Blind Item: Popular Drama Poised to Break Up Major Couple (and You're Not Going to Like It)

blinditemI hate to be the bearer of bad news just days before Christmas, but this secret has been burning a hole in my pocket for weeks and I simply must get it off my chest.

There’s increasing (read: deafening) buzz that a pivotal couple on a show with a very passionate audience may be going their separate ways by season’s end.

ASK AUSIELLO | Spoilers on HIMYM, Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, Happy Endings, Sons of Anarchy and More!

According to sources, producers of the hour-long drama in question are looking to close out the season with a bang, and they believe splitting up this beloved couple will provide just such a jolt. Additionally, the break-up (which it’s fair to say no one will see coming) would give the series a lot of creative juice as it heads into what could be its final season.

Of course, there are risks — namely, hell hath no fury like a powerful ‘shipper community scorned. And if the separation isn’t handled properly (i.e. if it’s not believable), even non-fans of the lovebirds may revolt.

VIDEO | Spoiler Alert! Dissects the Finales of Homeland, Dexter, Gossip Girl and More! 

So, go ahead. Call me a Grinch in the comments. I deserve it. But while you’re at it, try and guess the identity of the twosome who may be spending their last holiday season together. To help you out, I’ve narrowed down the field of possibilities from 143 to just 9 in the photo gallery below. Consider it an early Christmas present from me to you.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. “Additionally, the break-up would give the series a lot of creative juice as it heads into what COULD BE its final season.” In this business, I would like to know which show from the list is SURE the next season is not going to be the last one.

  2. Chuck says:

    I can’t believe people worry it’s Booth and Brennan. Not happening, guys…

  3. lilys87 says:

    I watch every show on the list… I wouldn’t care that much if it was about Grey’s anatomy (Sonda has done it all, I’m imune now), or Bones because it could actually improve the show that has become so boring.
    A break up can bring good things, Ross and Rachel in friends is a great example. As long as they’re together at the end.

  4. If it is Booth and Brennan, that will be the end of watching Bones for me. If it is Derek and Meridith on Grey’s again I quit watching. I hope it is either Cali and Arizona on Grey’s (I actually wish they would have killed Arizona in the plane crash and left Lexi on the show) or Peter and Alicia on The Good Wife, since they have never really been together in the first place. But The Good Wife doesn’t have the fan following, so I doubt it would be them. If I had to guess it will either be that Castle show (can you tell I don’t watch it) or Bones, which is just really sad.

    Here is a kicker to put out there in the mix….. David Boreanaz tweeted yesterday that he was “very excited to be a part of the FOX family for the next season.” Since he and Emily’s contracts were up at the end of this year, if you take his tweet literally and he only re-upped for one year, I would say that writing is quite possibly on the wall. But then again those that follow Boreanaz on twitter know that he like to throw bombs out there to see the feeding frenzy take over. So basically it’s still anyone guess…..

  5. albtrex says:

    Please, please, please. NOT Meredith & Derek!!

  6. Diana says:

    I really hope it’s not Caskett.But I have a feeling that it might be a B&B from Bones.I hope we will get some more clues soon.

  7. Dan says:

    It’s obvious it’s Meredith and Derek


    • Julie says:

      Except for the fact that several months ago, Shonda Rhimes told TV Line’s Matt Mitovich quote “I feel like Meredith and Derek are meant to be together forever, and we’re going to make sure that in the end they end up together” I mean, it’s a very recent quote, so I’m not sure the show runner of Grey’s finds it as obvious as you do. Not to mention they MerDer were broken up at the beginning of last season, so it would be the single least surprising and show changing break-up on the list. Wouldn’t really move their SL along nor shake things up at all. If anything, the sheer repetitiveness of the MerDer break-up score card would most likely hurt the show more than help it at this point. .

  8. Tania says:

    I love Callie and Arizona. But I’m a realist… they are NOT a pivotal couple and they are NOT important enough to give the show a burst of creative juice. Also, given what they’ve been dealing with this year, it IS something we can see coming. It would be easy and obvious to break them up because ultimately Arizona can’t stop seeing Callie as the person who made the call for her leg to be amputated. And because maybe, being disabled now, she needs to make it on her own for a while. The story would write itself. So no, I don’t think it’s them. If – and that’s a big if – it’s a Grey’s couple, Meredith and Derek make more sense.

    • Allison says:

      That is true. While Calzona is a popular couple, they’re not the pivitol couple of the series. That would be MerDer. I also agree with you that if it was one of the Grey’s couples, it’s more likely for it to be Meredith and Derek but I highly doubt that’ll happen too.

      • Shay says:

        I personally don’t think Meredith and Derek would make sense. It’s like what happened with Zola all over again! ;)

      • Jessica says:

        I disagree. I think Callie & Arizona are a pivotal couple on Grey’s. I think them, MerDer and Crowen are the three so-called pivotal couples on the show. With a cast as big as the one on GA there can be more than one pivotal couple. When I saw this post, Callie & Arizona were the first couple I thought of. Things are supposed to get better for them, so by the end of the season it probably would be a shock if they were split up.

        • Tania says:

          The definition of pivotal is, ‘Of crucial importance.” The blind item says it’s being done to stir up the show creatively. That’s part of the definition of pivotal, too… something pivotal turns things upside down. Synonym = crucial, central, vital, decisive, focal. That ain’t Callie and Arizona. It’s the same show whether Calzona are together or not. Pull Meredith and Derek apart, and THAT turns the show upside down.

          But still… they could be trying to throw us off track by having 2 Grey’s and 2 Parenthood couples in the list, so we automatically give less weight to the couples from the other shows. Our minds are wired to think, “Oh, it has to be someone from a show with two couples on the list, and Grey’s is the one that’s longest and could ending, so it’s got to be Grey’s.”

          Grey’s, whether it be MerDer or Calzona, may be too obvious a choice.

          • Monica4185 says:

            I think breaking up any of the couples on GA will NOT turn the show upside down or give the writers creative juices,because GA has so many couples and characters none of them are really the central focus of the show, heck MerDer and Calzona only get a two minutes an episode. If Shonda breaks up either of them it will only change their storylines upside down but not the show as a whole. The couple has to be from a show where their relationship is part of the main focus and if they break up will affect everything else on the show. MerDer and Calzona don’t qualify. Neither does Snow and Charming.

  9. peter says:

    at least is not in the ”final season ” and by the possible end of the series they will work things out
    for me is 33% MerDer
    33% Calzona and 33% on bones and the 1% is for the other 6

  10. Spencer says:

    I think we can rule out Good Wife simply because does that show really have ‘shippers’? Would anyone really ‘revolt’ if they broke up? And rule out Snow and Charming because that show is no where near ending (even though I personally wouldn’t mind if they broke up)

  11. Allison says:

    “hell hath no fury” sounds a lot like a Castle hint to me…..

    • Jess says:

      me too….

    • B says:

      The phrase “Hell hath no fury” was not originated by Castle, and its use is not exclusive to Castle. Therefore, I doubt it’s considered a clue geared towards Castle.
      In my opinion, I think this blind item refers to one of the Grey’s Anatomy couples.

      • Allison says:

        but it was the title of a castle episode and book. which ausiello could have thrown in as a hidden clue. its very possible.

        • jen says:

          It’s a Shakespeare quote yes, but Ausiello loves his clues. I think he italicized the word “always” when saying a couple would be getting together in the last year’s season finale. That was aimed for Castle, so this could be very likely.

  12. 117 says:

    Ummm..dont u guys think its a tad bit too early for producers to talk about the finale now?…especially if the show was renewed for more than 20 episodes?? i dunno..i maybe wrong…….i dont think its castle or bones or OUAT…

    • ABBY says:

      Parenthood ends in January and only has four episodes left…

    • Tania says:

      Remember they tape pretty far ahead. Grey’s has done table readings for the finale in like late January. I remember reading that from Jessica Capshaw – she was talking about how emotional it was and she was joking about how much was hormones and how much was the script content. It was the Season 6 finale.

      The other thought I have re: Grey’s is that Shonda Rhimes has been quoted as saying she decides how she’s going to end the season before she writes the early scripts. She writes with the end/where she wants to go in mind. To me, that also makes it less likely it’s a Grey’s couple. This blind items makes it sound like TPTB are still finalizing their decisions,and I am sure Shonda would’ve made up her mind what was happening in the finale ages ago.

  13. Please let it be Peter and Alicia.

  14. huyt998 says:

    better not be calzona. i need my weekly jcap/sara fix. love that they are considered one of the top, pivitol couples on here. they’ve come so far and battled a lot of haters to do so.

  15. OMG says:

    We know it is not Snow and Charming, unless the producers are planning a 3-season arc, which is unlikely, and even so, ABC will force them to drag on.

    Grey’s, Castle, Parenthood, Bones, and The Good Wife are all likely candidates for a final season.

    If we are going by final season, Nikita is almost DEFINITELY going to end next season if not this season. It is only getting a season 4 due to syndication.

    The Good Wife is a little unlikely to see a next season. It is surviving based on syndication prospects alone. For the show’s sake, fans might want to hope that The Good Wife’s syndication deal does not work out well, and CBS will have to produce more episodes to make The Good Wife’s syndication successful.

    Based on super fan bases, Grey’s, Castle, and Bones will seem to be the likely candidate. Nikita has a rabid fanbase, but for a show that is so low-rated, it seems unlikely to be the big reveal for a blind item.

    My prediction will be Castle.

    • Liz says:

      I don’t watch Nikita, but I’d argue that you can’t rule them out for a blind item just because of their low ratings. I mean, a few months ago, they did a blind item on Army Wives, which isn’t even a network show– and one that isn’t frequently mentioned around here.

    • Michael says:

      Its not Nikita its a long running show like Bones. Almost certain. And After season 4 Nikita is only gonna need 11 ep to get 100 ep so its also likely to get a short 5th season like Fringe did.

      • Allison says:

        they didn’t say it was a long running show. it said “hour long” show which means it’s on air for an hour each week… it doesn’t have to be a long running show so it could be Nikita

  16. Jenn says:

    Since AA posted a scoop about Bones recently about Brennan shedding much of her cold exterior when the show returns next month, I highly doubt it will be them. This is only their second season “together” so I can’t see Hanson breaking them up. I adore Castle & Beckett together and this is only their first season “together” so again I can’t see it being them either! There’s no way it could possibly be Snow or Charming. They just found their way back to each other and have the whole true love story line going on.

  17. Holly says:

    I think it’s gonna be Caskett…and I don’t mind. It could be interesting!

  18. Zoe says:

    I tink it’s either Caskett or Bones/Booth. Neither of which I watch (I used to watch Bones, but the “OH BY THE WAY I’M PREGNANT AND YOU’RE THE FATHER” Bait-and-switch turned me off from the show altogether.) but my Tumblr dash is going to BLOW UP if either of those happen. The Castle community especially is a force to be reckoned with. Godspeed to the showrunner(s) that are pulling this. I sure hope you know what you’re doing.

  19. ABBY says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the Parenthood couples are the only ones that no one would ever see a break-up coming? Really on all the shows other than Parenthood I pretty much expect the couples to break up.
    The fact is most of the couples on this list have broken up and reunited previously (both Grey’s couples, Peter and Alicia, Michael and Nikita). Would it really be shocking for them to do it again?
    Caskett have only had one season together but I can’t say I’d be shocked if they had at least one break-up because they both have obvious issues that could come between them… however I think them (and Bones which I don’t watch anymore so can’t really comment on) fit better with the passionate fan base comment.
    And I don’t think is will be Charming and Snow because of the final season comment.

  20. Kavanaugh says:

    I swear by God, if it’s Caskett I’m going to hunt down Marlowe. They just got together, they’re funny and sweet, Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic have a fantastic chemistry on the screen… So, NOT THEM. Castle’s next season can’t be the last, this show is way too much loved; I mean, NCIS is at his 10th season, yeah? So, leave Castle and Beckett alone.
    As for Snow and Charming… Come on, they’re Snow and Charming. They always find a way to be together. I can’t see them breaking up.
    MerDer and Calzona… Well, we’re talking about Shonda Rhimes, the killer or characters and couples. Everything is possible with her. I hope it’s not Callie and Arizona, they have been throught a lot. And Meredith and Derek are gonna have a child (please, if it’s a girl call her Alexandra. Shonda, we deserve this).

  21. Mafalda Neto says:

    it’s not parenthood, it doen’s have what you’d call a very passionate audience. it’s either Meredith and Derek, Brennan and Booth, or Castle ans Beckett. I just hope it’s not the Castle, they’ve been doing a great job this season so far.

    • Allison says:

      The thing with Castle is… they’ve been doing great this season. That’s just it. It’s probably time for some drama to stir the pot. MerDer and Calzona have both gone through hell this season already and they’re only on the 9th episode! Castle would be very surprising if it was them because no one is expecting it. Even if the creator said he’d keep them together, maybe he meant in the end, they’d end up together regardless of what happens in between,

      • Tania says:

        >Castle would be very surprising if it was them because no one is expecting it.

        But that’s the point. It’s supposed to be someone nobody is expecting to break up.

  22. beate says:

    I am afraid it will be Caskett the only thing that doesn’t fit is they are going seperate ways.
    Good Wife is on the Bubble the same Nikita so we can rule them out.The only show that I know has mentioned a maybe last sixth season is Castle. On the other hand Castle is by now not renewed for a sixth season.Parenthood,Grey’s,Bones and Once Upon a Time are all in for the next season.

    • Alie Hunter says:

      Again, Marlowe has done too much for them to throw it away. This show has been a journey for Castle and Beckett. Some stretches of road have been easier than others, and they’ve made a few wrong turns, but Marlowe has made it clear that there is a destination and we aren’t there yet. Breaking them up would ruin any possibility to see that journey through. I’m OK with rough patches, but break-ups are the easy way out and just show how weak a relationship really is.

  23. csg says:

    It could be Snow and Charming b/c it will give the show some creative opportunities. Plus, on a TV show, just because 2 characters break up, it doesn’t mean they can’t get back together at some point in the future. On a side note, there’s no way that OUAT is ending its run any time soon.

  24. Karen says:

    I am gonna say this marlowe has build these two characters up since the beginning there is no way that they would break up them for me thats the easy way out besides if he was to do it. Cab you say goodbye veiewers? cause they wont be back next season and you are pretty much bank on that so nope i doubt its them

  25. Lilu says:

    ok, if it’s caskett i’m done with tv shows!! for real! My poor brittle shipper heart will not survive another OTP of mine destroyed !

    Marlowe! don’t you dare un-canon my OTP !!!!!

  26. Heather says:

    I read months ago that Nikita and Michael were breaking up this season. So my guess is them… My concern is last season? Really…. this makes me very sad.

    • Allison says:

      blind item said.. “going into it’s last season” which i took to mean that the couple will break up at the end of the current season then presume to the last season…

  27. caskett says:

    Hell Hath No Fury = A Castle episode and book. also the use of “jolt” reminds me of coffee. Castle brings coffee to Beckett every day at work just to see a smile on her face. I really don’t want to believe it’s Caskett breaking up but Andrew W. Marlowe did say that he would never break them up because their story is just beginning. Why waste all four seasons on their story only to break them up in season 5? That being said, “no one will see it coming” leads me to to Caskett because of AWM denying it. I also don’t see Castle ending next year…. so I’m conflicted.

    Calzona or MerDer – I don’t trust a single word Shonda says about anything on this show so I wouldn’t be surprised if it were them. (Mark/Lexie was really worth the wait! My OTP is dead.)

    Bones – I don’t watch but isn’t the show ending soon? I could see it being the two leads.

    The Good Wife – don’t watch this show, don’t know the characters.

    Nikita – does this show even have a very passionate audience?

    Parenthood – I could see it being Joel/Julia and would be very disappointed if they split, but not as much if Katims split up Adam/Kristina, ESPECIALLY after this season. Now that would be shocking.

    OUAT – show definitely won’t end next year, can’t be them.

    Bones, Castle, or Parenthood, IMO.

    • Alan says:

      yes nikita fans are very passionate, many of them would probably scare other shippers with how devoted they are to mickey and nikki

  28. Silvia says:

    I just hope it’ll be not in one of the shows I follow. I don’t care if it’s on one of the other shows

  29. jinx says:

    Id be pissed if it was either one of the couples from Greys, Both are the biggest ones on the show, and Shonda has broken both couples up plenty of times throughout the years,the last for Derek and Meredith was at the end of season 7 begining of 8 and Callie and Arizona in the middle of season 7 and they were in hell the begining of this season. And how many times are Derek, Meredith,Callie and Arizona gonna freakin cheat death?Shonda needs to leave them alone already, and make up her damn mind on if she wants Owen and Christina together Cause im sick of that SL too! Greys has gotten too overly dramatic with the couples and the continued death of characters. Its getting too far fetched.

    • Allison says:

      Arizona and Callie also broke up in season 6, got back together in the season 6 finale then broke up again in season 7 and got back together so breaking them up is like a replay and it’s not much of a surprise, especially with the hell they’re going through now so if ausiello is true to say that ‘no one will see it coming’ then I HIGHLY doubt it’s Calzona.

      • jen says:

        Meredith and Derek broke-up in seasons 1,2,3,4. Then Derek threw the ring into the woods during season five. Then they “separated” during season 7/8 for a little while. And Calzona was been there done that too, just like Allison said. I feel like Grey’s is always used as bait. It’s just becoming old news.

  30. karen says:

    it will more than likely be someone on Grey’s Anatomy, but since the article says no one sees it coming, maybe I’m wrong…..Booth & Brennan then

    • Jillian says:

      On Grey’s because Meredith is pregnant and they seem really happy and in love, so they seem the least likely to break up, so no one will see it coming. Booth and Brennan have been having issues all season. She took of with their daughter because Pelant framed her for murder and they had issues trying to get used to being together again. Then DB tweeted that they were filming a huge fight and spoilers say that she’ll get shot, so they are the most likely to break up and then everyone will see it coming.

      • Kelly says:

        except if you’re a long time GA fan. If you are a fan of the show, you can see this scenario coming froma mile away sadly. Braking up MerDer in particular, but alos in many ways Calzona are probably the least surprising break-ups on the list. It’s a Shonda Rhimes thing and it’s just too obvious, even for her at this point.

        • jen says:

          Agreed! ^^ Grey’s broke MerDer up during the whole Zola thing, so it would just be the same thing allll over again

          • Alie Hunter says:

            When’s the last time Shonda had an original thought? I’m not a ride ‘o die Greys fan, but if she’s not killing people she’s breaking up couples.

            Besides Marlowe sticking true to his story, another reason I don’t think it’s Castle and Beckett is because they were last season’s “season finale” blind item.

          • Jenna says:

            And if you remember Jillian – I’m responding to a comment below this – Meredith and Derek were Ausiello’s last blind item. The one when he said there was going to be a pregnancy was Meredith. So if we go by that theory then it’s absolutely not Meredith and Derek. Ausiello posted this piece mere hours after Shonda Rhimees singed off Twitter for the Christmas season. She tends to shut down these blind items when they aren’t true. Guess we won’t know until she returns, but it seems..oh I don’t know..”convenient” timing on TV Lines part to bring GA cahrcters into at this point. My vote is for Booth/Bones.

        • Tania says:

          I am trying to stay positive and think this way too. There is more to write for Mer/Der and Callie/Arizona together, in terms of conflict,than there is apart. What’s gonna happen with C/A re: having more kids, for example? Callie always wanted more than 1 but after the Gary Clarke thing she decides having kids isn’t worth it if she can’t be with Arizona and AZ says “No, we’ll have kids. We’ll have all kinds of kids;… I can’t live without you and our 10 kids.”

          Don’t worry, I don’t have it memorized, I went to Youtube and looked up the scene ;)

          Anyway, now that Arizona’s disabled, and SR has made it clear that she wants her to have a full life and wouldn’t have done the amputation if she couldn’t, that’s a far more interesting story than breaking them up to be with other people. And frankly, I don’t see ABC letting SR bring on another lesbian for Arizona, even given that Capshaw’s become popular.

          But ultimately, the word pivotal, and what the word means, is key for me.

        • Lara says:

          I read somewhere that Shonda said that whatever happens, Mer and Der will end up together so even if they break up somehow they’re gonna get together again. But I highly doubt that.

  31. Jillian says:

    It’s not Bones. They have a child and a house together. If they broke up, they would have them argue about custody and the house, but then they would also have them remain civil and choose to work together. Also, I don’t think it’s going to end next season. Their ratings are still pretty decent and HH&Co. always talk about them going for at least 10 seasons. Same with Castle too. I don’t watch it…but I don’t think they can break up and then have them choose to still work together. I think it’s a Grey’s couple.

    • Jillian says:

      And also Hart tweeted a link to this article last night. I don’t think he would tweet that if Booth and Brennan were really the blind item.

    • jen says:

      same thing for merder :) They have a child, a baby on the way and just moved into a house. Plus, they still have to work together….

    • Jillian says:

      …B&B and Castlett are the main characters on the show and the whole show focuses on their partnership. I don’t watch Grey’s, but the whole show doesn’t focus on them and their relationship/partnership, am I right? There are a lot of other characters and they could probably still work in the same hospital and not work directly together.

      • Sam says:

        It’s called Grey’s Anatomy for a reason.. MEREDITH GREY. Derek and Meredith are the main characters… so breaking them up AGAIN would be pointless considering they are married, have one daughter, a kid on the way and they just survived a plane crash…. i mean is breaking a couple up after that really logical?

    • Allison says:

      If that’s your reasoning then… It’s not MerDer because they have TWO children, married and a house together. It’s not Calzona because they’re married, have a daughter and live together. None of this is logical… it could easily be anyone since he said ‘no one will see it coming’. I’m going for Castle or Bones as my choices.

  32. nathy says:

    Booth e Brennan nunca vão se separar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I’m hoping no one on Grey’s. And Parenthood wouldn’t end with a break-up would they?

  34. May says:

    May my Christmas present be that this isn’t about Caskett.

  35. Sam says:

    Everyone is overlooking the obvious. It’s Dean and Castiel from Supernatural.

  36. Rynna says:

    I think its Meredith and Derek. They’ll still end up together but they’ll be apart for a season then end the series together.

  37. SanaA says:

    I thoughts Booth and Bones were headed for engagement by the seasons end? Unless I’m mistaken and it applied to someone else.

  38. madbengalsfan85 says:

    The more I think about it, breaking up a primary couple sounds like a move made out of desperation for ratings…GA is safe based simply on ratings. Same as OUAT More likely then not, next season will be the last for Bones regardless so ratings don’t matter as much. Leaves Castle, Nikita, and Parenthood. Of those three, I lean towards Castle

  39. Reyane says:

    Caskett shippers, calm your tits. Marlowe has EXPLICITLY stated in past interviews that he’s not breaking them up. Seriously, Castle would crash and burn if they did that and Marlowe isn’t going to ruin his baby like that. So we can relax and have faith in Marlowe.

  40. I think it’s Arizona and Callie. That would be a real shocker. I also think Arizona has the hots for Karev even if she doesn’t fully know it yet.

    • Allison says:

      Clearly you don’t watch GA. haha Arizona is disgusted by penis’s if you didn’t know… she would never go near a guy hahaha

  41. KennyA says:

    It has to be someone from Grey’s, Nikita, The Good Wife or Bones. Shonda said, that the two couples are here to stay but maybe she changed her mind?
    Once 3rd Season will not be the last! There are no signs for Parenthood to end after next Season (One of the best Dramas on NBC). Coul be Castle too but i don’t think so.

  42. beate says:

    I am thinking about it and now I am sure it is Castle.The hints are too obvious AM never said he won’t break them up he actually said things like people fall in and out of the bed all the time,he want the audience to see them in a relationship for a while ,relationships are tricky they don’t go always you expect and he said a few weeks ago he knows exactly were the two end up this season.Nathan said he want the show end strong so maybe there is a sixth season and this could be the last.Stana said Kate don’t know if Castle is the right man for her so a break up make sense.The ratings dropped so maybe they expect when they go back and they apart it gets better what I don’t see and it is not creative go back that road again.And it makes sense about risks because the break up will cause massive
    anger in the shipperfandom and because there are fans they don’t ship them they revolt because it is not believable that the couple is seperated for good.

  43. Andy says:

    It can’t be castle and beckett, marlow has said in several interviews he doesn’t want to break them up, It just seems silly! Why would they spend 4 seasons going back and forth to finally getting them together then break them up in one season? That would be so sloppy and desperate not to mention it wouldn’t make any sense!! Castle and beckett have gone through SO much!! They got together bc it was the right thing to do!! I really don’t think it’s them! And dereck and Meredith… Idk I don’t think so, they’ve broken up so many times already is exhausting! I say Nikita and Michael…

  44. There are actually 143 couples on TV right now? Did you really count? LOL

  45. von weit her says:

    Ohne Anstand und Verantwortungsbewusstsein Herr Ausiello, Fans jeder Serie sind Menschen, es ist Weihnachten, danke fürs Ruinieren!

  46. Jessica says:

    I am a hardcore MerDer shipper, and I’m not even slightly worried about this. Not happening. MerDer are married, with a daughter and another one on the way. The ending this season/finale is probably the birth as big event of the baby. Also I doubt Shonda Rhimes revealed anything about the finale this soon. They didn’t even break up over the trail fiasco which was huge & other stuff, since they got together in s4, nothing will break them apart. So to my fellow MD fans I tell them to keep the faith and enjoy their storyline this season, that most of us have been waiting for it since forever. ;)

  47. tatjash says:

    I don’t think that Bones and Booth break up. I have a hunch it’s Castle and Beckett but only some temporal time, one episode or something. But the most probably, It will be a couple of Parenthood or Grey’s Anatomy. ^^

  48. Take one for the team Monica... xoxoxo says:

    They’re gonna kill Kristina on Parenthood, I just know it!

    It’s the only “breakup” that would add depth to any of the shows — o. m. g. — I love Monica Potter’s work so much and I hate to see any actor outta work — but damn it!!!

    All of the incredible, heartbreaking, inspiring relationship complications it would cause…. (Love you, MP!) The kleenex industry owes ya a huge debt of gratitude. (And ya might win the Emmy–so there’s that!)

  49. Victoria says:

    I hate to say it but it really looks like Castle and Beckett :(

    • Diva says:

      Since when is Castle ending after season 6? And who said they are certain that there will even be a season 6? The only two shows that know for certain that there will be another season is Grey’s and Bones, all other shows don’t know yet. Therefore, it can only be Grey’s or Bones as the blind item.

      • Victoria says:

        In many interviews, Nathan has said that he wanted the show to end on a high note and not in too long. Plus in the article Ausiello always leaves some hints, last year it was “always”, this year it’s “hell hath no fury”. I don’t know but I’ve a bad feeling about this…

        • Alie Hunter says:

          Since when was Nathan the writer, creator, and producer? It kind of ticks me off when I hear him say things like that because it comes off as, “It’s my way or the highway.” I’m not stupid. I know that there will rough patches, but that’s just part of the journey. Marlowe has made it clear that he’s got a destination in mind, so why would he just make a u-turn? He fought for 4 seasons to get to where we are now and everyone seems to like it. Just this week Castle and Beckett’s hook-up was mentioned in the “best of 2012” in EW. I think they’ve got at least a few more seasons to go and there are plenty of stories they can tell without breaking them up.

  50. Rue says:

    AWM said, that things will get complicated during midseason. so maybe we dont see problems coming yet, but 3or4 episodes later. and this rules Castle out!