Exclusive Glee First Look: Happy Sue Year!

2013 is already looking confident, powerful and self-assured — or is that just the way that Glee‘s Sue “C”s it?

We’re assuming the take-charge coach just figured she could fulfill everyone’s duties better than they could, hence her impression of Kurt, Will, Rachel, Brittany, Blaine and Artie in the exclusive art below.

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Take a peek, then hit the comments: What are you most looking forward to when the musical series returns to Fox on Thursday, Jan. 24 (9/8c)?

happy sue year

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  1. missy says:

    I am looking forward to three things: WEMMA wedding, WEMMA wedding and the WEMMA wedding.

    • Meg says:

      Can’t wait for the wemma wedding too!! :)

    • r says:

      Wemma is still on the show? Haven’t missed them one bit.

    • Sara says:

      If the wedding means Finn has a meaningful story, some finchel interaction then yes the wedding. But I couldn’t care less about wemma, in fact was excited when thought they were off the show. It is time to trim the fat on a bloated, directionless show. I cannot believe how they destroyed Finn as a character first, then Rachel. The producers are just clueless about their leads.

      • what says:

        Rachel isn’t destroyed she is becoming a great friend, she is no longer a moon eyed Finn worshiper, she is working towards her dreams. I like this Rachel better than “I am scared and have no confidence so I guess I’ll marry Finn” Rachel.

      • Courtney says:

        Hi, I would just like to remind you that without Wemma, none of the other couples, including the one(s) that you ship, would exist…because without Wemma, the glee club wouldn’t exist….so, yeah. But Haters gonna hate.

    • Isak says:

      I bet they are going to save that for season finale.

  2. ohkay says:

    I just want more Finn!!

    • Sara says:

      Finn is missing from this. No surprise there then.

    • Bobbie says:

      I think Finn has had decent screentime since 4×04 when he came back. However, I want Finn to be the center of his own storyline. I want him to finally find his dream, not used by the writers to prop up the newbies in Lima part of the show, I know Cory is a good scene partner for the less experienced actors and Ryder, Marley and even Wade/Unique, who was a little shaky before, got good moments to shine in scenes with Finn. I don’t want him to get thrown under the bus to give Sue another reason to hate on gleeclub. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll all for Cory and the fabulous Jane Lynch to have more scenes, but somehow the Sue vs Gleeclub thing is getting very repetitive.

      • Go Finn says:

        Finn is the character I root for. I might have rooted for rachel in her first broadway audition but the writers just told us about that. She literally has had the golden ticket to being as unrootable as saint kurt who I now literally cannot watch and fast forward. Why the writers want to regress Finn when cory monteith is so fabulous at showing all the uncertainties of being young I just will never understand. Rehashed plots with glee, battles with sue, yawn, yawn. He was electric in the break up, why not write to that?

        • Pete says:

          How is she unrootable she still isn’t a b-way star yet. She is merely a freshman in college who still has many struggles ahead of her. Give me a break.

          • Karen says:

            what struggles? as a freshman she was handed the golden ticket and Won. what’s left? she’ll be handed that over on a silver platter as well. she hasn’t had to pay for her swanky loft, her new sad clown hooker clothes, she has a guy kissing her feet , apparently her dance class doesn’t matter because she walked out. Rachel isn’t an underdog at all. give ME a break and give Rachel something that she actually has to work for, give me someting to care about

          • kayla says:

            @ Karen THANK YOU. I’m sick of people preaching that Rachel works so hard to get where she is, that she has so many struggles, etc. Or even worse, that Rachel’s deserves everything she gets because Lea is that talented. Ever since season 3 Rachel’s been getting what she wants, even if somebody else was better. I’m just want to slap her everytime she cries and whines about something not working for her, because it always did and it always will

  3. I’m looking forward to see finchel getting back together.

    • Over says:

      I am not sure I even want finchel back together, they have made Rachel so different and superior In her conversations with him I now cannot imagine them together. If Finn finds a dream, that will be enough. And if they can end this season to avoid this poor quality and put us all out of our misery so much the better.

      • Finn says:

        Until Finn is our of there I am stuck watching glee for Cory Monteith. Oh sweet sorrow.

      • someone needs to rewatch says:

        What show are you watching. Rachel hasn’t acted superior over Finn. She welcome him back with open arms after he left her for 4 months and then he left her again. Finn is the one who said no contact and Rachel then reached out to him again when she found out they lost. Rachel isn’t different she is growing up and they have shown that progression since the first episode The only thing different about Rachel is she is no longer that moon-eyed girl who was willing to defer her dreams for a boy. I can’t see why anyone would want that for Rachel anyway, even Finn knew that was wrong for her.

        • Karen says:

          Welcomed Finn back, didn’t tell him she was seeing someone else ( not exactly mature either wouldn’t you say? ), let Finn think there wasn’t anything going on until he dragged it out of her, he left when he found out. why on earth would he stay? the no contact rule was about the time she let him think she’d moved on, and told him he doesn’t make her feel special anymore. wow Rachel is the sweetest thing huh.

  4. Megan says:

    wemma is the only thing keeping me watching this show. sue helps too i guess.

  5. xoxo says:

    A new girlfriend for Santana.

  6. Marwa El Sialiti says:

    ha !! Nice, Love the picture !!

  7. The photoshop is more creepy than poor. I think it’d look better in an actual episode than it does there

  8. Sarah says:

    Faberry in episode 12!

  9. ang says:

    i just want klaine to get back together thats it

  10. bob says:

    klaine obviously. back together.

  11. glee sucks says:

    Santana, LOTS of Santana for the love of god! Brittana, newbies please go aways, no more double standards and Ryan Murphy out of twitter.

  12. ex-glee fan says:

    More Santana, Sugar, Tina, Brittany, Kurt, Artie, and less Blaine, Finn, Sam (he’s ruined), and basically all of the new kids.

  13. Cici says:


  14. Lisa says:

    I’m looking forward to an end to all the sadness and angst that has been this season so far, I’m looking forward to having Naya Rivera on the show regularly…get her back on!!! I’m looking forward to hearing Lea Michele sing more, I’m looking forward to Santana and Brittany fixing their relationship and being given a decent and meaningful and VISIBLE storyline as a couple. I’m looking forward to see how Kurt and Blaine will handle the cheating. I’m looking forward to seeing how Finn and Rachel will deal with their relationship in the future. I’m looking forward to seeing the old cast in the NY storyline, I’m tired of the split narrative. The show needs to grow and shift the focus to NY, especially for next season.

  15. anonymous says:

    Brittana in New York or nothing

  16. lC says:

    Looking forward to more Santana! I miss her on my TV!

  17. sugar shack says:

    I want more SUGAR!!!!

  18. Meh. says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing quality stuff again.

    Lol no but seriously, I’m still looking forward to hearing that this show finally got cancelled. I’d happily choose option #1 if it was even remotely a possibility, but since they don’t have decent people/professional writers in the cave they call a writers room, I’d be fine with option #2.

  19. lak says:

    Im looking forward to kurt’s nyada storyline, santana hopefully in new york, and some kurt/blaine interaction.

  20. chelsea says:

    I am most looking forward to Glee ending.

  21. Marcus says:

    What am I looking forward to on Glee? Kurt’s new love interest. I want to watch the delusional queer fetishist teenage girls on Tumblr have a total breakdown.

  22. I looking forward to Brittany and Santana working their way back together (Brittana reunited) . Brittany given some real growth on the show instead of sticking her with a dude that belittles her. I want Brittany focused on not Brittany and a guy. Brittany needs to be BFFs with Blaine and Sugar..

  23. Kiley says:

    I would like to see Klaine and Brittana in NY; preferably as good friends. And hopefully we get some non-cheating, non-sex, non-break-up stories for BOTH couples.

    • A says:

      Yes please. I want the gay squad to go on double dates.

      • Lisa says:

        amen….why haven’t the gay couples developed a more meaningful friendship with each other??? Gay guys and gay girls have fantastic chemistry, it doesn’t always have to be a gay guy w/a hag…there are only so many of those jokes and then it just gets real old, real fast. Klaine and Brittana should be finding solace and friendship in each other as they share many common experiences in how they are perceived in the world at large. Get them all in NY with Rachel and Finn and there exists the premise for an hysterical show that lends itself to musical comedy. Come on Glee….

  24. Ana says:

    kurt to be happy goddammit

  25. lutrova says:

    Brittana and more santana please!

  26. Sooni says:

    I hope more characters (familiar ones like Finn and Santana) join the NYC scene so we’re not forced to watch the same drab scene between Kurt and Rachel or Rachel and Cassandra with only slightly different dialogue. Hiring for new characters in NYC based on acting skill rather than abs would be appreciated, too. And my biggest wish: please relegate the insipid Disney-esque newbies to the background. Permanently. I’m tired of rolling my eyes every time Mary Sue Marley comes on my screen.

  27. Jude says:

    More Santana. Brittana. Less Ohio and more NY. NO MORE PSAs and cut it out with the male worship.

  28. Jess says:

    I’m looking forward to Brittana in ep 13 and Naya singing more!

  29. reina says:

    I would like the show to employ with writers who know how to mix comedy/drama like Modern Family and are aware of a little term called ‘continuity.’ All couples need to reunite. RIB need to admit thye blew it with that and all of the newbies. THe show is not ‘revolutionary.’ It is awful, degrading, not funny. Where is the heart and soul that Glee used to possess? Oh yeah..it’s with Santana, Quinn, Mercedes, Mike etc and all of the other original characters/couples. Fix your sh1t Glee. No one is watching this season anyway.

  30. Natalie says:

    I want klaine to work things out. It doesn’t have to be immediate, but I want them back together everntually!

  31. Melissa says:

    Finchel to get back together. The show sucks without Lea and Cory’s chemistry. They’re wasting Lea’s talent with that cardboard cut out.

  32. A says:

    For Brittany to grow up and for her to take her responsibilities/finally graduate. Which will probably be shown three seconds in the season finale.
    Brittany and Sam to end. Both characters have regressed together, which I honestly didn’t think was possible.
    I love Sam, I just don’t like how they write him with Brittany.
    Santana in New York.
    Some Kurtanaberry in New York.
    Possible Brittana reunion/Klaine reunion.
    I’d like for the writers to develop the NY side of the split narrative. Imo it’s lacking compared to the Lima side.

  33. Puck says:

    Anyone who wants MORE Brittany focus needs to have their head examined. She’s had way too much focus this year. And Hemo has had more songs than Lea. Absolutely ridiculous. Glee has really messed up by giving way too much storyline to people who can’t act.

  34. Amanda says:

    Get rid of Brody!

  35. Kelly says:

    Finches. Santana in New York. Finchel in New York. Puckerman brother moments. Finchel.

  36. Allen says:

    Some actual growth for Brittany (and this will probably mean getting her far, far away from Sam – the relationship has been detrimental to both characters), less newbies (they just don’t add anything to the show and take away precious screentime from the people we’re actually interested in). More focus on New York, but first develop it more and get more characters on that side because right now it’s boring as hell. Also, can we get some competent writers?

  37. heather says:

    The newbies and their recycled characters/stories need to go away or fade quietly into the background ASAP (Sam & his pocketful of engagement rings too). The only reason this show gets the measly 6M viewers a week they do are for the original characters. Bring back Quinn, Santana, Mercedes and Mike. Focus more on NY and Rachel/Kurt. Reunite Brittana and Finchel for the love of god and pray to the TV gods that FOX doesn’t pull the plug on this show before you get your precious syndication money.

  38. GleekedOut says:

    It’s pretty obvious this season is struggling in more ways than one. But to continue to deny Cory and Lea to have scenes together is only hurting the show. I want more than anything for Finchel to reunite, but if they can’t be together they need to be at least interacting. No other show would have their two leads in separate locations or not even interacting. It makes no sense. I’m hoping the 2nd half of this season is ALOT better than what has been delivered so far to us

  39. Amanda says:

    Fire Dean!! Better yet make Cassandra pregnant with his kid. Rachel would not tolerate that.

  40. Amanda says:

    Finchel getting back together and Brody not being around

  41. Nicole says:

    I’m looking forward to Finchel getting back together !

  42. Debra says:

    Get rid of Brody, he’s a waste of space that is only there to look hot and nothing else. Actually have Marley show some flaws instead of being a ‘Mary Sue’. Get Finn and Santana to New York because Cory shouldn’t be used to prop the newbies while Naya is barely on the show anymore. Chris and Lea, while both amazing, aren’t enough to keep my interest in the New York side of the storyline. They need more characters and ones that aren’t guest stars or only there to look pretty.

  43. Lia says:

    I’m most looking forward to Finn and Rachel m

  44. Person says:

    A show that’s actually enjoyable to watch.

  45. Josie says:

    I am looking forward to the day that Finn moves to NYC and gets back together with Rachel. Glee is not the same without the amazing chemistry between Cory and Lea. The sooner they start sharing scenes again the happier I will be.

  46. Kaitlyn says:


  47. Lena says:

    I just need Lea and Cory sharing scenes again. Such a waste of their chemistry to not even have them interacting. Can’t wait to see their journey back to each other.
    On that note, the NYC set really needs some familiar faces because it is seriously lacking at the moment …

  48. Priscilla says:

    I just want more Brittana <3 so Brittany and Sam gotta end!

    But I also want to see Brittany being able to graduate from WMHS

    Finally, I would like to see more cute/adorable private interaction between Santana and Brittany

  49. Alexis says:

    The writers actually promised more focus on the individual characters this year and not on their romantic relationships, and what did we get instead? Broken up couples – but characters immediately stuck with other people and storylines ALL about romances. What even were those breakups for if you meant to stick random characters together and ruining them in the process (and in some cases regressing them too, see Sam and Brittany?) Let’s stop pretending that Glee is not ALL about couples because it’s all everyone cares and talks about. What I’m looking forward right now is seeing Santana again, hopefully less of the new bland characters, Brittany growing up a bit and some Brittana interaction, less character assassination, more NYC (but please just get more characters there because right now it’s BORING!).

    • Debra says:

      That’s what I am screaming. How is putting Kurt, Rachel and Brittany with new love interests focusing on the characters individual storylines?

  50. Looking forward to having Mercedes back on and giving her a quality storyline. She is a powerful force with her voice, but GLEE seems to neglect her even more than Tina. Focus on someone other than Rachel. Finally clearing up loose end storylines (Sam & Mercedes, Tina & Mike). Some growth & logical explanation as to why Santana would move to New York. For GLEE to close stories on those who are not coming back, to stop rehashing storylines, and to write a decent script. And for all that is good bring back a mature Sam & let him graduate and join Mercedes in LA and that they keep the tradition and go to prom together. That Brittany graduates and just goes somewhere and be independent. That GLEE stop insulting their fans and read their own history of past episodes. Mostly that Sam & Brittany disastrous whatever you want to call it ends sooner vs later. That GLEE either releases all the past seniors from having to show up at WMHS. Also that GLEE finds some new material that is believable not Mayan end of the world stuff or people who should be in college or on the West Coast popping up to help the GLEE club every time someone calls them. Concentrating on what these seniors will do after they graduate. Stop all the Rachel & Finn angst its going on 4 seasons of the same old thing. Stop posting the spoiled bratty Rachel as the poster child of if your mean, selfish and pouty that you will get everything whether you deserve it or not bad message to send. Finally that GLEE stops turning into the stereotype that it use to fight against and find its way back to its former glory days.

    • Joen says:

      LOL at Rachel being the mean, selfish and pouty one. Did you watch Asian F or Night of Neglect? Mercedes was one of the worst characters ever. I hope she’s gone for good.

      • kayla says:

        Mercedes was being a diva in Night in Neglect because Lauren told her to, and she was being mean in Asian F because whatever-her-boyfriend’s-name-was told her to. Can you recall Mercedes really being mean on her own in the other 74 episodes? No! So how is she one of the worst characters ever when in most of those episodes she was ignored. She’s always been in the background with Tina, Mike and Artie, and now Joe and Sugar too?

    • Reality.Bites says:

      The show is not an ensemble where all characters are equal. Tina and Mercedes are minor characters. They are never, ever going to have major storylines. And while Amber Riley is a great singer, she’s the weakest actor in an original cast that includes Heather Morris.

      • Madonna says:

        Darren Criss is the weakest actor. His scenes are cringe-worthy.

        • Oh Please says:

          Yes and that is why every article that comes out is about how amazing of an actor Darren is. Stop with your blind hatred.

        • Carmen says:

          What does weak acting mean to you? I find Darren Criss’work so nuanced and engaging;he is always present and fully Blaine, even when he doesn’t have lines. He seems to understand and certainly express every thought and feeling informing what his character says and does as well as what he evidently keeps to himself. I have been impressed,again and again by how much he brings to every scene he’s in regardless of how minor his role in it is or how little the script seems to give him to work with. Obviously i think Darren is a very,very fine actor.

        • Kim says:

          Agreed. Darren manages fine when they give him comedy, but his acting in dramatic scenes is very distracting. I just want to scream “tone it down” at the TV. Contrary to claims I’ve never seen one credible critic praise his acting although I will acknowledge his talents as a singer/musician. Sadly Glee uses his voice too much when it isn’t necessary so it loses some of it’s impact for me. I get excited when I hear Cory, Kevin, or Chris pop up on a song, but generally just roll my eyes when I hear Darren…again.

        • Lily_Girl says:

          Wrong. He is so much better this year and way better than anyone on the Ohio side of the stories. He just has not gotten anything good to work with until this season.

          • Karen says:

            Darren and “nuanced ad engaging” in the same sentence? now that’s comedy. Darren is the worst over actor on Glee. I laghed so hard at his “emoting” while singing, and no he isn’t better than anyone on the Ohio side, not when you have Jane, Cory, and Dot there.

          • kayla says:

            Just go back to ONTD, honey. Because the people on that site are the only ones who seem to think Darren can’t act or sing.

    • delusional says:

      Spoken like a true Mercedes fan who hasn’t figures out even if Rachel was gone it wouldn’t mean more for Mercedes. The writers chose not to keep her cause they aren’t interested in her maybe because Amber lacks acting skills for dramatic sotrylines. Mercedes would never be the lead so stop blaming Rachel.

      • Rei says:

        Spoken like a Rachel stan. Amber is off doing more important things, she’s not about this sinking ship of a show anymore. Amber isn’t the best actress on the show but she’s nowhere near the worst. And Mercedes did a pretty damn good job of leading the Troubletones, so don’t bring in that bull about her never being a leader figure.