The X Factor Season 2 Finale Recap: On With the Show...This Is It? [Updated]

x factor season 3 top 3Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain of chest hair — or the Neilsen ratings, for that matter — The X Factor is the biggest singing competition in the world!

It’s got its own season-finale red carpet filled with teenagers who will keep screaming in the hopes that they’ll achieve their lifelong dreams of seeing their own faces on network television and a bunch of production assistants dressed up to look like paparazzi.

Paid spokespersons Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez feed you a heightened and interminable stream of verbal signals to reinforce the message. There’s Mario, in the same voice he’d use to announce the arrival of the next ad break or the Mayan apocalypse, informing us that one finalist “will be named the winner of The X Factor and walk away with a five-million dollar recording contract and a whole new life!” (Uh-oh, if Tate Stevens wins, what does that mean for his devoted wife and sweet children?)

PHOTOS | The X Factor: The Inside Story on Season 2′s Wildest Production Numbers

There’s even a special Twitter hashtag to celebrate the occasion: #OMGXFFinale!

Yes, reality TV fans, The X Factor is so hugely important that at this very moment (and as the opening credits like to remind you), it is hurtling toward the surface of the planet like a glowing X-shaped asteroid, ready to unleash an earthquake that measures One Direction on the Richter scale.

carly rose sonenclar mario lopezSo since we may not have much time left to live, shall we get to the results?

Third place: Fifth Harmony (Anything could happen, but unfortunately it did not. However, we’ll always have “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh-oo-ooh!”)
Second place: Carly Rose Sonenclar (Cue Britney’s cold hand, slipping off her protege’s shoulder. “Get yourself to the X Factor house, pack your belongings, and go…home,” she hisses, somewhere in my imagination.)
Winner of Season 2: Tate Stevens! (apparently they weren’t making up the X Factor Leaderboard results all season!)

Is it weird that the act with quite possibly the least amount of the show’s titular mojo — the guy from the dreaded Over 25s that L.A. Reid did not want to mentor — took home the big prize? Yeah, maybe a little — especially when you consider that he was essentially the same artist coming into the competition as the one who got his confetti shower tonight. (Okay, maybe he’s got a little more stage presence, but that’s about it…)

On some level, though, Tate’s win says a lot about what Americans look for in a reality singing competition. They don’t care so much if aerialists hang from the ceiling or confetti rockets explode in the foreground: First and foremost, they want to vote for someone who sings well and doesn’t need Auto-Tune (major labels give us enough of the computer-dependant nowadays), who seems like a nice person, and who might not be otherwise have a chance to get signed to a major deal. Add in a compelling (but not overly maudlin) backstory — Tate worked hard and postponed his dreams for his family! — and you’ve got yourself an almost unbeatable combo.

No, Tate isn’t really “current,” but current’s just another word for “Ke$ha,” isn’t it? And while it seems highly unlikely that the dude will end up being as big as Garth Brooks or Kenny Chesney or even Rascal Flatts, I suspect he’ll do well enough on the charts in 2013 that X Factor can tout his win without any embarrassment when it returns for Season 3 next fall.

Anyhow, let’s turn our attention to the evening’s seven performances* — a lineup that seemed completely oblivious to the fact that plenty of genuinely talented people were initially part of the Season 2 Top 16. Why we didn’t get at least a few seconds of Lyric 145 or a group performance from Demi’s trio of divas or a simple Beatrice Miller or Sister C sighting is as mysterious to me as Simon Cowell’s failure to use the buttons on his shirt or Khloe Kardashian ODOM (her emphasis, not mine) donned a black rubber minidress for the midsection of the show. (*The Voice had 13 musical performances on Monday in the same two-hour span.)

* Tate, Carly and Fifth Harmony: The Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love” | Maybe it was a sign from the Mayans when Mario introduced this performance only to discover none of the Top 3 acts’ “limos” had pulled up to the show’s “red carpet.” Alas, though, everyone eventually disembarked like they were musical Bachelor contestants, then strolled into the arena, through the X Factor backstage and past a number of fallen Season 2 comrades. (Anyone wonder if the segment was shot Wednesday night, since Paige, CeCe et al were in their white “You Are Not Alone” frocks?) The only problem was that the audio being piped through our TV sets sounded as genuine as L.A.’s cowboy hat. I mean, only on X Factor could you find seven inarguably solid vocalists opening the show sounding like their vocal cords had been replaced by Siri. Grade: D

* Tate: “Please Come Home for Christmas” | If Carly Rose is a skyscraper and Fifth Harmony is a fairy princess castle, then Tate is a red brick house: Solid, inviting, though not terribly remarkable. This performance fit that mold to a tee. When he was done, Khloe and Mario rolled a montage of Tate’s family and friends offering their love and support, each one designed to push him closer to the brink of bawling. I’m surprised, though, that the Kardashian woman didn’t lead the audience in a chant of “Make! Tate! Cry!” That would’ve really capped her first (hopefully last?) season quite nicely. Mario, for his part, got more familiar than he should’ve: “Good luck to you, Tater.” Stick with your cue cards, foolio! Grade: B

* Fifth Harmony: “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” | I’m not ruling out Stockholm Syndrome, but I swear Fifth Harmony has gotten progressively better every week on this show. Their voices were sweet and clear as ever on this Darlene Love romp, with Dinah Jane daringly delivering her verse in her head voice and ending with a classic case of Mariah Dog Whistle (TM). The staging was great, too, with white carousel horses and candy canes, though Ally should lose the red paper umbrella stat: We have already accepted Camilla’s ridiculous floppy bow, but one ridic accessory is plenty, thanks. Mario, anything you’d like to say? “You’re such a special group of ladies!” Yes, but could you name all five of them without a teleprompter? Grade: B+

* Carly Rose: “All I Want for Christmas Is You” | Maybe it was just nerves over the final results, but I’ve never heard the teen angel’s voice sound so tentative and tremulous, which meant there was no way she could live up to Mariah’s original template. Those waaayyy-too-enthusiastic tin soldiers didn’t help matters, either. (Side note: I know she’s 13, and she probably feels the need to be extra respectful to Simon, Britney & Co., but it freaked me out a little when Carly Rose made it seem like watching her family video reel was all the more emotional because the Season 2 judges were right in front of her. Yikes!) Grade: B-

* Pitbull: “Don’t Stop the Party” | I could only understand about a third of what dude was saying, but that “yeah-ee-yeah-ee-yeah!” hook is crazy addictive, and his silver-clad hoochie dancers braaaaang it! Grade: A+? F-? I honestly have no idea.

* One Direction “Kiss You” | How come everybody thinks the one with all the hair dating Taylor Swift is so hot, when clearly the one with the buzz cut is the cute one? Here’s hoping the boys transferred some of their third-place success mojo to the gals of Fifth Harmony in the midst of their video-game backdrop/giant lips set piece, which was a cute little trifle indeed. Grade: These children have a lot of energy!

* Carly Rose and Tate: “The Climb” | Given that they were only moments away from the final results, I’m gonna give these two a pass for sounding mildly jank. Honestly, though, did the producers really need to put them on a set of stairs to sing “The Climb”? NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE SO LITERAL! And seeing how America decided these were the two voices they liked best all season, WHY DROWN THEM OUT WITH A GOSPEL CHOIR ON STEROIDS?

Top 10 Moments of Beautiful Absurdity from the X Factor Finale
10. Khloe’s three outfit changes: Green lace; black rubber (!!); and expired Pepto Bismol/fresh vom.

9. Khloe, in a last-ditch attempt to hold on to her job next season, greeting Simon Cowell on the red carpet thusly: “I love the chest hair! So sexy, the chest hair!” [Cut to my hubby on the couch: “Is she being funny?” Sadly, no.]

8. The judges — having already been introduced minutes prior during the fake limo segment — making a grand entrance on the stage to the strains of “The Final Countdown.” Imagine my disappointment when we didn’t get a magic show from Gob.

7. This hashtag: #TateMakesItSnow

6. Khloe, trying to get L.A. to pay attention to her and answer a question after Tate’s victory announcement by screeching, “L.A.! L.A.! L.A.!” (You can’t teach that kind of masterful hosting technique…you just have to be born with it.)

5. Camilla from Fifth Harmony, one of many people unable to hear Khloe over the shrieking audience, yelling “WHAT!?!?” while Khloe attempted to make the case that while Fifth Harmony may have had to settle for third place, they’d made “best friends for life.”

4. Blondie from Emblem3 randomly inviting all of his fellow finalists from Season 2 to rent a cabin at Whistler together and go snowboarding. Duuuuuuude!

3. L.A. Reid, reflecting on an entire season’s worth of musical performances and deciding that his No. 1 favorite moment was when Tate Stevens joked before his audition that his genre is rap music.

2. Khloe Kardashian-OHH-Dumb responding to Mario’s impromptu use of Spanish by exclaiming, “Oh my goodness!” [Yes, Khloe, there are other languages on the planet aside from Kardahanese.]

1. Mario Lopez, reacting to a highlight reel of Simon’s nastiest critiques, and acting like this one might be a double entendre: “I want to know what a dog that’s trying to lay an egg sounds like! But that’s for another day.” [COULD HE BE ANY WORSE?]

With that, I turn it over to you.

Anyhow, now it’s time for your take: Did the right contestant take home the big enchilada? What was your favorite results-night performance? Are you pissed we didn’t get to see Lyric Da Queen perform? Sound off below, and for all my X Factor-related news, contestant interviews, recaps and video, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Worst finale I have ever watched. 2 guests… 1D? again? and Pitbull? No celebrity duets. The worst part of it all… where the f*** were all the other contestants?

  2. Noone sounded their best even when they weren’t competing…

  3. Delon says:

    Readers of Billboard magazine just voted The X Factor US the Best Music Reality TV show of 2012. I dunno what that tells you.

    • dj says:

      Very strange. The show was so bad in every way possible. But people like bad. Look at the popularity of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

    • MC says:

      It seems that the more someone likes Blake and Adam, the more one likes The Voice. I’m not in love with either of them, but many folks can’t get enough of them. It’s hard for me to believe that three of the top four from seasons two and three just happened to be on Blake’s team. Listen to any of Cassadee’s vocals before the top 20 and listen to Terry sing “Let It Be.” I just didn’t think the top three on The Voice were very fresh or even especially talented. Nick is a very soulful guy, but is best when he stays in his lower register. The X Factor had a few, perhaps several, acts that were well above average. I don’t love Tate, but the weekly voting results showed he was never lower than a very close second. Another screwy thing about The Voice was that almost of the “saves” from the battle rounds were cuts in the knockout rounds. Amanda was the glaring exception. The mentors felt there was no reason to support singers unless they were originally on their teams. Keep in mind that Christina openly admitted in a recent interview that her “only” friend among the coaches was Blake. It’s easy to see how that factored into all of her comments and how that influenced voters.

  4. HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

    Wow, just heard three of the finale performances as iTunes downloads. Why do they not send that direct live mix out on TV and play around and muck up what they send out to the TV audience?!?
    Carly’s voice sounded even more alive and for people complaining about emotion it was even more alive and felt with it and powerful sounding.
    Damn she is good, sounds like a careful set of studio takes, all done under pressure live!
    Something about her they processed things took some life out of her and a real live 3D depth to the sound was removed to. Why not just send this out as the TV mix too??
    Her Feeling Good did sound better than her audition if you hear the true live mix.
    Man oh man. Does her voice sound amazing on the iTunes versions.
    Dang I think the more amazing the voice the less the dumb muddled up mix they feed TV viewers does them justice. The performance sounds so much more alive and man her voice is perfection, just everything hit perfectly, great tone, control, everything, shocking all live under pressure. And her low notes don’t sound muffled and swallowed as on the muddle up TV mix they fed the audience.
    Ridiculous that people say she can only sing on Broadway.
    Download her two finale performances (and 5th) to hear them as they shoulda been heard the other day.

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      And yeah it is true that for 5th what they sent over the airwaves made it sound like the hoo-hoo-hoo-ooh stuff was 90% backing tracks throughout the entire song but the iTunes makes it sound like it like mostly pure them live without tuning, especially the first and last time they do it, although the final rise parts with the super high hoo-ooo did sound still maybe a touch artificial at times. The middle two times maybe sounded a little bit less them, at least one time, although it still sounded a lot more like them than on the TV mix. Some parts still did sound a bit perhaps enriched with a pinch of auto-tune reverb/echo though. Whatever the case it does sound like a full blown top charts pop hit.

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      I’d love for them to pop these over onto uncompressed CD format for sale so you can truly hear the full life in these. So refreshing to not hear nasty over-processed studio stuff, these have so much more life to them, even at 256 bitrate AAC iTunes, than most studio stuff these days.
      And again, why they couldn’t use this natural mix for the TV broadcast I don’t get. If they did then somewhere the TV stations are mangling it and way recompressing it or something. It seemed to make the most difference for Carly (it showed total strength even in all of her quietest lower notes that didn’t come through as much on TV, and more subtle micro-dynamics and toning to fit lyrics, etc.) but was definitely better for 5H too. Tate didn’t have big a difference from how he sounded on TV, although I only quickly skimmed one of his.

  5. Sinclair says:

    Someone should grab Simon by his undershirt and tell him to deep-six Khloe and Mario for next season. Seriously, they have to be the worst hosts I’ve ever seen (aside from that illiterate bimbo Christina Milian on The Voice). Mario is like a cheap knock-off of Ryan Seacrest, and Khloe is … well, just cheap. When you look up the phrase “no-talent ass clowns” on Google, a picture of this duo will pop up. Get real, Simon, and send them packing! Banish them to Host Hell!

    • JASon says:

      Wow you sound jealous! Kylie improved with every episode! Mario needs to go though!

      • dj says:

        Who is Kylie? Every time Khloe came out on stage all season, my husband said the same two things: 1) She looks like a guy. 2) She looks like a football player.
        I don’t think whether or not she looks like a drag queen makes any difference in whether she should stay or go, but I do think she was hopeless. The ONLY thing I liked about her all season was the fact that sometimes she got pushy with the judges and contestants by asking some good questions. For example, I liked it when she made Demi say which Fifth Harmony girl she thought was the only one who did well in the performance.

        • Jason says:

          Every time Khloe came on stage my friends said how hot she looked. I think she started out very bad. But she kept getting better. I liked how she showed compassion. Like when she wiped away Beatrice’s tears. She seemed down to earth. I’ve never watched an episode of the KArdashians so I don’t know what she’s like but she grew on me and by last night she read the cue cards fine. It seemed like she cared about getting better. And like you said she asked some good questions that were not scripted so it added a little to the show. I prefer her to the dead behind the eyes Carson Daly and the smarmy smile of Ryan Seascrest. I also really like Simon and Demi. They just have to replace LA., Britney and Mario

  6. Carly Rose should have won. They spent the entire season reminding us that Tate was old and this was probably his last chance and he had no job to go back to and he had a family to support…..I knew he would win because people can relate to that and he seems like a really nice guy so obviously he deserves it…it drove me nuts all season. Because HEY, the winner should be the contestant with the best Voice, the most Talent. NOT the one with the most compelling life story. I don’t know what’s wrong with America…but anyway There’s no doubt in my mind Carly will go far.

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      Yeah it really was kind of unfair. Plus they so overdid the stories is just got to be way too much regardless of any effect they had on anything. But yeah that story alone combined with her lack of one could so easily way more than make up a 0.1-5% difference in votes. And by the time he made it into the top few it was ridiculous for them to still talk about him going back home to starve when they were all saying he was getting signed at that point regardless, so come on. Being a male country guy surely helped by far the most, but when things are that close….
      And things like that do matter when it comes to voting. As I said in another post, it’s kind of funny but as they say, in every recent presidential election back to the 70s, the guy who seemed more like average joe would want to kick back with a beer and some hotdogs with him at a BBQ always seems to win hah. Obama might not quite seem to fit until you realize he went against Romney and McCain. W over Gore and Kerry. Clinton over Dole and Bush Sr. Bush Sr. over Dukakis (bit of a toss-up here, but winner looked more stately and was taller). Reagan over Mondale and Carter. (Kennedy over Nikon.) Obviously all sorts of other stuff was going on and it’s hardly all that and yet it is a bit freaky that it has worked out every single recent time and that it is basically the only personal aspect that all the winners have in common with each other compared to who they all beat.

  7. jrs says:

    Okay, LA gone is a good thing. Now, DUMP THOSE HOSTS. They were totally cringe-worthy.

  8. Gale says:

    I am beating myself over the head for all the time I wasted watching this show. It is downright laughable at times. No wonder LA is jumping ship. Khloe: “How does that make you feel? What is going on in your head right now?” Too bad nobody ever asked her that. Britney, with her dearth of vocabulary and insight. Once upon a time I enjoyed Simon, but now he is just insufferable. The garish stage production with the requisite grinding hips. Tate seems like a nice guy and can sing in tune, but there’s no charisma or god looks. Good riddance, X Factor!

  9. Gale says:

    I meant good looks!

  10. Molly says:

    If the contestants didn’t know the results until the live show last night, how did Tate and Carly rehearse The Climb? Do you think they actually had 3 possible songs set up depending on who the top 2 were?

    Anyway, from the hosts to Britney to the winner, much of this season was ridiculous and/or boring…this might be it for me.

    • Leah says:

      My fiance and I discussed that at length, especially because I don’t think “The Climb” would have worked for 5H and either contestant together. Either there were three songs or everyone knew. It’s not like 5H looked that depressed or surprised to come in third; it seemed the writing was on the wall.

      • Jason says:

        The singers didn’t really sing together. They just had one verse and chorus each so they probably told all three acts to rehearse that song as if they would sing it if they made it through. It didn’t matter if they rehearsed together. It would have worked fine for fifth harmony. But the producers probably knew Fifth Harmony had no chance to make it to second place so that’s why they chose a song that fit Tate and Carly better.

        • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

          Yeah I don’t think there was anything tricky there going on. They probably just picked either that song alone, maybe a bit favoring that pairing since the votes in past weeks pointed that direction but that could still work with 5th, or possibly a second that either Tate or Carly could sing along with them. They do say they are ready to drop after the last week, they spend every waking second getting ten million things ready.

  11. luli says:

    Your recaps always make me laugh out loud, thanks for recapping x factor and Happy Holidays Michael!

  12. RD says:

    Yay! it’s over.The worst singing competition in TV history.I’m glad Tate won because really I didn’t care about any of them although I would have been exasperated if Cece Frey or Emblem 3 got in the final.Now they can go back to the drawing board and rethink the entire ghastly mess.Getting rid of LA Reid is a start……..

  13. Tessa says:

    Okay, my take on this. Tate is a good winner. He was the most marketable of who they had left. Carly, while undeniably talented, wasn’t really marketable. Who would buy a 13 year old singing adult contemporary? Frankly, all her songs were too old for her, and nothing was relevant. That being said, she has a lovely voice and maybe later, when she finds out who she is/wants to be, she will be marketable. 5H was more marketable than Carly. Also, “the X Factor” refers to more than just voice. I agree that Tate doesn’t have the most range, but he has charisma and likeability, both of which, for me, contribute to the XFactor. I just generally found him very appealing, pleasant and relatable. I for one, am satisfied. Who was going to buy Carly’s CD of Celine’s greatest hits?

  14. Tessa says:

    Also, Khloe K always stands like she has to pee. And her black rubber dress was so tight you could actually see the outline of her belly button. UGH! And Mario launching suddenly into a hispanic accent – hilarious. I don’t think he has normally embraced his Latino origins. And Simon’s unbuttoned shirt – really? I get he has an out-of-this-world ego, but geez – it’s not the 70’s and 80’s. Kinda gross…

  15. Yo' says:

    This show was a cartoon and often an unwatchable one. Simon Legree blew his budget early in the season buying Britney, forgetting that he needed to save a nickel for performances on the last night. A show planning to return does not want bore the audience as it departs. We remember. The season was a blow-out and money was wasted, so my sense is that Britney will likely not be back and, although Demi showed spunk in fighting Simon’s inherent sexism with her own agism, I can live without her, too. Frankly, this show needs some grown-ups, preferably those who can talk, interact, and never use the words “amazing” or “collabo.” Tate has taught the youth loving producers that American audiences will do what they will with music contests, and, yes, a clear and controlled voice will beat pinafores and melisma every time. Congratulations, Tate, your win was a win for everyone over thirty and the idea that the journey to fame needs to begin in nursery school.

  16. Mikko Makitalo says:

    They found some beautiful performers, but XF2 was a torture to watch because of the many reasons expressed earlier in this blog. But after getting hooked to watch, I am so happy this blog existed, where you could recognize, what is real and right, and what is not, after all that nasty manipulation and lying that was going on there.

    I especially THANK YOU for your great concern about Beatrice, Lyric145 and Jennel. Listening you and Melinda to talk in the videos corresponded my views very much, and it felt important, because we are talking about creative arts, that touch – or at least shoud touch? – the heart.

    Michael, I think you have done some great interviews sometimes even a couple of weeks after the shows. It would be nice to receive “Skype” video interviews from those 3 mentioned earlier (maybe Vino also?), because we did not even get to see or hear them in the finale. Somehow the show’s real creativity and talent is wasted, if we could not have this kind of human “finale by you”, because the X-factor does not understand the value of its own contestants.

    Thank you to you and Melinda.

  17. Fan says:

    Doesn’t Simon know the results of the voting in advance since he’s a producer? So he’s just pretending to be surprised, right?

  18. Steve says:

    Horrific season and finale. Not even worth going into all that was wrong with the show. Hard to say but it was MUCH worse than Season 1…judges, talent, hosts, production,on and on. simon has one last chance to revamp the show yet again in hopes it will work but it might be doomed. XF doesnt have th e brand cache here that it does in the UK and elsewhere. And going against The Voice in the fall has doomed it even more

  19. BarbL says:

    I think my final take on this season was that it showed how good Josh, Melanie and the rest on season one really were.

  20. Name That Tune says:

    Let’s get real. The audience & voters for about these shows are from small towns in the South. Big voice divas aren’t appreciated anymore. Artists that appeal to urban listeners are going to win. That cute white guy with the guitar has been a successful formula in the music industry since Elvis came on the scene 60 years ago.
    AI is back next month. Al ready we know what the winner is gonna look like. No need to watch.

    • BarbL says:

      Um, actually, Melanie Amaro–a “big voiced diva”–won X Factor last year.

      • Name That Tune says:

        That was TXF’s first season. I agree with the idea that the vote got split between Chris & Josh last year. Factor in The Voice & we’ve seen a pretty consistent pattern of male winners. The Voice attracted a more urban viewer during its first 2 seasons, but now they have reverted to form. I think the WGWG on that show is Blake. My guess is the winner of Season 4 of the Voice will be someone on his team. Bank on it.

  21. Cathy says:

    What really irritates me about this show is that the “mentors” have a great opportunity to coach their contestants but fail miserably. Carly was my favorite but had many opportunities to improve her stage performance. She had certain mannerisms, hand gestures that she needed to be aware of and basically stop doing them and work on relating to the audience. But apparently she didn’t get that memo. And the “mentors'” song choices were, at times, not good at all for their contestants. This show has potential that they fail to achieve time and time again. What’s the point of having these experienced pros on the panel if they don’t give the contestants the tools they need to succeed? If they don’t have the time to spend with their contestants, then what are they paying these “mentors” to do?!? THIS is what could make this show stand out (and survive) in a sea of other talent competitions.

    • BarbL says:

      Totally agreed. While Josh from last year was a strong enough singer to overcome Nichole’s “mentorship,” this year it was obvious that most suffered from poor coaching. As a matter of fact, some of the acts have already said their “mentors” didn’t help them–it was up to production staff.

  22. Jack Needles says:

    This was possibly the worst finale show ever.. FOX cancels the SYTYCD finale show which is infinitely more entertaining but this crap gets 2 hours? I was already planning on skipping the train wreck of AI this year, now I can remove X-Factor from the DVR series as well..

  23. Guitar Blue says:

    Rickey did a poll which took the top 4 from the last 2 seasons of the Voice, The now completed X-Factor Season and the last Idol season.

    So 16 contestants were included, and you could vote for who you liked best. While Phillip Phillips, Cassadee Pope, Jessica Sanchez and 5th Harmony finished in the upper level — Tate Stevens was 4th from the bottom..

    Just a small sampling poll I assume, but it may indicate that Tate is middle-of-the road talent from a reality show, and not a budding super-star ready to take-over the Billboard top 10.

    He has gained enough exposure and has a big money package behind him to start-out in the competitive ring of country music – so underestimating his potential is also easy to do if you don’t care for his genre or see his dis-advantages in trying to compete with the current Country Music Artists. So his potential is probably somewhere between an instant star and a flame-out in a year.

    I doubt he will want to be running tours and pushing for longevity in the big-time, because he has a family and plenty of dough coming-in from his contract and the agreement to do an album to be made in Nashville, starting after the Holidays. So, like Melanie, he can kick-back and do some recording and not worry about the fame-meter so much.

  24. Nikki says:

    “8. The judges — having already been introduced minutes prior during the fake limo segment — making a grand entrance on the stage to the strains of “The Final Countdown.” Imagine my disappointment when we didn’t get a magic show from Gob.”
    HAHA! I posted a facebook status whilst I watched that part saying how I always hated that song but now it makes me smile cos it just reminds me of GOB prancing about <3

  25. babarsuhail says:

    This is Scotty McCreery all over again.

  26. Cindy Smith says:

    I am glad that Tate Stevens won! He entertained every single performance, and has a wonderful voice that is authentic, clear, and enjoyable to listen to. I WILL buy his albums. Finally, great singing is making a comeback (you know, artists who can actually sing in tune, and articulate their words instead of being drowned out by background “fluff” or technically assisted with auto-tuning). Tired of “stylists” who can’t sing but look pretty on stage (you know, the ones who get marketed well but never could sing to save their lives). Also, congratulations to Carly and Fifth Harmony as well. All artists who can all sing really well too. It comes down to personal preference when choosing which CD’s to buy. So instead of dissing one artist or the other, be happy for them all, and just go out and buy the music you like! Hope all of them are rewarded with good fortune and success.

  27. caf361 says:

    I believe Carly should have won! I am a HUGE country music fan but I wasn’t a huge fan of Tate. I believe he had the better background story and people felt bad for him and thought that this was his last chance. When does America actually vote for the more talented singer in these competitions? If you look up Carly on youtube, her audition has 27,747,479 views, while Tate’s audition has 4,084,317 views. Most of Carly’s other videos from the show have millions and millions of views (Most of which have more views than Tate’s audition) while Tate’s other videos have a few hundred thousand. Thats just proof in numbers that Carly is a way more talented singer that will have a way stronger and more successful career not just in America but around the world.

  28. I was wondering if you ever considered changing the
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