Blind Item: Popular Drama Poised to Break Up Major Couple (and You're Not Going to Like It)

blinditemI hate to be the bearer of bad news just days before Christmas, but this secret has been burning a hole in my pocket for weeks and I simply must get it off my chest.

There’s increasing (read: deafening) buzz that a pivotal couple on a show with a very passionate audience may be going their separate ways by season’s end.

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According to sources, producers of the hour-long drama in question are looking to close out the season with a bang, and they believe splitting up this beloved couple will provide just such a jolt. Additionally, the break-up (which it’s fair to say no one will see coming) would give the series a lot of creative juice as it heads into what could be its final season.

Of course, there are risks — namely, hell hath no fury like a powerful ‘shipper community scorned. And if the separation isn’t handled properly (i.e. if it’s not believable), even non-fans of the lovebirds may revolt.

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So, go ahead. Call me a Grinch in the comments. I deserve it. But while you’re at it, try and guess the identity of the twosome who may be spending their last holiday season together. To help you out, I’ve narrowed down the field of possibilities from 143 to just 9 in the photo gallery below. Consider it an early Christmas present from me to you.

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  1. James says:

    Parenthood is on the path of Joel and Julia splitting. Maybe it’s just a tease, but I think they leave their relationship in the air when the season ends in two weeks.

  2. Lauren says:

    I hate to say it looks like its parenthood with Julie and Joel this adoption which is making me sad

  3. AJ says:

    I say it’s Booth & Bones, I would say Castle except I don’t think they could keep the show going if they split up Castle and Beckett. There is no way Castle would continue to follow Beckett around if they were broken up and he would definitely stop writing books about her. And I love those two but their characters don’t have the kind of personalities to have an amicable break-up with each other, they’re both way too passionate. And if it’s supposed to be a break-up that “no one sees coming” that probably leaves Castle out of the running, I think they walk on thin ice with those two but in the end they know that the endgame is the love story, not the crime drama.

  4. AcuraT says:

    The biggest clue is “potential final sesaon.” That leaves open Parenthood, Nikita, Bones, and Grey’s Anatomy. Take away Grey’s Antomy because the creator has said they are done messing with couples on that show going into its ninth and final season. Of the other three, it could be any but since Bones was most resistant to putting them together (look at how Castle handled it much quicker than Bones ever did – and Castle is at no risk for cancelation with its ratings at this time) – I will go with that show.

  5. Reba says:

    After last night, it’s gotta be Julia and Joel.

  6. brenna says:

    Unfortunately I think due to the “hell hath no fury” comment, it will be Castle and Beckett. Those words were also in Monday’s episode and it’s the title of one of Castle’s books. I’ll be VERY unhappy it this happens. Castle has been very entertaining this season and there is no reason to break them up.

    • Lauren says:

      It’s also an extremely common phrase. Good potential catch on your part, but I’m not sure it was meant to be a clue. Well, I’m *hoping* it wasn’t…

  7. jamie says:

    The clue here is potential final season with that in mind that open nikita Greys and parenthood greys creater said is not grey now bones hm booth and brennan work together would they break up and still work together and not to mention they have a child thats them out cause the wouldnt be able to same could be said for caskett i dont see castle staying around it would just hurt to much and besides they have another book in the works so after last nights ep I am saying Julie and Joel this adoption thing is gonna break them apart

  8. Mark says:

    after reading a recent innterview with SN ans DB I who were teasing realtionship drama next season i have a feeling this is gonna be booth and brennnan

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      DB is also known to troll…and according to SN, season 9 is going to deal with marriage

      • Mark says:

        I am aware DB is know to troll but first this article and then a tease about realtionship drama for next season I could be jumping the gun but I am still not ruling it out

  9. ALS says:

    How about Grissom and Sara on CSI? There has been a lot of silent suggestions of trouble in paradise. The long distance relationship has put a strain on Sara and Grissom sometimes can be a bit clueless about relationships.

  10. Jooshua says:

    Did you guys see Once Upon a Time?? Snow to Charming “Maybe we don’t want the same things”.. Snow wants to stay in Storybrooke.. Charming wants to go home.. uh oh..

  11. Guest says:

    Filter in reason and the “potential last season” criteria, and it’s either a couple from Castle, Bones, or Parenthood. Important to note that Castle and Bones are on the verge of a final season because they’re past the syndication barrier (and are on the down-slope of a profit curve), and a show can really only go so long despite having good ratings. So those two shows fit the criteria.

    While I’d believe that Julia and Joel could be headed to marital strife, it wouldn’t cause tremors within the Parenthood fan base (me included). It’d be a bigger deal than Zeek and Camille briefly separating, but Parenthood is a show where “everything sunny all the time always” eventually.

    And while it could be Castle — especially considering Beckett’s reaction in the last episode about not knowing much about Castle at all –, I doubt Marlowe does that. A split would definitely rile up the fan base, that’s for sure. But I’m not seeing the creative directions it could take the show (but maybe that’s b/c I’m blinded and biased against the procedural format).

    Bones strikes me as a show that would definitely pull that off. As nice and quirky as the show is, smooth it is not. It does a very poor job plotting and relies on gimmicks more than it should (Bones birthing her child in a manger? Seriously? That recent Cam romance — which didn’t come out of nowhere, but was out of the blue enough and so boring that it was “meh”?), so I could see it happening. The end-game is obviously marriage for Bones and Booth, but I’m sure Hanson would throw a temporary bump.

    • Alie Hunter says:

      My reasoning against it being Castle and Beckett is that if they’re not a couple, there’s no show because there’s no way they’d work together. However, B&B have a baby to keep them connected. I don’t watch Bones, but I’m just looking at the logistics of a break-up and how they would maintain a connection between the characters.

    • beckstle says:

      You’re right about Castle. He sees having them be together as a entire new playground, while most showrunners see putting the couple together as the endgame. Marlowe is having too much fun writing about all the bumps in the road that happen WITHIN a relationship. He has a specific outlook about relationships – especially since it’s based partially on his own. He sees more drama happening WITHIN the relationship, rather than the melodramatic break-up. The interesting story for him (and I agree) is how people work through things while being involved. He really is telling a story. It’s easy to just write a break-up, but creative? No.

      • Lauren says:

        Agreed! Given all of the tension and drama last season surrounding a potential relationship between Castle and Beckett (now realized, of course), it hardly seems like one would need to render a “jolt” to the storyline by breaking them up. Re-living seasons 1-4 doesn’t exactly reinvigorate the plot (to the extent that it even needs resuscitation, which I don’t think it does).

        That being said, I *am* worried about that hell-hath-no-fury part of the clue. ;-(

  12. lana says:

    its not a permanent break up (i’m sure) – whoever this couple is – it will be for ratings and shock & awe; i kinda think it will be on Castle. i hope NOT bc my sister will freak; i watch the show sometimes but she is like crazy in love w/it…. i don’t want it to be my charming/snow, and my Bones couples Bones/Booth or Angie/Hodge (Angie is really not happy w/what she does right now, bc she is an artist -so who knows), I have so many my Mikita from Nikita – freaking love them! I could go on..

  13. Jillian says:

    I think it’s Castle. Ausiello said “Hell hath no fury,” which is one of Castle’s books and the last time when they were a blind item when they were going to get together, Ausiello wrote “Always,” so he uses little hints like that. Also, they’re ratings are really low this season, so next season could be there last. Also, the “if they’re not a couple, there’s no reason why they would work together” doesn’t apply. Ausiello said the break up would be “unbelievable,” so they would probably be happy in one episode, break up in the next and then find some crazy way to work together in the premiere.

    • Alie Hunter says:

      The thing about a Castle break-up is that it goes against Marlowe’s promise that he’s not going to go down the “Break-up/Make-up” route. In no way is that creative and in no way can I see how that would produce any “creative juices”. In regards to ratings, it’s kicking butt in it’s time slot so why would ABC threaten the ratings?

    • Eluse says:

      FYI, Bones’s ratings are lower than Castle’s. Bones = 7M, Castle = 11M. Granted, they’ve already renewed Bones, but that’s because Fox is in a world of hurt, hour long drama wise. I seriously, seriously doubt that AM is even dreaming that Castle is in its “final season”, especially since he tweeted congrats to Hart Hanson (bones) on their150th episode and said he hopes that one day Castle gets to 150 (they’re in the 90’s now).
      Based on the Bones episodes last night (which I loved), you could see them setting up some strife between B/B (the struggle to lead during their final dance)
      Not only that, but HH &co are known for making dick moves like that, as evidenced by seasons 1-6 (ESP season 6). Hannah? Come on, now. I think it would definitely be something no one would see coming, especially since they’re basically married already. I think we could all very easily imagine a Caskett breakup. I’m sort of surprised they made it this far.
      And regardless of what couple breaks up, the payoff has to be huge (marriage in Bones, since Brennan is so anti marriage; moving in or getting engaged in Castle). Bones might think its time to shake it up and this is the way to do it. Any way you look it, it’s going to be heartbreaking.
      Final evidence: when this web site announced Bones renewal, it said in the title that it was possibly the final season. No one else has been saying that, including the producers and actors. I think they want it to go to season 10.

      • Eluse says:

        And the fact that AM is really more of a romantic than the other show runners. The fact that he writes some of the episodes (Always) with his wife, is testament to that. He’s totally a shipper. Fact is, they probably could’ve stretched out their consummation another season, but they didn’t. I’m not sure HH would have either but BB together, even though both DB and ED are shippers.

      • unsmiley says:

        oh please Castle is hardly rocking the rathngs. They got a 1.9 demo with 9M views last ep,.whilst Bones got a 2.1 demo with 8M views. Demo is king and therefore Bones gets a better rating than Castle. Castle demo ratings has dropped a lot this season whether that has to to with the leads getting together or not I have no idea. . . .Hart has said that breaking up Angela & Hodgins and getting them back together worked for them but it wouldn’t work for Booth & Brennan, once they were together that was it. So unless he is an outright liar, which wouldn’t shock me tbh, I am not thinking it is Booth & Brennan. Plus how the hell could B&B work together and solve crimes when they just broke up and probably can’t stand the sight of each other: hurt, pissed, bitterness, arguing over who gets the house, custody of their daughter? Come on now. Seriously.

      • Jillian says:

        The networks only cares about 18-49 demo ratings. Castle got a 1.7 for their Christmas episode and Bones always gets above a 2.0.

        • TM says:

          Yes, and now Castle got a 2.0.But that really doesn’t matter, does it? Ratings can’t be compared precisely, because Castle and Bones are in different time slots on different networks. Before Castle no show made it past 2nd season or so in that time slot and Castle has been relatively steady for almost five, while also having lots of merchandise on sale and has been sold in syndication to TNT. There was an article a while back saying that thanks to the revenue from Castle and OUAT, Disney(who owns ABC I think) managed to buy out the LucasFilm studios, and even if the ratings were as bad as everyone makes them out to be, ABC really doesn’t have much else going for it. All the shows on week nights at that time are new and have almost the same ratings(those who are higher have double the lead-in, like Scandal with Grey’s) and they need as many established shows as they can get, because it’s been a really unstable year ratings-wise and new shows could fall at any moment.

      • Jillian says:

        I think that it can be either Castle or Bones. I agree that HH is known for making crazy moves like that, but I have never heard them say anything about the show ending. In fact, HH and Emily were talking about how they think it’s going to get a season 10. With Castle, I could see season 6 being it’s last season and because of the hint “Hell hath no fury,” but Marlowe is all about catering to the Caskett shippers, so it would be hard to imagine them breaking up.

      • Jillian says:

        Also, @Eluse You don’t make any sense. First, you say that, you can see struggle happening in with B&B in the dance episode, but then you say that it would definitely be something no one will see coming? Which is it? I think people can totally see it coming. They have been problems all season because of Pellant and David keeps hinting that things will get tense because of is returned, so it really looks like a break up is in the midst, meanwhile C&B have been happy and in love all season. The only struggle they have is that she’s insecure and thinks that he’s a player. I think people would definitely not see that happening, like what Ausiello said up above.

        • TM says:

          I’m sorry, but usually when someone from the outside the couple is causing trouble said couple is, in my opinion, less likely to break up than when someone inside the couple has doubts and is insecure. And C&B haven’t had an easy road so far. They have some kind of relationship trouble once every 3 episodes or so, but they work through it. And the fact that everyone says “it’s not them, cause we’d see it coming” is bull! If it weren’t for this article, probably no one would’ve watched Castle or Bones or Grey’s and exclaimed “Oh, they are sooo breaking up” because unless you read the spoilers, you usually don’t see it coming, unless the couple is fighting really bad every episode, or unless there is some really blatant foreshadowing, regardless of the show…

      • a says:

        I don’t know where you get the 11M but according to TVBYTheNumbers, it isn’t accurate at this paint. Besides, as others have said, it’s the demo not the number of viewers that matters. Except to you. The number of viewers definitely matters to you ;-). Castle had 1.8 in the Demo last night (feb4)

  14. Guest says:

    So it isn’t Julia and Joel. It’s definitely Bones and Booth then. Maybe it’ll be over the Pelant deal.

  15. Frank Dracman says:

    I think it’s Peter and Olivia on Fringe!

  16. VCI says:

    Well it’s certainly not Julie or Joel anymore. I feared it being Snow and Charming after last weeks episodes, like other said it’s not going into it’s last season. I don’t watch the other shows so my couples are safe.If Snow and Charming were to break up I’d be pissed.

    • Lauren says:

      I don’t watch Parenthood, so can someone explain why it definitely isn’t Julia and Joel? What did I miss? Sadly, I *do* watch some of the other shows (Castle, primarily, and Bones), so I was rather hoping that the split would be for a Parenthood couple (as it isn’t Grey’s, and I really don’t think it’s Once or Good Wife).

      • Guest says:

        Watch Parenthood, you won’t regret it. Anyway, Joel & Julia recently had some tension over adopting a foster child, but that’s been settled. Parenthood is a show about the strength of marriage, and not dissolution of family.

  17. Spikenalabama says:

    PLEASE let it be Booth and Brennan or Castle and Beckett!!! They should never have been made into couples.

  18. Laura says:

    All the ratings are down this season overall, particularly on ABC. Dancing with the Stars was down quite a bit in the key Demo as is The Bachelor. Castle is my favorite show on TV, and I am a total shipper, but have been a bit disappointed this season that we haven’t seen more romance. I loved the end of Murder She Wrote, and I want to see more of that fun interplay between Castle and Beckett. But alas, I have to think that this item is Castle. I won’t stop watching the show, but I am hopeful that the February sweeps episodes and the rest of the season give the viewers some legitimate reason for this break up.., and I’m not talking about Beckett being insecure or Castle being clueless. I could see Kate ending things if she felt that Rick was in danger, or his family. I just want to know when she is going to say those three little words I have been dying to hear all season!! But I believe that Castle has two more season’s beyond this one…..I don’t really care about the other shows. Although I do watch Once Upon a Time.

  19. C says:

    He says no one will see the break up coming – Theres a lot of people who do see Castle and Beckett breaking up even though AM says he wont do it so thats why I say it cant and wont be them.

  20. Priscila says:

    I hate you, Ausiello!

  21. Molly says:

    Joel and Julia

  22. Jessica says:

    Greys is for only coming back for one more season. She has stated it, and Patrick and Meredith only signed on for ten seasons, next season will be it for the show. Doesn’t matter about the ratings. Bones is also ending next season . Nikita has always struggled with ratings therefore I can see it only sticking around for one more (if they can get it). Parenthood also probably will get one more, it’s doing well in the ratings now but still not good enough.. Castle is doing AMAZING in the ratings and Kate and Castle just got together, can’t see them ending next season, they have a couple more seasons to go!

    Therefore, I think Shonda is going to break up Meredith and Derek because Callie and AZ already been having problems, and Callie and AZ wouldn’t be a surprise to viewers. Nobody cares about the Parenthood couple. Nikita and Mike could be the break up couple too, That might make an interesting twist! And I could also see the Bones peeps breaking up too! But, my gut is sadly saying it Meredith and Derek.

    • Allison says:

      Sorry but your gut is wrong. Shonda Rhimes (creator and writer of Greys) said on twitter that it’s none of the couples on Grey’s Anatomy and that we should not believe anything we read on spoiler sites. So nope! Not Grey’s :) NEXTTTT

    • Stacey says:

      BONES Is not for sure ending. The creators see potentially another season after that… They are renewed for next season already. FOX can’t lose the show anytime soon! It’s not anywhere near dying.

  23. stephen says:

    Shondra took to twitter a few weeks to deny it it was any of her couples I am sorry I dont buy it I have learned not to trust her look what happened last time need i say more. Bones on the other hand has already been renewed for next season and DB and SN teasing relationship issues while I know DB has a tendency to troll and yeah I am aware of it the timing of it is making me suspect something is up with that could be wrong. All other shows are not sure if they are coming back next season as of yet the only two shows who look likely are greys or bones making me think its one of them

  24. Ghost says:

    sooo 3 couples are out of the picture now….damn…i HOPE its not castle :/..doesn’t even make sense to break em…but even if they sure its only for a short amount of time…’sigh’ only time can tell now!

    • Lauren says:

      It’s more than three. Both Grey’s couples are out, leaving seven. No one cares if the Good Wife couple breaks up, so they’re effectively out, leaving six. Once Upon a Time is not likely heading into its last season, so that one’s out, too — leaving five couples (Bones, Castle, Nikita, and two Parenthood couples). Do Parenthood couples have passionate fan followings? (I don’t watch the show, so I’m rather out of the loop on that one)? We’ll know next week if it’s Parenthood, but assuming its not (given the supposed lack of super-passionate ‘shipper fans), I think we can effectively narrow it down to Bones, Castle, and Nikita.

      If it’s Castle, I will be done with that show (unless they put Castle and Beckett back together REALLY quickly — as in, the next episode). I didn’t suffer through four seasons of sexual tension just to see them break up.

  25. chris says:

    I think is booth and Brennan given what I have just read

  26. Vikimousse says:

    If it is Castle and Beckett, which I hope it’s not. Is it possible that they fake their break up because of Gates ? They would not totally break up but just pretend ? I wouldn’t mind that, just for a few episodes and then Castle would do something awesome and be allowed to come back ? Idk, I just really don’t want them to break up !!

  27. It better not be Max & Naomi on 90210. I will scream.

  28. mary says:

    Definitely not Parenthood… no one broke up in the season finale tonight…

  29. Stacey says:

    Brennan and Booth are having issues this season thanks to Pelant and other issues. So how would it be out of nowhere for them to breakup? If I can’t say Parenthood anymore. I say Castle. Good Wife (who cares if Alicia and Peter finally divorce). And Nikita (do they have a passionate base).Once Upon a Time is not going into it’s final season. So unless Shondra is lying, and it’s Grey’s Anatomy. I say Castle!

    • Daniel says:

      it might not be the one of the main couples they might just be hinting the show its on for example bones it night not be booth and brennan but Angela or Jack given what happened in the last ep just a suggestion

  30. dude says:

    My gut instinct is one of the Grey’s Anatomy couples but it could also very well be Nikita and Michael. The writers really like to flip the show on its head at the end of each season (Nikita vs Alex, Nikita takes over Division) so putting them on opposing sides would definitely do just that.

  31. lea says:

    Snow white and Charming.

  32. SammiMarcs says:

    The thing is Emily Deschanel was recently confronted about DB’s trolling comments and I quote: “But when we presented Emily Deschanel with her costar’s curious quotes, it took her a moment, but then she got on track with what he had said. “Ohhhhh. Yeah, we definitely have an episode where we’re at odds with each other,” she confirmed.” First of all, if B&B are breaking up, why would ED seem to have no clue about it? Also, she said “an episode”. I mean they break up for an episode? I am not worried. However, I have no idea who it could be. My initial thought was Grey’s Anatomy, but I don’t know Shonda Rhimes reputation on lying…

    • Lauren says:

      I saw the same ED interview (and read the one with DB, as well). But here’s the thing: The Blind Item said that “no one” will see the break-up coming. So, if there’s a small amount of Booth/Brennan tension that they quickly resolve, it could fans a false sense of security (i.e., “See? Everything’s fine!”) And then a break-up truly would seem to come out of nowhere. Also, from past fan-based experiences, the actors are very restricted in what they can/cannot say to the press. It is possible (though I’m not saying it’s likely — just possible) that, even if ED/DB know that Booth/Brennan will break up, they’re not allowed to leak said knowledge. The “tension,” etc., that DB referred to in his interview, in other words, was in re: something else (not a possible end-of-season break-up). I actually think it’s about 50/50 between Bones and Castle at this point (although I’m desperately hoping that it’s really Nikita — sorry, Nikita ‘shippers…).

      • SammiMarcs says:

        I don’t know if ED is that good at lying, because she has said in several interviews that she is a bad liar and “hates lying to people”, but I accept your point. I really don’t want it to be them, though and while I don’t wish bad on any couple, I especially love B&B despite what ever issues they, and viewers, might have. So I’m crossing my fingers that it isn’t them…

  33. S says:

    It is probably going to be Caskett. Look at it this way: Rick meets his dad this season, and Kate gets closure for her moms case this season (if I remember correctly, that was in an interview back in the summer). Those are the two main story arcs for the series. Javier needs a happy ending, Kevin needs to have a kid, and Caskett needs to either split or marry. That can all be wrapped up in a pretty bow at the end of next season, and end the show on a high note.

    As for Bones, they are running out of steam, but they don’t have nearly as strong a shipper base as Castle does. That being said, Bones is my second choice because of their early renewal and the possible hint at a final season included in that same announcement. ABC has other strong shows to fall back on ( mainly OUaT), where Fox doesn’t, so that is another reason why I believe it will be Castle instead of Bones.

    • Micheal says:

      I do see where you coming from I do in regards to it be castle i do But the problem I have is that no one see is coming well after 5×10 some people do. I also don’t see castle entering into it final season ABC has turned it money maker and there is another book in the works as well I recall the interview you mentioned as well It said Beckett would find out who killed her mother but it would be bitter sweet if castle were to break up would he continue to work in the with Beckett at the 12th doubt it and I don’t see Marlowe leaking this info when he still have s to write eps this season an announcement like that is premature at any rate so I don’t see it being castle my money is on Nikita or Greys despite what shondra said after last season i don’t trust her

    • Micheal says:

      also as my final thought that i forgot about if Castle and Beckett break up Castle would be over and the same also applies for Booth and Brennan bones would be over as well

      • beckstle says:

        Obviously Hart Hanson didn’t get the memo about breaking them up being the end of the show. Probably doesn’t care since 9 will probably be the last season anyway. Check out the recent Bones spoilers.

        • Micheal says:

          I read them not sure if I believe them if you know DB he likes to stir things up he has reputation as being a troll so I am not sure what to believe time will tell on the off chance is is bones that would certainly give the show a jolt time will tell but it might bot be booth and Brennan but Angela and jack look what happened on last Monday ep just saying

    • Lauren says:

      I had the same thought re: the relative strength of respective ‘shipper bases (though I think some die-Hard Booth/Brennan fans might disagree…). But I also had the thought that the Blind Item spoke of injecting some kind of a “jolt” that would provide a lot of “creative juice” heading into the show’s potential last season. I think this would be true for Bones: Booth and Brennan have been (more or less) happy together ever since they hooked up two seasons ago, with very few problems/little tension thrown into that mix — hence a “jolt” if they were to break up; also, because they live together and share a child together, a split would definitely provide the writers an opportunity to get “creative” in terms of how to keep them interacting/working together while (temporarily) no longer being a romantic couple. I have trouble imagining how a break-up would play out on Castle, however. First of all, it would be less of a “jolt,” because there have been *repeated* references this season to Beckett’s doubts/insecurities in the relationship (see episodes 5×02, 5×04, 5×05, 5×08, and 5×10, for example). Second, how “creative” can the writers get if Castle and Beckett break up? They’ve already done that (effectively) multiple times: (1) end of season 1 (Beckett tells Castle they’re done, and he has to win back her trust); (2) end of season 2 (Beckett is ready to go with Castle to the Hamptons, and Gina shows up — requiring Castle to yet again win his way back into Beckett’s good graces); (3) end of season 3 (Beckett tells Castle they’re through, and then to get out of her apartment; though she then reneges); (4) end of season 4 (Castle now says that *he* is done, prompting Beckett to seek his forgiveness). Seriously: How many times can they do this dance? I think a break-up now would frustrate Castle fans to the point of abandoning the show. Hopefully, AM isn’t that out of touch with his fanbase…

      • beckstle says:

        No worries, Marlowe is very in touch with his fan base. He actually likes and respects the show’s fan base. He also is all about the story, not shaking things up just because. It’s not the way he approaches the writing process. If you think about the different showrunners and how they work, it’s clear which ones it could be and which ones not.

  34. SammiMarcs says:

    Does the blind item have to be one of the nine couples listed above? Or can it be any couple? Because if that’s so, then i could see other couples being the blind item…

  35. Brenda Dempsey says:

    As a huge castle fan i am starting to think it might be castle and beckett. Firstly, I have heard a lot of talk about nathan not being too keen to do many more seasons and the chemistry between the two leads seems very frosty of late. I don’t know whether that boils down to the writing recently or off screen issues between the actors (let’s face it, they don’t seem to get on at all in r.l) I really don’t see the show having more than one season left unfortunately and the reviews of the past few weeks haven’t been great with even the die hard fans. I think marlowe is gearing up for a big finale to get back some much needed press and the plan would be to finish up next year with somewhat decent ratings. I do love the show but something seems very off with casket since Christmas and I wonder if this is the lead up. Hope i am just full of waffle though and it turns out to be someone else

    • Alie Hunter says:

      Let’s not start talking about things like whether or not Stana and Nathan get along. Many sources, including Tamala, say that they get along amazingly. You have to realize that these people spend 16 hours a day, 6 days a week together so it doesn’t surprise me that they may just want to go home and decompress on their own.

      Secondly, I hate the whole “Nathan only wants the show to go one for ____ seasons.” crap. I know he’s the main character, but it’s not just about him. He is one of the highest paid male leads on TV so he should feel blessed to have an amazing job. Not just that, but it’s not just his job he’s talking about. There’s other actors and crew members that rely on working at “Castle”.

      Lastly, I think people just need to wait and see what happens during sweeps. The first one or two episodes after the winter hiatus can be a lil bland, but “Castle” seems to go all out for for sweeps. “Castle” is not just a show, it’s a brand. Novels, novellas, graphic novels, trading cards, board games, and even coffee are all on shelves and ABC would not throw that away. Marlowe said that he’s not going to go the breakup/makeup route because it’s old and cliche. If they broke up there would be NO show. Why would Castle continue to go to the precinct if they broke up? He wouldn’t. There’s no way they could ever go back to being friends

    • Lauren says:

      Last time I checked (which, granted, was a while ago), typical contracts for leads on network dramas were seven years. So even if NF wanted to leave after six (and I am *not* saying that is the case), he wouldn’t necessarily have a choice — that is, unless he wanted an ugly lawsuit on his hands. I have also seen interviews, etc., with NF in which he says that he would like the show to end on a high note and not drag on unnecessarily. I don’t think he meant that he would definitely pull out after X number of seasons, however, because there is no magic number of seasons for when a show has been on just the “right” amount of time. If the storylines are still engaging and the viewers are still enjoying the show, then there’s no reason to either pull out or pull the plug. And at any rate, I think that NF is too smart/savvy (and too appreciative of his fans?) to attempt to pull out before the show closes for other, external reasons (e.g., the producers have decided to end it — so as to go out with a bang — or ABC has cancelled it). Does anyone remember the big-time movie careers of the following actors who pulled out ahead of schedule: David Caruso, Jimmy Smits, David Duchovny? No? Enough said. Also, I haven’t seen any indication that NF and SK do not get along. To their credit, I think they have been working with some pretty chemistry-less writing in the past two episodes, and have (likely) done the best they could. Also, I get the impression that SK is rather quiet in public, so I’m honestly not sure how one would even tell if they weren’t super buddy-buddy. That being said, they probably get along just fine, but when the press doesn’t see them walking around hand in hand, they (the press, or even the public) may draw unfair/unreasonable inferences.

    • LeighLee says:

      Nathan and Stana seem to get along great to me in real life, judging by interviews, BTS pics, and DVD bloopers. I don’t see how ppl get that impression. And they have great on screen chemistry when they have scenes together as a couple, which they have not had for the last 2 episodes. Even though it ended on an angsty note, they were cute together in Significant Others. It would definitely be a shock to me if they broke up. I don’t think it’s them, though. Marlowe hasn’t let me down yet. He said he wasn’t breaking them up and I’m taking his word for it. Plus, I really hope next season is not Castle’s last. I just started watching this season!

  36. Brenda Dempsey says:

    I agree with what you are saying to a certain extent but there is no show without one of the main characters whether that be nathan or stana and he has said on a number of different occasions that he feels ending castle on a high after for example six seasons would be great. That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised if season six is the last one. I hope not but at the same time I would hate for the show to get stale and lose its appeal. For that reason, I wouldn’t be shocked if it is caskett. I just hope that if it is, it’s handled in a believable way. Also, of course tamala Jones is gonna say they are best buds :-)

    • TM says:

      You do know the actors don’t have a say on when the show ends, right? They have contracts for a number of seasons and unless the show is cancelled they have no choice but to be in it.

      • mary says:

        Maybe… but Castle’s ratings aren’t that great this year… So maybe producers really think that the show needs a shocking season ending!

        • MJO says:

          If Castle’s ratings are low this year, do you really think people will keep watching if the break Castle and Beckett up? Where did you hear that the ratings were down? I’ve heard it’s still one of ABC’s most watched shows

  37. Megan S says:

    Mikita I reckon. His hand thing is really putting a wedge between them… It’s a game changer for him. As everyone said, it’s down to Castle, Nikita, good wife, Bones and OUAT.
    Although rules OUAT out for def not being near final season. Castle show runner said it won’t happen…
    Bones hasn’t been with booth that long… Seriously if they break up, belugh,
    Good wife, good riddance if she divorces Peter finally. (No passionate fan base for,Peter and Alicia )

    What us it with Shane west and losing body parts on TV???

  38. David says:

    Despite what shondra said I am still not ruling Greys out I don’t trust her after lasts season of you want disagree fee free Castle I am ruling out simply because i dont see them entering final season territory and besides ABC has turned it to a money maker Booth and Brennan have a child and work and live togther ruling them ou because they need to work together and well a castle and Beckett without them no show Quat I dont see ending any time soon Good wife is a possibility I wouldn’t be sad if it was them Nikita Is also in that category that handing thing looks like iys driving a wedge so with that being said It either the good wife Mikita or Greys

    • Beckstle says:

      I gather you haven’t read the latest spoilers for Bones. Dude, it’s totally Bones. Game over.

      • David says:

        Yeah I have read all the latest bones spoilers I don’t know whether to believe them because DB has a tendency to troll and stir things but granted from the way it sound it looks like its bones

  39. beckstle says:

    Seriously…? There are several fan bases of straight couple that have reputations as being intense, wild, and “problematic.” If a fan base is intense and enthusiastic, I don’t think they are exempt from being called on it because it’s a gay or lesbian couple. Frankly, as a member of a fan base that some would call all of the above, I think it’s a badge of honor. Like, yeah, we are into this show and this couple THAT much – it’s THAT good. There are a lot of areas of LGBT discrimination that can be looked at in the media, but the fact that a lesbian couple is known for having a a loud fan-base isn’t one of them. I mean – have you heard what’s been said about the shipper fan-bases for The Vampire Diaries, Castle, or Gossip Girl? Shippers, regardless of sexual orientation just tend to annoy non-shippers.

  40. Richard says:

    It could be bones and the reason I am saying this because David contact was due to expire so HH and SN could have made plans for this ergo a booth and Brennan would the only choice. And season 9 was only announced after David agreed to stay.This article was posted before said annoucement was made making t possible Just a thought

  41. MJO says:

    As long as it’s not Booth & Brennan, or Castle and Beckett.. I could care less

  42. Andie says:

    I think it could be on Bones…next season could be their last so it fits in that regard. However it’s not necessarily Booth and Bones, it could also be Angela and Hodgins. I don’t think it really fits with Castle, though there would be much outcry from the shipper community I don’t think the show is close enough to the end of its run to fit the profile. Callie and Arizona are another possibility.

  43. Holly says:

    I think it could be bones or Greys that it could be ok yes I know what shondra said no but Jennifer Capshaw is pregnant again and might want time out to have and bond with her bay and the only way for that to happen is to have her written out for a while a breakup would do that That might have caused shondra to rethink things on that but again thats speculation. it could also be bones as well think about this way at the time of this article David contract was due to end at the end of season 8 and HH and SN might have made plans for a breakup if that was the case. Season 9 was only annouced after David said he would be back next season and this article was posted before said announcement

    • Tania says:

      Jessica Capshaw is not pregnant again. She had her 3rd child in July 2012 and said something that made it pretty clear she and her hubby consider their family to be complete.

  44. Jillian says:

    I love how everyone is saying that it has to be Booth and Bones just because they are trying to rationalize that it’s not their precious Castle. Haha.

    Oh and Hart Hanson said that Booth and Bones are completely solid in an interview for GMMR.

    • Gaia says:

      The complete line is : “They’re a solid, solid couple. But again, it’s a big, cruel world that sometimes pokes its thumb in your eye”… Still disturbing to me…

      • Stacey says:

        Not really given what happens next week to Brennan. And their other issues with Pelant. Given all their issues. Breaking up would not be that unexpected. And they sorta did the “break up” finale last year. And they have been dealing with the fallout from that… So it wouldn’t be out of left field.

    • Karen says:

      I know what HH said as i follow both shows what HH could have meant that the eps they have filmed they appear solid and we all know pelant is coming back I dont trust HH in his interviews i remember the end of the beginning from season 4 with a certain scene he said it was real we all know how that turned out i think the timing is weird for me to think is bones although if it bones i dont see it being long term although it might not booth and brennan but one of the other couples just saaying

    • Lauren says:

      Don’t forget that many Castle fans are Bones fans, too! (Myself included). I admit that I *really* don’t want Caskett to be the Blind Item, but I also *really* don’t want Booth/Brennan to be the Blind Item, either! Sadly, I do think it is one of them. But I’m forcing myself to stop fixating on it — at least for a while!

      • MJO says:

        I’m a fan of both too, and hope it’s not either of them… but if Castle doesn’t get renewed, I guess we don’t have to worry about it.. =(

        • Lauren says:

          It will get renewed. It’s a strong ratings-contender on Monday nights, and it has tie-ins that make a LOT of money for ABC/Disney without a lot of overhead. It has at *least* one more season.

  45. a says:

    Probably Castle. And it will probably be short-lived, for the reasons people give, that the show isn’t Castle without the couple. And remember Castle has left the precinct for short periods of time several times. It could be a longer departure this time.

    But if Nathan wants to leave for good and the rest of the cast want to stay, Beckett and Castle could marry. Castle could get killed off…and then it would still be Castle…with Kate Castle.

    I actually predict an early departure of one of the main cast from the show. Judging by their seeming reluctance to appear together, I don’t think they get along. They do not appear publicly together anymore. And I DOOO think their off-the-set relationship plays a role in their on-set lack of lovey-dovey chemistry. And remember, if I’m right, people on the show aren’t going to tell you so. Everything’s peachy as far as they’re concerned.

    • Alie Hunter says:

      Ummm… Less we forget that if Stana or Nathan leave the show is OVER! And didn’t you hear? ABC just ordered a 24th episode for season 5. If ABC didn’t believe in Castle they wouldn’t be adding episodes. Lastly, the speculations about Nathan and/or Stana leaving need to stop because, unless they involve lawyers, contracts are usually 7 or 8 seasons.

    • MJO says:

      I can’t see any of the main cast leaving Castle anytime soon..

  46. GB says:

    Here is what I don’t get: Shonda says it’s no one from Grey’s, pretty much everyone rules out Grey’s. Andrew Marlowe says “I’m not breaking them up” and people don’t rule out Castle. Huh?

  47. 117 says:

    I can deal with a seperation maybe and by seperation, I meant not a break up but physically going somewhere cause he/she Is in this I wouldn’t mind!xP..but I don’t think thats the case..:/..”sigh” I really hope it’s not wouldn’t make sense if they did cause they just got together..but it fits the description “no one will see it coming..”…I need reassurance pls!:(

  48. Hattie says:

    It’s either Bones or Castle. It better not be Beckett and Castle! I don’t think it could be Glee since they’ve already broken up all the popular shipper couples. I personally love Nikita, but I don’t think it’s popular enough to warrant a blind item like this. Do people really love Grey’s anymore? I don’t know. At least my most favorite couples – Damon/Elena on TVD, Eric/Sookie on True Blood and Tony/Ziva on NCIS – aren’t technically “together,” and therefore cannot be the subject of this item.

  49. Susan says:

    Can someone give me any scenario where breaking up Castle and Beckett would be a ratings winner for the show? I think it would be completely the opposite, and surely Marlowe, ABC and anyone with a brain should understand this. There has been nothing but outcry for more Caskett this season, so to do the opposite would alienate a large portion of the fan base to the point they would give up the show. And…this blind item came out in December. Marlowe said they were still finding their way with Caskett, so how would they even have decided something like this plotline at that point so early in their first season together when they were still judging fan reaction to getting them together.

    • Kwapple says:

      A break-up seems like a desperate ratings grab more than anything…don’t think ABC/Marlowe are that desperate in regards to Castle. Same case with FOX/Hanson and Bones. Either Nikita or TGW would fit that bill though

  50. Sarah says:

    Has the list been narrowed down any more?