Fringe Recap: A Sharp Rebuttal

Fringe Season 5 RecapThis week on Fox’s Fringe, as the team labored to communicate with Michael the “child” Observer, Nina had a fierce face-off with Captain Windmark. Also: the true identity of the mysterious Donald was revealed.

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HALO TECHNIQUE | Now that the Fringe team has found Michael, they must determine how he figures into Walter’s grand plan to defeat the Observers. Alas, communicating with the boy is not as simple as it was in the past, as he and Olivia no longer share an empathic connection.

They thus reach out to Nina, who arranges for a rendezvous at the resistance’s “black lab” (aka an off-book laboratory, not a dog). There in the subterranean bunker (secreted away behind multiple Get Smart-like doors), Walter & Co. see the Observers that have been captured and experimented on, yet all for seemingly naught. Nina reveals an “e-cog halo” device that should be able to translate Michael’s neuro-electrical activity into something they can understand — yet it does not work. His noodle apparently is wired differently than your average Observer. They’ll need a second “halo” to link up his brain to one of theirs.

But as Walter, Peter and Olivia set out to break into the Ministry of Science’s warehouse, Windmark and his team follow Nina’s tracks, first “eavesdropping” on Olivia’s call to her by lifting traces off the glass in Sharp’s office, then by interrogating her colleagues and tracking her comm. In fact, Olivia is fetching the halo case off a top shelf as she eyeballs Windmark’s grilling of Hastings, the friendly who hooked them all up with the “rubble displacer” gizmo a few weeks back.

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TALK TO THE ANIMALS | Alerted by Olivia that she has been made, Nina rushes to hide Michael, then awaits Windmark’s arrival. While fighting to keep Windmark from extracting her thoughts and discovering Michael’s whereabouts, Nina manages to serve up some smart sass. “Why does a child worry you so much?” she wonders. Windmark answers, “He is merely a curiosity. And you are mistaken about him; he is no child. He is a chromosomal mistake, an anomaly. He was scheduled to be destroyed but he went missing. He was a great mystery in my time. I would very much like to meet him.”

Windmark is surly enough just knowing that Nina has been acting against his people. But when he peeks under the sheets in the lab, seeing how his comrades have been treated, he deems her and her kind “animals.” Au contraire, Ms. Sharp argues. Noting how Team Fedora members tilt their heads during conversation, she likens the reflex to that of lizards, who despite 300 million years of evolution “form no bonds. Love does not exist for them. They are incapable of contemplating beauty… Not unlike your kind,” she taunts. “For all your evolution, you developed and honed primitive instincts we moved beyond long ago. So in reality, you’re the animals.”

And as Windmark readies to amp up his extraction techniques, Nina grabs a loyalist’s pistol and takes her life, before she can compromise the greater cause.

A SEPTEMBER TO REMEMBER | Returning to the bunker, Walter et al are distraught to find Nina’s dead body, yet upon reviewing surveillance video realize she died to protect them. They then find Michael hiding beneath one of the exam chambers, and return with him to Walter’s lab. There, Michael interrupts his and Walter’s halo hook-up to remove the device and walk over to touch Walter’s face — as he did with Nina earlier — triggering a “greatest hits” montage of Walter’s life. Within the flurry of images, we see Walter interact with the mysterious “Donald,” who, minus hair and a smile, we discover is September (the Observer who has helped our team on many an occasion, starting with when he saved a young alt-Peter from drowning in Reiden Lake). But why and how (and when?) did he once at one time look like the rest of us, as “Donald”?

Those answers and more to come in Fringe‘s final three hours, kicking off Jan. 11 and wrapping up Jan. 18 with a double bill. For now, what did you think of “Anomaly XB-6783746″? Do you approve of Nina’s swan song? How terrific was Blair Brown in those scenes with Windmark? And how about some props for the rugrat playing odd Michael?

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  1. Me says:

    Excellent Episode! LOVED IT!

    • md says:

      **Excellent** work by Blair Brown. I’ve been a fan of hers ever since “Altered States”. It’s a shame to see the Nina character go, but oh what a heck of an exit. Bravo!

  2. It’s a real shame that is the last season of Fringe, this show has such great writers, they make everything fall into place.

    I have to say that the Donald/September thing i never saw coming, especially when you don’t know how and when to place it, but then again, there is that gap in time where Etta was born and the invasion, that all occured after September’s death, or did he ? Because after all, when he was shot and pronounced dead by our very own Fringe team, he disappeared just like that !

    I have two theories about that (about Why & How) :

    1. September never died, he just saw the opportunity on living a normal life as a human (got hair implants) and went on with it until the invasion where he had to do something and then settled into the “plan” with Walter.

    2. When Observers die, they become normal human beings, but keep their memories, which is why September continued being as Donald.

    The (When) is the current timeline i guess, because another one would require another hole in the universe which may have brought the Invasion, sort of.

    That Nina/Windmark scene deserves an Emmy nomination (according to me), in was on point, the acting was flawless and the writing so very good.

    • Brooke says:

      The Observers are from the future, so I’m thinking Donald would be September from the present timeline, before he became an Observer.

      But I long ago gave up trying to predict the story on Fringe, so I’ll just have to be patient and wait for an explanation in 3 weeks. I’m not ready for this show to end. (sob)

    • Kristina says:

      What if September got the tech out of his head and he became human again before everyone was ambered. Growing hair back and able to bond with others like I think he’s always wished he could. Though that doesn’t explain why Walter is talking to him in his memories while in the tank as shown in the trailer for the last three episodes. And it doesn’t explain why Peter, Olivia, and Astrid didn’t know September is/was Donald. So many theories.

    • JB says:

      But the boy doesn’t have hair and doesn’t have pigment. He also doesn’t have tech in his head. So why would September de-evolve if the boy without the tech isn’t de-evolving? The boy is an anomaly though. And September may have started out as human where the boy did not.
      Isn’t it possible Donald studied Michael while looking after him in the hidden dimension? And learned how to install tech in himself to infiltrate the observers? He could also be a first generation observer. If he was the first, perhaps when our species got out of hand, he found the solution.. Michael, and circled back.
      Out of all the pictures of the man studying and taking notes, weren’t they all September? Meaning, he’s been traveling and studying events for a long time… and has an outside view the other Observers would not.

    • fringe agent says:

      May the Emmy Gods hear you ! This episode was brilliant.

  3. Geo says:

    Now THAT’S the way to send off a character. I’m not sure who to be more impressed with: Blair Brown or the show’s writers. I’ll guess I have to be really impressed with ’em all.

  4. hana says:

    I don’t think September “once” looked like us, as Matt implies… Walter said in Episode 419 that “what happened to him was…unexpected.” So I think September took the tech out of his neck, somehow survived and became human (de-evolved).

  5. Paul Penna says:

    I dunno. This could be a de-evolved September but I do think it’s possible that Donald will become September by the finale.

    I’ve had a theory since this season started that the invaders are not actually Observers, at least, not the Observers we know and love from the earlier seasons.

    That maybe, the events of this season lead to the creation of the Observers who are concerned with watching time… which is why September keeps saying that Peter is important. Peter is going to be responsible for the Observers evolving from invaders into scientists.

  6. Kelly says:

    Loved it. Such a great show.

    • Jay says:

      Think of this: If Walter’s plan is a time machine, which I think it is, this future will reset to the last episode of season 4. Without the observers taking over, the world will unfold as it had in the original timeline without them. This means that there could be, and in fact will be, a Fringe movie, as the rumours say there will be.

      • Tory says:

        I was thinking something similar, that the plan, whatever it is, will “fix” everything and time will “reset” to the time where Olivia and Peter had Etta as a child, before she was taken by the observers… least I hope that is how it ends, so everyone gets to live the lives they wanted to

        • JB says:

          wait. they took Etta? I don’t remember them “taking” Etta. Wouldn’t she just have grown in foster care or an orphanage since both her parents were either injured or missing?

  7. Tblond says:

    I hate that Fringe is ending. First there was Lost, then 666 and now Fringe. There is a large following for all things scifi. Stop taking them away from us

  8. Alichat says:

    I loved the shout out to Peter’s turntable window groove reader from Season 1. Seems they’ve improved on the technology. Loved Nina’s speech to Windmark. I kept waiting for her to throw up in his face that the Observers experiment on humans, so how does it make them animals to do the same? But her lizard speech was great! I had wondered if Donald was really September, but I couldn’t figure out how he’d move around looking like an Observer. Would a wig be enough to cover up his origin. So, I’m really curious to see how this plays out. If September can de-volve to Donald, I would assume that would mean removing the tech. But any other time the tech has been removed, it’s killed the Observer. So….how’d they do that? And if that’s the case, how does that make Michael important in the plan?

  9. David Ness says:

    what your forgetting is that the observers never wanted peter around, September was not supposed to save Peter when he did, throughout the series this is remarked upon as a mistake by them, and it seemed to me watching that they engineered the fringe team into closing the rift between universes to delete peter from the timeline. i think that if peter had survived season 3 after healing the rift then our world would *NEVER* have become there world, hence why they stopped it.

    i like the idea of September taking out his implant, but i dont think he would have de-evolved as they have said the process is reversible, however maybe, some parts of his brain now free of the tech have grown also, he always seemed to have more compassion than any other observer seen in the show. without the tech i think it would be natural for the brain to flourish in other ways.

    but it all remains to be seen, great show, great story, sad to see it go but cant wait to see it all!

    • David Ness says:

      Also in regards to michael, maybe windmark is similar in that he was engineered to be proficient or an observer from birth with gifted skills, and that is what the kid is meant to be, but instead of logic and the lizard side of things, he has a boosted emotional capacity, he was an empath, which is all about emotions, hence his importance.

  10. DarkDefender says:

    I think September was “saved” and restored to his previous humanity – to become Donald.

    I believe our team is out to not only save the world, but to save the observers as well. Some have suggested a St. Elsewhere type ending, that the past 5 seasons have occurred in Walter’s insane mind… But that would be a tragic ending and a HUGE disappointment.

    I like the theory of a reboot, for the happily ever after that I believe the Peter/Olivia love story needs (and Walter’s redemption)… But I LOVE the idea that our team needs to save the Obsevers in order to save the world. It makes perfect sense to avoid the inevitable problem that the observers would just evolve, again. And is proof that there is a greater good than the mere destruction of the race.

    And.. If the reboot brings us to the moment Olivia finds she is pregnant, we can be happy for the future even if Peter, Olivia and Etta are not immediately re-united. Although there would be some sadness, as that would likely mean they no longer have a memory of the past 5 seasons. Bittersweet, yet “satisfying”.. Which is what Wyman promised us.

    • Tetleys says:

      If there is a reboot, wouldn’t it be before all chaos? The reboot would be before Walter found a way into the alternate timeline to save Peter. He would either find a way to save his own Peter or Peter dies and Walter does not enter the alternate timeline to kidnap Peter. That would be the best avoidance point in time…….not where the Others came to earth. If you reboot to the park (with Peter, Olivia and Etta) Then its too late, because the others have already evolved (as shown by September travelling around time).

      Another thought is that at some point in time Walters brain piece was implanted in September?

      Just a thought…..

  11. Nicolas says:

    What if Walter and Donald’s plan was to use a weapon able to make all the Observers devolve and becoming normal humans smilar to us ?

  12. A.D. says:

    Love Fringe…has always been amazing…will miss this show dearly!

  13. M3rc Nate says:

    Loved this episode, didnt see the suicide coming, it was beautiful, didnt see the Donald/September revelation coming, it was shocking and awesome (esp to see him with hair and smiling), i very much so enjoyed the “best hits”, it made me very nostalgic. It should be interesting for Walter because remember, most of those scenes shown were from HIS life, but the former timeline of season 1-3. The only people that remember that former timeline are Peter and Olivia.

    I LOVED the Nina speech about how they (the Observers) are the animals because they evolved their brains like a Lizard, only using the most primal, non emotional parts of the brain.

    Holy crap did you guys see the teaser for the next episode(s)? I guess we find out why there are female Observers like the showrunners told us we would, Observers look like they are grown in a lab and then age/grow super fast! No need for reproduction with a female so they only use males it seems. Among the many other shockers they teased.

    As always i hope they find a loophole in the finale (like they did to keep Peter from being fully deleted from the universe and Olivia to remember him) to keep Peter in the universe, and him and Olivia meet and fall in love and have Etta. I fear if they correct the Observer problem (every time they have come back in time, and did something) then everything we have ever seen on Fringe will have not happened starting with both Peter’s will die of their sickness. With no Peter, there isnt even a glimmer of hope of a Peter+Olivia=marriage=Etta ending.

    So please have a loophole…like when they activate the device, they are in the vortex so they are un changed and they keep their memories and when the device turns off, the world is how it was supposed to be in 2036, and the group goes back to Etta’s apartment and shes there…or SOMEthing so we still have at LEAST Peter+Olivia.

  14. Carrie says:

    Nina was definitely at her best in this episode, but that didn’t make her death any less sad. I’m actually surprised that Olivia wasn’t more emotional about it. The last three episodes were exceptional. I’m so sad that “Fringe” is ending.

    • luke says:

      We haven’t seen any emotion from Olivia this season. This must be related to the final episode me thinks…

      • M3rc Nate says:

        I wouldnt say “we havent seen ANY emotion from Olivia”. She was lightly crying and sad and on her knees when she found Nina. And remember, the memories of Nina being her mother are gone, Nina to Olivia is the Nina we knew in S1-3…meaning just a semi helpful semi shady woman that runs Bell’s company (Massive Dynamic).

        Also remember she is a child of abuse and many other things, so the whole concept of the character is her emotions are held down deep and rarely shown. She experienced loss of her child but because of her childhood and becoming a warrior (as Sam Weiss says) FBI agent, she was able to hold that in and see the bigger picture and go try to stop the Observers, unlike Peter who is more emotional and from his upbringing, couldnt let Etta go and had to stay and search for her.

        And when awaken from Amber, Olivia is going through a lot, so if you expect her to jump into Etta’s arms and show major emotion and love for Peter and such, then you dont know the character well enough. Its a husband she felt like she lost (she doesnt wear her wedding ring, they were estranged because of the different paths they took after Etta’s disappearance), and meeting her grown daughter Etta was very complex. Yes she was so happy to see her and cried and hugged her and loved her…but it was also heart breaking because Etta being alive meant she felt like she abandoned her child, where as Peter was always searching (rightly so). And also in missing so much of her life, she felt like she failed her child, missing so many years, leaving her alone on a world thats at war.

        Then she lost her again, so while a billion complex feelings and emotions are happening inside her head, she loses her child permanently. But because she didnt have years to process it all and get used to be with Etta, the lose didnt feel as horrible because she had thought she was lost before. So again Olivia cried and felt pain but held it in, where as Peter took the very emotional route and wanted revenge and used Observer tech.

        • coil says:

          Excellent reply M3rc Nate.

          • M3rc Nate says:

            Thank you, glad you read it and enjoyed it. Fringe is my favorite show and IMO the best show on (maybe ever on) TV. Theres so much back story and alternate universes/timelines and the future and past and so much under the surface…that its easy to go on and on. A very very complex thought creating show.

        • JB says:

          Wait, her old memories of slightly helpful creepy lady being her mother are completely gone? I thought end result was she still held a little bit of the old life and was overwhelmed by her original life eventually sticking with that one. I didn’t realize she lost “everything” from her other life without Peter.

          • M3rc Nate says:

            No her old memories of the Nina from season 1-3 (Slightly helpful lady who runs MD) are all she has. The memories of being adopted by Nina and being her daughter are fully gone. Yeah it wasnt ever said “Iv lost everything” but it was implied that even fundamental stuff from her Peterless-life were slipping from her memory, and she told Nina “If i lose everything, i want you to try and build a relationship with me again, i want us to be close like we were”. But there hasnt been a single indication that she remembers a single thing from her Peter-less existence.

  15. Midori004 says:

    I honestly wish the show ended last year because it had a nice happy ending (just edit out the finale 10 seconds) and I think it’s clear we would get any of the answers I’d like. It will be Lost 2.0.

  16. gitco says:

    Dear Joel,
    erasing 5 seasons and separating Peter and Olivia is NOT a love letter to the fans, it’s a middle finger.
    And that’s what’s going to happen with the reboot.

  17. Seamus says:

    I have long thought that the young observer was september. I still believe that. Nina dying was so sad. The LOST crew knows how to kill characters. See Not Penny’s Boat.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Hes not young, remember the episode he premiered in? They specifically said hes not a child (and said that again this episode), he didnt have nutrients or the sun to grow, i believe they ran a test that said he had been down there for like 40 years or something.

      But we also now semi-know, from the teaser at the end of this episode, that they grow Observers rapidly fast in a chamber, so considering he is a “anomaly”, its possible his growth to the next stage (Being full sized) was stopped because it wasnt going correctly, and he was to be terminated because he was a anomaly, so he will possibly always be that size, and die of old “age” (if they can) at that size.

      Basically, i dont think hes September, and hes definitely not a child.

  18. Becka says:

    I have seen the September/Donald thing coming since they found the boy….that was my suspicion all along and it is heartening to see I was onto something!

  19. liddad says:

    Well, if the observers never existed, Alt-Walter would never have been distracted in the lab, our Walter would never have crossed between universes, and none of the last few seasons would have happened.
    Now, they’ve said before that Olivia could safely go from universe to universe because she was a cortexiphan child, so I think a reboot would be possible, and Peter and Olivia could still be together.

    Olivia and Peter spend life together, the universes are never destroyed, and Walter spends the rest of his life with Elizabeth. Everyone would get a happy ending if the reboot thing could happen.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      She “used up” her cortexiphan (remember end of season 4?) so she cant do any of that stuff. This Olivia, though has the memories of season 1-3 Olivia, was not a Cortexiphan child because she was raised by Nina, never put into the trials.

      I think your happy ending is waaaaay more happy and everything happily together with a bow on top than what it will be.

  20. tvdiva says:

    I think (and I am guessing like everyone else) that the finale will do two things: 1) reboot to the day in the park with Etta, and 2) reboot the Observers to be human somehow. I think that is the plan. But of course, the Fringe writers could have something else in mind other than a reboot.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      1) What could they do (with the device) that would stop the Observers from invading that day, but not stop them from existing, and coming back and “Observing” and interacting like distracting Walternate and saving Walter & Peter from the lake? I just don’t know what they could do that would do something so specific.

      I get they could prevent the Observers from ever having traveled back EVER (so both Peter’s die of sickness), or remove them from existence in 2036 so they all disappear but the world is left how we see in now in S5 and Etta is still dead etc..but all the Observers are gone and cant travel anymore.

      • Jay says:

        You forget, Walternate’s cure formula only failed because September interupted him. If the observers never travelled back, Peter would have been saved, and Walter never would have travelled between universes. The future they needed to invade wouldn’t have happened, so the world of 2036 would be completely different.

        • JB says:

          Right. I forgot that if the dimension break never happened how different the Observers might have behaved. They wouldn’t have felt the need to take over. Or would they? Not only that but no amber wars… still a semi evil Walternate. Maybe not even Olivia and Peter getting together. Hm…

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Thats right, your right. However i dont understand the “the future they NEEDED to invade”. They didnt need anything per say, they invaded the past because they ruined their planet.

          “They weren’t all bad, you know. One of them even tried to help us. He was called September. What happened to him was… well, unexpected. He told me that, in the year 2609 A.D., they finally ruined the planet. They poisoned it — the air, the water. And when it was fundamentally uninhabitable, then they traveled back through time, and took our planet from us.” – Walter

          So there are obviously many theories as to what the Machine can do to the Observers to rid them from our timeline. But i dont see how they NEEDED to invade the past because Walter crossed universes and created the first tear.

          From my understanding the few Observers that watched humans on earth since we were on earth, were a scientist expedition (including September and the group that went to the restaurant and all sat together eating food with the mega hot sauce) and they were recording important events for their time, then when Fringe events started happening they Observered and recorded, and with their ability to observe possible futures, they recorded until they had enough information to choose the correct time to invade, the correct time being when they would get the least resistance, and the possibility of successful rebellion was the least.

          • JB says:

            Thanks for the quote. That clears things up a little bit. But, taking notes for the correct time to invade… didn’t really occur to me. It makes perfect sense though… since September was under orders.

          • JB says:

            K wait. I had a dream that gives another prediction on the show. I’m always dreaming about this show! Gah!
            So, in my dream I watched the Observers go through the process of becoming an Observer through a carefully planned process. The step by step process involves the installation of bio tech and coming of age manipulation techniques, etc. Therefore this idea leads me to wonder if Michael, being an anomaly, is the first of his kind who doesn’t need the tech to predict the future or travel using thought, he therefore can be outside the control of his people’s majority. That is a threat and that’s why they want to eliminate him. Thoughts? That is why September rescued him as if he’s their only hope of long term survival and escape from slavery of the mind. GAH

    • Tory says:

      your #1 theory was mine as well, ……….never thought about #2

  21. bandanab says:

    I think the thing that happened to the observer August happen to to September he already had such a great connection with Peter and Walter. So he kind of evolved/devolved into being able to have feelings

  22. Kitty says:

    I stopped watching Fringe. I liked it, but do not like this story line. I never give up on any shows that I’ve started, but there had to be a first and this one was it. Sorry for all the fans that still watch it it is stopping.

  23. Ella B. says:

    A couple weeks ago everyone was guessing that Peter was the first observer — I kind of wonder if it’s Donald. Which would be why he had hair and showed emotion. COuld it be that every time we saw September we were seeing him coming back in time after helping Walter (as Donald) and then becoming an observer?
    Something that struck me in Walter’s flashback — it was almost as if September’s “the boy must live” line was more linked to Michael than it was to Peter. Have we had the ‘boy’ wrong this whole time?

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I think this whole “First Observer” thing is going to bust and not be a plot of the show. Did you see the teaser of how Observers are made at the end of the episode? My guess is September is just like any other Observer, but through his experiences emotion started to function in his brain, and during the time after the Observer invasion Walter found a way (with Septembers help) to reverse the Observer tech’s affect on his brain, so his hair grew back, and access to the emotion center of his brain started to function again. Then he wanted a name for himself and he chose Donald. Pretty straight forward.

      I’ve wondered that too, but im not sure if when he said that if it was a episode where he was talking about Peter or was talking about “the boy” Micheal. If the original scene he was talking about Peter (cause the “boy” observer hadnt been introduced yet) then i believe its truly about Peter. Or at the VERY least about both, because Peter did need to live for events to happen, and also Micheal needed to live for events to happen.

  24. David says:

    Sad to say, I have been sorely disappointed with this final season. The most interesting thing about Fringe was the interaction with the alternate universe. And since that ended at the end of last season, the series has been less than stellar.
    The very least TPTB could have done is look in on it, if for no other reason that to find out if the Observers are in that universe as well. And to see how “Bolivia,” “Walternate,” and the others are getting along now that the bridge between the two universes is closed.

    • Alex says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more. I was late to the party on Fringe and spent the first part of my summer catching up on the first 4 seasons of the show…which I grew to love once you get through the dull first half of season 1. The alternate universe plotlines with Walternate, Bolivia and Lincoln Lee were excellent and why I grew to love the show watching so many episodes in a short time.

      This final season has been a mess. Boring, confusing and a different show than I watched. I wish they would have ended it last year now, too.

    • emelb says:

      Fauxlivia, not Bolivia.

    • kstanton4180 says:

      you are literally the ONLY people who watch fringe who feel this way

  25. PedroAu says:

    It was only me who thought that probably the hairy September is the original one, as before turning into a Observer – maybe, before puting the tech on his neck? -? I say that because time is not linear on Observers, and because he traveled back and forth when he was shot…

  26. I wonder if Michael is Peter and Olivia’s future son, and his appearance is some how due to Peter’s DNA being mutated from the time he had tech in his head. And, his bond with Olivia in the previous timeline was because of their Mother/Child bond. If Michael has any Observer ability then he could time jump? He had been underground alone for many years in the other timeline…and, yet, he’s supposed to have come from Windmark’s time. So, he seems to be a time jumper. I was thinking that’s why Donald didn’t leave him in the room. Because he would be able to sense the real length of time and it would be torturous for him to be in solitary for 30 years.

  27. Tiffanydet says:

    I always thought Peter and Olivia child meant something. That it wasn’t Peter but Henry (male child) that was the reason for the erasing of Peter. And probably why both Peters were “sick”. Each universe the opposite happen. So one gets a boy and one a girl. Henry was needed to make the observers plan. But September messed that interrupting Walternate. The device is going to be the first people stuff of the past. The Peter DNA and Olivia mind bending capabilities. Michael maybe Henry.

  28. Tiffanydet says:

    Or Donald’s real son. The theme of father son love.

  29. aiza11 says:

    It is sad saying good bye to Fringe. I need more Fringe than 3 more hours before it finally ended for good. Painful really! I wish that after been vested for 5 years, we are going to have at least a good ending.

  30. jj says:

    How many more episodes of this garbage of a show is off the air? (Finally! Amen!)

  31. Me says:

    I am soooooo sad to see the ending to this…yet so engrossed with ‘Donald is September’ that I’m reading all of the comments like they are a best-selling novel! I just love the fan appreciation and debating about how this will all end. Feels like a private club since I doubt anyone who hasn’t watched the show would know what the heck we were all talking about :) Can’t wait to watch it with everyone else…

    • JB says:

      I started to feel exactly the same way. Wildly reading everyone’s comments and theories. It really did feel like a secret club. hahah. That’s what makes a good show! Love it!

  32. Lewis says:

    I’m beginning to believe that I’ve been make things way more complicated than it will turn out. I’d say that September can’t be a early Donald. Yet, the other Observer did not survive the removal of the device and Peter only survived because it hadn’t changed him permanently…. . Maybe Walter helped Donald/September safely remove the device. Then again an earlier Donald would explain his care for the Fringe Team.

    Given the scenes from the next episode…. I think the Observers are the shapeshifters of the future. Its also obvious that some Observers can time travel and some can’t. I’d say there are two varying forms of Observers. Some that are simply scientists and some that are hell bent on their race’s survival…. then again… I’ve watched the “August” episode again and Its obvious that the Observers in the “August” episode have more compassion for mankind than any of the Observers in the present season. Even the eldest observer talked of how sad he was for the things fixing to happen to Olivia at the time. It believe it makes more sense if Donald becomes “human” and that there are two separate factions of Observers. Maybe from different universes. One “race” of shapeshifters that were more concerned with their own actions than with others.

    However, it appears to me that all the Observers have been looking for the proper “time” in the timelines whereby to take over. That is why they have traveled throughout time looking for a “time” where they can setup shop and not actually affect their own future. Why they choose the time they did is a mystery to me. I’m glad that things haven’t turned out like I thought they would. I think it will end up being much simpler than I imagined. I just hope its not something stupid like a dream or LSD trip, or something worse…… I’m going to try to stop “figuring” things out and just enjoy the ending. :)

  33. waltrippin says:

    So here’s my take on why September has hair and is therefore Donald. It’s the PLAN.
    It is to de-evolve the Observers back to humans with emotions and therefore make them stop doing what they’re doing. September was the prototype. The anomaly, Michael, is part of that process in making them develop emotions. Maybe it’s a bomb, a laser, a gas-like thing. The equations form the basis to develop this instrument, the red rock is the ingredient, the boy is either the basis or the instrument.
    That’s my 2 cents! FRINGE IS SSSSOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  34. dana says:

    Episode irrelevant, useless, without energy, without freshness, without fighting, without investment ..
    these feedbacks are now becoming difficult to repeat …… the characters wither, become tour guides, they are tired, they just happen to run … they are there without the anna torv should certainly make trips between Sydney and Vancouver to shoot only 45 minutes a day … Joshua Jackson has only one forward is to steer this series to move on

  35. coil says:

    That was an amazing episode. I was emotionally unprepared for Nina’s death, but the scene was excellently done. 3 more episodes.

  36. chantal says:

    I doubted for a moment but I think it will be a final sloppy, as I approached!!!!!!!peter&olivia

  37. chantal says:

    How many series can change? 4season

  38. I have 2 theories:

    1. Michael is Donald/September but from another timeline/dimension

    2. Michael is “the boy” that is important, and not Peter as they have never actually said that it is Peter who is important (regarding that statement). There are several possibilities.. One, the boy is Peter (not the alt-Peter, but the original, in some weird time-looping way) though that would cause certain contradictions I can’t wrap my mind around completely, so I deem that unlikely. Another, more likely reasoning, is that the boy (Michael) is the key to ‘installing’ emotion in the observers before they become the evil invaders we know now, so basically it would allow Walter & the team to let the observers evolve into observers 2.0 who can actually feel emotions and learn to care, which would prevent the observer-police state situation the world became.

    • Me says:

      Actually after watching NIGHT OF DESIRABLE OBJECTS from Season 2 it IS possible that Michael could be Walter’s PETER……toward the end while our team is discussing the boy that should have died since him Mom had Lupus but the Dad genetically altered the fetus so it would live. He “died” & ended up digging his way out of his grave so they show a close up of Walter & and he says almost to himself ” A grave of a boy who is not in his grave”. I had not picked up on that the first time BUT WHY WOULD PETER NOT BE IN HIS GRAVE as his statement would imply? OR Michael is not Peter but necessarily but that still leaves that comment something to ponder about what really happened to his Peter……I am extremely intrigued by this.

      • JB says:

        wow… thank you for researching old episodes for me. this is very interesting and the only comment which has allowed me to think the possibility that Michael is Peter.

  39. Me says:

    Oh And for those who think OBSERVERS were not part of the plan from beginning of FRINGE, GO BACK TO S2 Epi FRACTURE. Col Raymond Gordon is using pts who are under treatment of a serum developed by Project Tin Man to kill men who are wearing a black trench coat & carrying a briefcases. With the right frequency, he is able to remotely activate these patients to turn them into a human bombs. He believes that he needs to prevent these people from passing the briefcase to certain people (Observers). He tells Broyles all this @ the very end. “We don’t know who they are. But I can tell you what they want, they want to exterminate us, so they are studying us, our culture our technology our science & they plan to use it against us. One way or another we will find out who they are but by then I suppose it won’t really matter because by then what is really in that briefcase will destroy us all” Camera shifts to Observer (September) opening briefcase & pulling out photos that have been taken of Walter…….. I had completely forgotten about this until I started rewatching & am picking up very interesting tidbits.

  40. Me says:

    And what was with all those TYLERs that MAssive Dynamics was experimenting on in Season 2 regarding MIND CONTROL.