Reality Check: Beatles Beaten on X Factor, Voice! Plus: Fifth Harmony's Surge, Mario Lopez's 'But'

dw_reality_mashup_12.16.12Paul McCartney may have been a guest on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, but the real Beatles-related joke was hearing The X Factor‘s L.A. Reid compare biceps-centric boy-band contestants Emblem3 to one of the planet’s most commercially successful and critically revered acts ever. And alas, that was just one of several blows directed at the Fab Four on reality singing shows over the past seven days.

But wait! There’s even more ridiculousness to cover on this week’s episode of Reality Check! My cohost Melinda Doolittle and I dissect X Factor host Mario Lopez’s obsession with a pair of common conjunctions (and a possible connection to his Rated M underwear line). Plus, we examine Fifth Harmony’s late-season surge, and debate if Carly Rose Sonenclar and Tate Stevens (or their mentors) have gotten complacent atop the X Factor leaderboard.

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Melinda and I also turn our focus to The Voice, and wonder whether the show’s history of giving the title to “deserving dads” could spell trouble for perceived front-runner Cassadee Pope. We also offer some last minute ideas for how that show’s coaches could freshen up this week’s Season 3 finale.

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  1. Marianne says:

    Regarding Nicholas not giving us that note in You Are So Beautiful – – I think he just doesn’t have that range. He just doesn’t have a higher register. I still love his tone, and it didn’t bother me. It was very sweet. Not that I’m saying St. Nick should be compared to him, but, did Barry White ever hit the high notes? Just sayin’. (*Note to The Voice producers and Cee Lo Green – PLEASE don’t have Nicholas sing Barry White*)

  2. J says:

    These reality “stars” will be forgotten in a year. The Beatles have been the most successful band on the world for five consecutive decades. There is no comparison. It seemed every time a new boy band comes along, they are touted as the next Beatles and not one has lived
    up to the expectations or even lasted as a band.

    • Gel says:

      To be fair, a lot about the Beatles is pap and pablum wrapped up in nostalgia and idolatry. Its ok to compare new and broadly exciting artists to them. Their peak will be surpassed once their enraptured devoted generation dies out. Its happened before, it will happen again

      • mik says:

        The Beatles peak will never be surpassed. All generations, not just babyboomers, keep them so current & popular. No one has taken their place since 1964 or even come close. 50 years from now The Beatles will still be as popular. Who’s going to remember todays so called Beatle replacements even 20 years from now? No one.

      • Wendy says:

        That’s hysterical “Gel”! I’d love to hear who you think WILL be enduring from THIS generation if the Beatles will not.

  3. Sam says:

    I feel like the final 3 for the voice is ridiculously anticlimactic. I was honestly kind of bored last week. Anyone else?

    • Lori says:

      Completely agree. There is nothing interesting here. The interesting contestants have already been cut.

      • Justin says:

        The best candidates have made it through. Trevin was good, but the other 3 all made it to the top 10 on Itunes and he was nowhere close. So in a way the general public may have decided that these 3 are their most interesting candidates.

        • ETG says:

          I disagree. Amanda has a MUCH better voice than any of the 3 finalists. Cassadee and Terry both have very annoying nasal voices, and, although I love Nick, his voice tends to get a little irritating at times, too. A lot of people keep gushing all over Terry as a “rocker”, but Amanda is TEN times the rocker that Terry every thought about being…. plus Terry is just so damn BORING!!!!

  4. Billy says:

    I’m seriously surprised that they didn’t say anything about how the king of the hissyfit (L.A. Reid) is leaving The X Factor next season…I thought that would be topic number 1 lol

  5. luli says:

    I’m so happy the sabotaging 5H thing didn’t work. Glad they are in the finals.

  6. Lily Langtry says:

    I don’t watch either show but I like listening to both of you as you are entertaining. However, you do know that reality shows are famous for focusing, ad nauseum, pity parties for some of the contestants. Does the name Danny Gokey ring a bell? They never want anyone who doesn’t have a sob story (or what they deem a sob story) to win and so they’ll milk the pity for all it’s worth. Quite honestly it’s annoying and boring.

    • Danny says:

      Spot on assessment. A few seasons ago- the Kris Allen/Allison year, Janote (sp?) Joyner was on AI. He was awesome in his group of 12. The judges raved about him. Rightfully so too, he was terrific. He should have easily been a judges choice into the sing off/finals. He’d had a rough past, and wouldn’t let AI use it. He felt they were trying to exploit him. AI didn’t include him in the live shows.

      • teatime says:

        It is curious that you mention Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta. Neither of them had sob stories that were used on air. I am not disagreeing that these shows do use the sob stories at times. But it is not done for all contestants.

  7. dj says:

    I was disappointed Nicholas didn’t go for that note on “You Are So Beautiful.” I think he could go there, and he needed to go there. I felt gypped when he didn’t. He has done that before in songs. I don’t mind if people put their own spin on a song. I like it when they make it fresh. But if they leave out the best parts of the melody, the song ends up feeling unfinished, and the listener is left hanging.

    Thank you for saying something about Tate’s entitlement. He doesn’t deserve to win solely based on the fact that he has a family and probably no job to go back to after he’s been dissing it at every opportunity. That shouldn’t have anything to do with why people vote. And I couldn’t believe he took a camera crew on his anniversary date, either. I mean, come on.

    I was kind of wondering about the “contestants’ choice” and whether it really was their choice or not, because it didn’t make sense about Embem3 not singing one of their songs. Even if they sang “Sunset Boulevard” again, it would have worked better for them because people would have remembered what they liked about them to begin with. Plus we might have been able to hear a more complete version of the song.

    I can’t believe Mario is that in love with himself that he tweets such an inappropriate picture. Makes me wonder what’s on his Christmas card.

  8. Rob says:

    5H(BIC’s) ftw! Carly and Tate are way too safe and predictable with their songs. Fifth Harmony actually did a better cover than the original IMO.

  9. Tiff says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Love Melinda’s “Amanda Brown, then Deborah, then Cassadee” for the win. That’s EXACTLY what I would have wanted.

  10. Danny says:

    I watched the 12/12/12 concert, then the next morning watched the X Factor on my DVR. It made me wonder what in Hades am I doing watching this junk. The Who, guys in their 60s, are still kicking tail. They were incredible. I’ve seen the Who’s performance maybe 9 or 10 times now. They were flipping awesome. So were a whole bunch of others, though I didn’t have the time to watch them several times.

    I don’t know what sucks me into shows like X Factor, but I need my head examined.

    Off topic for a second- For what it’s worth, if FreeHaley (now since changed names) catches this, had 12/12/12 been a competition, and Haley’s Idol performances were on it, I’d have had her in about 4th place. 1) The Who 2) McCartney 3) Roger Waters 4) Haley

  11. 1. There is no way Emblem3 would choose not to do an original unless:
    a. The producers convinced them that they are experts in knowing what the audience wants and that the audience may not like their originals.
    b. They weren’t allowed.
    Even Baby I Love Your Way I doubt they would have chose if they could choose something by Sublime. I’m guessing a limited song choice list. Which brings me on to my next point.

    2. Your Song and Anything Could Happen. Both coincidentally Pepsi Song Choices from the previous week. Something tells me they didn’t have alot to choose from or again they were convinced by the producers to pick the songs they would choose. Again Fifth Harmony and Carly being young would have gone with the producers as they ‘think’ the producers know what their doing.

    3. I doubt Tate Steven’s is voluntarily shoving his sob story down anyones throat everyweek unless it was the producers who told him that this would get him votes. It is very obvious how conjured and setup some of the prepackages are. For example, Emblem3 have Hollywood connections and they made them look like they were broke. This contradicts itself when Wesley mentions in published or actual video interviews that he has an uncle who is a big shot producer.

    In conclusion:
    The producers/business ruin this show. I think there a seriously talented group of contestants this season. But the producers have severely limited or ruined their potential on that stage.

    • Justin says:

      Emblem3 and talent should not be in the same sentence ever. They are horrible singers and for them to even made it this far is why I can’t take X Factor seriously.

    • Danny says:

      If what you say is true, then that would make sense. There’s no way Simon & LA could really think those guys were any good. They were being nice because their uncle was one of their friends and they were trying to help out Uncle Emblem.

    • teatime says:

      “The producers/business ruin this show. I think there a seriously talented group of contestants this season. But the producers have severely limited or ruined their potential on that stage.”
      I thought that statement bears repeating. You hit the nail on the head. These shows are a direct glimpse into how hack producers push for the same-old-same-old from artists and don’t understand that the contestants themselves might have something more interesting to deliver than what the producers would script.

  12. I don’t know if Michael and Melinda are pretending because Melinda for one has been on Idol and should probably know. But it seems like neither have considered the XFactor producers role when they are talking about the contestants.

  13. Justin says:

    Carly Rose is an industry plant. I’m surprised nobody on here seem to know this. Disney has been pushing for her very hard from the start.

  14. ejones says:

    Melinda said it all, the conflict of interest between being a mentor and a judge makes a farce of the whole process. Even American Idol has a kind of conflict, its judges choose the contestants who make the live show so they have to be good, don’t they. As an aside, I have always suspected that conflict caused Randy’s OTT critiques of Haley, it was his attempt at justifying his rejection of her in season 9, a talent such as hers not even getting to boot camp!!!