelings for Stefan were not heightened when she turned because Damon compelled her to get what she was looking for. She wanted someone like Stefan because of all the reasons and the compulsion put them together. Her feelings for Damon were different. The compulsion made her date Stefan but she loved Damon all the time and that’s why she was so confused. She didn’t know what was going on when she turned into a vampire, the compulsion was gone and the love she felt for Stefan was gone. Her real feelings were for Damon and these feelings were heightened because they were real. No compulsion, no feelings for Stefan.

  33. katherine says:

    i think that the vampire diaries is a good show but in the end i hope elena does not become catherine in the end. i hope one of the salvatore brothers leave and they will live happy ever after but were is silus im talking about season 4 why does elena go off in to the deep end and does not come back. a lot of questions need to be answered it will all come episode by episode. i love the brothers but who do i love the most. who do you love the most?

  34. katherine says:

    i think damon is just trying to go off into the deep end with elena so he could sleep with her more often. damn straight! but stephan does want her back but is still scared she will become katherine. cry me a river!

  35. katherine says:

    i wish i were a vampire in the real world. or if all demons,angels,gohsts,if all that were real. it would be a epocolipse

  36. says:

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