It's Official: General Hospital Vet Steve Burton Joins Young and the Restless -- as [Spoiler]?

Steve Burton to Young and RestlessDaytime TV vet Steve Burton, fresh off his run as General Hospital mobster Jason Morgan, next will surface on CBS’ The Young and the Restless.

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Burton announced Monday on CBS’ The Talk that he will play Avery’s ex, Dylan McAvoy, who is a presumed-dead war vet/architect who’s done two tours in the Middle East and is back in town to take over the family business. Such a “resurrection” surely would derail the romance between Avery (played by Jessica Collins) and Joshua Morrow’s Nick.

At Y&R, Burton reunites with his onetime GH boss Jill Farren Phelps. His first episode will air on Tuesday, January 29.

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Burton’s GH run as Quartermaine golden boy-turned-brain-addled mob tough spanned some 20 years and ended this Oct. 30, with the actor winning one Daytime Emmy along the way. He and his family now live in Nashville; he told The Talk hosts he requested a work schedule that would allow him to spend most of his time in Tennessee.

“Without hesitation, CBS Daytime made that deal really quickly,” he said. “I’m just so grateful for the opportunity to have the best of both worlds for me and my family.”

His other credits include TV’s Taken and Out of This World, and the motion picture The Last Castle.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    It would be nix to recast Jason”s character. Gh come on get real and listen to the fans who have supporte your show for years and stop throwing crape to the fans. Mc aim does not need to be with Sam let him go get his baby you don’t neglect your child for another leaving it by the way side. Oh some of you writers have been down that rode that is why all this nonsense of story telling makes no sense the fans are real who support your stories.

  2. hil says:

    You people need to get a grip it’s no ones business why he left gh it’s just a show get over it

    • T~ says:

      You could get over the fact of telling people how they should and should not feel. If they feel that way, then they dont have to get over anything. You seem to be the only one upset at how other people feel.

  3. Ruby Wright says:

    Why, I will miss Steve on GH, I think he did what was best for him and his family. Don’t think he lied he was genuinely choked up about leaving I saw the exit interview. I do think this paves the way for gh to recast the character which hopefully they will do since Steve has moved on.

  4. Jason and Sam was the story John is never going to make anyone want to watch GH like Jason & Sam (Jasam)….They lost the BEST thing that EVER happened to General Hospital and I blame them Jason left get over it cause really it’s no one’s concern why he left he did and he is gone that is his choice. GH will NEVER BE THE SAME….And I would rather a new Jason come in than her get with John he is not the right one for her….John needs to go back to his wife with his tale behind him… The only good thing about the actors moving to GH is Starr & Micheal..they make the scene steam up like Jason & Sam did but nowing GH they want let them be a couple either.,,,, Jason where ever you are or what ever you do your real supporters will support you 100% just like me I am a REAL FAN.,…

    • meem says:

      Oh please, if you thought “Jasam” was “the BEST thing that EVER” happened to GH, you haven’t watched very long. This show has been crap ever since they turned it into “General Mobsters” rather than “General HOSPITAL.” Maybe with Jason gone, Sonny will be next, and the show can get back to its roots, and what REALLY made it great. Mobsters and hit men are never heroes, under ANY circumstances, and this show has sucked for YEARS by trying to make it so.

  5. Angela says:

    LMAO anyone who thinks he’ll be supporting on YR doesn’t know JFP at all…..

  6. wowwhocares says:

    Wow. I guess soap stars can’t have a life!!! Steve Burton did what was right for him and his life and family. Wouldn’t you do the same in his place you whimpering morons. Wake up this is real life morons not a story line in a soap.

  7. Cristina says:

    Eh, let’s move on. I’m all for bringing back classic GH. Anna, Robert, Faison, Lucy and Duke were a great start. Let’s end this mobster nonsense.

    Someone find Sean and Tiffany!

  8. chicfox says:

    Who needs to watch a soap opera when there is one going on right on this thread?!

  9. John says:

    The only reason I’m disappointed, is that I may never get a chance to see Jason and Brenda together again. What a bummer.

  10. Kendra says:

    Seems to me If he could film on say Monday and Tuesday be with his family for the rest of the week its a great deal. On GH he was film long hours all week long. He’s got a primetime sitcom deal with Sony so this should be short term.

  11. Laura Grimes says:

    Chill, Everyone!

    Like every die hard General Hospital fan, I grew up watching the show. I,too, have watched GH since I was a teen so I grew up with GH! Luke & Laura were my obsession!

    Watching GH was a family affair! Dad, a Police Officer, was stuck watching it with us, as we didn’t have a TV in every room like we do now, and besides, I think he got a kick out of his Wife, 3 Daughters and even his Son – gathering around “his chair” Monday through Friday, without fail, at 3PM on the dot to watch GH!! If someone was late due to school or sports, that person would tear into the house like a tornado yelling “what did I miss, what did I miss???” Dad always piped in to give the update. He had his signature smirk on his face and EACH TIME HE WOULD MAKE SOMETHING UP! The first few times we fell for it, but we caught on and after that we would “show him the hand” and he’d laugh and Mom would quickly bring us up to speed.

    ****I will NEVER forget the day, years later, it just so happened that NONE of us could watch GH – that never happened – there was always at least ONE of us at all times if something went on at school or our games ran late (Mom coached the games) so we BEGGED Dad to watch it from beginning to end and give us a full report when we got home. He smirked, said “YEAH YEAH I WILL” and we reminded him it was a FRIDAY which was very important. He laughed and waved us out the door!

    We arrived home at different times, each bugging Dad to tell us what happened on GH. He said he wanted to wait until we all got home because his show was coming on and he didnt want to have to tell the story over and over again. We were going nuts! It wasnt long though, before we were all home and sitting around Dad’s chair to hear the big news!!! He looked at us with a very serious face, and said……………….”JASON WAS KILLED!” WHAAAAAAAAAAT we all yelled at the same time (the Brother stormed upstairs) Mom stood up with her mouth wide open and the three of us Sisters started balling our eyes out. Mom told us to go upstairs and that she’d be right up. As we started walking away, crying and all saying in different voices “JAAAAAASSOOOOONNN” ……………….When all of a sudden, Dad started laughing and we turned around simultaneously and glared at him! We rarely glared at Dad! He looked at us and shook his head and while the smirk turned into a smile he said: i”OH KNOCK IT OFF, YOU’RE ALL NUTS!!! JASON IS ALIVE, MAN OH MAN YOU PEOPLE!!!” Normally Dad always cracked us up when he said “you’re all nuts” or “you people” but this time we were serious!! I wanted him to repeat it to be sure so I said: “Jason wasn’t killed he’s alive and well?? Really Dad??” He said, annoyed, “YES, REALLY” and as we screamed with joy and jumped up and down, Dad shook his head, rolled his eyes and couldn’t help but start laughing. Mom yelled up to the Brother (after yelling at Dad for doing that to all of us) ‘”Jason is not dead, Honey. He said “I knew that” as a typical Boy would.

    Fast forward to present day:

    By the time Jason and the Guys formed the band “Port Chuck” Daddy and our middle Sister were no longer with us. Brother stopped watching once “Girls” took priority, and Mom watched it by herself but whenever possible, the three of us would be on the phone together. We had our Husbands and even Baby Sister’s two Sons watching it for a long time, but the Hubbys dropped off since we all had TVs in every room! We know our Sis would’ve gone with us to see “Port Chuck” for sure. It was an amazing feeling to meet our Jason (Steve Burton) and the band. The Guys were all awesome and they seemed to enjoy being with their fans as much as we enjoyed being with them.

    *** Most exciting of all, we were able to meet Steve, talk to him, and take pictures with him. That blew our mind, but what we were most impressed with, was Steve’s demeanor! Of course he’s gorgeous has beautiful eyes, and is as hunky as he is on GH, but more importantly, HE WAS GENUINE! HE WAS HUMBLE! HE WAS STEVE (not Jason) AND WE FELT LIKE WE’VE KNOWN HIM FOREVER! He had charisma, charm, a fun personality and HE WAS REAL.

    Then, after 20 years, our hearts really did break—Jason was leaving General Hospital!

    My Sister and I, along with our friends, attended his Farewell to GH tour at Zanies. Much to our surprise, we found out our Steve was also a very funny comedian. Sure he had scenes on GH that were funny at times, but we were doubled over at his show. As much as this was a bitter-sweet occasion, he made it easier for us. He did. Because he cared. He loved GH and he loved his fans. ME, BABY SIS, OUR FRIENDS, AND A HOUSE FULL OF DIE HARDS STEVE BURTON FANS JUST LIKE US — LOVE HIM BACK!

    I WILL ALWAYS HOLD A SPECIAL PLACE FOR STEVE IN MY HEART. HE GAVE US HIS ALL FOR 20 YEARS. It’s irrelevant that he decided, for himself and/or his family, to change career paths, or change his character, or change networks or change the color of his clothes from black to whatever (haha) as what is important is this: JASON is a character. Of course in our fairy tale soap opera minds, we are upset we are losing that character, and yes, the timing was less than perfect, and we are in limbo, however, in real life, STEVE
    is a good person who deserves respect from his fans, as well as his friends. We consider him a friend after meeting him multiple times. He’s a great Guy! I wish you all could have met him. I’m sure this thread would be full of praise, good wishes, and GREAT MEMORIES (like I have and my family has) from 20 years ago until he said farewell to GH.

    As baby Sis reminded me, we are lucky we can watch him on TV again and will feel blessed to meet him again. He will be back in our town in February! We’ll be there!

    Happy New Year, Everyone. Watch GH! If you watch Steve on his new show-great-if not try to catch him & the Guys when their band “Port Chuck” comes to your town.



  12. Butterfly says:

    The comments are ridiculous. In every job if someone leaves to join a competitor they “lie”. I love Steve Burton.Really sad that he left and hope he returns. At the end of the day he has to take care of himself. The writing has gone downhill since the OLTL writers/ actors came on board. I do recall Burton saying he will be working with the now Y&R writer. I miss him so I will watch Y&R to see his work.

  13. Aida garza says:

    I love Jason with Sam and very sad on how they took him out.. Jason belongs with sam and in General hospital..please go back to GH… I have been a big time fan of Sam and Jason…

  14. tina l. taylor says:

    When are you all going to let this thing go. The man has made his decision so just leave him alone and let him lead his life. His life does not revolve around General Hospital or anyone. He made his choice so whether or not we like it is our problem not his. Let the man lead his own life and do what he wants. Actors like to try different things. It’s good that he’s trying other things anyway. I still fully support him. He was blessed to have a job for over 20 years and God will bless him with many more acting jobs. Along with producing and directing. God will double with what Steve had just like he did with Job. LET IT GO!!! You all have been talking about this for so long now-for about a month so it’s time to let it go. It’s history now.

  15. tina l. taylor says:

    Why don’t you all leave that man alone. He made his decision and it was the right one. Regardless of whether or not he was honest about it he did what he had to do. If some of us don’t like it which we do not, that’s too bad. His life does not revolve around anyone nor General Hospital. That’s good that he moved on to do other things. That’s what actors do. It’s nice that a lot of you miss him on the show but, he has to move on. PLEASE LEAVE IT ALONE!!! You all have been talking about this for about a month now so it time to let it go. It’s history now.

  16. tina l. taylor says:

    Another thing is that you all need to stop acting like he’s some sort of god and stop thinking of him and looking at him like he’s the world’s biggest male sex symbol. He’s not God. He’s just a man-just like any other man. Sure he’s nice-looking but, he’s just like any other ordinary guy. He also look like any other ordinary guy. You ladies need to stop lusting after that man so much-especially some of you who are Christians. Just watch tv and put your mind on other things. Besides there are plenty of other nice-looking men in the world. A lot of you act like he’s the only one and he is not.

  17. tina l. taylor says:

    I still support him, but not as far as going to another soap. It makes no sense.

  18. pam says:

    Gh was my show but now i will be turning it off since jason is gone but i sure want be turning on y&r soaps are like anything else you should be in it for the fans i think steve burton made a bad decison bud good luck

  19. Chante says:

    I just want to say that Steve was a fantastic Hason for many years and we were blessed to watch him. I hope he finds happiness on Y &R. I will go back to watching Y&R just to see him. I believe he is going what is best for his family! I have a good friend who is friends with Kelly M. And said Steve is a great family man so I believe that was the basis of his desision. God Bless you Steve. Hope I see you at Mariners Church someday!

  20. dave says:

    Soaps suck u people need to get a life and stop bickering over Jason leaving who gives a sh*t he has every right to leave his life his choice blah blah blah get over it

  21. Judy Fairless says:

    All I can say is I have been mesmerized by his presence on Y and R. He is a stunningly good looking actor, and absolutely the BEST actor they have had on Y and R in a long long time! I love him with the Avery character, and hope they can end up together, as Nick is just too young for her!

  22. Shell says:

    I have been watching GH for for 36 years, since I was 12 years old. I love Steve Burton, he has always been one of my favorite characters. I miss seeing him on GH and I wish they had done more to try to keep him. I think they probably didn’t fight hard to keep him because they think it was financially worth it for them, but I think they will regret that decision. I can’t blame him for leaving, he has to do what is best for him and his family, because we all see the future of GH and it isn’t good. ABC will probably cancel it in the near future as they have done to all their other soaps. A lot of fans are getting fed up with bringing in all these One Life To Live characters and the direction the soap is going in. I don’t like it and I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be watching.

  23. kelly says:

    I love gh. Its not the same wo jason. I love him and sonny. What pisses .e off is all this vampire stuff. I have cut back watching it bc of that. And maxie w the baby. Does every one who has a baby have to hide who the father is. Its happen more times than I can count. Get a new storyline plz. We all know maxie is going to decide she wants to keep her baby in the end. Good luck w the new job steve ;)

  24. janit wooth says:

    GH sucks now. They are bringing vampires to the show now. I guess they want GH to fail. I heard they have new writers but their writing stinks. I don’t even like the show anymore since SB left it keeps getting worse. They are bringing back all these character’s to try to make up for SB being gone and its not working.

  25. bev says:

    I you don’t watch gh anymore because of one person not being on it then you were never ever a real gh follower. I have watched the show since the beginning in 1963 and many come and go and the show still goes on. Jason was good but getting old in the same ole role over and over til you knew what he was going to do before he did it. That signifys time to get rid of the actor or change his role if you can. Its good Jason left on his own because he would have gotten less exposure til he was gone anyway.

  26. MARYLOU says:

    i think what sb did was horrible, and i will not watch y&r. i also think that the old cast of gh should leave gh i can not stand the way gh is going. “VAMPIRES”

  27. Pat Diaz says:

    Watched this soap since I was 15, I am now in my 50’s. I have left it from time to time, when they took Laura off I quit watching for about 5 years, just came back to it a few years ago. I will probably stop watching again soon, going to see what happens with Luke and Laura. I thought the last time they brought her back they down played that relationship so much it astonished me. Even those who never watched GH knew about Luke and Laura.that was pathetic. I will probably stop watching for good soon. Vampires? please! Still yelling at the TV WHERE IS JASON?? :). his and sonny and Luke characters were the only thing keeping me watching.

  28. Pat Diaz says:

    Also, wow Tina taylor, 3 posts to tell everyone else to stop commenting about it?:)

  29. Elizabeth says:

    The show is not is not good since he is gone. Jason and Sonny make the show they need to do whatever it takes to get him back. The show now having vampires is so stupid i am so over watching it until he comes back!

  30. tina l. taylor says:

    Steve is cheating his way through life. He doesn’t work hard for anything. All he has been doing is relying on other people to give him jobs.

  31. tina l. taylor says:

    He’s a lousy good-for-nothing dog with no talent and no brains. He’s dumb.

  32. tina l. taylor says:

    If he is as talented as he say he is then why doesn’t he try other things-doing things on his own without relying on other people to help him get jobs. Like I said before the talent is there so use it. True he was the best actor on GH but, can he handle other jobs outside the soap world very well? That is the question. He should try doing that.

  33. tina l. taylor says:

    Steve Burton is dumb and that’s that. I mean the guy is a total and complete idiot! With his stupid ignorant self.

  34. janelle says:

    Hi there I watch .gh but I do miss Jason I just wish that he would come back everyone would be so happy he is back and Sam can be happy again we will miss him on .gh he does not belong to yr at all I hope he com back to .gh soon

  35. melissa says:

    I miss Jason on GH. It sucks without him. PLEASE BRING HIM BACK

  36. Judie says:

    I am really going to miss Julie Berman as Lulu. I really think that Dante and Lulu had a special connection. i like that Laura is back but i really hate it when they bring someone one back to life when it should be someone we really want back. NOT STAVROS. Try anyone else but him.

  37. Judie says:

    i hope that General Hospital stays on the air for a long time. I just retired, and I and i love watching the show.

  38. Mary says:

    Heya i am for the primary time here. I came across this board and I to find It truly helpful & it helped me out a lot.
    I am hoping to give something again and aid others such
    as you helped me.

  39. Vikki says:

    I love me some Jason .Hot Hot Hot in those black tee shirts.Really the only reason that I have watched GH all these yrs.I for one think family comes first .And yes I will check him out at his new soap.Miss you Steve ! I am and always will be your biggest fan

  40. Sadsadsad Jason needs to come back

  41. Juanita says:

    I think All those soaps on TV has run it’s course…..I surprise some people are still watching the soap!

  42. Mary Lou says:

    I work full time and DVR GH daily. Since SB left the show, I don’t enjoy the show as much. The fact that he went to another soap is just business, but I do think his absence on GH leaves a big hole. I’m getting used to the new characters, but it’s taking time. Best of luck to SB, and I hope one day I’ll turn my DVR’d GH on and see SB back.

  43. La Quetta says:

    Glad to see him play a good guy finally. He’s a good actor