Once Upon a Time First Look: As a Charming Celebration Gets Underway, Evil Lurks....

It’s Miller time on Once Upon a Time, now that Emma and Snow have returned from the fractured fairytale land. And the Storybrooke gang had better get their beer on while they can, because uninvited evil lurks closer than they know.

In this first salvo of pictures from the back half of Season 2, Granny’s hosts a celebratory supper for Emma and her reunited ‘rents. Heck, even Regina scored an invite. But the episode, airing Jan. 6 and titled “The Cricket Game,” won’t be all fun and games for madame mayor. No, she will be accused of offing “one of the town’s most beloved fairytale characters” — kindly Archie, by the looks of it — and her only defender may be… Emma?! (Concurrently, in flashbacks to the fairytale land that was, Snow and Charming plan Regina’s public execution after finally capturing the sexy sorceress.)

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Meanwhile, Cora and Captain Hook appear to be up to no good after dropping anchor in Storybrooke, with a foot locker belonging to Leroy aka Grumpy being on their list of targets. Do they seek a literal axe to grind?

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  1. HEATHER says:

    Anyone else as excited as I am to see Emma and Snow in New Outfits :)
    Can’t wait for Jan 6th!

  2. Barb says:

    Take a good look at Hook. Now mentally shave his face and you’ll realize that he’s actually a mutt, not good looking at all.

  3. bend22 says:

    Lana Parrilla is so gorgeous on pic n°13 !

    • TV fan says:

      She can’t kill Archie. Just look at them! They are an item waiting to happen.

      • M&M says:

        He’s her therapist. It would not a healthy relationship.
        Regina needs friends more than lovers too. I hope she can learn to trust Archie and he can be a true friend.
        Maybe Regina and Emma can strike up a bit of a friendship too. I’d like that.

        • TV fan says:

          Archie is not a real threapist: he’s a walking cricket/conscience POSING as therapist. And they are adorable together! The Evil Queen/Regina could use something like that whethere they go back to fairyland or not. I’d say: go for it.

    • Janie says:

      I love that coat and boot combo of hers in pic 14. The evil queen gets the best clothes!

  4. Mike says:

    Looking forward to the return. Am I the only one nervous that they might kill off Archie, or who might this beloved Fairy Tale character be. Regardless happy to see Snow and Emma back in Storybrooke, but I still hope they return to FTL present one day, so much potential. This episode looks to be great.

  5. Sophonisbe says:

    Is it normal to smile that much? They all look half-demented.

  6. Jane says:

    I love me some Captain Swan, here is hoping that they’re storyline gets good in the second half.

    Hook’s not going anywhere, the popularity of the character, the ratings, he gets them numbers. He’s like the Blaine Anderson of Once Upon a Time, only different is Colin can act millions of circles around Darren Criss.

    Looking forward to more Hook now that he’s a series regular, he’s here to stay.

  7. Emma says:

    I am hoping for more Hook/Emma, I’m enthralled in that relationship, as well as more awesome Snowing and Rumbelle.

  8. pasle says:

    Looking forward Jan. 6 episode.

    Not Hook & Emma fan. UGH …so wrong!

    I hope that Snow and Charming, put common sense in Emma’s mind before she makes a mistake with Hook and lose Henry for Regina

  9. Hasting says:

    There’s a really adorable pic of Lana Parrilla and Jared Gilmore among the behind scenes. They’re both grinning from ear to ear while posing for a pic together. Henry and Regina, now THAT’S a relationship I’d like to see a lot more of. Henry and Emma too. (As opposed to some of the ‘ships’ mentioned in the comments today. But maybe I’m also just tired of the ‘campaining’ some fans do for their ‘ships’ in the comments all the time.)

    • Mary says:

      Yeah I want to see more of Emma and Henry and a bit of back story to Regina and Henry, but I’m looking forward to Emma and Charming getting to know each other.

  10. Britta says:

    Bring on more Hook and Emma and Swan Queen as well. ;) Yes to more Regina/Henry scenes.

  11. pam says:

    Really hoping regina finds the light. Great character. Same for rumplestilskin. They play both sides so convincingly.

  12. czzzz says:

    Ooooh I am loving MM’s red dress and Regina’s coat!
    And I’m happy to see Emma actually being “supportive” of Regina… and even if this is Enchanted Forest that Was… a public execution….. oy.

    • Jo says:

      I know, they look great.
      P.S.: Regina’s coat is from Zara, Lea michele wore it in Glee this year and I remember looking for it :)

  13. Jack says:

    Images aren’t loading

  14. John DeMayo says:

    How many times are Snow and Charming going to be torn apart and then reunited again before it gets “old”?

    • M&M says:

      It has already gotten old as far as I’m concerned. I hope we won’t have to hear “I will always find you again” in the remaining episodes of the season.

  15. Torontogirl98 says:

    I am so excited to see Emma and her new relationship with Snow and especially Charming, you just know its going to get good!

  16. Tina says:

    OMG Emma in something other than a leather jacket!!!!

  17. Ella says:

    I love the relationships on OUAT! Not only the relationships between the Charming clan but also Snow and Red’s friendship. I can’t wait for everyone to be in Storybrooke in January!