Blind Item: Popular Drama Poised to Break Up Major Couple (and You're Not Going to Like It)

blinditemI hate to be the bearer of bad news just days before Christmas, but this secret has been burning a hole in my pocket for weeks and I simply must get it off my chest.

There’s increasing (read: deafening) buzz that a pivotal couple on a show with a very passionate audience may be going their separate ways by season’s end.

ASK AUSIELLO | Spoilers on HIMYM, Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, Happy Endings, Sons of Anarchy and More!

According to sources, producers of the hour-long drama in question are looking to close out the season with a bang, and they believe splitting up this beloved couple will provide just such a jolt. Additionally, the break-up (which it’s fair to say no one will see coming) would give the series a lot of creative juice as it heads into what could be its final season.

Of course, there are risks — namely, hell hath no fury like a powerful ‘shipper community scorned. And if the separation isn’t handled properly (i.e. if it’s not believable), even non-fans of the lovebirds may revolt.

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So, go ahead. Call me a Grinch in the comments. I deserve it. But while you’re at it, try and guess the identity of the twosome who may be spending their last holiday season together. To help you out, I’ve narrowed down the field of possibilities from 143 to just 9 in the photo gallery below. Consider it an early Christmas present from me to you.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. turningpage76 says:

    I really don’t think it’s Castle, Grey’s Anatomy or Once Upon A Time. First, there’s no way Castle is heading into its last season, Caskett has one of the widest fanbases out there. Meredith and Derek have been through so much, and are expecting a baby honestly it wouldn’t make sense to break them up. Callie and Arizona have been through hell and are finally trying to move on the tragedy they survived, also Shonda Rhimes believes in that couple too much. And Once Upon A Time is still in it’s second season, plus Charming and Snow are the exact definiton of MFEO. Anyway, excuse my rant but I honestly hope it’s not Calzona.

  2. MarcusD says:

    Although it saddens me to the very core thinking of Grey’s never airing past season 10, it does fit the bill in this respect. If it was MerDer I honestly think the fans would revolt or something. There is “taking back the show” and committing TV suicide. But, hey, if Shonda’s banking on the show ending any ways, given her dislike for fans in general, I wouldn’t put it past her doing this, if not for mere spite. Honestly though, if MerDer split (the power couple of the show IMO) I can’t see creative juices flowing, more ruining the trajectory the show has been on for its entire run. Lets face it, in spite of all the trials and tribulations they have faced, as Ep.7 implied, MerDer are simply MFEO. Rant over !

  3. imane says:


    • Bob says:

      Technically, they’re already “broken up”. They’re officially separated, and she’s just playing “The Good Wife” for the election, regardless of any hook-ups.

  4. Diana says:

    Meredith and Derek. I keep seeing people say it won’t be them because of the pregnancy and that they have a child. Not sure I get that because IRL people with children and even those expecting can breakup. If real people do, fictional ones certainly can.

  5. Allison says:

    I’m gonna say it’s Castle. And yeah everyone keeps saying “Marlow would never break them up”… well the ratings have been down this season and maybe he needed to spice it up a bit. Breaking them up doesn’t mean they won’t eventually find their way back together but just for a little while be seperated. Plus, it’s pretty clear that Ausiello hinted at Castle by saying ‘hell hath no fury’

    • Shannon says:

      Castle ratings haven’t been down this season they are the number one show in Monday nights for their time slot! And the ratings aren’t any worse then they were for last season…castle has a very devoted fan base and its one of abc’s most popular shows especially via dvr and online!! I haven’t heard too much about castle being in danger of being cancelled next season and in fact if you follow the actors/creators on twitter they’re always tweeting about how great he show is doing. It’s possible they could break up but most fans of the show would disagree (and I pray they are correct and that Caskett definitely do not break up!)

  6. Brooke says:

    Isn’t it Bones? The writers already said they were going to break up Angela and Hodgins and they’re pretty popular/major. It doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be the main couple of a show.

  7. May says:

    Probably Nikita right? Bubble show in the CW. I don’t see Shonda breaking up MerDer or Calzona. I don’t think the Parenthood couple have THAT intense fanbase, as for The Good Wife, I’m pretty sure that a) Alicia and Peter are not officially together and b) not that many people would be mad at them for separating (Willicia!!!!). Just my two cents.

  8. K says:

    My first thought were Castle and Beckett, but I haven’t really heard any buzz about this possibly being Castle’s final season, and it’s never had any trouble getting renewed before. I going to go ahead and narrow out OUaT because I don’t seen next season being its last season unless something goes very, very wrong, and The Good Wife, because I don’t think a Peter/Alicia break-up would shock anyone, and I think half the fandom would even be happy about it. That being said, I’m hedging my bet for Brennan and Booth. I could definitely see next season being Bones’ last, and no one ever said that show had a passive fandom.

  9. Naazneen says:

    Im going with Mikita. Im a huge fan of the original with Peta Wilson, so their breakup – if it is Mikita – wouldnt phase me at all. The words.. “could be final season” already eliminates many of the shows in the running. OUAT, Castle, Greys, Bones… not nearing final seasons (unless there is something i havent read). Parenthood has too small a following IMHO, so im sticking with Mikita. Pretty hardcore shipper community.

  10. Nicole says:

    My guess with limited knowledge would hopefully elimate Castle and Beckett. Marlowe has talked about moving forward in their relationship like valentines day together and the truths about his father. Also I feel like Castle is not close to ending as the others.
    Also Another blind item that was revealed abt Mer being pregnant. That could make the split shocking. I don’t watch any of the other shows other than bones and castle so I couldn’t judge the other characters. However in my opinion for me Bones has got somewhat boring in turns of predictability. I just missing that spark it had in the other seasons even season 6 wasn’t really one of my favorites. The series is in its 9th season that long for any show. I hope it doesn’t end but I have a feeling it might be Bones that has the split.

  11. Krithika says:

    On my b’day I take this vow: If it’s Caskett, I stop watching Castle. Forever. Period

  12. Jessie says:

    I dunno why but whenever i see any article with the word break-up my mind immediately goes to Caskett. I pray to God I’m wrong.. :-(

  13. Beate says:

    Another clue to Castle is that Ausiello refer to the Couple’s last holidayseason together the only show’s who had a christmasep are Parenthood and Castle.

  14. Karen says:

    If marlowe were to break up castle and beckett that now that would be a signifacant U turn he has made it clear that he has a destination in mind i know things will get complicated about midseason but it doesnt mean break up. Marlowe thought for 4 years to bring them together and we are now way near at the end yet

  15. Karen says:

    and to add a little after thought to my comment breaking them up would mean a reset of everything marlowe like to move forwards and not back and if they were to break up how would they work together just a thought

    • Beate says:

      Maybe that’s what they call creative juice maybe they work not together anymore and that’s what would the non-fans of the lovebirds revolt.

      • Martyn says:

        if that was to happen the show would be over the premise of the show envols around casstle and beckett so the show would be over

      • Martyn says:

        and also will yoy still sgawdow your ex doubt it

      • beckstle says:

        Marlowe doesn’t arbitrarily make major plot moves to “shake things up creatively.” He doesn’t have to because he doesn’t work with small ideas and arcs. It took him 4 years to create bringing the two together. He’s got a alot of ideas to play with. If he breaks them up, it’s going be like, four years from now. LOL!

  16. Meg says:

    If it’s Bones I will be p*ssed!!!!! We waited 6 seasons for them to get together and then they break up??? No. Hell no. Hart Hanson better not.

  17. Gaia says:

    Well done Ausiello ! It’s Xmas time, should be all joy, peace and love and everybody’s freaking out !

  18. Bob says:

    Only “concern” would be for Booth and Brennan. The rest of the shows are a “who cares”. The optimist in me says Brennan finally agrees to marriage at the end of this season.

  19. Jenny says:

    I was worried it was Caskett, but I don’t think next season could even possibly be it’s last. But I looked through the pics, and now I’m really worried that it’s Bones. Next season could definitely be the last season, and that just sounds like something the writers would try to do. I bet that’s who it is, but that certainly makes me sad. But as long as they end up together, I’ll be fine! lol

  20. Robin says:

    My first instict says Booth & Bones…and I really would like to be wrong…I’d rather it be a show I don’t watch…but truthfully I watch most of the shows these couples are on…I think there were 2 or maybe 3 I don’t watch.

  21. omabin says:

    It’s one of the parenthood couples. it’s too early to have this sort of speculation for a show ending in may but parenthood is about to have its series finale. besides, it’s not that big of a show to have two couples from that show in here

  22. I will kill someone if it’s Snow/Charming – Booth/Brennan – Meredith/Derek or Callie/Arizona!! The rest, i don’t watch those shows so i just don’t have anything invested in them. Though it would suck to see Castle/Beckett split because I’ve seen Castle occasionally and i know they only just got together!

  23. Krithika says:

    So basically, the show breaking up the fan-favourite lead couple is going into its final season too. Wow, that’s too much of a tragedy in a single episode for the poor viewers. Why did u do this Ausiello?????

  24. Luis says:

    Oh Please… Is Downton Abbey…. Matthew and Mary won’t ever be happy with Julian Fellowes writing the show… TRUST ME!!!

  25. Amy says:

    I’m guessing Calzona

    • Allison says:

      Too bad it’s not Calzona. Shonda Rhimes writer of Grey’s just tweeted that it’s niether of the grey’s couples…

      • Shonda is the same women that swore Mark/Lexie would have a happy ending & ML fans would be happy with their story… LMFAO! Pretty sure killing Lexie off in the first 20 minutes of the s8 finale & killing Mark off in the first episode of s9 did NOT make any of us happy, and it damn sure was NOT A HAPPY ENDING!

        So yeah… i don’t believe anything Shonda’s lying ass says until i see proof.

        • TBH says:

          Well to be fair, she said this some time before Chyler Leigh decided to leave the show. I would not accuse her of being a liar, if she had a certain plan for them and then one of the actors wants to leave what can she do? She can’t recast. It happens.

          • But that’s the thing… i don’t believe Chyler truly wanted to leave! A lot of people have talked about it, but don’t you find it strange how before/the beginning of S8, Chyler was talking about how if Ellen left the show, she would have no problem taking over as “the Grey” of the show? Strange how not long after she made those comments, she was randomly not in multiple episodes at a time, and then she gets killed off and we get some BS about her wanting to leave…

  26. 117 says:

    I highly doubt it’s castle…firstly I think it’s a bit too early to discuss about the finale now…secondly I’m sure there are more seasons left for castle….I read somewhere that Kate could be a one and done girl in season 6..

    • Allison says:

      doubtful considering all the hell they’re going through right now due to the plane crash. The spoiler says no one will see it coming. Right now, Calzona is obviously struggling.

  27. Lara says:

    I’m sure it won’t be MerDer or Calzona. Derek wouldn’t leave Meredith, especially now that they’re having a baby. Calzona will get back on their feet… They’ll have sexy times in winter and they’re gonna be okay. I’m guessing Booth/Brennan, but I really don’t want that to happen.

    • TM says:

      *cough* NO ONE WILL SEE IT COMING *cough* so you can’t rule couples out just because they are doing well now,or because it is out of character for them…I no one will see it coming, than that’s exactly who you should consider.

      • South says:

        Callie and Arizona are actually not doing well now. They are the only couple on the list that can be ruled out for that reason. It wouldn’t be a shocker at this point.

        • shae says:

          Nothing on Grey’s would be a shocker at this point LOL plus I know people are saying MerDer because it’s unexpected but they already broke-up after they had baby Zola….been there, done that.

  28. Shannon says:

    I think we can rule out snow/charming because I doubt very much that season 3 will be OUAT’s final season and I am also skeptical about Caskett because Castle is doing really well this year and Andrew Marlowe has already said he wouldn’t break them up and I really don’t think season 6 will be Castles last (unless they break them up)…my guess would be someone from Grey’s or Bones/Booth but I really hope it’s neither of them too (esp. not one of the greys couples!!) they must end up back together whoever it is…like Ross and Rachel!!!

  29. Emily says:

    Andrew Marlowe promised Castle fans that he will not break Caskett up. So it’s not Castle and Beckett. =)

    • Emily says:

      And by the way, Andrew Marlowe has also talked about marriage between Caskett may (or may not) be discussed in the season finale. So… It’s NOT Castle and Beckett. Thank god!!!

      • Beate says:

        So this is exactly what it makes it possible because Ausiello said no one will see it coming.

      • Allison says:

        You think just cause marriage is a topic of conversation that this rules Castle out?? haha WRONG! Both of the Grey’s couples listed here are already married so it would be Castle before it would be Grey’s..

        • Karen says:

          you may be right on the one hand the conversation does indeed come up for caskett but why cant it also mean for greys just because both couples are married doesn’t make them exempt it could still be one of them so it wouldn’t put that off the table just saying

  30. olivia says:


  31. Eluse says:

    So here’s my .02.
    1) while part of me worries that it could be Castle, it seems unlikely. First of all, AM & co seem less likely to jerk the fans around, like say Sondra.
    2) the standard contract for ALL TV shows is 7 years. That’s why David Duchovny left after season 7 of X Files. The ratings for season 5 have been very stable ~ 11M every episode. In past seasons they’ve had ups and downs, ratings wise, but this year is solid.
    3) the fact that ABC has such a publicity machine for this show – between the books, social media, etc its unlikely they would cancel it before season 7. Plus the further they get in syndication the better off they are.
    4) even though that pain in the as5 Nathan Fillion wants to go play space cowboy with the Firefly people, that’s too bad. He’s signed for seven seasons. I think he got fat just to punish the fans. Oh well. We don’t have to like him, just the character.
    5) I’m not sure that the castle folks know how this season is going to end. They just wrapped ep 13 & they haven’t released a title yet for the ep. I have a strong feeling they haven’t tweaked 10 episodes ahead of time.
    6) so that leaves Grey’s, Bones, & Parenthood. All three shows have a possibility of a final season.
    7) in Grey’s, the main cast signed thru season 9. I had heard that Patrick & Ellen weren’t sure they wanted to go past 9, esp Patrick. He’s got all that race car crap that he loves.
    8) with Bones, their ratings Have been down season 7 & 8. Part of it is the switch to Monday night & part was the truncated season 7. Anyway, I think HH, ED, DB, & SN would be happy to go to season 10 (since Emily & David are producers and get along very well. **cough cough** **not like Castle**cough cough**). But I can see HH jerking us around a bit just to mix it up. And maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea.
    9) we know SR is totally capable of this. It just seems so obvious.

    • Alie Hunter says:

      There are some GREAT, GREAT points in here. One being the fact that ABC has turned “Castle” into a brand. They’ve gone above and beyond what other shows have when it comes to dipping into different parts of media. Another one I just can’t get over is the fact that Marlowe has put together a great love story over the first four seasons and there’s no way he’d abandon all that after one season. “Castle” is also a fairly cheap show to produce. The actors really love the show and as far as we know they aren’t hounding the producers for crazy raises. The show would not be able to continue if they broke-up Castle and Beckett. There’s no way they could be friends or work together. Will they have bumps in the road and episodes where they shut down? Sure. But that will be resolved.The only way I can see any time a part is if Castle gets hurt and Beckett can’t handle the guilt so she contemplates ending their relationship, but that would be short lived. The bottom-line is that there is no “creative juice” in having them go through a nasty break-up. In fact it’s very lazy writing.

    • mary says:

      Why it can’t be Castle because it’s too early to plan season finale endind, but it’s okay to have already planned Bones or Grey’s season ending???

      • Eluse says:

        Good point. I know SR plans out her seasons in advance, but I don’t know if HH & co operate that way. I fell fairly certain that they would not have thrown the whole I’m pregnant and you’re the father thing if ED hadn’t been pregnant in real life. That said, because Fox ordered 4 additional episodes to the season 7 order (which are the stand alone episodes this season) they may have forced their hands into needing a basic direction for the arc of season eight. I also remember an interview with DB & ED saying that probably half their audience is NON shippers. Both ED & DB are booth & Brennan shippers, have been from the beginning, but HH put the brakes on it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled a stunt like this. Not at all.

        • TM says:

          When asked if we were going to be introduced to Castle’s dad this season, Andrew Marlowe said that he can’t say for sure, but that they haven’t got into that *YET* so they definitely don’t have the rest of the season planned…

  32. Linda says:

    No guys, it is Mary and Matthew from Downton Abbey.

    Dan Stevens confirmed his exit from the show.

    • DeeDee says:

      But Dan is killed in a car accident, they don’t split up. So there is no way for him to ever come back.

      • TM says:

        Umm…DeeDee… you know it hasn’t aired in the US yet,right? Some fans may not appreciate you spoiling it for them…

      • Bob says:

        It’s been ALL over the news recently. You can’t help but know. I wish PBS would do what BBC America does with shows like Doctor Who. They’re almost shown simultaneously in Britain and here, of course, taking into account the time zone difference.

  33. Ben says:

    At first my thought was “It BETTER not be Bones” then I realised that I was actually majorly disappointed with the way they’d got them together in the first place and their relationship has barely changed so I’m actually not that bothered.

    The only other couple I’d be bothered about is Castle and Beckett, but I don’t think it’s them.

  34. CJ says:

    After last night’s episode of Parenthood, I’m sad to say I think this could be about Julia and Joel. They clearly have differing views about the permanency of adoption, and Julia is just a god-awful parent.

  35. TM says:

    My 2 cents…I am under the impression that some of the couples here were only included because the article would benefit from their popularity(OUAT…etc). So I would say, the couple splitting up is one of the less popular (Parenthood, Nikita), as they wouldn’t have been added otherwise. If it weren’t one of them, then I think Ausiello would’ve rather included some more popular couples, in order to boost the readers’ numbers (TVD couples, for instance). He wouldn’t have wasted the place for a couple that is not in the spotlight.

  36. Alexandra says:

    I love castle and beckett together but to be honest all of this points to caskett, almost the entire castle fandom ships them, it is unexpected and everybody believes in AM word so Caskett it is…

    LOL does the good wife have fans at all?

  37. Karen says:

    I have said this before marlowe breaking uo caskett would be suicde for the show and also marlowe has no idea how the rest of the season is gonna go just my two cents

  38. Jillian says:

    I don’t think we can just a showrunner when he promises that they won’t ever break up a couple up. Hanson said that he wouldn’t break B&B up in early season 7 and now, they are ending season 8 and Marlowe said that he wouldn’t break Caskett up early this season, before they even started working on the season finale, and they could have changed their minds and decided to break their couples up. I don’t think that just because they promise something means that carved in stone and that it will never happen.

    Also, I find it funny that people think that just because their favorite couples are happy, having babies and living together means that they aren’t the bind item. One of Ausiello’s clues is that “fans won’t see it coming” and it will be “unbelievable.” It’s probably going to be a couple that has been really happy together this season and then BAM they break up in the season finale.

    • beckstle says:

      Hart Hanson and Andrew Marlowe are very different show-runners with different creative values. Marlowe plans out his stories way, way ahead. The ending of season four was planned from the beginning of season 3. Hanson…works in much shorter arcs. Marlowe isn’t about trying to pull something over on his audience or shock-value. When you look at their track records, even through their first four seasons, there are a lot of reasons to take Marlowe at his word, and a lot of definite reasons to question anything Hanson says.

  39. Allison says:

    Calling all Grey’s fans. Time to relax because Shonda just confirmed it’s niether Grey’s couple on twitter. Not MerDer or Calzona. She also said we should stop freaking out and reading spoilers hahaha.

    Shonda: “Where did you all hear this rumor that a couple is splitting up on Grey’s? First of all, not true. Second, stop listening to rumors.”

  40. Annie says:

    Was just going to point out what someone else beat me to, Shonda Rhimes has confirmed that the blind item is NOT any of the couples on her shows via Twitter just minutes ago, so everyone can now scratch Calzona and Meredith and Derek off their list because she has tweeted to fans it isn’t either of them. With that information direct from the showrunner, my guess is now Booth/Bones.

  41. Tania says:

    Now that it’s been announced by Shonda that it’s not a Grey’s couple, my bet is Joel/Julia from Parenthood. Like another poster stated, I think this adoption issue is going to do them in.

    If not them, I go with Castle/Beckett or Brennan/Booth.

  42. octopus says:

    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez? Taylor Swift and Harry Styles? Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj?

  43. B says:

    Does Bones ever get a greenlight this early in the season? Because if not, that’s the smoking gun on this one.

  44. jinx says:

    I dunno, I cant really believe Shonda after what she did with Lexie, Mark and got rid of Teddy only to hire a bunch of other people when she said she wasnt going to hire a bunch of other people cause of her budget. I feel like Calzona would be it if it comes down to it, I can see her bringing up the hope and at the very end squeezing it like she did to the Mark/Lexie fans… and why would anyone see it coming if they are trying to work it out? I dunno,Im not ruling them out… she probably has to make room in that budget again… and i feel like both Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw deserve to get paid as much as P.D. and Ellen P. Plus, u never know if one of them want out. No one knows how long either of their contracts are for.

    • Tania says:

      She got rid of Lexie because Chyler Leigh wanted out. Once that happened, Mark was a goner. The fact they killed off Mark as opposed to Arizona showed they are committed to Callie/Arizona. One of those characters was going to die once Lexie died.

      Kim Raver chose to leave because she wanted more airtime and was told she wasn’t going to get it. I don’t think she wanted to stick around and just be Arizona’s bff. My sense is she wanted Teddy/Owen and that was not going to happen. The interns are recurring and the actors aren’t that expensive.

      My sense is that neither actress wants out, so there’s not much worry there. And the characters have too big a fan base – plus all the good will of GLAAD, etc – for the network or Shonda Rhimes to want to lose them. I doubt Callie and Arizona are going anywhere… they’ll be there until the show ends.

      So yeah, I believe Shonda when she says it’s not them.

  45. Amy says:

    After this weeks episode of Castle, I’m going to go ahead and say that it will be them – I don’t think it’ll be long term, but it will add a bit of a cliff hanger to the season finale, that can linger over the summer and attract fans back for next season. I’m really hoping that it’s not any of the couples from Parenthood, because as soon as they break up one couple, I’m afraid they will head down the same path that Brothers and Sisters took, which really lost the quality relationships they had in the earlier seasons.

    • mary says:

      Bones is officialy renewed for next year (season 9) and the director of Fox has said that he can see it continuing for season 10. It’s too soon to tell but he’s very optimistic about it. So the blind item mentionned that it could be the last season of the show… I don’t think that it could be Booth and Bones anymore….

    • beckstle says:

      LOL! That would kill the show – and Marlowe knows it. Plus, the Castle ratings are fine. It’s the most watched scripted show on Monday nights.

      • Alie Hunter says:

        I think it’s funny when people look at ratings because they automatically compare to shows like, NCIS, which, yes has crazy ratings, is not on Mondays at 10 pm so such comparisons are null. What matters is how it does on it’s night, in it’s time slot. Plus, Castle is now a brand. There are not many shows out there that have full-length novels, short novellas, and graphic novels connected to their name. They put a lot of time, money and effort into creating this brand, they’d be fools to pull a stunt like breaking-up Castle and Beckett.

  46. KD says:

    ok so grey’s is ruled out…..i highly doubt its OAUT….also its a bit too early for spoilers to come out for the finale especially if it airs in may….normally we get them in feb so i think that rules out bones and castle. a lot of ppl are afraid its caskett because of how “significant others” ended..but seriously its not them cause that ending just showed us that beckett isnt the only one with insecurities and a wall…i think this begins another phase of their relationship where castle’s issues come to light..especially about castle’s dad.

    • Alie Hunter says:

      I didn’t see the end off 5×10 as the beginning of the end for Caskett. I saw it as a change in direction. The show has pretty much been about Beckett seen from Castle’s POV. Now that most of Beckett’s walls are down it’s time to look into Castle’s life from Beckett’s POV. And that look at the end, that wasn’t a look of doubt. That was a look of determination. She came right out at the end of “Always” and said, “I want you” and I think Meredith’s comments got Beckett thinking that “wanting Castle” includes knowing him better than she does.

      Furthermore, the show would in essence be over if they broke-up because, although the story lines have shifted to personal lives, it’s still a procedural, thus Castle and Beckett still need to work together. If they break-up, there’s no going back. There’s no way they could stay friends.

      Lastly, we know that the 5th Nikki Heat is in the works so if they broke-up it would never be written.

  47. Kate says:

    I saw last nights ep as postive step yep true it gut punched me but for the right reason castle knows so much about beckett past its about time for her to learn about his Marlowe also said they were things were gonna get complicated i think think is what he had in mind there is also another nikki heat book in the works also that marriage talk i think castle and beckett are gonna have that talk about his marraiges failed its gonna get intressting thats for sure

  48. Dizzle says:

    Considering we can now remove Grey’s from the equation (my original pick would’ve been Callie and Arizona), I reckon it’s Beckett & Castle. Nathan Fillion did an interview a few weeks ago stating he wanted to do 6 years of the show, and while it’s still a strong show for ABC if he doesn’t re-sign then they would have to end next season. Breaking them up at the end of season 5 would allow for a bittersweet reunion at the end of the show.

  49. Florence says:

    As much as I don’t want it to be Castle and Beckett (believe me, I really don’t), I have a feeling that it is. My belief has nothing to do with Beckett’s face at the end of 5×10. I agree with those saying the ending of that ep has more to do with the new direction we’re heading in for the remainder of the season, in terms of Beckett breaking down Castle’s walls. But just pay attention to the hints, the one that I think suggests it’s them the most is “(the break up) no one will see coming”, out of all the couples featured, I believe a C&B break up would be the biggest shock considering last season’s finale and where they are now in their relationship. I have great respect for Marlowe in regard to his decision to disregard the moonlighting curse and allow C&B to end last season the way they did. In saying that, though, a lot of decisions he has made/approved of have kind of just been for shock value. Altough he stated in many interviews for the season 5 premiere that he wouldn’t break up C&B anytime soon, he didn’t say he would never break them up. I’m not 100% worried since if that were the case, he’d have them back together in no time. The show is a procedural and centres around Castle and Beckett’s working partnership just as much (if not more than) their personal relationship. The characters need to be in the same room together for the show to be what it is, and I doubt they could stand being in the same room together as exes for long. I don’t think it’ll be so much as a break up for them as a little alone time and breathing/thinking space after what will most likely be a traumatic event that occurs in the season finale.

    • Holly says:

      You’ve actually put me somewhat at ease with your comment. I’m not usually a big tv person but Castle and Beckett are just so damn cute and the thought of them breakng up is heartbreaking. Like you said though, if it turns out to be true, I think it’ll be more of a break than a break up. They’d most likely be back together or working on it by the end of 6×01.

    • Lauren says:

      This may be somewhat counterintuitive, but I’m actually wondering if Monday’s episode effectively takes Caskett out of the running for “winning” this blind-item prize. Here’s my thinking: The blind item says that it’s fair to say that “no one will see coming” the break-up at issue. But given the end of Castle’s 5×10 episode, the writers have planted a potential break-up seed. So… no longer would a break-up be completely out of nowhere (and thus the coupling no longer fits exactly the Blind Item despcription).

      Also, I’m struggling to think how the Castle writers would employ a break-up to the show’s benefit, especially if the object is to “shake things up.” Here’s why: Though Caskett has been a couple “officially” for only half a season, they were a de facto couple for appromixately four seasons prior, during which we saw numerous “break-ups.” For example, at the end of Season 1, Beckett tells Castle that they’re done (see follow-up in episode 2×01, as well); at the end of Season 2, Castle effectively tells Beckett that they’re through; Beckett tells Castle that they’re through (again) at the end of Season 3, AND at the end of Season 4, but each time changes her mind. I am having trouble imagining a scenario in which Castle or Beckett calls it off at the end of Season 5 that isn’t essentially a replay of what we’ve already seen. Thoughts?

      • Eluse says:

        Very very good points re:Castle. Every finale both advances and tears apart their relationship. Ultimately, they always come back stronger. I truly hate to think of them breaking up, but I’m fairly sure it’s inevitable.
        However, perhaps someone should remind Mr. Marlowe that the Moonlighting curse occurred not because the two leads got together, but because they broke them up.
        I also wonder if NF is committed to six years or six seasons? The standard TV contract is seven years.