CW Targets Robin Hood Series With Female Twist

logo-cw-300The original “Arrow,” Robin Hood, may be heading to The CW.

The fifth network has given a pilot script order to Sherwood, a period drama set in Vancouver England circa 1072. Per The Hollywood Reporter, the story follows a young noblewoman who unwittingly allies with that Robin Hood and his band of jolly gents as she aims to find and set free her serf boyfriend, who has been wrongfully abducted by Norman occupiers.

So in that respect, it’s like that other bow-and-arrow show, Revolution.

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Tze Chun (Cashmere Mafia) is penning Sherwood; Dan Jinks (Emily Owens, M.D.) will exec-produce.

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Who would you like to see play Robin of Locksley and his inevitably nubile, noblewoman tag-along?

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  1. gary says:

    I would rather just watch the BBC version of Robin Hood

  2. Martin says:

    Nah, think it would be overkill having two Arrow related shows on the CW plus period drama and The CW don’t really go together.

    Although, knowing the CW the characters, even though its 1072, they will probably have make up and fast cars and cell phones.

  3. slizabeth says:

    I just binged on the first season of Arrow (which turned out to be amazing, btw). The CW really doesn’t need it. How many of these shows can one network have? Also, has the CW ever done a period piece like this? Their audience might not stick around for it without the hot guys and fashion-forward clothes.

    • Jay says:

      The CW hasn’t done any period pieces, unless you count the flashbacks on Vampire Diaries or the time travel episodes on Supernatural. It won’t last, that’s a given. But for the record, not everyone cares about guys and clothes! It’s about the story.

      • Maria Flor de Luna says:

        Well, upcoming teen soap The Carrie Diaries is going to take the title of “The CW’s first-ever period drama EVER”.

  4. Kav says:

    Haha wow the CW needs 2 learn 2 Quit while their ahead. This sounds like its gonna suck, esp to fans of the BBC version ‘RobinHood’ wt the amazing Jonas Armstrong. (Like me). .. and the fact they already have ‘Arrow’ doesn’t help at all. .. please just stop trying so Hard CW… & stick 2 promoting the few good shows u actually have, like Beauty and the Beast that is getting Better & better very episode. ;)

    • Brooke says:

      Quit while they’re ahead? That’s the problem…they’re NOT ahead. So of course they’re going to try to repeat Arrow’s success.

      • Jay says:

        If they want to repeat Arrow’s success, DC comics has twenty other heroes they can use! And yes, they all look good with their shirts off, so you girls can enjoy it too!

    • Maria Flor de Luna says:

      Sorry to ruin your moment of happiness: The animated Robin Hood series and the anime adaptation were the best and were practically ahead from any Robin Hood-inspired TV show that came after.

    • dragenphoto says:

      You need to learn how to spell the word “to”. And “you”. And “especially”. And “with”. And “and”.
      Also, quit, hard and better are not names.

  5. Kav says:

    *every* episode

  6. Christy says:

    I love that people are all “nope, can’t have TWO shows with archery in them! That’s just too far!!” But a bazillion shows about a young pretty girl in a new and strange situation who happens to make unlikely friends, we can never have enough of those apparently.

    I like that it’s a period drama, that’s the one unique thing that should make it stand out against the rest of the CW’s generally modern landscape.

    • Jay says:

      The modern thing works for the CW. Still, it would be a nice change if it works. It probably won’t.

    • forg_gay says:

      Haha… you just described almost every CW shows (HOD, emily MD, Hellcats, 90210,the secret circle etc..).. I would actually appreciate more diversity from this network and a period genre show might be IT though i doubt it>

  7. Morgan says:

    And now I have a sudden longing to watch BBC’s Robin Hood..

    • I know. It was a pleasant surprise when I happened upon it (on Netflix). It’s too bad they lost one of their leads and subsequently their ratings. I could have watched 5 seasons of it without complaint.

    • Abby says:

      I quit after the first season. Great cast but it got so repetitive. Someone is captured and taken to the castle. Robin and Merry Men go and rescue them. and repeat over and over. I’m interested to see what the CW does with the show.

  8. Penny says:

    The BBC did this show too, in the 90s. It was called Maid Marian and her merry men.

  9. cjeffery7 says:

    ugh this sounds more fit for PBS or the BBC

  10. Maureen says:

    They gave up on The LA Complex to develop this future flop show. :/ *SIGH*

  11. I like it. says:

    In response to the person commenting the show wouldn’t last on CW without having forward fashion and hot guys, I don’t know about the latter, but I’ve been watching CW (and The WB before it) long enough to know that if the show is going to be on this station, it’s going to have hot guys on it, no matter what era or country it’s located in. I did enjoy BBC’s Robin Hood, though the last 2 episodes were rubbish. As far as it being a period piece being an there are already shows out on multiple stations that go back and forth between current and period piece *cough* Once Upon a Time *cough* and more often than not the latter portions are widely preferred. (I would miss the re-curve bow though, those were pretty cool.)

    • Naazneen says:

      Agreed. After Marion left (still dont understand HOW they could kill her off) RH sucked big time. Richard Armitage and Jonas Armstrong were the best things about that show. Im willing to see what The CW does with the premise of this show. There can never be enough period drama. We need more! Even if its on the CW

  12. Jason says:

    Just another pilot. Fodder for the Upfront killing floor. It will probably never see the light of day. However, that Vatican crap at Showtime, with Ridley Scott’s pilot direction ensuring a pickup, means that I will not pay for the premium channel during that show’s run. Miracles. Pffttttt.

  13. AT says:

    Justin Hartley as Robin Hood and Mamie Gummar as this noblewoman. Lol
    Of course, find a place for Michael Rady as well.

  14. MaryAnn says:

    The BBC “Robin Hood” was unwatchable. This is a welcome change from all the silly fashion and gossip shows. Can’t have too many bow and arrow shows lol. Am really looking forward to this one. Hope it makes it to the schedule.

  15. Midori004 says:

    I think CW has realized that the era of their tween girl drama crap is over and now it’s time for teenage fantasy drama.

    It’s a welcome change.

  16. mia says:

    Oh hell to the yes. I adore the Robin Hood story in all its incarnations
    Be great if the CW made a bold move and cast a man of colour in the role, that network is far too whitewashed.

  17. Lambsilencer says:

    Wonder if Aimée Castle might be available for the lead… ;)

  18. Justin121 says:

    “The CW” and “Female Twist” should never be in th same sentence. Never.

  19. Aleana says:

    Tom Welling and Erica Durance or Bethany Joy Lenz and James Lafferty

  20. Renee says:

    I can’t see it being successful, but maybe they will prove me wrong.

  21. mike says:

    Billy Magnussen or Nic Robuck as Robin

  22. history stickler says:

    The RH saga is firmly set in the 12th century.

  23. Michael says:

    This sounds like Maid Marion and her Merry Men.

  24. Emily says:

    Scoff all you want, this is the only description of a CW show that has ever interested me. Ever.
    They’re obviously doing SOMETHING right here.

  25. sarah says:

    I watch a few shows on the CW but I will not be watching this one! The CW always has way to may pilots and not enough time slots! That is why they end up cancelling some good shows after one season because they think the new shows will be better and as it is they are already airing Cult and the Carrie Diaries for half the season! They do not have room for any more new shows!

  26. nicole says:

    Cassidy and Tom are a great couple have great Chemistry together. TOM missing a lot to the fans and the CW Network. You want Tom Cassidy and Robin Wood

  27. J says:

    As you prepare your “BBC rehash” arguments, please remember that the BBC show was NOT GOOD.

  28. katy says:

    I agree with Nicole, Tom Welling and Cassidy F. Robin Hood would be perfect for it in fact episodes Luthor and Kent (Smallville) were very good and there was attraction and chemistry between them.

  29. sabina says:

    I miss Tom Welling!!!!!!!

  30. Suzie says:

    My choice to play Robin Hood would be Warren Christie [Alphas] due to his strong resemblance to Errol Flynn [Robin Hood in 1938]. I found the reference to Norman occupiers a bit confusing since William had united England 100 years before that.

    • Katy917 says:

      Errrrmmm, William didn’t unite Britain,and it was in 1066, so 8 years earlier. So, yeah,the Normans were the rulers of Britain and only recently. The Saxons were NOT happy about it.

      • Suzie says:

        You have your centuries muddled. William the Conqueror invaded in 1066. Richard the Lion Heart was crowned in 1189. And Richard is the King Robin Hood was loyal to and ransomed. Richard’s younger brother John signed the Magna Carta in 1215.

      • Piers says:

        @Katy917 Suzie didn’t say Britain, she said England, and yes William did unite England under one king. His scorched earth policy destroyed the opposition. He destroyed places and told the people to rebuild, but this time they would build for him. And that was a hundred years before Richard Coeur de Lion.

        • katy917 says:

          I don’t have my centuries muddled – I just know how to READ. I know all of what you have both said – I have studied medieval history, and I love Robin Hood lore. Plus I am from England, so this is my counties history we’re discussing. However, the point is, the article clearly states “The fifth network has given a pilot script order to Sherwood, a period drama set in England circa 1072.” – 1072 – 8 years after William invaded in 1066. The NORMANS ruling England. William may have united the country eventually, but he was met with a LOT of opposition for many years before he managed to do so, using brute force. The CW is obviously ignoring Richard in choosing to set the series 100 or so years earier or else are choosing to simply ignore English history and re-write it. Why, I have no idea. But my reply was to Suzie saying she was confused by the reference to the Normans. The Normans were the rulers of England circa 1072, which is when the article said the series woudl be set, henceforth my reply, which if you’re talking about the dates was correct.

          • Piers says:

            My apologies for the confusion. I was defending Suzie’s remarks regarding the timeline between William and Richard I. If the CW is re-writing history to set the story 100 years earlier, they’re idiots. BTW, I too am a Brit [Bourton on the Water].

  31. Drew says:

    Remember last year at this time, when people were swearing up and down that they would never watch Arrow?

    You showed them!

  32. Jared says:

    Although Robin Hood doesn’t necessarily interest me I didn’t think Arrow would I’m obsessed and was clearly wrong. It all depends on the quality of the script and the actors being cast.

  33. Sarah moss says:

    Tom WELLING would be a fantastic Robin Hood. Tom bring back so many viewers in the CW Network because it has so many fans. Tom = Cw!

  34. Margot says:

    Yes Tom WELLING and Cassidy Freeman. No to Erica Durance!

  35. Gerald says:

    Isn’t the CW also doing a Hunger Games type show? That will probably have a Katniss Arrow type person also. I don’t see this one taking off, but I could be wrong.

  36. Dr.Comic says:

    Trevor Donovan as Robin. We love him in the UK

  37. Rebecca Madar and Bradley James

  38. Shelly Hennig and Julian Morris

  39. Anabelle Wallis and Wentworth Miller

  40. Laura Fraser and Mathew Settle…….the last 4 posts should cover all age ranges for possible castings

  41. Linda Lou says:

    Jamie Dornan as Robin