Blind Item: Popular Drama Poised to Break Up Major Couple (and You're Not Going to Like It)

blinditemI hate to be the bearer of bad news just days before Christmas, but this secret has been burning a hole in my pocket for weeks and I simply must get it off my chest.

There’s increasing (read: deafening) buzz that a pivotal couple on a show with a very passionate audience may be going their separate ways by season’s end.

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According to sources, producers of the hour-long drama in question are looking to close out the season with a bang, and they believe splitting up this beloved couple will provide just such a jolt. Additionally, the break-up (which it’s fair to say no one will see coming) would give the series a lot of creative juice as it heads into what could be its final season.

Of course, there are risks — namely, hell hath no fury like a powerful ‘shipper community scorned. And if the separation isn’t handled properly (i.e. if it’s not believable), even non-fans of the lovebirds may revolt.

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So, go ahead. Call me a Grinch in the comments. I deserve it. But while you’re at it, try and guess the identity of the twosome who may be spending their last holiday season together. To help you out, I’ve narrowed down the field of possibilities from 143 to just 9 in the photo gallery below. Consider it an early Christmas present from me to you.

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  1. Winter says:

    I think the important line there is “what could be its final season” — I don’t see Castle anywhere near that yet. So it’s likely Bones or Grey’s.

    • Stacey says:

      Given it’s ratings. It could be going into it’s final year. But ABC has other problem programs. But I can see. Castle and Beckett are just together, so breaking them up would get people upset. But might bring some juice to the show which has suffered somewhat in the ratings. But I don’t think it’s them or BONES. So I say Parenthood or Grey’s Anatomy,

      • beckstle says:

        Ummm….Castle’s ratings are fine. They’re consistently the most watched scripted show on Monday night. Definitely not going into it’s last season. Bones ratings are ok for a show’s season 7 on FOX, but those actors contracts expire after season 8. Expense-wise it makes sense to be planning to shut it down.

        • Stacey says:

          Except FOX has too many issues to let BONES go unless David and Emily want to go. And given they both have contracts up this year. Would it make sense to break the couple up if it’s not guaranteed to come back, even though it’s a shoo-in if they want to come back. FOX has too many failing shows to lose BONES. So as long as Hart, David and Emily want to go and the ratings are decent. They will be back. And Castle’s ratings were down by the fall finale. It’s doing okay to come back. But it does need mojo. And it does need Dancing with the Stars to give it a boost. And DWTS is failing also… But I don’t think it’s them. Parenthood would shock people. Given Kristina’s cancer battle. Either she dies or she pushes him away because her health is failing…

          • CaskettRdaBEST says:

            The midseason finale was the lowest Castle’s ever been, but the ratings in December for the show are usually lower than the rest of the season. It still can pull in over 10 million viewers and it’s competitors can’t pull over 10 million viewers. I know the key demo is low, but Castle’s DVR numbers are amazing and networks do look at those ratings. Castle does phenomenal in the C+3 ratings and the Live +3 and Live +7 ratings. It’s also in syndication and is bringing in close to $2million an episode for ABC per TNT rerun. Not to mention the Nikki Heat best sellers and the Derrick Storm novels. Having the low key demo this season isn’t as bad when you take all of this into consideration. Plus, ALL shows are down in the ratings this season, which is why we’re seeing Nielsen teaming with Twitter to guage tv audiences and popularity. This is where Castle is one of the top shows discussed on twitter and facebook and other online sites.

            Sorry for being so long-winded, but you can’t pull the low fall finale rating bit without explaining how all of their December finales are low in rating. It still pulled 8.4M viewers. It’s also ABC’s most watched scripted drama. It doesn’t matter what the competitors are doing, but what Castle’s doing for ABC. And it’s bringing in good revenue with the books and the syndication.

  2. Josh says:

    Pretty sure we can rule out Snow/Charming and Rick/Kate since there’s no way OUAT or Castle would be seen as potentially ending next season.

    I’m thinking it’s probably either Parenthood couple and the thought of either breaking up is super depressing.

  3. Kourt says:

    Booth and Brennan

  4. Brynna says:

    Immediately thought of Greys. Most of the other shows don’t seem to close to the bring of ending aside from Bones, but it took so long to get Booth and Brennan together I can’t imagine it ending. As for Grey’s, Meredith and Derek have been through the on and off again thing too much. If they are off again I will be pissed. However Callie and Arizona can split no problem. They are so super very boring. This whole legless storyline is just dull.

  5. Isak says:

    Meredith and Derek. 100%.

  6. Meg says:

    I thought Parenthood until I read the “may be heading into its final season.” I think it’s on the bubble for renewal. My guess is going to be Calzona.

  7. maria says:

    my guess calzona

  8. Saint Alicia says:

    First of all, are Peter and Alicia even TOGETHER together? Secondly, are they really considered popular when half the fandom ships Alicia with Will?
    Either way, doubt it’s them. Though I wish Alicia would finally divorce him or reconcile completely; this FOUR YEAR in limbo relationship status is bogus.

  9. Frankly, the only couple I could care less about is Snow and Charming…and when I say “care,” I mean: PLEASE BREAK UP THIS SICKENINGLY SWEET COUPLE. For the love of all fairytale land, stop shoving this “happy, sappy couple” down our throats. They are the absolute weakest part of Once Upon A Time.

    • fiyero says:

      I agree! We never even got to see them fall in love – they just decided after their first meeting that they actually were in love! The fact that they are “meant to be” allows them to put themselves before everybody else. It’s gross.

  10. Sara says:

    I’m guessing someone on Parenthood. I don’t think it will be Joel and Julia. I think it will be Adam and Kristina. I hope hope hope it isn’t. I don’t think it’s Castle & Beckett – I don’t think this would be the last season. It’s gonna be Bones, or Parenthood, possibly Mer/Der.

    • Anna says:

      Parenthood’s season ends in January, and given the fact that Kristina literally almost died in the last episode (which was supposed to be on Christmas Eve), I highly doubt she and Adam are going to break up within the next month.

  11. Annie-C says:

    I’m so afraid it might be one from Grey’s. I was readig and thinking “No they can’t split MerDer”. But it would make sense for Grey’s to end either this year or the next.

  12. Possibly a final season? Nikita, IMHO.

  13. Thilia says:

    OUAT is entering a third season, it’s a young enough show I can’t see them being headed into possibly their final season based on ratings. So Snow & Charming are safe.

    Booth and Brennan are having relationship issues, but it would be an obvious ending and we aren’t supposed to see it coming.

    Meredith and Derek are very unlikely as Shonda likes to kill people in her season finales. She also adores Calzona, so I don’t see that happening either.

    I’ve heard numerous times Nikita is ending next season, so I would probably guess that couple.

  14. amy says:

    My first thought was MerDer but it could also be Booth&Brennan since it says the show has one more season left and they both have a big following.

  15. Amanda says:

    I think Meredith and Derek on Grey’s. Its something no one would see coming and that is sure a fanbase that works up a fury over everything.

    • Annie says:

      Actually most of us would see it coming. Rhimes breaks MerDer up practically every season, so this would be such a “been there-done that” moment that this impact the shows producers hope it will get mos likely won’t be what they want. In terms of the storyline, the character Meredith will be having a baby sometime later this season would make Shonda Rhimes beloved “McDreamy” one of the worst characters known to man to leave his wife, a toddler (Zola), and a newborn in the SL, so I’m thinking that’s a pretty bad idea (and not a very creative one either) on her part. I think it’s Booth/Brennan on Bones.

  16. Stacey says:

    Meredith is pregnant. I can’t see them breaking up. Maybe Callie and Arizona. They have had issues lately due to her loss of a leg. And Grey’s could be going into it’s final year. And would Brennan and Booth really be that surprising given their issues surrounding Brennan leaving last summer? And still they would be tied together with their daughter. Wouldn’t Parenthood be “Out of nowhere” with Adam and Kristina given her health problems. He did say it would be coming out of nowhere. Brennan and Booth has been having issues… I am not sure BONES needs to break them up to continue going creatively next year. But then with Meredith pregnant. A breakup would be out of nowhere!

  17. Lauren says:

    Not Snow and Charming please not Snow and. Charming. Booth and Bones well Hart will hear about that on twitter I don’t watch any of the other shows,but please not Snow and Charming

  18. Apple says:

    THIS has Shonda Rhimes twisted mind written all over…. This’d better not be Mer/Der.

  19. laraprof says:

    Bones & Castle on that list is enough to scare me :(

  20. beckstle says:

    My guess is Bones. The logic given for doing the breakup sounds like their M.O. – same thinking that created that awful season six.

  21. Poppy says:

    I just have one question. If this blind item concerns the breakup of a beloved couple that people are going to be sad about, how in the heavens did Alicia and Peter of TGW make the list?!

    • KC says:

      Lol my thoughts exactly, I laughed when I saw the picture of them. They’ve pretty much been broken up for the entire series (or in some weird limbo) and I’ve never heard that many complaints about that. I for one hope that by the end of the series that she divorces him once and for all.

  22. sarah says:

    Holy Moly! If it is one of the 9 couples shown then I fear it will be Adam and Christina or Joel and Julia!

  23. KF says:

    Michael and Nikita

  24. Astrid says:

    I really hope it’s not Booth and Brennan!! That would break my heart. And please don’t be Castle and Beckett! My two favorite couple on screen. I’m so nervous :(

  25. Britney says:

    I’m guessing it’s neither couple from Parenthood because I wouldn’t call the fans passionate and I don’t think the couples really have shippers that actively ship them. I don’t watch The Good Wife, but I feel like the same kind of applies to that couple, from what I’ve seen/haven’t seen? I highly doubt OUAT is even considering a final season, so not them. I don’t watch, but they just got Castle/Beckett together, so that seems unlikely? I’d guess either Grey’s couple or Booth/Brennan. It could also be Michael/Nikita, since in Nikita’s small fandom, they seem to have lots of shippers, and it would definitely open a lot of doors creatively. But they might not even get a next season, so I don’t know if that fits.

    • Michael says:

      what are you talking about it. Nikita is so close to syndication its practically a guarantee to be renewed. Have you even seen what the CW’s freshman shows and sophmore show gets in the ratings they would be worse in a 3rd year than Nikita now get on fridays

  26. Ainav says:

    My first reaction was Bones even before I clicked through the gallery..

  27. Nic says:

    Adam and Kristina? Because she dies? Because that would make sense. I love Monica Potter. This season has been really, really good.

  28. Tpotts says:

    Better not be my fave couple on Castle.

  29. Anna says:

    I really hope the couple isn’t mer and der! They’re having a baby and they’ve been through a lot in the past 9 years…

  30. Grace says:

    It’s probably Castle/Beckett. Castle is a terrible show, anyway, so it wouldn’t be surprising.

  31. Addie says:

    Either Parenthood or Bones. Snow and Charming are safe (OUaT is not heading towards the final season and I’m pretty sure Disney wouldn’t allow a permanent split), plus Ginny Goodwin mentioned that she herself would revolt if the writers ever broke them up so that won’t happen. Meredith and Derek are having a baby and Shonda said there would be no more breakup drama, it could be Callie and Arizona but I’m kind of leery about that. It’s not Castle because I don’t think those writers are stupid enough to break them up when they just got together.

  32. Crittle says:

    Shawn and Gus are a couple of sorts. They are the first one’s that popped into my head, lol.

  33. jari says:

    I thought of Julia an Joel, but I don’t think they will be missed… Charming and Snow?! :(

  34. Percysowner says:

    If the term “lovebirds” hadn’t been used I would say Sam and Dean on Supernatural. They are a crucial brotherly pairing on a show with a very intense fandom. Currently Sam and Dean are incredibly at odds. I could see this season working toward them going their separate ways at the end of the season. The groundwork has been laid. The other thing working against this is that it is likely that Supernatural probably has 2 seasons left.

    The wording of this item works against it, so probably not in reality, but still I’m throwing it out there.

    • Emma says:

      Supernatural fans would go to the CW headquarters and burn down the building if Sam and Dean “broke up” for real. When they are at odds, it’s good drama, but a real split? They would go insane. Those are the most passionate fans I have ever seen.

  35. J says:

    The Parenthood couple wouldn’t surprise me…it’s actually very realistic for couples dealing with that level of trauma to break up, unfortunately. It’d be sad, but very real, and would probably yield good story for the show.

  36. I think I’m going to cry!! Please not Booth and Brennan!!

  37. Alexia says:

    If its Julia and Joel I would not be angry.

    I love them as a couple and they’re been through a lot recently but their marriage has been kinda static and uninteresting.

    For them to split would be what I like to call DRAMA!

    • Nunaya_Bidness says:

      I agree with you. I thought they would split Joel and Julia back in the first season, when it seemed that he kind of resented her working while he was a stay at home father. Then the sexy mom of one of Sydney’s friend was introduced but nothing came of it. So it wouldn’t be surprising if that’s the route that the writers took.

  38. Chelsea says:

    I honestly think it is one of the couples from Grey’s or I hate to say it.. My beloved Bones. I really do not want to see Templey break up. The thought of it kills me. But it has to be one of those because I doubt any of the others would be going into their last season…

  39. Donna says:

    I’m going with Derek and Meredith. They’ve been coasting and happy and we all know that doesn’t last in the world of Grey’s. Calzona had it tough so far this year and Crowen is already separated. And, the blind item was announced an hour after Shonda announced she’s off twitter til after the holidays so she won’t be answering freaking out fans.

  40. tv_addict says:

    The only ones I think are going towards its endings are Bones and Greys, so I hope it’s Gray ’cause I love Booth and Brennan sooooo much! I’m so worried, if it turns out to be them I’ll be sooooo mad ’cause Hart Hanson promised he would never break them up.

  41. Claire says:

    I’m guessing Booth & Bones. No way is this or next Castle’s final season.

  42. tw says:

    Can only hope that it’s MerDer. Now that would be awesome.

  43. Elle says:

    Is him using “he’ll hath no furry” him trying to make us think its castle? Seems too obvious too me

  44. Romi says:

    I thought you were referring to Lady Mary and Matthew, of Downton Abbey.

    • Pixley says:

      Even if they were in the nine candidates, they wouldn’t fit the description. It says “Producers.” Fellowes is the only one who makes the decisions on DA. And if it was DA, it would say “Head writer and #1 shipper is reluctantly forced to blow up a popular couple due to one actor’s massive ego and delusions of Hollywood grandeur.”

      So…yeah. Not them.

  45. Elizabeth says:

    It definitely sounds like something Hart Hanson would do. He doesn’t seem to want Booth and Brennan to be happy for too long and considering how long the show has been on, next season could be its last.

  46. BeLemonade says:

    The show likely approaching its final season clue is a big one. Eliminates Castle and OUAT and narrows down to Grey’s, Bones and Parenthood really. Parenthood makes sense for going into a final season and Adam and Kristina breaking up would be hard to see coming (until now) and would indeed be great drama. Joel and Julia are having problems so that’s more foreseeable (and the “no one will see [it] coming” is another big clue). Grey’s is another strong candidate but Callie and Arizona are also having major problems, so that would be foreseeable. Meredith and Derek fit all the clues perfectly. As do Bones and Brennan. I’d like to point out, that given the “final season” clue, shows with ‘ships like to end the series with romantic couple reunions. So even though the couple will be breaking up, that doesn’t necessarily mean the break-up will be permanent.

    • Addie says:

      Very true to all your points. Especially so in the episodes leading up to the series finale, they can have a big “A and B are reunited and ride off into the sunset, happily ever after”

  47. Mary says:

    They’ve already done a lot of keeping Snow and Charming apart on Once and I don’t think next season will be the last for the series.

  48. Dawn says:

    I think that Alicia and Peter are ultimately destined to break up even though I like them together better than her and Will. I really can’t see it being Mer/Der. Plus they’ve already broken them up repeatedly and they’ve broken up Calzona. Maybe a health scare with the pregnancy/delivery. Paging Addison?????

  49. Hanna says:

    If it’s B&B or MerDer I will kill someone.