It's Official: Dan Stevens Confirms Downton Abbey Exit, Says 'It Was a Very Difficult Decision'

Dan Stevens Exits Downton AbbeyMany a Downton Abbey fan’s worst fear has indeed come true: Dan Stevens, as previously reported, will not be continuing on as Matthew Crawley for Season 4.

UK-based viewers who laid witness to the acclaimed period drama’s Christmas special on Tuesday night gleaned as much — and though this news story will steer clear of detailing how/why Matthew exits the canvas, be forewarned that the commenters below have free reign.

In an interview with the UK’s Telegraph, Stevens says that leaving Downton “was a very difficult decision,” though one that he made before filming on the third and final season of his contract began.  “It felt like a good time to take stock, to take a moment,” he recalls. “From a personal point of view, I wanted a chance to do other things.”

Acknowledging that his role as Matthew was “a very monopolizing job,” he says “there is a strange sense of liberation at the same time as great sadness. because I am very, very fond of the show and always will be.” Though he at the time thought he was signing on for any old period drama, he notes that as fashioned by Julian Fellowes, “Anything could happen and generally did.”

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Stevens says it was “very emotional” shooting his final episode, seeing as he and his castmates for three years now have been on “the most amazing journey.

“I don’t think any of us, with the possible exception of Maggie [Smith], have had this kind of explosion in our career paths, and may never again,” he adds. “It has been so bizarre, and only those who have been through it can understand it.”

Stevens — who is currently appearing on Broadway with Jessica Chastain and David Strathairn in The Heiress — looks forward to exploring new and different roles, though knowing how unpredictable an actor’s life can be, admits, “That may not be the case.

“I genuinely don’t know exactly what is around the corner,” he allows, “but I hope it will be something a little bit different.”

Downton Abbey Season 3 makes its Stateside premiere on Jan. 6, on PBS. (Watch a recap video of Seasons 1 and 2.)

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  1. Lilu says:

    R.I.P. Matthew :”(

  2. JKRowling says:

    Snape kills Dumbledore!!!

    Oh wait… sorry….

    Matthew dies in a car crash!!

  3. Shaun says:

    Horrible thing to do……a 10 episode show monopolizes him?BS!!He could be on Broadway like 9months of the year!!

  4. TheGerman says:

    No guys it is all fine. Life can be very tragic and of many sudden turns. JF packs the whole history in. Titanic, 1st telphone, Spanish Flu, WWI, Death on child birth, First fatal road accident.
    Guys, Matthew survived well so far, although he was the only character who domesticated Mary and saved DTA with a fortune, just appearing at the right time from outer space (I am still waiting) – more unbelievable than all the fatalaties so far.
    Julian, my idea would have been: skip another 20 boring years, where he had flourished DA with his great investment ideas and let him be in the RAF as a flight instructor for young cadets to fight against se Germans. Then after all the inexperienced youngsters died in their Spitfires he had to go on a deadly mission himself.
    ….no the line is clear – two babies without one single-parent and now Branson will step into Matthew’s footsteps – right JF? He will turn it all round into a bourgeois estate, with visitors, fun-park & gift shop. Dame Maggie Smith, by the way, runs the gift shop and Bates & Ann open an orphanage, ….;-) (please feel free to add a storyline)….and they all lived happily ever after …. until series 15.

  5. Lauren says:

    I am so so thankful to Mr. Ausiello scooping this months ago, it really made it much easier to deal with. And I could appreciate the beauty of the episode.

    (SPOILERS BELOW- people who have watched weigh in for me)

    I also find Rose and her family to be very boring. The actress is beautiful but her behavior is not enjoyable to watch at all.

    And I am worried about what will happen to Mary next, I mean if she is a total bitch then it sort of defeats all the good Matthew brought out in her. And if she becomes the perfect mother and stops ragging on Edith’s bizarre suitors then it will be too unrealistic.

    And if they are already hinting at Branson moving on? Does that mean another love interest for Mary down the line? How sad to think about…

    Also, since Matthew was the innovator behind keeping Downton financially stable and ushering Downton into a new era– who will do it now?

  6. Christy says:

    I didn’t read the article but SERIOUSLY, why would you put a headline like that??? The show hasn’t aired in the US yet. Thanks for ruining the whole season like that.

  7. Pam says:

    Glad Matthew is out!Now Mary can be a real bitch and have her own way especially to mess-up Edith’s relationship with the editor who has the mad wife! No way will Mary go off with Branson unless he’s driving her somewhere and I think Edith is deperate so she and Branson may get together! The nasty newspaper man will return on the scence and expose Mary’s secret so she’ll need to go to the USA to lay low for a while leaving her baby.Matthew(Dan) good luck in Hollywood-you shouldn’t have walked out of Downton but let’s see if you become Tom Cruise?

  8. Amy Robinson says:

    They should have replaced Dan Steven’s with another actor to take his place. I know it wouldn’t be the same, but with some brilliant casting we might have grown to love a new Matthew that acted similarly to the old, even if it was a new actor. I think killing him off in the last minutes of a Christmas special just as his baby son was born…after all he’d gone through is awful, and cruel to the story and the fans. Bad call Jullian Fellowes, I only wish you could take it back!

    • John says:

      Agreed. I know it’s just a television show but for a lot of us who don’t watch a lot of tv, Downton Abbey was a big treat. Yes, “was”. DA is no longer a masterpiece; it’s now just another soap. Killing off Matthew Crawley was a fatal error. I suggest fixing the error. Why not start the new season with Matthew (Stevens or new actor) driving down that same country road, enjoying his paternal bliss…..and slowing down to let the other vehicle pass? All would quickly be forgiven. Everybody makes mistakes.

  9. Pam says:

    Rubbish-replacing Matthew wouldn’t work! He had to die really(perhaps dying on Xmas Day was a bit extreme-J Fellows). I’m quite glad Matthew has gone because since 1918 all we’ve had is Mary and Matthew aurging over who needs a kiss and cuddle which isn’t really intriguing to say the least! Perhaps the new plot will involve Bates starting to drink again (alcoholism is never cured it only takes one drink)and Anna getting his back hand(Bates does have an aggressive streak!); or Edith becomes pregnant by the editor;or Lord Gramtham had an affair when he was in the Boar war and this results in another male heir appearing who Mary has to marry(yep her half brother-they did a lot of that in those days)!

  10. Nancy says:

    Never watched the show. But isn’t it funny how whenever a cast member gets fired the writers, no matter what show, all have the same response “It was a very difficult thing to do”? Makes you wonder doesn’t it?!

    • angie says:

      Makes me wonder why you came here to post re a show you’ve never watched. Stevens was not fired, he chose to leave.

  11. kara says:

    I haven’t seen season three yet–only spoilers and scenes from youtube, but I don’t get the outrage over Matthew. I’ve always thought him a bit melodramatic and annoying.
    I do like the way Mary has evolved in the relationship. I would rather see this more mature Mary deal with Do
    troubles instead of simply being “rescued” by producing the obligatory “heir and a spare.”

  12. tamim says:

    I hate that Matthew is gone, but dramatically there was nothing else to do with him other than ruin him and make him a total jerk (which would never be believable). This is drama and his life was too charmed. So we spend next season watching Matthew and Tom happily navigate teaching ole Dad-in-Law how the moderns do it while everyone else wrings their hands at home because Edith is now causing a scandal? Not interesting. But, without Matthew, Mary will have to struggle to be a good person on her own. I think the writers have also set up a situation where Tom and Mary may become very good friends (they certainly left enough hints – Tom saying he can’t live without her and Mrs. Hughes telling him that he’ll eventually find someone who understands how he feels?

    Also, Without Matthew, Tom will have to stand up to Lord Crawley on his own and defend Matthew’s vision, but that may not go over so well, so Mary may have to step in to learn to “do something” with her life and help run Downton Abbey. Afterall, she’s the closest thing the Earl ever had to a natural-born son, even if she was beautiful. Now that she’s mother to the heir she may have to play double-duty and do both Mom and Dad things.

    Finally, I think she may try to find someone outside the house to love, but who wants to take on a family where he will not inherit and in twenty years or so he must stand aside because the heir will take over – AND with the way many of the upper-class behave I doubt any potential suitors will be willing to defer to Tom’s ideas and since Mary is such a strong defender of Tom and little Sybil, I don’t think it will take too much before she’s tossed off a potential catch for Tom. I have read elsewhere that it’s a bit soap-opera-y, but it is also probably the only logical choice she has unless she wants to set herself up to leave Downton forever. I also think that it would show some real interesting character development for both characters. Tom and Mary have a history of being snobs and prejudice – each in their own way – and for them to see something worthy in each other would, I believe, show growth. Sure Tom married Sybil, but Sybil had to embrace HIS life while he spent what little time he shared with her life resenting his situation. Mary married a middle-class man, but only after he had been fully improved. I for one am very interested to see how things will turn out.

    Also, keep in mind that this is post-WWI and most potential suitors died during the war as part of the Lost Generation. There are very few unmarried good men left, so Mary may just have to take what she can get

  13. Is It Spring Yet? says:

    Does anyone remember the old television series, Dallas? Who shot JR ended up being explained as a dream! It’s t.v. afterall….people CAN come back from the dead!

  14. M&M says:

    DA came into being when Matthew Crawley was found as the next heir, it became interesting when he began to fall for one of the daughters of the house against his own morals, it became intriguing when she began to fall for him, it became epic when their love for eachother became the glue that held DA together, the war was on, people dying, but the one constant was the love between Mary and Matthew. And it became pure joy when he proposed in the snow, our hearts melted and two years of investment in these characters paid off so beautifully, and then we saw them in a realistic marriage, and with Matthew’s death, DA has become pointless. The show is about the future of DA and Matthew was the saviour, in all senses of the word; He saved DA, he saved Sybil from the angry mob, he saved Tom from being alienated, and he saved Mary from being a
    bitter, snobbish bitch. Intellectually Matthew and Mary should not work but they do because it is love, illogical but true, it is through his vision of her that she is redeemed, it is through his modernising vision that downton was saved and it was through his war time trauma that the noble Grantham family truly felt the horrors of war. Dan Stevens is an above average actor but Matthew Crawley was THE central core of DA. and with his death, so has the end come for my favourite program. RIP Matthew Crawley, we will miss you, and RIP Downton Abbey, it is time for you to go before you pair Mary off with Branson and I put a shoe through my television. I’m rather fond of my shoes so please exit gracefully, and for heavens sake, whatever and however you decide to go, do not get pregnant and do not drive a car looking very happy. Bye bye.

  15. mandyreeves says:

    I believe that the wounded guy from season 2 will come back…the supposed true heir who supposedly died on the Titanic. Then, it won’t matter that Mathew died and had a son…all that would be pointless because the true heir shows up

    • Pam says:

      The true heir (with a face) might show up and marry Edith so DA will be inherited by Edith instead of Mary and her offspring. By the way, Mary will never comtemplate marrying Tom cobbler with the IRA family- don’t even think it. I know Prince William married a commoner but her background is like Matthew’s not really street common like her mum’s family. May DA survive for ever-J Fellows and ITV please sign up for another 10 series before Maggie Smith is too senial to remember her lines! We love it!

    • Pam says:

      The true heir (without a face) might show up and marry Edith so DA will be inherited by Edith instead of Mary and her offspring. By the way, Mary will never comtemplate marrying Tom cobbler with the IRA family- don’t even think it. I know Prince William married a commoner but her background is like Matthew’s not really street common like her mum’s family. May DA survive for ever-J Fellows and ITV please sign up for another 10 series before Maggie Smith is too senial to remember her lines! We love it!

  16. Stef says:

    I blame neither Dan Stevens or Julian Fellowes, per se, but I do wish that Matthew moved to London for work purposes and we had a few scenes of Mary & baby departing or returning from visiting him, explaining that they decided that Downton was the best place to raise baby Crawley. This would keep Michelle Dockery in the show and not have them estanged which is what Julian Fellowes and the producers didn’t want.

  17. Bob Conti says:

    Just pull a “Bewitched-Second Darren” routine and viola, Matthew lives on! Seriously, it isn’t as though somebody else couldn’t play that character.

  18. Barbie says:

    It should be interesting what happens to Lady Mary character, now that Matthew with be gone, maybe she’ll have more adventures and not such a milquetoast for a husband. Matthew was boring and she should have taken her fathers advice and find a cowboy from the middle west and shake them up! As long as they produce Downton Abbey I will be watching with bated breath!

  19. BuckeyeNV says:

    Mary can be a spoiled brat….but I think she is going to show that she is stronger than she thinks she is capable of being……I want to see her step up in Season 4 – to really show what a strong woman she is… raise the child to be an amazing heir and caretaker to Downton Abbey……maybe she can even have a little affair with Carson – lol

  20. DenverGal says:

    A couple of thoughts: On Dan Stevens leaving to explore other career options, consider the career of David Caruso (CSI: Miami) who thought he was a hot item only to return to the TV show after washing out in films. On who winds up with DA following the loss of Matthew: will Mary get pregnant before that happens, and if so, is she carrying a boy? If yes, then the infant inherits. If not (and I don’t know that Mr. Fellowes has researched this) the English law that allows for the entail to be valid is changed in 1925 (and season 3 starts in 1920), so then Mary and Edith could be heirs. On Tom Branson: Mr. Fellowes has seriously underplayed the level of animosity the English had towards the Irish at that time, to the point that there is no way Tom would ever have been hired to work at DA in the first place, and if he had, then Sybil would have been shipped off at the first sign of any such unsuitable liaison with him.

  21. MauiGirl says:

    Okay, I have read way too much. Season 3 has been ruined for me, and I haven’t even watched a single episode yet. So disappointed in myself.

  22. Margo Salvato says:

    I haven’t watched it yet and am not angry at spoilers…………I hate surprises……………..if indeed he is dead, it is a fitting way to exit his character…… gives Mary a very central figure a chance to go on to another romance……otherwise she would just be the wife waiting for the hubby to “come home from some venture’ and let’s face it another injury and long recovery would just be boring!

  23. face913 says:

    Reading all of this has just intrigued me even more. I hope JF continues on with the series after #4. No show should revolve around one character. As much as I love the upstairs characters, especially Mary, I am more curious about the downstairs people, especially Anna, Bates and Mr. Carson. I think I may have to purchase the DVD’s from Amazon UK because I don’t know if I can wait. :)

  24. reelmomof4 says:

    I am in agreement with the general sense of loss for Matthew’s departure, I just think that sometimes people need to move on. Julian Fellowes has a tremendous name and is gifted at script writing. I’m not going to call the show a wash because Matthew is departing (even though I do think that is so so sad bc of the integral part of the show he and Mary were) and I think I’ll be giving Mr. Fellowes a chance to show what he can do.

    • angie says:

      I admire your optimism, but for me, in spite of all the thoughtful comments and analysis given here, the the bottom line is: Dan Stevens killed Downton.

  25. Chrissa says:

    What were the writers thinking??? They had plenty of time to find a replacement for Dan Stevens (seriously, they could have found a similar looking actor to continue on as the Mathew Crawley character – there are plenty of highly talented actors who could have done it quite nicely). The viewing public do realize that actors sometimes leave a production and need to be replaced (as in the Poldark series with the actor who played Dr. Ennis or other more recent productions on both sides of the Atlantic). However, for them to change the entire storyline to accommodate one actor seems entirely foolish and compromises the intended plot continuity. As for Mr. Stevens – I wonder if he had become too afraid of being typecast as a “nice guy”. Well, never mind that now – I am not sure the public would be willing to see him in anything at all now that he chose to leave in the middle of one of the most successful series to ever air. After that, who out there could possibly take him seriously about anything? When one is part of something so significant and meaningful that the audience tops 8 million for a single episode, there is a need for the writers to focus on the story – and to trust the audience to have the intelligence to stay with it if an actor does decide they are too important to see it through properly.

    • angie says:

      Well said. Of course the Matthew character should have been continued, along with the Mary/Matthew storyline. Why was this not obvious to JF et al?

      Fans are not nearly as connected to Dan Stevens as are to Matthew Crawley. Killing off Matthew will kill Downton Abbey, so unless JF has a stunning plot twist up his sleeve, he can kiss his fan base and thie series goodbye.

  26. Sharon says:

    I am happy that Dan has decided to strike while the iron is hot in his acting career, but I was devastated by the exit. Both his and Sybil’s deaths were completely unexpected. I must admit I was quite pulled in to this show. I have to remind myself that these are actors.

    • Chrissa says:

      Yes, they are actors – which is precisely why this one should be replaced rather than written out. Heavens, at this rate, who will be left at home but Edith and a few servants if this trend continues!

  27. Scott Sykora says:

    It was bad enough losing Sybil, but not Matthew…Mary And Matthew were the heart of Downton Abbey. All the characters are great, but without the heart….maybe they should’ve ended the series. I may or may not continue watching, but if I do it will be without the enthusiasm I once had for it.

    The daughters need to quit having babies if it means another character has to die…

    • angie says:

      I and all my friends agree. Matthew MUST be recast for the series to be viable for us. No new suitor/love interest for Mary. We waited long and hard for Matthew and Mary, and we will not watch without them. As I have said before, the series can survive losing Dan Matthews, but NOT losing Matthew.

  28. Tiffany A says:

    I am devastated beyond words. Upon watching the tragic last few minutes of the show, all I could do was yell no…no….no…… This can’t be.. not my matthew…. I was in shock and disbelief for days. I was so angry I could not cry.. I cried for hours for Cybil’s death, But I couldn’t and wouldn’t accept Matthew’s death. I wished I had not seen my handsome Matthew, my beloved hero’s beautiful lifeless eyes stare into the skies. I wished his eyes had remained closed so there’d be some hope of him being alive. I wished I had not watched this episode. Matthew’s death runied my year, I will never be able to watch the 4th season without Matthew even as much as I love the show and all the charactors in the show. I was so mad and I am still mad. Even reading all the online posting about the reasons for killing off Matthew there is still no consolation to me. I love Matthew (Dan Stevens) so I can’t be mad at him for choosing to leave the show but I am. How could he do this to us? To Mary and to his son and to Downton? What’s another year for him to stay at the show however boring for him as compared to devastating his loving fans and ruining everyone’s christmas and new year and the disappointment at the show and the anger at the writers with this heartbreaking tragedy?

    I know it is not going to happen and this is not Dallas or other shows to bring people back from the dead, but I wish there was some miracle to bring him back… How childish and unrealistic of me….But I am a foolish romantic at heart and soul.

    I will miss you Matthew (Dan Stevens), I wish you all the luck in your future endeavors. I hope you realize all your dreams even if you killed ours.

    Downton and Matthew Crawley’s devoted fan of 3 years,


    Tiffany A.

    • angie says:

      You are hardly childish; your reaction is shared by many, including myself and ALL my friends. Matthew and Mary are the heart and sould of Donton’ Matthew must be RECAST. (The car death scene could have been a dream!) If that does not happen, we will no longer watch. We have neither the energy nor the inclination to invest in another relationship for Mary.

  29. Rosr says:

    Bring Iain Glen back into story! Great actor, character brought dramatic tension and energized storyline!!

  30. Audi says:

    Personally I found Sybil’s death to be far more devastating, since Branson was left much more profoundly alone than Mary will be. Among both the family and the downstairs staff he’s still an outsider and could develop in any number of ways, so for me he’s become the most interesting character in the show. As season 3 progressed I wondered how they would keep the Matthew/Mary relationship interesting once they were happily married. We certainly weren’t going to be entertained for very long with their fretting over whether they’d be able to have a baby. Although it was satisfying to see them finally together, there is a sort of beauty in having him die while their love was still so strong and untarnished. After all, they had gotten married and had a child — there was really only one direction left for them to go, which was conflict. The writers couldn’t just have them adoring each other forever; eventually the scenes of them kissing and talking about how in love they were would have become tiresome, and anyway it wouldn’t have been realistic, especially with Mary being so headstrong. I’d rather see their relationship end in sudden tragedy than the slow death of domestic strife; it’s much more poetic. Now let’s get on with making Branson the central character! Doesn’t he have a revolution to lead or something?

  31. Miranda says:

    I have seen every episode and each time I was more and more into it. That’s all I wanted to do was watch the show. The entire first second and third season I was on the edge of my seat hoping to find Mary and Mathew together and finally they were. They are my two favorite characters, and to have the very last scene of the season to be the death of Mathew is the worst way to end a season. The cliff hangers should not be sad but happy because you don’t want your fans to be upset, you want them happy and exciting and not being able to wait for more. In this case I am afraid to watch more because I feel without Mathew, there is no Downton Abbey.

  32. Robert says:

    I for one am bitterly dissapointed. Downton Abbey has had too much depressing tradgedy to be believable any more. If I could speak to the writer I would say…
    To kill off Mathiew’s character instead of just replacing the actor or sending the character “away” or something was a MAJOR screw-up. You might as well have just let the house (DA) burn down!

  33. Brian says:

    FLOORED! Watching stateside, (across the pond) I was COMPLETELY blown away by Maathew’s car crash! Still, I CAN’T STOP WATCHING!

    • angie says:

      I can, and I will. DA ia the story of Mary and Matthew, their life, their family, their love and heartache. DA can absolutely survive the loss of Stevens, but it cannot survive the loss of Matthew. Unless Matthew is recast (not replaced), season 4 will fizzle and die a boring slow death.

  34. Brian says:


  35. The character is more important than the actor.actress. There are other fine actresses and actors. You don’t kill off characters because someone does not sign a contract for next season.

    • angie says:

      EXACTLY. After watching the finale, I think there is definitely room to allow Matthew to “recover”. Recasting Matthew is a far better alternative than destroying the show.

      • John says:

        That’s exactly right. It does seem that the show is destroyed. No real point in watching if the creators of the show do not value the characters. The character of Matthew can – and should – live on for years to come. Matthew and Mary are the 2 main characters, even moreso than Robert and Cora. Get another actor, fast.

  36. Preston Turegano says:

    No need to despair over the death of Matthew Crawley. When Season 4 begins, Mary will be getting out of bed in the morning and will be alarmed by sounds coming from her bathroom. When she opens the door, Matthew will be in the tub splashing about and will say, “Good morning!” We will learn Season 3 was just a dream. Lady Sybil did not die; Lady Edith was not jilted at the altar, and Matthew was never in a car crash! If Bobby Ewing can come back from the dead in “Dallas,” why not Matthew Crawley? Then again, “Dallas” started going down hill in ratings after its dream season. I say “Downton Abbey” will go bust now that Dan Stevens is gone. Thanks Dan for thinking only of yourself. If I were a producer of a TV show or film in the works, I’d think twice before signing Dan Stevens. Cheerio!

  37. JAlexandra says:

    Now we have the answer to the perplexing question of why Matthew was written off. JApparently, Mr. Stevens thinks that , just because he is currently on Broadway, he has now hit the big time and a multitude of opportunities await him. Darlin’, I hate to discourage you, but there are thousands of relatively young, talented, photogenic actors vying for roles every nanosecond, and you had hit the motherlode with that role on one of the best and most popular shows on TV. I thought that you might not like period pieces, but the play you are currently in sounds like the movie that starred Montgomery Clift and Olivia DeHaviland. Unless someone has really modernized the script and setting, that too is a period piece. And, Mr. Stevens has a family to support, so this might not have been the best idea at this time. But, I am confident that intriguing plot lines are being devised, and multifaceted new characters will be introduced for the upcoming season. I do wish Mr. Stevens all the best.

  38. Jody says:

    My first choice would have been for DS to stay. Second choice would have been to recast Matthew. Failing that let’s rush time along and show Mary and her adolescent son working together to save Downtown Abbey.

  39. Nancy says:

    I think that they can bring Mattew back. Even if it’s a different actor. I, for one, don’t see why he had to die. He could be badly hurt and have had to have major plastic surgery or something. I know thay wasnt common in those days, but Matthew was one of my favorite characters. As was Lady Sybil. I literally cried when I knew they were gonna die. I did, however, rather enjoy the intense editing for Matthew’s death. And I thank you for at least doing it right.

  40. Sandy says:

    I hate that they killed Matthew off will not watch anymore!

  41. Suzanne says:

    Mary will rise to the occasion as she has all series. A little grief then move on. Brenson will be instrumental in putting things into perspective. With Rose on board anything goes!! Can’t wait until next year.

  42. CherylB says:

    It was obvious Dan Stevens was ready to move on. He gave a great last performance as Matthew with Mary and his son. Let’s be glad of that, because many other scenes with Stevens were lacking. I will say the director of the scene showing Matthew gazing around in the air instead of looking at the road right before the accident did a poor job. As for Mary, this opens up so many new possibilities for her character. I bet she will take over where Matthew leaves off, running Downton Abby much like Scarlett O’Hara did for Tara plantation in “Gone With the Wind.” Downton Abby is so much more than one love story or one tragedy. I admit two tragedies in one season was harsh, and I hope it doesn’t happen again. I am an American. I wish to close by saying Maggie Smith is a brilliant actor. I greatly admire her skills and professionalism.

    • angie says:

      DA may be MORE than a love story, but it is a love story at its core, and Matthew/Mary is the heart and soul of the series. Matthew should have been recast. The series could easily have survived the loss of Stevens; it will not (IMO) survive the loss of Matthew/Mary.

  43. S. Brown-Thomas says:

    Fellowes could have had Mathew chapperone a Peter, Edmund, and Lucy Pevensie. Maybe they’ re all in Narnia now. Just one more train ride! Lol. That was a bummer too. At least the writers for the movie changed that ending. I hate it when main characters are killed off.

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