Report: How I Met Your Mother Renewed for 9th Season After Jason Segel's 11th-Hour Reversal

How I Met Your Mother Renewed Season 9Don’t go eyeballing that booth at McLaren’s just yet, because Ted, Barney, Robin, Lily and Marshall will be back for another round.

After what is being described as a last-minute change-of-heart by How I Met Your Mother regular Jason Segel, CBS, 20th Century Fox TV, series creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas and the entire cast have reached a deal for the sitcom to return for a ninth season, our sister site Deadline reports.

The reported agreement comes in the midst of the final season of HIMYM‘s licensing deal with CBS and the last year of the current pacts for Carter/Bays and cast members Segel, Josh Radnor, Cobie “No S.H.I.E.L.D. for Me Yet” Smulders, Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris.

Neither CBS nor 20th Century Fox TV immediately responded to TVLine’s request for comment on the report.

Segel, as had been suspected, was the lone holdout among the ensemble, Deadline says, as his film career becomes more flush — and until today he had in fact decided to walk away from the show, leaving it “literally dead.” But, a source tells Deadline, “he just got turned around … at the last second.”

When TVLine spoke with Bays just last week, he said everyone was “right in the middle of” “white-knuckled, nail-biting” negotiations. Though he was unsure if there would be news to report prior to the Television Critics Association winter press tour taking place in January, he said, “We’re all very confident it will work out.”

With CBS giving up some ground on Mondays this fall — due to problems with the 8:30 time slot and facing formidable competition from a solid Voice and the buzzy Revolution (which combined to score NBC regular wins) — securing HIMYM for another season was a priority for the network.

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  1. Billy says:

    it would be counter intuitive to reveal Ted’s wife before the grand finale of the show. The entire premise of the show is Ted’s journey to meet her. Not to see what life is like with her, we already know that she’s everything Ted was looking for. Besides they already did that type of reveal with Barney and Robin in the season 7 finale and we spent all season 8 watching how it actually unfolded. Which is one of the reasons why people seemed to dislike this season… all the back and forth when you already knew the answer. If you were to find out in the season 8 finale who she was…. what would be the point of season 9????? BTW, if you’re one of the ones complaining about the direction of the show…. go watch American Idol or something. No one’s twisting your arm to watch the best sitcom on TV.

    • tripoli says:

      That may be the original premise of the show but it’s hardly what the show has actually been all these years. Ted is mostly the downtrodden side man who everyone is waiting to get his damn happy ending already. The point of season 9 is to continue to drag this show through the mud and make a little more money. This show has never been the funniest thing on TV and has been pretty off the mark for a number of seasons now. Sorry to break it to you but even people who disagree with you are entitled to speak their opinion. Deal with it. This show is way past its prime.

      • Mike says:

        Everyone has a right to their opinion, yes, but some of you people hate on this show like it’s your job, we get it you hate the show, you don’t have to post that same opinion in every HIMYM article that’s posted. I think plenty of shows are past their prime that keep on getting renewed, but I don’t clog up articles letting people know. You think it’s time for HIMYM, great, but it is getting a 9th and final season whether me or you like it or not, their is no need for you to shove your same opinion down our throats for another year and half, we get you hate it, so stop watching and let us enjoy a show we still like for a little while longer, it is still better than some of the crap on TV.

    • Lizzi E. says:

      As sad as I am going to be, maybe even depressed, to see this show end after this season, I agree. “The entire premise of the show is Ted’s journey to meet her. Not to see what life is like with her, we already know that she’s everything Ted was looking for.” Could not agree more with your entire post. Plus Jason Segel only signed for one more season. He was adamant about it. He really wanted to leave the series. Kind of a sting but I do feel he will not be back and this will be it. All the more reason to soak it up!

  2. Jared says:

    I’m not a huge fan of HIMYM but I do think it’s about that time to wrap everything up. Sure the series still gets good ratings..but creatively I don’t know where else they can go. A show that runs for 8 seasons is long enough. I just hate it when a network doesn’t know when to call it quits but instead decides to run a show into the ground.

  3. Brandon says:

    I think the series finale should be Mrs. Mosby tells the kids of How I Met Your Father in one short episode instead of 8 long seasons :)

  4. tara17 says:

    Totally stoked at this news. Looking forward to Season 9, awesome! Great move on Jason Segel’s part.

  5. sarah says:

    I am sure they all make sweet money AND as funny as Jason is, he really is not making lots of movies, so I am sure he is staying on the show as he knows he has it good.

    • Blasto says:

      Agree with you. I’ve seen his so call movies, they’re ALL forgettable. I think he’ll become like the friends that while “friends” was still showing and popular they movie producers wanted them. It all went away once it ended.

  6. Alan says:

    was convinced this season was the end and was preparing myself for a rushed ending which just didnt work, hopefully this means the writers have a definite plan in place to finish the show strong.
    my wishlist:
    1. Barney and Robin have their wedding at the end of this season
    2. the final scene of this season should be Ted on the platform glancing across to see who just got there expecting somebody from the gang, we then get the reveal of who will be playing the mother (which cbs would not have promoted in a first for tv networks everywhere), then the episode ends with Ted saying “hi”.
    3. the mother gets added to the main cast for the final season (new title sequence included) and we see them grow as a couple (relationship will probably be a bit rocky at first but they will grow to love each other)
    4. the series ends with the wedding of Ted and the mother.
    5. no more Ted and Robin drama, that is just over now.

  7. KJD says:

    Tired of reading all of the comments here, I was thinking that they only show a picture of her at the last season-last episode because she died or something horrible. You never hear her chime in on any of the stories.

  8. May says:

    Good things must end too, and this is just overkill.

  9. A says:

    They’ve dragged this reveal out WAY TOO LONGGGGG! They’ve built it up so much that its most likely gonna be a big let down. If they revealed who she was 2-3 seasons ago they could’ve had so much more interesting stuff to show, like how they got married. Their first child, 2nd child and so on, but no, they bring back old ex-Girlfriends (useless Victoria and naked husband storyline) and repeat on again off again relationships (Ted/Robin ugh and Robin/Barney). The only consistently progressing storyline has been Lily and Marshall’s. At this point, I’ve invested so much time in this show, I’m only continuing it to find out who the mother is just like I continued GG to find out who gossip girl was.

  10. Brandy says:

    This show could go on forever and I’d never get tired of it. I watch reruns like no other because its always funny to me. I would eventually feel bad that Ted was like 60 and still single though lol.

  11. Jessie says:

    So if people think the show is dragging on then why are they still watching it? Maybe because that’s the point! They’ve given you all this time to come to know and love all the characters. If you don’t like character driven shows then go watch some reality TV or anything other than a sitcom.
    That being said, it’s still a great show and, sure, maybe some of the episodes from the last couple of seasons weren’t as great as the first couple of seasons, but I would hardly say there have been more bad than good episodes. This show is so great because you get to journey through Ted’s romantic life with him. Just like him you’re waiting for that moment, that one long awaited moment, when you find out who the soul mate is. It’s a great show because it feels real. There have been so many really amazing and touching episodes throughout its run. Maybe they should have ended the show this season, but I think that one more season of waiting won’t kill you.
    Honestly, you should be sad to see this show go because once it does it means, presumably, one more garbage show will be taking the place of a really really great one.

  12. Lindsey says:

    I was really hoping Jason Segel would stick with leaving, so they could end the series. Even if it’s better to have a ninth season with him than without, this really should have been the last season. Then again, Ted hasn’t had anything real to do in a long time since it’s been The Barney (and Robin) Show. Maybe this will give them a chance to get back on point. Even so, I’m not sure I’ll stick around since it’s barely been watchable as it is. If anything, I’d hope for a shortened final season.

  13. Tru U says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Why won’t this show go away? It lived way past its prime and the show is just boring and repetitive now. Nobody cares who Ted marries now. They should have shown it by now. It way to late and no one give a crap anymore.

  14. Jason Segel says:

    End it already..!!

  15. jhea says:

    I have question guys. I need you’re opinions on what i’m thinking..
    dont you think it’s possible that the mother didnt end up with Ted? It’s like we will meet the mother. but Ted and she will not really end up with each other something like that. or i’m just insane haha :). i just cant wait to see the finale haha. i wish that there will be a perfect closure for this amazing series ^_^

    • Mike says:

      No, it is known that ted ends up with the mother as his wife, in many flash forwards it is said that he has a wife, in the most recent FF, it is said that his wife/mother is waiting in the car as he drops off his daughter at Marshall and Lily’s.

  16. queerbec says:

    Ted’ll just take out a test tube I the last five minutes in the series finale and provide the kids with their mother

  17. Shuban Begum says:

    I was hoping that this season is the last… Guess I need to be a wee bit more patient

  18. Blasto says:

    I’ve seen his movies, they’re nothing special. Wit till he leaves television and all those movie he though he was going to get will disappear..ask the Buffy gal.

  19. Challenge Accepter says:

    What I want answered about How I Met Your Mother :
    5% : Who is the Mother?

    • Alan says:

      they’ll never reveal what he does, it will never live up to the expectation so they will stay well away from that unless they get really desperate for stories

  20. Bob says:

    Someone whispered two words in his ear: Katherine Heigl.

  21. snarka says:

    Ugh I can’t stand Alyson Hannigan. She needs to get off my TV already.

  22. O'Brien says:

    I’m so glad to hear this. I think we may still meet the mother at the end of this season, because Ted’s daughter is alive in 2015. We’ve got to give Teddy Westside time to romance a woman, marry her, and make a baby, so I think the ninth season has got to let us have the journey to that moment when she tells him she’s pregnant.

  23. Val says:

    I feel sorry for anyone that started watching this show 8 years ago!
    I only started watching it early this year& am now on the latest episode. I loved the proposal & cried:’)
    for me if all you’re looking for in watching this finding out who the mother is then you’re just wasting your time & should just wait for the finale.
    I LOVE the characters & really don’t want them to leave so I’m so happy about the 9th season. I’m just looking for more good laughs & tears & stuff:’)
    I do understand if you’re tired after 8 YEARS though!

  24. oren says:

    unrelated question.. does anybody know the new song from the ending of episode 8 from season 2 the atlantic city episode.. it plays in the boat when Marshal and Lily almost get married.. and I’m not talking about “Sink to the Bottom” by Fountains of Wayne.. I have a different version of this season where some songs were switched with others like this one.. I’m guessing it’s a DVD version.. so please it you know tell me, I’ve been looking for it fo

  25. Taylor says:

    Listen. This show is great. Yes sometimes it can get old but that is how life is. This is based on life of people who love each other and are there for each other. Time to put all differences aside. I cannot wait for you all to look back at this show and say that you miss it. That this was something that you looked forward to. Be happy that they created the show. Would you look at a ducky tie the same after this show. Be happy that you could learn from this show. Lily and Marshall together for 9 years before they were married. Barney the idiot horny dude that had sex with plenty of women but fell in love with one of them and just happen to know her for 5 years. And Ted never giving up no matter how hard he tried. I love this show it makes my day. Thanks to everyone who is apart of the show. :)

  26. oren says:

    hey you know what I just remembered? there was an episode on season 5 “last cigarette ever”.. in the ending the gang smokes for the last time or at least they want it to be last time.. and future Ted says they kept smoking for a while and also says when everyone’s last cigarette actually was, and for most of them it was when very good thing happened, Ted for exampel quit 2 weeks after starting dating the for Robin, her last cigarette ever was in June 2013.. and if Barney and Robin really get married in the season final it would be around that time.. the episode will be in may but in the show they could easily make it June.. I guess it’s a coincidence but it could be cute if this is what made Robin quit.. I wonder if they even though of that.. or who knows, maybe they already planned in this way since than though I find it hard to believe

  27. Jasmine says:

    I dont understand why everyone is so upset about how long the show has gone on fpr. I absolutely adore this show, I dont go a day without watching it, and I dont care who the mother is I just love watching it. Its so funny and so heartwarming. I will be a little dissapointed if they end it with him meeting her, I would like to watch a relationship, but overall I really dont care. I watch the show for all the characters and all the jokes, not just to see who the mom is

  28. Joanne says:

    They better not have Ashley Benson turn out to be ted’s wife. Maybe it’s just the crossover from days of our lives and pretty little liars but for me that would just be gross. She is way to young for him. He is what 35 on the show? And if she is a college student that would put her at 18-22? And really the Barney’s sister of it all would just be way to much for me. I would really love to see Sophia Bush cast as Ted’s wife. She is beautiful and down to earth and she would fit into the group perfectly. and I think she and Robin would play off each other well. Hopefully they will introduce her (whoever she may be) at the end of the 8th season so we can get to know her. The only way they might not do that though is if they got the cast to sign for more then 1 more season. We don’t know what they signed so they could be having more then just season 9. Greys anatomy was supposed to be done in season 8 and everyone signed on for 2 more years at the last minute so we won’t know until they want us to know what’s going on.

  29. bluebird1968 says:

    What else should they show to us???We just have to keep watching it for the old sakes i guess…
    The problem with this show is that it started with great expectations,it was surely funny and productive and inspired in the first seasons,with the characters but mainly with the fresh writing and directing approach,but it always had a loop :
    The main storyline,the whole how i met your mother thing!I mean it’s the tittle!there’s a promise there,you wait to see how that story goes…and as far as I feel this part was always problematic,-sometimes in the bounds of a soap (season 7-season 8 !!)-sloppy and ridiculous (eg the whole victoria-we must show a little ted again-thing,why robin breaks up with nick!come on,i’m sure they wrote that in the WC of the studio) etc.
    There lies the show’s failure for me,if the writers did not have the burden of that all along from the start the show may have been more stable and pretty good until know,and reaching the final seasons the plot could come to the shape they wanted but without become dull and wearing!I don’t thing anybody waits with such agony to know who the mother is anymore(at least not the ones watching HIMYM for years)…We ‘ll see it and say, “ah,yeah,right,good”,”oh it’s barney’s sister” or whatever… :P
    Anyway those little things,sorry about the huge text,it’s just i’m always upset with the show the last two years! :P
    And although it’s too exhaustingly late,please save it….Barnabas Stinson,DON’T MARRY ROBIN!!!

    • heehee says:

      Don’t worry, it’s not Barnabas Stinson (the guy who wrote the bro code) who’s marrying Robin, it’s actually Barney Stinson who will marry Robin lol

      • bluebird1968 says:

        True story!Anyway,for one thing I’m delighted is to see barney confronting his insecurities,moving on and becoming more mature through the series.BUT i just hate robin,always was and always will! :P I just find the character unattractive in any level

        • heehee says:

          if you don’t mind me asking, can you explain why? I say this because she’s my second favorite character after Barney.

          • bluebird1968 says:

            I really don’t know…I ‘ve tried to like her,but..the truth is that a) i don’t like cobie smulders not only as a woman but as an actress too and b)i find the development of her character is poor.Yes she had many relationships that changed her in that area but she still keeps all the annoying stuff,she is selfish,arrogant(without reason :P)and not funny at all..I don’t know,i guess i always thought so and i’m prejudiced.And the way she is shouting “patrice” isn’t helping at all! :P
            I haven’t decided yet who my 2nd fav character is,i have to choose between marshall and ted… :/

          • Lizzi E. says:


            I wasn’t able to comment on your other post about Season 8. I just wanted to say, thank you so much for taking the time to write it. You summed up nearly EVERYTHING I wanted to write & you worded it so beautifully. Especially about Marvin.Our characters are in a beautiful transition period. Confronting deeply hidden insecurities within themselves and facing it head-on. The writers have done an absolutely phenomenal job. I have cried nearly every episode, although I’m an incredibly sentimental person. It’s just an incredible series and I will always have a great appreciation for it.

        • heehee says:

          I can see where you’re coming from, except for what you said about CS. I think she’s a beautiful woman and a wonderful actress, but that’s just difference of opinion. And I for one think when she’s yelling at Patrice is really funny, I’m always in stitches. I choose Robin to be one of my favorite characters because she is so much more interesting than the others (except Barney). She’s had an abusive childhood with a father who raised her like a son, moved in with her mom, and became a teenage pop star where she had like 6 minutes of fame, then moved to New York, I love how strong, independent that she is in that she’s more into her career instead of being those clingy I-need-a-man-in-my-life kind of girl because that’s who I am. I’ve always been the kind of girl who focuses on her studies instead of trying to get a bf and it feels refreshing to see a gorgeous woman not actively looking for a relationship, but falls in love when it happens.

          Also, I love the relationship between B/R. Always have since the second episode when Barney turns to her and says, “I’m not sure I like her.” It’s funny watching that episode now knowing that he’s going to like her A LOT more in the future lol.

          • bluebird1968 says:

            Yes i agree the relationship was interesting from the beginning,they do have many things in common after all!Of course everything is a matter of opinion in such shows,and with which character you connect the most is mainly subjective!I just feel in general that the series begun with much more confidence and freshness than it proceeded!And the character of robin has the whole backround you described but it is not used to evolve the character (thing that did happen with barney’s character) rather used for easy endings and jokes.That’s just what I feel and receive…They are tired (the writers) and that is obvious (all 3 break ups where in my opinion sloppy,the whole parenthood of lily and marshall with all the problems and responsibilities it carries is approached monotonously and repeatingly etc).
            It was a great and funny journey anyways -despite the grizzling and conversations what so ever!Still a better sense of humor than the friends,it gave a wind of renewal for the sit-com’s!Wait to see the finale,and anything else they make although I’m not that enthusiastic and don’t enjoy it the same anymore!

          • heehee says:

            It’s sad to know you feel that way. I personally have been loving this season so far. It feels much more happier than last season. Season 7 was very depressing for a sitcom, but it was all leading to something. And honestly, I don’t understand why people are saying the M/L parenthood story lines are overused. I thought the “Who Wants to be a Godparent” was a funny episode and tied in with Marshall’s love for games. I haven’t seen a show where someone picks godparents for their baby, or has a friend who keeps sleeping with prospective Nannies, or has a friend who compares “first times” with the baby to his building. I thought these story lines were fresh and well thought out, but again, difference of opinion. I think we should be happy that they didn’t forget about Marvin like most sitcoms do and found a way to give him important story lines while also not making him the new star of the show. I’m not saying that Season 8 is perfect, there were definitely some WTH moments (and not in a good way), but I think it’s million times better than last season. I really don’t think the writers are tired either, if they were, then they wouldn’t be continuing with a season 9. It’s obvious that every one is still having a good time producing this show, and I’m still having a good time watching it.

            And you know, Robin has evolved. She’s gone from marriage-commitment phobe to being happily engaged to Barney. And the Robin Sparkles episodes I believe play a huge part in her evolved character rather than just being used for jokes and easy endings as you said. They give us insight into her back story where she was a teen without a care in the world. We’ve seen in “Sandcastles in the Sand” where Robin was practically all over Simon because that’s how she was when she was 16. It was probably because of Simon that she came to have a fear of falling in love or saying the L word too soon or at all.

  30. Barney says:

    You yanks are stupid. Don’t like it don’t watch it. But then your probably either too fat or too lazy to get up and change the channel! Great show and it hope it continues. You don’t seem to be able to work it out, once he meets the mother the shows over!

  31. Andreana says:

    I hope to see three or four seasons more. And of course we all want to know who the mother is, but I can wait if this means I can keep on knowing about Barney and Robin. Thanks to the authors for this little piece of universe going in its right place. And I suggest to all this people who gave up following to give up follow the spoilers too. Don’t ruin our real happiness and authors’ one.

  32. Lizzi E. says:

    I was truly upset not to find out who the mother was at the end of Season 8 along with everyone else but at the same time, I melted and swooned at the engagement of Robin & Barney. With every season, we get to further enjoy the development of the characters with each turn of the pages and chapters in their lives. We all had a lot of laughs in Barney’s “suit up” days but now we get to share in the joys with our favorite people with a baby in the picture. I couldn’t have imagined the series without a little Marvin Waitforit Erikson. I hurt for Ted when he had to finally let go of Robin to let her be happy with Barney. We know Robin isn’t the mother as he always refers to her as ‘Aunt Robin’ and you see pictures his kids draw of ‘Us & Aunt Robin at the Zoo.’ I am just as excited to find out who Ted marries along with everyone else but I will continue to laugh, cry, and share in all the joys of new beginnings with the characters until we do.

    • ted mosby says:

      Wasn’t there a flash back or maybe a flash forward on Barney and Robin’s wedding day and they BOTH backed out?

      • justsomegirl says:

        No. they were shown as having jitters, but there was a flashforword in tonight’s episode where Robin is blissfully dancing with her dad at the reception, so it’s made very clear to us that Barney and Robin absolutely, without a doubt, will go through with the wedding.

  33. Mia says:

    Isn’t it obvious! The mother is the base player in the band that plays at Barney and Robins wedding! DUH!

  34. Sophia says:

    This show is the best ever. To all of you who don’t care who the mother is and say the show is dead, why do you keep watching?? It is a great show. That’s why. It is not your average straight forward one track story. That’s the best thing about it. That’s what TRUE fans of HIMYM appreciate. We never know what is going to happen next. As much as I want to know who the mother I also don’t want the show to end. So they can keep us guessing as long as HIMYM is still on air. I’m SO glad there will be a 9th season. Yay!!! :)

  35. Hello says:

    Its getting boring now..

  36. mrs.tedmosby says:

    i am the mother!. haha jk but i freaking love this show & those women who just let Ted go is insane. I love Ted he is such a great guy i would love to marry him only if he was real :)

    Barney is freaking Legen….waitforit…Dary!! amazing… & Robin has pissed me off for breaking Barneys heart like twice smh it killed me everytime to see him getting heartbroken by her(yeaa i know he deserved it because of his past but he was always serious with Robin) ahhhh perfect couple!!.. :

    :) & Lily & Marshall are an AMAZING couple they’re perfect for each other, kinda makes me want some advice from lily on that!!…

    & one question was Alyson Hannigan really pregnant on the show cause it didnt seem to be fake at all, i love how they fit that in with the show. & she got much bigger she went through phase of being anirexic to getting meat on her bones to skinny again . & is that her child cause “MARVIN” looks like her in a way!. :))

    & i did not like the count down to Marshall’s dads death, that was not cool… cause i was having fun with the countdown then boom bad new & sadness on this side of the tv!.

    hmmm what else…. idk lol

  37. himymnerd says:

    Okay if you guys literally just watch this and LAUGH we can’t even be okay I seriously bawl every single episode but 9th season I just can’t wait.

  38. dgm says:

    what if the mother tells a bit about how she actually met marshall, lily, robin, and barney before ted, what she thought of him when he was trying to teach the e-con class about archaeology, that she was the one with the pineapple, what happened at the st patrick’s day party, and why


    she took the gig at robin&barney’s wedding.

    ALSO, Ted doesn’t meet her at the bus stop, but actually during the wedding reception, because in P.S. I Love You, it shows how the mother was playing bass at the wedding. a week before the wedding, ted told the mother’s ex-roomate (Cindy?) and her friend about how their band couldn’t make it and they told him that Cindy’s roomate(the mother)’s gig fell through, then it shows ted looking at a girl playing bass at their wedding.

  39. ace34568 says:

    The mother is not barney sister her name was Carly and the wife name is Tracy that was said in season 1 epodised 9 belly full of turkey at the end of the show he is talking to the stripper and she says her name then says her real name is Tracy and he says to his kids that’s how I much ur mother jk so we know the mother name is Tracy

  40. Season 8 should be the final season with a proper closure.

  41. Adam says:

    Honestly I don’t care that they dragged it out I mean I enjoyed watching it at least … I however watched it on Netflix back to back so I wasn’t going a week at a time for a new episode I guess… Still I love this show and with they could keep it going somehow but then again I guess it’s time for the end to come finally… I’m certainly excited for it! :) I love this show!!

  42. ala says:

    goshhhh .. its one of my wishes to watch
    new seasons of HIMYM till the end of my life ,, even 900 season’s is not enough for this masterpiece !!!

  43. adriaan says:

    Is season 9 showing or are we still waiting????

  44. Deo says:

    My opinion: The mother isn’t Ted’s future wife!

    She’s the mother of the children Ted is talking to, yes. But they aren’t Ted’s kids. The mother is in fact a sister Ted never knew he had.
    Ted married Robyn, hence she is aunt Robyn. Surely!!

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