Will All My Children and One Life to Live Return from the Dead? Burning Questions Answered

ROGER HOWARTHOn Jan. 13, it will be a year since One Life to Live signed off of ABC. And All My Children has been gone even longer. But in either case, did anyone see a body? Hmmm….

As first reported by our sister site Deadline, Prospect Park, the entertainment production company that sought to keep both of the aforementioned soaps alive online but ultimately had to put a pin in that plan, is again looking to revisit Pine Valley and Llanview.

Because hopes were raised only to be dashed the first time around, Prospect Park is laboring to be more “cautious” and keep its cards close to the vest, until the cameras are all but rolling, a source familiar with the situation tells TVLine. That said, some information is emerging about this latest rescue effort. Here are some burning questions we tried to get answered.

WHERE WILL THE SOAPS SHOOT? | Again, Prospect Park is not confirming any of the latest buzz, but TVLine hears that some of the details first reported by the online magazine Soap Opera Uncensored are accurate — including that both AMC and OLTL would shoot new episodes in a Stamford, Conn. facility shared by Maury. (I used to commute into New York City from Stamford — Go, Westhill Vikings! — with AMC vet David Canary, so maybe this new scenario could lure him back in front of the camera?) At the time AMC signed off, its production was based out of Los Angeles, while OLTL had moved into its sister soap’s digs on the Upper West Side of Manhattan (which are now being used by the syndicated Millionaire game show). I’m hearing that irresistible tax incentives led Prospect Park to set up shop in Stamford, which is less than an hour from NYC.

WHAT WILL THE NEW EPISODES LOOK LIKE? | Again, Soap Opera Uncensored‘s info seems solid, that AMC and OLTL would each produce four half-hour episodes a week, plus a recap episode every Friday.

WILL A NETWORK BROADCAST THE EPISODES AFTER THEY RUN ONLINE? | Such a “dual window” scenario — in which, say, a cabler airs the new episodes at some point in time after they have streamed online — of course remains the ideal. That said, Prospect Park’s focus (and its forte) is to make the reborn serials “appeal to the plugged-in audience” that would and could consume them online ASAP (via The Online Network).

WHICH ACTORS WOULD RETURN? | At the time of Prospect Park’s original fall 2011 overture, more than a dozen OLTL actors — Erika Slezak (Viki), Kassie DePaiva (Blair), Michael Easton (John) and Melissa Archer (Natalie) included — were on board to go online, while Cameron Mathison (Ryan) and Lindsay Hartley (Cara) were among the few AMCers locked in. Who’s willing (or able to) nibble now? AMC frontwoman Susan Lucci has been contacted, Showbiz411.com reported, though she is currently committed to the 13-episode Lifetime drama Devious Maids. OLTL‘s Slezak made no mention of the new Prospect Park buzz in her just-issued Christmas letter to fans; instead, she opined, “I truly believe that ABC has realized what a terrible mistake they made in canceling both [shows].” I’m told that cast members who were not contacted before the holidays may get felt out early in the new year, though as a vet of one of the two soaps told me, “We are all waiting to get some hard facts.”

WHO WOULD BE RUNNING THE SHOWS? | Daytime Confidential reports that former AMC producer/writer Ginger Smith is being eyed as that sudser’s new showrunner and that Prospect Park likely will tap and promote an OLTL vet to helm that reboot. One Life’s most recent boss, Frank Valentini, is now running things (quite successfully) at ABC’s General Hospital, where three former Llanviewers — Easton, Roger Howarth (Todd) and Kristen Alderson (Starr) — now call Port Charles home.

HEY, SPEAKING OF GH: WILL TODD, JOHN AND/OR STARR HAVE TO LEAVE PORT CHARLES? | Here’s where things get tricky. My understanding is that Prospect Park, having made a new deal to license the soaps (after the rights reverted back to ABC this fall), owns the characters and thus has “right of first refusal.” Meaning, if they want Todd Manning back in the “new” Llanview, they get him. (Whether Roger Howarth in turn is obligated to make the move along with his character is unclear.)

IS IT TRUE THAT AMC WILL COST MORE TO RESURRECT? | Soap Opera Uncensored cited the licensing fees for each of the soaps, indicating that All My Children will cost Prospect Park $500,000/year more than OLTL — even though the latter had better ratings at the time of its demise.

SO, IS THIS REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN? | Again, everyone is treading extra-carefully this time around, knowing from past experience how many ducks need to line up in a row. What’s different now, however, is that Prospect has inked deals with both the DGA and SAG-AFTRA, Deadline reports, eliminating two of three major hurdles (the third being the WGA).
Plus as AMC favorite Michael E. Knight (Tad) noted during a recent “Martin family reunion” with Michael Fairman/Soap Opera Sociliate Productions, if anyone can do it, Prospect Park can. “They realize there is a market for [AMC], and that the Internet is the way to go. These guys connect the dots,” he observed. “The flaw [a year ago] wasn’t theirs; it was the rest of the industry not being up to their vision. I wouldn’t count these guys out.”

Are you being cautiously optimistic, ABC soap fans? And if AMC and/or OLTL do get revived, who do you think are the must-have actors/characters from each?

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  1. Libby says:

    I believe that if they can bring back OLTL they absolutely need to try and bring some of the teens back on the show-Matt, Des, Dani. I believe that would really improve on it, especially since they are so young and can pull the show along for many years to come. Plus, You can’t really have Llanview without the Buchanans and Matthew IS a Buchanan. Let’s see how the Buchanan/Evans family is going! And Tea has to come back-where is Dani? She can’t just be replaced with this whole baby thing.

  2. Olivia fisk says:

    I loved OLTL I always wonderd what happen with victor lord jr. id love for oltl.amc to come back. But for oltl if it means starr leaving michle on GH idk hopefully that wont happen if it dose come back. Also I think todd should go back to oltl carly and him r not good together and the fact that there kids r together. Carly belongs with johnny Z.cant wait for johnny to revel his secret!:)

  3. Olivia fisk says:

    Am I the only one that wached all the soaps in order never disliked any!:). My fav was oltl then amc then gh but sence the two got canclled I was already into gh but wen I heard oltl chacters were coming on I was really happy!!. If they come back dont change GH that it is today. I agree bring back all the oringnals. Exsepted for starr;) leave her with michle..I wanna see gig and rex. And what was up with oltl ending jan.13. Victor lord jr. you cant just leave it like that. Bring trever st. John!!! <3

    • Tina M. says:

      I love Gigi & Rex, , John McBain, Tad, Bo & Nora, the squabbling of Viki and Dorean. I like Todd and Carly Jax getting mixed up, new love connections. GH has been so exciting.

  4. Olivia fisk says:

    John.needs.to go back to natilie and his baby!! And ppl kirten alderson has a perfect.story line on gh she cant go to oltl even tho thats where she belongs. Cuz, shes doing great.she has michle and cant hav michle move to oltl thay would look odd/:

  5. Tina M. says:

    My heart was broken when these 2 shows went off the air. I have watched them since I was a teen, with OLTL being my favorite of the 3 ABC shows. Even though I still watched AMC, (taped due to work schedule) I admit I fast forwarded through a lot of AMC. Some of the characters were really getting annoying. I could barely get through anymore Kendall/Ryan/Greenlee scenes, and sorry, but Erica had just become annoying as well. They needed to become more “real” like people with believable storylines. Same drama with these 4 everyday, day after day. If I had to choose, I’d choose OLTL for sure over AMC. I will admit however, I am not sure this is going to work. The OLTL writers are at GH, along with some of the characters and I must admit, I love some of the characters from OLTL going to GH (because it kept them alive). I think they have really grown into that show,and I actually wish they would take the best characters from all 3 shows and make one spectacular hour airing every weekday. I am afraid this may destroy all 3 of the shows. The production cost is going to be high and just going on the internet will probably reduce its chances. It would be great if it could go on a TV channel, like Soapnet. I will watch, but not sure about all folks. Here’s hoping it isn’t the demise of all 3 of them.

  6. trish says:

    I would love to watch both shows again. Either on TV or online. I have watched them since early 70’s and would continue to be a fan to date.

  7. m whitaker says:

    What about AS THE WORLD TURNS??????!!!!!! Please bring it back!!!! :(

  8. Sandra Busey says:

    I’m thrilled and want this to happen! I’ve watched both shows since they were first on and was in mourning for them for the last year. I was just thinking last week that I had nothing to look forward to in the afternoons since they went off the air. I hope some of our favorite actors will sign and that the story lines that the shows ended with will be continued. Be still my heart…..

  9. Ivonne says:

    Please bring both shows back and their original characters. Enough with cooking and reality shows.

    • Patty says:

      I too have been boycotting , they took soaps off and thought we would like a cooking show to replace what we loved. Yeah right! Guess u were wrong abc, eh???

  10. martha Evans says:

    for all the fans they should bring all my children and one life to live back, take the chew off the air, we really dont need anymore cook show’s,”we just need our favorite shows on during the daytime keep us company like they used too

  11. Pat Buchanan says:

    We must have Erika Slezak (Viki), Bob Woods (Bo), Melissa Archer (Natalie) and Kassie Depiva (Blair) for sure! They are long time vets and faves! But I also would like the new Producer’s to bring back the origional Jessica played by, Erin Torpey. I want Ilene Kristen as Roxy and Tea Delgado,Florencia Lozano . Bring back great villains like Mitch (Roscoe Born and Carlo Hesser, (Thom Christopher.)

  12. Wayne Lawless says:

    I want Andrew Trischitta “Jack” back on OLTL and Daniel Kennedy “Petey” on AMC!


    • Sarah says:

      I agree. I don’t watch the stupid shows that ABC put on in the morning. There are shows I used to watch in the morning that I don’t anymore because they are on ABC. I think I have watched The View once since they took AMC off the air. I used to watch it every morning before my shows. If ABC doesn’t stop making cooking shows and reality TV, the whole station might be next to go off the air. In general (**just in case any of ABC advertisers or executives are reading**) I don’t watch ABC anymore at all – I would wait for Netflix to put the shows I like on-line before watching their station. That is how unhappy I am with the programing on ABC at this point. Their executives need to take stock and think about their jobs as a whole instead of being so concerned with how programming costs are eating into their end of year bonus. There may be no more salary to go along with their bonus if they have no more viewers!

  14. Barbie says:

    The show needs to be what we are use too. We should have never lost Daytime’s OLTL who made that Network ABC look like FOOLS to US THE VIEWER. WHY GET RID OF DAYTIME’S FAVORITE DAYTIME DRAMA? So out of touch with the people not to mention NO LOYALTY TO THE SEASONED ACTORS THAT HAVE MADE THEM MILLIONARE”S. Seems to be the way now days from Wall Street to Soap Street. United we Stand Divided We Fall. Thanks Prospect Park… SMART MOVE FOR YOU LET ABC see how wild we are about our beloved soaps and never let them have it back. HOPEFULLY THEY CAN HAVE 1 hour full episodes everyday you will see we love that soap and We love it that GH helped to to keep the few OLTL characters alive, cause they did know they screwed up BIG. …… WE WILL MAKE THIS SOAP BE REVITALIZED…….

  15. Barbie says:

    Viki and Dorian for real, Blair, Tea, Bo, Nora, Jessica, Tina,Clint, NEW MAN FOR VIKI AND DORIAN, “HUNK HUNK HUNK” Maybe they can go speed dating or something together or to a biker bar.. lol They need to get laid. BRODY…”His long lost identical twin” etc Jessica loved him so much. Matt, Destiny, Danni, Dorian’s daughter and Marco. Natalie, EVERYONE< or how could it possibly be called OLTL. We the viewer know our SOAP.

  16. Barbie says:

    If they change it too much at all we will know and it will not work I don’t think.

  17. pamela says:

    Please bring back amc and oltl I love watching them I been watching since I was 13 all I have is a intena not that many channels dieing to see it again.

  18. Connie Blizzard says:

    A grave injustice was done when both of these wonderful programs were cancelled. It has become a realistic fact of what was thought of replacing them with all those talk shows was a huge mistake. Our soaps were and are a great way for us to get the chance to relax while we watch the stories of these families we have grown up with and love as our own family. So, having the decenity to admit what you did was wrong is the first thing to do to correct this injustice that was done to all the wonderful actors and to all the loyal viewers and the second thing to do is TO PUT THEM BACK ON AND LEAVE THEM ALONE. You now have found out they can not be replaced with decorating and medical talk shows. We don’t want those kinds of programs in the afternoons. We have dr phil and the doctors in the a.m. and they are great shows but thats enough of them. It’s time to put back what you took away…….ALL MY CHILDREN AND ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

  19. Diana says:

    I think they should reinstate all of the soaps that have been cancelled and put it on OWN (Oprah’s network) as she needs fans to boost her station. That way we would have access to all of them from all of the channels sand the big networks CBS ABC etc. could go fly.

  20. Linda Hosta says:

    Bring OLTL back. Get Soap Net to air it.

  21. Holly Dille says:

    please please please bring back one life to live and all my children i miss them so much i havent watched any of the new episodes that they have put in their place and im not going to…i want all of the original characters for oltl and amc to be in it

  22. Desiree says:

    I think McBain should stay on gh cause wtf would he go back to llanview on gh it said Natalie has a restraining order on him that would make no sense John and Sam al the way

  23. jonathan plouet says:

    I think abc should suck it up. And put my shows back on the air. Amc/ oltl/ and. Of course keep gh. I have watched since I was 1968 and today is 2013 and so many of my family and friends still watch. There has been such a void since they took off my shows I have never ever watched the chew. Leave the cooking shows for the cooking channel.and don’t mess with my shows ever again. Soap actors are the most hard working actors in th bussiness. J.p.

  24. bobby says:

    I remember my childhood an as far as I can remember AMC & OLTL has been a part of it. My mother started watching these shows when she was 45 , shes going on 86 now and health declining . She seem not to enjoy anything because of the cancellations pls let her see her shows before she passes. Please bring the shows back on TV she loves those shows and i want her happy again.

  25. Pat says:

    Watched All My Children and One Life To Live since the airing of both shows, since it’s cancelation, I haven’t watched ABC network from 1 o’clock to 3 o’clock at all. I don’t like the shows that were put on and I knew they would not last.I only hope that the 2 shows will return to television.

  26. Leslie says:

    Please bring them back

  27. Jamie LeVasseur says:

    When OLTL and AMC come back where will you be able to watch them. I know everyone is sayng online but what website? Can anyone answer that question for me please.

  28. Hope L. Eisma says:

    Hi i’m HOPE EISMA, from Philippines.. though it’s late to comment about what happen to reese and bianca. I want their characters, stories and a lot more. I want them back, i hope eden riegel and tamara braun do it again. I appreciate every little episode from their season.. eden riegel, welcome back.. God bless ALL MY CHILDREN CAST..

  29. Hope L. Eisma says:

    Hi again, im Hope Eisma fans from Philippines… I’m glad that eden riegel back in All My Children cast. I just don’t understand how bianca montgomery and reese williams ended their marriage like she decided to not following bianca in pine valley, in the first place she was the one who follow before bianca and then the marriage, love story, romance ended just like that marissa. Come on, please return tamara braun in the cast and make some stories to continue their story. More mature lesbian couple, i miss so much bianca and reese.. tamara and eden come back… God Bless All My Children… thanks..

  30. Hope L. Eisma says:

    I read some fake stories that bianca and reese, some fans longing for their stories. And I also, want them back together.. reese williams and bianca montgomery forever fans, really… i’ve their story in youtube, oh i miss the so much together. I followed eden riegel and tamara braun on their twitter to know that how’s life their now.. TAMARA BRAUN AND EDEN RIEGEL, TAKE ALWAYS OKAY.. I MISS YOU GUYS.. ADVANCE Happy Birthday to tamara, GOD BLESS.

  31. Nancy says:

    I love One Life to Live but if I have to pay to watch it, count me out!!!

  32. Myday wascomplete when stories was on now it not complete stories bettet than talk-cooking show

  33. You will have fewer people watching if you only have it online. I didn’t even know it was already on til I went on ABC and noticed it. Thanks a lot, People. I used to love both AMC and OTLT, but also Gen. Hospital. I do record them, so make sure there is a way to tell if people are “recording” to count the watchers. Roger Howarth as Franco?// he needs to go back to being the “bad guy” who was Blair’s husband. Keep working on a tv type show. I watched for most of the 40 years. My son asked why I watch that stuff…told him “their lives are worse than mine!!!

  34. ted says:

    I followed these soaps for 20 plus years.i think you waited too long and people finally accepted that it was over.