Gossip Girl Series Finale: The 9 Biggest Twists!

New York, I Love You XOXOIt was the blast that knocked the Upper East Side off its Christian Louboutin stilettos. As promised, Gossip Girl unmasked its namesake blogger in the show’s series finale Monday night — and the elusive scoopmonger was…


But that’s wasn’t the only surprise in the final hour of the CW soap.

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WEDDING BELLS AND CUFFS | Chuck and Blair flee the scene of Bart’s death in the trunk of a limo – seriously, you’re not going to pop that thing, NYC cops? – with Georgina’s help. But it’s Jack Bass who really comes to rescue with a plan: Chuck and Blair should get hitched so she can’t incriminate him. Chuck is against the idea; this isn’t the way he wanted to marry her.

“Why not?” protests Blair. “We’re in love. And one way or another, we achieved our goals.” Plus, she adds, it’s exciting — not dull like hand-holding and going to the movies.

“I was a stupid child when I said those things,” Chuck replies. “Life with you could never be boring.”

With some help from their family and friends, the two eschew a courthouse wedding to throw an impromptu ceremony on the streets of New York. And they just barely manage to get away with it before a tip from some over-eager teens brings the police to the site. But the cops don’t have any evidence, and since Blair’s the only one who saw anything, they’re forced to let them go.

GOSSIP GIRL REVEALED | Serena abandons her flight to L.A. after reading Dan’s glowing, unpublished chapter about her. He insists that he meant every word, but she wants to know, “Which one is the real you?” Well, that’s a complicated question, S, because your on- and off-boyfriend has been hiding his real self! Blair still doesn’t believe her friend is going to end up with poor Humphrey and that his American dream of rising up “has died.” Dan overhears their conversation and releases his final chapter all about the blogger to publish on The Spectator. As the words hit the Upper East Side gang (and beyond to Vanessa, Juliet, Rachel Bilson, Kristen Bell, New York Mayor Bloomberg (?!) etc.), they realize the blogger has been among them all along.

“If I wasn’t born into this world, maybe I could write myself into it,” Dan explains. And so he started the blog, mimicking the voices of the UES’ chatty Cathys and using Serena as his muse “to create a legend.” (Apparently, Jenny knew about it for a while, and he kept out anything she didn’t want on there. But she herself sent in the tip about losing her virginity so she could get out of New York.)

Blair’s not too pleased about this news after all the hell Gossip Girl has caused her – “This whole time, I had more power than you,” Dan points out – but Serena is surprisingly OK with it. She calls it a love letter to all of them. “He made me realize I don’t want to run away,” she continues. “You guys are my family, and I belong here.”

And with that, Gossip Girl is dead and everyone can finally grow up. Or can they?

HAPPILY EVER AFTER | Flash forward to Dan and Serena’s wedding five years later. Chuck and Blair now have a 5-year-old named Henry. The Spectator’s taken off, and Nate is rumored to be running for mayor. The wedding party also includes the returns of Eric and Jenny and their odd pairings: Georgina and Jack, Lily and William (he was just using Ivy to get his ex-wife back) and Rufus and… Lisa Loeb?! Meanwhile, on the streets of New York, a new outsider walks among the trust-fund babies as Kristen Bell’s voiceover warns, “You may be rid of Dan Humphrey, but you’ll never be rid of me. There will always be someone on the outside wanting to get in. Who am I now? That’s one secret I’ll never tell.”

AND EVERYTHING ELSE | The line of the night has to go to William dubbing Ivy’s story as a Lifetime movie called Nobody Gives a Damn. And how about that flashback showcasing the first time Dan and Serena talked at a birthday party? It looked like it could have been lifted from an old DVD! Finally, did the use of “You Got the Love” remind anyone else of the Sex and the City series finale?

What did you think of Gossip Girl‘s swan song? Review the episode’s top nine OMG! moments in the gallery below, grade the series finale and then share your snappy judgements in the comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. a says:

    It was all worth it for that Rachel Bilson and Kristen Bell cameo.

  2. Rachel says:

    Probably the worst finale I’ve seen in a while. Even Chair stans have to be upset over this hot mess.

    • Daniela says:

      I agree. The finale was very unsatisfying. Blair/Chuck rushed to their happy ending, while Dan was revealed to be Gossip Girl – which at this point was the only thing that made sense, considering how much they ruined his character over the past two years. Serena and Dan getting hitched wasn’t a real surprise either. The cameos by Rachel Bilson and Kristen Bell were great though. Maybe THE highlight of the episode. Also liked Georgina and Jack ending up together.
      Would have wished for a Nate/Jenny reunion but no such luck. And then they put Lily with William!? From one sneaky husband to the next. Wow. I was hoping that the finale would make up for what the writers have ruined over the last 2 maybe even 3 yrs but … no such luck. One of the worst series finales ever.

    • Sofia says:

      lol ia. this was beyond bad. a fitting end to a horrible season and series i suppose.

    • Michael says:

      The last two or three seasons have been hot messes, so did you expect anything different from the finale?

      If I just take the finale as a stand-alone episode, I enjoyed it. There were some clever bits, some unexpected little twists, awesome(Kristen Bell) cameos. My favorite part of the night were some of the flashbacks to early Dan/Serena. They reminded me of why I did love the show for the first few seasons, when Dan was awkward but charming and Serena wasn’t the whiny, abhorrent wench that she’s been for the past few seasons.

  3. T. says:

    I wish Rufus and Lily ended up together. Loved to see some guest stars back and delighted to see Kristen Bell. Finally. As of Gossip Girl, it makes sense to me.

    • Sarah says:

      I hate that they sacrificed Rufus and Lily’s six-year relationship for the completely FAIL that is Dan and Serena’s unequal and incestuous relationship. Absolutely awful. Serena’s two great loves who brought out the BEST in her were Carter and Nate.
      The one good thing about this finale was Chuck and Blair getting their deserved happy ending. That was definitely earned.

      • Katie says:

        While I disagree about Rufus and Lily – the last season and a half has made me really hate her, so I was glad to see Rufus with someone else – I have been saying to my one friend forever that the writers have clearly forgotten, amongst the many other things that made Dan and Serena not work, that they have a shared sibling! Does no one else remember Scott?!?!?

        I almost would have rather seen Serena be alone and successful for a while, it would be more redeeming for the mess that her character has become.

        • Sarah says:

          All along, I was hoping that the writers would prove that they actually cared about Serena’s character growth, and realized that she and Dan are unhealthy and completely wrong for each other. She was GREAT with Carter and Nate. They were great relationships for her in Season 3. I was rooting for them to either bring Carter Baizen back to be with her, or actually allow Nate to be truly happy with the woman he’s always loved (Serena.) So disappointing.
          And don’t worry, you’re not alone. The writers clearly think we have blocked out Seasons 2 and 3 and the whole storyline revealed of Scott being Dan and Serena’s brother. It’s absolutely ridiculous that YET AGAIN the writers ignored this.

          • cyn says:

            Just because they share a sibling does not mean they themselves are related…they do not share blood..I don’t like it or think its right eitiher. Still iffy, but not blood related at least.

          • Katie says:

            @cyn I hear you, but if Rufus and Lily simply being married was a huge obstacle to Dan and Serena being together, I’d think a shared half-sibling would be an even bigger deal.

          • Kelvin says:

            I would have preffered luis 2 b with blair

  4. Ari says:

    Dan being Gossip Girl was such a well kept secret this year, almost as good as Elena being turned into a vampire on TVD. Dear CW writers, I know you are on the 4th place network but not all of your viewers are idiots and need to be bashed over the head with Stephenie Meyer like foreshadowing.

    • Jooshua says:

      I just started watching TVD.. so thanks for that massive spoiler made on an article about Gossip Girl.. at least it isn’t as bad as when my mom revealed to me who killed Laura Palmer 5 minutes into me watching the 2nd season..

      • Emily says:

        The episode she got turned in was about 6 months ago. It’s hardly a spoiler at this point.

      • Ari says:

        Oh I’m so sorry you just started watching TVD and couldn’t figure out that Elena would have to be a vampire at some point. I guess some viewers do need Stephenie Meyer like foreshadowing.

      • Mango says:

        I’m just glad Chuck and Blair are married happily with Henry..they are literally the only reason I was excited to watch gossip girl (not really but their love for eachother and how they kept fighting for eachother until they got married is amazing) #chairforever I thought the series finally was really great, sure there were some parts that I didn’t like and yeah maybe parts that were a hot mess but overall I’m happy with the overall outcome of the show. And I kind of suspected Dan as Gossip Girl, he was kind of a loner in the beginning of the show and his character was exactly really officiated with the whole upper east side of the rich kids(until his dad married lily) but anyway I really really really liked Gossip Girl and I’m sad it’s over :( Yay GG

  5. Derd says:

    They all looked so happy during Serena and Dan’s wedding, which is all that matters lbr

  6. Hojana says:

    The greatest sh1tfest is over. FINALLY!

  7. uhm what says:

    seriously, this was the 2girls1cup of tv finales. WTF.

  8. Rebecca says:

    WHO is the girl Rufus ends up with? Have we seen her before? Disappointed Eric and Jenny had ONE line each in the finale.

    • Sara says:

      Lisa Loeb is a singer. She was on the show once. It was Season 1, Episode 17. Why she and Rufus ended up together beats me. Lol.

      • Elizabeth says:

        He did mention her an episode or two ago (where he was going for Thanksgiving I believe?).

      • tatydial12 says:

        I can’t believe how crappy that series finale was like… wth!!!! Don’t mistake me, I am happy for Chair!!! like we waited forever for blair and chuck’s wedding and this is what we get???!!!! I totally hate Derena (anyone remembers they share a brother??? hello incest!!), they are no good one for another, but because it goes with the whole idea of him being gossip girl (which i called since jenny and vanessa were gone), it would only makes sense i guess. That was the one thing that they did perfectly… having Dan as gossip girl, it definitely needed to be one of the outsiders or else it would suck. But stills, the whole satire of the aristocracy… overdone. And we definitely should have seen more jenny and more vanessa (as in nate ending up with one of them would have been fantastic). so many stories that just rushed to an inconclusive ending… they had a great storyline going on with lola who wanted revenge but… they dropped it for some Ivy sloppy plot… and whatever happened to her mother? i mean, the only thing that was great in that episode waS to finally see some of the old crew back (yeah jenny, Eric, Vanessa, kate cassidy!!!) but even that lasted like what… 2 seconds??!! at least i got Georgina and jack ending up together. you. hou.
        – the rant of a faithful watcher

      • Daniel says:

        She’s a singer from the nineties. It’s supposed to show that Rufus went back to his roots and went out with an old muse from the old music scene, instead of chasing after Lily like a moron.

  9. Andrea says:

    I actually really likes it. The fact that they managed to keep Dan being GG a secret was great. Would have been better without the millions of commercials.

  10. Sara says:

    …..Lol. Well I was going to watch this but I’m rather glad I didn’t.

  11. Rachel Bilson and Kristen Bell were the best thing about the finale…season…show.

  12. david says:

    I dont know, I expected to be disappointing by the reveal but i kinda liked what they did with it. I think the couples in the flash forward where dumb but whtvr thats my opinion. Goodbye GG

  13. Eliza says:

    For better or worse, I’ve been with this show since day one. Nothing is perfect, such is life. However, I will miss my monday nights of GG.

    • Jess says:

      I love this show too! I think the ending was little eh but I loved Dan being gossip girl! It made sense and it was just jaw dropping thing. I’ll miss Gossip Girl! I’ll miss Leighton playing Blair! I’ll just miss it!

  14. Patricia says:

    Aww it’s over :( the first 3 seas

  15. Rashad says:

    The finale wasn’t as awesome as I wanted it to be, but it was still really good. I loved how Jenny, Eric, Vanessa and Juliet all returned for quick appearances.

    • Maria says:

      I was (surprisingly) really happy to see Vanessa get a cameo. I never realized how much I missed her until we were treated to the likes of Louis, Ben, Raina, Sage, etc….

  16. Endgame says:

    Hate the fact Dan gets off the hook as easily as he did, but whatever. LOLed at Jack being with Georgina. Love Kristen Bell’s cameo. Kinda wish Lily and Rufus stayed together. And one more thing, Blair and Chuck getting married at that time was NOT for nothing. They would have gotten married regardless. Love that Gossip Girl will never end. xoxo, Gossip Girl.

    • kara saun says:

      Completely agree. The only things I didn’t like were Lily and Serena ending up with their stalkers. and this weird retcon that we’re supposed to see Gossip Girl as Good or a Love Letter. Really? LOL.
      Very pleased with how Chuck and Blair’s story ended and loved that Georgina ended up with Jack in particular

  17. SMB says:

    the incessant carrie diaries ads throughout this finale were unbearable…it felt like we saw more of that upcoming show than of GG. so ridiculous CW!

  18. Josh says:

    LOL no! Eff that fanficiton noise.

  19. Jonesy says:

    I can’t even…words…AMAZING. Sure, I could’ve lived without Serena and Dan ending up together, and will forever wonder about Lisa Loeb’s cameo appearance. But the unveiling of Gossip Girl? Chuck and Blair’s wedding? The glory which Jagina? (Jack and Georgina) Brilliant. All the cameo appearances that had us wondering the past few weeks were executed perfectly. And most importantly, Chuck and Blair end up together. I’m sad to see it over, but it was a brilliant ending.

  20. Nora says:

    I have seen PORN that has better consistency than this.

    So glad it’s over.

  21. Lena says:

    LOLOLOL at the title including the word “twist”. This show does not know how to execute a twist. The “Chair” wedding was leaked, everyone knew Serena would be weak and go back to a boy, all my airhead friends who watch this show knew it was gonna be Dan. Let’s just utter thanks and prayers to the lord that this plague on television has ended. XOXO, literally less than a million viewers

  22. Sarah says:

    Worth it for Chuck and Blair’s happy ending. Totally not worth it for the absolutely travesty that is Serena getting married to Gossip Girl. I mean, what were the writers smoking when they sacrificed RUFUS AND LILY and all their history for Serena and Dan?? And Nate ends up without the woman of his dreams, Serena. Terrible.

  23. Kalee says:

    It was Dan? Holy hell that makes sense, is shocking, but I still can’t fathom how Dan has been acting Revenge and Alias spy-levels of coy about it for so long and how he writes in such a sassy girl prose lol.

    And Rufus and Lily didn’t end up together? WTF? Then looking back from season 1-5 would make their whole coupling and existence look pointless.

  24. Lauren says:

    This superfan found no surprises, as I have been holed up in my parent’s basement seeking out every long-lens paparazzi photo of the “GG” cast available to man for the past 3 months :(

  25. Patricia says:

    Aww it’s over :( the first 3 seasons were so good then things went downhill but tonight was pretty good. Not perfect but I’m happy. Serena looked amazing in her dress wow. Georgina and Jack together is perfection. Good ending for Nate. I wish Chuck and Blair’s wedding was more romantic. Overall it was a good way to end things

  26. Smartie says:

    What happened to Ivy? Her name was on a newspaper in the final minute but I missed the content

  27. Ella says:

    I was still hoping the big twist was that Blair ended up with Dan in the future. Oh well, I suppose for the writers this show has been about Chuck and Blair and nobody else so I can’t really be surprised. Thank god this offensive crapfest is over.

    • Alex says:

      So, if the show had ended with Blair and Dan together, you would have liked it. Because it didn’t, it’s suddenly an “offensive crapfest.” Good to know!

  28. Jean says:

    My only disappointment is that Lily and Rufus didn’t get back together! William is a slime ball!

    • Hmmmm says:

      How much did the writers destroy Lily’s character this season? None of her actions made any sense. She left Rufus, the love of her life, for Bart. Then believed Bart over chuck, who she supposedly loved as her own son. And topped all these terrible and contrived decisions by reuniting with William, a man who lied to her about having cancer in earlier years and did worse in later years. And is an absolutely horrendous, absentee father to her child. What were the writers on when they laid out her path this season?

      • Lena says:

        The answer to your last question is meth

      • EXACTLY!!! Rufus and Lily belonged together and Everything you just said just reminded me how screwed up this season was!! Is it really so Dan and Serena can be together?! Hey, If Chef dated her stepbrother on Clueless, why the hell can’t Dan and Serena? They aren’t actually related…ugh I’m finally free of this show that once was epic

      • Chris says:

        Lily would have NEVER got back with Bart after he stole everything from Chuck. It was out of character and once they brought Bart back, everything that had to do with his story line was just awful.

        • Hmmmmm says:

          I agree. Bart should have stayed dead the first time! His return was so bad that at one point I was actually hoping that what was happening was that Chuck remained in a coma following the accident and everything that was happening was just his worst nightmares!
          My other hope following the season five finale was that Lily and Chuck were in on a long con together to take Bart down. Turns out, Lily is just really stupid and has loyalty that has a shorter lifespan than a fruit fly.

      • tatydial12 says:

        THANK YOU!!!!! like seriously, Lily had grown so much in the past seasons, the only stupid stuff had to do with her pride (her sister Carroll and Ivy, but who can blame her for those??), but the Rufus thing…. like that made 0 sense!! Just like believing Bart over Chuck when he had shown her nothing but good intentions for the past seasons and he had come to be like her son!! And the whole pact thing for Chair was sooo stupid! The writers definitely had no more inspiration… And this whole time we had no input on Eric’s situation? We heard about Jenny once in a while, but no Eric? And Derena together…. Really? Is that why they turned Lily into such an evil person so she would never be with Rufus? cause its totally not worth it! Serena deserved to be with Nate, like it obviously was the way to go!!! Lily and Rufus deserved each other :( ive been really unsatisfied this season! and like what the hell, dan was still heartbroken over blair not even 6 episodes ago… he sure does move on super fast!!

        • Hmmmmm says:

          The writers definitely did not care for any consistency in storytelling. I feel like the short, final season caught them by surprise and they had to try to retcon their storylines in the last few episodes. As it is, they attempted to cram way too much into season five when it came to Blair’s storylines. And most of them felt like the timing was off. The sudden transformation of Lily’s character from good to bad was unexpected and unnecessary. Her decisions made absolutely no sense.

        • Lily Rhodes says:

          I agree – Lily was complex and flawed, but she owned up for the worst of her actions, and even going after Ivy would’ve made sense if we got some sense on camera that she felt *betrayed* rather than merely proud and indignant. I also found myself hoping that Lily was in on it with Chuck, at least towards the end of Season 5, but no… which made no sense, because Lily *knew* what an SoB Bart was. She might’ve been seduced for a while by the whole redemption act, and by the idea of not being judged in her own world, but based on the Lily from the previous 4.5 seasons, she would’ve missed Rufus and the better part of herself, and wised up. The writers just wanted to turn her into a shallow villain, because a) because they made CeCe nice and then killed her, so an “evil blonde matriarch” role was missing or b) they felt that the marriage of step-siblings was somehow weirder or more disturbing than – I dunno – EVERY OTHER PLOTLINE. On top of that, putting her with that slimy VDW was just the worst of the worst.

  29. Shiela says:

    Sweet lord I’m finally free of that show. The only thing I liked is how no one gave two sh*ts about Dan’s big reveal. Pretty much echoed the entire GG fandom. Apathetic beyond words.

  30. Jennifer says:

    Pretty disappointed. I thought Dan being Gossip Girl was too obvious. For some reason, half way through the finale I thought it may have been Chuck, that would have been awesome. I also didn’t like Dan and Serena together in the future and Lily and Rufus not being together.
    I think it would have been a surprising and water cooler worthy to have Chuck be Gossip Girl and have Dan and Blair end up together.

  31. Sarah says:

    The best of the end of Gossip Girl was the wedding of Chuck and Blair and Henry Bass. I’m so happy!!. All this was perfect. It was no surprise to learn that Dan is Gossip Girl, it was speculated for quite some time but the reactions were very ridiculous, as always this character never pay for anything. And worst he married Serena, I have to laugh. I felt sorry that Lily and Rufus didn’t end together, but she never learned any lesson so…

  32. Jay says:

    I thought the episode was okay. I’m glad Derena ended up together. They did start the show after all. I don’t think making Dan gossip girl made much sense, however.

    • Sarah says:

      But Dan and Serena ending up together made even less sense than Dawson and Joey would have. DS ended back in Season 2, for crying out loud. There were valid reasons why they broke up and it’s no coincidence that Dan and Serena were both always more interesting and mature characters when they were in other relationships.
      Dan was great with Vanessa, Serena was great with Nate and Carter.

  33. Sara says:

    For those true New Yorkers who watched the finale, they probably caught the best cameo of the night which was that of NYC Mayor Bloomberg. His appearance was one thing, but his comment about Dorota–beyond hysterical.

  34. SanaA says:

    Dear Stephanie Savage, GGWriters, Creators, Directors, etc ESPECIALLY Stephanie Savage

    L.A has very many employment opportunities. Most hot employment opportunities come from the real estate sectors. Please stop making, writing, producing whatever you called this show and seek other employment. You’re very very very bad at it. This goes especially for Stephanie Savage.

    All the best in your future employment choices, cause god knows you can write, direct and produce.


  35. lorna says:

    I quit watching in s3, watched a bit of the last few eps and tonight. Was hoping for rufus/lily. William is a dbag. Good to see my girl taylor. Lily turned into a snot. Blake lively desperately needs acting classes.

  36. Kristen says:

    Two things bugged me in an overall decent series finale…1) I can’t believe Rufus and Lily didn’t end up together and 2) It took Dan and Serena 5 years to get married?

  37. Andrew S. says:

    One girl married a man that sold her for a hotel & her best friend married a man that inserted himself into her life as a stalker in a ceremony that took place in a living room


    if the world does indeed end, you can blame this show/finale.

    • Endgame says:

      I smell….bitterness.

      • Sofia says:

        yusss i am bitter bcuz true love is marrying a man in pink shoes, a man who has abused me for years, a marriage suggested by the man he sold me to, a man who also calls me sleazy things while my bf watches.

        w/e y’all it’s all about the journey and at least dair had a perfect, respectful journey compared to the melodramatic and abusive relationship chair has.

  38. BORING & PREDICTABLE (goes without saying Dan being the real Gossip Girl, makes No sense)

    • tatydial12 says:

      actually think thats the only thing that made sense in that whole episode!

      • Nora says:

        really? there are way too many plot holes for that to even be plausible.

      • Jennifer says:

        I don’t see how it makes sense who Dan himself would look on Gossip Girl at times to find out what people were doing or where people were. He looked on GG and was so shocked to see a picture or Jenny and Nate that he left the loft to confront them. Why would he have done that if he was GG. That all just tells me that they had no idea who should be GG so they just pinned it on Dan because he was an outsider. It should have been Chuck. We’ve never really seen him access GG on his own, only when with other people which could just have been a way of protecting his identity.

        • Amanda says:

          I completely agree with this. They obviously didn’t plan it ahead of time, because Dan definitely checked GG on his own, without other people around, over the years.

        • Babybop says:

          I was expecting it to be chuck too! Like you said, you never really see him on GG by himself. I figured they were setting it up to be him all along because they strongly hinted that chuck was GG in the books.

  39. I gave it a D because the amount of laughing/crying I was doing. Otherwise it would have been an F.

  40. Never would have guessed Dan was GG! Loved that! And Georgina and Jack need their own spinoff!

  41. Ashley says:

    Henry Bass was the best part!! So happy that Chair got their happy ending!!

  42. dude says:

    And Nate ends up with…no one LOL. Also, the music was crazy good in this episode!

  43. shuayb says:

    How exactly does Dan bieng Gossip Girl make ANY sense? In S4 when Blair n Him were looking for Juliet how did he manage to send Blair that email when he was in the same room with her? There are just way too many plotholes to be considered. This was just done to shock and awe fans. WORST ENDING EVER!!!! I just love that Chuck and Blair are together and they have a son. And Jack/Georgina happened. Amahzing.

  44. DeeKayTee says:

    So funny how everyone is hating on this show CONSTANTLY but your all obviously still watching…smh

  45. Antwon says:

    They absolutely went out with a whimper. Dan is GG…um really? He lied to them and manipulated them all and of course Serena’s dumb ass starts to swoon. I’ll miss the clothes, the parties and the take downs but this was one of the worst series finales ever! This entire season was a joke….from Nate banging a 17 year old to a couple of newbies being crammed down our throats with way too much screen time.

    Georgina ends up with Jack, but Nate is alone? That was dumb. I was really hoping to see Dan get punched once more but no, the reaction of the gang fell flat for me. I’m glad the show is finally over!

  46. Chris says:

    I think the most interesting thing this season was what they did with Dan. Chuck vs his dad was bad. He shouldn’t have been brought back. I wasn’t fond of Blair’s stories either. I liked seeing Serena in a healthy relationship, but it made sense for Steven to dump her when he realized she was just a child.

    Dan made a point about doing what he did to Serena because she needed to respect him. He said something to Rufus about how things didn’t work out between him and Lily because she didn’t respect him. I loved Rufus and Lily together so much, but last season they tore them a part and they made Dan’s point a reality and it was proven.

    Blair, Chuck, and all these characters do terrible things to each other all the time but if Dan did something, they were always way harder on him because he was still an outsider. They do all respect him a little bit more because he did hold all the power in his hands. He made himself fit into their world and I liked it. It was probably THE only thing I liked about this season.

    Since Blair wasn’t going to be with Dan (Dair was great, but Chair was so endgame. No delusions from me…) it’s good that he’s with Serena. It’s not that she and Dan are unhealthy. Serena is just unhealthy. I would have liked to see her stand on her own feet alone and be happy, but some people never do learn. Steven told Dan that Serena needs someone to take care of her and really, that’s true.

    And anyone who thinks it’s bogus for Serena to forgive Dan for being Gossip Girl and then marrying him, remember that she was Gossip Girl. She likes attention. Why wouldn’t so marry the man who immortalized her?

    • Ella says:

      Great observations.

    • tatydial12 says:

      yeah but how is that consistent with the characters what so ever!! like dan was still very into blair not even 6 episodes ago, and he rejected serena for blair quite harshly and now all of a sudden, oh man, its been her all along?? lily might be blinded by pride and self-interested, but she would never have chosen bart over chuck, a big fat fail to that. and what the hell with ivy and serena’s father? that girl has seen enough of the upper east side to not trust anyone but anyways… that can always pass i guess. and exactly because they have always been harsher on dan, in what world would they have reacted nicely to it! like they have always hated gossip girl so much and tried to take her down incessantly but oh… now its Dan… let’s make peace and all be happy? exactly because he had always been an outsider and like he said, nothing he did could ever earn their respect, it was just a circle you had to be born into, they should have punched him or something. lonely boy was meant to end LONELY, the it girl obviously needs to pair up with the golden boy! chuck and blair… that was the only thing that made sense but then again, they succeeded in ruining the moment we’ve all been waiting for: their wedding! like thank god we had little henry to make us smile!

      • Chris says:

        Season 5 finale had MAJOR character assassination. Even IF Lily would have dumped Rufus for Bart, she wouldn’t have done it after Bart stole everything from Chuck (but since Chuck still has his hotel and lots of money, I don’t know what he took since Chuck cashed out of his dad’s company to buy his hotel). Dan wouldn’t have cheated on Blair because he was so in love with her. Bart coming back was just a terrible idea that kind of ruined everything, because Chuck’s entire arc was just…not interesting. And I can’t believe Rufus was THAT dumb to be with Ivy. I’m just glad she ended up heartbroken. Too bad she got all that money though, but whatever.
        We all knew that when Dan’s sex tape came out, him and Blair would be over forever. So when it came out, I think Dan accepted it and just reverted back to default. I think it’s reasonable for who these characters are. Maybe he always did love Serena, but romantic feelings faded and were rekindled when they spent their day together running from paparazzi. But yeah they would have issues. Maybe that’s why their wedding took five years.
        Dan’s Gossip Girl reveal works though. I’m sure there are plot holes galore if you look too hard, BUT I thought the characters reactions were reasonable. His dad was mad (should have been more mad, but he was mad and then accepting as always). Chuck was usually the easiest on Dan because he usually didn’t care about him. He could be mad and he could be friends, but neither of those positions were held long. Dan saved Nate’s newspaper, so he was grateful. Besides, Nate WANTED to post those horrible chapters about his friends in HIS paper. The ones who should have been the most upset were Serena and Blair, BUT Serena was Gossip Girl at one point. When Blair found that out, she was mad that she didn’t share her power. Being Gossip Girl was a power that most of them wanted and when it turned out that Dan had the power, he got the respect that he was fighting for.
        I think they needed this last season to make it work and show Dan’s motivations. I think he could post those terrible things and still be in good conscious because he just saw it as an observation of the truth and he was equal in all of his criticisms, including the ones about himself. And Serena realized that. Blair was just being a bitter hater, and she probably always will be. He got the respect he wanted. Gossip Girl was about the scheming and Dan pulled off the greatest scheme of all and it was all in order to truly fit into their world and get the Golden Girl, Serena. Bravo to him.
        I thought it was a good finale considering that they screwed up with Bart and had to see it to the end. I even thought the Chuck and Blair quickie wedding that ended up happening because it was a scheme to avoid prison was fitting and kind of homage to their entire relationship. Chuck and Blair can’t be boring or traditional. They established that very early on. Dan and Blair could be a normal couple and they could go to the movies all the time. But Blair didn’t want to embrace her poise, intellectual, lady side. She wanted her bad side to prevail and even made it work for her professionally. So, that’s what she got: a wedding and an arrest. Besides, we didn’t NEED another big wedding.
        I don’t like that William got away with his scheme, but I loved what he said to Ivy. I’m glad Rufus was happy and with someone, though I did ship him with Lily HARD, especially season 1 and 2, probably harder than any other couple. Sometimes things don’t work out and if they got together, it would defeat Dan’s purpose and scheme of “writing himself into their world” and earning their respect by becoming one of them. I’m glad Nate ended up successful, but the mayor thing is a bit much. But hey, his grandpa can do anything, right? The cameos were good.
        All and all, they did the best with what the let Gossip Girl become.

  47. Jennifer says:

    That finale was a hot mess and a joke. The fact the GG writers’ biggest twists were Dan as Gossip Girl and Rufus ending up with Lisa Loeb? Ridiculous. This show had so much potential and watching it unravel at the seams has just been painful.

  48. Hmmmm says:

    What was the point of sage these last ten episodes if Nate was going to end up alone? What was the point of lily and Rufus (their history, build up, marriage) if they were not going to end up together? I may have a career in writing after all. If the writers behind this show can do it, so can I. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the show still for what it is, but the writers just have up.

    • Antwon says:

      ITA. They could have just as easily put Nate with Georgina. That makes way more sense than Georgina/Jack! Nate spent the entire season banging a 17 year old and then ends up still a bachelor? And Rufus with Lisa Loeb and Lily ends up with the man who has done nothing but scheme and manipulate her? Feck you GG writers lol.

  49. O'Brien says:

    1. Seriously the best we could have hoped, for the whole episode, considering everything from about halfway into S4 on (thought 6×08 at least gave us the spendor of old GG).
    2. Rufus/LL could have been shipped since S1 if you wanted, I guess. 2 lamezors, both alike in dignity….
    3. Loved the WVDW line to Ivy – be gone, biotch!
    4. Henry Bass is an American Treasure.
    3. As is Blair’s Elie Saab.
    5. And Blair’s Jennifer Behr headband which I would literally die for.
    6. Dan, of course you are GG, because you are the worst, and not the worst, at the same time (and no one decided this until last season, but I still kind of love it).
    7. Serena, of course you are in love with your stalker.
    8. Nate, you Did Things this episode, and I’m so proud, but if anyone thinks you should be mayor of anything other than the McD’s PlayPlace, I really do not know what to do with that anyone.
    9. Jackgina, you are the Greatest Ship of All, and I wish I would have thought of you earlier.
    10. Blair, Chuck, their wedding gear, and his whisper of, “I love you,” when the cops were barging in only would have been better if she would have responded to, “And you, too, Miss Waldorf,” with, “It’s Mrs. Bass, actually.” <– The Best. Here's hoping, "Chuck and Blair run rings around the NYPD," is in the deleted scenes.

  50. Lynne says:

    It has been a couple years since I have watched the show for various reasons *and not because of the “poor” quality of the show* but I had to watch the finale to see that 1. Chuck and Blair end up together *come on, they are the Ross and Rachel of the show!* AND 2. to see that Dan was Gossip Girl, which I always thought since the beginning. And I was right on both counts, so I am satisfied. :)