Blind Item: Popular Drama Poised to Break Up Major Couple (and You're Not Going to Like It)

blinditemI hate to be the bearer of bad news just days before Christmas, but this secret has been burning a hole in my pocket for weeks and I simply must get it off my chest.

There’s increasing (read: deafening) buzz that a pivotal couple on a show with a very passionate audience may be going their separate ways by season’s end.

ASK AUSIELLO | Spoilers on HIMYM, Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, Happy Endings, Sons of Anarchy and More!

According to sources, producers of the hour-long drama in question are looking to close out the season with a bang, and they believe splitting up this beloved couple will provide just such a jolt. Additionally, the break-up (which it’s fair to say no one will see coming) would give the series a lot of creative juice as it heads into what could be its final season.

Of course, there are risks — namely, hell hath no fury like a powerful ‘shipper community scorned. And if the separation isn’t handled properly (i.e. if it’s not believable), even non-fans of the lovebirds may revolt.

VIDEO | Spoiler Alert! Dissects the Finales of Homeland, Dexter, Gossip Girl and More! 

So, go ahead. Call me a Grinch in the comments. I deserve it. But while you’re at it, try and guess the identity of the twosome who may be spending their last holiday season together. To help you out, I’ve narrowed down the field of possibilities from 143 to just 9 in the photo gallery below. Consider it an early Christmas present from me to you.

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  1. Hayley says:

    I know the couples not on the list but I just have a feeling that it could somehow be Hodgins and Angela from Bones

    • BeSilentBeStill says:

      yea,i still think its a shondaland couple, I cant believe her.. she will prob break-up MerDer or Calzona for sweeps…also the contracts for Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Ramirez are hush..maybe one of them want out?

  2. alieh86 says:

    So it’s not Castle and Beckett!!!
    “We want to have Beckett look at that and wonder what kind of relationship she’s going to be in if he is withholding stuff. To what extent can he open up and be secure enough with her?” But before you start thinking breakup, let Stana Katic calm your fears. “There are some mini bumps,” she says,” but there is some high-stakes stuff that brings them even closer.”

  3. Ghost says:

    yes but they said that the season ends with a “bang”..and latest scoop tells us that the episode is centred around some bombing and a bomb disposal i really really really hope its not caskett…i can deal with mini bumps for sure…but a break up??..ill die :P

    • Gaia says:

      Well, I think Ausiello talks about a metaphorical “bang” while in Castle we could have a literal “bang” lol

  4. Sarah says:

    I’m leaning more and more towards B&B, again, based on SN’s comments about the finale in this week’s AA:

    “…We’re not going to be altogether sure how everybody is at the end of the season finale…”

    Knowing that, if it’s a case of being “split” out of necessity, like at the end of last season, but they are still a couple I can deal with that. But if they truly break-up, I’m done.

    • MJO says:

      They better not break up B&B.. I heard HH say that B&B were solid..I have heard some things about the finale…but I don’t think it’s about B&B….

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      He also said lives hang in the balance, mentioned multiple casualties…basically, we don’t know who survives the finale.

  5. Karen says:

    I hate to say this but given the recent spoiler i just read its a greys couple 100%

    • Sarah says:


      I honestly don’t think so, especially if you it talking about the spoiler from That one sounds like April and the paramedic she’s dating, IMO. And they’re not one of the Grey’s couples listed. Then again, I could be completely wrong and it is a Grey’s couple.

    • BeSilentBeStill says:

      Where did you read that spoiler? I really think its going to be Calzona, Shondra is going to emphasize on getting them together now, and then I feel like something major is going to happen, thus why I forgot who said it but they said “They couldnt do what Jessica Capshaw was about to do and go through” and they gave her props for it, so Im thinking, Its calzona cause Arizona’s story is going to be huge this season. Plus, with Sandra Oh being in a play summer of 2014, im sure season 10 is the last year for greys.

    • Sarah says:


      I take back what I said last week about it most likely not being a Grey’s couple, considering what’s coming out this week. You’re probably right. :)

      • Frank Dracman says:

        Well, given the finale is Tuesday and it’s since the actor being dispatched is already in another show, I think it’s Winona on “Justified” which will REALLY set up season five’s action, when Raylin brings down the wrath of (fill in your choice) upon the killers!

        • Sarah says:

          @Frank Dracman

          Okay, I’m confused. Are you talking about a couple on “Justified”? If so, it can’t be because a couple from “Justified” is not one of the options.

      • Karen says:

        my computer has been getting fixed ever since this blind item came out my gut has been telling me greys and the more time passes well you get the idea this is shondra after all

  6. Beth says:

    Out of curiosity, has a Blind Item ever been “cancelled” for one reason or another, especially if TPTB of the show in question changed their minds? I’m just wondering because Ausiello has said very very little about this one and hasn’t updated it since he posted it back in December.

  7. Jess says:

    so ausiello says that the season finale will end with a bang (we know castle,bones..might be nikita and grey’s as well) he also said this copule has a very passionate audience and most importantly he said: “hell hath no fury like a powerful ‘shipper community scorned.” with all these clues, i’m guessing it’s Caskett.. but i really really hope that i’m wrong because in all of these couples, Caskett and B&B are the ones i love the most..

    • MJO says:

      I’m totally with you on Caskett and B& better not be one of those two

      • alieh86 says:

        Have you guys not been paying attention to what Marlowe has said? He has said time and time again that while there will be bumps, he won’t break them up! Even Stana, who is the Queen Shipper said in an interview that, yes there will be bumps, but Castle and Beckett will not be broken-up.

        • Irene says:

          @alieh86 totally agree with you. you might think it’s caskett but if you look at what marlowe said and stana said you’ll realize it’s not caskett. And also,i dont think booth and brennan are gonna break up either. they live together have baby and hart hanson said that once they got together he wont break them up.. so, my bet is on nikita

          • Sarah says:


            Well, I don’t trust anyone who works on a TV show, even Stana and Marlowe, but I’m leaning more towards Grey’s or Nikita. I’m saying Nikita because I don’t remember where, but I read that one of the EPs said this week that if the season finale actually ended up being the last episode that a lot of fans would probably be really upset.

  8. Irene says:

    @sarah you’re right people who work n a tv show are not soo trustable..& fox just announced the season finale storylines.. it says: “and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) starts evaluating her relationship with Booth as signs begin to point to him as a potential target of Pelant’s.” it might be sth about marriage too but somehow i’m starting to think the opposite. but STILL my no:1 choice is nikita.

    • Jess says:

      yeah but it’ll be ridiculous.. I mean, it says that Booth is the potential target of Pelant’s. Why would Brennan would break up w/ him if he’s in a danger? I think it’ll be opposite. I’m not saying that they’ll get married or something but dont think they’ll break-up either.

      • Irene says:

        yeah but after today’s int. with SN it looks like BB ara gonna breakup. SN said: “I just want everyone to tune in to see where all of these relationships might end up, because no one’s going to end up the way you think they are.” i hope that im wrong but it looks like it.

        • Jess says:

          yeah just read that one. but it’s just seems “weird” lol. I mean right after the fox’s storyline. I kinda feel like he is using that kind of words because they want us to think they’ll break up so that everyone watches the season finale. You might think what i’m saying is stupid (which probably is) but BB (and so is Caskett) are my fave couple and i don’t even want to think they’ll break-up. lol & I have u huge repect for Nikita fans but i hope it’s Nikita

        • Sarah says:


          Well, from that quote it sure sounds like they’re going to, but SN may just be saying that to throw us off. Also, what interview did that come from?

          • Irene says:

            @Sarah saw it on assignmentx’s homepage. You’re right & he might be trolling just like DB but so far it looks like Booth and Brennan are the blind item. But like i said before, hope its not them..

          • Sarah says:


            I found it. Thanks. :) I honestly don’t know what I think about SN’s last comment, but I do know I’m taking it with a grain of salt because I don’t trust him or HH one iota.

    • Kwapple says:

      Evaluating doesn’t mean a break-up…I think she may be contemplating marriage (especially after tonight’s episode). Now if it said re-evaluating, I’d agree with you

      • Kwapple says:

        Oops, posted in wrong spot

      • Jessica says:

        you are right. tonight, there was a lot of marriage foreshadowing for booth and brennan. I’m not saying theyre gonna get married in the season finale or sth but i believe brennan is gonna propose.. but,of course, something HUGE will happen and we won’t even hear booths answer

  9. Lauren says:

    I admit that I’m a bit confused here, but I recall that a number of posters had tied together the “bang” part of the clue with Castle, because there had been some interviews with AM in which he mentioned that the Castle season finale would involve a bomb (and Beckett not being able to move). But after the promo that aired last night (for next week’s episode), I am so confused because it looks like they’re going to air that plot line next week, not in the finale. So what is the finale about? And does the movement of the literal “bang” to next week help to rule out Caskett for the blind item?

    • Jessica says:

      at first i thought it could be caskett too but after saw what stana and marlowe said i dont think it’s them.. my choices are BnB or Mikita. It could be Booth and Brennan because Bones is a huge fandom and AND season finale will end with a bang (based on david’s and HH’s tweets) On the other hand, Mikita has a huge fandom too and if they’ll renew next season is definitely gonna be their last season & of course, it’s an action show. 99 percent the season finale will end with a bang.

      • Jessica says:

        Also forgot to say: just saw the bones episode frm last night and they were definitely foreshadowing. after the last night episode and season finale storyline, it’ll be ridiculous if they break them up. so my last choice is mikita

  10. Sarah says:


    Yeah, there was definitely foreshadowing at the end of Monday’s episode, but I honestly think HH & Co are just trying to throw us off. I’m not saying that B&B are the Blind Item, and I really hope they’re not, but, IMO, they made it seem way too obvious having Brennan catch the bouquet. That’s why I think they’re throwing us off. Then again, I could be wrong.

  11. Moonshine says:

    First of all is it possible to be ‘not true’…because we havent been getting any spoilers on it?!?!

  12. Smiletime says:

    Given what TV Line have just posted together with the finale promo pics. Brennan obviously proposes and Booth says yes. Emily has been quoted as saying it is resolved to some extent which I take to mean they won’t get married until Pelant is caught. No break up in Bones and I’m not sure this blind is still valid

    • Sarah says:


      I can definitely see things happening like that. And I’ve also been wondering for a while if the Blind Item is still happening. Not only because he hasn’t updated it since he posted it, but he hasn’t indicated it at all under the “Breakups/Divorces” section of the Sweeps scoreboard. And if I remember correctly, he’s done so with other Blind Items in the past.

  13. Moonshine says:

    @sarah exactly is the blind item even applicable now?!…he hasnt given any spoilers regarding the break up..

  14. Flo says:

    I hate to say it, but it’s looking more and more like Caskett is the weakest!
    Booth and Brennen are WAY to solid, I don´t see any reason that would give breaking them up, any sense… But thats just me, and I don´t know all the couples in the pictures, so… I just hope it’s neither Booth/Brennen nor Castle/Beckett!!!!!!!!

    • Sarah says:


      I know B&B are extremely solid at the moment, but that’s exactly why I’ve kept them in the back of my mind. Because it says in the article that no one will see it coming. And that would definitely be the case, IMO, especially after seeing the promo for next week. I really do not want it to happen, mind you, but I am preparing myself just in case.

      • Kwapple says:

        To be believable, there has to be some sort of build-up and I haven’t seen anything like that in regards to B/B. I’m thinking it’s Alicia and Peter, with Caskett a close second.

        • Sarah says:


          I agree, but that just leaves me confused because if there’s enough build-up then people can see it coming.

      • Stephanie Inman says:

        I’m not too sure about that. Based off the Good Wife promos for next week, it seems like there is a fabulous chance that it is Alicia and Peter. I know no one really cares about the two of them together, but hey, at least it will save both Bones and Castle from the chopping block, eh?

  15. Kwapple says:

    Finally got an update:

    Question: Wanted to ask you whether you’ll be sharing any clues/hints/updates on this blind item anytime soon. —Rida

    Ausiello: Turns out a lot has changed in the four months since that item was originally posted. Basically, what was initially conceived as a separation has now allegedly-possibly-maybe evolved into a drastically different 10-letter word.

    • Sarah says:


      Knowing that, I can pretty much guess this was originally either B&B or Caskett. But I’m leaning more towards B&B.

  16. madbengalsfan85 says:

    Engagement is 10 letters

  17. Marisa says:

    Sorry my english is not so good,but just wanted to ask something: did ausiello trys to say that the blind item is not valid anymore? I mean when this was posted in december, writers did consider a break-up but now they don’t?

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      Quote from the man himself:
      Ausiello: Turns out a lot has changed in the four months since that item was originally posted. Basically, what was initially conceived as a separation has now allegedly-possibly-maybe evolved into a drastically different 10-letter word.

      General consensus is engagement, a direction both Caskett and B/B are heading towards…as to which one was the blind item is anyone’s guess

  18. joAdonisT says:

    This is definitely about Mikita. Has last season written all over.

  19. BigRed says:

    Oh my gosh…..its Tony and Ziva(Ncis) isn’t it? Cote still hasn’t renewed her contract for next season yet…..I would cry my eyes out…..

    • AnneSommer says:

      Tony and Ziva (Thanks for that) are not even together. So how can they break up. So they were always out of this Question

  20. Jay says:

    I’d say the big bang theory – Leonard and Penny are getting engaged (v splitting up as originally planned)

  21. D. says:

    It’s clearly Psych. Hindsight is 20/20.

  22. jack says:

    its bones or greys i think they would fit in with the whole plans have changed think and both a look likely for a last season more so than other shows

  23. Oliver says:

    I can see Caskett having an engagement after a quarrel in the finale… :)

  24. kris says:

    So was the blind item referring to Bones and Booth last night? That episode was kind of a mess and it involved an engagement and a “break up” of an engagement.

    • karen says:

      agreed i always said it was bones or greys turned out i was right i nixed caskett because after TSAQ because you wouldnt have seen it coming you can also they was no warning with bones

  25. Soso says:

    No it wasn’t Bones. Michael Ausiello updates his May Sweep and yes Booth and Bones are in the engagement part but he didn’t that they were the blind item ( and it said it last year when Castle and Beckett was the blind item).
    So if the blind item is really an engagement, the only couple that it left is Caskett, because every other couple are already married ( MerDer, Calzona, Snow/Charming), or the season finale have already aired (Bones, the Good wife, Parenthood), and spoilers from Nikita says that fans of couple will be very disappointed if the serie don’t get an other season.
    So Castle is the only one that is left. So I think Castle and Beckett will get engaged in the finale!

    • kason says:

      yes it could be enagagement for caskett but i think peole think itsbones because of th 10 letters things whcih if it is bones heartbreakk would be there thats why somee people are speculating you right they didnt break up but it makes u wonder but we shall see i guess we shall know he may be holding off is answer to all SF airs

      • Soso says:

        No, I couldn’t have been a heartbreak because when the blind item was update, he said that a lot have changed since then and it will the total opposite of a break up. And a heartbreak is definitly not the opposite of break up.
        And I don’t think he will wait until all the finale aired because last year when Castle and Beckett was the blind item about a couple who have sex, he confirms that they were his blind item something like 5 minutes after the episode aired.
        So if he didn’t say it until now, it’s because Bones and Booth weren’t his blind item.
        I still think that it’s an engagement and that will be Caskett!!

        • jason says:

          ah my applogies wasnt aware it was changed thanks for clearning it up for me ou clould be right thats what i get for being out of the loop

  26. Caskett says:

    So only 3 couples remains. Which are Castle, Nikita, and Grey’s. I only watch Castle and keep thinking it’s Castle and Beckett, but the only thing I don’t think it is is the last season being it’s last.

    I’m guessing it’s Grey’s only bc it seems like S would change the story after.

    • Liam says:

      there is also snow and charming from once upon a time as well but yes thinking greys as well

      • Caskett says:

        Yes but snow and charming are already married and that the blind item is changed it can’t be them. Grey’s is the only show that the writer would change the ending.

        • Soso says:

          Except that Grey’s couple are both already married too, so it can’t be them. The only two couple that left is Castle and Nikita. But spoilers say that Nikita’s fans will be very disappointed if they don’t get an other season, not because it will the end of the serie, but because the fans of the couple will be frustrated.
          So it seems that it will be Castle! Hope for an engagement!!

          • comzi says:

            I guess it’s clear it’s Castle and Beckett, and i know there are a lot of people who would like it to be them, but I just don’t see them engaged. I’ve been a Caskett shipper since day one, and I loved their chemistry and all, but ever since they got together they’ve been nothing but awkward. I liked them better in that waiting stage. Anyway that’s my opinion.

          • Caskett says:

            I don’t watch Grey’s so I wasn’t sure if they were or not, well I knew Derek and Meredith were but no Arizona and Callie. I want it to be Castle and think the last 5 min Castle or Beckett is going to propose to the other. I just don’t think it’s the blind item. Marlowe on all the interviews on the finally he says he thought about it 8 episodes back and if I’m not mistaken that would have been around the 2 parter he was thinking of the finale which would be around March. and I don’t see Castle being on the edge of being on it’s final season.

          • Soso says:

            I agree with you. But I think that ABC put some pressure on the show when it had difficult rating (and it was the time when this blind item show up) and then changed their mind because the rating are great and Castle is a stable show for ABC. Because I’m sure that Andrew Marlowe would have never want to break them up, I mean that wouldn’t have been his plan. And Castle did amazing numbers during the two-part so maybe it’s when everything changed.
            This is the first time that I see a blind item change like that.
            So I still think that it could be the blind item, but even if they are not, I think they will get engaged by the end of season.

          • Caskett says:

            I can see ABC doing that. esp that Castle wasn’t doing great in the beginning of the season, but picked up since Jan. I hope your right Soso. I do see an engagement either way. The new spoiler says Caskett fans will have a very strong reaction.

          • Beate says:

            The nikita couple is already engaged

  27. Liam says:

    ok after reading that new caskett spoiler that caskett fans will have a dtrong reaction i am think enagament now

  28. James says:

    Yeah its Caskett, i’m not thrilled at an engagement, its too soon and i wonder where it goes from their story wise. If ABC is even contemplating canceling it after next season i will absolutly flip out, i’m furious right now just thinking about it. Bones has lasted nine seasons which I watch but IMO Castle is a much better show, so it better at least last 8 seasons.

    • MJO says:

      I’d like to see Castle go on for a few more years… It’s the only drama I watch on ABC. I really wish they would renew it already.. I wouldn’t mind a Caskett engagment….but at the same time, it is a little soon….

  29. steven says:

    uh oh did anyone see that new shondra spoiler concerning Greys and most importly calzonia they were one of the cuples listed be very afraid

  30. Cassie says:

    I’m sorry if I’m repeating what someone else has said, but do y’all think it the word could be relocation? That would fit with Caskett. Thoughts? Don’t get me wrong, I’m hoping for engagement myself, but I just wanted your opinions.

    • MJO says:

      I’m hoping for an engagement too!!

    • David says:

      maybe I am being a a bit slow but a relocation wouldnt work for castle as the whole idea is castle following beckett at the 12th what would happen if beckett leaves no show the whole idea s for castle follwong beckett at the 12th split them nope dont buy I am still think this has greys and shondra all over it

  31. ya says:

    I haven’t been really paying attention that much to this but he said in the being its a show coming to an end, to me that leaves bones and Greys.. that I know next season could be the final I do know technically calie and Arizona were not married at the time they were, I don’t think.. and I’m not sure about bones. Shonda is going to test “Calzona” so I think it’s Greys not castle.

  32. ya says:

    Castle is totally safe I don’t see why everyone thinks this.. it’s Greys or Bones.. and if it’s Greys its not gonna be merder unless she really pulls all the stops and kills off Ellen pomoeo kind of…otherwise the only way she can get a rise is to break off or mess with Calzona…

    • Soso says:

      Did you see that the blind item was changed by Ausiello? It’s not about a couple who will break up anymore, but a couple who will probably get engaged (a drastically different 10-letter word.). So people think this will be Castle because all the couple are already married/engaged (Grey’s Anatomy, OUAT, Nikita) or the season finale have already aired (Parenthood, the Good wife, Bones).
      So I’m agree with you, I think that Castle is totally safe, and that Castle and Beckett will be engaged or at least, Castle will propose and we have to wait until next season to know her answer.

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  34. Tanya says:

    so were it castle&beckett after all? if yes, i’d better have them broken up

  35. BingeWatcher RI says:

    Entering into final season GREYS. Shipper community(Seattle) fans non fans (Callie and Arizona not every greys fan cares not always a core couple) but Greys followers will feel scorned and scorned one sees coming (Callie’s accident and Sophias birth Mark dies and Arizonas leg is gone NO ONE SEES THIS COMING ) and adulterous is a 10 letter word did you watch this weeks Episode?. I’m going with Greys. However, For the record I don’t watch Castle. If this is right Great Blind Item really kept us guessing.

  36. BingeWatcher RI says:

    Forgot to mention another 10 letter word Unfaithful.

  37. Ya says:

    As i last said it was gonna be Bones or Greys and I thought more on Greys and said it would have been far out if it was merder but sure it would be greys and probably calzona. 10th season is going to be the last, and Shonda had no more thrillers. It doesnt make sense cause with their storyline through the years, Arizona wouldnt cheat on Callie, probably leave her before she cheated, but ya..Shonda, I called it! If arizona didnt go through with it, I will be super surprised… SUPER Surprised.

    • Ya says:

      and if AZ didnt go through with it…Arizona or Callie will die or be left with some other craziness that will make them depressed. Or the same with MerDer.. “IF” she sort of kills off Pompeo, either Derek will raise them with CY cuz shes the God Mother or something happens to Derek.

  38. BingeWatcher RI says:

    Neither Arizona Nor Callie will Die this will play out next season…. If I’m reading the Spoilers right. My Best Guess is Owen dies and for 1 Reason only. Bailey Must be Chief. I’m sorry I’ve posted this somewhere else as well but the whole series is a Let down if Bailey doe not become Chief.

  39. sarah love says:

    After tonight the blind item must surely be callie & arizona in Greys! I haven’t read all of the above comments so don’t know if anyone has already mentioned this but ‘Infidelity’ has 10 letters! :(

    • Dell says:

      Although you’re correct that that’s also 10 letters, when he said it was changed he said it was a “drastically different” 10 letter word. And to me, infidelity isn’t drastically different from a break-up or separation

  40. Mike says:

    I’m assuming it was both Castle and beckett, and Calzona.

    • Alie Hunter says:

      You do understand that Castle PROPOSES to Beckett. She didn’t answer before the screen faded to black, but last time I checked that wouldn’t be what you call a “break-up”

    • Karen says:

      You do realise that blind item was changed its was breakup but something to do with 10 letters castle proposed to beckett before the screen fade to balck also check the may sweeps scorecard caskett is not on the list as couple breaking up but

    • Karen says:

      eddited no longer a break up

  41. Lena says:

    im so confused. has this blind item been solved? did i miss something?

  42. Brad says:

    Arizona and Callie ftw