Gossip Girl Series Finale: The 9 Biggest Twists!

New York, I Love You XOXOIt was the blast that knocked the Upper East Side off its Christian Louboutin stilettos. As promised, Gossip Girl unmasked its namesake blogger in the show’s series finale Monday night — and the elusive scoopmonger was…


But that’s wasn’t the only surprise in the final hour of the CW soap.

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WEDDING BELLS AND CUFFS | Chuck and Blair flee the scene of Bart’s death in the trunk of a limo – seriously, you’re not going to pop that thing, NYC cops? – with Georgina’s help. But it’s Jack Bass who really comes to rescue with a plan: Chuck and Blair should get hitched so she can’t incriminate him. Chuck is against the idea; this isn’t the way he wanted to marry her.

“Why not?” protests Blair. “We’re in love. And one way or another, we achieved our goals.” Plus, she adds, it’s exciting — not dull like hand-holding and going to the movies.

“I was a stupid child when I said those things,” Chuck replies. “Life with you could never be boring.”

With some help from their family and friends, the two eschew a courthouse wedding to throw an impromptu ceremony on the streets of New York. And they just barely manage to get away with it before a tip from some over-eager teens brings the police to the site. But the cops don’t have any evidence, and since Blair’s the only one who saw anything, they’re forced to let them go.

GOSSIP GIRL REVEALED | Serena abandons her flight to L.A. after reading Dan’s glowing, unpublished chapter about her. He insists that he meant every word, but she wants to know, “Which one is the real you?” Well, that’s a complicated question, S, because your on- and off-boyfriend has been hiding his real self! Blair still doesn’t believe her friend is going to end up with poor Humphrey and that his American dream of rising up “has died.” Dan overhears their conversation and releases his final chapter all about the blogger to publish on The Spectator. As the words hit the Upper East Side gang (and beyond to Vanessa, Juliet, Rachel Bilson, Kristen Bell, New York Mayor Bloomberg (?!) etc.), they realize the blogger has been among them all along.

“If I wasn’t born into this world, maybe I could write myself into it,” Dan explains. And so he started the blog, mimicking the voices of the UES’ chatty Cathys and using Serena as his muse “to create a legend.” (Apparently, Jenny knew about it for a while, and he kept out anything she didn’t want on there. But she herself sent in the tip about losing her virginity so she could get out of New York.)

Blair’s not too pleased about this news after all the hell Gossip Girl has caused her – “This whole time, I had more power than you,” Dan points out – but Serena is surprisingly OK with it. She calls it a love letter to all of them. “He made me realize I don’t want to run away,” she continues. “You guys are my family, and I belong here.”

And with that, Gossip Girl is dead and everyone can finally grow up. Or can they?

HAPPILY EVER AFTER | Flash forward to Dan and Serena’s wedding five years later. Chuck and Blair now have a 5-year-old named Henry. The Spectator’s taken off, and Nate is rumored to be running for mayor. The wedding party also includes the returns of Eric and Jenny and their odd pairings: Georgina and Jack, Lily and William (he was just using Ivy to get his ex-wife back) and Rufus and… Lisa Loeb?! Meanwhile, on the streets of New York, a new outsider walks among the trust-fund babies as Kristen Bell’s voiceover warns, “You may be rid of Dan Humphrey, but you’ll never be rid of me. There will always be someone on the outside wanting to get in. Who am I now? That’s one secret I’ll never tell.”

AND EVERYTHING ELSE | The line of the night has to go to William dubbing Ivy’s story as a Lifetime movie called Nobody Gives a Damn. And how about that flashback showcasing the first time Dan and Serena talked at a birthday party? It looked like it could have been lifted from an old DVD! Finally, did the use of “You Got the Love” remind anyone else of the Sex and the City series finale?

What did you think of Gossip Girl‘s swan song? Review the episode’s top nine OMG! moments in the gallery below, grade the series finale and then share your snappy judgements in the comments.

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  1. Carda says:

    I LOVED the finale! It totally made up for that mess of a last season!
    Yes it was dumb at points but GG had always been dumb sometimes. I didn’t care here, it was still beautiful how they all ended up.. and then KBell and then Rachel and then Florcen… awesome!
    xoxo GG! Overall it was a well entertaining show!

  2. Cleo says:

    Enlighten me? Did i miss something? I mean what happened to chuck’s phone after bart snatched it from him on the rooftop? Was it still with bart the moment he fell? Or did chuck got it back? Help!

  3. renee. says:

    Dan being Gossip Girl leaves more plot holes in the story than any series finale I’ve ever seen. If this was “planned from the beginning” like they claim then they should have treated it as such.

    The only thing I enjoyed were the cameos reading about who GG was.

  4. Michelle M says:

    LOVED BLAIR’S DRESS. And I loved the theme of unconventional wedding dresses! Here’s to a new era!

    Overall the finale was clearly trying to conveniently put together inconsistencies throughout the series, and it didn’t do a terrible job, but it didn’t do a great job either. Overall I am happy with series though. Love Blair and Chuck (not Chair, ew)!!

  5. gary says:

    Can we change the name to 9 lamest twist in a Series Finale history?

  6. Alyssa says:

    One of the worst TV series. Glad this crap fest is OVER!!! HURRAY, maybe now they can replace it with something 5 times better.

  7. Brandy says:

    I liked it a lot-Darena married, Chair married and had a son,Blair ruling the fashion world, loved the Juliet,Eric,Jenny,Kristen& Rachel scenes, I’m glad we know who Gzg is but it’ll continue without Dan and its a secret/mystery who the new one is,Blair looked beautiful at her wedding.The only I didn’t care for was Jack/Georgina,Lily/Wiiam,Rufus/Lily cause I hate william and wanted Rufly.Dont understand how Lily could end up with a man who cheated on her(with her sister too),was a deadbeat abstentee dad to thier kids and committed a crime making her believe she had cancer, and hooked with her enemy.I was shocked Dan was GG.

  8. gary says:

    Also Ausiello tricked me. I didnt read any spoilers but visited his twitter and saw the Dan/Blair back round and thought them ending up together was the twist and i got happy because Chair fan would have probably would have started a riot outside Josh’s house and that would have been hilarious

  9. Gerald says:

    Once they explained how Dan met Serena before and that he blogged about her before she came back to New York in the Series premier it made more sense, and explains why no one would have guessed him as GG.
    I hope 5 years later Chuck and Blair only had a 4 year old and not a 5 year old kid. Other wise she was way pregnant in the last moments of the finale.
    Funniest part of the flash foward. Nate being considered for MAYOR of New York City!!!!! I knkow he is a nice honest guy, but give him another 10 years come on….
    Question was that really Lisa Loeb or did it just look like her? She looked too young. But good on Rufus to get out of Lily’s crosshairs. Now they can just be inlaws.

  10. xny says:

    Thing i dont get is why so much of this season was dedicated to Sage and in the end she wasnt even there to be Nate’s end game…It made no sense. Where they trying to get The CW to do a Sage spinoff and this whole season was a backdoor pilot for her? It is dumb they wasted Gossip Girl last season not on Blair and Serena being friends but on Sage and Bart Bass…Michael please asked Stephanie Savage why Sage had such a huge role this season

  11. Maria says:

    Loved Blair’s outfits- both her wedding dress and her gold dress in the flashback. And Chuck/Blair/Henry make the cutest little family! Really kind of puzzled about Lily/William though. I guess she just got over the fact that he had an illegitimate child with her own sister and gave her fake cancer? Ah, this show.

  12. Sam says:

    2 things…

    1. doesn’t the fact that no one was really mad that dan is GG and think it was his love letter to them make them more egocentric than i ever realized they could be? wow.
    2. the biggest problem with GG being dan besides the GLARING inconsistencies of it all is…his inner voice is kristen bell?

    still laughing about this finale.

  13. Jen says:

    The finale was amazing! One of the best series finales ever. So happy Chuck/Blair and Dan/Serena got their happy endings and loved little Henry! The cameos were great too especially Mayor Bloomberg saying he always thought GG was Dorota lol. Loved the reveal that Dan was Gossip Girl! I’ve watched from day one and I’m really going to miss this show :(

  14. xny says:

    “My money was on the Blonde broad from London”….Jack was awesome last night

  15. dorcasmaclaine says:

    so GG has actually ended, even though i didint get to watch it. Happy dt chuck n Blair ended up togeda. Dats d only thing dat trills me abt GG.

  16. Shauna says:

    OMG!!!! im going to miss this show so much, that was such an awesome episode! the ending was perfect..henry how cute! so happy that chuck and blair got their happy ending, and serena and dan FINALLY got back together for real….. LOVED the cameos!(kristen and rachel i love you) it was just a perfect ending really :) i have grown along with the show…can’t believe its over!
    Also: georgina and jack…possibly the most evil, but greatest couple the show has ever seen….good match!

  17. Kaycee says:

    Did everyone notice Jenny’s shopping bags? “J and Waldorf” – they made a fashion line! :D

  18. TrashBash says:

    Why did no one point out that Dan is cray cray. Expert liar, saboteur and just plain evil in parts…um? ALARM BELLS AMERICA.

  19. LoLa says:

    I honestly think they should have continued the blair and dan relationship serena with nate rufus and lily and WTF happened to georgina son she tried to pin on dan??? The whole ivy revenge was pointless im sorry but this season and last was just wack they could of did a much better story line for each character and dan being gossip -__- i would have perfer Chuck now that made more sense.

  20. Mary-Anne says:

    5×24- Now this is the most ridiculous of them all. Dan nearly cried when he read Blair diary entries on gossip girl. Also by posting these diary entries on gossip girl he forced her to realise her feelings for chuck…why would he even do that. Also. Serious question now guys. When did Dan have the opportunity to post that Blair had been spotted at the empire WHILST BEING INSIDE SERENA. THERE WAS NO POSSIBLE TIME FOR HIM TO HAVE POSTED THAT POST. IT’S GENUINELY IMPOSSIBLE.

  21. Jodie says:

    The whole series was amazing thanks to josh Stephanie and Eric Daman. Not to mention Penn and Leightons great acting.

  22. Bill says:

    That was so awful , it was an hour of pure non sense and the writers just laughing at the fans . PLEASE Savage stop working on television ,you’re ridiculous .
    As for the plot line it was lame ! Dan being gossip girl ? LOL he watched a lot of time Gossip girl on his phone and he was surprised and shocked about the blast (i.e. End of season 3 , when Jenny send the blast of Dan Serena sharing a bed ). And him being GG made the whole dair arc creepy ,he had the diaries.
    Rufus and Lilly belong together ,we all know it since season 1 , Lilly returning to her twisted ex husband made me want to stab Savage like CRAYCRAY.

  23. jyn says:

    Like many of you were saying after about season three there were so many plot holes it made the show unwatchable minus the occassional show id skim on dvr. Dan being gossip girl makes no sense in many of the scenes discussed above such as the email.and yes having a mutual sibling with your spouse gross. I thought it was gross they still wanted each other after lily and rufus married

  24. Melissa says:

    I am so confused. What white dress is Dan talking about when he says something about Jenny helping Serena with the dress and that’s what made him start GG… Am I missing something?

  25. charissa29 says:

    It was a well written finale and did it’s best to wrap up the big ball of crazy that was the end of last season and this season. Maybe if they had been writing more of these then GG would still be on and it might even have been more coherent over the last couple of years. It was good to see Chuck and Blair together. I can watch bits up until they run away together in season 5 and then skip to the last five minutes of the finale. Go Netflix!!!

  26. xoxoxtine says:

    I died a little bit inside when you spelled judgments that way.

  27. Marco says:

    Terrible wedding dresses, terrible people, terrible storytelling… a fitting ending for Gossip Guy In Real Life.

  28. Tiffany says:

    GG should have been Nate cos he never sent in anything.

  29. Grace says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I loved the way chuck and Blair finally got together. I don’t think it was unromantic or anying, quite the contrary, I think the fact that chuck didn’t want to get married to her ‘like that’ at fist was very sweet and I think the fact that the engagement was simple and sweet was perfect, and perfectly matched by the wedding, it was dangerous, and reckless and heartfelt and romantic and beautiful, and it perfectly represented everything their relationship was. I think it was romantic and I was so glad that they finally got together, because, their relationship was defiantly something that made the show for me! The fact that literally from episode 7 in season 1 (victor victrola) it was always the two of them, from that moment you just knew that they were it for each other! And i’m very glad that the writers didn’t ruin it by attempting to deny that fact. As for dan being gossip girl, I thought it sort of made sense. Everyone’s saying how it was very out of character and that while season 6 dan may’ve been capable of something like that, season 1 dan wasn’t etc. but I disagree, I think it made perfect sense, after all, the story started with him. Although, I was actually slightly disappointed that they forgave him so quickly, and I did think that the fact that him and serena end up together was a bit wet. It was just so predictable, I mean, c&b were pradictible but in a totally surprising way. You never expected them and still managed to be surprised and kept on edge as to whether or not things old work out and they would get there happily-ever-after in the end, but dan and serena were predictable in a very boring way. With c&b they were each others ‘great loves’ so the fact that they ended up together made perfect sense, d&s were never ‘endgame’ for each other, and I think that having them end up together sort of sullied the perfectness of that last episode

  30. Lexi says:

    Why didn’t nate and Jenny get back together it was the highlight of all the seasons combined for me

  31. Lexi says:

    Why didn’t nate and Jenny get back together for me thr was the highlight of all the seasons combined

  32. Elizabeth says:

    Omg i am gonna miss gossip girl on season 6 episode 7 and idk what im gonna do with my life 😭😭😭😭😭😭 like we’re is the Chuck bass gonna be in my other shows and like its never gonna be the same. Gossip girl like impacted me even if it was a show. And Blair and chuck and Dan and Serena its just to sad. I hope they make more. :(( xoxo- Elizabeth.

  33. Kimberly says:

    Loved the whole ending:)Everything ended perfectly except for I wished we could have at least seen chuck staring at blair as she was walking down the aisle but I understand why they had to end up getting married the way that they did cuz of Bart death &everything.But I have never watched and finished a tv show that I was so happy about.It all ended the way I wanted it too.Chair happy ever after with their son:)Nate becoming the mayor after working so hard on his future with the spectator,Derena married (Serena&GG)It all makes sense now why Dan was GG.I would love to see GG come back with a whole new crew starting it over.I have to admit though I will miss sexy Chuck Bass &his deep sexy voice;)